TRIP 319 Cambridgeshire 26/06/99

Robert Blackmore, Mill Green Farm, Mill Green 

Preserved Wickhams: 2ft gauge; Wkm 3414/43 (Reb 1992) Ex p.36. 60cm gauge; RTT767178 Wkm 3170/c43 (Ex p.107).

Mayer Parry Recycling Ltd, Snailwell 

Industrials: Army 410 - NBQ 27645/58, 406 - NBQ 27427/55 OOU, RH 468048/63, 1 - RH 304468/50 OOU (Ex p.150), 08647 Hor/59 Dsm (Ex p.221/2). Grounded Bodies: BR; 975404 (87729), 87867. 

Note; There were also a number of London Underground Carriages present awaiting scrapping.

Charles Saunders, C/O F & W Saunders & Son Ltd, Huntingdon 

Preserved Loco: 3ft gauge; WB 1889/11 Dsm.

C.Cross, Upwell Fen Light Railway, Upwell 

Preserved Wickhams: 40/234N - Wkm 9523/63, 40/245 - Wkm 9813/65.

Welle Manor Hall, New Road, Upwell 

Preserved Diesel Loco: 2ft gauge; MR 9774/53 OOU.

Queen Adelaide Station 

DMU; 158780.

The Potter Group, Queen Adelaide, Ely

 Industrials; 08202 Derby/56, TH/S 150C/65.

Stan Burgess, Haddenham Preserved 

Loco: 2ft gauge; WB 2043/17 Dsm. Note; This loco is currently being completely rebuilt.

Chesterton Junction P.W Yard, Cambridge 

Departmentals; DB975663, DS70164 (U/Frame Only). Internal Users; 041396/397/467(Grounded), 041917/918/920/921/922, 042143. Track Machines; 81323 OOU, 78418 (On Wagon DB905004) OOU, 78419 (On Wagon DE263284) OOU. Passing: DMU; 158780. EMU; 365525/537.

Kindrum Cattery, Barnwell Junction, Cambridge 

Preserved Carriage: Pullman; 156 Montana.

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