03/09 Following railtour duty 37410 + 37417 were returned 'dit' behind 67016 as part of the 6M33 16.21 (Sx) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight noted passing Brentry at 16.14. 15/09 66063 was seen passing Hallen village at 07.52 heading towards Filton on a Saturday morning empty HTA wagon transfer. 17/09 A 4Z08 09.28 Derby-Barton Hill (20.13) test working (Parkway 17.48-18.26), due Avonmouth between 18.52-19.02 (Parkway 19.27-19.44) was cancelled. 20/09 66087 was on the 6C64 Avonmouth-Westbury imported Irish stone passing Brentry at 16.05.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66021/034/067/078/080/130/163/186. 66232/242. 08405 continues as the area shunting pilot.

Some general news for the area has seen freight Haulage Company Massey Wilcox purchase its 180,000 sq ft covered warehouse and rail terminal from Colesbourne Asset Management and loan a further 3.5 acres of storage land from the Port of Bristol Authority. The rail terminal was opened in 2002 and in 5 years has dealt with around half million tonnes of freight, mainly paper reels, but other items such as conductor rail for a new metro system in Germany have also been loaded and moved by rail. This has eliminated the use of 44 tonne road lorries from covering more than seven million miles in 5 years. Towards the end of the month contractors were lifting the former Pasminco/Commonwealth yard sidings for scrap between the Smoke Lane (A403) and Kingsweston Lane level crossings. This now means the former Britannia Zinc factory (closed in 2003, the last rail traffic from here being sulphuric acid to Dalry. Ayrshire) and the internal rail system is now isolated along with the Norsk Hydro transit shed which was used for fertilizer traffic from the North-East up until late 2002. The location at one time was expected to form part of a new Euro freight depot serving the Severnside area, but now the land is to be used for roads and industrial factory units. The company carrying out the work were; Barretts, Timber Merchants & Railway Construction, Rock & Fountain Quarry, Cymwyl Elfed, Carmarthenshire (close to the Gwili Railway!).

Stop Press;- FLHH are expected to commence a new import coal flow from Avonmouth using the West Wharf (and the former LPG sidings) area during November.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

01/09 60042 worked an up oil train believed to be for Westerleigh, through Parkway at 09.42. 02/09 60048 was on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers. 03/09 59201 headed 6Z98 Hayes-Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties formed of white EWS bogie aggregate wagons. Another this time loaded stone working was 66141 on 6Z23 Tytherington quarry-Allington. Having been generally bereft of freight workings for the past month, things certainly picked up this evening with 8 services seen, including MGR activity from Didcot to Avonmouth last witnessed about 5 months ago. In order of sighting from 19:20 - 21:20 were 66077 - scrap train heading for South Wales, 66192 - MGR empties for Portbury, 66200 - MGR empties for Avonmouth. 66083 Newport ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise", 66069 - car train from Portbury, 66183 - loaded mgr from Portbury. 66021 - MGR empties for Portbury and finally 66242 - MGR empties for Avonmouth 04/09 GBRf 66708 passed at 10.12 on a Laira-Derby HST stock move and 59203 was on the 6Z23 Allington stone passing down at 11.36 towards Filton and Day's curve. 05/09 66540 was on the 4O51 Millbrook-Wentlooge containers and 59201 worked a Moreton-on-Lugg-Hayes loaded stone service. 06/09 Observations during the day at Parkway station recorded;- 31452 + 31454 with 5Z50 Minehead-Gloucester ECS (12.10), 20302 + 20303 on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks (12.45), 66412 on 6X73 10.00 Devonport-Crewe nuclear flask (14.20), 66612 with down stone empties to Newton Abbot (Hackney Yard) (14.25), 66624 on a second train of stone empties to Pengam (15.46), 60029 with the 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties (15.49) and 31452 + 31454 down light-engine (17.03). Not up to Monday's activity level just three MGRs this evening, 66129 with empties for Portbury and from 66242 with a loaded service and 66200 empties to Avonmouth. 07/09 66588 was noted passing Patchway at 07.48 with the 4V50 Millbrook-Wentlooge loaded containers. 08/09 An up tank train, reported destined for Westerleigh passed Parkway at 09.28 with 60048 and later 60018 appeared at 13.35 on the 6B33 Theale empties. 09/09 Sunday evening diversions, due to engineering work on the Chepstow mainline included; 60018 on 6M42 19.25 Llanwern-Round Oak steel, followed by 60074 on the 6E30 18.04 Margam-Hartlepool loaded coils. Earlier Cotswold-Rail 47810 worked a Parkway-Landore refurbished HST power car move hauling 43063. 10/09 Newly delivered DRS Class 66 locos ran as 0Z67 09.45 Newport docks-Carlisle Kingmoor, formed 66404 + 66427 + 66423 + 66422, but did not depart however until 14.08, then running via Chepstow to Gloucester instead of via Pilning and Parkway (as expected) to the north. Five sightings during viewing time this evening starting with 66013 Newport ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise", 66018 MoD Liner, 66067 loaded mgr from Avonmouth - Didcot, in the reverse direction 66021 with empties and 66242 with mgr empties for Portbury. 11/09 The Tytherington stone working was cancelled. 31454 passed up light-engine as 0Z45 10.10 Temple Meads-Gloucester at 10.30. Another move of new DRS locos passed Pilning at 12.51 as 0Z67 Newport docks-Carlisle formed 66412 + 66421 + 66425 + 66424 + 66426. 12/09 60055 passed at 11.16 on the 6Z23 Tytherington-Allington loaded stone (now booked for a crew change at Bath Spa station) and later 67022 passed at 12.22 with a late running 6V53 Wembley-Avonmouth 'enterprise' freight. 13/09 Noted during the day at Parkway were 59204 on the Tytherington-Allington stone, 60045 with the 6B33 Theale fuel tank empties (15.46), 66560 on down stone to Newton Abbot (14.30) and 66620 with up stone empties (17.33). 14/09 66516 was reported passing Patchway at 07.44 with the 4V50 Millbrook-Wentlooge loaded container service and over at Parkway, 66224 appeared at 11.00 on the Tytherington stone. During the afternoon; D1015 Western Champion worked through to time at 13.52 on a 1Z82 08.45 Victoria-Kidderminster VSOE dining special to celebrate 'Phil (Swift)'s 50th Birthday' a person who is involved in railway preservation, being the owner of 34027 Taw Valley. 67012 was attached to the rear of the train, which had been worked to Salisbury by steam 35028 Clan Line and later returned from Bewdley-Victoria again headed by the Western loco. Over at Pilning, 66158 on the 7C41 Newport ADJ-Westbury departmental was 'looped' and passed at 15.43 by 66614 on 6Z86 10.45 Crewe-Taunton Fairwater formed of four empty sleeper wagons. The new return Swindon steel service was noted running early during the afternoon Class 66 hauled, the train's details being as follows;- 6C03 08.26 Newport ADj-Swindon (arr 11.25 and booked Llanwern 09.03-10.08) and 6C04 17.05 (T,FO) return (Severn Tunnel junction 18.35). The return working was noted during the day in the early afternoon, other previous days recorded having been on 24/08 (Pilning 13.15) and 30/08. 15/09 66528 passed Patchway at 08.56 on Pengam-Theale loaded HIAs. 17/09 60053 was on the 6B33 Theale fuel tank empties. Four workings to report this evening, 66126 Newport ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise", 66185 loaded mgr from Avonmouth, 66186 MGR empties for Avonmouth and 66194 MGR empties bound for Portbury. 18/09 66594 worked the 4O51 Millbrook containers, 60030 was on the 6B33 Theale oil empties and 66607 headed a 6Z59 Harlow Mill-Pengam train of stone empties through Parkway during the early afternoon. 47815 passed Filton Abbeywood at 17.05 on 5Z91 12.05 Derby-Laira refurbished stock (having departed the Midlands at 11.01) with coaches 41031, 41032, 42207, 42045, 42046, 42047, 44015 (set LA15). 19/09 66150 was on the morning 6Z23 Tytherington-Allington loaded stone. 20/09 Just three sightings this evening, 66219 possibly St Blazey - Cliffe Vale china clay service (3 wagons),66134 with MGR empties bound for Portbury and 66185 Avonmouth bound with MGR empties 22/09 Heartland Tours 'Kirstey Special' (1Z24 07.20 Gloucester-Brighton and 1Z25 16.36 return) departed 72 minutes late top n' tailed by 47818 and 47813 with coaching stock;- 9493, 3392, 1657, 3352, 3326, 3431, 3398, 3313, 5669 and called at Parkway at 08.43. The special was to see a Cotswold Class 47 named in memory of pop star Kirstey MacColl, tragically killed in a motor boat accident in 2000, but the loco which was to receive the name had not been prepared in time for the tour. 24/09 A further delivery of new DRS locos saw the 0Z66 08.45 Newport Docks-Carlisle held at Severn Tunnel junction (running 175 minutes late), due to the driver not having route-knowledge to run via Chepstow. The convoy was recorded passing Parkway at 13.50 formed 66413 + 66428 + 66429 + 66430. The hauling loco, 66413 had in fact arrived in Newport on 20/09 light-engine from Carlisle. Two minutes behind the DRS move was 47847 on a 5Z91 11.30 Laira-Derby HST stock working, the loco later returning on 5Z90 Derby-Laira refurbished stock. 27/09 59204 was on the Tytherington stone, and the 6C03 Swindon steel was again seen passing at 10.20, although the hauling Class 66 was not recorded, the wagon types in use being KSA coil carriers, EWS red container flat-wagons and BYA bogie flats, the train easily being identified in comparison to the 6CO1 Bristol East depot steel which only uses BYA bogie flats (and load length runners). 31454 worked west (passing Filton Abbey Wood at 14.16) on 5B47 08.50 Barrow Hill-West Somerset Railway (Minehead) stock move (for use on a 1Z91 Minehead-Canterbury and 1Z92 15.55 return 'London & Canterbury Awayday' on 29/09) and earlier Cotswold-Rail 47813 passed the same location at 10.55 on an 07.30 Laira-Cardiff Canton barrier coach move. The 6A11 Robeston-Theale tanks had passed Parkway late around 09.00 headed by 60066 + 60074, the latter being allocated the return 6B33 empties and the former returning to Margam light-engine.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/09 Steam 6233 Duchess of Sutherland passed Parkway late at 12.30 with Vintage Trains 1Z33 08.39 Solihull-Temple Meads (having left the Birmingham area 31 minutes late) with coaching stock;- W35470, 99349, 99361, 99353, W5157, W5177, W9101, 99041. The return 1Z34 15.33 was held at Dr Day's junction between 15.40-15.46, to allow the 4V60 refuse container train , behind 66586 (which had passed Dr Day's junction at 15.36) reverse at Lawrence Hill onto the Barrow Road branch line. The Duchess and train was later recorded passing Filton Abbey Wood at 15.55, 10 minutes late and routed via Badminton to Swindon and Oxford as opposed via Charfield and the Gloucester mainline. The refuse train was running on the Saturday due to the August Monday Bank-holiday. A freight service noted during the day was 59206 on the Saturday's loaded Machen stone. A view of Barton Hill depot during the afternoon found;- 08516. 37410/417. 66232. 67016. steam loco; 6024 King Edward I. stored locos; 37077/(377)/379/696. stored c/stock; 94190. loco support coach; W35333. Arriva Trains Wales DMU set 150254 was reported to be inside the shed for refurbishment. The second last 2007 Summer Saturday for the Virgin XC HST 'hire' saw the following workings operated by the follow power cars;- 1C02 07.35 Bristol TM-Paignton/1E46 10.32 Paignton-Newcastle GNER 43102 + 43367, 2C34 06.53 Plymouth-Newquay/1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle GNER 43115 + 43296, 1V29 07.25 Manchester-Newquay/1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester MML 43047 + 43059 and 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay/2P86 19.50 Newquay-Plymouth MML 43043 + 43055. 02/09 The second last 2007 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09.18 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z28 17.18 return) was diesel hauled with steam 6024 King Edward I having failed a fitness to run examination undertaken on the 01/09, it was found the inside right hand piston rod, the taper on the end of the rod where it goes in to the cross head, was loose in the cross head. The tapers are meant to lock solid, thus the loco was unfit to run. Pastime rail decided not to cancel the train but use the two Class 37 locos, 37410 + 37417 instead the locos having worked their 'Dartmouth Arrow' trip on 31/08 and were still on Barton Hill depot. The railtour participants were offered a 15.00 refund on a further Pastime Rail tour as compensation for the lack of steam haulage. The trip ran to plan, although there was a two minute stop near Highbridge due to trespassers on the track during the morning and the return arrival at Temple Meads was 90 minutes early at 20.13 due to the planned steam loco water stops not being needed ! The day's coaching stock was as follows;- 21245, 3144, 3141, 3146, 4998, 1813, 4949, 5008, S4986, S5008, 9537. The latter, one of the coaches brought in for the ill-fated Summer Saturday Weymouth relief service, was in former Virgin livery and locked out of use, seeing use as a MkII barrier coach for the MkI train of coaches due to the lack of a steam loco support coach. 03/09 During the morning, three Class 66 locos were reported to be present in East depot yard. 04/09 59203 with the 6Z25 11.50 Tytherington quarry-Allington stone was present in Bathampton loop at 12.15, later 66586 was recorded in the same area on the 4V60 Calvert-Bath/Bristol area refuse containers. Having run Old Oak Common-Laira with two barriers coaches the previous day, GBRf 66708 was on a 5Z90 Laira-Derby HST stock move with set LA03, formed 41011, 41012, 42015, 42005, 42016, 42361, 44003. 05/09 A further 5Z91 Derby-Laira HST stock move, involving 66708 was caped. The 6Z23 Tytherington stone was unusually recessed in Bristol East depot loop, instead of at Stoke Gifford. The hauling loco 59203 and train were stopped in Bathampton loop at 11.10 waiting to follow a London bound HST set via Box. Some loco data from the train on that day (formed of 18 loaded JHA Hanson bogie hoppers) over this graded Box mainline section were;- into the Box tunnel at 44mph, exiting at 29mph, and reaching 60mph by Thingley junction. This was a better performance compared with 66141 by an average of 5mph on the same load two days previous. Also recorded during the day in the Bath area were;- Royal 67006 on a 1V80 09.25 Victoria-Bristol TM VSOE special with coaches; 99545, Lucille, Ione, Audrey, Cygnus, Minerva, Perseus, Pheonix, Gwen, Vera, Zena, 6313 (13.13) followed later at 13.53 by steam 34067 Tangmere (inplace of 850 Lord Nelson) on Steam Dream's 'Cathederal Express' (1Z96 08.53 Victoria-Bristol TM and 1Z97 17.33 return). The train formed of the 'green stock' however was to return over an hour late, the loco and support coach being seen in Temple Meads at 18.07. 66586 was again seen in the Bath area on the area refuse containers. Freight traffic noted during the day was; 66075 on the 6C01 East depot steel and 66228 on the evening 6C89 Plymouth Tavistock-Cardiff Tidal sdgs freight. 06/09 Freight traffic recorded was as follows;- 66020 East Depot steel (6C01), 20302 + 20303 Bridgwater flasks (6M67), 66412 Keyham-Crewe flask (6X73) and 66620 Neasden-Newton Abbot empties (6Z60). Also noted were; 31454 + 31452 on a 5Z50 10.00 Bishop's Lydeard-Gloucester stock move (via the Weston-super-Mare loop at 11.16) and 66708 with a 5Z91 10.16 Derby-Laira refurbished HST stock move with coaches; 41089, 41065, 42062, 42221, 42067, 42068, 44022. 07/09 59204, having departed Tytherington around 09.30, was again in Bathampton loop at 12.15 with the 6Z23 Allington stone. 66708 was still active, on a 5V99 Ilford-Laira (via Westbury) stock move formed with two refurbished buffet coaches and two barriers at each end. The loco had been returned to London on the rear of the overnight 1A40 Penzance-Paddington First/GW sleeper service. 08/09 Newly liveried 'large logo' 40145 named East Lancashire Railway (in place of Deltic 55022) returned a 1Z56 Kingswear-Banbury Pathfinder excursion via Bristol and Bath during the evening, the outward 1Z55 having run via Swindon, Melksham and Westbury. On the freight side; 66166 was on the Saturday's Machen stone and 66530 was seen passing Nailsea & Backwell station at 20.35 on a 6Y27 Thingley junction-Plymouth rail train. This was the final Summer Saturday (ever? remains to be seen!) for the Virgin XC HST 'hire', with major franchise changes due to take place later in the year. The following HST power cars (and set details for the last weekend) were used during the day;- 1C02 07.35 Bristol TM-Paignton/1E46 10.32 Paignton-Newcastle GNER 43056 + 314 (with set EC61), 2C34 06.53 Plymouth-Newquay/1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle GNER 43039 + 43108 (EC51), 1V29 07.25 Manchester-Newquay/1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester MML 43043 + 43074 (NL01), 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay/2P86 19.50 Newquay-Plymouth (NL12) 43045 + 43046. 09/09 The 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09.18 Bristol-Kingswaer and 1Z28 17.18 return) was headed by steam 34067 Tangmere, again in place of 6024 King Edward I still out of traffic. The loco was however in trouble on Goodrington Bank with the 1Z27 being assisted forward by GWR 5239 Goliath, the return to Bristol being seen passing Nailsea running late at 21.25. Due to the loco problems during this year's series of Torbay Express workings, Pastime Rail announced a further run to take place on Sunday 14/10 (this being later amended to 21/10). An early afternoon view of Barton Hill depot found the following;- 08516. 66182/200. 67015. steam; 60019 Bittern. stored locos; 37077/(377)/379/696. c/stock; 5984. 9537. 94190. support coaches; 17015 (BFK) Botaurus (for loco 60019). W35333 (for loco 6024), snowploughs; 965209/233, and over at Kingsland Road; 66519 and 66624 were present along with 66523 stabled at the north end of Temple Meads station. Steam loco 60019 had failed on a Southall-Temple Meads loaded test train (with 67025 on the other end) on arrival in Bristol during the early hours of 08/09. As well as the already detailed support coach, the loco was noted with two plain green 'unlined' tenders. 10/09 GBRf 'Medite livery' 66709 was on a further HST stock move running 5Z90 11.30 Laira-Derby leaving Plymouth around 1 hour late with coaches; 41005, 41006, 42069, 42071, 42118, 44023 (from set LA23). Also noted during the day was; 66216 on the 6C01 East depot steel service and steam 34067 Tangmere which left the area as 5Z98 10.00 Barton Hill-Southall with support coach 35518. 11/09 The First/GW 07.10 Bristol-Paddington service was cancelled due to stock problems. Test unit 950001 was back in the area running 2Z08 07.05 Temple Meads-Plymouth (via Bath, Westbury and the Whatley and Merehead quarry branch lines) and the Yatton down loop. On the return to Bristol, the unit was reported as running around 3 hours early and seen passing Bridgwater at 11.37. 66002 worked the 6C01 Bristol East steel and was later seen at 17:00 on a departmental working, 66556 was on a four wagon 6Z86 09.56 Taunton-Fairwater-Crewe Basford Hall working and 59205 headed the 6B83 Machen stone (TO), out and back as usual via Day's curve. Afternoon problems in the Bedminster/Parsons Street area saw single line working in use, with a number of NR staff being present and at least four trains being seen running in the up direction on the down line. 66709 was delayed on a 5Z91 12.00 Derby-Laira refurbished HST stock move (being noted passing Brent Knoll at 16.37) formed; 5740 (barrier), 41037, 41038, 42292, 42343, 42055, 42056, 44018, 9491 (barrier) with, unusually MML liveried power car 43064 attached to the rear. 12/09 A Northern Belle 1Z41 07.42 Liverpool-Bath (via the Severn Tunnel) dining special and 1Z43 17.11 return was top n' tailed by 67029 + 67026. 13/09 66050 worked the 6C01 East depot steel, 20307 + 20310 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks, 59205 was on an additional Machen stone service, and 66560 worked the 6Z60 10.51 Neasden-Newton Abbot Hackney yard sand empties passing Uphill junction ( Weston-super-Mare) at 15.07. 14/09 LNER A4 60019 Bittern was present at Barton Hill this morning at 09:30. 66519 was the 4V60 area refuse container loco and steam 6201 Princess Elizabeth arrived in the area for future railtour duty as 5Z32 06.17 East Lancs railway-Barton Hill (due 20.11), via Swindon. The move via Nuneaton and Bletchley was reported as running late being still recorded as in the latter location at 16.40. 15/09 Two rail tours in the area during the day were;- 47851 on the 'Bath & Salisbury Adventurer' (1Z22 Wakefield-Salisbury and 1Z24 return) via Parkway and Day's curve and steam 6201 Princess Elizabeth (departing Temple Meads at 09.36, and passing Filton at 09.48) on the 'Welsh Marches' 1Z51 Birmingham-Shrewsbury and 1Z53 16.03 return. 67012 worked the train in from and the return to Birmingham, the coaching stock used being as follows;- 99040, W21272, W3122, W3112, 80041, 3140, 3107, 3098, (unnumbered buffet coach? ), W5009, W5350. A tour cancellation was Victa Westlink/Hertfordshire Railtour's 'The West Somerset' with Class 47s from Nottingham-Minehead. 16/09 Due to a Sunday engineering occupation between Bristol and Bath part of the route was operating as a 'single' line. A proposed Pathfinder Tour's Deltic hauled 08.15 Temple Meads-Manchester (for the Newton Heath depot open day) and due to be Class 66 hauled on the return, was cancelled. The Deltic, 55022 had been suffering engine problems and was out of service. 17/09 60038 was on the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel, 66142 worked the evening 6C89 Cardiff Tidal sidings-Tavistock yard empty scrap wagons and earlier the 6B65 Westbury-Newport departmental was headed by four locos, 3 Class 66s and 6062! Green liveried 47815 was later in charge of a 5Z90 Old Oak Common-Laira HST stock move (via Parkway) returning a 5Z90 Laira-Derby working (with HST set LA33 formed 41131, 41132, 42271, 42272, 42273, 44033 with the usual barriers) passing Flax Bourton at 13.44. 18/09 The Fisrt/GW 'hire' MML HST coaches (LA79) are still in use being recorded on the 11.30 Temple Meads-Paddington and 13.45 Paddington-Swansea services. A view of Kingsland Road during the morning found; 66528/562/620. 67015 was visible on Barton Hill depot. The Tuesday's only 6B83 Machen stone was powered by 59205. 19/09 GBRf 66702 was stabled in Temple Meads during the morning. 67005 later arrived on a VSOE working from Victoria, which had also called at Bath en-route. A change at the top for First/GW saw Director Alison Forester (who had held this position for the past 3 years) moved to take up a Rail Safety & Performance director role being replaced by Andrew Haines, who is now the managing director of the UK rail divisions. 20/09 66702 worked 0Z90 14.00 light-engine to Laira and 66520 appeared on the 6Z60 10.51 Neasden-Newton Abbot sand empties during the early afternoon. 21/09 An expected first look at the new re-liveried French company owned Colas rail Class 47 seco 'water cannon' locos 47727 and 47749 which were due to run 6Z70 10.00 Eastleigh-Temple Meads (12.30) and 6Z71 13.04 return was cancelled, due to the 'test' train travelling on a local circuit in the Southampton area. A4 Steam loco 60019 Bittern, which had suffered a broken 'big end' following a test working from Southall, had been repaired on Barton Hill depot and worked a 23.40 running in trip (with both tenders, support coach 17015 and 67025) to Weston-super-Mare and 01.03 return (Temple Meads 01.35). The actual arrival time at Weston was 00.41 the train returning at 01.07, with the Class 67 leading. 22/09 The A4, 60019 returned to Southall hauling an early hours 'test' working, reported formed of eight former Virgin liveried coaches (believed to be the Summer Saturday Weymouth coaches), all now seemed to be well! One railtour recorded via Bristol during the day was the Victa/Westlink 'Torbay & Dart' (1Z20 Paddington-Kingswear) top n'tailed by 47843 and 47847. The coaching stock was believed to have been the Blue Pullman rake. Two steam railtour cancellations were; 34067 Tangmere on a Railway Touring Company's 1Z82 06.33 Kensington Olympia-Temple Meads and 1Z83 16.33 return and Pastime Rail's 'The Princess Limited' from Paddington-Penzance (with 6201 Princess Elizabeth from Taunton to Penzance), the latter believed to be because of gauging issues in the St. Erth area on the down line only. Another trip for 6201 on 29/09, 'The Royal Coronation' from Gloucester-Penzance and return to Taunton was also cancelled. 25/09 With the Castle Cary-Cogload junction main line (near Taunton) closed for the week, all train's were diverted via Temple Meads, First/GW passenger train's either using the mainline via Box or the Limpley Valley en-route to/from the Westbury area. A surprise 'diverted' appearance was the Colas Rail watercannon train (running 6Z47 Eastleigh-Taunton and booked Temple Meads 16.21) top n'tailed by 47727 Demelza and 47727 Rebecca (carrying a bright yellow and orange, with black livery) passing Bath at 15.21 and Flax Bourton at 16.14. This water-cannon is to be based at Plymouth (Tavistock yard) and work along the Devon and Cornwall mainlines. Another diversion noted passing Yatton at 18.11 was a late running 6V62 Fawley-Tavistock yard tank train formed of 13 fuel oil and bitumen tanks behind 66102. Also recorded during the afternoon was the first of 12 expected Class 142 dmu sets from First/NW, 142001 + 142064 working 5Z42 10.45 Chester-Exeter tmd passing Worle at 15.53. A further refurbished HST stock move, 5Z91 13.45 Derby-Laira (due Temple Meads at 17.11), with 47847 was still at Derby at 17.50, eventually reaching Bristol and terminating late into the evening. 27/09 A Northern Belle 'Hampton Court' dining working was top n'tailed by 67029 and 67025, the outward diagram being 5Z93 04.05 Hereford-Cardiff and 1Z93 08.18 Cardiff-Kensington Olympia (calling at Temple Meads and Bath Spa en-route, being noted passing Pilning at 09.02). DRS 37605 + 37606 top n'tailed a 4Z10 19.10 Barton Hill-Derby test train via South Wales. GBRf 66724 ran light-engine to Laira for a strock move. 28/09 66724 returned north on a morning Laira-Derby HST stock move. 30/09 What was assumed to be a further diversion was 66725 on 4V11 Peterborough-Taunton Fairwater loaded concrete sleepers (normally routed via Westbury) passing Highbridge around an hour early at 15.08. The return, also running via Bristol as 4E31 17.30 Taunton Fairwater-Peterborough loaded 'used' sleepers passed Uphill junction (Weston-super-Mare) at 18.17.


03/09 Cotswold-Rail 47810 worked a Brush Loughborough-Landore refurbished power car move hauling 43070. 07/09 Blue-liviered 33202 caught fire near Loughborough prior to working refurbished HST power car 43086 to Landore. 22/09 47818 and 47813 top n'tailed a 5Z78 02.20 East Ham-Gloucester (05.25) ECS stock move via Kemble for a 1Z78 07.20 special working to Brighton. 29/09 Steam loco 34067 Tangmere worked a 1Z86 09.13 Victoria-Gloucester 'Cathederals Express' via Kemble returning as 1Z87 at 17.25. The loco was unusually sent to Newport for turning on the Maindee triangle, as 5Z86 13.30 Gloucester-Gloucester with support coach. The booked Maindee times were around 14.30.

Portbury Branchline

05/09 At 06.00 two Freightliner train's were seen passing at the dock gate; 66507 waiting to depart with the 6Z82 07.00 departure to Rugeley power station with 66524 passing with inward empties to form the 6Z84 09.00 departure, also to Rugeley. 07/09 66526 was on the 6Z82 loaded coal working to Rugeley. The 03.00 departure was reported as a non-runner during this week. 12/09 66559 was reported to have worked the 6Z82 service. 14/09 66555 was on the 6Z82. 17/09 60027 made a surprise appearance on the 6X52 17.27 loaded cars to Washwood Heath being noted at Ashton Gate at 17.30. This was only the third Class member to work this train, the first so far this year, with 60004 and 60053 during 2006. 24/09 A further FLHH coal service was introduced as 6Z70 08.31 to Rugeley power station. 25/09 66555 powered the 6Z70 loaded coal service. 27/09 66526 headed the 6Z70. 29/09 A rake of loaded FLHH wagons was noted stabled near the dock gate over the weekend. Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66137/180/232. 66507/524/526/555/559.


02/09 At 19.00, the following locos were visible in Fairwaters yard from a passing train 66513/556/608/613/621/624/625. 73133. 30/09 31454 and 31452 worked 5Z92 railtour ECS from the West Somerset Railway to Yeovil junction during the early afternoon.

Units noted this period included 

142001/064. 143611/612/619/620/621. 150221/233/247/249/263/266. 153318/329/369/368/372/380. 158745/748/749/750/751/760/762/763/765/769/771/776/798/817/855/864/865/866/867/869/871. 220004/005/008*/010/011/013/018/019/020/023/026*/027/034. 221102/106/107/110/111/117/118/119/121/122/125/126/127/128/131/132/133/136/138/141/144. Note;- Class 220 units marked * have lost their nameplates.

South Wales


08/09 66404 and 66412 ran light engine from Crewe to Newport Docks in readiness to work the new DRS 66s to Carlisle. 09/09 The M V Fairpartner docked at 07:33 with the following locomotives unloaded at the following times 66422 13.43, 66421 14.51, 66427 16.09 and 66423 17.10. 10/09 66424-426 were unloaded today, also onboard were a batch of six locomotives destined for Algeria. 66404 hauled 66427, 66423 and 66422 as the 0Z67 Newport Docks - Carlisle Kingmoor departing at 14:08. 11/09 66412 hauled the second 0Z67 consisting of 66421, 66424, 66426 and 66425 departing at 12:00. 21/09 M V Stellanova docked today and the locos were unloaded as follows 66430 10.40, 66429 13.50 and 66428 15.25 66413 acted as shunter. The works plates are as follows 66428 20068877-008 05-2007, 66429 20068877-009 05-2007, 66430 20068877-010 05-2007. 24/09 66412 hauled the three new locos north departing Newport at around 12:30.


4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge. 03/09 66576. 04/09 66579. 05/09 66540. 06/09 66504. 07/09 66588. 10/09 66570. 11/09 66533. 12/09 66590. 13/09 66593. 14/09 66516. 17/09 66587. 18/09 66594. 19/09 66593. 20/09 66533. 21/09 66532. 27/09 66578.


6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service 31/08 67016. 03/09 67016+37410+37417. 06/09 67005+67006. 13/09 67016. 14/09 67022. 17/09 67001 + 67015. 19/09 67015. 20/09 67001.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh 03-07/09 60048. 10-14/09 60053. 18/09 60053. 19/09 60068. 21/09 60038.

6X52 Portbury - Washwood Heath 04/09 66173. 11/09 66065. 12/09 66174. 17/09 60027. 19/09 66048. 20/09 66176. 25/09 66048. 26/09 66140. 27/09 66048. 28/09 66140.



Transfers 43160(EC)-LA, 66042/072 - France, 66222 - UK, 66226 - France, 66229 - UK, 66236/245 - France, 73104 - Ford(Bridgend), 73138(BH)-LM, 92038 - France RCZH: 08568/730 RCZN: 08629/649 MBED: 73129

Stored 08484*. 47484* (*TTLS) CE: 37351. 47736/746/783/784. KM: 37426. LM: 20903. TO: 60013/063. RVEL(Derby): 31465. RMS Locotec: 08535.

Traffic 08460/511/683/881/896/915/927. 20035/063/137/139/228 -HQ (TTLS) 08611 -LO, 08934 -WB, 47749/750/759/791 - HQ (Seco), 47773 - PM, 60012/077 -TO, 86101 -CP, 87031 -TM, 87035 -CQ, 89001 -BH

Withdrawn 08350. 37047/057/065/109/114/174/308/375/379/403/513/519, 37676/677/682/694/708/887.

Disposals EMR: 08414. 37220 Thomson: 37520. 47358 Bowes Railway: 01560 MRC: 08350 HNRC: 08695

Renumbered 43116 - 43316 -EC

New Stock 66421/422/423/424/425/426/427/428/429/430 -KM

Diesel Multiple Units

Transfers 158818 - 841 inclusive (CF)-MN. (MN = Machynlleth)

Stored 142029/062/067/095 -HT

Electric Multiple Units

Disposals Booth: cars 76194(310060), 76200(310066), 76775(1890)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

Transfers 10235. 11033 -GL, 40729 -LA, 40749 -NL, 41067 -NL, 41075/076 -LA, 41112 -NL, 42148/149 -LA, 42194/225/227/229 -NL, 43238/341 -LA, 44027 -NL, 44085 -LA.

Stored LM: 82128/134

Withdrawn 6065. 6165.

Disposals Booth: 80331/356/358/361/367/375/378/380/385/423/427. 94436/496 Raxstar: 94204. 94439 @EX, 94312/314/324. 94537 @MG Sold(NK): 6065. 6165. Nene Valley: 80417


COLO (Seco) Colas Rail Operational Locos COLS (Seco) Colas Rail Stored Locomotives MBED Private Owner Cl73 FAMT Private Owner (37679) TTLS Traditional Traction Locomotives


Welcome to another look at the freight scene on our railway system. I'll begin with a quick look at some new vehicles to be seen around the system. Well, I say "new" but they are vehicles converted from existing wagons. I have mentioned the old 'Limpet' vehicles being converted to the 395xxx series of "Coalfish". Well, a colleague has furnished me with the following details. The vehicles' number series runs from 395251 to 395405 and these vehicles are converted from 390150-390331, 393000-393035 respectively. They are becoming a common sight on services passing through Leicester at the present time. The same colleague has also passed on the following conversions. Log carries 97126/138/147/ 151/161/162/216/220/221/236 and 247 are conversions from vans 33.70.2797.126/139/147/151/161/162/216/220/221/236/247. Also new are on-track plant sleeper carriers DR92651-92665. On to some bits of news that has come to hand in the past month. All of the tanks in the series appear to be working in this country at the present time and are likely to be seen on services to and from Widnes. In the past week (7th to 13th October) there now appears to be two British Gypsum services daily to and from East Leake both being operated by GBRf - 66702 and 66711 being the two locos involved. This is the first time that both services have been noted being worked by GBRf. On to my sightings from the past few weeks. I was down in Dorset again during the last full week of September and had a usual day at Basingstoke during that week, finally clearing up my class 444 and 450 units (well, if you can't clear them there where can you?). It was a decent day (weather glorious but cold) and about a dozen freight were noted in the 7 hours I was there. Whilst waiting at Southampton Central for my connecting train back to Christchurch (10 minutes) I noted four freight - three Freightliner and one automotive service, 66575, 66585, 66592 and 66128 being the locos involved. Speaking of locos, four class 08s were noted at Southampton Maritime, viz 08077, 08575, 08585 and 08891 - busy indeed! An evening at Rugby on 17th September saw the wonderful sight of 56302 with a very late-running Fastline container service. Wagons being: 643011/012/016/015/003/004/009/010/023/024/018/017/007/008/0901/002/ 022/021. That evening's northbound Enterprise service hauled by 92016 consisted of the following: 33.80.2797.660/710/ 672/ 600/ 658, 33.70.4938.504/314/726, 33.87.7892.029/ 010/ 7894.052. Another service of note was 66140 heading south with the following engineers' service: 29191/278/328/042/243/297/443/523/236/061/283/114/ 503098/095/094. I think that this latter service was the one that used to reverse into the "virtual quarry" at Rugby but, as this has now closed, the train continues on to Northampton. Monday 8th October saw me again at Rugby and an extremely late-running northbound GBRf service from Purfleet provided one of the new batch of locos in the form of 66427 - how lucky was that! The service should have passed Rugby four hours before we arrived! It was about the only thing of note on that evening. A week later at Nuneaton no less than three of the new GBRf locos were sighted. The first northbound W. H. Malcolm service was in the charge of 66422 and, as it's "that time of the year" the water cannon services have commenced again. The Nuneaton area one is at present being worked by 66421 and 66425. The two wagons involved on this service being 642023 and 642040. (Whilst on the subject of these trains the Leicester area one is being worked by 67016 and 66099 - wagons not, at present, identified). This was a particularly busy night at Nuneaton, with 15 freight services being noted. Still very much a "hot" location. Just to round of with my fifth sighting of the new GBRf locos. This was at Birmingham International on the morning of 6th October with 66429 noted heading south with a Daventy service! Moving on to some location notes. Two of my colleagues recently spent a couple of days at Barnetby (Wednesday/Thursday), staying B&B at the local hostelry, and the location seems to be as busy as ever with 60+ different freight services being noted. Also Milford Junction has been visited by another friend recently and, again, is a very busy location, especially on the day he was present which was a Thursday. And finally, with another personal sighting. Arriving at work alongside the Midland main line north of Leicester on Thursday 11th October at 0740, 67006 was noted in Humberstone Road running round a class 315 unit, on its way to Derby presumably for refurbishment. That's all for now, have some good days out in this lovely October weather.


05/08 Marsh Junction (view) ; 73216. 76313/318. 07/08 Weston-super-Mare ; DR75406. 02/09 Weston-super-Mare ; 77319. road/rail excavator; 197. Taunton 'old' concrete wrks area; road/rail Landrover; R417XRA. Taunton 'old' loco shed area ; DR73911. Torbay Steam Rly, Churston ; DR82100. crane + runner; DRS81335 + 998507. with two other track machines (unidentified). road/railer; G473SUF Dart-Rail (E358). 04/09 Weston-super-Mare ; DR73935. Railgrinder (reduced formation) 79263 + 79273 only. 15/09 Patchway ; road/railer excavator; 643. trailer; TRR0245.


Road Movements 29/09 153372 was seen leaving Exeter Riverside yard just after 16.00 on a road low-loader heading for Doncaster works.

Preservation & Industrial Matters

Bristol Harbour Railway (08/09/07 and 09/09/07) R.W.Giles 

For the yearly 'open buildings event' a steam passenger service operated over the Wapping Wharf branchline as far as the former Ashton Swing bridge junction. 30 minute shuttles were hauled by Avonside No.34 Portbury (1746/37) using the regular passenger carrying 'freight' wagons on both days up until 17.30. It has been reported that the refurbishment work on the Industrial Museum is not now expected to be completed until early 2009.

Preserved Coaching Stock R.W.Giles 

The following were noted named on the Torbay Steam Railway during a visit on 02/09 ;- 238 Charlotte, 4507 Sophie, 4642 Sarah, 4915 Natasha, 9275 Jessica. dmu cars; 59494 Chloe, 59503 Nina, 59507 Ella, 59513 Heidi.

Swindon & Cricklade Railway, Blunsden station (29/09/07) R.W.Giles 

A '40th Birthday' special train for a NR official was working shuttles from the station during the evening top n'tailed by ex. BR diesels(electric); E6003 (73003) and D2022 (03022) with coaching stock;- 4766 The Moonraker, 1569 The Moonraker Bar, S34941. In the platform area, in use as a disco/bar for the evening celebrations were; wooden bodied NSB coaches; (412) and 645 the Whistle Stop buffet, with support coach former LMS sleeper; (617).


27/09/07 Another Day at Rugby (11:00 - 21:50) R.King & Chappie

M5(S) 08921

Rugby 37688, 43062/089, 47851, 56303. 57011/309 66087/175/228/403/412/414/421/424/425/426/504/532/535/540575/588/590/60266616/710, 86604/627/638/639, 90013/016/018/020/042/043/044 92005/009/029/030/036 221105/139 321401/403/413/423/432/432 325002/005/006/007/008/012 350101/104/109/113/114/117/119/123/126/127/128 390002/003/005/006/007/008/011/012/013/015/016/017/018/019/020/021/022 390023/024/027/028/029/030/031/032/034/035/036/037/038/039/040/041/042 390043/044/045/046/047/048/049/050/051/052/053


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