01/11 66231 was on the 6C64 17.07 Westbury imported stone trip. The stone continues to arrive on a monthly basis from Belfast by sea, for Aggregate Industries (the company who took over Foster Yeoman earlier this year) for use alongside that quarried in the Mendips.
14/11 66169 and 09003 were both present at the loco servicing point.
15/11 Three-car 'Trans-Pennine liveried' 158798, formed 52798, 58715, 57798 saw local passenger use on the Severn Beach line during the day.
21/11 Two HAA coal hoppers were seen being cut-up by Cymru Metals of Crosshands, Llanelli in the bulk handling terminal, east sidings.
29/11 66144 worked the 6C64 Westbury stone formed of Yeoman liveried 'jumbo' hoppers.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;-
09003 continues as the area shunting pilot.
Port of Bristol bosses have reported EWS to MPs on the Commons transport select committee regarding operations of imported coal train services to the country's power stations. EWS have been reported as cancelling on average one in four trains over the past four years, and the combined Avonmouth and Portbury coal tonnage is expected to rise from the normal six million tonnes. The Port company are expecting to handle a peak 'annualised import volume of 10 million tonnes' this winter, having the capacity to deal with the extra coal, but the rail service in the Bristol area has been said not able to cope. As well as EWS, some cancellations have also been put down to Network Rail.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

28/10 57603 was involved in two 'complete' HST set moves during the day, bringing in 43152 + 43032 to Bristol at 11.35, returning later at 12.57 hauling 43030 + 43029 with centre coaches in the up direction.
31/10 At 23.00, tamper DR73112 collided with stationary ballast regulator DR77902 at low speed on the up line at Acton Turville, near the former Badminton station site. Neither machine was de-railed, but four maintenance staff suffered minor injuries and a row of railway cottages were evacuated to a nearby public house as a precaution as the springs on one of the machines bogies threatened to become dangerous flying missles. Diversions of all First/GW passenger and freight services were via Bath and Day's curve.
01/11 Following the track machine collision the previous day, 60093 running as a 0Z60 11.15 East Usk-Portbury driver route learner, was diverted to move the damaged machines 'wrong line' into the sidings at Chipping Sodbury, for assessment and repair. The mainline was cleared by 12.30 and reopened around 15.30, in the meantime diversions were in place via Bath and Day's curve with all 'peak time' Parkway First/GW Paddington-South Wales HST services still calling and reversing to carry on their journey, otherwise trains were calling at Patchway station with road bus connections to/from Parkway. Freight services were also diverted, but 59104 with the 6C38 Westbury-Tytherington stone and return empties trip (running again each weekday during this week) was unaffected.
02/11 Freight observations during the day include;- 59201 with the Tytherington stone, 60021 on 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties and recently reinstated DRS pair 37510 + 37194 on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks passing at 12.26. Just 66239 seen this evening with MGR empties for Portbury.
03/11 59102 was on the Tytherington stone, the return empties departing at 10.08 formed of the normal 14 mainly KEA bogie box wagons.
04/11 66009 + 66231 worked a departmental service for Westbury at 12.17 and 66144 worked a similar train to East Usk at 14.44. Later 60047 appeared at 14.55 on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers. A three loco up light-engine move was also recorded during the morning, the lead loco 60031 being the only one identified.
06/11 Three MGRs seen this evening 66055 with a loaded service form Avonmouth - Didcot, and as a result of problems on the route from Birmingham, two sets of empties heading for Portbury in quick succession headed by 66129 and 66021 respectively.
09/11 A 5Z46 10.45 Loughborough-Landore stock move was headed by Cotswold-Rail 47813 and formed 11065, 10563 (both acting as barrier coaches) and an ex-works MTU re-engined HST power car 43153. The working was recorded passing Severn Tunnel junction at 15.39. Earlier the 6M67 had been seen at 12.30 behind 20313 + 37607. Four MGRs recorded during the evening, empties for Portbury and Avonmouth behind 66225 and 66137, and on loaded services from these locations 66102 and 66202. Also seen was the NR HST powered by 43013/014.
10/11 Running as 1B00 11.57 Swindon-Swansea, the NRMT formed of an HST set with power cars 43013 + 43014 was noted at 12.32 and Cotswold-Rail 47828 headed an up stock move passing at 13.15 from the Filton direction. A points failure at Patchway resulted in at least two services being diverted via Parkway; 66048 powering a departmental service arriving in the up loop at 12.50 (the loco running round) and the 13.00 Cardiff Central-Taunton First/GW service, formed with 150239 + 150240, reversing and leaving at 13.45.
11/11 66202 was on the 6B80 07.30 (SO) Westbury yard-Machen and return 6C80 loaded stone trip and 60007 was on the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties.
13/11 Solitary freight seen this evening being 66202 with MGR empties bound for Avonmouth.
14/11 37194 + 37510 were again paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.
16/11 Another re-engined HST power car 43026 was hauled from Loughborough-Landore by 47813 passing at 14.37.
18/11 Pathfinder Tours 'Principality Freighter' booked for DRS Class 37 haulage and planned to visit the Gwaun-cae-Gurwen and Uskmouth freight-only lines was again postponed, this time to 14/04/07. The tour had previously been booked to run on 23/09/06! Saturday freight services noted included;- 66037 on the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties and Load-haul liveried 60059 on 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks.
20/11 The Tytherington stone ran again during the week, today's return working behind 59202 was noted passing late at 14.45. Earlier Virgin 'thunderbird' 57313 passed in the up direction light-engine from Temple Meads at 10.50. Three workings seen during the evening, 66030 with MGR empties for Avonmouth, 66132 with the MoD liner heading for Didcot and 66605 with a stone train heading eastbound.
21/11 66579 was noted leaving Pilning down loop at 09.44 with a late running 4V50 Millbrook-Wentlooge container service. This train was recorded even later here the previous day at 12.30! 59103 was the day's Tytherington stone loco.
23/11 66109 worked the Tytherington stone and 60079 was in charge of the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks. 66578 was noted passing Pilning at 11.54 with a late 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook container train.
26/11 Return railtour ECS for Old Oak Common was observed 'looped' top n'tailed by 67020 + Royal 67006 to allow a diverted 180109 to overtake on what was thought to be the 10.22 Paddington-Cheltenham Spa First/GW service.
27/11 59203 started a further daily series of inward Tytherington blending stone. The evening started with 66051 heading north with a car train from Portbury, followed by two loaded MGRs from Avonmouth - Didcot hauled by 66181 and 66017 respectively and concluding with 66205 taking MGR empties to Avonmouth.
28/11 At 05.40 Stoke Gifford sidings were host to stabled; 37607 + 376?? top n'tailing the 1Z14 serco test train (due to work in South & West Wales during the week), 31233 and 31285, and Met Cam departmental DMU set 901001. 59203 was again on the Tytherington stone formed of the regular 14 KEA bogie box wagons.
29/11 59205 worked the Tytherington stone and 60018 was noted over at Westerleigh during the morning on the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

31/10 FM Rail 47145 was confirmed as running 0Z47 Temple Meads (platform2)-Aberthaw to work (with 47832) a rake of former 'piggy-back' cement lorry trailer flats to Chaddeston (4Z47).
01/11 Diversions were in place due to the collision between two track machines at Acton Turville, near Badminton (see Bristol Parkway Notes & News). 57004 was noted with the 4V50 (and return 4O51) Millbrook containers (noted 'inward' at 07.48 passing Newton-st-Loe, near Bath) and at least one Avonmouth-Didcot loaded coal service was also seen with 66146 heading this way at 08.32, along with numerous First/GW HSTs. 67011 and 67013 were also recorded at 08.14 top n'tailing the return Barton Hill water cannon, which had visited Westbury, Yeovil, Reading and Salisbury overnight. Virgin Train's most unusually 'hired' in First/GW 150263 to work the 11.07 Temple Meads-Paignton (in the path of the 1V31 06.19 Newcastle-Paignton, which had arrived with 221109). The Voyager set was needed to return north on the 1E42 10.52 to Newcastle as the inward 1V27 06.16 York-Temple Meads Virgin XC service (which would have provided the set for the 1E42) had been cancelled. The 150 unit returned back to Bristol in the path of the 1E49 14.05 ex. Paignton. An 0F77 12.05 Gloucester-Laira light-engine move (assumed for Cotswold-Rail) for a return HST stock move to Derby was cancelled. 66619 headed west LE through Nailsea & Backwell at 09.21. At 18.39 66530 headed west light engine at Temple Meads on the down through.
02/11 Pullman liveried 47712 was 'loaned' to GBRf, from FM-Rail to work a 5Z98 09.05 Laira-Derby stock move formed; 6330 (barrier van, green livery), 42201 (First/GW livery), 42338, 41161, 44042, 42336, 42178, 41096 (all MML 'Rio' livery), 6348 (barrier van, green livery). The loco and barrier vans had worked west from Old Oak Common depot (via Westbury) the previous day. Later, another stock move, a 5Z02 12.00 Long Marston-Laira formed; 10563 (Fist/GW livery, acting as barrier coach), 41119, 41189, 42084, 42085, 42086, 42087, 44069 (all in former unbranded Virgin red livery), 11065 (Virgin livery, acting as barrier coach) was headed by Cotswold-Rail 47813, passing through the area during the mid-afternoon. Also noted during the day was; 37510 + 37194, both mini snow-plough fitted and making their West Country debut following a return to service for DRS, on 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks (Flax Bourton 12.03) and the Virgin XC 1E47 11.45 Plymouth-Newcastle service in the hands of an 'on loan' MML HST set with power cars 43055 + 43081, this set with the same power cars working this train (along with the 1V05 06.05 Derby-Plymouth) week daily from 23/10 to 11/11. Road Railer BCL 845 was employed with track works at Malago Vale.
04/11 59201 was noted descending Filton bank with a return Machen-Westbury loaded stone service at 15.23.
05/11 31105 + 31106 top n'tailed a 4Z07 15.00 Temple Meads-Stoke Gifford test working, formed with departmental c/stock; 99666, 62482, 977969.
06/11 The 4Z07 test train ran as 14.13 Stoke Gifford-Didcot, via Barton Hill, Taunton (reverse) and Westbury again with 31105 + 31106. On the freight side; 37406 worked 0C01 12.00 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot light-engine, to collect a high number of steel empties occupying most of the space, leaving around 14.30 (and becoming the eighth class member to appear on this train the other locos being 37405/410/411/417/425/669/670) and 66234 + 66235 were paired on the 6B99 (MO) Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal sidings freight. 37406 was to work 6M82 Newport ADj-Crewe freight later during the evening. Further Trans-Pennine unit arrivals from Heaton during the day were, 158778 and three-car 158798.
07/11 Work started on relaying the track in platform 1 at Temple Meads. Road Railers BCL 353 649 & 727 were employed and remained on site until 17/11. BCL 354 & 359 were stabled in the old cattle dock and were still there the next day but had been joined by two trailers.
08/11 Arriva/Wales DMU overhauls continue at Barton Hill with the arrival of set 142076, the completed 142074 having returned to service five days earlier at Cardiff. A First/GW HST power car move during the day saw, Cotswold-Rail 47813 haul 43135 + 43168 from Laira-Brush Loughborough for engine replacement. Portbury bound MGR empties seen at 05.15 behind 66246.
09/11 At 07.10, 66.183 powered east through Parsons Street with a loaded EWS coal train. Only BCL 359 remained at the old cattle dock and was still there the following day.
11/11 A MML HST set, with power cars 43081 + 43155 covered the 10.12 Birmingham NS-Plymouth (arriving in Bristol at 12.35) and the 15.25 return in place of the booked Voyager set.
13/11 60007 was de-allocated from the 6C01 09.15 Newport ADj-Bristol East Depot steel trip in favour of 60052, being noted passing Pilning late at 12.15.
14/11 The MML HST diagram noted with power cars 43007 + 43075. The 4V60 Calvert-Bath/Barrow Road refuse containers were seen at Swindon with 66530, but was later observed at Lawrence Hill with 66551!?
15/11 A 5Z30 13.04 Landore-Loughborough (via St. Phillips Marsh) HST stock move was reported introuble in Patchway tunnel, the train having split!! Formed with Cotswold-Rail 47813, two barrier coaches and HST power car 43125, 700 minutes of service delays were caused with diversions around 15.30, the train eventually arriving in Bristol during the late afternoon. Earlier in the day, Cotswold-Rail's 47714 passed Bath Spa at 10.45 running down light-engine. Loaded MGR from Portbury headed by 66212 seen at 20.55.
16/11 43045 + 43166 were used on the MML HST diagram, still running as 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and 11.45 Plymouth-Newcastle, also working this train during the following day.
16/11 Southbound MGR seen at 14.10 with 66113, destination Westbury.
17/11 An HST set was used to cover the overnight First/GW 1A40 22.00 Penzance-Paddington sleeper service, the 10.05 Penzance-Paddington 'Cornish Riviera' being worked (as far as Exeter for an HST set to take over) with loco 57602 and sleeper stock!
18/11 The Bristol-Taunton mainline was closed for major engineering works, this applying also on Saturday 20/11 and Sundays 19/11 and 26/11, all services being diverted via Westbury and Bath Spa.. The main worksites were at Highbridge, in the Weston-super-Mare area on the avoiding line and near Uphill junction and around Parson's street, Bristol. The work continued into December.
20/11 Engineering work continued on the Bristol-Taunton mainline. The closures being from 10.00 Mondays 20/11 and 27/11 through to 14.00 Friday 24/11 and 01/12 respectively. 60043 was on the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel trip. Due to the Bristol-Taunton pw work, the MML HST 'loan' diagram changed for the diversion via Westbury. From this date, the working became 1V29 07.05 (SX) Leeds-Plymouth, 1E53 15.25 Plymouth-York (M-ThO), and 1E42 16.25 Plymouth-York (FO). The working today, formed with power cars 43178 + 43166 was believed to be the first ever MML HST set to call at Bath Spa station on the outward journey.
20/11 Seen at 14.25 was 66037 with mgr empties bound for Portbury.
21/11 66228 was on the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel trip from Newport ADJ. 47714 worked a Laira HST stock move via Bath and Westbury.
23/11 West Coast Railways, 33029 with steam (30)850 Lord Nelson + support coach 35317 was diverted via Westbury, Bath and Day's curve as 5Z46 08.49 Bishop's Lydeard-East Lancs Railway, being noted stopped near the down loop signal, near Pilning at 11.46 whilst train crew were examining some of the steam locos wheels. The working continued after only a few minutes and did not use the goods loop. Also during the day, 47714 was again in the area hauling HST power cars 43129 + 43147 from St. Phillips Marsh-Loughborough, as far as Derby, the next day a return 5Z46 Loughborough-Derby (with power car 43164) was diverted to London so the Class 47 could work the 1C99 23.50 First/GW sleeper service following the failure of 57605, over the night of the 24/25th November!
25/11 A Pastime Rail excursion to York, 'the York Flyer' and return was top n'tail by Royal 67006 + 67020 with c/stock; 9531, 5632, 5657, 6110, 5954, 3400, 3269, 1679 (Pride of Nation, green/cream livery), 3414, 3255, S1696 (green), 3318, 3388 (all being in the EWS lined maroon livery except where stated).
A second steam loco in the area for the month was 71000 Duke of Gloucester with a Steam Dreams 'Cathederals Express' 1Z83 08.45 Victoria-Temple Meads and 1Z84 16.26 return (which as well as Bath, had called en-route at Newbury for a race meeting) with FM-Rail 31454 attached to the rear. The c/stock in use was recorded as; S5236, S5237, 1961, S5249, S9392, 13440, S5171, S1840, S5216, S5222 (all in green livery) and maroon/lined support coach W17041. Having arrived during the early afternoon, the return ECS appeared from St. Phillips Marsh at 16.41, the train then leaving late at 16.50 it would appear mainly down to platform space not being available due to West of England trains being terminated and reversing to run via Bath, due to the Taunton mainline engineers blockade. The steam hauled excursion was reported as again delayed in the Keynsham area for around 45 minutes with the Class 31 locos brakes on!
The Barton Hill water cannon was also seen on the move from Temple Meads (with 67011 + 67013) around 16.20, reversing in the distance at east gantry, whether it was returning to Bristol or was on an outward additional working was not known.
26/11 Having stabled overnight in the Bristol East depot steel terminal, the 'York Flyer' ECS 5Z86 12.31 to Old Oak Common was noted rounding Day's curve at 12.14, top n'tailed by 67020 + 67006. Some location views during the afternoon found the following;- Barton Hill depot; 08516. 67011 and 67013 stabled in top n'tail formation on the water cannon (no.15). stored locos; 37077/(377)/379/696. c/stock; 94190. Kingsland Road; 66547. St. Phillips Marsh depot; 08822/836. DMU sets; 158798/871. odd DMU coach; 57869. HST stock; 40809. 41180. 42332. 43028/154. c/stock; 10563. track machine; 76313.
27/11 BCL 845 was being loaded onto a road transporter at Bristol West and all the machines had been removed by the following day. An amazing sight occurred at 19.11 when five Freightliner locos entered platform 15, running round to gain access to Kingsland Road sidings. The locos were 66621/519/526/514/553 in that order.
28/11 Part of the Barton Hill water cannon, with the two 'regular' Class 67s was reported as derailed near Pewsey having hit a landslide during the morning.
29/11 66171 was on the Bristol East depot steel trip and the MML HST set (1V29 07.05 Leeds-Plymouth) was seen diverted near Bath at 11.39 and formed with power cars 43060 + 43081, these two having first appeared two days earlier on the diagram. 59205 was also seen at 11.57 on the 6C38 10.44 Tytherington quarry-Westbury stone empties.
30/11 Southbound departmental service seen today at 16.30 behind 66144.
During the month, it has been noticed the former fish dock sidings at the west-end of Temple Meads station have now been vacated having been previously used as a Network-Rail engineers store and track machine stabling point.


02/11 47714 moved a now un-named 43125 (Merchant Venturer) as 5Z87 12.00 Gloucester-Landore using former Virgin XC coach 11033 as a barrier vehicle. The re-engined power car had been moved from Brush Loughborough-Gloucester the previous day.
03/11 37406 was conveyed 'dit' as part of the 6V19 Immingham-Margam 'enterprise' freight being taken off at Newport en-route.
04/11 For the Wales v Australia Rugby International, 37406 and 37410 top n'tailed a series of shuttles with Arriva liveried stock; 9521, 6183, 5853, 5869. The morning part of the diagram was as follows; 2G52 07.12 Cardiff-Gloucester, 2Z37 08.15 Gloucester-Cardiff, 1Z37 09.40 Cardiff-Gloucester, 2Z53 10.58 Gloucester-Cardiff, the workings resuming at 16.58 from Cardiff-Gloucester. These workings could be classified as something of a rarity as only four Class 37s remained in service on this date, this being half the class!!
09/11 47813 hauled 43135 and 43168 from Landore-Gloucester for Brush at Loughborough, returning with a newly MTU engined 43153 to Landore.
11/11 With 37406 failed, the day's Wales v Pacific Islands Rugby shuttles to/from Gloucester were top n'tailed by 50031 + 50049. However, the 37 was repaired, in time to top n'tailed Newport-Bridgend specials during part of the day with 37410.
25/11 For the rugby international between Wales and New Zealand saw the Class 37s in action again, in a top n'tail formation between Newport and Gloucester.
28/11 47714 hauled 47840 and two HST power cars 43141 + 43164 from Brush Loughborough-Gloucester, the power cars going on to Landore. The Class 47 was due to go on to Eastleigh works for additional repairs, then return to Gloucester and an eventual preservation move to the West Somerset Railway.
29/11 47714 and 47840 were stabled at Gloucester. 08936 had also arrived here earlier in the month.

Portbury Branchline

01/11 An 0Z60 11.15 Newport East Usk-Portbury driver route learning trip (with 60093) was cancelled as the loco was needed at Badminton to move two damaged track machines (also see Bristol Parkway Notes & News). A light-engine 66150 was seen stabled at the dock gate, but was reported as not being the 6X52 Washwood Heath car loco, this had returned to Barton Hill for fuel (an occasional practice which seems to have been recently restarted). It was confirmed 66150 was awaiting a Saltley driver to travel down from Birmingham prior to departing on a coal service! Additional security fencing was also now in place for the first time around this date, with higher fences around the EWS office area following an attempted theft of newly stored road vehicles, with persons cutting through the perimeter fence and the gate at Marsh Lane, Pill where also, it was assumed, a road transporter was waiting! Also yellow/black bollards have been positioned between the fencing and each running line, as well as between the two lines at the dock gate as a further additional new security measure.
06/11 Two of the day's new inward empty Aberthaw workings were recorded as; 6C71 08.43 East Usk-Portbury (66199) and 6F27 11.50 East Usk-Portbury (66068).
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;-

Southampton Maritime FLT

26/12 Noted on Boxing day were 47811 57002/005/010 66504/533/538/540/579/613.

Units noted this period included

158968* (running as a two car formation, 52868 + 57868, with 57869 stored on St. Phillips Marsh depot).



10/11 Noted today were 60029/052. 66077/092/117
24/11 37406. 60026/035. 66023/037/140/170

Units noted this period included


Avon "BinLiner"
02/11 66549. 07/11 66556. 24/11 66552.


6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service
01/11 67012 + 67020. 09/11 67005. 14/11 67017. 15/11 66097.

6X52 16.30 Washwood Heath loaded cars
15/11 66099. 22/11 66209. 28/11 66222.


Christmas time is here again (as the song goes)! And it is - but with the weather being so ridiculously mild, getting out has been quite pleasant. Not that I personally have been too far a field, only the usual haunts. Although Leicester has seen diversions from the cross-country route between Derby and Birmingham on weekends recently so a little more freight traffic has been noted. The highlight for me, personally, was on 9th December noting the return tanks from Kingsbury hauled by 66618. In the consist were new vehicles 88172, 88176 and 88177 Also in the consist were recent acquisitions 88142 and 88144. Some snippets of news which has come to my attention in the last four weeks or so. Some of the sliding hood steel vehicles in the series have, apparently, never been noted in this country for some reason and have been working in the Ruhr area of Germany. Vehicles concerned are believed to be 33.70.0899.005/ 008/ 031/ 033/ 039/ 052 and 053. Quite what the reason for this has been is anyone's guess. Some of the older container flats in the 926xx range are being noted on steel traffic from South Wales. The bogie tanks in the and 33.80.7996.000--010/ 100-125 are not coming through the tunnel as they are being used on phosphorous traffic which is deemed a dangerous substance for tunnel transit. These were commonplace in this country whilst the ferry was in and out of Dover. Some chemical tanks are making reappearance on our shores. Noted at Rugby on 4th December were 33.80.7892.004, 33.80.7894.023/ 038 in the consist of a northbound Enterprise hauled by 92013. The substance carried is not a sensitive product. AAE vehicles 33.68.4943.000-058 are on hire to Novotrans. The original vehicles hired by Novotans, 33.87.4908.100-119, 166-250 have been made redundant and some have been renumbered to series. Some new "Octopus" vehicles have been noted on hire to Network Rail in a vivid orange livery. The vehicles are believed to be numbered upwards from 92377. These have been seen in the Westbury area, along with new on-track plant vehicle 76601. Hoppers for the new build of "Coalfish" are from the store at Neville Hill and from running stock! The "Sea Urchin" at Healey Mills and "Limpet" at Toton WRD are believed for scrap. A quick run down of my sightings. Not a great deal of major interest, although going back to 4th December at Rugby, some weather disruption earlier in the day meant that the three W. H. Malcolm services were tremendously late southbound leading to the sight of 66404 and 66414 passing Rugby northbound at 20.50 with a combined train of some 20+ AAE twin flats! Just a quick one to finish regarding the continued increased sightings of class 60s at Leicester, with regular sightings on the Corby steels and East Leake British Gypsum traffic. Also an occasional one on Lafarge Redland traffic. Have a good Christmas and a fabulous 2007. More next year.



43026(PM)/164/183(LA)-LE, 47805/839/843/847/848/853(KM)-CP,
66032 - France CSPC Class 73 Preservation Society 73136

37425. 47810/840 CE: 92028. DC: 08567. DF: 31460. DM: 56060/090/095. 58004. EH: 58007/011/021/027/049/050. Gl: 47810/840. LB: 43122.
LM: 86249. 86401. LNWR: 47298. 86424. MG: 37425.
OC: 56032/058/074/081/196/113. TE: 09104. TO: 60036.
WB: 56007/059/071/103. ZB: 43121/157.
List includes repatriated Class 56 & Class 58 locomotives

08756 - RT Rail - Alloa reinstatement scheme
37410-MG, 60009/068/091/098/100-IM, 66414/415/416/417/418/419/420-KM.

31206. 37702/888. 47345/348/803. 56061. 87012/019/031.

R Hull: 47345/348/803 Thomson: 56061
Rushden RPS: 31206. Sold: 87012/019/031 For Sale: 37702/888

43100 - 43300

Diesel Multiple Units


158809 @ZB

185138/139/140/142/144 -AK

170425 (50425 + 56431 + 79425)
222001-007 loose 60531-60537, 011-017 gain a displaced car

Renumbered (Conversion programme in progress)
Class 158 - Class 159/1
800 - 101, 803 - 102, 804 - 103, 805 - 104, 807 - 105, 808 - 106,
809 - 107, 811 - 108, 814 - 109

New Stock
185143/144/145/146/147/149 -HQ

Electric Multiple Units
319009 Southern to First Capital Connect

4588003/06/07/08/14/15/26 -WD, 8005/17/23/24 -CJ

450121 -NT

Cars: 62082(310.057), 70753. 76152(310.068), 76196(310.107)

Booth: Cars: 62082. 70753. 76152/196

New Stock
450122/123 -HQ

Coaching & NPCC Stock
1961. 5125/71. 5200/16/22/36/37/49. 9104. 9382. 13440/474 -DF.

11013 CV: 6356/57. ML: 94229. 94536. ZB: 82106/109.
Allelys Yard: 3300/37. 3429. Mossend: 94203/221. 95758.
Crewe Gresty: 10237. 11019/028/030/046/054/065.
Willesden EFT: 80321/326/327/347/351/363. 94447.

9481 -OO, 10404 -NC, 41159 -EC, 94111. 94498/530 -ML, 99602-99609 -DF

1206. 5265. 6396. 10201/230. 12070. 94100/123. 94403/441/459/460,
94468/472/486/487/508. 977349

Thomson: 94100/123. 94403/441/459/460/468/472/486/487/508
Llanelli & Mynydd Maur Rly: 1206. Coventry RC: 977.349

12068 - 10404

Track Machines & Departmentals

03/10 Yatton. r/r BCL 33, 205. trailers; TRR0247 with 2 others. 4-seater personal carrier; 101418/E694.
21/10 Badminton. r/r platform lift; Readypower FR1319.
03/11 Chipping Sodbury. DR73112. DR77902.
07/11 Weston-s-Mare. DR73108.
21/11 Pilning West (passing); DR80205.


Isle of Man (R.W.Giles)
Following the recent visits and trip reports to the island; R.W.Giles/F.J.Neate 01/08/05-07/08/05 (Magazine 404. October 2005) and the Society visit (Trip 400) 18/09/06-22/09/06 (Magazine 418. December 2006), the following has come to light from the latest edition of the excellent Manx Transport Review (MTR) No.87-Summer/Autumn 2006. This periodical covers all the islands transport developments and includes visiting shipping, aircraft and road coach details.
Regarding the R.W.Giles report, the MTR confirms, as well as the Society visit, that the two missing trams 50 and 54 (as per the May 2005,Entrain Magazine list, page 33) are confirmed as stored in the Homefield bus depot, Douglas.
Of the Society visit, additional information for the Homefield depot site (from an April 2006 MTR list) reports the roof section of trailer car 45 is also present (not listed in the Society trip report). The two missing trams, MTR details for tunnel car 5 and tunnel car 7 are as follows. The former had just received a major overhaul in the lower sheds at Derby Castle, but was reported as returned to service during June 2006. No.7 remains out-based at Laxey and normally stables in the three-road 'roofless' former car sheds located about half mile south-west of Laxey station (as recorded by R.W.Giles in the September 2005 Magazine report). This tram has continued in a 'departmental' role with track renewal work, it's deteriorating condition and bodywork having caused concern by some persons on the island due to it's historical value. An estimated cost of 25,000 has been quoted to return it to it's former glory.


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