04/10 66220 worked an early afternoon trip to Newport formed of the two bogie sulphuric acid tankers used on the Avonmouth-Dalry circuit working.

11/10 37707 was rare power for the 6M14 14.38 loaded coal MEAs to Rugby the train leaving Benett's coal yard just after 13.20. Earlier 66 003 had worked a cripple trip to Newport, formed one acid tank, two loaded coal MGR hoppers, four empty coal MGR hoppers and an EWS empty container flat.

12/10 56078 was a most unusual sight with the 6Z45 08.52 Benett's yard-Rugeley power station loaded coal MGR service. The train did not leave until after 11.00. Benett's yard has been regularly providing power station coal this year being loaded by mechanical grab, other locations being served have been West Burton and Aberthaw.

30/10 37418 worked the 4E40 Tyne yard containers standing in for a failed Class 66. Locomotives recorded on coal trains during October;- 37707 56078 60003/004/007/030/035/061. 66004/009/041/054/071/080/086/128/130/132/145/164/172/174 66182/190/195/211/243. Local pilots were 08653/896. 08685 was reported during the month to be part of the WSGW pool (E Exam) at Cardiff and destined for use at Avonmouth. Bristol Parkway

02/10 37042 worked the 6T51 Didcot-Stoke Gifford departmental trip.

03/10 Green liveried 60081 powered the 6M17 16.38 Newport ADJ-Wembley freight.

04/10 60044 worked today's 6M17.

05/10 37042 headed another Stoke Gifford-Didcot engineers trip (6T50), this time being routed via Bath during the early afternoon.

08/10 The 1M56 08.46 Penzance-Manchester Virgin XC service was headed by the last Class 47 in IC colours, 47 826 complete with seven coaches similarly coloured.

12/10 60036 was today's 6M17 loco. 15/10 66029 worked the 6C35 Tytherington Quarry-Westbury stone service.

16/10 67010 passed around 09.10 with what appeared to be a Virgin XC ECS (possibly the stock from the Temple Meads-Edinburgh service?).

17/10 37042 was again recorded on an engineers train, working the 6T50 12.15 Stoke Gifford-Didcot and 37 418 headed the afternoon Didcot-Cardiff Tidal fuel tanks. 18/10 37042 made yet another appearance on a further engineers working, 6T51, 16.35 Stoke Gifford-Didcot.

20/10 58030 was in charge of the Tytherington-Westbury stone service.

22/10 67003 and 67013 were present in the RM Railnet terminal with the 1S81 16.05 departure to Shieldmuir (Glasgow). Only one loco took the train forward. The 1E31 08.21 Paignton-Newcastle (from Newton Abbot) and 1V65 15.50 Newcastle-Plymouth was a loco and stock, in place of an HST set being top and tailed by 47810 + 47854. The return working which ran out/back over the Paignton branch was well over an hour late on arrival at Plymouth. 23/10 67028 + 47793 were paired on today's 1S81 25/10 37886 was rostered for the 4B24 15.35 Didcot-Wentloog and 4A25 MOD stores train.

26/10 Two Voyager sets were seen heading north during the late afternoon.

27/10 66007 headed the Tytherington-Westbury stone service. 28/10 Steam loco 6233 Duchess of Sutherland returned north following railtour duty as 14.12 Barton Hill-MRC Butterley loco and support coach.

29/10 58020 was seen shunting the sidings during the morning and 60038 headed the 6V70 10.00 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight during the afternoon.

30/10 The 1C28 11.33 Paddington-Swansea First/GW service was formed of a complete set of newly painted First Group stock (excluding one power car). By the end of October 40703, 41005/006, 42069/070/071 42118, 43003/029/032/041/042, 44023, were all in new colours whilst power car 43140 was the next in line for the new colour scheme. 42000 was also seen during the month near the wheel-lathe at St.Phillips Marsh also so treated. 31/10 47737 + 47759 top and tailed a South Wales bound Serco test-train at 12.15.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

01/10 Loadhaul liveried 60059 + 66191 double-headed the 6V70 10.00 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight loaded to 13 wagons. A Voyager set, 220016 worked 5Z21 10.05 Barton-under-Needwood-Plymouth and return 5Z22 15.55 Plymouth-Bristol Barton Hill driver training run whilst newly liveried power-car 43029 formed part of the 18.15 Paddington-Bristol Temple Meads First/GW service. Over at St.Phillips Marsh a Railtrack single-car dmu was visible.

02/10 58025 worked the 6C40 Newport ADJ-Westbury fly-ash via Day's curve during the early afternoon and 66135 headed a 13 wagon 6V70. During the late evening a Voyager set (possibly 016) was visible on Barton Hill depot.

03/10 60059 made a repeat appearance on the 6V70, the formation including two EWS flask escort coaches and 66135 headed the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine china clay slurry tanks. 47721 powered a 5V20 Willesden-Barton Hill stock move. 60017 was unusual on the 6V91 Hope Sidings-Moorswater cement and 47778 was a rare choice for a 6Z62 14.00 Stanton & Sandiacre-Tavistock Junction seven wagon engineers special, running nearly two hours early! 66091 headed the 6M72. Pullman coaches Lucille, Minerva, Gwen, Vera, Cygnus, Perseus, Ione, Audrey, Phoenix, Zena were in platform 15 at Temple Meads having water tanks refilled at 15:30. 67010 was at the front, with generator car 6313 (which was running despite the loco having ETH) immediately behind it. At the rear of the train was Baggage Car No. 11.

04/10 57601 ran light during the afternoon from Landore-Penzance, whilst 47721 ran 0Z47 14.35 Barton Hill depot-Tavistock yard light to collect 47778 then booked as 0F74 18.06 return to Barton Hill. 47778 had worked an engineer's train into Tavistock yard the previous day. 66514 worked via Day's curve during the late afternoon with a Machen-Westbury ballast working and earlier 66 016 had passed this way with an extra 6Z33 14.20 Westbury-Robeston Murco tanks. 60059 + 66131 were later paired with the 6M72 16.55 St.Blazey-Cliffe Vale freight and another complete IC liveried train, the 1S93 15.35 Temple Meads-Edinburgh was worked by 47 826. Two Fragonset 47 workings of note were; 47703 with a 5M98 Plymouth Laira-Longsight stock move and 47709 on the 1C50 15.42 Paddington-Exeter First/GW service which failed at Nailsea & Backwell, being reported still present after 19.00. The train reached Taunton 134 minutes late and was terminated. 43002 was reported as the second power car to be seen carrying the new First/GW bus or 'barbie' livery as it has been nicknamed! Other freight services were 66250 with the 6V70 and 20307 + 20310 on the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.

05/10 60059 powered today's 6V70. 06/10 The 1M40 11.50 Plymouth-Liverpool Vigin XC service was cancelled and 4741 which worked the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth formed the 1E38 14.10 Plymouth-Newcastle service instead of an HST set. The 1M56 08.46 Penzance-Manchester service was also cancelled at Plymouth, the reasons were thought to be because of crew shortages. The 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington slurry tanks today started at 04.15 from Lostwithiel.

08/10 60064 headed the 6V70, 66 166 the 6V41 Irvine-Burngullow slurry tanks and 60 041 the 6M72, which included two flask escort coaches. 66 027 hauled the 6V91 Hope sidings-Moorswater cement. 57 601 had earlier appeared on the 1A99 Penzance-Paddington sleeper.

09/10 66016 worked the Newport-Bridgwater trip freight consisting of two wagons, one a continental registered bogie-flat with roofing materials and a Cargowagon collected en-route at Avonmouth. 58 009 headed the Westbury-Newport 'fly-ash', 66143 the 6V70 and 57601 the 1C50 15.42 Paddington-Exeter service. 10/10 66133 was the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurries, 60059 the 6V70 and 60064 the 6M72 57601 was back on the regular 1A28 06.30 Plymouth-Paddington and 1C50 15.42 Paddington-Exeter services. 11/10 47799 headed a 1Z82 09.57 Victoria-Exeter (13.45) and return 1Z83 16.41 Exeter-Victoria 'Nothern Belle' at least one way was routed via Bristol. Some of the newly delivered Class 66/5s were booked to run as 0Z66 11.47 Newport-Southampton via Day's curve, but delays at sea saw the move cancelled. 57601 again worked the 1A28 and 1C50 diagram. 37707 worked 6M14 Avonmouth-Rugby coal.

12/10 58009 worked a 6Z45 12.30 Westbury-Newport ADJ engineers train made up of track components and empty flats. The loco returned later with a loaded CWR train with rail destined for use in Cornwall. 60 059 again worked the 6V70, and 60 064 the 6M72 including wagons collected off the Heathfield branch earlier in the day. The 1V50 08.40 Glasgow-Penzance service on arrival at Penzance returned north as 20.33 to Plymouth due to an engineering blockade. 56078 worked Avonmouth-Rugeley MGR.

13/10 66227 was seen passing Saltford at 17.24 with the Furzebrook-Hallen Marsh LPG tanks. An early evening Paignton-Cardiff Central service was formed of 153323 + 153353, the former carrying Central Trains brandings. Pathfinders 'Plym-Exe Express' (1Z47 04.34 Crewe-Plymouth, with 47757 as far as Westbury) was in trouble on the return when 67011 had to replace 5029 Nunney Castle following a tender derailment in Tavistock yard following watering and coaling. The loco was however allowed to return north to Barton Hill depot, arriving around 23.00 with support coach for an examination.

14/10 220004 was noted at Barton Hill.

15/10 66143 worked 0G71 Drinnick Mill-Keyham to work 6X40 04.22 Keyham-Sellafield single submarine flask reactor, being later seen near Bristol Parkway at 13.00 (booked time here 14.05). The 06.50 Oxford-Temple Meads Thames service, worked by an unidentified Turbo unit was terminated at Swindon due to a defective windscreen wiper! Passengers had a 40 minute wait for the 08.14 departure to Bristol. 47732 was used on the 1M59 09.40 Bristol-Warrington vans and the 1V50 08.40 Glasgow-Penzance service was terminated at Plymouth because of the lack of a driver to take the train onwards. 47 849+47 841 top n'tailed the 1M56 08.40 Penzance-Manchester (noted Yatton 13.04) and 66145 was seen heading west light for the Bridgwater trip (Yatton 12.29).

17/10 57601 worked the 1A28 06.30 Plymouth-Paddington, 66203 the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks (Yatton 14.04) and 66191 a four-wagon 6V70 (Yatton 15.23). 47759 departed with the 1O92 15.54 VSOE to Victoria.

18/10 66514 worked the afternoon Machen-Westbury ballast train, now running T,Th,SO, and the 6V70 was headed by 60064 + 66212 (Highbridge 16.40) which included two EWS saloons as part of the consist. 20311 + 20308 were paired on the 7V52 01.20 Crewe Basford Hall-Bridgwater flasks and 66 156 was later to round Day's curve with the Westbury-Newport fly-ash. Voyager set 220004 worked a 5Z21 driver test run to Plymouth during the afternoon. 19/10 47734 + 47778 top n'tailed an early running Serco test-train running as 1Z14 06.07 Exeter-Derby and 66 056 later headed west with the 6V70. Flooding at Dawlish caused some problems with the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth terminated at Exeter and the 1M56 08.40 Penzance-Manchester ran as the 1M40 11.50 Plymouth-Liverpool as far as Birmingham NS. Voyager set 220 004 worked west during the morning and 47 843 on the 1V50 on arrival at Penzance returned to Plymouth as 1Z50 20.33 departure, due to overnight engineering works.

20/10 Flooding, this time in the Severn Tunnel saw diversions via Gloucester including the Machen-Westbury ballast behind 66 511 (Keynsham 15.22) and 60068 with the 6B19 Exeter-Cardiff Tidal sidings scrap service. 60024 was also reported to have been held overnight at Parkway on the 6C24 12.30 Thorney Mill-Briton Ferry stone service. Castle class loco 5051 Earl Bathurst made it's first visit to Temple Meads since GW150 year 1985 during the day on the locos return to mainline run (1Z53 04.55 Crewe-Temple Meads and 1Z27 15.46 return, inward via Badminton and return via Bath). The steam loco had taken over the train at Oxford from Royal Class 47, 47 798. The coaching stock used was the chocolate and cream Riviera set. 66525 worked the Binliner.

21/10 An 0Z77 15.15 St.Phillips Marsh-Laira stock move (initially thought to be booked for 57 601, which was to have run to Bristol light), was formed 43017+43020+43163+barrier van 6336.

22/10 A major signalling failure between Exeter and Newton Abbot caused some northbound delays the fault being rectified by 11.00. The 1M56 08.46 Penzance-Manchester was started from Birmingham New Street formed of loco 47747 and stock from the 1V50 08.40 Glasgow-Penzance. Both trains had been cancelled in the West Country because of a lack of train crew. 60064 worked the 6V70.

23/10 Central Trains branded 153 320 was seen working Temple Meads-Weston-super-Mare local services and 66 056 headed the 6V70. 67017 ran 0F74 10.36 Barton Hill-Barton Hill (via Taunton Fairwaters) the reason unknown. 57601 continued working the 1A28/1C50 and Fragonset 47701 headed the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth. 47829 headed the 1E31 08.21 Paignton-Newcastle (from Newton Abbot) with coaching stock instead of an hst set, returning with the 1V65 15.50 Newcastle-Paignton. 66056 worked the 6M72 St.Blazey-Cliffe Vale freight and earlier 66191 the 6S55, 60064 the 6V70 and 20308 + 20311 the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask service. 24/10 66022 worked the 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington slurry tanks. 25/10 The 1M07 05.35 Plymouth-Birmingham NS was a loco and coaches inplace of an HST set and Voyager sets 220 009+220 026 worked west on a Barton-under-Needwood-Plymouth and return crew training outing. 47829 was declared a failure at Plymouth with the 1E61 15.50 Sheffield service, the loco suffering a power loss in the leading cab. 66056 headed the 6V70 during the afternoon and Manline blue 60078 worked the 6V62 Fawley-Margam fuel tanks via Day's curve, normally a Class 66 duty.

26/10 EWS/RES 47793 piloted a failed HST set with power cars 43123 + 43195 on the 1E27 06.03 Virgin XC service as far as Birmingham New Street, the loco returning topping 47722 on the 1V39 06.40 York-Temple Meads. 47722 then continued the diagram on the 1E33 12.10 service to Newcastle. 56063 was an unusual sight on the Bridgwater trip passing at 10.25 with steel bogie flats and returning at 12.23 with a single bogie flat empty. The loco then running to Avonmouth to later work forward the 6M75 16.04 enterprise freight service to Warrington. Steam loco 6233 Duchess of Sutherland running as 09.00 Crewe-Barton Hill arrived around 14.30 in readiness for railtour duty the next day. 60064 worked the 6V70.

27/10 67019 brought in Pastime Rail's 'Mayflower' (1Z33 07.15 Paddington-Plymouth) for 6233 Duchess of Sutherland to take forward departing to time at 09.48. The train was formed of BN91 blood/custard coaches and returned again to time as 1Z34 16.43 Plymouth-Paddington. Another railtour to work in the area during the day, was Pathfinder's 'Tone Bone' (1Z46 07.01 Crewe-Taunton and return 1Z27 17.10 Taunton-Crewe). The motive power list during the day for this trip was as follows; 56 063 Crewe-Swindon (via Kemble), 66156 Swindon-Westbury(via Melksham), 58030 Westbury-Taunton(via Castle Cary, Yeovil Pen Mill and Junction, Honiton to Exeter), 67026 + 59203 Taunton-Newport(via Temple Meads-up through line and the Severn Tunnel), 60062 Newport-Gloucester(via Chepstow) and 56063 Gloucester-Crewe. C/Stock used was;- 4902, 5029, 4963, 5040, 4927` W5009, 1863, W21272, 3098, W3140, 3112, W3122 + W6310. 66022 worked the 6M68 and the 1V49 08.15 Edinburgh-Penzance Virgin XC service was a loco (47 831) and stock instead of an HST, but on arrival at Birmingham NS an HST set took over running 119 minute late!.

29/10 Voyagers 220001 + 220003 worked 14.15 Plymouth-Barton-under-Needwood, whilst earlier 47813 was piloted onwards from Bristol by 47 816 on the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper.

30/10 66114 worked the Westbury-St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks. 31/10 58047 headed the 6C40 Newport-Westbury fly-ash and 66 511 the Machen-Westbury ballast, both via Day's curve during the afternoon. 47 727+47 781 were earlier reported paired on the 1M59 09.40 RES vans to Warrington. Devon

13/10 At 09.30 the following were visible on St.Blazey depot; 08798/941. 60059. 66067/166/191. 67018. 15/10 Wagons (or wagon?) on the 6G86 headed by 66064 became derailed between Crediton and Cowley Bridge junction. 16/10 47816 was moved by road from Penzance to possibility Exeter, via Okehampton.

18/10 37689 worked 6G10 Lostwithiel-Fowey china clay CDAs and return 6P13 17.10 Fowey-Parkandillack. 23/10 60028 was rostered for the 6G85 Westbury-Meldon ballast empties, but is was thought that this type of loco was not cleared for the branchline! The loco returned light to Westbury (0F75) and 66 029 ran 0G85 05.12 Westbury-Exeter. The return 6G85 left Meldon eventually 96 minutes late. 27/10 A 1Z28 Letchworth-Paignton excursion was cancelled the reason was unknown.

29/10 66144 worked the Meldon-Westbury ballast, now headcoded 6G97 and return 6G98.

MOD Traffic

03/10 58030 worked a 6Z40 Didcot-Long Marston trip formed of two tank wagons. This was the first working to this location for a number of years.

15/10 37418 headed a 6Z40 14.20 Long Marston-Didcot (6Z40), assumed to be the two tank wagons returning. The loco returned light from Didcot to Newport the next day.

18/10 58033 worked a Didcot-Ashchurch special, another location which had not seen any traffic for some months. The loco returned light to Didcot.

31/10 58020 powered a 6X32 Didcot-Ashchurch train formed of army vehicles. The loco returned another train to Didcot, consisting of some vehicles and stores after 13.00. Portishead Branch

22/08 66191 worked a previously unrecorded ballast working dropping at various points as far as Ham Green tunnel. This was the second last ballast drop on the branchline. Some information is now available for the first workings over the branchline;- 10/12-14/12 and 16/12-18/12 EWS light-engine driver training/route learning trips. 11/12 Booked day for the visit of a track recording Serco DMU. 20/12 A Class 66 is to bring in a selection of wagons into the terminal for use over the branchline for clearance tests. Also the Industrial Railway Museum's 0-6-ST Portbury is to make a test run along the branch (having been brought in by road) from Portbury to Parson;s Street. Three Riviera chocolate/cream coaches are to be used. 21/12 The official opening day on the branch, using a Class 66 and Portbury top n'tailing and the steam loco working a solo three coach run from Parson's Street to Portbury around 10.00, with the Ministry of Transport John Spellar on board along with other officials. 04/01/02 Friday. The first day of freight operation-seven MGR coal departures for the Midlands and Fifoots. 05/01 The Festive Freighter, a Pathfinder Railtours trip from Crewe over the branch has now been put back to 08/06. 02/03 A further railtour by Hertfordshire tours is still set to run. It is not known whether this train could also be put back to later in the year(?) as Pathfinder still bill their train as the first along the branch and into the dock! Work is generally nearing completion, by mid-October the crossing warning lights and barriers had been fitted to the level-crossing at Ashton, whilst rebuilding of the occupation crossing at nearby Containers is underway. Work on fencing along the branch continues and by the end of the month only a small section of track was to be laid inside the dock area. The new embankment's track is to be ballasted by road/rail dumper vehicles.

Sharpness Branchline

05/10 The nuclear flask trip was worked by 20307 + 20310. 12/10 20306 + 20313 worked today's flask working.


04/11 A.F.S (Amey) Road/Rail Permaquip/Land Rover P 758 GNN, Hydrex Case 688P 2394 (CGG0003663/91). Sighted on a low-loader at Taunton Dean southside service was graffiti covered CE Staff & Dormitory van DE 320888. This was en route to Bere Ferrers Station Museum, Devon from storage at Ipswich WRD.

Locomotives and Units

The Class 47 Count

Fragonset - 47701/709.

Virgin XC - 47722/741/747/750/769/805/810/814/817/818/822 47826/828/829/839/840/841/843/844/848/849/853 47854.

EWS/RES - 47721/727/73/734/737/759/778/781/793/798/799. First/GW - 47813/816. 57601.

Local Unit Count 143603/611/613/618/619/620/621/622/623. 150221/232/234/236/238/239/240/241/243/244/248/251/253/254 150263/265/278. 153305/308/320/323/355/373/382. 158745/746/815/816/817/822/823/825/826/830/831/832/833/836 158837/838/839/840/841/842/843/863/864/865/866/867/868/869 158871/872. 165129/134. 143603/622/623 all now carry the new Bristol blue livery. 153320/323 both carry Central Trains branding. 158745 now carries burgundy door colours following a repaint. Coaches 52830 and 57869 both carry no front set numbers. Class 67 67003/010/011/013/014/015/017/019/020/021/027. Voyager List All sets known to have worked west of Bristol up to the end of October;- 220001/003/004/005/007/009/016/026.


Cardiff Central

01/10 37419 worked 2R42 17:11 to Rhymney.

02/10 37419 worked 2F06 0744 from Rhymney and 2R42 return.

03/10 170502 worked the 06:54 from Worcester. 37419 again did 2F06 and 2R42.

04/10 37419 was again in charge of 2F06 and 2R42.

05/10 37419 worked 2F06.

06/10 156410 worked the 13:50 to Birmingham.

08/10 37426 hauled 2F06 and 2R42.

09/10 156404 worked the 07:40 to Lincoln. 37426 did 2F06 and 2R42.

10/10 37412/418 worked 6C46 10:10 Aberthaw-Tower Colliery. 37426 was again on 2F06 and 2R42.

11/10 37426 continued on 2F06 and 2R42.

12/10 170631 worked the 11:44 from Nottingham.

13/10 37029/038 worked 1V77 08:33 Manchester Piccadilly-Cardiff to carry fans attending a Wales v Ireland rugby match. They returned on 1Z12 18:15 Cardiff-Crewe. 37412 did 1Z10 07:57 Crewe-Cardiff and 1M94 17:45 Cardiff-Manchester Piccadilly. 37418 worked 1Z11 10:28 Crewe-Cardiff and 1Z75 17:15 Cardiff-Crewe. On Valley Lines, 37419 worked 2F09 07:15 Rhymney-Cardiff, 2R02 08:51 Cardiff-Rhymney, 2F21 10:15 Rhymney-Cardiff etc. hauling 9440, 5478/63/53. It finished with 2R53 20:51 Cardiff-Rhymney. Also in action was 37426 on 2F17 09:15 Rhymney-Cardiff, 2R13 10:51 Cardiff-Rhymney, 2F29 12:15 Rhymney-Cardiff etc. hauling 9448, 5491, 5561, 5487. This finished with 2R49 19:51 Cardiff-Rhymney. There was supposed to be a third loco hauled diagram, but 143624+142010 covered this.

14/10 The first day of Wales & Borders! Central Train liveried 158851 was attached to the rear of the 20:11 to Holyhead, with its destinations display showing Shrewsbury.

15/10 Wessex Trains' 150265 worked the 15:03 Manchester-Maesteg.

16/10 37419 did 2R42. 37412/426 worked Cardiff Tidal-Handsworth scrap. 156417 worked the 07:40 to Lincoln.

17/10 66503 worked 4S81. 37419 hauled 2F06 and 2R42.

19/10 37419 hauled 2R42. 66504 did 4S81.

20/10 59101 was at Canton.

22/10 37419 worked the Rhymneys.

23/10 170632 worked the 11:44 from Nottingham, 170519 the 12:44 from Nottingham and 170514 the 15:00 to Nottingham. Central Trains' 153323 worked the 16:05 to Abergavenny. 66503 was at Wentloog. 37419 worked 2F06 and 37412 2R42.

24/10 37412 worked the Rhymneys.

25/10 37412 did the Rhymneys.

26/10 37412 again did the Rhymneys.

27/10 150104 in Centro livery worked the 16:21 to Maesteg.

29/10 150012 worked the 10:28 from Nottingham, arriving 45 minutes late. 170514 was on the 12:44 from Nottingham. 158746 of Wessex Trains was noted with 52746 named Spirit of the South West. 43032/041 were noted on the 13:00 Paddington-Swansea in FirstGroup pink and purple livery. 66229 worked the Hull Saltend-Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks. 60068 worked Murco tanks west and 66079 was on an MGR.

30/10 170520 worked the 17:05 to Nottingham. 37412 worked 2R42 hauling 5453/63/78, 9440.

31/10 156409 worked the 07:40 to Lincoln and 153366 the 16:12 from Nottingham.


Steel coil trains running on 6B48 Port Talbot to Trostre:

05/11 60018 06/11 56099 07/11 66058 08/11 56095 09/11 56099

There were two appearances by rusty 56099 which was for a long time stored at Doncaster.


06/10 43132 arrived in Platform 1 at 14:35 at the front of the 12:00 Paddington-Swansea (due 13:45) with a dead engine and its rear bodyside covered in oil. There was a smear of black oil down the side of Coach A and specks of black on the windows of coaches B and C. Passengers were transferred to an HST waiting in Platform 2, which left for Cardiff a few minutes later. The failed HST departed west ECS at 14:48, presumably for St Phillips Marsh. 09101, 60036/067, 66128/138/187/190/211/231/237 were at Godfrey Road.

17/10 37418, 66010/045/073/178/220/224 were at Godfrey Road at 22:30.

20/10 66511 worked 7Z25 Machen Quarry-Westbury Yard ballast. Freightliner have three workings a week from Machen, with EWS handling another two. At the quarry, D2199 is on hire to shunt the ballast wagons under the loading point. 37412/426, 60040/58/69, 66041/063/078/095/131/175/198/221/231 were at Godfrey Road at 12:50.

23/10 66511 worked CAIB stone tipplers east at 14:36. 66144 took Hanson stone hoppers west at 14:49. 66053/071/094/131/205/212/221 66243 were on MGRs. 66198 headed west with a light load of one empty steel coil wagon and 60046 followed it with TEA tanks. 66001 took NACCO bogie tanks and HEAs east at 14:43. 58025 worked l.e. west at 17:05. 43145 arrived dead at the front of the 13:00 Paddington-Swansea with traction being provided by 43146 at the rear. 67006/008 double-headed 1M06 Swansea-Willesden railnet vans. 37418, 60012/061, 66001/010/019/051/061/085/095/119/131/151/165/ 66187/195/198/199/212/213 visited Godfrey Road.

27/10 66525 worked 6B90 Westbury-Machen.

29/10 37377, 60046/054, 66010/045/089/132/162/173/248 were at Godfrey Road.


05/10 66046 delivered 357207 to East Ham depot from Derby Litchurch Lane.

09/10 458027 was at Wimbledon, with 458023. This leaves only three units to be delivered (plus test unit 458001). Also present on the depot were 460005/007.

10/10 MV Fairmast docked at Newport carrying six new Class 66s for Freightliner.

11/10 The new 66s were unloaded and the ship sailed mid-afternoon. The locos have a build date of 09/01. 57002 worked 4S81 Wentloog-Coatbridge freightliner, 66003 6M75 Avonmouth-ADJ-Warrington Arpley enterprise and 66054 6V66 St Helens-Cardiff Tidal bogie tanks.

12/10 66533 drew 66534/32/37 onto the line leading off the South Quay at 12:30. 66535/36 were still on the quayside, amongst 32 Nightstar coaches destined for Canada. Some of the coaches appeared to be empty bodyshells. 47767 delivered 357208/209 from Derby to East Ham.

14/10 66532/534 worked from Newport to Southampton FLT, arriving 16:25, whilst 66533/535/537 worked to Crewe Basford Hall.

15/10 66533 returned light engine to South Wales, passing through Newport at 14:45, to work 4S81 Wentloog-Coatbridge.

16/10 357202/203/207/208/210 were noted at East Ham depot. They can be easily identified from the first batch of 357s, as they are all-white, with no dark green skirt. Also, the doors are grey rather than green. 66532 worked 4S59 Millbrook-Basford Hall, 66533 was at Felixstowe, 66534 worked 4M99 Southampton-Trafford Park, 66535 worked 4O29 Basford Hall-Southampton Maritime, 66536 was still at Newport Docks and 66537 worked l.e. from Basford Hall to Ditton FLT.

18/10 66534 worked 4S81. 66536 left Newport Docks at 17:10 as 0Z25 for Crewe. The engine wouldn't start upon arrival, so GM engineers were called out under the warranty.

21/10 All the new 66s were at Southampton Maritime depot, except 66533 at Ipswich Yard!

24/10 357211/12 were delivered to East Ham.


Class 47  Following on from last month's report 47 847 is now to be repainted in a large-logo blue livery and 47 851 to a BR two-tone green colour scheme. The following locos from the Virgin XC fleet are now expected to be converted to Class 57s;-47806/807/814/817/818/827/829/845/849 with 47805/810/812/826/831/839/840/841/843/847/848/851/853/854 to be retained. 47822 and 47844 are to come off lease but their future is uncertain. Freightliner have stored green liviered 47114 and 47358 with high engine hours 8485 and 8230 respectively and 47152 and 47296 are reported dumped at Millbrook, Southampton. Two 47s set to return to mainline use are 47705 to be renumbered 47801 for Riviera Trains and 47004 for charter and railtour use.

Class 52 The long awaited test run for D1015 Western Champion has been provisionally set for Monday 17th December. The route is expected to be (with Peak Ixion and stock);- Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol, Westbury, the Berks & Hants to Reading and Old Oak Common. The return to service passenger run is now booked for Saturday 23rd February 2002, near the 25th Anniversary of the final diesel-hydraulic runs on 26th February 1977 involving this class of loco.

Freight Flow News

Christmas Mail Additions The following services will run from 03/12-21/12 (M-F);- 1V53 07.30 Low Fell-Bristol Parkway RMT (14.30) 1V25 09.36 Shieldmuir-Bristol Parkway RMT (16.30) 1S82 09.55 Bristol Parkway-Shieldmuir 1Exx 11.58 Bristol Parkway-Low Fell

Steel Traffic The following are new or amended workings;- 6V36 08.20 (SX) Lackenby-Llanwern (retimed to Rotherham) 6V37 13.00 (SX) Lackenby-Llanwern (now routed via Toton) 6V39 21.45 (SX) Lackenby-Llanwern (new service) 6V44 (SX) Lackenby-Llanwern (new service) 6E05 05.35 (EWD) Llanwern-Lackenby (new service) 6E33 13.30 (MSX) Llanwern-Lackenby (retimed) 6E35 12.00 (SO) Llanwern-Lackenby (new service) 6E39 15.40 (SO) Llanwern-Lackenby (new service)

 Coal Traffic The new import coal traffic from Port Talbot Grange to Aberthaw is timed as follows;- 6G26 06.45 (ThFO) Margam TC-Grange 6G27 09.00 (ThFO) Grange-Aberthaw 6G28 12.05 (ThFO) Aberthaw-Grange 6G47 15.26 (ThFO) Grange-Aberthaw 6G52 18.30 (ThFO) Aberthaw-Grange 6G56 22.05 (ThFO) Grange-Aberthaw 6G19 01.58 (FSO) Aberthaw-Margam TC 6G59 12.27 (ThFO) Grange-Aberthaw 6G61 15.35 (ThFO) Aberthaw-Margam TC 6G62 15.57 (ThFO) Margam TC-Grange 6G76 18.10 (ThFO) Grange-Aberthaw 6G77 21.20 (ThFO) Aberthaw-Margam TC Another 'as required' coal flow is 6Z44 13.32 Swansea Burrows sidings-Temple Mills loaded in 20 FPAs the load is destined for use at Ely.

Stone Traffic 01/11 60093 hauled 29 4-wheel PGA stone hoppers as 6G73 08.14 Westbury-Taunton Fairwaters yard for storage. The loco returned as 0G73 09.56 light-engine to Westbury.

Enterprise Services Around sixty enterprise freight services were withdrawn nation-wide during October, locally the 6M75 16.04 Avonmouth-Warrington now starts at Newport, Avonmouth now being served by a 6C90 Newport-Avonmouth and 6C93 14.37 return, both running W,ThO. Bridgwater is now served 'as required' direct from Newport (MSX) but the pet food traffic has now ended and only occasional roofing flat wagons now being the only freight at present. Also at Bridgwater, the former Cellophane works mainline ground frame has now been removed bringing to an end the rumours of freight returning here, latterly talk of fertilisers. The Pontrillas timber is now headcoded 6B92 and runs M,W,FO.

EWS The Midlands depot at Bescot is to hold a 'low-key' staff and friends open-day on Sunday 9th December. Departmental & Track Machines 28/09 Gloucester Horton Road- 73105/262/906. 77309.

24/10 Yatton- In use for work to relay the down loop (the up loop having been re-laid the previous month). Thwaites R/R dumpers- 456. 752. 754. 755. 756. Hughes R/R excavators;- 746. 748. Work continues at this location in rebuilding the road bridge just to the north of the station.

Preservation & Industrial Matters

West Somerset Railway (R.W.Giles) 06/10/01

This was the first day of this years two-day 'Sixties Gala', the second one to be run on the line. This involved the use of the line's own locos, as opposed to bringing in other railways motive power. In use were;- steam 4160. 6412. 7823 (carrying a work worn livery with no name or number plates). 45337 (working it's final weekend before returning to the East Lancs) and diesel;- D1010. D2133. D7017. The former Bridgwater Cellophane Class 03, D2133 worked it's first passenger trains in preservation (the loco is believed to have given cab rides whilst in industrial use during works open-days at Bridgwater) hauling the 11.40 Minehead-Blue Anchor and 12.00 return. The train was formed 35451 + 4884 + 94917, the BSK 35451 has been recently restored to mainline running standards and will act as a support coach for WC steam loco 34046 Braunton when full restoration has been completed. The coach has been painted in SR green. Former GWR prairie tank 4247 was on shed at Minehead and has in recent weeks caused some track damage. Bristol Harbour Railway (R.W.Giles) 07/10/01 Peckitt Henbury and Avonside No34 Portbury were seen top and tailing a passenger working at 'B bond' in the Cumberland basin during the afternoon. As mentioned earlier Portbury is to operate a passenger train over the newly re-laid Parsons Street-Royal Portbury branch to mark the official reopening at the end of December.

M5 Motorway Road Movement (B.M.Giles) 25/10/01

Former EMU coach S69332 was seen heading westbound on a road transporter near the Clevedon road junction.

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