05/04 47785 worked 6Z88 a train of loaded cartics at 17:36 from the Chtttening estate to Bathgate. The locomotive replaced the normal Class 66, which was required to replace a failed engine on an MGR service.

11/04 GBRf 66705 worked a 8X37 14:05 Wembley-Chittening estate car train for Freightliner. After the early evening arrival, the locomotive ran light to St.Phillips Marsh depot to collect a Class 66/5 for return to Rugby.

23/04 66212 arrived in the early afternoon with a single sulphuric acid tank on a trip from Newport.

25/04 Britannia Zinc No.7 (S10023/60) took two acid tankers to Smoke Lane level crossing for collection during the early afternoon. However, possibly due to a defect only one van left, the other was returned to the works.

30/04 56113 was at Avonmouth heading an MGR service.

Locomotives noted on MGR work during April were as follows:

60007/012/016/023/028/043/052/092. 66045/051/083/134/137/138/157/158/165/216/228/238/241/247.

West Burton (not South Burton) MGR services from Bennett's yard:- 66026/068/134.

Local pilots (unchanged): 08500/653.

Bristol Parkway

02/04 Noted this evening were 66094 Tytherington - Battersea stone train, 66154 Avonmouth - Tyne Yard "Boxes", 60052 with a loaded MGR bound for Didcot, 66164 empty fuel tanks for Fawley and 47258 with the Felixstowe liner.

05/04 Four freights from Avonmouth recorded this evening, 3 loaded MGR services hauled by 66087, 60043 and 60052 respectively and 47785 with a loaded car train. Felixstowe liner was headed by 47114.

09/04 Coal services this evening saw 60028 head to Avonmouth with an empty MGR and 66026 work out with a loaded service. 66173 worked the stone train and 66193 the Tyne Yard "Boxes". There was no sign of either the Felixstowe Liner or Fawley fuel tanks by 22:00.

13/04 37428 was unusual motive power for 6Z47 17.00 Newport Dagenham Vans Passing during the early evening. It was reported that 37415 was to have been paired with 37428 on the duty, but failed to start. The 37 returned over night to south Wales on another freight service.

18/04 Not a lot happening this evening with only 60052 noted on a Didcot bound MGR, followed later by 66149 light engine and 47292 with the Felixstowe liner. Passing near Filton 66155 & 60041 were noted double headed on a MGR service, destination unknown.

20/04 Noted en route to Avonmouth from the M49 was 66198 at 19:45 with the Furzebrook - Hallen LPG service.

23/04 Two MGRs recorded this evening, 66200 empties for Avonmouth and 60012 Didcot bound. 60027 passed through with the Tytherington Stone train, 66169 with the "Fuel Train" and lastly 47303 Felixstowe liner. 47789 + 47783 worked an up Serco test train in top n' tail mode, the five-coach formation being made up of one MkIII and four MkIs. 60094 worked the Newport-Wembley freight.

26/04 Noted this evening on a southbound Virgin HST service was ex-works power car 43104 now back in use after many years. Freight this evening saw 60052 work a loaded MGR for Didcot, 60028 and 66239 headed for Avonmouth with empties, 37428 passed through light engine for South Wales, 47783 headed eastbound with a late running Intermodal service quickly followed by 47292 working the Felixstowe liner.

30/04 Freight this evening numbered just three workings, 66119 Avonmouth - Tyne Yard "Boxes", 60091 empty MGR to Avonmouth and 66137 empty fuel tanks for Fawley. Two Thames Turbos were also seen, 165107/133 as a result of the line being closed from Thingley Junction to North Somerset Junction from 20.50 for maintenance work necessitating diversion of Paddington/Oxford - Bristol service and vice versa. In addition many additional HSTs were also seen.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

A production error last month meant that the Bristol Temple Meads notes were omitted, they are included below - apologies for the error.

01/03 Delays were caused when Railtrack closed the line between Bristol and Bath at 12:15 following the report of a landslide near Twerton. Checks were carried out there and at Keynsham but nothing was found and the line reopened at 13:40 at normal line speed. Two services from Paddington were diverted via Parkway along with two Paddington bound trains. 60066 worked the Exeter - Cardiff Tidal scrap train.

02/03 66517 was in the Bristol area visiting the Barrow road branch line during the late morning on route learning duties. It later visited St. Phillips Marsh Depot as well as the Bath refuse terminal. Freightliner are due to take over the binliner services from 02/04.

03/03 158831 was an unfamiliar sight on the Severn Beach line following the failure of the booked set, working the 10:25 from Temple Meads and 11:05 return.

07/03 An early afternoon view of Barton Hill found the following locomotives 08402/896. 66514. 6703/006/007/021/025/028. Brief observations at Dr. Day's Junction saw; 37428 on a Westbury bound engineering train, 67023 on a Old Oak Common return high speed test train with Virgin HST stock 42173, 40415, 42217, 44097. 58041 worked through light from Avonmouth to Didcot. 47757 brought an VSOE ECS working from Bath after arriving from Victoria.

09/03 66513 and 58041 were stabled on Barton Hill.

10/03 There was plenty of steam activity at Bristol during the month, starting with the visit of GWR halls 4936 Kinlet Hall and 4965 Rood Ashton Hall with Steamy Affairs 'Bristolian' (1Z42 Colchester-Bristol). The coaching stock used was 35470(support), 3119, 3114, 3144, 80041, 3131, 3110, 3133, 1671, 3132, 35469, 1813, 4946 & 4996. The train was followed down Filton Bank by 47846 running light to St. Phillips Marsh depot. 66049 worked a rake of Hanson bogie hoppers destined for Westbury during the afternoon.

14/03 66038 worked the Newport-Bridgwater trip formed of VKA vans being routed via Weston-super-Mare. 67017 arrived with the VSOE after taking over from 35028 Clan Line at Westbury. During the afternoon the following were noted on Barton Hill 08402/896 47205/759 67019/020/023/025.

17/03 Pathfinder Tours 'Exmoor Coast Express' (1Z96 06:25 Derby-Minehead) suffered injector problems on the main tour locomotive 5029 Nunney Castle, requiring 47761 to act as pilot loco from Nuneaton. The train was however near enough to time when seen passing Yatton at 13:34. The 47 returned the train later in the evening. The 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington china clay slurry tanks was also recorded passing Yatton at 13:59 behind 66068.

20/03 66235 worked the 6V70 (08.57 Cliffe Va1e-St. Blazey freight) in place of the normal Class 60.

21/03 Royal 47798 Prince William worked in on an afternoon VSOE trip.

22/03 Early evening at Temple Meads saw 6024 King Edward I call with support coach W35333 (running from Crewe-Bishop's Lydeard) departing at 17.55. The steam loco which was overtaken by the 17.00 Cardiff-Exeter Sprinter at Bedminster, was put in the down loop at Yatton to allow a Virgin HST to overtake and at 18.37, D449 + D821 Cornwall (ex. Greyhound) running as 15.58 Kidderminster-Falmouth (with maroon support coach M35467) for a naval ceremony at the port. The sight of three preserved locos at Yatton was something of a rarity, the scene completed with whistle and horn blowing between train crews!

23/03 66235 again worked the 6V70.

24/03 A 10.00 view of Barton Hill depot found 08402 (a long term withdrawn resident) near the entrance awaiting road collection for scrapping? Other locos present being 47737 (assigned 1Z96 19:26 Westbury-Exeter St. Thomas CWR train) 67005/009/018/019022/023/029. Observations at nearby Lawrence Hill station saw 47703 06:40 York-Bristol TM pass at 11:00. 47810 headed north with barrier coach 6346 + HST stock + 43063 at 11:31. 37419 + 37415 Cardiff-Westbury light (11:32), assigned 7W18 21:00 Exeter-Westbury-Exeter eneineers. 47787 Manchester-Bath 'Northern Belle' (11:43). Later 66102 worked the 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington 'slurries' During the early evening, having called at Weston-super-Mare (17:06-17:34 water stop), MN 35028 worked through with Hertfordshire Tours 'Clanline Farewell' (1Z44 16:00 Exeter S.D.-Victoria) hauling Mercator (support), 4925, 5023, 5037, 4986, 17023, 1696, 3150, 3123 & 6311. All coaches were in SR green except Mercator (chocolate/cream) and 6311 (blue). This trip was the locomotive's last mainline outing prior to a 10 year boiler/retubing exam.

25/03 37419 + 37415 hauling a Class 58 passed through Day's curve mid-afternoon returning from Wemtbury-Cardiff.

26/03 60050 worked a 11 wagon 6V70 and 47816 passed Dr. Days junction at 15:19 hauling a FirstGW HST set with power cars 43041/003 destined for St.Phillips Marsh. 66203 took 5 VKA vans to Bridgwater returning with two empties.

27/03 37216 was unusually used on the Westbury-Newport-Westbury fly ash working via Days curve. 60018 powered the 6V70.

28/03 60050 worked the Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight (6V'T0) and 60 049 was seen leaving Barton Hill depot light at 14:38 towards Lawrence Hill.

30/03 960011 (977859/55025) carried out filming trips between Taunton and Bristol making an up and back run. The one car heritage DMU appeared at Bristol a second time presumably having this time included the Weston-super-Mare loop. The unit was later seen heading towards Bath where also recorded were 59204 on an up ballast. 66040 was later seen with the final EWS hauled Avon area 'binliner' train departing Oldfield Park at 14:55 on the first run to Barrow Road. Freightilner are taking over the service from 02/04 with timetable changes seeing the train arrive in Bath early afternoon for loading, the loco and all 17 wagons going forward to Barrow Road after 17.00. The loco then remains at Barrow Road until two of the flats are loaded (the siding having been recently extended to accommodate the extra wagons), then running light to St.Phillips Marsh to stable. The loaded train then goes forward the next day at 03.20 for Calvert, with a new driver.

31/03 Pathfinder Tours 'Spinning Top' (postponed from November last year) running from the Midlands to Newport via Southampton was again cancelled due to three engineering possessions on the route, the tour is now not expected to be run. A tour which did run was Steamy Affairs 'Bristolian' (1Z80 05:40 Ashford-Bristol TM and return 1Z41 17:02 to Ashford) using 4472 Flying Scotsman from and to Acton. The trip, originally planned to run with Halls 4936+4965, arrived around 30 minutes late and used BN91 blood & custard coaches 17013 (support), 3133, 3119, 1671, 3144, 3100, 1658 (blue/grey), 3110, 3132, 35469, 1813, 4946, 4996. This was the first visit to Bristol for Flying Scotsman since the locos return to mainline use in 1999. The locos support coach carries chocolate/ cream livery and is named Albannach Sgiathach. Locos viewed on Barton Hill depot during the day were 47757/772. 67006/007/009/011/014/023/030.

02/04 The following were visible on Barton Hill depot at 14:55, 08896 67007/014/016/022. 60018 worked the 08:57 Cliffe Vale - St.Blazey (6V70) freight west at 14:57 and 66194 the Tytherington stone empties via Day's curve at 15:30. The first Freightliner operated Bristol area binliner arrived over an hour late at Barrow Road terminal double headed by 66518 + 66509. The locomotives had run light from Rugby to Calvert to collect the train during the morning, but delays with off-loading at Bath caused the late running. The second locomotive was delivered for use as a spare stabling at St.Phillips Marsh depot being normally kept alongside the fuel tanks by the former Marsh Junction DMU fuelling point. All 17 wagons are now moved between Bath and Bristol, the Westerliegh portion having been withdrawn. Departure from Bath was to be set at 15:13 but this has now seen revised to 17:00. At Barrow Road the locomotive remains on the train to allow two wagons to be loaded, it then sets back (the siding has in fact been recently extended before running light to St.Fhillips Marsh. A returning light engine collects the train in the early hours of the next day with a 03:12 departure time for Calvert. Noted considerably earlier in the day at 01:55 heading north were 66103/219 travelling light engine.

03/04 Recorded southbound at Stapleton Road was 60050 on an Enterprise service at 14.40, and 30 minutes later 66064 headed north with a freight service.

04/04 66120 worked 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine china clays. 67022 returned a late afternoon VSOE special to Westbury from Temple Meads organised by Hertfordshire Railtours. The trip was worked to and from Westbury by 4472 Flying Scotsman from London. Bridgwater - Sellafield flasks were powered by 20308/311.

05/04 Some morning delays were caused by a signal failure between Bath and Chippenham.

06/04 60027 seen at 03.25 heading south with Murco tanks, an assumed diversion and nine hours later 66163 went north with a ballast train.

07/04 67010 worked Pathfinder Tours 'Double Duchy' (1Z36 04:50 Birmingham International-Penzance) which featured steam haulage by 4936 Kinlet Hall and 5029 Nunney Castle onwards from Taunton. 66039 headed the 6M68 Burngullow-Warrirgtcn slurry tanks.

09/04 60031 powered the 6V70 and 60006 the balancing 6M72 16:55 St.Blazey-Cliffe Vale freight services.

10/04 66159 hauled 6V41 Irvine-Burngullow china clay tanks. Problems with trespass caused delays during the day at Keynsham, and an Evening Post newspaper article stated that Wales and West were to fit cameras to some of their units over the Easter period to record trespassers who are often children. Trespass and vandalism costs the rail industry more than 260 million every year. In the South West, almost 1,200 incidents of trespass and 585 incidents of vandalism were recorded last year.

11/04 Noted at Barton Hill at 23:00 was GBRf loco 66705, which has earlier worked a car train to Avonmouth, and was still at this location at 09:30 the next morning.

12/04 37428 ran light from Newport to Bridgwater to collect VKA vans.

13/04 66091 worked the 6V41 china clay.

14/04 6024 King Edward I worked Pathfinder's 'Torbay Limited' (06.35 Cardiff-Gloucester-Kingswear) onwards from Bristol having run with it's support coach from Bishops Lydeard to Bristol. The steam engine was returned to the WSR on the return being removed for diesel power at Taunton.

14/04 66232 hauled 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington.

16/04 Pastime Rails 'Royal Duchy' (06:20 Paddington-Bristol-Penzance) was hauled by 67018 with BN91 blood & custard coaches 3133 + 3119 + 1671 + 3144 + 3100 + 3110 + 3132 + 35469 + 1813 + 4946 + 4915 + 35461 (the later being the returning steam engine's support coach, in chocolate & Cream colours being attached at Penzance). The train returned as 1Z80 14:02 to Paddington behind 4936 Kinlet Hall and 7029 Nunney Castle, as far as Taunton where 5029 returned to the WSR and 4936 ran as 5Z80 21.37 loco and support coach to Tyseley. 67018 returned the train from Taunton to Paddington.

18/04 60006 headed the 6V70, 66119 worked the 6V41 china clay.

19/04 66119 was logged at 16:01 heading north through Stapleton Road with a departmental train. 66602 + 66509 headed a Westbury-Crewe auto-ballaster trail via Day's curve during the day. This was the first reported class 66/6 working in the Bristol area.

21/04 66224 worked the 6V41 china clay.

22/04 Noted heading north at 12:00 was a ballast train top'n'tailed by 66247/66043.

24/04 An engineering blockade in the Westbury area saw all First GW West of England services run via Bristol during the week. 60027 passed on a rake of empty Hanson hoppers reported to be a Wotton Bassett-Merehead quarry working, requiring a run round at Taunton.

25/04 20306 + 20310 worked the Bridgwater nuclear flasks, 66091 the 6B68 Burngullow-Newport slurry tanks and 60068 the 6V70.

27/04 Royal 47798 worked VSOE empty stock via Bristol during the early afternoon for Plymouth. Two return trips between Plymouth end Exeter were run during the following day. Southbound coal service noted at 18:10 behind 66048.

30/04 60010 worked the 6V70 and 66167 headed a Hartlepool-St.Blazey loaded pipe train, the first of five booked to run during the week. The train was running late leaving Temple Meads around 16:45, instead of the booked 14:30. The 16:23 Taunton-Gloucester Wales & West service noted formed of three-car 150/2 57249+57265+57265.


16/04 At 13:20 the following were visible on St.BLazey depot 08798/941. 47772. 66054/091/179/187. 67006/011/022. 80331/334/373/433/457. 94326/331/458. Stored IU 061208 (GUV). Yard - 08953.

Portishead Branch

04/04 66245 worked a further ballast train over the branch as far as Ashton level crossing. Specially converted propelling 20 ton ZTR guards van (Lot 3394, Ashford 1962) DB955172 led the train. The vehicle being fitted with air horns, sun visors on each veranda and painted in EWS colours. The trains consist (with the ZTR) was 20 seacow/lion and stingray ballast hoppers along with two shark (ZUB) ploughvans. Arrival at Parson Street was around 07:00, but due to clearance problems for the propelling movement over the branch by Railtrack the train did not leave until 12:07! Some ballast was off-loaded by road/railer using a mechanical grab for use on the refurbishment of Ashton Vale road level crossing, the operation being completed by 13:30.

18/04 Ashton Vale road crossing was closed on 15/16th April to road traffic, much to the annoyance of the landlord of the Ship and Castle public house which is on the wrong side of the crossing whilst track relaying and road resurfacing took place. 66076 became the first loco to cross the road crossing with 30 seacows/lions, stingrays, two shark vans and DB955172 at 11:30 (running two hours late). The ballast was dropped between the level crossing and a point near the Clifton Bridge station site. By this date relaying was under way in the gorge with some section of original track remaining. Some of the old wooden sleepers have found their way to Cumbria for use in food & mouth animal carcass pyres on returning lorries which bring in the steel sleepers for use on the branch from Workington.

Avon to Calvert Binliner

This month's sightings are as follows:

02/04: 66509/518 03/04: 66518 05-06/04: 66509 12/04: 66509 17/04: 66524 19/04: 66524. 20/04: 66507. 26/04: 66513. 30/04: 66508.

Locomotives and Units

Class 47 CD 47739/781/783/786. TO 47741/750/812/814/818/831/844/854.

Class 67 67001/005/006/007/008/009/010/011/012/013/014/015/016/019/021/022 67025/026/027/028/029/030.

Units Noted During the Month

158745/746/816/817/818/819/820/821/823/824/826/828/829/830/831/832/833/834/835 158836/838/841/842/843/863/865/866/867/868/870/872. 165136.

Postal Sets Noted

4s (PCV)

94305 94176 94205 94327
94306 94202 94108 94334
94307 94117 94103 94338
94308 94204 94138 94335
94309 94100 94224 94320
94311 94211 94191 94325
94313 94223 94215 94343
94321 94114 94116 94323
94322 94172 94196 94342
94337 94137 94132 94344

4s (BG)

94534 94227 94192 94518
94406 94505 94164 94528
94512 94213 94229 94510


94408 94225 94146 94112 94443
94420 94222 94126 94195 94471
94447 94180 94218 94101 94536
94485 94168 94203 94118 94462
94403 94121 94123 94119 94499
94411 94155 94133 94104 94496


Cardiff Central

02/04 37412/428 worked 6Z96 08:42 Scunthorpe-Tidal sidings. 66034 hauled 6V31 16:07 Immingham-Swansea

03/04 170514 worked the 06:54 from Worcester. 37412 hauled 2V07 07:23 Rhymney-Radyr and 2R38 16:50 Cardiff-Rhymney whilst 37428 was in charge of 2F06 07:44 Rhymney-Cardiff and 2R42 17:11 Cardiff - Rhymney. 66186 worked the 6Z79 Enterprise service to Carlisle and 66031 was on the 09:47 from Purfleet. 47295/349 hauled a freightliner to Wentloog in the morning.

04/04 37412 worked 2R38 and 37428 2R42. 66204 worked 6Z79.

06/04 37428 worked 2V07 and 37419 2F06.

08/04 The 15:15 to Portsmouth was formed of 57249, 57824, 57373 - three coaches each from a different type of unit!

09/04 37415 worked 2V07 and 37412 was on 2F06. 66222 hauled an empty MGR from Aberthaw to Avonmouth. 60062 worked 6Z97 Hartlepool-Margam pipe train and 66215 was on 6Z79. 66504 and 47279 were at Wentloog.

10/04 158785 worked the 07:40 to Lincoln. 66029 failed at Stormstown sidings on the morning MGR to Tower Colliery and was rescued by 60070. 66222 was on the afternoon service. 66183 worked 6Z79

11/04 37415 failed at Rhymney with dead batteries, so two Pacers worked 2V07. 37412 hauled 2F06 before returning light engine to Rhymney to recover 37415 and the stock. 37419 shared the evening workings with 37412. 66149 worked 6V31 and 66205 6Z79.

12/04 37415 worked 6V59 09:47 Purfleet-Cardiff Tidal steel empties instead of the usual 66 whilst 37114/682 also replaced a 66 on 6L59 20:55 Llandarcy-Thameshaven oil tanks. 66048 worked 6Z97 and 66081 6Z79.

13/04 37412 covered 2V07 with 37419 on 2F06. 37428 worked a Ford Bridgend-Wembley service and 56096 did 6V14 07:30 Hull Saltend-Baglan Bay. 66036 hauled 6V23 Hardendale-Margam limestone and 66051 worked 6V67 15:26 Wakefield-Cardiff Tidal.

16/04 31190/459 worked a railtour from Huddersfield (06:33) to Cardiff via the Heart of Wales line. It returned via Hereford at 18:15.

17/04 37412 did 2V07 and 2R42 and 37419 covered 2F06 and 2R38. 66184 worked 6E21 Baglan Bay-Humber tanks and 66024 6Z79.

18/04 37412 and 37419 were on the Rhymney services. 37710 worked 6V14 and 37521 took a service to Fords Bridgend.

19/04 The Rhymney locomotives swapped turns, with 37419 on 2V07 and 2R42 and 37412 taking 2F06 and 2R38.

20/04 The Rhymney locomotives were a repeat of the previous day. 153377 was present at Canton having all over advertising vinyls applied. 66088 did 6Z79 and 37698 worked Saltend-Baglan Bay.

23/04 The 09:45 to Manchester was worked by 153368/382, the latter in all-over advertising for Cornish branch lines. 37419 worked 2R38 and 37412 2R42.

24/04 37412 did 2V07 and 2R42 with 37419 covering 2F06 and 2R38. 37415 hauled 6A21 Tidal-Didcot power station.

25/04 The Rhymneys were a repeat of the previous day.

26/04 The Rhymneys were unchanged for the third day! 66502 was at Wentloog.

30/04 37710 worked 6V14 to Baglan Bay.

Cardiff Canton

Cardiff Canton was viewed on several occasions during the month and the following observations were made:-

01/04 08493/756/801/819/921/955/957. 37185/222/225/229/264/403/406 37412/414/419/428/898/901/904. 47365/770/782/816. 60044/089. 66031/043/126/162/186/187. 67010/027.

08/04 08493/756/801/819/921/955/957. 37185/222/225/229/264/403/406 37412/414/415/898/901/904. 47365/732/770. 59104. 60004/089. 66029/126/189/205/246. 67006/016/023.

15/04 08493/756/801/819/955. 37185/222/225/229/264/403/406/414/415 37898/901/904. 47365/770/785. 60045/070/077/096. 66029/041/152/157 66212/236. 67023/025/026/028.

22/04 08493/756/801/819/955. 37185/222/225/229/264/403/406/414/415 37898/901/904. 47365/770. 60003/005/061/096. 66034/048/068/165/199 66221. 67023.

29/04 08493/756/801/819/955. 37185/222/225/229/264/403/406/414/415 37419/898/901/904. 47365/770. 60011/027/100. 66012/022/024/041/138 66158/185/206/238. 67013/023/030.

Cardiff Tidal Sidings

During the month the following observations were made.

01/04 08466/651/752/770/854.

08/04 08466/651/770.

12/04 08466/651/752/770/854/951. 09105.

22/04 08466/651/752/770/854/951.

29/04 08466/651/770/854/951.

East Usk Yard

After several years of use only as a storage point for redundant wagons this yard has seen a recent upsurge in activity with round the clock seven days a week activity. With the re-opening of Uskmouth 'B' power station, now called Fifoots Point (Uskmouth 'A' was demolished during the month), imported coal is transported in various varieties of 'HAA' type wagons from both Avonmouth and Newport Docks which are staged/run round in the yard. Another flow of power station coal that uses the yard to run around is from Newport Docks to Aberthaw power station. Fifoots Point power station also receives lime by rail, which is tripped from ADJ yard in CSA wagons having arrived from the North by an earlier Enterprise service. Llanwern has also been receiving a flow of iron ore from the north which requires a run around in the yard, as the iorn ore terminal has only a west facing connection to the internal rail system. The local 09 pilot also makes appearances in the yard whilst working to the Orb works. So it has been possible to view as many as four locomotives together in the yard, which recalls the brief busy days after Severn Tunnel Junction Yard closed when it was used as a Speedlink yard.


02/04 09105, 37415/418, 66135/154/187/203/205 were at Godfrey Road. 66211 worked 6M81 Llanwern-Round Oak.

03/04 66135 worked 6E47 Newport Docks-Lackenby.

06/04 66016/029/033/126/162/181/192/246/250 were at Godfrey Road at 15:45. 59104 passed west light engine, as did 66206. 66031/165/217 were all on MGR workings. 09102. 37415. 47287. 60005/069/098/100. 66020/033/057/126/162/166/206/211/246. 67016.

09/04 37428 worked 6O33 Canton-Eastleigh fuel tanks forward from Newport after the diagrammed Class 66 failed. 66002/057/092/149/166 66184/205/206/212 were on MGRs, 66213 on acid tanks, 66141/189 on fuel tanks, 66033/034/088/246 on steel, 66161 on scrap, 66121 on stone and 66031/138/222 worked light engine. 66054/250 visited Godfrey Road

10/04 60013, 66011/046/049/120/166 visited Godfrey Road. 66250 passed through on a CWR train and 60010 was on Ferrywagons. 66057/205/206/212/222/245 were on MGRs, 66126/156 on steel and 66058 on an Enterprise service.

11/04 37707 worked 6Z99 Newport-Rugby departmental service.

12/04 37428 worked 6C91 09:14 ADJ-Bridgwater and 6C92 13:40 return. 37114/372/428/682. 47224. 60013/087/093/097. 66018/088/120/165/212 66247. 67013.

16/04 37428, 60070, 66081 were at Godfrey Road.

17/04 66199 worked 6Z50 Lackenby-Llanwern steel slabs.

18/04 37710 in Loadhaul livery was held in the up loop adjacent to Platform 3 at 22:20 with the Baglan Bay-Hull phosphoric acid tanks. Two people with video cameras filmed the noisy departure. 37415, 60045/077, 66081/191 were at Godfrey Road and 66051 on an MGR.

20/04 66247 was at Godfrey Road. Also noted were 09101/102. 37698. 47292. 60003/045/060/061/077/098. 66029/068/119/138/152/165/169/186 66199/216/221/232/247. 67005.

25/04 47722, 60098, 66041/056/068/127 were at Godfrey Road in the evening.

26/04 60077 was on iron ore.

30/04 37412/428 were at the on either end of a ballast train from East Usk yard to Machen Quarry. 37428 later worked 7M12 ADJ-Bescot. 60100 worked 6Z38 13:00 Llanwern-Washwood Heath empty iron ore.

The following units were noted at Newport during the month: -

143601/610/614/620/621/623. 150210/219/221/230/234/241/248/251/253/254/263/266. 153353/355/364/375/380. 156407. 158745/746/785/786/815/816/818/819/822/823/829/831/833/835/836/837/ 158840/841/843/849/864/865/867/869/872. 170501/507/510/632.



Transfers 08507 (BH)-CZ, 37379 (ML)-OC, 37694 (CD)-ML, 47721 (CD)-TO, 47726 (CD)-TO, 47733 (CD)-TO, 47734 (CD)-TO, 47760 (CD)-TO, 47775 (CD)-TO, 47792 (CD)-TO, 43029 (VT)-GW.

Store 08818. 47152/207/234/634/738/764. 56033. 58019. 86234.

CB: 47234/330. L+NW: 47372. CD: 58019. DR: 56033. FB: 08389/402/633/740. LA: 08641. SP: 31545. 47357/474/738/764. ST: 47152/207. SY: 47634. WB: 37718/899. ZB: 08685. ZH: 86234.

Traffic 08632 -AN, 43104 -LA (VT).

Withdrawn 08958. 47201/229/360/375.

Disposals CRDC: 08958. 31444. 47276. 56126. H Needle: 31147. @BH. Booth: 31273. Cotswold Rail: 08871. Rutland Railway Museum: D2118, D2302.

RailTrack Registered Cotswold Rail: 08871. 31206/210. T J Thomson: 01554 (Helen), 01555 (James). Manchester Ship Canal: 01556 (D6), 01557 (3004), 01558 (DH23) 01559 (DH24), 01560 (DH 26). Bardon Roadstone: 01561 (Katheryn), 01562 (Black Beauty)

Diesel Multiple Units

Formations 170101 (50101 + 55101 + 79101) 170102 (50102 + 55102 + 79102) 170103 (50103 + 55103 + 79103) 170104 (50104 + 55104 + 79104)

New Stock 170399 -DY (Temp), 55103/104 -DY. (MML Centre Cars) 175109 -CH. 180102 -OO. 220001/003/004/016/017/018 -CZ.

Electric Multiple Units

Stored 303010/025/089. 305502. 308137/161.

NL: 308161. ZG: 1812.

Traffic (S): 64700 -WD.

Withdrawn 303028/055/061. 936103/104.(977844/845/846/847/848/849)

Disposals Cars: 61489. 61813/831/837/865. 75589/600/771/821/827/845. 76327.

New Stock 375610/613/615/616/618/620/622/624/625/627 -RE. 4588016/18/19/20/21 -WD.

Coaching & NPCC Stock

Store 80211.

CP: 1842. 3228/29/44. L+NW: 81025. Railway Age: 9484. CS: 80204. DY: 80211. 99662/663/664/665. OM: 92302/346/356/370/416/831/842/897. 95201. SS: 9421. ZB: 10500/503/514/575/655/657/702/725/726/727. ZN: 10583.

Traffic 3261. -OO 3520/22. -OO 5744. -OO 6200/02/03/06/07/12/13/19/21/26. -OO 9480/92. -OO 9501. -OO

Withdrawn 9458. 17155. 92111/929

Disposals Mayer:- 84361. 042147. Booths:- 17155. 977361/405. HNRC @ Carlisle:- 975689/690/709/719/729/739/900/901. Plym Valley: 061203/204. Rutland Railway Museum: 95136.


New Stock 9110/11 -CQ.

Codes CZ - Barton under Needwood

WFAH EWS Cl58, South, EH 58009/013/016/020/021/024/025/026/029/030/031/033/037/041/042/043 58045/047/049/050.

WHDD EWS Cl47/7, Systemwide Dual Brake 47732/756/772/774/776.

WHTN EWS Cl47/7, Railtest, TO 47721/726/733/734/760/775/792.

WKAM EWS Cl37, Non RETB Fitted, ML 37669/670/694.

WSAS EWS Cl08/09, Anglia, London & Soth East, OC 08393/482/506/526/593/635/646/664/694/711/775/776/786/799/804/865 08872/890/900/913/918/919/947. 09006/009/010/012/018/019/024.

WSGW EWS Cl08/09, Great Western, CF 08480/500/653/792/798/802/828/856/896/904/941/953/957/993/994/995. 09001/003/008/011/013/015/016/017/101/102/105/203.

WSMD EWS Cl08/09, Midlands, TO 08418/511/516/528/538/540/543/567/569/580/623/683/695/698/706/714/ 08742/757/765/884/888/905/920/939. 09021/103.

WSAW 08466/481/651/752/770/854/921/951 -CF

WSNE 08401/405/428/442/495/510/512/514/577/582/587/597/605/633/655/662, 08665/676/689/783/806/824/842/844/879/886/911/927/954. 09005/007, 09014/023/106/107/201/202/204 -IM.

WSNW 08397/460/485/561/599/632/701/703/709/737/738/784/866/897/907/909, 08912/915/922/946. 09022 -AN.

WSSC 08411/441/534/578/630/670/685/720/807/881/882/883/910/933. 09104. 09205 -ML.


03/04 334010/020 worked 10:05 Glasgow Central-Gourock and return. This was the first scheduled passenger service to be operated by these units.

06/04 ADtranz unit 170399 was on the Midland Main Line, testing new Class 170/1 centre car 55103.

09/04 170307 was hired from SWT to continue testing of the 170/1 vehicles, whilst 170399 was leased to Central Trains to cover for units undergoing rectification work at Derby.

17/04 458021/009 were noted at Basingstoke and 458022/015 at Wimbledon.

18/04 375601/602/615/617/622/623/624/625 were reported at Ashford Chart Leacon.

It has been reported that Freightliner have ordered an additional seventeen class 66/5s the first six due for delivery in December with the rest to follow in 2002. This order includes a replacement for 66521, which is reported to be scrapped. These will be numbered 66538-555, if this order is confirmed it will take the number of class 66s to 318 (250 EWS, 61 F, 7 GBR).


VSOE Dates

Remaining dates for the train for 2001 are 13/6, 20/6, 27/6, 4/7, 11/7, 18/7, 1/8, 15/8, 12/9, 19/9, 17/10, 14/1l. Weekend Circular Dates (2 trips) 7/07, 1/9. Northern Belle (VSOE) dates to Bath are 18/8, 22/9 and 3/11. This train normally runs into Bath around 12:00 and returns at 17:00 running via the Severn Tunnel from and to Manchester.

East Somerset Railway (Cranmore)

The line reopened again by the end of April following the surprise closure over the Easter period. The temporary closure followed resignations by volunteers and the removal of two full-time job positions. The charity commission had stated the general and financial managers were breaking Commission rules by drawing salary, but there was no suggestion of any financial irregularities having taken place. Trustees have said they will now be relying on more volunteer labour in the future to keep the line operating.


Heart of Wessex Website

A new site, has been launched to promote the Bristol-Weymouth line and gives instant access to the national rail timetable, detail of each of the 20 destinations on the line, links to local information sites and news of events and offers on the line. Latest foot & mouth news and the countryside access for ramblers is also available, the site having been set up by the Bristol to Weymouth Rail Partnership.

Severn Tunnel

Railtrack is continuing its maintenance programme on the tunnel with closure dates over the Easter period and on April 21/22, 28/29 and May 5/6. The tunnel will be open on Saturday May 12 for the FA cup final in Cardiff after the work for that day was rescheduled. 6 million is to be spent on the tunnel this year as part of a major investment programme worth more than 24 million over five years.

Light Rail News

The Urban Light Transport scheme (ULTra), which has been developed in Bristol, has bean commissioned for Cardiff to link the city centre to the docks and the Welsh Assembly. A Bristol University scientist has formed a company called Advanced Transport Limited whose ULTra system creates no pollution and offers a three times quicker journey time then road transport between locations. Passengers are moved by battery-powered capsules which travel along a track above street level, which could run at up to 25 mph.


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