03/08 66225 was stabled in the Bulk handling terminal during the afternoon with a further train of mineral water for use by victims of flooding in the Gloucestershire area. At 16.00, 60041 (officially 'stored'!) was seen running onto the Chittening estate to collect an empty water van train, passing through Hallen at 16.50, assumed running as 6Z13 16.54 Avonmouth-Mossend. With the 66225 van train stabled on the 'loco release' line, 67003 + 67005 unusually ran round the 6M33 empty paper wagons for Wembley, to the west of the coal loading silos. 07/08 66018 was noted on the Irish import stone working for Westbury being loaded in the Bennett's coal yard area. 14/08 60055 was on a further Westbury stone train returning during the late afternoon, having not departed empty from Westbury until around 12.15. 18/08 Voyager 220031 was recorded running ECS passed Hallen village at 07.42 from Barton Hill to form the 09.02 Cardiff Central-Newcastle Virgin XC service. A proposed every 40 minutes local passenger service between Temple Meads and Avonmouth from the time-table change in December appears to be in doubt as First/GW is still expecting a DMU shortage at that time, despite the rumoured arrival of some Class 142 sets from First/North Western. Again only a few coal trains to Didcot ran during the month although traffic had again restarted for the Midlands from West Wharf. The following locos were recorded on coal duty ;- 66013/120/183/225/240/242. 08405 continued as the local area pilot.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

01/08 Trainload-Petroleum liveried 60054 worked the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks. 02/08 66615 was unusually employed on the 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers instead of the normal Class 66/5. Late afternoon observations at Pilning recorded;- 66530 with empty JGA stone wagons assumed to be 6B11 (T,ThO) Thorney Mill-Cardiff Pengam at 16.39, 60500 on 6B63 Westbury cement works-Margam coal empties into the down loop at 18.34 and being passed by 33202 at 18.37 on 6Z28 13.50 West Ealing-Newport ADJ (running around 60 minutes late) formed with 1 KPA, 1 ZWA and 2 YDAS, departmental 92400 and 76601 being recorded (the Class 33 had departed St. Phillips Marsh for West Ealing during the morning at 10.35 light-engine) and 66213 on 6M17 Newport ADJ-Wembley freight at 18.43. Also recorded during the afternoon was stoneblower, 80203 running 6U41 10.38 Ashford Crane Works-Maindee CE (Newport). The departmentals were presumably for use with engineering activity over the following weekend in the Newport area which saw diversions and some First/GW services being terminated at Parkway. Later, a 4Z08 18.10 Didcot yard-Bristol Barton Hill (via Gloucester and Newport) was top n'tailed by 31106 + 31190. 04/08 A Pathfinder's 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' from Swindon-Carlisle was worked outward by 67021 with steam loco 6201 Princess Elizabeth expected to work part of the return trip over the S & C mainline, but on arrival at Carlisle the loco was found to be out of service! However, 67021 worked the train onwards to Preston, where 'stand in' preserved Western D1015 Western Champion took over for the return to Swindon with 67021 attached to rear. On the freight side; 66188 was on the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties and 60045 passed Parkway at 13.56 on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks. 06/08 33202 returned the departmental train it had worked to South Wales four days earlier as 6F95 10.45 Newport ADJ-Westbury, stopping in the up loop at Pilning between 10.55-11.10 allowing a HST set and a Class 158 to overtake. 66542 was to follow into the loop between 11.40-11.46 on 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers. Another freight noted during the morning was 59103 with 6Z86 10.31 Tytherington-Allington loaded stone, replacing the previous service to West Drayton. A poster on the platform at Parkway advises a new platform 1 would be in use during 2008 using a former down goods loop. The current platform 1 was renumbered to platform 3 from 06/08/07, the numerical order now being correct in line with the new 09/05/07 opened 'up' platform 4. 07/08 A fire in the Marlborough Road area of Newport, believed to have involved an electricity sub station and a workshop saw 260 houses evacuated and the mainline closed during the early evening. 08/08 Load-haul 'EWS stickered' 60007 powered the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks. 09/08 Parkway observations during the day saw;- 59103 on 6Z86 Tytherington-Allington loaded stone (10.05), 20311 + 20315 paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks (14.21), 60500 on 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks (15.20) and 66530 on down stone empties from Angerstein to Pengam (17.02). 10/08 Cotswold-Rail 47828 headed a 5Z86 11.10 Brush Loughborough works-Landore HST power car move with 43091, running as far as Gloucester for 47810 to complete the journey during the following day. Signalling problems between Cardiff and Newport saw some train cancellations. 11/08 The 6B13 Robeston-Westerleigh fuel tanks were diverted due to engineering works via the Severn Tunnel and Parkway, passing at 10.25 top n'tailed by 60020 + 60070. Later another Class 60 on fuel tank duty was 60045 passing Parkway at 13.49 on the 6B33 Theale empty tanks. 13/08 66594 was on the 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers. 14/08 59002 worked the 6C83 12.20 (TO) Machen-Westbury loaded stone. 15/08 59204 was at Parkway on the 6Z86 loaded stone to Allington at 09.55. 66518 worked empty stone wagons to Pengam at 14.32. 16/08 37087 + 37229 passed Parkway at 15.20 on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and later 60074 was on the 6B33 Theale empty fuel tankers. 18/08 60500 worked the 6B13 Westerleigh fuel tanks via Gloucester and not in a top n'tail mode through Parkway as expected. 60045 was recorded at 14.55 on the 6B33 Theale empty fuel tanks. 21/08 59202 was on the 6Z25 Tytherington-Allington loaded stone service. 22/08 59005 worked the 6Z25 Allington stone, and Cotswold 47813 worked a 5Z44 14.14 Stoke Gifford-Laira full HST stock move (including power cars), being noted in the former RMT terminal at 11.00. 23/08 66569 + 66560 were paired on a late running 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers at 15.06 and 60030 passed Parkway at 14.23 on the 6B33 Theale fuel tank empties. 24/08 With the non-availability of the NRMT HST set, DRS 37259 + 37608 top n'tailed 1Z20 06.19 Paddington-Swansea and 1Z20 09.47 Swansea-Derby Etches Park return test train. 25/08 60020 + 66070 top n'tailed the diverted 6B13 Robeston-Westerleigh loaded fuel tanks passing through Parkway at 10.30. 29/08 60074 was the 6B33 Theale tank empties. 30/08 60074 again appeared on the 6B33, whilst earlier 37510 + 37515 passed on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks at 13.15 and 66530 was also recorded at 16.33 on Pengam bound stone empties.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

02/08 60500 worked the 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury cement works coal via Day's curve during the afternoon. 04/08 Big news for the month was the end of the First/GW 'hire' EWS Class 67 Summer Saturday South Coast relief services (2O67 08.34 Bristol TM-Weymouth and 2V67 17.49 return) due to a safety case issue! DB Rail, the new owner of EWS were unhappy operating a 'scheduled' passenger service despite First/GW having been reported as covering the workings under their own safety case arrangements. Passenger charters, specials and railtours worked by EWS apparently are covered differently! Rumours that two Riviera Class 47 were a possibility instead were unconfirmed, and as it was on the day First/GW ran eight extra road coaches to cover the working! For the return, the 17.21 Weymouth-Bristol TM was noted strengthened with 158749 + 3-car 158798. For the record the 2O67/2V67 had run with;- 67016 + 67029 (07/07), 67005 + 67021 (14/07) and 67005 + 67006 (on both 21/07 and 28/07). The Virgin XC HST 'hire' continues with the following trains covered by the following power cars during the day;- 1C02 07.35 Bristol TM-Paignton/ 1E46 10.32 Paignton-Newcastle (GNER 43112 + 43117), 2C34 06.53 Plymouth-Newquay/ 1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle (GNER 43119 + 43314), 1V29 07.25 Manchester-Newquay/ 1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester (MML 43072 + 43083) and 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay/ 2P86 19.50 Newquay-Plymouth (MML 43045 + 43052). The Saturday's 6C80 Machen-Westbury loaded stone was noted passing Filton at 14.28 behind 59005. 05/08 Steam 6024 King Edward I continued on Pastime Rail's Sunday-only 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09.18 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z28 17.18 return). Also recorded during the afternoon, was the Virgin XC 1E53 16.25 Plymouth-York still in the hands of the returning MML Hst from the previous day's 1V49, today with MML power cars 43045 + 43052. An afternoon view of Barton Hill depot found the following present;- 08516. 150253. stored locos; 37077/(377)/379 (this loco now being reported for sale)/696. MPV; 98911 + 98961. c/stock; 5910/945/984/987. 6051/158. 9527/537. stored coach; 94190. snowploughs; ADB965209/233. Over at Kingsland road, 66530 and 66566 were present. The Arriva Trains Wales DMU set 150253 was in ex. works condition and returned to Cardiff during the following day being replaced by 150240 for overhaul. Some afternoon light-engine workings to Bristol, following West Country engineering activity included;- 66560 + 66561 running as 0Z61 15.20 Taunton Fairwaters-Kingsland Road and 66610 as 0Y33 also for the same destination. 06/08 Cotswold-Rail 47810 hauled a complete Hst set as 5F77 15.10 St.Phillips Marsh-Laira. 07/08 GBRf 66727 operated a Hst stock move from Ilford-Laira via Temple Meads, returning north the following day via Westbury and the Midland Mainline hauling Hst set LA15 coaches for overhaul and returning the same way on the 09/08 with refurbished Hst set LA19. 08/08 Royal 67006 arrived during the afternoon on the 1V80 VSOE from Victoria, whilst 47810 returned north light-engine during the afternoon. 66556 was reported as the 4V60 Avon area refuse container train. 09/08 66556 was again on the 4V60 refuse containers and 66075 worked the Westbury cement works coal. First/GW have employed guitarist/song writer Sally Crabtree and her 'poetree' with free rail travel for passenger entertainment whilst waiting for trains at various stations in the area. She performs twice a day with a song relating to an object hanging on a portable small tree, which is chosen by the customer. 11/08 Steam 6024 King Edward I worked the 'Torbay Express' running slightly later to the normal booked Sunday timings, 33202 was following close behind light-engine heading for the South Devon Railway, Totnes and a repaint from former FM Rail black into rail-blue. The 'Butlin's Express' train continues to run trouble-free top n'tail with 31452 + 31454 as 1Z35 11.10 Minehead-Temple Meads and 1Z39 14.06 return, being noted passing Yatton at 13.35 returning at 14.20. The day's Virgin XC 'hire' HST power cars in use were as follows;- 1C02/1E46 (GNER 43107 + 43300), 2C34/1E47 (GNER 43099 + 43102), 1V29/1M28 (MML 43007 + 43184), 1V49/2P86 (MML 43046 + 43073 ). 13/08 66050 worked the 6C01 Newport ADj-Bristol East depot steel service and 47810 was noted heading westbound light-engine for Laira depot. 14/08 Class 57/6 problems for First/GW saw a further 'hire' period for 47828 from Cotswold-Rail, working the overnight 1A40 22.00 Penzance-Paddington sleeper service piloting 57605 as far as Temple Meads. The loco was also used for this service on 21/08, 23/08 and 26/08. 15/08 Cotswold 47810 was involved with two HST coach moves during the day, hauling 5Z89 04.50 Laira-Derby (running two hours late) with set LA28 (formed 41121, 41122, 42019, 42345, 42252, 42253, 44028) and returning as 5Z90 14.00 Derby-Laira with refurbished set LA40 (formed 41145, 41146, 42299, 42300, 42301, 42351, 44040). 16/08 66162 was on the 6C01 East Depot steel and 66098 worked 7C79 Westbury cement coal via Day's curve. A railtour cancellation was Kingfisher Tour's 'Eastbourne Explorer' (for the Eastbourne air show) which was to have featured a Class 67 from Bristol to Kensington Olympia for Steam 34067 Tangmere onwards. 17/08 Steam 34067 Tangmere arrived in Bristol as 5Z34 10.25 Old Oak Common-Barton Hill (14.50) loco and support coach for railtour duty the following day, being noted in the Bath area at 13.42. Anglian 'one' liveried 47818 worked a 5Z90 Ilford-Laira stock move, reported as running via Swindon, Kemble and Gloucester (run-round) and 47813 + 47828 top n'tailed a 5Z24 10.55 East Ham-Kingsland Road Blue Pullman ECS, booked to run via the West Coast mainline and Cheltenham, but due to running 137 minutes late was diverted by the 'more sensible' Great Western mainline route and Swindon! 18/08 Heartland Tour's 1Z24 05.25 Temple Meads-Glasgow (postponed from June) was top n'tailed by Cotswold-Rail's 47828 + 47813 formed with Blue Pullman coaches; 9493, 3392, 1657, 3352, 3326, 10235 (Cotswold-Rail silver), 3395, 3313, 5609. 67003 arrived in Temple Meads at 05.35 light-engine from Avonmouth, for Barton Hill, having brought in the enterprise freight from Wembley and 60055 passed Filton at 14.55 with the 6C80 Westbury stone from Machen quarry. Today's Summer Saturday Virgin XC HST 'hire' power car sets were as follows;- 1C02/1E46 (GNER 43102 + 43108), 2C34/1E47 (MML 43056 + 43119), 1V29/1M28 (MML 43060 + 43178), 1V49/2P86 (MML 43073 + 43082). 19/08 Steam 34067 Tangmere made what turned out to be an 'unsuccessful' debut on the Torbay Express (1Z27 09.18 Temple Meads-Kimgswear and 1Z28 return) suffering brake problems on the out-ward trip at Exeter, being assisted forward by 66167. 67003 ran light from Barton Hill to pilot the loco and train on the return back to Bristol. 21/08 GBRf 66710 was involved in two HST coaching stock moves working;- 07.00 Laira-Derby (with LA set 30 formed 41126, 41125, 42344, 42216, 42260, 42261, 44030 for refurbishment) and a 14.00 Derby-Laira (with a refurbished LA set 38 formed, 41141, 41142, 42291, 42075, 42333, 42293, 44038, both moves including two barrier coaches at each end). 23/08 First/GW 'partial door opening' test working (5Z30 10.06 Laira-Laira) with HST set 01 and power cars 43018 + 43097, called locally at Yatton, Worle, Highbridge and Bridgwater. Also recorded during the day were;- 20301 + 20308 on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and 33202, now in ex-works rail blue running 0F74 18.40 Totnes-Temple Meads light-engine. 67025 was in use during the day on driver training and West Country route knowledge light-engine trips and during the evening DRS 37259 + 37608 top n'tailed the NRMT train, running as 1Z98 16.40 Derby-Laira, in place of the HST set. 24/08 A most unusual combination on Pastime Rail's 'Holiday Express' (1Z27 09.17 Temple Meads-Par and 1Z28 17.25 return) saw steam 6024 King Edward 1 pilot 34067 Tangmere, with water stops at Tiverton loop and Plymouth on the outward and Plymouth again, with Exeter on the return. No problems were reported for this train during the day. Another excursion recorded was EWS silver 67029 on the 1Z61 Bath-Leeds and 1Z62 17.12 Bath-Leeds Northern Belle, the ECS running to and from Swindon Cocklebury yard for stabling, the return being booked to depart as 5Z62 at 16.04. On the freight side, 60074 was on the 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury coal. Newly painted 33202 left the area as 0Z86 light-engine to Landore during the morning, returning a HST power car (43005 and two barrier coaches) as 5Z86 10.47 Landore-Gloucester (via Chepstow and Lydney) before running back to Bristol as 0Z86 14.30 Gloucester-Temple Meads. 25/08 Cotswold-Rail 47813 + 47810 top n'tailed a Heartland Tour's 1Z59 07.10 Gloucester-Penzance (departing 75 minutes late) and 37417 + 37422 were paired on Pathfinder Tour's 'Heart of Wells Explorer' 1Z37 07.30 Eastleigh-Llandrindod Wells running via Day's curve and calling at Filton Abbey Wood at 10.50. A Hertfordshire Railtour from Ashford and Tonbridge-Bristol using the Blue Pullman stock and Victa/Westlink Class 47s was cancelled. HST power cars in use on the Virgin XC services were recorded as follows;- 1C02/1E46 (GNER 43113 + 43290), 2C34/1E47 (GNER 43115 + 43296), 1V29/1M28 (MML 43048 + 43066), 1V49/2P86 (MML 43060 + 43072). 26/08 Steam 6024 King Edward 1 was back on the 'Torbay Express' in place of a failed 34067 Tangmere, which remained on Barton Hill. The return journey was reported suffering 'bad coal' problems taking nearly an hour to travel between Taunton and Exeter and not arriving in Bristol until 22.15. The MML HST 'hire' coaches were swapped, with NL10 becoming the new LA79 being now formed 41075, 41076, 42328, 42341, 42148, 42149, 44085. NL10 had not returned (with power cars 43060 + 43072) back on the booked 1E53 16.25 (Sun) Plymouth-York, this being covered by a Voyager set. 27/08 Bank Holiday Monday. The 'old' LA79 HST set ran 5Z53 07.10 Laira-Reading (via Bristol) to work as a return relief pop festival special to Leeds. Also noted during the day were; 66068 on the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel and 66154 with the 6V62 (MO) Fawley-St.Phillips Marsh fuel tankers. 67025 was on driver route learning duties off Barton Hill depot and Steam 34067 Tangmere returned as 5Z34 10.00 Barton Hill-Old Oak Common loco and support coach. First/GW pacer set 143617 was noted carrying an all over dark blue livery with the 'f' symbol applied to the centre of each coach whilst working the 07.23 Warminster-Cardiff service. The final 2007 Butlin's Express ran using the same locos and coaches for the whole series of Minehead-Bristol and return holiday trains funded as a private initiative between the WSR, Butlins and Victa/ECT Mainline (who provided the locos 31452 + 31454 and coaching stock). The train has been reported a sucess, and is expected to return again in 2008. Initially a third loco 31128 later replaced by 31601 was spare and kept on the WSR. 28/08 Having worked an Ilford-Laira stock move during the previous day, GBRf 66726 worked a 5Z90 07.00 Laira-Derby Works (Uphill junction 08.55) HST stock move, returning a 5Z91 14.00 Derby-Laira move, passing Yatton at 18.02 formed as 9490 (barrier coach), 44032, 42269, 42072, 42325, 42267, 41130, 41129, 6721 (barrier coach), the HST coaches forming LA32. Also recorded was EWS silver 67029 on a 1Z24 06.43 Carlisle-Bath Northern Belle and 1Z25 16.50 return, the return ECS working being 5Z25 16.04 from Swindon Cocklebury yard. The 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal was powered by 60074. 29/08 A 5Z91 16.15 Derby-Laira stock move was cancelled. Also recorded during the day were; West Coast 47804 on a 2Z01 07.34 Cardiff-Temple Meads inspection saloon run via the Midlands, later running 5Z01 17.44 Temple Meads-Derby (via Bristol West), and 67003 which brought in a 1Z34 08.45 Victoria-Temple Meads VSOE working having taken over from steam 34067 Tangmere at Westbury. The train was returned as 1Z36 16.34 to Victoria. A freight working noted was 66162 on the early evening 6C89 Cardiff Tidal-Tavistock yard empty scrap wagons. 30/08 67012 and EWS silver 67029 top n'tailed a 1Z63 Birmingham International-Totnes Northern Belle excursion and 66530 was on the 6Z60 10.51 Neasden-Newton Abbot Hackney yard sand empties. 31/08 Having arrived the previous evening light-engine from Warrington, 37410 + 37417 powered Pastime Rail's 'Dartmouth Arrow' (1Z37 10.26 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z38 19.35 return which was noted calling at Weston-super-Mare to time between 21.47-21.51), for the Dartmouth Regatta.


18/08 50049 passed as 0Z20 Cardiff Canton-Tyseley light-engine for railtour duty. 28/08 20313 + 20314 worked the 6V73 Crewe-Berkeley nuclear flasks, departing as 6M74 over two hours early! 29/08 47804 passed Cheltenham at 12.15 on a 2Z01 07.34 Cardiff-Canton-Bristol saloon working via the Midlands. 30/08 DRS Class 37s (believed to be 37059 + 37069) continued to top n'tail the NRMT in place of the Hst set. The day's diagram was booked as 1Z20 09.31 Derby-Cheltenham (via Stroud and a reversal at Swindon) and 1Z21 17.07 to Derby (via South Wales). The train was, however running very late off Hereford and terminated at Cheltenham before heading to South Wales, leaving out the Swindon section.

Portbury Branchline

01/08 60056 was on the 6V17 empty HTAs (one of the modified swing coupling sets) from Bescot, returning loaded to Fiddler's Ferry. The loco was reported to have failed on part of the journey. 02/08 Freightliner's 6Z82 07.00 loaded coal to Rugeley power station continued to run during the month on a daily basis, the loco today being 66518. The 6V17 was again worked by 60056 being noted arriving at Portbury at 20.58. 03/08 60056 departed Ashton at 20.58 with the 6V17 empty HTAs for Portbury. 09/08 60053 was on the 6V17 HTA empties for Portbury. 16/08 Split Shanks/Freightliner liveried 66522 worked the 6Z82 07.00 loaded coal HXAs to Rugeley power station not departing until around 09.30. Vans were visible loaded on flat wagons in the general cargo loading area, whether they had arrived on the inward 6X51 03.07 empty and loaded wagons was unconfirmed. 21/08 Freightliner introduced a second morning departure, the 6Z83 09.00 to Rugeley power station, the loco on the first working was however unidentified. 28/08 Two inward empty workings were reported with 66588 (4Z84) and 66616 (4Z73). It is believed the former working is for an 03.00 departure to Rugeley, this being however unconfirmed. 31/08 60014 was reported at Portbury at 22.30, having thought to have arrived on the 6V17 HTA empties. Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included; 60014/053/056. 66085/126/214/232. 66507/515/518/522/523/529/546/548/551/561/588/607/610/615/616.


18/08 At 19.00 Fairwater yard contained the following;- 66513/520/529/530/556/558/560/613/620/621/624/625. 73133. 26/08 31454 + 31452 top n'tailed a Hertfordshire Railtours 'Weymouth Awayday' 08.50 Minehead-Weymouth excursion (with a reversal at Castle Cary) and 18.18 return formed with the Butlin's holiday train stock. 27/08 Bank Holiday Monday found the following stabled in Fairwater Yard at 10.15;- 66513/518/520/530/556/613/620/624/625. 73133.

Units noted this period included 143603/611/612/617/618/620/621. 150219/232/240/243/244/248/249/253. 153318/329/368/370/377. 158745/746/749/751/760/763/764/765/766/769/771/776/778/798/815/855/865/867/870/872. 180106/109/112. 220019/031. 221109/115/118/128/140.

South Wales


17/08 From this date, until 03/09, Network-Rail carried out track replacement work in the Newport area reducing the number of available platforms to only two. Some service amendments took place whilst the work was carried out. The work saw all track work at the west end of the station. The layout was greatly simplified with the Hillfield Tunnel sidings being removed and the former parcel depot buildings were demolished. The first stage saw only platforms 3 and the newly commissioned platform 4 in service. The second stage had only platform 1 and 2 in service. Also in the Newport area track has be re-laid on the former Dock Street branch as far as Mendelgief Road level crossing, this included a run round loop to allow services to/from Newport Docks and the west to run around thus avoiding the trip across the city to East Usk Yard. A passing loop has also been laid within the Docks to increase capacity to the south side of the South Dock.


4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge. 

01/08 66578. 02/08 66615. 03/08 66503. 06/08 66542. 07/08 66571. 08/08 66501. 10/08 66568. 13/08 66594. 14/08 66593. 15/08 66576. 16/08 66591. 17/08 66592. 20/08 66592. 21/08 66517. 22/08 66589. 23/08 66569. 24/08 66588+66560. 28/08 66533. 29/08 66586. 30/08 66505. 31/08 66590.

6Z82 07.00 Portbury-Rugeley power station loaded coal. 

02/08 66518. 03/08 66523. 06/08 66561. 09/08 66561. 14/08 66607. 15/08 66551. 16/08 66522. 17/08 66531. 20/08 66507. 21/08 66548. 22/08 66546. 23/08 66522. 24/08 66615. 27/08 66529. 30/08 66546. 31/08 66610.

6Z83 09.00 Portbury-Rugeley power station loaded coal. 

22/08 66610. 24/08 66507. 23/08 66515. 25/08 66546. 30/08 66515.


6X52 17.27 Portbury-Washwood Heath loaded cars 

02/08 66141. 06/08 66174. 07/08 66044. 08/08 66174. 09/08 66206. 14/08 66051. 15/08 66113. 20/08 66153. 21/08 66223. 28/08 66204. 30/08 66204. 31/08 66173.

6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service 

01/08 67005. 03/08 67003+67005. 06/08 67006+67017. 07/08 67003. 08/08 67017. 10/08 67003. 15/08 67003. 16/08 67003. 24/08 67021. 20/08 67003 + 66145. 21/08 67007. 22/08 67001. 29/08 67003. 30/08 67003. 31/08 67016.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh 

01-02/08 60020. 03/08 60054. 06-10+13-16/8 60020. 20-22/08 60054. 28-29/08 60020. 31/08 66590.



Transfers 66022 - UK, 66036/190/208/218/222/224 -France, 66245 -UK

Stored 47150. 57002/003/005. 90027. CB: 47150. 57002/003/005. CE: 90027. KM: 37667. LNWR: 86602/623. TO: 60004/010/022/036/078/091. WB: 08881. ZG: 47791.

Traffic 47770 -TM, 98184(TVR 85), 98185(30585), 98819(60009) -HQ

Disposals Marley Waste: 08113/413 (x RM Locotec) Booths: 31420. 37010 Thomson: 08695. 47197/302/358 EMR: 47739 HNRC: 08502/503. 31113. 37683. Eden Valley: 37505 Stainmore: 47785. SECO: 47790

Renumbered 43008 - 43208

Diesel Multiple Units

Transfers 170306/307/308(SA)-XW

Traffic 143029/030/064/067/095 -NH

Renumbered 158743 - 882, 772 - 884, 814 - 890 -SA

Electric Multiple Units

Disposals Booths: Cars: 62085, 70749, 76144(310060), 76201(310067)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

Transfers See Pool Code - MRCO below

Stored LM: 3438. 10563

Traffic 6396 -HQ, 9701 -ZA, 10212. 82101 -WB, 99092/093(GWR 92 & 93) -DI

Withdrawn 1981. 7166. 3300/37. 9712. 92198. 977437(34548)

Disposals Booths: 1981. 7166. 977437 JTLand: 3300/37. 92198. NIR: 9712. Kirklees LR: 80377

Pool Codes ATZZ Alstom Locos for disposal MRCO Mainline - Operational Coaches BH 1211/54, 3312/66/74, 5797, 5866, 5906/25/58/81 6117/22/68/73, 9497, 9500/05/06/25 MRCS Mainline - Stored Coaches MRSO Mainline - Operational Shunting Locos MRSS Mainline - Stored Shunting Locos RCZH Railcare - Shunting Locos - Springburn RCZN Railcare - Shunting Locos - Wolverton XHHP DRS De-registered Locomotives 37197/667, 47709/712/790/829, 57007-012


It's September, and feels like the summer (well, the Summer we should have had!), and about time too! Here I am again with a quick review of the freight scene. It appears that my recent efforts have been a little of a repeat of the previous month's in the respect of locations. Hopefully I have something a little different in the coming months. Starting with the news that has come my way in the past four or five weeks. I think I mentioned the renumbering of the French car flats. Well it appears that the whole batch is to be so treated and at present up to 23.87.4384.010 have been done. A surprise is the movement of the Cargowaggon vans from Stafford, which have been a permanent fixture for many years. The vehicles have been taken to Long Marston. Apparently they are to be worked on for a prospective return to traffic, some will be returning to Germany. EWS have ordered some more stone hoppers for future aggregate work. Another vehicle type that I have mentioned recently has been the 395xxx series of vehicles renumbered from the 'Limpet' 393xxx series. When being converted to 395xxx the vehicles have a lower height. The reason for this is that thy were occasionally overloaded and the springs were damaged. A couple of colleagues recently spent a day at Peterborough in mid-week and logged 17 freight workings, which is a bit of a surprise as Peterborough was never a 'hot spot' for freight workings. It appears that engineering work going on around the system is generating some work for GBRf which is manifesting itself in extra traffic in the Peterborough/March areas. So it may be worth a look. The Leicester area has been quite busy. It's very frustrating working alongside the line and not being able to note the vehicles on passing freight services. At the moment there are several coal workings a day to and from Ratcliffe Power Station (the four-wheel HAA family of vehicles seem to have disappeared from these services, as all are now the EWS bogie vehicles). Also disappeared has been the EWS British Gypsum service to and from East Leake. This particular train has not been seen for about eight weeks. The GBRf working is daily, with the two Alstatte vehicles, 33.68.4908.104 and 109 being regularly in the consist. Locos 66712, 66709, 66717 and 66722 have been in charge of the service in the past month. Each loco tends to work the train for a week. Due to holidays and the Bank Holiday only a couple of Monday evenings have been spent at Nuneaton recently, the last one on 20th August generated 17 freight workings in the three hours spent there. Nothing of real rarity, but it's still the best location locally to me. The northbound Enterprise was worthy of note. Hauled by 92024 the consist included China Clay slurry tanks 33.87.7898.048/ 057/ 054 in the consist. Whether it's due to the new car registrations which are imminent, but the EWS automotive trains seem to be of quite a length recently. This particular night saw 66147 heading south with eight four-vehicle sets and six twin-sets on the empty working! The Enterprise service, mentioned previously with the slurry tanks on, also contained seven four-car sets loaded. Those of you interested in On-Track Plant should have taken yourself to Birmingham International station in the past six or seven weeks. I was over at the airport recently and the place was a hive of industry, with probably twenty various types of plant on show, along with three trains in the charge of EWS class 66s. It's all change in the Leicester area for the passenger sector with Stagecoach taking over the Midland Mainline and Central Trains local franchises under the banner East Midland Trains, and Arriva, as Cross Country Trains, taking on the Birmingham-Stansted Airport route. There is also still a strong rumour of some Freightliner traffic being routed through Leicester, although that's been mentioned over the past twenty years! Before the next effort I shall have been on holiday again so I do hope that there will be a little more of a diverse report next time. Have fun in this lovely weather.


Bristol Industrial Museum Having closed in October 2006 for a 19 million refurbishment, the work is now behind and not expected to be completed until early 2009, instead of the summer of 2008 as originally planned. The finished building will include a new covered area and workshop, with a viewing area for the Bristol Harbour Railway locos.

Highland Hostel (Sleepers, Rocart Station, Near Golspie (24/08/07) R.W.Giles 

Ex.BR Dmu car; M55967 (M51610) Glen Ord. Industrial; 8016 (RH294263/50). C/stock; Ex. BR; 13437 Glenfidditch. 13470 Glenmorangie. 13479 Clynelish. Notes; Certainly an unusual location for overnight sleeping accommodation!, the coaches in green/white livery (the Dmu and Ruston in green) being located in two isolated sidings behind the station still open to trains on the Inverness-Wick line. A preserved signal box, preserved station buildings and other railway relics add to the railway atmosphere at this location.

Strathspey Railway (25/08/07) R.W.Giles 

In use;- 17 Braeriach (AB2017/35) stock; 5060, 35069, 1928,(4477), 5057.

Aviemore Sheds Sidings outside; Ex.BR; D5862 (31327) now in BR green following a recent repaint. Industrials; (AB517/66). Queen Anne (RH265618/48). Stored locos in head shunt; 48 (HE2864/43). (02774)(RH260756/60). C/stock; Ex.BR; 4777. (81051/92404) carrying undercoat being converted to an engineers mess coach and having a kitchen fitted. One unidentified wooden bodied coach body. Cranes; Infra No.4 (203) Jones 15t (assumed). (25280/61) Smith/Rodley 11ton. Stored headshunt; Hand-crane; (201) 5t Cowans & Sheldon 2819. Inside shed;- 45025 (5025) stored-awaiting transfer to NRM York for the 2008 '40 guinea special' event marking the end of mainline steam. 46512 stored-10 year boiler certificate expired. 57566 (828) under heavy overhaul-in pieces, boiler away at Riley's Bury. No.60 (HE3686/48) under overhaul-boiler lifted and grounded outside. Swiftsure 75008 (HE2857/45) awaiting boiler repairs, purchased from Bodmin & Wenford Railway. (No.9) (RSHN7097/43) in green undercoat, to be named Cairngorm, loco ready for traffic following a repaint with new boiler certificate. 68030 (HE3777/52) serviceable and on loan, owned by Pete Waterman, the locos last location being the Churnet Valley Railway. (D3605/08490) out of service-pistons/valves. C/stock; Ex. BR; 1936 (major repairs). (5149) (major overhaul-repaint from Scotrail livery to maroon).

Boat of Garten 6 (AB2020/36), static display loco in bay platform. Carriage sidings; stored locos; Ex.BR; D2774. (26003). (26025). Ex.BR dmu sets; 51367 + 51402. 52008 + 52030?. stored dmu cars; 56047. 59511. 977830. stored industrial locos; SR4 (NBQ 27549/56). (Inter Village 12-5) Simplex MR5763/57. C/stock; Ex.BR; 101 (15401). 102 (43024). 111 (4079). 5055/(204)/228. 7201. (17101). (43349/104). 92940. Ex.LMS; 394 (sleeper). 27043/234. 45021 (saloon). Ex. LNER; (E1211) (sleeper). (DE970012-assumed). Crane; Smith/Rodley Leeds (?). One grounded wooden coach body brake coach in use as a yard mess coach. Also present was another Mk I type coach (poss sleeper 621?) in light blue livery and a sheeted over six-wheel coach (poss LMS parcels 33003?), both otherwise being unconfirmed.

Broomhill (Glenbogle) station stored loco; (AB1833/24). Notes; A further extension of running line is to soon take place from here with track-bed, including cuttings and embankments cleared into the distance. A bridge from the line serving the former Ravenscraig Steel works is expected to be secured, moved and modified to replace a demolished one at Dulnain. To conclude, a very special thanks is due to volunteer Reg (who once lived in the Bristol area and knows Shirehampton very well!) for the excellent Aviemore shed tour.

Keith & Dufftown Railway (25/08/07) R.W.Giles 

In use; (53628) Spirit of Speyside + 56491. Dufftown station; platform area; display and isolated Dmu set; 140001-55500 + 55501. Pullman cars; 3052 (car no.291) Brighton Belle. (car no. 287), both in use as static dining coaches. bay platyform; C/stock; KDR10 (81295). KDR11 (975758), both in blue livery and in use as refreshment coaches. Goods yard sidings; Ex.BR; 73119. Dmu set; 51568 + 52053 Spirit of Baniffshire. Industrial; KDR41 Spirit of Fife (EEV D1193/67). The Wee Mac/The Macullan (CE B1844/79). Trollies; car 1 (Fairmont 244095). car 2 (Fairmont ? ). car 3 (Fairmont 252180). Notes; Car 2 was sheeted over carrying an orange livery, the other two were in yellow. The headshunt was not visited but unidentified stock was visible in the distance. A dmu service has been operating between here and Keith over weekends since June, the line having at present one intermediate station at Drummuir. Running times between Dufftown and Keith is 38 minutes, with a return trip being 1 hour 28 minutes.

Inverness Station During the holiday stay which provided the above location reports, the city station was visited on three occasions; 19/08 (eve), 20/08 (eve) and 26/08 (morn), the following being a summary of the three visits;- Hst; 40708/740. 41080/081/151/152. 42128/163/164/165/182/186/190/226/228/286. 43056/115/119/296. 44050/080. Dmu sets; 158701/704/705/706/707/708/709/711/715/718/719. 158720/724/725/740. 170396/403/411/417/434. Dept dmu set; 901001 (977693 + 977694). Carriage shed/sidings (view only); 08788. c/stock; 10563. wagons; ADC200715. ADB787395. Notes;- A number of 'Inter-City' liveried sleeping coaches were visible 'stored' inside one of the old loco shed buildings.

Corrections;- August 2007 Magazine Under Bristol Temple Meads, Barton Hill and Kingsland Road. 16/06 (Page 7) The Vintage Train's 'English Riviera' trip was double-headed by 50049 + 57601 on the return, the outward being a top n'tail operation. 26/06 (Page 8) The 5Z70 16.25 Derby-Laira refurbished stock move was headed by 47815.


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