TRIP 316 Lincolnshire 13/03/99

M43, Junction 3 

92203 "Black Prince" Sdn/59 (On a low-loader heading south west).

DeMontfort University, Caythorpe 

Industrial: 2ft; No.9 RH 202969/40 Dsm (ex p155). 

Note; Only chassis and wheels remaining.

North Ings Museum (T.Hall), Dorrington 

Industrials: 2ft; "Swift" T.Hall 1859401/44, Clay Cross/61, "Bullfinch" HE 7120/69, MR 7493/40, "Penelope" MR 8826/43, O&K c1932, No.1 RH 371937/54, RH 375701/54 Dsm, RH 421433/59.

Humberside Loco Preservation Group, Binbrook Airfield 

Preserved Steam Locos; 42859 Crewe 5981/30 Dsm (ex p102), (35011 "General Steam Navigation") Elh/44 (ex p188). Notes:- 1) A 5ft gauge Steam Loco is due to arrive from Finland within the next month. 2) B.R. Mark 1 coach No. 14024 has now gone to G.C.R, Loughborough.

Great Northern And East Lincolnshire Railway Plc (Alias Grimsby And Louth Railway), Ludborough Station 

Preserved Steam Locos; No.2 P 1749/28 (ex p126), P 1567/20, RSHN 7849/55, No.2 "Lion" P 1351/14 (ex p179). Preserved Diesel Locos; D3167 Derby/55, "Tioxide No.4" RH 375713/54 (ex p100), "Tioxide No.6" RH 414303/57 (ex p100), "Tioxide No.7" RH 421418/58, JF 4210131/57, JF 4210145/58, PWM 650 97650 RH 312990/52. Preserved Coaches: S.R; KDB975282 (BY 434). B.R.Mark 1; 1949, DB975468 (34553), DB975078 (34828), DB977200 (94444), DB977240 (94600). B.R.Mark 2; 9393, 13444. Internal User; 041671 (B933248).

P.Clark, Fulstow Steam Centre 

Preserved Steam Locos; No.1 RSHN 7680/50, Agecroft No.1 RSHN 7416/48. Small Plant; 9023 Wkmt 8201. PreservedCoach: G.E.R; (355) Five Compartment Composite Body. Internal User; 041611 (B933413).

Lysaghts Sports & Social Club, Holton Le Moor 

Preserved Diesel Loco: 2ft gauge; "Cannonball" RH 175403/35.

Museum Of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln 

Preserved Diesel Locos: 4ft 8 in gauge; RH 463154/61. 2ft 6in gauge; RP 52124/18. 2ft 3in gauge; RH 192888/39. 2ft gauge; RH 421432/59. Preserved Crane: Dual Gauge; "Hooley" RP 306/09.

Casterton Taverner Inn Motel, Casterton, Nr Stamford 

Preserved Carriages: Pullman; "Magna" (333), "Castra" (346).

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