19/12 A 11.44 Temple Meads-Severn Beach and 12.56 return light-engine route learning trip was cancelled. The loco was to have been one of 31105, 31233 or 31285 making it a first visit of this type of loco in this area for many years.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month included;- 66061/118/141/173.
09003 has remained the area shunting pilot.
The daylight Didcot Coal departure plan for the first week in January was as follows, 06.49, 08.12, 11.12, 12.46, 15.45. (all Tues-Fri).

Bristol Parkway and Westerleigh

01/12 57010 was reported a failure at Chipping Sodbury with the 4O51 10.03 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers. The train was assumed to be running late as it was present here at 16.00!! The rescue loco was 66526, in the meantime First/GW services were diverted via Bath up until at least (and possibly) after 19.00. 57311 ran southbound light-engine to take up West Country 'thunderbird' rescue duties. Four freights recorded this evening, starting with 66073 with a loaded MGR from Avonmouth - Didcot, 66084 noted with the MoD liner heading towards South Wales. Two empty MGR workings concluded the evening, 66086 heading for Portbury and 66019 bound for Avonmouth.
02/12 What was probably the working of the year was the first appearance of Class 325 postal EMU sets in the Bristol area. Blue-liveried 47840 (with 57602 attached to the rear in case of any problems) worked sets 325015 and 325017 (the latter in a mis-formed formation) as 5Z36 09.30 Willesden-Bristol Parkway RMT and return 5Z37 12.37 return, the outward being via Badminton and the return via Bath. The train however on the day ran via the down loop and was reported to be a test run prior to movement and use in Scotland the following week. Another working of interest during the early afternoon was 66610 hauling HST power cars 43092 + 43198 as a Reading depot to Landore stock storage move.
05/12 A Class 57 and Class 66/5 combination was seen on the 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers, the loco identities however were not known. 60036 was over at Westerleigh on the 6B13 05.33 fuel tanks ex. Robeston. 66614 worked the Reading ballast service and three MGR workings, loaded Avonmouth - Didcot service behind 66193, empties for Portbury and Avonmouth with 66026 and 66066 respectively.
08/12 60080 was at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty. 66079 with MODA 95771 & 999509 acting as a barrier passed 6X20 Carlisle-Keyham flask train at 10.05 66153 empty MGR for Portbury.
12/12 Seven locomotives seen this evening, stabled in the down loop was a Charter Rake top n'n tailed by 67002/015. 66043 headed east with a late running ADJ - Willesden freight, two empty MGR services with 66067 for Avonmouth and 66231 for Portbury. Finally a Network Rail train raced through bound for Swindon top 'n' tailed by 31105/602.
15/12 Advised of the following prior to my arrival were 57311 light engine towards Bristol, MML HST working a Plymouth - Leeds service covering because of a Voyager shortage and the Moorswater - Earles cement empties at 18.50. Seen subsequently was 66160 with MGR empties for Portbury. EWS 66063 'on loan' to GBRf, worked what could be one of the last 6V91 10.10 Shoeburyness-Newport docks scrap emu stock formed;- 76251, 62343, 76250 (3411), 76258, 62462, 70795, 76259 (3415), 76870, 71122, 62121 (3545), 62134, 71123 (3565). Later 57311 passed down light-engine at 19.25 en route from Birmingham to Laira.
19/12 MML substitute still running using power cars 43049/066, 66208 worked empty MGR to Portbury and 66194 a loaded Avonmouth - Didcot service.
21/12 60053 was recorded passing Gloucester at 11.35 with the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks for Westerleigh.
22/12 Two MGRs seen this evening, 66185 with empties for Portbury and 66180 with a loaded Avonmouth - Didcot service.
30/12 60091 powered 6B33 (TThO) 13.30 Theale-Robeston fuel empties and 66021 was earlier on 7C79 (MFO) 10.13 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal.
31/12 Mainline-blue,'EWS stickers' liveried 60078 was on a 6B28 11.09 Westerleigh-Margam empty fuel tank service.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

29/11 Further to last month's Magazine report of 37611 and 37602 stabled in Kingsland Road on a NR test train, the coaches have now been identified as 72631, 999606, 76230.
30/11 Also the report of 31454 hauling a 5Z31 Meldon-Oxley stock move (from the same Magazine), the two coaches involved (not three as stated) were 3312 and 3374.
01/12 60046 worked the 6C01 09.11 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot loaded steel and 6C02 14.06 return empties. 59205 worked a loaded stone train (one of several towards the end of the year) to Machen from Westbury, the load being for 'sale' (and not for blending) due to demand and a cheaper way to move the load in bulk to here by rail then road!! Having visited Margam the previous week, the EWS executive office train with silver liveried 67029 was in Bristol just after mid-day having arrived on a working from Paddington routed via the Berks & Hants mainline and Westbury Hawkridge curve. Diverted MoD liner seen at 23.35 heading towards N Somerset Jcn behind 66022.
02/12 Preserved Class 52, D1015 Western Champion headed Pastime Rail's 'Dunster by Candlelight' excursion (5Z52 05.13 Old Oak Common-Weston-super-Mare ecs, via a run-round at Taunton and 1Z52 11.11 Weston-super-Mare-Minehead, via Bristol, Bath and Westbury). The trip was eventful, the ECS nearly having to run via Bristol due to flooding in the Castle Cary area and on the outward trip at Temple Meads, Wessex Trains used the last two coaches of the train as a replacement for their 12.40 Brighton service (the railtour called at 12.36) as far as Westbury due to a unit failure!! The Class 31 loco hauled set, with 31452 + 31601 continued the Brighton service onwards from Westbury and covered the return working. The Western trip returned as 1Z53 19.55 Minehead-Westbury, calling at Weston-super-Mare first. 59202 worked the 6B66 11.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ and 6C42 17.02 return departmental and a late evening First/GWHST power car move saw 57603 haul 43144 + 43183 between Laira and St.Phillips Marsh.
03/12 Not a particularly good day for railtours! Steam 34067 Tangmere on a 1Z74 07.17 Ely-Temple Meads excursion being cancelled and preserved Fragonset Peak 45112 on a 1Z70 06.10 Lincoln-Bath Spa 'Somerset & Exeter Explorer' trip was terminated at Leicester with a loco failure (even though a Class 31 was attached to the other end of the train and 47712 was in the area!). The Class 45 on arrival in Bath was due to take out a 12.43 'mini excusion' to Exeter and return, the outing being organised by Heritage Train Tours. On the freight side; 60080 was on 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers which was assumed to have used its normal Saturday path via Bath and Day's curve. First/Group have invested 16,000 in creating an extra 200 more bike spaces at it's stations between Plymouth, Bristol and London, Temple Meads now being increased to 302, this number being established partly due to a recent survey carried out by the Department of Transport and a National Cycling organisation.
04/12 The station was evacuated around 19.30 following an armed robbery in the Ashley Road area of Bristol and the getaway car chased to the Temple Meads station car park. The robber however escaped but 20 trains were delayed because of the incident.
05/12 The 6C01 09.11 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot steel trip was noted conveying tree trunks which had been loaded in the North-East for an unknown customer in the Bristol area.
06/12 50031 + 50049 passed Filton light-engine heading for South Wales. 60046 powered the 6C01 Bristol East depot trip and 6C02 return. The two Cotswold Class 20s, 20096 + 20905 were reported to have done a Gloucester-Bristol and return test/route learning run top n'tailing former Virgin liveried MkIIs 17173/174 with 47316 during the early evening.
07/12 Class 60 activity saw 60031 on the 6C01/6C02 Bristol steel and 60017 on 6B66 11.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental. 59204 worked a further Westbury-Machen loaded stone trip.
08/12 60091 worked the Bristol East steel trip and 66079 was on a 6X20 17.31 (Wed) Carlisle-Plymouth (Keyham) submarine nuclear flask and escort saloon working.
09/12 A fatality on the Weston-super-Mare loop involving the 1C52 First/GW 17.30 Paddington-Taunton HST service between the town station and Uphill junction saw late running and diversions. The train was travelling between 25 and 35mph when passing the Windwhisle Road footbridge when the incident occurred. Owing to late running services Virgin Voyager 220026 was stopped additionally at Nailsea & Backwell Station at 09.30.
10/12 The first working for the new EWS maroon stock (which was tested on the Berks & Hants route between Old Oak Common and Westbury on 23/11) in the area was on Pastime Rail's 'Chester Flyer' (1Z78 07.05 Taunton-Chester and return). Headed by Royal 67005 the train was routed via the Severn Tunnel and the Marches. Although the stock numbers were unrecorded, the following coaches are known to form the pool;- 3368, 3399, 3269, 3318, 3400, 6152, 6139, 5632, 5631, 9494, 6720 along with MkI buffet coach 1658 (still in blue/grey colours). A 4Z07 09.12 Derby-St. Phillips Marsh test working was top n'tailed by 31602 and 31105 and routed via Bath (noted passing here around 12.30), Gloucester and the Severn Tunnel.
12/12 A bad day for Class 67 locos! 67030 which had worked in on 5Z53 07.36 Crewe-Temple Meads Northern Belle ECS, failed leaving 30 minutes late with 66155 on the front on a 1Z53 11.54 dinning special to/from Carmarthen; earlier 67005 had failed at Taunton on the return ECS to Old Oak Common (via Westbury) which had been used on the 'Chester Flyer' excursion two days earlier; and 67002 returning the Northern Belle ECS from Temple Meads-Crewe during the evening was rescued by 67015 near Charfield.
14/12 Afternoon observations at Yatton recorded; 37611 + 37602 on 6M67 15.59 (WO) Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask (14.28), 66 131 with 6S55 09.33 (WO) Burgullow-Irvine china clay slurries (14.33), 66148 at the head of 6Z24 11.00 St.Blazey-East Usk yard water cannon wagon (15.02) and a Laira-St.Phillips Marsh stock move formed 43005 + 42??? + 43063 (15.06). A MML HST set with power cars 43048 + 43066 were hired in by Virgin Trains to cover the 1V05 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and 1E53 16.25 return to York.
15/12 The MML HST set remained 'on hire' for the period; 15/12-23/12 on the 1V29 07.05 Leeds-Plymouth and 1E53 16.25 return to York, a fully liviered set being recorded passing Yatton at 11.02 with power cars 43048 + 43066.
19/12 66195 was on the 6C01/6C02 Bristol steel trip and departmental NetworkRail DMU set 901002 (977693 + 977694) was seen at Temple Meads 'reversing' on a 2Z02 05.53 Derby-Landore working during the late morning.
20/12 Virgin Voyager set 221102 working the 1S51 07.25 Plymouth-Glasgow service arrived on time, but prior to it's booked departure time at 09.28, the passengers were transferred to 220001 which was in the station ready to work the 1E30 09.58 to Newcastle, due to a fault on the Glasgow set. Whether this set was able to work the Newcastle train as a replacement was not known. Portbury bound empty MGR with 66249 seen at 10.50.
15/12 MML liveried HST seen heading south at 10.45 using power cars 43048/066.
21/12 37259 + 37612 worked the 6M67 Crewe flasks leaving Bridgwater early at 13.03. Later 47816 arrived at Kingsland Road as 0Z52 14.11 light-engine ex Long Marston, having earlier worked a 5Z52 Crewe-Long Marston stock move. The Virgin 'hired in' MML HST set was noted formed with 43049 in place of 43048 from this date.
22/12 Independent drift snow-ploughs ADB965240 and ADB965208 were noted on Barton Hill depot having arrived by road from Margam. It is uncertain whether both are in a serviceable condition and may need attention prior to a test-run.
24/12 Noted today on Barton Hill was 66093 with 66550/606 on Kingsland Road.
25/12 Stabled on were Kingsland Road 47816, 66550/606. Over on Barton Hill were 66067/139/158/165/180/232.
28/12 37605 + 37608 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.
29/12 A major engineering block between Cogload junction and Creech St. Michael (which saw both 59002 and 59004 in the area on PW duty on 27/12) during the Christmas and New Year period saw all services terminating and starting at Bridgwater with a bus road connection between here and Taunton. Observations at Bridgwater on this date saw;- 221106 depart on the 13.40 Bridgwater-Edinburgh Virgin XC service, 150261 + 153302 arrive on the 12.00 Cardiff Central-Bridgwater Wessex Train's service and return on the 14.15, 221127 arrive on the 07.50 Virgin XC ex Glasgow returning at 14.40 and 143611 + 143603 with the 13.00 Wessex's service ex Cardiff Central returning at 15.15.
A major operation was noted at Bridgwater station with a large number of rail and security staff present organising the each way road and rail transfers. Only the up platform no.2 was in use for all services being gained by using a normally freight-only cross-over at the east-end of the station. First/GW services via the Berks & Hants route were meanwhile being diverted via Castle Cary, Yeovil and Honiton to Exeter. Two trains noted in the Bristol area during the late morning involved in the day's engineers activity near Taunton were;- 66038 on 6W59 10.23 Westbury-Bridgwater loaded 'autoballaster' and 66210 + 60022 on 6W58 10.00 Bridgwater-Westbury empty wagons, the Class 60 having failed on the outward journey from Westbury near Castle Cary.
The Freightliner loco stabled at Kingsland Road during the day was identified as 66606.
30/12 A Vintage Trains 'Mince Pie Special' from Birmingham-Temple Meads and return was diverted north, presumably due to engineering activity. The hauling loco was booked to be 'LMS' steam 45305, which would have been a mainline preservation debut for this loco in Bristol. The local press reported the 10,000 graffiti attack damage on a Wessex Trains Class 158 set which was stabled in the Temple Meads station area over the Christmas period. At 10.10 60022 headed northwards with a stone train and two minutes later 66149 headed south with a "Rail Train".
31/12 Kingsland Road held 66523/550. Final entry for this year saw 66248 proceeding light engine towards Barton Hill.
Two new liveries have been recorded during November;- 153329 (first seen on 17th, working the 16.00 Cardiff Central-Weston-super-Mare service with 143611) carries a part pictorial overall blue promoting the St. Ives branch line, the unit having carried the 'old' Regional Railways Central Trains colours. 158841 (first noted on 15th), previously in Ginster livery has now had it's Ginster vinyls removed, but still retains the black livery and now advertises 'Times are changing' along the lower body sides and other smaller captions advertising Arriva Trains Wales' 'easier to remember timetable from 11th December'.


03/12 Pathfinder's 'Lincoln Christmas Fayre' (07.00 Swindon-Lincoln, via Kemble) arrived at it's destination late behind 67017 due to the 13 coach train requiring banking at the Lickey bank where no loco was out based on it's arrival here. A Class 67 on load 13 is not allowed over the bank, but two had been originally booked to work the tour, one however was needed elsewhere!
05/12 The 09.10, 10.50 Cardiff Central-Gloucester, and 13.10, 14.45 returns were top n'tailed with 37425 + 37419 using four Arriva blue coaches. The diagram was booked to run all week except on 06/12, due to maintenance requirements. At Gloucester station noted stabled in the up side sidings were; 20096 + 20905 and 47316 with two former Virgin liveried MkIIs all having arrived over the previous weekend.
08/12 37405 + 37425 were noted top n'tailing the 10.50 service for Cardiff at Gloucester station. The same Cotswold Rail locos remained stabled in the station area.
14/12 47316, with 17173 acting as a barrier coach, hauled HST stock 43065, 40402, 41148, 41109, 42294, 42320, 42321, 44088, 44091 as 10.30 Gloucester-Long Marston. This was reported to be the first of several movements planned between the two locations believed due to the storage costs at Long Marston being substantially cheaper then those at MoD Bicester!!
16/12 47316 was again in action on a 10.30 Bicester-Gloucester (via Swindon) move formed with HST power cars 43121 + 43158.
17/12 The two power cars continued there journey hauled by 20096 + 20905 with twoHST middle coaches as a Gloucester-Long Marston move with a loco runround at Worcester.
20/12 Further Cotswold locos 47813 + 47828 arrived in the area as an 0Z47 Oxley-Gloucester light-engine move.
21/12 37425 + 37419 were booked to run to Didcot light, but ran 0V06 Margam-Washwood Heath, during the early afternoon returning on 6V06 16.18 Handsworth-Cardiff Tidal loaded scrap metal. The pair then ran 0V06 to Newport Godfrey Road light-engines and were in the London area by 24/12.
28/12 Central Trains 500 conductors threatened a bank holiday strike over holiday pay, but it was called off.
30/12 A Pastime Rail 'Thames/Severn Express' which was to feature steam 6024 King Edward I as 08.30 Victoria-Gloucester and 17.00 return via Kemble each way was cancelled.

Portbury Branchline

21/12 66070 arrived at 05.20 with cartic empties from Washwood Heath to later form the return 6X52.
27/12 A loaded coal train with a Class 66 loco was noted stabled on the general cargo line near the dockgate and was presumably here over the Christmas period.
The daylight coal traffic plan for the first week in January was as follows;-
6M04 09.20 Rugeley. 6Z42 16.00 Rugeley (both mon-fri).
The new year looks good for the line with nine daily coal departures planned for the location and the laying of a second siding in the stockpile loading area. Currently due to the token operation only one coal train is allowed on the branch at one time, although a second empty train can wait to enter section off the mainline at Ashton. Fiddler's Ferry (Warrington) has become the latest power station to be served from Portbury starting at the end of October, departures being at 19.48 (6M02) and 23.00 (6M12), both routed via the Severn Tunnel and the Marches. Radcliffe power station is expected to follow early in 2006.
The campaign to re-open the line for passenger trains from Portishead continues and following the merger of the two action groups (see last month's Magazine), Alan Matthews has now been elected the chaiman of the newly set up Portishead Railway Group, having been actively invloved on the Avon Valley Railway for 17 years. The possibility of moving a steam loco to a temporary site on land which is earmarked for the new rail station is under consideration.

Units noted during the month included




04/12 The Arriva trains specials worked today as follows top and tailed
37419 1Z25 10:15 Rhymney - Cardiff
47854+33207 1Z28 09:56 Cardiff - Rhymney / 1Z29 11:15 Rhymney - Cardiff
37411+50049 1Z32 10:56 Cardiff - Rhymney / 1Z33 12:15 Rhymney - Cardiff
37425+37419 1Z36 11:56 Cardiff - Rhymney / 1Z37 13:15 Rhymney - Cardiff
47854+33207 1Z40 12:56 Cardiff - Rhymney / 1Zxx 14:15 Rhymney - Cardiff
50031+37411 1Z44 13:56 Cardiff - Rhymney / 1Z33 15:15 Rhymney - Cardiff
12/12 33207+47854 left as 0Z33 Canton - Carnforth at 11:15.

Cardiff Canton (From footbridge)

20/12 Present was 37425, on the reception road, with a rake of 4 ex Virgin mk2 coaches, two of which had unwanted livery embellishments. Another 4 rake of ex Virgin stock was on the adjacent line. On the roads outside the running shed were a number of new Freightliner flats, most still wrapped. At the rear were a couple of Arriva liveried coaches. Another 37 was seen in amongst the DMUs but could not be identified. The most striking observation was that all track work had been removed from the east end of the former heavy lifting shop.

Cardiff Tidal

05/12 09001/020


01/12 Noted on freight were 66066/117/120/176/188.
02/12 Noted today were 60027/060. 66024/080/091/138/173/176/193. 33207 and 47854 ran as 0Z33 11:00 Carnforth - Canton to work on the Rhymney branch. A further light engine movement saw 47316 as 5Z65 16:00 Derby - Canton. Also noted today were 60009/027/054/058/061/077. 66044/091/173/240/541
04/12 Stabled on Godfrey Road were 60025/027 66015/097/141/162/167/240.
05/12 Freight workings today included 66070/091/097/127/155/176/202/228.
06/12 Noted today were 66054/142/146/155/176/199 on freight. 50031+50049 passed en route from Canton - Old Oak Common.
08/12 Noted today were 66071/176/195 along with 67021 en route to Canton for tyre turning.
09/12 59103. 60021/054/091. 66033/054/091/141/146/161/172/230
10/12 Due to engineering work all Virgin services were diverted via Newport for reversal to/from the Severn Tunnel.
15/12 Scrap units heading for Newport Docks behind 66063 were noted held in Newport Station at 19:00. The mixed consist in order was 76251 62342 76250 (3411) 76258 62462 70795 (3415) 76876 71122 62121 (3455) 62314 71123 (3565) 76259 (3415) making a colourful combination with three different liveries.
16/12 Frieght services noted today were worked by 60017/021/025/051/053 60065/066/067/096. 66017/036/039/062/125/128/142/176/245/537.
23/12 60035/046/058/085/091/097. 66062/067/090/158/536
29/12 66001/034/071/072/083/095/123/136/143/149/226/248
30/12 Noted during the morning were 57009. 60003/022/046/053/067/096. 66001/003/022/062/071/083/149/170/177/225.

Units noted during the month

170106/115/117*/397/501/509/631/634 *3 car formation



03/12 37411/419/415 were in charge of the first southbound services of the day.
05/12 After their exploits on the previous day on the Rhymney services 37425+37419 replaced a DMU diagram top and tailing a rake of Arriva MkIIs on the Cardiff - Gloucester route. The diagram was as follows
2G56 09:10 Cardiff - Gloucester / 2G61 10:50 Gloucester - Cardiff
2G64 13:10 Cardiff - Gloucester / 2G67 14:45 Gloucester - Cardiff
07/12 37419+37425 were again substituting for a DMU on the Cardiff - Gloucester diagram.
08/12 It was the turn of 37405 to partner 37425 on the Cardiff - Gloucester diagram.
09/12 For the last day of Gloucester workings 37405+37411 were in charge.
10/12 This was the last day of class 37 haulage on the Rhymney services, the following workings were noted, with 37419 bringing the curtain down.
37405 08:59 Rhymney - Cardiff.
37419 09:59 Rhymney - Cardiff.
37411 10:59 Rhymney - Cardiff.
37419 14:15 Rhymney - Cardiff.
37411 1Z37 18:15 Rhymney - Cardiff.
2F66 19:15 Rhymney - Cardiff.
37419 2F70 20:20 Rhymney - Cardiff.
12/12 Class 37s returned to Fishguard today with 37411 in charge of 1B56 10:55 Cardiff - Fishguard and 1B97 13:35 Fishguard - Cardiff. 37425 was working local trips between Newport Docks and Llanwern.
13/12 37411 again worked the Fishguard diagram.
14/12 It was the turn of 37419 to take the bashers to West Wales today.
15/12 37425 worked to Fishguard, the service departing on time for the first time this week.
21/12 37419+37425 worked light from south Wales to Washwood Heath before returning with 6V06 Saltley - Tidal, before retiring to Godfrey Road.


4V60/4M60 Calvert - Avon Binliner
01/12 66562. 29/12 66550. 31/12 66552.

4V50/4051 Southampton - Wentloog - Southampton
01/12 57010. 02/12 66514. 05/12 57010+66572. 06/12 57010. 08/12 57006. 09/12 57007. 12/12 66579. 13/12 66508. 14/12 66576. 15/12 57002.
16/12 57008. 19/12 66579. 20/12 66536. 21/12 57007. 22/12 57001.
23/12 57004+66517. 28/12 66576. 29/12 57009. 30/12 57009.

4V08/4M68 Crewe - Wentloog - Crewe.
14/12 47303.


6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh - Robeston.
02/12 60060. 30/12 60003.

6C01/6C02 ADJ - Bristol East - ADJ"Girders"
05/12 66097. 14/12 66036. 16/12 66245. 19/12 66195. 22/12 66123.
23/12 66158. 30/12 66149.

6M33 Avonmouth - Wembley 'Enterprise'
Locos recorded on the 6M33 16.23 (sx) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service have included;-
15/12 66189. 29/12 66053.


The company which has won the Great Western franchise, taking in the former Wessex Train's area from 01/04/06 plans to make station improvements at Weston-super-Mare to the toilets and the refurbishing of the footbridge and staircase and at Highbridge with new toilets and disabled facilities.

Virgin XC
The company has reported to have carried 20million passengers during 2005, an increase of 170%. The company have doubled it's train services having carried 10.4 million in 1994-1995.


18/11 Pilning station;- trailer; TRR0492.
07/12 Road Railers BCP 35 and PCP 45 were at Temple Meads
08/12 Bristol Temple Meads old fish dock held BCP 35 Komatsu PW170 K35027 & 45 Komatsu PW150ES K35143.
17/12 Between Severn Tunnel Jct & Llanwern BCL 1137 a New Komatsu PW160.
Bristol Parkway BCL machines 715 Rexquote/Komatsu PC128 8307-2003, 841 Komatsu PC128 8564-2003, 844 Komatsu PC128 9023-2003, 1120 Komatsu PW 160 K40241-2005, 1138 Komatsu PW 160 New
14/12 Yatton station - road/railer excavators; BCL352. BCL371.
20/12 Temple Meads - 73935 Mercury was stabled in the fish bay and remained there until 22/12 when it was replaced by 73923.


24/11 08937 Bluebell Mel was noted on the M5 heading north.


Bristol Harbour Railway - Wapping Wharf Branchline.

Towards the end of November, part of the branch line near the former road/rail girder swing bridge by the former tobacco warehouses was electrified with overhead masts and wires! It was in use as a film set for the BBC TV drams series Casualty. Evening filming over the two days saw road signs changed to Holby Central with the BR arrows station symbol, Holby Museum and Sudbrook. It is not certain why Sudbrook featured on the sign but the night scenes could have been creating a tunnel, an electrified Severn Tunnel? No railway locos or stock were noted in use, but the rail tops were seen to be painted silver as the track in this area had not been used for several months by the Bristol Harbour Railway!.

Avon Valley Railway, Bitton.

The railway has received a first prize for it's Semaphore members magazine publication as the most improved out of the 120 preservation societies by the Heritage Railway association. The railway's timetable was chosen as the best and it was the 4th best magazine in the overall category. On the railway, re-roofing is currently underway on the 1860s goods shed, still the only covered loco and stock maintenance /restoration building on the line.

Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway (R.W.Giles) (27/12/05)

For the 2005 Winter diesel gala the following locos were in use, all double-heading the day's passenger duties;- 24081 + 73129, 37215 + 37324, 47105 + 47376 along with D2069 giving brakevan trips using the newly preserved 'Queen Mary' bogie brakevan KDS56305 still in EWS colours, in the Toddington station area. The coaching stock formations in use during the day were;-
M35308 + M4798 + M1876 + M25743 + M16195.
E34929 + W4772 + E1808 + W4787 + W24949 + W13337.
A guided tour of the loco shed/workshops area at Toddington found the following;-
Ex GWR steam; 2807. 3205. 3440. 4270. 4936. 6984. 7903. 9642. Ex SR steam; 35006. Ex LMS steam; (45160). Ex Standard steam; (76077). 92203. Ex LMS diesel; (7069). Ex BR diesel; D8137. 45149. 26043. 56003. Ex BR diesel cab only; 45128. Ex Industrial steam; (John) P1676/39. Ex Industrial diesel; No.1 RSH 2573/7859/56. (19) JF 4240016/64. 21 (Mavis) JF 4210130/57. 372 YE 2857/57.
No.2 RSH 2574/7860/56 (carrying 'D2342' on body cover). (John Waddan) HE 5511/57.
Wickam trolley;- PWM4313 (7516/56) off track in the car park area.
Notes;- The following were under restoration/overhaul;- 6984. 35006. (45160). (7069). 372. No.2. 26043. 45149. restoration/overhaul was nearly completed on the following;- 2807. HE5511/57. dismantled and in pieces;- 4270. 76077. stored;- 3205 separated from tender. 3440 City of Truro (for the Winter period from the NRM York). No.1. (19). 21. the latter three were all present in the goods yard headshunt, with (John). Also;- serviceable 56003 was awaiting transfer to another line and D8137 was 'failed' out of traffic.
Of the coaching stock present, the following was identified;- Ex.BR;- (3960)? mess coach. S80926. S94051. 92418/933/990. M94824. (S99636/25646). Ex.LMS;- (31246). (12196/DM395358). Ex.SR van;- (S1863). Ex.GWR;- W333. FD 2869. SiG (W2983)? Crane;- Ransomes (ADRR95216).
Toddington station;- Ex. GWR;- 185. Ex. BR milk tank;- W3043. Note;-further items of stock were visible in the distance alongside newly laid track in the Broadway direction.
Winchcombe;- Ex.BR;- D2182. Bagulay/Drewry railcars;- (9119) BD 3708/75. (9127) BD 3743/76.
The following coaching stock was visible from passing trains only;- Ex.BR;- W1675. W300 (4331). W3045/054/091. 4869. M13326. E15849. E24918. M25618. W34676. W35201. 92199. 94486/457. Ex. LMS saloon;- M45048. M32990. DM395832. Ex.SR;- van 4590 (083372). Hand-Crane;- 448 + runner L15 (ADW538?).

Stock Alterations


08922(BS)-ML, 08939(TO)-OC.

08561/738/913. 43154. 60041/088. 92011.
CE: 83012. 92011. CU: 08738. EH: 57003. IM: 60041. KM: 37023/051. LE: 43092/198. LM: 43086/159. ML: 08913. RTC: 43154. TD: 08561. TO: 60088.
IMRFT: 86218/232/234/235/246/260. Norwich Thorpe: 73138. 84001. 89001.
CU = Carlisle Currock

09107 -ML, 57004 -FD, 60050 -IM, 92041 -CE.

Booth: 31123.
Ron Hull: 31458. 56066.
TJ Thomson: 08534/906. 47757.
JT Landscapes: 87024.
Les Ross: 86259. Mid Norfolk: 56040.

Diesel Multiple Units

156419(TS)-NC, 468/470/471/472(NL)-NH
158740/741(NL)-HA, 783/794(TS)-EX.

222004 -CZ

170273 (50273 + 56207 + 79273)

New Stock
185102/103 -HQ
EATO Transpennine class 185 Testing 185102/103
HKEX Wessex class 158 Exeter 158783/794

Electric Multiple Units

377130/139(BI)-SU, 435/436(SU)-BI

BI: 3530. CJ: 458.009/011 SL: 1805/66. 3490.

(S): 3505/14/35.

IMRFT: 3505/14/35

Reformed & Renumbered
317301-501, 317302-502, 317303-503, 317304-504, 317305-505, 317306-506, 317307-507, 317311-508, 317312-509, 317313-510, 317315-511, 317316-512, 317317-513, 317318-514.
325017 (68316 + 68349 + 68368 + 68317)
377104 (78504 + 77104 + 78904 + 78704)
377304 (68204 + 74804 + 68404)
455808 (77637 + 62716 + 71644 + 77594)
455818 (77613 + 62726 + 71654 + 77632)
455819 (77579 + 62737 + 71655 + 77616)
455821 (77619 + 62729 + 71637 + 77620)
455827 (77610 + 62735 + 71663 + 77614)
465007 (64765 + 72040 + 72041 + 64768)
465010 (64815 + 72046 + 72047 + 64818)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

3338/88. 3414. 5778. 5935/36/68/93. 6034. 6810/14/15
CE: 82145. LM: 42178/318. NC: 3338/88. 3414. 5778. 5935/36/68/93. 6034. 6810/14/15. WB: 82103/107/112/132/139/143/150. ZB: 10201/230. ZD: 12096.

11069 -NC, 94495/497/498/514/519/522/525/530/534 -ML.

HNRL: 93446 @CD

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