TRIP 315 Warwickshire 20/02/99

Miller Construction Ltd, Rugby 

Industrials: 2ft Gauge; L21 (CE B0987.1/76), L20 (CE B0987.2/76), L22 (Omam 0901-1/90), L23 (Omam 0901-2/90), L24 (Omam 0901-3/90), L25 (Omam 0901-4/90), L26 (Omam 0901-5/90). 1ft 6in Gauge; L10 (CE 5827/70), L12 (CE 5965A/73), L13 (CE 5965B/73), L15 (CE B0109A/73), L16 (CE B0109B/73).

Rugby Machine Depot 

Industrials; "Myfanwy" 530003 (RSHD 8366/62, ex p135), "Eddie" 530004 (GECT 5476/79, ex p217, via p135). Departmentals; 975546/911, 395960. Track Machines; 73103/319, 76002, 78228/238, 81524/531, 98504. Small Plant; 74014. Road/Rail; S 529 VOP (GTRM Unimog), Tarmac No.530006 (Thwaites 10-91446-96).

Rugby Yard 

31203, 37077/672/689. Track Machine; 76310. Small Plant; HCT 015.

Prison Service College, Newbold Revel 

Preserved Loco: 2ft Gauge; L 33651/49.

White Wagtail Ltd, Gun Range Farm, Shilton 

NOTE; The Scrapyard was locked. The party were unable to view any of the Industrial locos believed to be present.

David White, Green Lea , Workhouse Lane, Burbage, Leics (SP450913) 

Preserved Locos: Multi-gauge; Wkm 4164/48 (ex p162, via p146). 2ft Gauge; "Goliath" MR 5881/35 (ex p198, via p92).

European Metal Recycling Ltd, Kingsbury 

Industrial; KY586 "Kingsbury" (S 10059/61). Passing; 60060.

J.W.Lewis, Beacon Farm, Bentleys Lane, Maxstoke 

Preserved Locos; RS/140 (FH 3892/58), AD9124 (BD 3713/75). Preserved Coach: MR; U/I Full Brake Body on wagon underframe.

Coventry Railway Centre, Baginton 

Preserved Steam Loco; AB 1772/22. Preserved Diesel Locos; FH 2895/44, HC D604/36, RH 235515/45 Dsm, RH 268881/49, RH 349038/54, RH 338416/53 (ex p113), "The Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Electric Power Co" (EE 905/35, ex p224, via p228). Preserved EMUs; 28690 (ex p150), 29720. Preserved Carriages: SR; ADS 229 (TK 748). BR; 3924, (92029, Body only). Liverpool Overhead Railway; (7) Body only on U/I underframe. Preserved Cranes; Carrick and Wardale 12/19, ADM 22 M (CS 7596/44),

Hatton Country World 

Preserved Loco: 2ft 6in Gauge; "Spinning Jenny" (HE 8819/79 OOU).

P. Westmacott, Studley 

Preserved Locos: 2ft Gauge; RH 193974/38 (Chassis & Fuel Tank only, incorporating an engine from RH 199295, plus gearbox & wheels from RH 218016/42). 1ft 11 Gauge; (Gertrude) AB 1578/18.

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