TRIP 321 Hampshire 22/08/99

EWS, Westbury 


Westbury Station 

DMU; 143619/621, 150263, 153302/308/368.

East Tisted Station 

Preserved Carriage: BR; 16187.

Hayling Island Railway Preservation Society, Lower Tye Farm 

Preserved Carriages: LBSCR; 174 (Body Only), 1646 (660 Body Only), U/I 4 Compartment 3rd Body Built in 1881.

Hayling Island Railway Preservation Society, Pepes Boat Yard 

Preserved Carriages: LBSCR; 98 (521 Body Only). SR; 1461 (U/Frame Only).

East Hayling Light Railway, Mill Rythe Holiday Centre, Mill Rythe, Hayling Island 

Preserved Locos: 2ft; "Jack" - AK23/88, 7 - "Ace" (MR 7199/37), 4 - "Alistair" (RH 201790/40, Ex p173), EHLR/93.


1). EHLR/93 has now been converted to an unpowered coach. 

2). Now under construction is an 0-4-0 outside cylinder Saddle Tank based upon Kerr Stuart & Bagnall designs. When complete it is intended to call the loco "Bill".

Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust Ltd, Bursledon Brickworks 

Preserved Locos: 2ft; 2 - "Agwi Pet" (MR 4724/39), LO 20 - MR 5226/30, "Beccy" - MR 8694/43.

Durley Light Railway, "Four Winds", Durley Street, Durley 

Preserved Steam Locos: 2ft; Hano 8310/18 Dsm, "DLR No.2" - HE 1842/36. Preserved Diesel Locos; FH 3787/56 Dsm, OK 4013/30 Dsm, OK 20777/36.

Marwell Zoological Park, Colden Common (View) 

Preserved Diesel Loco: 1ft 3in; SL 75.3.87/87. Loco operating on the day.

Paultons Railway, Paultons Park, Ower (View) 

Preserved Diesel Loco: 1ft 3in; SLRG.11.86/87. Loco operating on the day.

Millbrook Freightliner Terminal, Southampton (View) 

08575. Road/Rail; A241 UVW (Hofa Ltd, Port Talbot), B155 VRV (Bruff, ex BR Ipswich). Passing: DMU; 153382, 158824, 159017. EMU; 2404/422. NOTE:- Also present was an unidentified standard gauge Industrial Loco.

Solent Rigging Services, Shamrock Quay, Southampton 

Preserved Carriages: BR; 34042, 34644, 34724.

D.S. Smith, "The Bungalow", 1 Whitworth Crescent, Bitterne, Southampton (View) 

Preserved Loco: 4ft 8 in; MR 5355/32 OOU. 


1). The above loco was found perched on a garage come shed overlooking the river.

 2). It was not known whether the 1ft 6 in gauge Bagnall loco was still located here. It could have been buried under what can only be described as an "absolute mountain" of old boats, cars and other crap. What a mess!!!

EWS Eastleigh T&RSMD (View) 

09011, 47296, 57001/004/005, 66021/032/095/103/110, 73106. Departmentals; 316997 (977708/709/710). Withdrawn Locos; 33026, 37212, 73103/104/117/134/139. Passing; 47345/377.

Wessex Traincare Ltd, Eastleigh (View) 

Industrial; D3816 G.H.Stratton - Hor/59. Complete EMUs; 5918, 319186. EMU Cars; 62459, 67300/301, 69333, 70607/713, 76389/665/850. Preserved Carriages: GWR; 807 (Body Only), 812 (Body Only). BR; 17076 (14076). Internal Users; 082213, 083651/652/653.

NOTE:- Also present was a bogied Steam Heat Van, number not known.

Eastleigh Station 

EMU; 3809.

Eastleigh Station Sidings 

Departmentals; 977182/183/695. Track Machine; DR73907 (New).

Eastleigh PAD (View) 

08480/646. Departmental; 975566. Track Machines; PM002, 72211, 73214/220/305, 76303/317/319, 81330 OOU, 81518/531, 98207 A+B. Internal Users; 083561/562/563/618.

"Rose Manor", Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh 

Grounded Body: SR; 1827 - PMVY.

Norton Stoneham Park Wood, off Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh 

Grounded Body: SR; 1653 - PMVY.

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