02/08 56089 worked the 4V95 Tyne Yard-Avonmouth containers.

03/08 A 4Z84 12.55 York-Avonmouth worked by 66 020 was formed of brand new EWS bogie coal hoppers (HTA) arriving during the early evening.

04/08 66118 + 67012 top and tailed a Hertfordshire railtours 1Z92 08.13 Finsbury Park-Cardiff Central railtour into the bulk handling terminal just after 12.00 formed of SR green coaches;- 5037 + 4977 + 5023 + 4986 + 17023 + 1672 + 3127 + 3124 + 3150 + 1696 + 3123. The tour was to later visit the Ebbw Vale freight branch before returning as 1Z93 16.10 Ebbw Vale-Finsbury Park running again via Bath (Filton Junction 17.54). Earlier 66606 carrying an unidentified headboard, worked into the terminal light and out again-assumed to be on a driver training trip from Westbury as Freightliner are expecting to start a new coal flow from this location later in the year.

06/08 66032 was noted during the afternoon loading new HTA hoppers under the towers, this being the first operating day of this wagon type from Avonmouth. It is expected that the Class 59/2 sub-class is to be allocated on this coal duty as the wagons have no buffers barring Class 60 haulage. Class 56s are likely to replace the Class 59/2s at Acton.

09/08 60039 instead of a Class 66 worked the 6W05 17.05 Eastleigh-Furzebrook and 6V29 20.30 Furzebrook-Avonmouth LPG tanks. 24/08 37704 worked 6Z69 Barry-Avonmouth, 39 empty HAA/HBA coal hoppers. The loco returned light at 15.38 to Newport. Locomotives noted on coal traffic during August;- 60002/009/023/028/045/047/050/070/072. 66017/20/032/071/082/094/131/151/183/185/205/228/240 08500/653 remained as local area pilots, which now includes tripping fertiliser and chemical traffic to/from the Britannia Zinc works from Hallen Marsh junction, a duty previously carried out by an industrial-diesel.(08500 was seen at King's Weston Lane level-crossing with the two sulphuric acid tankers for the works on 22/08).

Bristol Parkway

02/08 Recorded this evening were 47701 hauling a Virgin HST power car and barrier vehicle northwards, 60026 with a MGR from Avonmouth - Didcot and a MPV acting as a mini freightliner with a number of "Seaco" containers. (Subsequently said to be a trial run for Bulmers).

06/08 Just three freight movements this evening, 66023 working Tytherington "Stone", 60002 a Didcot bound MGR and 66057 the Margam "Fuel Train".

04/08 Preserved D172 worked Pathfinder Tours 'Worth While' (1Z84 05.40 Cardiff Central-Keighley, for the KWVR diesel-gala) called, the train being formed of Riviera chocolate & cream coaches.

05/08 With the Marches (Newport-Hereford) and the Chepstow mainline both closed due to engineering works, all traffic was diverted via Parkway and Charfield to the north. This included a number of Central Railways Class 158 units as well as 60071, 60064 on separate Margam-Dee Marsh steel services and 60080 on a Llanwern-Lackenby train of empties. During the late afternoon D172 returned the previous days railtour stock this way as 5Z85 15.20 Cardiff Central-Carlisle.

17/08 60072 worked the afternoon Newport-Wembley freight service.

20/08 The Class 150 test-unit visited the Tytherington, Westerleigh and Sharpness branch lines during the afternoon.

23/08 60083 worked the Newport-Wembley freight.

29/08 37114 arrived on a Wembley-Barton Hill driver-training trip departing south at 13.15.

30/08 This evening saw the following freight services work through, all heading eastbound, 60002 Didcot MGR, 66010 late running Rugby coal, 66218 empty stone wagons and 66216 GTRM Auto Ballaster.

Note: An absentee from the evening viewing is the Felixstowe Liner which has been retimed and is now said to operate as an out and back working from Ipswich. (Seen at Colchester 19.42, 23/8/01 London bound)

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

28/07 66105 worked the 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington (6M68) slurry tanks.

29/07 37419 unusually worked the 09.08 Virgin XC to Edinburgh as far as Birmingham New Street because of a non-available Class47/8, the departure being 80 minutes late. To return the loco from Birmingham the 37 piloted 47817 at the head of the 1V84 10.15 Glasgow-Penzance as far as Bristol. Royal 47798 returned a Virgin HST set north which had been terminated at Taunton the previous day whilst working the 1V80, a coach having to be removed due to a hot box detected at Nailsea. 30/07 66235 powered the 6V91 Hope Valley-Moorswater cement train.

31/07 47736 hauled the 1C02 Penzance-Bristol Parkway RMT TPO instead of a Class 67, the return being topped by 67008 departing 26 minutes late.

01/08 Freight workings today saw 60073 work the 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey, 60 027 the balancing 6M72 and 66227 the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks. The 11.50 Plymouth-Liverpool Virgin XC loco-hauled service was cancelled reason unknown. 47776 worked the VSOE to/from Bristol the return working carrying a headboard. 37114 appeared on a 0Z47 09.30 Wembley-Barton Hill and 0Z48 12.57 return driver route knowledge trip. 57601 was again reorded on the regular 1A43 09.20 Plymouth-Paddington and return 1C50 15.43 Paddington-Exeter. Complete with two motorail vans each way, and 47701 was seen near Weston-super-Mare heading north with two Porterbrook barrier coaches and the defective Virgin TS HST coach which had been collected en-route from Taunton Fairwaters yard, in between (see 28/07).

02/08 56089 worked 4V95 Tyne Dock-Avonmouth. The 6M72 16.55 St.Blazey-Cliffe Vale freight was headed by 60073 + 47736, dead in transit. Earlier 20309 + 20311 had worked the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask.

03/08 66244 headed a late running 6V41 Irvine- Burngullow empty slurry tank train

04/08 47703 powered the 23.25 (Fri) Manchester-Paignton Virgin XC service. A Hertfordshire Railtour from Finsbury Park-Cardiff Central arrived at Temple Meads behind 58037 + 67008 the 67 having suffered a speedo problem near Reading. Both locos were replaced for a trip to Avonmouth via Filton junction (also see Avonmouth notes).

04/08 59204 noted at 05.40 heading north with EWS hoppers.

05/08 47739 worked 1E32 15:00 T.M.-York. Standard 76079, making a preserved steam debut in Bristol worked Pastime Rails 07.15 Paddington-Plymouth, taking over from a diesel at Temple Meads. This was a positioning move as the loco was to take up Devon mainline Dawlish Donkey and Totnes Trotter trips over the next few weeks.

06/08 Because of the non-availability of a Class 47, 57601 worked the 1A28 06.30 Plymouth-Paddington service instead of the normal out and back diagram. 66144 headed the 6V70 freight service west which included at the rear a loaded MEA coal wagon the payload being destined for use by steam loco 76079.

08/08 20309 + 20311 worked the Bridgwater-Crewe flasks and 66053 a 6X50 08.25 Sellafield-Keyham, (for Devonport dockyard) two submarine flask carrying wagons and EWS escort saloon coach 45020. This train arrived at Bristol nearly one hour early (Yate 16.52) but departed near enough to time being seen passing Brent Knoll at 18.45. 66244 headed the 6M72 and 60027 had earlier powered the 6V70 westbound. Coal train seen heading south through Stapleton Road at 18.45 headed by 66084.

09/08 Freight activity today saw;- 66244 with the 6V70, 60027 on the 6M72, 60064 on the 6B19 15.30 Exeter-Cardiff Tidal scrap service formed of 18 JXA wagons and 56 131 the 6C91 and return 6C92 13.46 Bridgwater-Avonmouth freight trip departing 16 minutes early. West Country 34016 Bodmin departed at 17.00 with a return Cathedrals Express working to Victoria. This was expected to be headed by 35005 (now repainted into green livery) being the third date the train has run this year all worked by Bodmin. 11/08 A HST set with power cars 43013 + 43098 worked the 1V45 09.17 Manchester-Paignton service in place of a loco and coaches whilst 47750 working the 1V42 08.05 Liverpool-Paignton was carrying a headboard, possibly Voyager related, but this was unconfirmed! 66108 worked the 6M68 Warrington slurry tanks.

13/08 Another southbound coal service noted at 18.20 behind 66185.

14/08 66523 became the first Freightliner Class 66 to work west of Bristol as 0Z76 10.00 Crewe Basford Hall-Exeter Riverside, the reason assumed to be linked with a possible take-over of a new ballast flow from Meldon Quarry-Westbury from April next year. The loco actually returned via Westbury hauling a failed First/GW loco-hauled service to Old Oak Common. The loco arrived at Exeter at 14.23 and was reported to have travelled onwards to Newton Abbot by mistake! The 1M56 08.48 Penzance-Manchester was seriously delayed near St.Erth with the failure of 47822. First/GW 47 813 assisted the train onwards to Plymouth where 47793 took the train onwards as ECS to Liverpool only calling at Temple Meads, Birmingham NS and Crewe for crew changes. 47849 was reported to have hauled a relief working from Temple Meads forward made up of stock which had been used earlier between Swindon and Cheltenham/Gloucester via Stroud (top and tailed with 47785) in place of a Class 158 unit! Freight services recorded were: 66111 on the Bridgwater-Avonmouth trip, 20309 + 20311 at the head of the Bridgwater-Crewe flasks (leaving Bridgwater at 12.20) and 60027 the 6V70. Hive of activity just after midnight with three freights recorded starting at 00.20 with 47303 working Felixstowe - Wentloog freightliner, followed 10 minutes later by 66192 with Furzebrook - Hallen LPG and southbound at 00.31 66061. Another southbound stone train noted at 19.00 powered by 66230.

15/08 60010 worked the 6V70 formed of twenty wagons. Royal 47799 powered the VSOE service from Victoria. The Llandarcy - Grain Bitumen tanks passed by at 23.05 behind 66066 and at 23.55 the Freightliner service was seen again, loco on this occasion was 47287.

16/08 58009 powered the Westbury-Newport fly-ash train via Day's curve. 47727 worked the 1V45 0910 Liverpool-Plymouth running around 40 minutes late. 20314 + 20315 headed the Bridgwater-Crewe flasks.

17/08 58020 + 37798 were at the head of a Westbury-Newport engineers special passing via Day's curve around midday. 57601 was still engaged on the regular First/GW out and back workings whilst 47815 headed the 1A28 06.30 Plymouth-Paddington, which is now often HST worked.

18/08 47798 powered the Norther Belle via Day's Curve at 16.25 and 66004 the 6G91 14.00 Parc Slip-Westbury (TThSO) at 17.00 and 66246 on the Hallen Marsh LPGs at 17.25.

19/08 The 1A59 16.20 Plymouth-Paddington HST service was terminated at Weston-super-Mare following the failure of power cars 43186 + 43192. Help arrived in the form of 47832 from St.Phillips Marsh to work the empty stock west as 5Z59 18.25 Weston-super-Mare-Laira. Later the 20.27 Bristol TM-Weston local service was seen formed of two Class 143 units the second set, 143603 carried a dark blue livery with the City of Bristol advertised on its sides.

20/08 66030 noted with a northbound stone train at 10.25, and in the opposite direction at 16.45, 66105 with a coal train. The 1A28 06.30 Plymouth-Paddington was again loco-hauled, this time using 47 709 whilst 47 813 headed the 1A45 09.20 Plymouth-Paddington, normally worked by 57601. 37114 was still active with 0Z47 Acton-Barton Hill-Acton driver training/route learning duties. On the mail/parcels side;- 67016 + 47721 were paired on the 1M59 09.40 Temple Mead-Warrington RES vans and 66167, which passed Yatton at 19.28 on the 1E41 Plymouth-Low Fell mails (67010 reported to have taken the train north from Parkway). A most unusual incident in Sonning cutting near Reading, saw a Thames Valley & Chiltern air ambulance helicopter become stuck on the ballast becoming wedged by a drain cover! The ambulance had landed to pick up an injured person who eventually was taken to hospital by a road vehicle, the line being reopened fully three hours later at 17.00.

21/08 66204 worked a 300 minute late 6V41 Irvine-Burngullow slurry empties departing after 10.00, 66135 was in charge of the Bridgwater trip, 20304 + 20306 the Bridgwater-Crewe flasks and 66080 the 6V70. A broken rail at Ivybridge caused some slightly late running northbound services Bridgwater - Sellafield flasks noted en-route at 14.40 behind 20306 + 20313.

23/08 Class 37 activity today saw 37 248 work the 6V34 10.34 Fawley-Margam fuel tanks which had been initially failed at Eastleigh with a defective windscreen wiper, and 37057 was inside 60027 on the 6V70. Another freight noted was the 6C42 Westbury-Newport fly ash via Day's curve behind 58037. 66606 was also seen near Keynsham light heading towards Bristol light-assumed to be route learning. 35005 arrived during the early afternoon on a steam railtour from Victoria returning at 15.52.

24/08 66117 powered a new 6Z47 14.47 (MTTHO) Westbury-Tower stone empties (return 22.00 to Crawley). 12.10 saw a stone train head northwards powered by one of the remaining active Class 58s, 58037.

25/08 31602 + 33108 were unusually paired on a Fragonset 1Z51 04.30 Lancaster-Paignton special, the 31 standing in for 33021 the originally booked loco, the train returned in the late afternoon again with the Class 31 leading. Also noted during the early evening was the 1M25 16.17 Paignton-Manchester top and tailed with 47793 and a failed 47703. 37704 arrived at Temple Meads around 20.14 piloting steam loco 60800 (as 5Z90 11.28 NRM York-Barton Hill depot) with support coach ready for the following days railtour. A Pathfinder trip to Chester and return to bring the loco into Bristol was cancelled. 66183 had earlier worked the 6M68.

26/08 Engineering work between Swindon and Bath saw road connections to/from Chippenham, with up to thirty minutes additional travelling time.

27/08 At 04.00, 66208 passed by light engine southward and an empty MGR in the opposite direction at 10.45 behind 60038. History in the making, 60800 became the first steam loco to call at Yatton and Nailsea & Backwell stations since the mid-sixties with Pathfinder Tours Ocean Liner Limited (taking the place of 34027). The train 07.16 Taunton-Southampton Eastern Dock was formed of Riviera coaches; 4963 + 5040 + 4927 + 5009 + 1863 + 21272 + 3098 + 3140 + 3112 + 3122 + 1692 + 3125 + support coach. 57601, despite being a Bank Holiday Monday worked the regular out/back First/GW diagram. The Pathfinder steam trip although running nearly 40 minutes late outward, returned on time during the late evening.

29/08 57601 continued work on the 1A43 and 1C42 First/GW services and 47701 powered the 1E33 12.10 Temple Meads-Newcastle. 66032 headed the 6V70 arriving at 15.35 departing at 15.59. 66050 worked the Bridgwater trip formed of six VKA vans being routed on the return via the Weston-super-Mare loop. The St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks arrived behind 66202 and was tripped to the Marsh by 67007. 66080 worked the 6S55. 66080 worked the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurries. First/GW cancelled the 10.15 and 14.15 services to Paddington. 60010 headed the 6V70.

29/08 Southbound "Enterprise" working recorded at 15.45 utilising 60010.

30/08 57601 again performed the regular duties and steam loco 76079 returned from Devon as 5Z72 09.38 Exeter Riverside-Cardiff Canton loco and support coach 17019 (running an hour early and via the Weston loop). 20314 + 20315 headed the Bridgwater-Crewe flasks, and 60050 the 6V70.

31/08 1M40 11:50 Plymouth-Liverpool failed at T.M. 66606 took the train forward, which ran as ECS to Birmingham due to a CDL fault. 66606 noted stabled near Marsh Junction PW Depot this morning, and towed a failed VT service northwards in the afternoon before retiring at Crewe. Cornwall

26/08 At 11.45 St.Blazey held;- 60010. 66059/080/165/168. 67006/008/026/030.

29/08 37057 worked 6G12 18.16 Goonbarrow-Fowey china clays.

30/08 37057 headed three VKA vans from Heathfield to St.Blazey, later an 0C00 worked light over the Heathfield and Paignton branches (believed to be Class 66) as a 'Q'trespass special.

Sharpness Branchline

The following have been recorded recently on the nuclear flask trip from Crewe;-

08/08 20309 + 20311

15/08 20314 + 20315

29/08 20309 + 20311


26/08 58009. 66015/044/122/150/208/216/217.


04/08 EWS 47736 worked the 1O10 09.10 Liverpool-Weymouth and return 1M81 17.15 to Manchester.

18/08 CEP units 411592+ 411602, the former now in green livery worked an Ashford-Weymouth special.

20/08 The green set was at work in more familiar surroundings on the 2W22 06.59 Ramsgate-Charing Cross and 2R20 Charing Cross-Dover. Avon to Calvert Binliner

This month's sightings are as follows:

01/08 66525 08/08 66525 15/08 66525 17/08 66522 23/08 66522

Locomotives and Units

47701/703/722/736/742/744/746/747/760/769/798/799/806/807/10/812 47814/817/826/827/828/829/839/843/849/851/853/854.

67003/004/006/007/009/010/011/012/013/014/015/016/017/018/020/022 67024/025/026/030.

143610/613/618/622/623. 150232/241. 158745/746/815/830/831/842/863.

Postal Sets Noted

4s (PCV)

94310 94100 94111 94313

94338 94132 94137 94334

94311 94211 94208 94315

94316 94177 94172 94305

4s (BG)

94499 94222 94123 94403

94443 94227 94200 94408


94518 94214 94146 94198 94424

94413 94190 94119 94101 94464

94486 94118 94203 94182 94485

94512 94106 94121 94229 94510

94442 94116 94164 94195 94451


Cardiff Central

01/08 37419 worked 2R42 17:11 to Rhymney.

02/08 37419 was on 2F06 07:44 from Rhymney. 37798 worked 6V66 St Helens-Cardiff bogie tanks.

04/08 D172 worked 1Z84 05:40 to Keighley for Pathfinders tours and D9000 was on 1Z27 10:18 to Glasgow Central for athletes returning from the special Olympics.

06/08 37886 hauled 2R42.

07/08 37886 worked 2F06 and 2R42, hauling 5491, 5569, 5463, 9440. This was despite 47412/415 being available at Canton!

08/08 37798 operated 2R42.

09/08 47772 hauled EWS inspection saloon DB999504 as 2Z01 09:28 Cardiff-Bridgend via the Vale of Glamorgan, viewing sites for new stations at Llantwit Major and Rhoose. It then worked ECS to Margam for the loco to run around, before returning as 2Z03 11:44 Bridgend-Ebbw Vale to inspect the prospects of passenger trains returning to the Ebbw Vale line. At Ebbw Vale steelworks, the loco ran around and returned as 2Z05 15:20 Ebbw Vale-Cardiff, travelling from Ebbw Junction wholly on the down relief. The loco returned the coach as 5Z06 18:20 Canton-Toton. DB999504 has the profile of an former LMS coach, with rounded sides, but was actually built in 1958 at Wolverton Works. It was designed to enable Civil Engineers to examine the state of the track. Each end has large observation windows with windscreen wipers, a brake handle and a horn lever. Heaters are fitted, supplied by ETH from the loco. There are no driving controls; the vehicle is drawn or propelled with the driver in the loco. The interior has two end saloons with a toilet (complete with chain operated cistern!), a kitchen with a propane gas cooker and a Guards area with a handbrake. 37029/038 worked 1Z37 09:45 Crewe-Cardiff driver training run. 37798 did 2F06 and 37886 2R42.

10/08 37886 was on 2F06 and 2R42.

12/08 To bring Manchester United supporters to Cardiff for the FA Charity Shield match, 37029/038 worked 1Z12 09:22 Manchester Piccadilly-Cardiff and 1Z11 17:38 return, whilst 37608/609 operated 1Z10 08:51 Manchester Piccadilly-Cardiff and 1Z13 18:36 return.

14/08 37419 did 2R42.

15/08 37419 was on both Rhymney services.

16/08 37419 worked 2F06 but 37704 appeared in the evening on 2R42.

17/08 37704 worked the Rhymneys.

20/08 37428 was on the Rhymneys.

21/08 37428 was again on the Rhymneys.

22/08 37428 again operated The Rhymneys.

23/08 66703 worked 4S81 18:48 Wentloog-Coatbridge. 37428 made it four days in a row on the Rhymneys.

24/08 It was a full week in the Valleys for 37428, when it again operated both the Rhymney services.

27/08 158847 worked the 10:28 from Nottingham.

28/08 37503 worked 2F06 and 2R42.

29/08 37503 operated 2F06 but 37712 did 2R42.

30/08 37712 did 2R42.

31/08 158852 worked the 06:54 from Worcester and 37712 was on 2F06.

Cardiff Canton

Cardiff Canton was viewed on several occasions during the month and the following observations were made:-

05/08 08493/756/801/819/955/994. 09003. 37222/308/412 37419/901/904. D172. 47365. 60009/010/013/053/077. 66010/057/161/172/183/207. 67025.

26/08 08493/756/819/955. 37222/308/377/428/509/712/901 37904. 47205/365. 60005/007/011/044/053/060/081/083. 66022/053/094/179/181/239/240. 67013/024.

Cardiff Tidal Sidings

During the month the following observations were made.

05/08 08466/481/907/951.

27/08 08466/481/752/770/907/951.


Trains running on 6B48; Departing Port Talbot 14.40; Arriving Trostre 15.32;

20/06 60076 22/06 60045 02/07 60005 04/07 66222 16/07 60059 18/07 66211 23/07 66139 27/07 60008 31/07 56048 05/09 56059 11/09 56098


03/08 09203. 37886. 60004/036/041/071/089. 66010/090/118/137, 66145/207. 67020.

08/08 58037 worked a p.w. train east at 08:33. 47772 worked west at 17:12 with EWS inspection saloon DB999504 on 5Z01 14:00 Toton-Cardiff.

11/08 Godfrey Road was GM free at 11:00, holding 37415/419/886, 56113, 60010/064! 158858 worked 10:55 Cardiff-Nottingham and 170638 the 09:15 Birmingham-Cardiff.

14/08 37401/415 worked Llanwern-Lackenby steel empties.

15/08 37401/415 worked 6V36 Lackenby-Llanwern steel slabs, but failed near Derby and were taken off the train. 66060/066/094/139/176 were at Godfrey Road.

16/08 37419 hauled 56070/106 from Barry W.R.D. to Toton for possible reinstatement.

17/08 09101, 37798, 60022/024/044, 66062/190 were at Godfrey Road.

19/08 Godfrey Road contained 37704, 60036/055/096, 66060/067/226/232/240/244.

29/08 56103, 66030/075/188 were at Godfrey Road at 22:30.

31/08 60056/063/086. 66015/022/075/083/094/114/188/197/201/243.

Units noted during the month

143621/622. 150219/236/240/243/249/267. 153305/312/353/370/373/377/380. 156416. 158745/746/817/818/824/825/827/830/834/837/840/841/842/846/851/854/859158863/864/867/868/869/871/872.


Locomotives Transfers

08810/869/928(NC)-MM, 37800(LO 25)/884(s)-GIF(Spain), 86102(WN)-FD.


08810/869/928/957. 37198. 86212. BW: 37406. CD: 37896. 47323/760. CE: 86213/228. CF: 08957. 37308. Carnforth: 31163/166/188. Gresty Lane: 47345. IM: 56099. LH: 08810/869/928. ML: 47792. PB: 37198. SP: 56066. TO: 56070/077/106/107/109. OY: 86212.


08499 -CF, 73212 -Railtrack, 73235 -SL, 86209 -LG. 97715/720/722/732 -WR (LUL West Ruislip)




CRDC: 56092. H Needle: 31229/263/282/290. (Scrap), D9525.


91003 - 91103, 91009 - 91109.

New Stock

66526/527/528/529/530/531 -FD.

Diesel Multiple Units


LNWR: 55027/033. SA: 170302. ZN: 51201/426. Dept: 977866/873 @DY.

Traffic 53160/164 -LO.

New Stock 180103 - OO. 220008/022/023 -CZ.

Electric Multiple Units



Stored 303014 @Yoker, 303023 @CK, 303043/085 @GW, 303087 @Yoker. 310064/069/070/074/075/109/113 -@SS. 507023 -BD. (S): 9109 -@SS.

Traffic 357001-005/021/204 -EM. (S): 9103 -SL.

Withdrawn 977708 (Sold AC Group), 977709- HNRC - Scrap, 977710 -Raxstar.

New Stock 334037 -GW. 375607/608/612/619/629 -AF.

Coaching & NPCC Stock Transfers

6320 -SK.

Stored 3293. 3381. 5853/69/74. @MoD Bicester KI: 35515. ZG: 92302/316/328/329/330/344/345/370/389/392/804/897.

Traffic 95300/301. 95400/410 -EN.

Disposals Embsay:- 10694.


03/08 Voyagers 220002/005/016/017 were noted passing Didcot.

04/08 220025 was reported at Bombardier Horbury Jct and 220007/008/022/023/024 at Crofton.

15/08 Penultimate unit 175115 was noted at Chester depot.

19/08 66526-531 were noted on the South Quay, Newport Docks under test, having apparently been offloaded from a Jumboship the day before. Also on the quayside were at least 11 Nightstar coaches, presumably waiting for another boat to take them to Canada.

20/08 66528/530/527 passed through Newport station at 19.57 heading east.

21/08 66531/529/526 passed through Newport at 17:01 heading east.

22/08 66526/528/529/530/531 were all at Crewe Basford Hall at 20:00, whilst 66527 was with 66520 on 4E74 Southampton-Leeds freightliner.

24/08 66530 was noted passing Didcot on 6M16 car train heading towards Oxford. The driver looked very smug at the controls of a brand new loco!

25/08 Voyagers 220002/005/008/020/022/023 were noted passing Didcot during the preceding four days.

29/08 458026 was noted at Basingstoke. In service during the evening rush hour were 458004/005/013/014/022/023.


A virtual quarry is to be formed at Eastleigh and is lightly to be served by ballast trains from Meldon Quarry, initially by EWS but Freightliner could take over. The Anchor Butter traffic from Swindon is reported to have finished the sidings being removed for a new access road for Tescos. Stone traffic has now finished at Bristol East depot, but continues to run from Jersey Marine. 56063 worked a 6G75 09.52 Acton-Swansea stone service on 20/08, thought to be a one off working and a 4Z71 05.19(WO) Wentloog-Calvert Freighliner container train has operated moving ashes from the remains of animals culled as a result of the foot and mouth outbreak in the Brecon area for disposal being hauled by 66504 on 7/08. Freighliner is also expected to see extra work in the Southampton area initially with MPVs but more Class 66/5 locomotives could be needed to cover this.


Bristol Harbour Railway (July/August) R.W.Giles

GWR 813 visited the line for charter freight work at the end of July, by then the Bristol 'Parry' railbus had moved to the Midland Railway Centre. Saddle tank Portbury carries a battleship grey, black lined livery (not as previously stated) and the locomotives nameplates are now carried.

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