16/07 Royal 67005 worked a return 'repaired' HTA wagon trip arriving at 12.06 as 6Z01 11.15 East Usk-Avonmouth.
17/07 66133 was noted in the bulk handling terminal at 12.00 shunting HTA wagons, including a 'barrier' BRA steel coil carrier.
19/07 66126 was over in Bennett's yard with JNA box wagons loading the 6C64 14.20 loaded Irish import stone for Westbury, at 13.50.
28/07 Voyager set 220031 was noted passing Hallen village at 07.43 with Barton Hill-Cardiff Central ECS to form the 09.05 (SO) Cardiff Central-Newcastle Virgin XC service. 67005 + 67006 arrived in the area on the 6V53 Wembley-Avonmouth 'enterprise' freight service which included at least 10 wagons loaded with bottled water for distribution in the flooded stricken Gloucester area.
31/07 66159 arrived late morning on a 6Z12 07.30 Bescot-Avonmouth (booked 11.23) loaded water train to assist with the flooding emergency in the Gloucestershire area. The loco and train were stabled alongside the Severn Beach running line near St. Andrews station into the afternoon and assumed later off-loaded on the Chittening industrial estate. The booked return working was 6Z13 16.54 Avonmouth-Mossend. 59204 was also recorded in Bennett's sidings during the afternoon on another Westbury bound import stone working.
Along the line at Montpelier station, students from Fairfield School have tidied up the murals on the platform buildings, which had been de-faced by vandals during May. Six students, who won a competition were able to paint their own designs on the walls, with graffiti artist Richard Minchin assisting, in the presence of head of art at Fairfield School, David Otlet.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included 66183 and 66225 only. Track work is assumed to have still been taking place at Foxhall Junction near Didcot for part or all of the month.
08405 continued as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

01/07 An engineering possession between Parkway and Westerleigh junction at 11.00 found; 66057/085. 59202/203/204 all 'in section' on separate engineer's trains facing east, stopped on the up line.
02/07 Two sightings this evening firstly 66020 with the ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise" service and 66127 with MGRs empties which stabled in the down yard.
03/07 57004 was a surprise loco on the 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers passing Winterbourne Down at 11.22. The loco was believed to be the only sub-class member in use on that day for Freightliner, the rest having been stored. The Class 57 again worked the inward 4V50 and return 4O51 during the following day. The first series of extracted stone from Tytherington, since the summer of 2005 was due to commence running on the 02/07, today's working being cancelled due to the wagons being sent to the wrong location during the morning. The train is booked for a Class 66 with 18 JHA stone hoppers as 6Z23 04.32 Westbury-Tytherington and 6C38 11.44 return to West Drayton and recesses in Stoke Gifford down sidings until the early afternoon, then running via Day's curve, Bath and Box to save a run-round at Parkway. There was still a safety issue on the quarry branch line prior to the first train operating because the level crossing barrier, damaged some 16 months ago was still not back into position at Latteridge level crossing.
05/07 59005 worked the 6C38 West Drayton stone, being recorded passing Dr Day's junction at 14.55 and 67028 passed on a 1Z45 06.45 Manchester-Bath Northern Belle dining trip during the early afternoon returning as 1Z46 17.12 Bath-Manchester.
07/07 60052 was recorded during the afternoon on the Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers.
09/07 Cotswold-Rail 47828 worked a 5Z46 11.20 Landore-Brush Loughborough works HST power car move hauling 43149 for MTU engine fitting. The loco was reported to have returned with a refurbished 43195 for Landore.
10/07 59201 was on the 6C38 West Drayton loaded stone service.
11/07 66540 worked the 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers.
12/07 59202 departed Stoke Gifford down sidings at 14.23 with 18 loaded JHAs as 6C38 11.55 Tytherington-West Drayton loaded stone. 60074 later appeared with 6B33 Theale- Robeston empty fuel tanks.
13/07 The inward 4V50 Millbrook-Wentlooge containers were reported as running 80 minutes late behind 66534.
14/07 59104 passed Pilning at 14.15 on 6C80 13.33 Mchen-Westbury loaded stone and 60020 was later noted at 14.20 on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties. A 6Z28 08.31 Pengam-Theale and 6Z29 14.14 Theale-Pengam loaded stone and return empties was reported headed by 66544.
16/07 The Didcot-Wentlooge MoD stores was noted during the day with 66142 and 66553 was also seen with westbound stone empties.
18/07 Mainline blue, EWS stickered 60078 worked 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel empties and 66512 passed Parkway at 19.46 on the newly introduced 4Z82 15.30 Rugeley-Portbury coal empties.
19/07 60078 was again on the 6B33 Theale tanks passing Parkway at 15.30 and earlier 66724 passed on the platform 4 line at 08.35 with a 5Z90 06.30 Laira-Derby HST stock move formed with coaches; 41065, 41089, 42062, 42067, 42068, 42221, 44022, the loco later returning a 5Z91 14.00 Derby-Laira during the early evening with refurbished HST stock; 41004, 41110, 42089, 42138, 42346, 42349, 44003. The 66/7 moved more HST stock from Laira-Ilford during the following day!
20/07 Adverse weather conditions saw flooding in the Bridgend area with train cancellations. A 12.30 Brush Loughborough works-Landore stock move was headed by 47828 hauling refurbished MTU engine fitted HST power cars 43164 + 43186.
21/07 Pathfinder Tour's 'Mort n'docker' from York-Newport, originally visiting Moreton-on-Lugg (but later amended to Machen) and Newport docks (including Sims Metals), was cancelled believed due to low bookings. The tour, booked to be hauled by 2 EWS Class 37s (with a Class 60 assisting in a top n'tail formation as needed), was to run via Stoke Gifford down loop (avoiding Parkway station platforms) and Pilning down goods loop.
23/07 No MGR workings tonight just a couple of northbound diverted steel services hauled by 66124 and 66122 respectively
24/07 Further flooding at 06.15 blocked the Chepstow mainline between Lydney and Gloucester seeing a number of diversions via Parkway.
26/07 66609 noted on the return 4Z82 Rugeley - Portbury empties
27/07 66591 worked the 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook loaded containers.
30/07 Three workings this evening starting with 66530 with an eastbound stone train followed by 60056 with MGR empties for Portbury. The final sighting was the late running car train from Portbury hauled by 66192 with 66001, the latter not under power.
31/07 66589 was the 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook container hauling loco.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/07 A late running Pastime Rail 'Bright n' Breezy' (1Z79 08.15 Taunton-Brighton) excursion was reported still at Taunton at 09.00, and headed by green-liveried 47815, being later noted passing South Liberty lane at 09.45. The train, originally booked to run from Minehead, departed Temple Meads 48 minutes late (noted near Keynsham at 10.22) behind steam 76079, the arrival in Brighton being however 8 minutes early! The 1Z80 16.54 return was back in Bristol near to time at 20.47 behind newly Victa-Westlink Rail silver and black liveried 47832. The trip was originally named the 'Pompey Local Standard' and destined to run to Portsmouth & Southsea but was re-routed to Brighton due to engineering work.
02/07 Victa-Westlink Rail 47832 was again back in the area with the previous day's railtour ECS running as 5Z79 09.30 Bishop's Lydeard-Old Oak Common.
03/07 66725 passed through Bristol around 90 minutes late on an early evening 5Z90 13.00 Derby-Laira refurbished HST stock move formed; 41157, 41158, 42200, 42129, 42245, 42250, 44086.
04/07 West Coast train's handled a 1Z30 10.30 Paddington-Exeter believed to be a corporate company special top n'tailed by 47245 + 47854. The 5Z30 13.30 Exeter-Carnforth ECS was routed via Bristol and the Severn Tunnel, being noted passing Yatton at 14.28. Also reported during the day was; 60065 on the 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ via Day's curve during the morning and 66725 at Temple Meads just after 12.30 with two First/GW barrier coaches having worked up from Laira.
05/07 66090 seen at 16:35 with a southbound ballast train.
06/07 Royal 67006 brought in eight former Virgin red liveried MkIIs (5910/945/984/987. 6051/158. 9527/537) from Old Oak Common for use on the Summer Saturday First/GW Weymouth 'relief' service. The six coach train, operating in a Class 67 top n'tail formation and running as 2O67 08.34 Temple Meads-Weymouth (11.03) and 2V67 17.47 return (Temple Meads 20.04) is due to run from 07/07-25/08.
07/07 For the first 2007 Summer Saturday of Virgin XC HST 'hire', the following power cars were in use;- 1C02 07.35 Bristol TM-Paignton/ 1E46 10.32 Paignton-Newcastle (GNER 43077 +43119), 2C34 06.53 Plymouth-Newquay/ 1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle (GNER 43053 + 43102), 1V29 07.25 Manchester-Newquay/ 1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester (MML 43066 + 43083) and 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay/ 2P86 19.50 Newquay-Plymouth (MML 43047 + 43166). Another summer Saturday first was the Weymouth 'relief' top n'tailed by 67016 + EWS silver-liveried 67029 with coaching stock; 9527, 5945, 6051, 5910, 5987, 6158. Another Class 67 loco working during the afternoon was 67027 on a 5Z64 12.55 Old Oak Common-Barton Hill 'Torbay Express' steam excursion stock move, via Bath. The 'Torbay Express' loco for the first few Sunday's steam 6024 King Edward I, ran 5Z65 17.35 Bishop's Lydeard to Barton Hill loco with it's new water tank carrying wagon and support coach W35333. A surprise appearance in Bristol during the evening was a return 'Blue Pullman' dining train (including Cotswold-liveried buffet 10235 in the formation) top n'tailed by 47828 + 47818 (Yatton 19.39) working 1Z48 17.15 Kingswear-Colchester. The train was booked to return via Westbury (19.53), Melksham and the GW mainline to London. On the freight side, 59206 was on the 6C80 Machen-Westbury loaded stone. A railtour destination change for the day involved steam 30777 Sir Lamiel on a Steam Dream's '1967 Gala Special' re-routed from Victoria-Bristol, to Alton and the Mid Hants Railway instead.
08/07 The first 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09.18 Bristol-Kingswear and 1Z28 17.15 return) of the 2007 season operated behind steam 6024 King Edward I passing Parson's street at 09.23 and Yatton at 09.35 with coaching stock all in maroon livery (except where stated); 21245, 3144, 3141, 3146, 4998, 1813, 4949, 5008, 4986 (green), 5023 (green), W35333 (choc/cream support coach), with water stops being taken at Taunton on the outward and Exeter on the return. Later, a further steam arrival was 850 Lord Nelson with Steam Dream's 'Southern Sunset', one of a series of tours marking the end of steam on the Southern Region 40 years ago. The loco was working; 1Z87 08.23 Waterloo-Exeter St. Davids and 1Z88 16.27 Exeter-Clapham junction the return leaving nearly an hour late, passing Lympsham, near Weston-super-Mare at 18.32. A water stop was taken at Temple Meads, before departure via Bath the arrival at Westbury being 49 minutes late where the loco was failed and the train terminated! This did cause further problems, as the coaching stock (35317 loco support, 5121, 5222, 5216, 1840, 5200, 13440, 9392, 5237, 1961, 5236, 5249, all in green livery) was in the wrong position for a further railtour planned to run during the following day. Various locations viewed during the afternoon found the following, Barton Hill depot 66183/199 67006/016/029, Kingsland road sidings 66524/525/609/625, Temple Meads (former Bath road depot stub, near platform 15), 47714, 66519/530.
09/07 Two unidentified Class 31s operated a 4Z07 18.04 Barton Hill-Crewe test working in a top n'tail formation. Westbury bound coal train recorded at 14:45 behind 60074.
10/07 Signalling problems in the Acton area saw late running and cancellations for First/GW. A further refurbished HST stock move was headed by green liveried 47815 (carrying a 'Bristol Bluebirds' headboard) as 5Z90 12.20 Derby-Laira, leaving the Midlands 105 minutes late, passing Washwood Heath at 15.01 (booked 14.18), Parkway 17.51 (16.04) and Yatton 18.28 (16.42). The stock formation was as follows; 40713, 40757, 41093, 41114, 41162, 41194, 42107, 42183, 42184, 42185, 44001 with First/GW liveried barrier coaches 5707 and 5740. The Class 47 had made Old Oak Common-Laira-Ilford-Derby stock moves during the previous day.!
11/07 Steam 76079 passed through the area as 5Z76 08.55 Furzebrook-East Lancs railway, running with support coach via Day's curve and the Severn Tunnel around 16.00, 40 minutes early. Earlier, 67021 had arrived on 1Z35 08.45 Victoria-Temple Meads VSOE, having taken over from steam loco 35028 Clan Line at Westbury. An evening stock positioning move for the forthcoming 'Butlin's Express' from Minehead-Bristol saw 31454 + 31452 double-head 5Z33 16.15 Gloucester-Minehead, most of the stock originally booked to be moved west by 33202, had arrived from Barrow Hill behind 31454. The train was noted running late through Yatton at 18.42 formed with the following Inter-City liveried coaches; 1211, 9497, 5906, 5797, 5866, 6168, 9500, 3312, the last two becoming 'spare' on arrival at Minehead. An evening freight service also seen at Yatton was 66118 with 6C89 (M,W,FO) Cardiff Tidal sidings-Plymouth Tavistock yard empty scrap wagons, at 18.20. 66132 noted with MGR empties for Portbury at 17:10.
12/07 Due to a lack of space on Barton Hill, the 'Torbay Express' ECS has been noted stabled in the up canopy road siding. A freight working recorded was 66529 on 6Z60 10.51 Neasden-Newton Abbot Hackney yard sand empties (correcting previous information given stating this train as being loaded).
14/07 Summer Saturday Virgin XC HST 'hire' power car workings were as follows;- 1C02/1E46: GNER 43110 + 43320, 2C34/1E47: GNER 43300 + 43306, 1V29/1M28: MML 43054 + 43104, 1V49/2P86: MML 43043 + 43166. Also recorded during the day were;- Royal 67006 + 67016 top n'tailing a Pastime Rail 'York Flyer' (1Z57 06.30 Taunton-York and 1Z59 17.24 return), whilst the other Royal loco 67005 was with 67021 top n'tailing the 2O67 and 2V67 'hire' First/GW Bristol-Weymouth and return diagram and FLHH 66616 top n'tailing Bardon -blue 66623 on a lengthy 6Y11 Taunton Fairwater-Wootton Bassett track relaying train passing Nailsea & Backwell at 21.41.
15/07 The previous days 6Y11 with 66623 and 66616 was booked to return from Thingley junction-Taunton, the route being unconfirmed as via Bristol. The MML Sunday 'hire' HST 1E53 15.35 Plymouth-York service continues, being noted with 43043 + 43166.
16/07 Cotswold-Rail 47810 ran light-engine from Gloucester to Temple Meads arriving late morning to collect 47714 which had occupied the former Bath Road depot 'stub' siding near platform 15 since 15/06.
17/07 50049 ran light-engine from Cardiff Canton-Bishop's Lydeard (booked Worle 12.49) to assist with forthcoming 'steam' railtour specials from the West Somerset Railway.
18/07 FLHH 66609 passed Severn Tunnel junction at 15.11 and Brent Knoll at 16.40 with 6Z39 Neath-Newton Abbot Hackney yard loaded stone formed with bogie box wagons. Empty car train for Portbury seen at 06:30 headed by 66232.
20/07 Very heavy rain to the north and east of Bristol caused flooding on both routes to London, being also reported on the Berks & Hants route in the Newbury area and at Wootton Bassett, Chippenham and Box and between Swindon and Didcot on the direct route. Subsidence was also reported at least one unspecified location. First/GW were to introduce an emergency timetable. Flooding in the Gloucester area also meant no trains running north of Bristol. Similar conditions on the motorways also meant alternative road transport was not possible. Despite the weather conditions, a Royal visit by the Queen and HRH Prince Phillip took place to a number of North Somerset locations, the Royal train calling at Yatton station arriving at 10.00 (being stopped in the correct position by a hand-flagman) on the up-side having stabled overnight in the Exeter area. The train, top n'tailed by dedicated locos 67006 and 67005 and formed with coaching stock; 2921, 2903, 2904, 2923, 2917, 2920, departed at 10.05 'ECS' towards Bristol. The roads around the station were lined with watching crowds including invited guests along the station approach behind barriers opposite the Railway Hotel. A high police presence was observed in the station area with the down platform being closed off to the public whilst the train stood in the station. The first of the Victa-Westlink Rail's Summer series of the Butlin's holiday train ran as 1Z35 11.16 Minehead-Bristol TM and 1Z39 14.06 return using a Mainline owned top n'tail five coach formation (6168, 5866, 5797, 5906, 9497) with locos 31452 and 31454. The outward train was noted passing Flax Bourton late at 14.07, whilst the return was seen at South Liberty lane at 14.40, again down on time. This was the first time-tabled mainline connecting passenger services over the Minehead branch line since it was closed by BR in January 1971. A 'Butlin's Express' headboard was noted being carried by the lead loco in each direction. 'Peak' 45112 was due to work, 5Z42 06.55 Gloucester-St.Phillips Marsh ECS (with a 5Z47 19.39 return) formed of five extra coaches for use with a series of planned Bristol-Weston-super-Mare 'T4 party on the beach' pop shuttles due to operate two days later, but the weather and unconfirmed loco problems curtailed this stock move.
21/07 There were still no services north to Gloucester and Birmingham, but there was an hourly service from Temple Meads to Paddington via Swindon, with sections being operated at a lower line speed as a safety measure. South Wales services, however, ran only between Bristol Parkway and Swansea. All of the Virgin XC HST 'hire' workings were cancelled as no sets could make it through the flooded areas in the Midlands. GNER 43105 + 43115 were confirmed as en-route ECS for the 1C02/1E46 but were terminated at Birmingham. Royal train locos, 67005 and 67006 top n'tailed the 2O67 and 2V67 Weymouth diagram, whilst 31452 and 31454 again top n'tailed the 'Butlin's Express'. Two railtour cancellation for the day was Pastime Rail's 'Torbay Express' due to the bad weather and a Heartland Tour's 1Z59 07.20 Gloucester-Penzance and 1Z60 17.00 return, originally booked for 45112, then two Class 33s, and then two Class 47s!! It is believed the weather conditions and loco availability were the cause for the non-running of this trip. On the freight side; 59206 worked the Westbury-Machen and return loaded stone trip.
22/07 Virgin XC services were able to run north as far as Gloucester during the day. The 'Torbay Express' was worked by steam 6024 King Edward I as 1Z27 09.18 Bristol TM-Kingswear and 1Z28 17.17 return, the outward passing Yatton at 09.34. A series of 'T4 party on the beach' at Weston-super-Mare shuttles operated for First/GW using the Victa Westlink top n'tail Class 31s and stock with 31452 and 31454 to help move some of the 40,000 people attending the event. The day's diagram worked as follows;- Bristol TM departures were at 08.44 (1Z30), 10.19 (1Z31), 11.45 (1Z36), and return ECS moves at 18.53 (5Z33), 20.50 (5Z34), 22.04 (5Z35) all for Weston with ECS moves to Bristol (from Weston) being at 09.25 (5Z31), 11.04 (5Z36) and passenger trains at 18.10 (1Z32), 1932 (1Z33), 21.31 (1Z34) and 22.40 (1Z35). During the middle of the day the train returned to the West Somerset Railway for servicing and stabling as 5Z36 12.26 Weston-super-Mare-Bishop's Lydeard and 5Z32 17.08 return. The 31s had positioned themselves and train at Bishop's Lydeard during the previous evening working the 16.50 departure from Minehead in place of a DMU set. Also noted during the day were strengthened First/GW DMU services including the 08.15 Exeter St.Davids-Cardiff Central formed 158816 + 150232 + 153368 + 150244. Another observation during the day was 50049 passing Yatton at 10.43 light-engine as 0Z49 10.15 Bishop's Lydeard-Cardiff Canton following railtour duties.
23/07 Following the adverse weather conditions, all routes from Bristol were once again open, but there was a de-railment near Wickwar involving an engineering train top n'tailed by 60045 + 60074 causing further delays. Single line working was in force overnight, both lines being reopened by 08.00. Royal locos 67005 and 67006 were present on Barton Hill depot during the morning and were assumed used on the 6M33 Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service later in the day.
24/07 47813 + 47714 + 33202 arrived in Temple Meads light-engine from Gloucester as a safety precaution against flood damage. GBRf 66718 worked a 5Z91 19.00 Ilford-Temple Meads refurbished HST stock move. First/GW were still operating an emergency timetable between Bristol and London.
25/07 66718 continued westbound as 5Z91 06.15 Temple Meads-Laira and two FLHH workings recorded were; 66617 on 6Z55 08.20 Newton Abbot Hackney Yard-Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties and 66529 with a 6V60 Neasden-Hackney Yard train of sand empties.
26/07 66718 returned north with HST stock for refurbishment during the morning (41037, 41038, 42055, 42056, 42292, 42343, 44018), returning as 5Z91 14.00 Derby-Laira passing Stapleton Road at 18.27 and Worle at 18.49. The refurbished stock was recorded as; 41051, 41052, 42004, 42076, 42077, 42078, 44025, 42318 inside two barrier coaches.
27/07 Load-haul liveried 60007 was allocated 6C01 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot loaded steel, but 66059 was the loco actually used. During the evening First/GW services suffered delays following the 17.30 Temple Meads-Paddington train being held at Swindon whilst a person on board was located and checked by the police. Services were running back to normal by 20.00. A morning FLHH 0Z20 Crewe Basford Hall yard-Kingsland Road light-loco move was formed of five unidentified Class 66 locos.
27/07 Noted at Temple Meads this morning circa 09:30 were 33202 and 47714.
28/07 The Summer Saturday HST 'hire' services were back to normal, the following power cars covered the following duties;- 1C02/1E46: GNER 43006 + 43111, 2C34/1E47: GNER 43099 + 43102, 1V29/1M28: MML 43060 + 43082, 1V49/2P86: MML 43072 + 43075. The First/GW Weymouth loco hauled service was worked by Royal locos 67005 and 67006 and 31452 and 31454 top n'tailed the 'Butlins Express' holiday train, the 1Z39 14.06 Temple Meads-Minehead return being noted near Brent Knoll at 14.34, now operating as a six coach formation with brake 9500 also included. The Saturday's only, Westbury-Machen and return loaded stone was cancelled.
31/07 Royal train locos 67005 and 67006 were still in the area at the end of the month and during the day shunted the 'Torbay Express' stock from Barton Hill to the up through canopy road at Temple Meads.


03/07 47828 worked the 4 stored Class 87s (reported in last months Magazine) from Worcester-Long Marston, but was involved in a fatality on the line between Evesham and Honeybourne. The locos were not owned by DRS as stated last month, but 'off lease' and joined the other 19 class members already stored at Long Marston.
04/07 Victa Westlink Rail liveried 47832 was booked to work a train of IKA wagons as 13.10 Thameshaven-Worcester via Swindon (17.06), Kemble and Gloucester yard (17.53-18.10), but failed at Swindon. The loco and train were collected by GBRf 66710 the following day running via Melksham, the Berks & Hants, Reading West curve, Didcot and Oxford!!
10/07 31454 handled a 5Z32 Oxley-Gloucester coaching stock move for use with the Minehead-Bristol Butlins holiday train.
25/07 60038 worked 6Z12 08.00 Mossend-Ashchurch MoD palletised mineral water believed for Tesco and for use by flood victims in the Gloucester area. DRS were originally expected to work another emergency water train due to arrive at Gloucester station platform 4 for four hours to unload. This was however cancelled, but it was reported that Network-Rail water cannon wagons were on stand-by at York if required, also to help.
30/07 60066 was unusual power for the Didcot-Ashchurch MoD service.

Portbury Branchline

02/07 At 06.20, the late running 6M38 05.00 Portbury-Ironbridge loaded coal, headed by 66127 was seen 'face to face' with the 6X51 03.07 Washwood Heath-Portbury loaded and empty car carriers behind 66218.
09/07 As reported in last months Magazine, Freightliner Heavy-Haul returned to Portbury during the morning with 66609 running light-engine from Kingsland road on a driver training/route refresher run covering as well as the branchline from Parson's street, the internal docks lines, both into the coal stockpile area and the general cargo sidings. At 20.38 (22 minutes early), 66610 arrived with 4Z82 15.30 Rugeley-Portbury coal empties (booked via Yate 19.29 and Parkway 19.45-20.02) formed of 19 Freightliner HXA coal wagons, a first appearance for this wagon type over the branchline.
10/07 The first FLHH coal departure was in the hands of 66564, leaving 65 minutes late as 6Z82 07.10 Portbury-Rugeley power station (booked Pilning 07.58).
11/07 66610 worked the second 6Z82 leaving 73 minutes early at 05.57, crossing the EWS 6X51 03.07 Washwood Heath-Portbury, part loaded and empty car train at Ashton behind 66179 at 06.20. Jaguars as well as Land Rover 'Freelanders' were observed on the inward car train. During the evening, 66564 brought back in the 4Z82 coal empties.
12/07 66548 worked out on the morning 6Z82 loaded coal, returning the 4Z82 evening empties (noted passing Parkway at 19.15).
13/07 66610 was reported as departing on the 6Z82 around 05.00!
16/07 66548 worked the outward 6Z82 and 66512 brought in the 4Z82 coal empties during the evening.
18/07 66512 brought in the evening 4Z82 coal empties arriving at Portbury at 20.30 (30 minutes early).
24/07 66609 took out the 6Z82 and returned the 4Z82 empties during the evening.
26/07 66609 was again on the 6Z82 morning loaded coal departure.
30/07 66527 work the outward 6Z82. The return empties were retimed from this date to 4Z82 21.30 Rugeley-Portbury as EWS required the path for a 6V17 Bescot-Portbury empty coal service. The EWS service, which runs from Portbury-Fiddler's Ferry (then empty onwards to Bescot), is of particular interest being formed of HTA wagons fitted with swing couplings (modified late 2005 for use on Immingham-Scunthorpe Corus works coal trains) for Class 60 haulage. 60056 was the loco in use on this working today.
31/07 60056 was again used on the 6V17 Bescot-Portbury empty HTA wagons.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 60056. 66077/127/132/141/199/221. 66512/527/548/564/609/610.

Units noted this period included



4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge.
02/07 66590. 03/07 57004. 04/07 66594. 05/07 57004. 06/07 66577.
09/07 66573. 10/07 66576. 11/07 66540. 12/07 66532. 13/07 66534.
18/07 66592. 20/07 66591. 23/07 66541. 24/07 66588. 25/07 66532.
26/07 66573. 27/07 66591. 30/07 66543. 31/07 66589.

Bristol - Calvert Binliner
06/06 66547. 27/06 66530. 11/07 66548. 16/07 66617. 17/07 66512.
26/07 66554. 27/07 66609.

6Z82 Portbury - Rugeley
10/07 66574. 11/07 66610. 12/07 66548. 13/07 66610. 16/07 66548.
23/07 66554. 24/07 66609. 26/07 66609. 27/07 66554. 30/07 66527.


6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'Enterprise' freight service
04/07 67006. 05/07 67006. 12/07 67013 + 67021. 17/07 67013. 19/07 67012.
24/07 67026. 27/07 66171. 28/07 67005 + 67006. 30/07 67006 + 67005.

6X52 16.30 loaded car service Portbury- Washwood Heath
02/07 66218. 09/07 66179. 12/07 66133. 13/07 66179. 17/07 66179.
18/07 66232. 19/07 66179. 25/07 66232. 27/07 66232. 31/07 66141.

6C01 ADJ - Bristol
02/07 60071. 05/07 66235. 06/07 66223. 20/07 66135. 23/07 66108.
25/07 66135. 27/07 66059. 31/07 66232.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh
02-06/07 60020. 09-10/07 60052. 12-13/07 60034. 16/07 60074.
19-20/07 60074. 23-27/07 60020. 30-31/07 60020.

6V49 Tees Yard - Newport Docks
03/07 66121. 04/07 66126. 05/07 66213. 06/07 66237. 10/07 66015.
11/07 60045. 12/07 66211. 13/07 66047. 20/07 66057. 25/07 66237.
26/07 66117. 31/07 66232.



37217 - QADD, 47145/709/712(DF)-KM, 57007/008/009/010/012/012(FD)-KM,
66033/212/243 - France, 66036 -UK

The following ex Fragonset/FM Rail locos, irrespective of location and condition have been nominally/actually reallocated to Barrow Hill (BH)
31128/289/301/415/422/423/437/439/452/464/601. 33019/021/103. 37255. 45112. 47640/707/767. 56011/021/022. 73103/104/105/114/117/134/139.

08847/871/936. 47145/709/712. 60008/010/019/022/036/042/046/072. 67003/030. 90039. 92015.
AN: 67030. BH: 37217. Barry: 08511. CE: 90039. 92015/031/034. CS: 47787. DC: 60015. GL: 08935. KM: 47145/709/712. LB: 92032. LM: 08447/736. 08345/728. 87006/007/008/026. NC: 08487/781.
TO: 60008/019/046/072. 67003/030. TS Locomotive: 50033. RVE Derby: 56057. IM: 60010/022/036/042. Deanside: 86218/232. Crewe DHS: 47575

20309 -KM, 26010. 37175 -HQ, 47747 -CP, 47770 -HQ, 60047/053/065/075. 67009/013 -TO, 90021. 92012 -CE. 01507/509/583 -HQ*, 08623 -BS, 47760/776/786/787/804* -CS, 60040 -TO, 92019 -CE

31200. 37216/674/713/889. 47270/292/840. 56034/063/131. 86620.

Booths: 31200. 56034/063/131. HNRC: 37713/889 @CD
Ron Hull: 86620. EMR: 86620. 08926. 37211/372. 47780. Ward: 08655/740 @ LH Group. Thomson: 37505/705. 47279/303
Stainmore Railway: 37674. Nene Valley: 47270. WSR: 47840. GCR(North): 47292. Pontypool & Blaenavon: 37216. Nene Valley: 37518. Northampton & Lamport: 37679

Renumbered & Registered
MoD 425 - 01507, MoD 433 - 01509, MoD 422 - 01583, 43038 - 43238, 47792 - 47804

Diesel Multiple Units

156403(TS)-CK, 475/480/481/484/490(NL)-HT

142001 @ Barrow, 004 @ Sheffield, 030 @NH

142029/062/067/095 @HT (Periodic use only)
150106/122/214 -TS
158880/885/886 -SA

150003/022 - disbanded see Cl150 above
158737 - 880, 742 - 881, 744 - 883, 775 - 885, 779 - 886, 781 - 887,
158808 - 889 -SA

Electric Multiple Units


9105/06 @BH, car 76836 @Serco, Derby

Booths: cars: 62098 + 76207 (310101), 76190 (310093), cars 62092. 76151 (310067), 76157 (310101)

New Stock
Class 360/2 car 72434 (360204)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

99350 -CS

LM: 10204/208/215/226/236/249/255. 12022/028/071/076/085/124/144/160.
1252. 5773. 5845. 5918/51. 6157.
KI: 1221. 5788. 5919/60/95. 6059. 9516/22

10233 -CP, 42353. 44100 - LA 1211. 3312. 5866. 5906. 6168. 9497. 9500 -GL? 5737/40. 6721. 9481/90 -OO, 10256/260 -GW

5661. 6619. 9458. 42088. 92134(94435). 975051/554/555/721/903.

Booth: 9458. 975554/555/721. 977449. JT Land: 5661. 6619
HNRL: 975903 @CD. 93930 @CD. Peak Rail: 92134(94435), 975051 977449
Avon Valley: 10555

Pool Codes
BPTC Blue Pullman Train Company
CDCO Cargo-D, Operational Coaches
9508, 10202/246, 11071/083/084/086/089, 12014/038/043/053/119
CDCS Cargo-D, Stored Coaches
10233, 10588, 11031/065
EFTL FGW HST Low Density Coaches


Welcome to another delve into the freight scene over the past month. Beginning with a few snippets of news that have come my way. Some of the vans have been appearing renumbered to series. Quite what the reason is for this is not clear at present. Four have been noted so far. There is news that Channel Tunnel access charges are to drop in the late summer, which is good news for the European freight traffic which has been having a tough time recently. RMC bogie hoppers 13701-13712 are appearing on regular aggregate workings from Westbury, which does explain why they haven't been seen on the Ely and Bletchley traffic. In fact these latter two services are seeing the new bogie hoppers in the 320xxx series included in their consists. The old Cartic sets in the 43.70.4287/4288 series are in the process of being scrapped, with twelve sets already dealt with. Mentioning renumbering, the STVA twin car flats in the series are being renumbered into the series. Some have been noted at Washwood Heath on the Jaguar traffic - 23.80.4384.004 and 009 being here on 4th August. They are resplendent in a light brown livery. On to my personal sightings from the past month. Taking advantage of an offer from the lovely people at Central Trains(!) on 28th July, I and five colleagues spent a day in Manchester (10 return from Nottingham) hoping to decimate the new class 185 units (43 of the 51 being noted on the day!). On the return journey, 67003 was noted at Chesterfield with the return Ely-Peak Forest RMC service with the following three new bogie hoppers in the consist: 320028, 320033 and 320038. And, whilst waiting at Nottingham station in the evening, 60002 was noted passing through with a 30-bogie empty oil service with the following EWS bogie tanks in the consist: 870268/ 205/ 332/ 313/ 284/ 248/ 319/ 330/ 214/ 289/ 309/ 320/ 321/ 307/ 277. Nice to see such a large train in the charge of a class 60 and not a class 66! Problems with floods on the cross-country route through Oxford, meant that the Freightliner services via that route (floods were at platform level at Banbury station) were diverted via the WCML giving my visit to Nuneaton on 23rd July some extra traffic. It was quite a busy evening with some late-running services. The Southampton-Coatbridge was noted heading north about 150 minutes late in the charge of 57006 (the only Freightliner class 57 in traffic). Also diverted was the EWS Ditton--Southampton in the charge of 66147 and also the Southampton-Trafford Park and return working were diverted via the WCML and Acton adding 90 minutes to their journey time. The two W. H. Malcolm services was late runners also being hauled by 66412 and 66415. Away from the WCML, the Rugby Cement service from the Heathrow Terminal Five project was noted heading north through Leicester at the end of July hauled by DRS 66420 which, with 66418, is on hire to Freightliner. The GBRf British Gypsum train has been hauled in the last month by 66712, 66707, 66721 and 66724. The loco appears to be on the service for a complete week. Noted heading south through Leicester on 9th August at 13.15 was 66727 with two barrier coaches either end of a refurbished rake of First Great Western HST stock. Identities of the stock or the barriers were not obtainable. The coal traffic to and from Ratcliffe Power Station from Daw Mill seems to have been in abundance in recent weeks, with five or six trains a day being noted through Leicester. Not a great deal of unusual sightings this month. For those of you interested in track plant, Birmingham International station is the place to view at the present time. Extensive track work at the west end of the station until the middle of September is seeing an abundance on varying on-track plant. The place was alive with it on 11th August, with 66080 and 66148 on the attending engineers' services. That's all for this effort. See you next time.


Avon Valley Railway
Electro-diesel 73101 Royal Alex is to be 'loaned' to the Severn Valley to assist with track replacement works trains carrying out flood damage repairs. The SVR however, still continues to operate a service over sections unaffected by flood damage. Also steam loco, Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T No. 70 (1464/21) has been on a two week loan to the East Lancs Railway, the loco having already worked on this line before arriving at Bitton. This year's AVR end of season gala is expected to see a visit from former Somerset & Dorset 7F 53809. The Class 73 should also have returned by the date, believed to be either on the 21st or 28th October. A further carriage fire has been reported following an incident during the morning of Saturday 07/07. The vehicle involved and the amount of damage caused, is not known

Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway
The date of 07/08/07 marked the 100th anniversary of the running of the first passenger train between Weston and Portishead. The line which had been completed between Weston and Clevedon, 10 years earlier, was to close in 1940. The WC & P Railway Group, formed in November 2005 have been set up in the Clevedon area to locate and where possible preserve the remains of the route and its associated structures. It is hoped sign posts and maps could be put in place to mark certain surviving locations.


Motorway Movements
24/07 The 'Hornby' special liveried HST power car 43087 was seen heading northbound on the M5 near Gloucester.


Coal-Stone Haul Railtour (03/06/07)
Additional information; Following last months Magazine report of this local railtour, the train's full running details were omitted. These were as follows;-
1Z20 10.00 Bristol TM-Portbury, 1Z21 10.30 Portbury-Bath Spa,
1Z22 11.18 Bath-Spa-St.Andrews Road jcn, 1Z24 12.10 St.Andrews Road jcn-Tytherington quarry.
1Z25 15.15 Tytherington-Bristol Temple Meads, 1Z26 18.55 Bristol Temple Meads-Severn Beach,
1Z27 19.48 Severn Beach-Bristol Temple Meads.
All three locos were often under power together throughout the tour, on the 11 coach train otherwise, for example the climb away from the Avonmouth area via Henbury would have been 50049 and load 17 (each Class 31 would have been equivalent in weight to three Mk II coaches!!).

Under Bristol Temple Meads, Barton Hill and Kingsland Road
23/06 The coaching stock for the steam 850 Lord Nelson worked train from Hayward's Heath should read 3114, 3120 inplace of 3124 and 3149 respectively.
Also on this date some further coaching stock information has now been reported;- Pathfinder's 'Cornishman' (1Z52) excursion headed by D1015 Western Champion was formed;- 21272, 3107, 3140, 1699, 3114, 3122, 3098, 1863, 5040, 4927, 5009, 4902, 5350 and the 1Z55 Derby-St.Austell trip with 67026 was formed;- 3414, 3400, 1680, 3388, 3318, 3331, 6720, 6110, 5954, 9494.


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