14/07 66229 powered the 4E41 (MO) Tyne yard containers.
17/07 67019 returned repaired HTA coal wagons.
22/07 67014 handled the 6G80 morning Newport ADJ cripple HTA trip.
23/07 66191 headed the 6M33 freight service to Wembley. With the success of this EWS inter-modal service, launched in October last year, another similar service is to be started between Ditton and Avonmouth.
29/07 67009 was in charge of the 4H81 return 13.19 Newport ADJ-Avonmouth repaired HTAs.
30/07 Track machine DR73930 (delivered around a month ago, for Carillion) was seen on driving training runs between Hallen Marsh junction and St. Andrews road signal-box.

By the end of the month the level crossing barriers at Smoke Lane (on the A403 road to Aust) had been removed as well as some of the connecting point-work for this, the Britannia Zinc branch line, at Hallen Marsh junction. The zinc smelter closed earlier in the year.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have been;-
By 09/07, 08630 had taken over as the local area pilot from 08685.

Bristol Parkway

03/07 The yellow Network Rail HST set passed through towards Temple Meads as 1Z98 17.00 Derby-Paddington with 43014/062. Earlier 67003 powered an extra 5Z67 14.20 Old Oak Common-Cardiff empty RES vans.
07/07 GBRF 66716, on loan to Freightliner, headed south on the Earles Sidings - Moorswater cement train at 22.55. Prior to this the following were seen, MGRs - 66226 and 66234 with loaded services from Avonmouth - Didcot and 66086 with empties for Avonmouth. 66072 working the Tyne Yard "Boxes", 66194 Tytherington "Stone", 66176 MoD Liner, 66250 eastbound with the LaFarge SDT, 66033 Llandarcy - Grain bitumen tanks and 66043 St Blazey - Cliffe Vale "Clayliner".
07/07 Load-haul 60059 was present at nearby Westerleigh on fuel tank duty. 60089 was present at the oil depot during the next day.
08/07 66217 headed a 24 wagon 6V70 09.57 Cliff Vale-St.Blazey freight and 66194 was on the 6V04 14.48 Battersea-Tytherington empty stone MBAs, the loaded return train passing Westerleigh at 18.55.
09/07 60077 worked the Port Clarence-Westerleigh oil tanks and 66202 was on the 4B24 14.04 Didcot-Wentloog MOD stores during the early evening.
10/07 56078 ran 0B17 11.15 Margam-Theale light-engine for the 6B17 18.43 Theale-Robeston tanks. This was the previous days train that had not been moved due to a loco failure. 56078 worked empty Murco tanks towards South Wales, 60075 was the Tytherington "Stone" train and 66545 with the Moorswater - Earles cement train passing through at 21.20.
11/07 Yet another surprise 56078 working! The loco today ran 0B47 Margam-Westerleigh light because of a failure of the booked loco 60089. The loco returned the 6B47 empty Murco tanks to Robeston. Another Class member, 56133 was also reported to have worked through Parkway (late in the evening, or early hours on 12/07) with 5Z50 Old Oak Common-Margam railtour ECS (for use on a Cardiff-Canterbury trip).
14/07 60093 was at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty at 11.15. Three MGRs this evening, 66045 and 66240 with empties for Avonmouth and 66088 with a loaded Didcot bound service, also noted was 66226 light engine to Avonmouth. Other freights recorded were 66194 Tytherington "Stone", 66229 Tyne Yard "Boxes", 37890 MoD "Liner", 60063 "Fuel Train" and 60083 with a short civils train.
17/07 66088 was in charge of a MGR from Avonmouth - Didcot seen this evening powered by 66088 and two empties bound for Avonmouth behind 66045 and 66043 respectively. Also seen was the Tytherington stone powered by 66057 and the Moorswater - Earles Sidings "Cement Train" again utilising 66545.
19/07 Hertfordshire Railtours 'Cat & Fiddle' (1Z27 08.21 Finsbury Park-Chester and 1Z67 15.14 Chester-Kings X) was worked to Newport by GBRf 66713 for 37670/674 to take over for the Marches run to Hereford and onwards to Chester. Following a break, 56081 took the train onwards to Peterborough where 31128/452 headed the remaining leg back to the capital.
21/07 20310 + 20314 powered the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks and petroleum-liveried 60054 worked the 6H66 Swindon-Cardiff tidal sidings scrap metal train. Freights noted this evening were 66116 Tyne Yard "Boxes", 66163 Tytherington "Stone" and 37503 with the MoD Liner.
24/07 One car test-unit ADB977968 (in yellow livery) headed up at 12.18, whilst 60048 was over at Westerleigh.
26/07 The last 1M95 21.40 Swansea-London TPO operated behind 67008, calling during the early hours.
28/07 At 12.20 66207/223 were stabled in Stoke Gifford sidings on an engineers train whilst 67028 was present in the Railnet terminal on a mail service. 37059/218 passed at 16.35 on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask train. The Swansea portion of the ex Willesden Postal was powered away by 37717 in the absence of a Cl67, however, 2 x Cl67 were at the head of the Swansea - Willesden when it arrived at 20.15 (67009/010). Freight activity this evening comprised 66083 working the Tytherington "Stone", 66180 with an empty MGR for Portbury, 66084 "LaFarge" self discharge train, 66005 the "Fuel Train and finally 66184 with MGR empties for Avonmouth.
29/07 Green 60081 was at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty, whilst 66173/240 passed during the mid-afternoon hauling a 5Z50 14.25 Didcot-Margam ECS formed of ten inter-city liveried MkII coaches.
31/07 Five freight workings this evening and in order were 66165 loaded MGR from Avonmouth - Didcot, running in excess of 2.5hrs early, 66549 with Moorswater - Earles Sidings cement train, 66025 empty MGR for Avonmouth, 66040 MGR empties for Portbury and finally 66027 working the Tytherington "Stone".

Bristol Kingsland Road

03/07 Stabled at 19.10 were 66506/527/528. 66506 sustained a graffiti attack to a front end, rendering it unserviceable, towed away for remedial attention.
06/07 47843 & 66603 present circa 20.00.
07/07 47843 was still resident and was joined by 66609 this evening.
10/07 66611 seen at 19.05.
14/07 Seen at 19.05 were 66528/610.
17/07 Present at 19.10 were 66528/565.
21/07 Present at 19.05 was 66564.
24/07 No Class 66 locos present, 66610 was however back in the "old" position at St Philips Marsh.
27/07 Loco present at 20.15 was 66602.
28/07 Locos present at 19.05 were 66602/611.
31/07 Loco present at 19.05 was 66602.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

01/07 47805 worked 6Z41 18:10 Portbury-Mossend via Hereford. Blue-liveried 56006 returned from a show at Old Oak Common via Wiltshire and the 6B66 10.45 Westbury-Newport ADJ engineers (via Day,s curve) passing Patchway at 12.34. A 'Westbury train crew' headboard was carried, and 66143 on the return working was also carrying a headboard, whether the same one was unconfirmed. The 56 was later to work the 6E47 16.20 Newport-Lackenby steel empties. Other freight movements today included 66135 on the 6C92 Bridgwater-ADJ and 66170 on the Westbury-Tower stone empties. 46035 which had failed on a previous weekends rail tour remained on Barton Hill depot whilst 47815 ran 0Z86 14.45 St. Phillips Marsh-Landore for repair, the loco being booked to move HST power car 43005 to Bristol on 04/07. The 1C81 07.05 Pembroke Dock-Exeter and return 1B44 14.45 Exeter-Cardiff continues to be worked by a Valley Lines livered unit. The set today 150282 however failed on 1B44 at Bristol and was attached to the 1F24 14.24 Portsmouth-Cardiff train for the return and repair. Other units recorded during the month on these duties were 150281 (02/07), 150280 (11/07) and 150 279 (14/07). Hanson stone train was noted heading southbound at 13.30 behind 66061.
02/07 37605/606 powered the 6M67 11.54 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks, 66165 was on the 6H67 Cardiff Tidal sidings-Plymouth Tavistock yard scrap empties and 66004 was on the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine china clay slurries. 43097+42094+43154 formed a Longsight-Laira stock move during the day. 03/07 HST power cars 43154 + 43097 returned north as 5M98 15.45 Laira-Longsight and 67002 hauled 47853 as 0Z68 18.15 Cardiff Canton-Barton Hill light-engines arriving after 19.30. 66041 was the overnight 6V41 Irvine-Burngullow slurry tank loco. Southbound welded rail train at 18.20 with 66143.
04/07 31468 + 31602 top n'tailed the Wessex Trains 1O98 12.00 Cardiff Central-Brighton and associated services, 67024 + 67028 were on the 5C43 09.19 Bristol TM-Plymouth empty Res vans (67024 later returning on the 1E43 14.55 Plymouth-Low Fell mails), 66020 worked the 6H68 Plymouth-Cardiff Tidal loaded scrap and 66170 was the FO Westbury-Stoke Gifford departmental trip loco. 66106 hauled 43005 as 5Z70 09.30 Derby-St. Phillips Marsh and 43158 + barrier 6393 formed an early evening northbound stock move. The 5Z70 move was straight to Bristol, not via Landore as originally planned (see 01/07 notes). An interesting morning move saw 67003 + 47853 + 46035 run as 0B03 09.52 Barton Hill-Newport ADJ, the 46 and 47 were for movement to the north behind 60089 on the 6M75 evening freight service to Warrington Arpley. 47811 (1A99) and 47 813 (1C99) were the First/GW sleeper locos.
05/07 66046 + 67007 ran light from St.Blazey depot-Barton Hill, the 66 returning light shortly after arrival (12.55). The yellow Serco HST set was active in the Bristol area being noted working 14.41 Taunton-Swindon and 16.18 Swindon-Derby.
07/07 20308/314 were on the 6V74 03.36 Crewe-Bridgwater nuclear flasks and 66043 worked the 6M72 16.52 (TThO) Burngullow-Cliffe Vale freight. 57601 was inaction powering a 5Z74 Old Oak Common-St. Phillips Marsh ECS and 47811 was the 1A99 22.00 Penzance-Paddington First/GW sleeper loco. 08/07 66048 headed the Bridgwater trip freight formed of five Italian ferry vans and two bogie flats all loaded from the Continent. The loco departed at 13.06 with only three empty wagons for Newport, the other four being left for a return on Thursday (09/07). 43018 + barrier coach 6348 formed a 0Z77 22.06 St. Phillips Marsh-Laira stock move. 66165 hauled the 6M72 and 47811 (1A99) and 47813 (1C99) were the First/GW sleeper locos. Southbound departmental service seen at 18.00 with 66023.
09/07 66221 noted with empty stone train southbound at 09.30. 67007 + 47784 were booked to haul the 5A24 07.45 Barton Hill-Old Oak Common single Res van, but ran as 0C37 'light-engines'. 66 221 was on the 6H67 Cardiff Tidal-Plymouth scrap empties, 66 046 on the 6S55 slurry tanks and 66 165 on a nine wagon 6V70. The 0Z77 11.15 (WO) St. Phillips Marsh-Laira stock move did not leave until 14.45 formed 43018+barrier 6348. 47 815 ran as 0Z74 14.23 Landore-St. Phillips Marsh light (arrive 18.20) and 57 601 travelled in the opposite direction as 0Z86 St. Phillips Marsh-Landore again light (Pilning 19.25).
10/07 37608+20315 halted in the centre road at T.M. with a northbound nuclear flask train. 66111, seen heading light engine southbound, 20315 + 37608 recorded with the Bridgwater - Sellafield flask service. The Class 150 test unit DB999600 + DB999601 ran as 2Z08 04.02 St.Blazey-Temple Meads via Looe and Portbury. 20 315+37 608 were on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks, 66109 worked the return 6C92 Bridgwater-Newport trip formed of three wagons and 66221 was the 6M72 freight loco. 66174 was on the overnight 6V41 slurry tanks and 47815 worked a 5Z70 20.30 St. Phillips Marsh-Old Oak Common stock move formed of two MkII coaches. An incident at Dauntsey during the late afternoon saw an HST set hit debris, believed 'dropped off' another train.
11/07 31468/602 were again employed on the 1O98 12.00 Cardiff-Brighton and associated Wessex Trains workings (the 1O98 being actually terminated at Hove 35 minutes down). 60037 was the 6V70 freight loco (which was piloted onwards from Exeter by 66041), 66031 powered the 6H68 Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal sidings loaded scrap and 66074 was on the overnight 6V41.
12/07 47781 worked in on 5Z27 23.24 Old Oak Common-Temple Meads ECS for a Pastime Rail trip, the 1Z27 to Carlisle. The train also featured haulage by 6201 Princes Elizabeth over the S&C and returned as 1Z28 15.58 Carlisle-Temple Meads, behind 47737. 47781 had been originally booked for the return, but was replaced the train leaving 40 minutes late. 66174 worked the 6M68 08.33 Burngullow-Warrington slurry tanks.
13/07 Two empty stock moves from previous days tours were;- 5Z28 11.30 Parkway RMT-Old Oak Common, with 47737 leaving at 11.58 via Day's curve, Bath and Westbury Hawkridge curve and 5Z50 14.50 Cardiff-Old Oak Common, with 50031/049, originally to be routed via the Severn Tunnel and the same way as the 5Z28, but due to driver route knowledge was run via Chepstow, Gloucester, Standish and Kemble to Swindon. An 0Z77 11.30 Neville Hill-Laira stock move, formed 43065/080 arrived at 16.45, but was delayed until at least 17.40 due to track problems at Yatton.
14/07 37038 + 37218 were paired on the 6V74 03.36 Crewe-Bridgwater flasks, 60 037 worked the 6M72, 66 061 powered the 6V41 and 66 194 was on the 6V04 Battersea-Tytherington stone empties. 60096 with a northbound stone train at 10.55. 66167 noted with HAAs bound for Westbury and 66213 passed by with a CWR train.
15/07 66230 headed the 6V70 and 66 165 was on the 6M72 freights. Coal train noted heading north at 11.05 behind 66158. In the afternoon 66075 ran in the same direction at 16.20 with empty stone wagons.
16/07 37218/038 were again paired on the Bridgwater flasks (6M67 returning, load three, through Temple Meads at 15.59), 66 041 worked the 6S55, 66206 headed the 6V70 and 66170 worked the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury Cement works coal service. 47734 following repair at Canton ran 0F74 Cardiff Canton-Eastleigh (via Barton Hill) light-engine and 47815 worked a 5Z70 11.55 St. Phillips Marsh-Old Oak Common stock move (leaving 55 minutes late). The 1V51 06.43 Dundee-Penzance Virgin XC service was formed of a Voyager set in place of an HST. Due to fire risk the 1Z86 09.08 Victoria-Bath/Bristol and 1Z87 15.55 return 'Cathedrals Express' were cancelled steam 73096 being the normal hauling power, the 'purple' Deltic D9016 was considered, but was not available due to mechanical problems. Another northbound coal service noted at 11.00 with 66231, and southbound at 14.35 66069 seen as "light engine".
17/07 A points failure at Uffingham caused some late running during part of the day. Freight locos in use during the day were;- 66230 (6M72), 66178 (6V41) and 66 057 (6V04 Westbury-Tyherington stone empties). 47832 was the 1C99 First/GW sleeper loco.
18/07 31468/602 again performed the usual Cardiff-Brighton and return workings for Wessex Trains, 67011 + 47737 ran 0B03Barton Hill-Cardiff light-engines, 66206 was on the 6V70 and 66029 worked the 6G68 Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal scrap. The 1E4117.23 Plymouth-Low Fell mails was noted diverted passing Westbury behind 67002 at 20.28.
19/07 66061 was in charge of the 6M68 slurry tanks and Central units, 150102/126 worked west as 5Z50 06.00 Birmingham-Exeter. These two sets are on a six-week hire period to Wessex Trains, to work on Exeter, Exmouth, Paignton and Barnstaple local services from 21/07.
21/07 66206 was on the 6M72 and 66248 the 6V41 freights. Light engine heading northbound at 05.50 identified as 66120.
22/07 56067 powered a six wagon 6C91 09.14 Newport-Bridgwater trip, 37410 being originally booked but was needed for a Cardiff docks trip. 67003/021 were paired on the 5C43 Bristol TM-Plymouth empty Res vans, 66021 worked the 6V70 and 66248 was on the 6M72 freights. 66163 noted southbound at 19.20 with a stone train.
23/07 Observations at Flax Bourton saw;- 37606/605 pass on the 6M67 11.54 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks and yellow one-car DMU ADB977968 with a 5Z30 11.55 Taunton-Barton Hill test train. Also recorded during the day were;- 43093/084 on a back to back 0V97 Neville Hill-Laira power car move and 43186 + barrier van with a 5Z77 15.45 St. Phillips Marsh-Laira working. 66248 worked the 6V70. 66032 was in charge of the 6H67 07.51 Cardiff-Plymouth Tavistock yard scrap empties (leaving the train at Exeter and running on light-engine to Plymouth) and 66 212 powered a late running 6S55 09.38 Burngullow-Irvine china clay slurries delayed by four hours due to signalling problems at the trains starting point.
24/07 The test unit ADB977968 worked 5Z30 09.15 Barton Hill-Barton Hill via Severn Tunnel, Gloucester, Kemble, Swindon and Didcot. Recorded during the day were 47734 on Temple Meads area pilot duties in place of the normal Class 08 loco, 47760 which ran 0C84 Barton Hill-Reading light to work 1C84 21.45 Reading-Plymouth mails, 60 086 on the 6V34 (ThO) Fawley-Margam fuel tanks via Day's curve, 66 248 on the 6M72 and 66 083 on the 6V41 16.21 Irvine-Burngullow slurries.
25/07 31468/602 were again on Wessex Trains 1O98 Cardiff-Brighton duty, terminating at Hove 45 minutes late. There was a problem for the locos on the return, as 158815 took over the diagram from Westbury, working the 1V96 17.00 Brighton-Cardiff onwards and returning the 2C96 22.52 Cardiff-Westbury. Also recorded during the day were 47760 on the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Parkway RMT mails and 66032 with the 6H68 Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal scrap. Furzebrook - Hallen LPG service noted at 00.15 behind 66086 and a coal train (ex-Portbury) seen at 10.30 with 66148.
26/07 37890/706 hauled a rail tour from Westbury to Doncaster for an Open Day at the former loco works. 47734 headed the 1C02 00.55 Parkway RMT-Penzance TPO, passing at 01.03. 66057 was on the Tytherington stone trip and 66075 was on the 6M68 china clay slurry tanks.
27/07 A view of Barton Hill depot during the morning found 08896. 66045. 67019/020. An engineers train formed of ten HQAs was also recorded via Day's curve top n'tailed with 66027/005 running as 6W64 10.35 ex. Westbury.
28/07 37218/059 worked the 6V74 03.36 Crewe-Bridgwater flasks, 47734 was on the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails and 66250 powered the 6M72 formed of six wagons onwards from Exeter. 66525 recorded with the car train (Portbury - Mossend) at 18.30, seen later at 21.55 was 66037 with empty MGR for Portbury.
29/07 Green liveried 47488 worked a 2Z02 09.00 Temple Meads-Penzance inspection special formed of saloon coach DB999506 and a 5Z30 Derby Etches Park-St. Phillips Marsh working was formed of one-car unit ADB977968. 66021 was on the 6M72, running as 15.05 St. Blazey-Exeter and 66019/248 were initially on the 6V70 when leaving Cliffe Vale, but the second loco was detached at Bescot with low coolant.
30/07 66221 handled the 6H67 Tavistock scrap empties, 20312/313 were on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks, 66178 was on the 6S55 slurries and 66021 worked the 6V70 which had been delayed due to power failure in the Stoke area. 67020, which had been out of service for some time was due to run 0F76 Barton Hill-Exeter light to collect 67011 and Res vans and 43174+barrier van 6348 was on an 0Z74 07.15 Laira-St. Phillips Marsh stock move. A points failure at Uphill junction saw 158747 terminated at Weston-super-Mare on the 18.00 Cardiff-Taunton service and the 1V61 08.55 Aberdeen-Penzance Virgin XC service (with power cars 43065+43102) was in trouble at Madley, 47841 was attached at Stafford.
31/07 66075 noted with a southbound departmental service at 18.00. 67020 worked the morning 5C43 Temple Meads-Plymouth empty RES vans. 67020 suffered problems again whilst returning the 1E43 14.55 Plymouth-Low Fell mails, failing on the Lickey. 47772 was the rescue loco from Birmingham NS. With the temperature in the low 90s during part of the day, the heat buckled a rail at Montpelier (which saw a 20mph speed restriction in force) and there were problems at Lawrence Hill as well as on the GW mainline from Bristol-Paddington.

Gloucestershire & the Cotswolds

02/07 37 059/611 were paired on the Crewe-Berkeley nuclear flask trip, 20307/315 working this train on 21/07.
07/07 Three persons were killed and a number injured when the 07.03 Hereford-Paddington First/GW service hit a minibus on a farm occupation crossing between Evesham and Pershore. The lead power car 43131 was damaged and taken out of traffic.
12/07 50031/049 powered a Pathfinders 1Z50 06.30 Cardiff-Canterbury excursion via Gloucester, Kemble and Swindon.
27/07 56072 was unusually employed on a 7W50 19.14 Newport ADJ-Gloucester New yard (via Worcester) engineers train.

Portbury Branch line

01/07 66227 headed the 4V26 Washwood Heath-Portbury empty HTAs, 66210 handling the same train two days later.
07/07 66062 was on the 4V03 Washwood Heath-Portbury empty HTAs.
10/07 Network Rail Class 150 test unit DB999600+DB999601 visited the line as 2Z08 04.02 St. Blazey-Bristol TM and 13.16 Portbury-Bristol TM. 66210 powered an evening train of inward coal empties.
14/07 66020 was in charge of the 6M04 09.20 Portbury-Rugeley loaded coal train which was unusually using HAA four-wheel wagons in place of HTAs. The same service was recorded again this time with 66231 and formed of the same wagon type two days later.
23/07 66176 was on the 4V03 and 66088 powered a 6D23 Portbury-Didcot loaded coal train.
24/07 66035 headed a 6M52 17.36 Portbury-Washwood Heath empty car transporter. EWS are looking to resume the movement of cars from the port using a single weekly, possibly Friday, working. 66148 was earlier recorded on the 4V03 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties returning on the loaded 6M03 to Rugeley, and later 66176 was on the 4V17 16.37 Bescot-Portbury empties.
28/07 66208 handled the 4V03 03.55 Washwood Heath-Portbury and return 6M04 09.20 loaded coal to Rugeley and 66242 was on the 4V26 13.35 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties.
29/07 66093 was on the 4V26 13.35 Washwood Heath-Portbury and the 4V22 19.51 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties were worked by 66037.
30/07 66093 was again on the 4V26 13.37 Washwood Heath-Portbury, 66180 the 6V17 16.37 Bescot-Portbury and 66248 the 4V48 23.30 Bescot-Portbury coal empties.
31/07 66180 was on the 4V22, 66040 the 4V17 and 66236 the 4V48 trains of coal empties.

West of England

30/06 MML power car 43071 was moved from Devonport by road for Derby, during the day.
01/07 47782 was the Newton Abbot 'thunderbird' recue loco until at least
02/07 The 15.58 Penzance-Paddington First/GW service received a power car swap at Plymouth en-route. 43028 was removed in favour of an 43018, the train leaving only 12 minutes down.
03/07 66165 work the 5M99 18.08 St.Blazey-Plymouth TPO empties in place of a Class 67 and 66043 was one of the local china clay trip locos, whose workings included the 6G22 16.53 Goonbarrow-Fowey train.
04/07 Yellow Serco HST set, with power cars 43062/014 worked west past Dawlish at 09.32 and returned at 11.34 on a Paddington-Plymouth-Paddington test train. 67023 on the 1V33 15.58 Paddington-Plymouth mails, then worked the 6T11 Tavistock yard-St.Blazey fuel tankers. 66043 was on the 6C43 St.Blazey-Exeter freight calling in on the Newton Abbot-Heathfield branch between 16.15 and 17.00.
05/08 159019 + 170302 suffered coupling problems on a Waterloo working during the day.
07/07 67023 was on the 6C21 08.09 St.Blazey-Penzance fuel oil and 6C11 14.14 return and 67022/017/003 formed an 0C06 St.Blazey-Plymouth light-engine move for parcels duty. Another MML power car, 43073, was seen heading south on the A38 near Exeter for overhaul at Devonport. The Class 150 test unit DB999600+DB999601 passed Taunton heading west at 18.15 for Exeter.
08/07 The test unit continued west passing Dawlish and Liskeard. A broken rail near Totnes caused late running of up to 40 minutes. Plymouth station was full of waiting trains, the 09.30 Plymouth-Paddington being the first forward, the 08.50 Plymouth-Edinburgh Virgin XC train not leaving until 10.40. 66716, the second GBRf loco (on hire to Freightliner), to visit the West Country was also delayed due to having to make an extra Newton Abbot-Exeter and return fuel run. The 6M37 Hope cement train did not leave Moorswater until 20.37, carrying an '83A, Teign Valley Heavy-Haul' headboard. Also 47778 worked a 1Z14 Serco test train to Exeter via Honiton during the day. A further attempt to move HST coach 41115 (on wheel skates) back to Laira took place, the coach only making Truro on 06/07. 43100/102 ran back to back as 0Z77 18.00 Laira-Truro arriving at Truro at 19.40. Departure was at 20.37, but further problems saw the train take 25 minutes between Truro and St.Austell, the HST formation then working to St.Blazey depot where the centre coach was removed, the power cars running back to Laira.
The 7C27 05.20 Westbury-Exeter and 7C28 11.15 return stone and stone empties resumed, recorded during the month were;- 59102 (08/07), 60029 (09/07), 66164 (10/07), 59002 (11/07), 66175 (14/07), 66017 (15/07), 60064 (16/07 and 17/07), 66068 (21/07) and 66204 (28/07and 30/07).
09/07 66041 hauled a 6B26 13.55 Burngullow-St.Blazey freight with wagons to form the 6M72. Power car 43002 came out of Devonport dockyard for Laira during the day.
10/07 09 016 was in charge of the 8C08 Tavistock Junction-Cattewater scrap empties taking over an hour to run between Lipson junction and the Cattewater terminal.
11/07 66031 + 67017/027 formed the 0C06 St.Blazey-Plymouth mail loco move and 47784 was on the 1C84 21.45 Reading-Plymouth mails.
12/07 47781 handled an extra 6C99 10.00 Tavistock yard-Exeter Riverside freight formed of four vans returning light-engine.
13/07 The 1C28 09.16 Paddington-Penzance and 1A80 15.41 Penzance-Paddington First/GW services were formed of coaches top n'tailed by 47813/832. The outward left Exeter 48 minutes down and the return left Penzance at 16.33, 52 minutes late. 66229/204/170 passed Dawlish on a St.Blazey-Westbury engineers and the 15.25 Paignton-Waterloo service was formed of two Class 153 units (in place of a Class 159 unit) as far as Exeter.
14/07 60037 worked the morning fuel tanks to Penzance and 67004/025 + 47782 formed the 0C06 Plymouth mail run. At St.Blazey, cut down 08993 was recorded on the Par harbour branch during the morning on a china clay trip. 47782 worked the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-Low Fell mails.
15/07 66061 was on local china clay trips including the 6G29 20.40 Fowey-Tavistock junction working.
The 1V57 11.45 Newcastle-Plymouth Virgin XC service formed with Voyager set 211108 was terminated at Exeter with engine problems.
16/07 The 1A36 06.34 Penzance-Paddington First/GW HST service was assisted onwards from Plymouth by the Newton Abbot 'thunderbird' 47784, departing at 09.06.
17/07 HST power car 43184 was seen heading north on the M5 at junction 25 on a road low-loader. Two Central Trains Class 150 units, 150102/126 arrived 'on loan' for the next six weeks, the 1C09 07.45 Paddington-Penzance service was cancelled at Paddington and 47 815 with coaching stock was on the 1A76 13.46 Penzance-Paddington (starting at Truro) and 1C77 18.33 Paddington-Plymouth trains in place of an HST set.
18/07 The 1A21 05.55 Plymouth-Paddington was loco hauled by 47815 with coaching stock continuing on the previous days diagram. 47784 ran light as 08.10 Newton Abbot to Exeter St.Davids S.P. to assist the re-railing of 153370 which had split the points. 143621, 150254, 153355 and 158816 were all trapped on the stabling point until the unit had been re-railed at 12.00. The 2B61 13.20 Par-Newquay local service formed of 153362 was reported in collision with a car at Quintrell Down, the branch lines other services being suspended for a time.
19/07 159004 running as a two-car formation was on the 1L59 Waterloo-Penzance service. 47832 with coaching stock, was on the 1C83 19.15 Paddington-Plymouth First/GW service in place of an HST set and 60063 + 66002 top n'tailed a 6W25 Westbury-Penzance autoballaster, returning the next day as 6W26 08.11 Truro-Westbury. At 19.00 the following were visible on St.Blazey depot were 08993. 47306. 66178. 67003/009/013.
20/07 More loco hauled services today, in place of HST sets (a reason for this being given was due to the damaged set at the Cotswold level crossing incident and a number of power cars out of service);- 47832 1A24 08.35 Plymouth-Paddington, 47811 on the 1C43 12.33 Paddington-Plymouth and 1A88 17.00 Plymouth-Paddington (which ran 70 minutes late). During the early evening the Central 'hire' units 150102 was on the 2F81 18.20 Okehampton-Exmouth service and 150126 was working the 2A44 18.10 Paignton-Exmouth.
21/07 67013 was in charge of the Penzance fuel oil train, the return departing at 11.40. The first instance of a Voyager drag, saw 47784 haul 221127 as 5Z32 13.50 Exeter-Plymouth empty stock move arriving at 15.28.
22/07 Virgin back to back power cars ran as 0Z43 09.21 Laira-St.Blazey to collect 41115 as 5Z43 12.15 St.Blazey-Laira, this time sucessfully! 66 109 became the final class-member to visit Plymouth arriving on the 6V62 Fawley-Tavistock yard fuel tanks.
23/07 47798/787 top n'tailed the Royal Train for the Queen's visit to Plymouth from Newton Abbot, the return ECS for Wolverton passing Dawlish at 11.18. 150238 was at Exeter Central for a naming ceremony at 10.30. 47784 + 67011 were paired on an additional 6C99 St.Blazey-Exeter train and 47760 was on the 1C84 21.45 Reading-Plymouth mails.
24/07 Central 150 126 was booked on the 2D80 16.42 Exeter Central-Barnstaple local service but failed being replaced by a single Class 153 unit. 09013 handled the Cattewater scrap metal trip and at Marazion (near Penzance) the three remaining former Pullman coaches were being reduced to scrap by a JCB.
25/07 The 1A49 (then 1Z49) 09.32 Penzance-Paddington First/GW HST (with power cars 43174+43015) was hauled by 47811, 45 minutes down. The 47 returned as 0Z86 13.00 Plymouth-Penzance light following the HST drag. A further MML HST power car road movement was that of 43050 heading west to Plymouth on the A38, at Ashburton at 13.00. The 1C93 13.01 Exeter-Penzance and 16.30 return was formed of the two remaining Regional Railways, Central Trains branded 'hire units' 153329/369. The 1C49 Paddington-Plymouth First/GW service was yet another to be loco hauled during the month inplace of an HST set by 47832.
26/07 47832 returned on the 1A56 10.38 Penzance-Paddington service, and then worked the 1C56 16.35 Paddington-Plymouth. Central hire unit 150 126 was returned to the Midlands as 5Z26 ex. Exeter.
27/07 Engineering trains in the West Country at 07.20 were 6W25 with 66250 at Camborne and 66117/163 top n'tailing a 6W26 train at St.Erth. 47815 worked the 1C74 18.33 Paddington-Penzance and 47811 was on the 1A52 13.40 Plymouth-Paddington. The loco was then booked on the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service.
28/07 Plenty of loco-hauled activity today with 47815 on the 1A36 06.34 Penzance-Paddington service and 57601 heading the 1C33 12.33 Paddington-Plymouth and 1A89 18.40 return. 47811 was also in action with the 1C44 12.33 Paddington-Plymouth and 1A89 18.40 return. 47734 + 67002/012 were the 0C06 mail locos, 47734 later working the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails and 47784 was on a 6C99 22.35 St.Blazey-Exeter freight formed of six slurry tanks.
30/07 47488 with saloon coach DB999506 return as 2Z02 10.44 Penzance-Reading West (also see Bristol Notes & News) passing Dawlish at 14.08 and Taunton at 16.12.
31/07 66021 powered a 6Z70 09.49 Exeter Riverside-St.Blazey freight.

The following were recorded on local china clay trips during the month 66032/073/075/178/212/230.

Wessex Area

01/07 Blue 56006 on the way back from Old Oak Common to the North-east worked a 7G80 07.05 Westbury-Merehead empty wagon train. 66052 was in charge of a 7X66 15.00 Kineton-Eastleigh formed of unit 508123 (ex. store) and at 12.45 the following were in the Westbury area;- 08510. 31468/601/602. 60049. 66023/143/170.
03/07 Steam Dreams 'Cathederal Express' (1Z96 08.45 Clapham junction-Exeter St.Davids) was headed by steam 73096, the loco then running tender first as 5Z97 14.24 Exeter Riverside-Yeovil Junction with support coach S35329 for turning. The purple Poterbrook liveried Deltic D9016 Gordon Highlander, had followed light-engine, and powered the train from Exeter as 1Z97 at 16.48 for Yeovil where 73096 again took over for the return to London.
04/07 47727 was an unusual choice of motive power for the 7O26 10.48 Oxford Hinksey-Eastleigh engineers and 47767 suffered a serious engine-room fire at Hook whilst working a 1Z82 VSOE train. The loco was moved to Basingstoke and assigned for an exam at Hither Green, being collected by 37057 the next day.
05/07 At 13.55 the following were found in the Westbury area;- 08510. 31468/601/602. 60086/094.
60 096. 66 008/021/072/194/229/232.
08/07 The Railtrack liveried, spare Class 31, 31602 was noted attached to the Cardiff-Brighton coaching stock assumed to have been for a Merehead fuel run. 66050 worked a 5Z71 13.00 Eastleigh-Derby train of five repainted MML HST coaches and a 5Z30 09.58 Old Oak Common-Castleton (Midland Railway Centre) move was formed 47781 + steam 34067 Tangmere (for repair)+support coach.
09/07 Steam 4472 Flying Scotsman worked 1Z82 08.50 Victoria-Bath/Bristol as far as Westbury for 67 009 to work onwards. 47778 was reported to have rescued the 6V18 12.31 Hither Green-Westbury stone empties and 59102 worked the Hamworthy-Westbury stone empties. Steam 73096 was back in mainline action, working an 08.30 Poole-Waterloo and 15.13 Waterloo-Poole return trip and Deltic D9009 ran 0Z55 09.00 Barrow Hill-Didcot and 5Z55 15.36 Didcot-Barrow Hill. A top n'tail Class 47 formation visited the Ludgershall branch line with the Serco test train at 08.00.
10/07 47776/732 continued the Serco test train running as 1Z14 07.53 Westbury-Eastleigh (via Castle Cary, Yeovil Pen Mill, Weymouth and return via Westbury).
11/07 60075 handled a Westbury-Appleford stone trip, out and back via Melksham.
12/07 Wessex Trains provided a unit for the 09.08 Westbury-Weymouth and 16.25 return, in place of what should have been the first Fragonset high Summer Class 31 run. There were reports of door problems on the coaching stock preventing their use. A futher view of Westbury, at 11.00 found;- 08510. 31468/601/602. 60041/075/086. 66008/076/170/194. 31 128+31 190 were also stabled on a 4Z08 ultrasonic test train in top n'tail formation (which worked west during the evening of the following day).
13/07 A First/GW HST formation with power cars 43192/041 was present at Waterloo platform 19, on a test run.
14/07 60041 was on the Hamworthy stone trip and 66153 handled a 7X66 19.25 Didcot-Eastleigh stock move formed of unit 508123.
17/07 66715 was on the Mountfield-Southampton docks gypsum train.
18/07 60041 was reported a failure on the 6W60 18.39 Wool-Eastleigh sand at East Stoke, 33021/202 which were in the area, were reported at first to be the rescue locos! However the loco from the 6V29 Furzebrook- Avonmouth LPG tanks was used to push the failed loco and train back to Wool for 66068 to collect.
19/07 31602/468 top n'tailed the return 2V31 16.25 Weymouth-Westbury Wessex Trains service, seen at Dorchester West at 16.42.
21/07 59104 was on the 7O39 Merehead-Hamworthy stone service.
24/07 Steam 34027 Taw Valley departed Didcot at 21.54, with a diesel pilot, for London and railtour duty the next day.
26/07 66005 was on the Hamworthy stone, and D9016 ran 0Z97 16.05 Alton-Doncaster light for the Works weekend open day. At 13.50, the following were visible at Westbury, 08510. 31601. 59005. 66057/153.
27/07 31602/468 were again on the top n'tail 09.08 Westbury-Weymouth diagram arriving to time at 10.44. Steam 34027 Taw Valley failed on Ludgate bank, Southampton with a 1Z82 09.13 special from Victoria, which had left London 45 minutes down. D1015 which was booked to work part of the trip from Salisbury, was used as pilot loco for the steam on the return journey.
28/07 D9016 returned the Queen of Scots charter stock from Doncaster works as 5Z39 13.00 to Clapham junction, before running light to Alton. 59203 was most unusual power on the 6M23 Fawley-Bromford Bridge bitumen tanks, normally a Class 60 duty. Blue 60011 was used on the 7O26 Didcot-Eastleigh engineers, normally a Class 37 or 66 duty.
29/07 59203 returned overnight on the 6O16 Washwood Heath-Eastleigh tanks and 60041 was on the Marchwood MOD trip. 73136 on a 12.00 Victoria - Southampton special passenger working was assisted by 47757. 59205 was present at Westbury, powering the 6L21 13.08 Merehead-Purfleet stone train the following day.

Postal sets noted

4s (PCV)
94308 94197 94199 94326 94320 94211 94216 94323
94311 94148 94177 94338 94334 94483 94160 94309
94331 94176 94214 94332 94310 94228 94172 94319
94302 94150 94198 94336 94325 94168 94119 94303

94539 94226 94203 94110 94453 94544 94121 94209 94103 94534


Cardiff Central

02/07 170399 in pink Birmingham livery worked 1V12 08:39 from Nottingham and 1M78 12:50 return.
04/07 170399 re-appeared on 2B62 05:40 from Worcester and 1M59 07:50 to Nottingham.
22/07 170514 worked 07:50 to Nottingham, 170516 the 06:03 from Grantham, 170517 the 08:39 from Nottingham and 170522 the 07:10 from Lincoln
25/07 31602 hauled and 31468 pushed 1V96 17:00 from Brighton.
28/07 56099 did 6V19.
29/07 66173/250 hauled 10 Mk2s as 5Z50 14:25 Didcot-Margam.

Cardiff Canton (viewed from the footbridge)

06/07 08493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37410/412/413/415/419/509. 47734. 66032/044/090/120/205/221. 67014. 221105
13/07 08493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37412/413/415/417/419/509/667.
60051. 66173. Coaches: 1679. 3119/23.
20/07 08493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37402/412/413/415/419/509.
47734. 60051. 66089/105. 67001.
27/07 08493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37412/413/415/417/419/509.
60001/078/098. 66032. 67001/010.

Sims Metals

18/07 Class 421: Car 76043(1703) plus the frame of ?????
25/07 Class 421: Unidentified MBS.


01/07 56102 and 66229 were noted at Godfrey Road.
04/07 60089 had 46035 and 47853 as part of 6M75 ADJ-Warrington Arpley.
05/07 37417, 56107, 60047/051/076, 66025/160/215/241 were at Godfrey Road.
10/07 47787 hauled the Royal Train up the Machen branch for overnight stabling, with 47798 on the rear.
11/07 47798 hauled the Royal Train off the Machen branch en-route for Hereford.
29/07 67009 hauled 4H81 13:19 ADJ-Avonmouth.
30/07 56099 worked 6M75.
04/07 09102. 31468/602. 46035. 47853. 57009. 60004/069/076/091. 66179/205.
11/07 31468/602. 56078. 57008. 60051/058/067. 66020/038/167/205.
18/07 31468/602. 37410. 57009. 60010/052/054/062. 66075.
25/07 47358. 60008/035/052/081/086/094. 66152/173/207/239/250.

Units noted during the month



01/07 37410 worked 2F03 06:59 from Rhymney, 1B96 10:47 to Fishguard, 1R38 13:35 Fishguard-Rhymney. 37422 did 2F05 07:17 from Rhymney and 2R42 17:11 return. 37417 hauled 2F06 07:40 from Rhymney and 37402 2R46 17:47 to Rhymney. 37890 was on the 4B24 14.04 Didcot-Wentloog MOD train.
02/07 37402 operated 1B96 and 1R38
04/07 37410 did 2F03, 37417 2F05, 37402 1B96 and 1R38.
05/07 37422 worked 1B96 09:11 Rhymney-Fishguard (SO) and 1R38 13:55 return with 9503, 5773, 5905, 5791. 37408 worked Saturday diagrams on the Rhymney line.
07/07 37408 did 1B96 and 1R38. 37402 was on 2R42 and 37422 2R46. 37417 did 6B71 09:15 ADJ-Cardiff Docks and 6B64 12:15 return
08/07 37410 hauled 1B96 and 1R38. 37408 operated 2R42 and 37422 2R46.
09/07 37408 worked 1B96 and 1R38. 37410 did 2R42 and 37422 2R46.
10/07 37422 operated 2F05, 1B96, 1R38. 37410 was on 2F03 and 37408 2F06.
10/07 Some other 37/4 locations during the day were;- 37402 Cf-ok, 37411 Fort William sleeper loco, 37417 Newport-ok, 37425 Cf-B exam. Also 37886 was on 6Y21 Ludgershall-Eastleigh MOD and 37890 Cf-exam.
11/07 37203 worked a 6L41 13.35 Didcot-Temple Mills train formed of 48 MHA wagons. 37408 did 2F05, 1B96, 1R38. 37402 was on 2F03 and 2R42, with 37422 hauling 2F06. 37057/890 hauled 6V19 18:04 Immingham-Margam.
12/07 37402 worked the Saturday 1B96 and 1R38, hauling 9526, 5814, 5752/92 in Inter City livery. 37408 and 37422 covered various diagrams on the Rhymney line.
14/07 37057 powered a 6O19 06.57 Didcot-Ludgershall MOD train formed of 18 empty flats and 6V39 09.48 return and 37051/886 headed a 6Z48 18.30 Kingston-Eastleigh engineers. Blue 37308 was on the 6Y26 08.31 Eastleigh-Quidhampton trip and 6Y27 10.28 five tank return. Other Class workings today were;- 37694/674 on the 7Y40 15.51 Eastleigh-Hoo junction (with 47727 unconfirmed as dit) and 37890, again on the 4B24 Didcot-Wentloog MOD stores (Swindon 16.10). The same loco was rostered to work the 4B24 again the next day but failed at Didcot, 66234 taking over. 37408 worked 2F03, 1B96 and 1R38 hauling 9520, 6067, 5976, 6064 in VT livery. On the journey from Fishguard, the loco shut down when it was stopped at a signal outside Bridgend and a restart was required. The engine needed another restart when it stopped in Bridgend station and the train coasted to a halt 10 minutes later with the engine again silent. The driver made several attempts to restart, without success, he then called the signaller from a nearby signal post telephone. A further attempt managed to coax the engine into life and the train continued slowly to Pontyclun station where it halted. The driver walked back to speak to the conductor and it was then announced that the service would terminate there - all change! The train then left ECS for Canton. It was followed closely by the delayed 15:30 Swansea-Paddington and then a Milford Haven-Manchester service. Much to the disgust of passengers on the Fishguard service, W&B decided not to stop this at Pontyclun to pick up the stranded passengers, who were eventually collected some 40 minutes after arriving by a Maesteg-Cardiff service. It was later learnt that the radiator fan on the 37 had failed, leading to overheating on what was a very hot day. 37422 did 2F05 and 2R46, 37402 2F06 and 2R38 (covering for 37408), whilst 37417 took over the Fishguard stock at Canton to work 2R46.
15/07 37410 on the 6C91 Newport-Bridgwater three wagon trip failed at Day's junction with high engine temperature (low coolant). 47734 was handily placed at nearby Barton Hill to pilot the 37 and train onwards. The return working using the same loco combination did not however, leave Bridgwater until 17.30, nearly four hours late! 37417 hauled 2F03, 1B96 and 1R38. 37422 did 2F05 and 2R42, 37402 2F06 and 2R46. 37408 worked 7M82 ADJ-Crewe Basford Hall engineers train.
16/07 Some morning local Class locations were;- 37057 6B36 06.57 Didcot-Ashchurch MOD (and 0A32 light-engine return), 37051 EH-exam, 37114 Sy-ok, 37308 Eh-ok, 37402 1B96 Rhymney-Fishguard passenger, 37408 Cf-ok, 37410 Cf-oos, 37422/425 Rhymney passenger locos, 37425 Cf-exam.
17/07 37410 was again on the 6C91/6C92 Bridgwater trip freights, this time without failing! and 37114/216 were allocated the 4V27 10.16 Longbridge-Swindon and 4M08 14.12 Swindon-Longbridge 'cube' car parts trains. This allocation was apparently cancelled, the locos then working a Bordesley trip, but then worked 4V41 20.25 Longbridge-Swindon and 4M37 01.51 Swindon-Longbridge 'cubes'! 37417 did 2F03, 1B96 and 1R38 hauling 5791, 5905, 5773, 9503 in VT livery. 37422 operated 2F05 and 37402 2F06.
18/07 37422 worked 2F05, 1B96 and 1R38. 37408 did 2F03 and 2R46, 37417 2F06 and 2R42. Mainline-blue 37065 was on the 7V27 Didcot-Eastleigh engineers.
19/07 37422 did 1B96 (SO) and 1R38.
21/07 37503 was on the 4B24 MOD stores, and return 4A25 passing Cattybrook at 20.25. To take people to the Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells, 37408 worked 1Z37 06:08 Rhymney-Llandrindod via the Swansea District Line and Hendy Curve hauling five ex-VT Mk2e's (an unusual sight on Valley Lines - four coaches is the maximum allowed, so the rear coach was locked OOU until Cardiff). The railheads on Hendy Curve were coated with thick rust and it was debatable whether the train would operate the track circuits! The train called at all stations up the Heart of Wales line from Pontarddulais to Llandrindod. This included Sugar Loaf halt, where the guard's door was the only access (nobody boarded or alighted there). The train returned as 1Z38 17:45 Llandrindod - Rhymney. 2F03 and 2R46 were covered by units, 37417 did 2F05, 1B96 and 1R38, with 37422 on 2F06.
22/07 37402 in 'cream' livery was a colourful sight on 1Z37 and 1Z38, with many photographers turning out to photograph it en-route. 37408 did 2F05, 37417 2F06 and 37422 2R42. 37694/717 were at either end of 6Z07 09:18 Crewe South Yard-Canton weed killer train. 37410 worked 6B64 10:00 Cardiff-ADJ and then 6M82 ADJ-Crewe. 37890 was on a 11.05 Didcot-Eastleigh welded rail train and 37 503 did a repeat run on the 4B24. 37057 handled the 7O26 Oxford Hinksey-Eastleigh engineers, but 60041 worked the return 7V27.
23/07 37694/717 were present on Canton depot having arrived in top n'tail formation on a weed-killing special (7Z12). The train was booked to run to Avonmouth and Tytherington during the evening, but this was cancelled. 37042/114 were another pairing, this time on the 7V27 Eastleigh-Didcot and 6M82 Hinksey yard-Bescot departmental service. Canton's "flagship" loco, 37422 Cardiff Canton worked 1Z37 and 1Z38. Despite having been in service for over four months, the loco still looked immaculate. 37402 did 2F05, 1B96 and 1R38, 37408 2F06, 37417 2R42.
24/07 37417 was chosen for the final 1Z37 and 1Z38. The loco was in fine form and put in a stirring performance climbing up to Sugar Loaf tunnel. 37422 did 2F05, 1B96 and 1R38, with 37402 on 2F06.
24/07 Having run light west, 37717 departed Bridgwater at 11.15 on the 6C92 Newport trip formed of four wagons and routed via the Weston-super-Mare loop. 37503 was on the 7O26 Hinksey-Eastleigh departmental and 37057 on the 6Y20 10.06 Eastleigh-Ludgershall MOD.
25/07 37216 powered a 6G77 08.59 Oxford Hinksey yard-Reading West yard engineers, formed tool van 200931, ballast cleaner 76323, runner 92282, cleaner 76324 and runner 92283. The machines were heading for Reading depot and servicing following use on the West Coast mainline. 37402 hauled 2F03, 37417 2F05/1B96/1R38, 37422 2F06. 31602 hauled and 31468 pushed 1V96 17:00 from Brighton.
26/07 37402 did the Saturday 1B96 and 1R38, with 37408/417/425 working various services on the Rhymney line. 37425 had a fuel supply problem, which gave the loco a very visible exhaust! 37890/707 worked Pathfinders 'Doncaster Detour', 1Z27 06.05 Westbury-York excursion, leaving 45 minutes late following the inward ECS arrival late at 06.00! The train formed of 13 Riviera choc/cream MkIs was recorded passing Narroways junction at 07.32 (35 minutes down).
27/07 The return 5Z28 10.47 Westbury-Crewe ECS was delayed due to the locos having to run light-engine for fuel to Barton Hill.
28/07 37408 operated 1B96 and 1R38, 37402 2R42, 37417 2R46. 37717 was most unusual power in place of the normal Class 67 on the 1B33 19.26 Bristol Parkway RMT-Swansea mails. 37670 worked a 6Z67 14.55 Eastleigh-Didcot special freight and 37216 was on the 6A64 07.00 Didcot-Appleford and 7O65 10.27 Appleford-Didcot return.
29/07 37417 worked 1B96 and 1R38, 37402 2R42, 37408 2R46.
30/07 37408 did 1B96 and 1R38, 37422 2R42, 37402 2R46. 37410 ran as 6Z40 Newport ADJ-Gloucester New yard (via Bristol Parkway) with three steel bodied vans, to collect a 6Z50 19.00 return cripple trip. The three wagons were to act as brake runners, the consist for collection being 66058 and a 100 ton slab wagon, leaving Gloucester at 20.05, again via Parkway for Newport.
31/07 37408 hauled 1B96 and 1R38, 37425 2R42, 37422 2R46.
37 410 was again on the 6C91 and 6C92 Bridgwater trips.

Class 47/57

10/07 The Fist/GW fleet were located as follows;- 47811 (1A99 sleeper loco), 47813 Old Oak Common- shunt loco, 47815 Pm-ok, 47832 (1C99 sleeper loco), 57601 Le-ok (having arrived as 0Z86 ex St. Phillips Marsh).
16/07 Some locations of the Virgin and First/GW fleet were as follows;- 47810/830 Sy-ok, 47816/828 Lo-ok, 47826-Ml, 47840 Stafford 'thunderbird' 47841 Cd-exam, 47851 Edge Hill-ok, 47811 (1C99), 47813 Old Oak Common- shunt loco, 47815 Pm, allox. 5Z70 ECS to Old Oak Common, 57601 Le-ok, 47832 (1A99).

Other news is that Class 67 locos are expected to take over on all VSOE workings from Class 47s in early August.


Avon - Calvert Binliner
03/07 66528.

6V14 Mossend or Crewe Gresty lane to Portbury and return 6S41 cars.
30/06 66545. 01/07 47805. 03/07 66545. 04/07 66506/545.
07/07 66563. 08/07 66523. 09/07 66563. 11/07 66563. 14/07 66525.
20/07 66515. 21/07 66515. 23/07 66515. 28/07 66525. 30/07 66525.

4V50 and 4O51 Millbrook-Wentloog and return containers.
01/07 57006. 07/07 66536. 09/07 57011. 10/07 57011. 11/07 57002.
15/07 47355. 22/07 57012. 24/07 57003. 30/07 57010.

6V20/6M37 Hope sidings-Moorswater and return cement.
03/07 66563. 07/07 66716. 09/07 66545. 14/07 66545. 16/07 66545.
21/07 66545. 28/07 66518. 30/07 66549.

6M16 13.08 Southampton-Crewe automotive.
04/07 47805. 07/07 47805. 10/07 47197. 11/07 47270. 15/07 47197.
16/07 47829. 17/07 47279. 18/07 47270. 23/07 47847. 26/0747847.

Other sightings

03/07 On hire 47843 worked the Bristol Kingsland road (leaving with empty flats only, at 11.15)-Westbury and Millbrook cement, returning late at 18.00. 66506 was reported vandalised with graffiti in Kingsland road and is now expected to receive a new livery variation on repainting based on the Shanks refuse container colour scheme.
04/07 47847 worked Mossend-Crewe empty car flats. 07/07 66501 + 47355 were paired on the 4O29 14.14 Trafford Park-Southampton liner.
08/07 On hire 47355 worked 4R19 14.36 Felixstowe-Ipswich containers, with Wentloog wagons included in the formation.
10/07 47843 was at Kingsland road for cement duty, returning from Millbrook at 18.25. 57007 departed from Westbury at 19.25, light for Merehead and generator repairs.
11/07 47279 was on the 6M80 Dagenham-Calvert containers and 47828/805 passed Hest bank on 6M25 14.36 Mossend-Crewe empty car-carriers
14/07 47843 worked the 6O77 cement to Millbrook passing Warminster at 08.52. The train did not return from Millbrook.
16/07 47843 was used on the 4O27 05.21 Trafford Park-Southampton liner, repeating the duty during the following day.
21/07 66545/716 (on loan to Freightliner) ran as 0V20 12.22 Basford Hall-Hope sidings (66 545 eventually powering the 6V20 Moorswater cement) and the 6V77 cement was still caped at Millbrook.
24/07 47843 worked the 6O77 Millbrook cement and 6V77 return. 27/07 47843, 66528 and 66602 were present in Kingsland road sidings around mid-day.
31/07 47843 was back on the 4O27 05.20 Trafford Park-Southampton liner, 47358 was on hire to Freightliner Heavy-Haul to cover the Westbury-Millbrook (4V77) cement duty.


Barton Hill

The depot, which appears to have a secure future despite the Royal Mail announcement for the end of mail by rail, is to be the base for the Royal Scotsman, normally Scottish-based, land-cruise stock for part of next year. Also a top n'tail Class 37 sandite formation is to be based here for this years leaf fall Autumn season.

Preservation & Industrial Matters

03/07 The following were visible in the sidings at Carnforth;- 37095/188/359. 47194/709/854.
05/07 The Dartmoor Railway company held an open-day with passenger workings between Meldon quarry and Okehampton station using 73134 and 08937 Bluebell Mel during the day. A jazz trip ran to Coleford junction during the evening at 19.15.
08/07 Steam 75014 was seen on a road low loader on the M5 near Micheal Wood services at 19.15, heading for the Torbay Steam railway. The loco has been purchased by the railway and was recorded in use on the line three days later.
14/07 Steam 5637 was seen heading south on the M5 over the Avonmouth bridge at 16.25.
15/07 Mainline preserved D1015 Western Champion was expected to have TPWS tests via the WO Old Oak Common-Barton Hill vans, but this was cancelled. A 0Z52 Old Oak Common-Old Oak Common light-engine trip was however organised, running via Greenford and Reading (11.23).
Correction to last month's Magazine;- The Blaise Castle railway stock an equipment went to Windmill Animal Farm, Red Cat Lane, Burscough and not as previously stated.

Departmental & Track Machines

11/07 Flax Bourton 'Old station';- Bradshaw 24, 76. Philmor 2079, 2157. Webb rail boss 06, 07.
28/07 Marsh junction (view);- 6336. DR73902. DR75001. DR82100.

Freight-Flow news

Stone traffic
The Saturdays Tytherington stone trip to Westbury is to finish so Hanson, the quarry operator can save on weekend overtime costs. The working will now take place on a Friday.

Steel traffic
A Margam-Orb (on the Uskmouth branch) EWS steel trial is to take place with a possible August start, using a brake van for propelling movements along the branch. Scrap metal is to dealt with again at the Celsa (former Cardiff ASW) works using 100 ton Tiphook wagons.

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