01/11 At 15.00, the following were present:- 08896 Stephen Dent(light), 37042 (spare loco), 60010 (loaded Didcot coal, held due to Lawrence Hill crash), 66076 (empty container flats for 6M75), 66152 (loaded coal). 66152 soon arrived with another empty MGR train.

02/11 At 13.50 the following were present:- 08896 (light), 66072 (loading coal), 60010 (still held).

05/11 08896 Stephen Dent (containers and empties), 60070 John Loudon McAdam (loading coal) and 66065 (coal empties) were present. 60098 later arrived with MGR empties.

16/11 During the afternoon 60076 and 66046 were present with MGR empties and 60070 John Loudon McAdam on a loaded service for Didcot. 08896 Stephen Dent was waiting to attach six crippled coal wagons to the 6M75 16.04 Warrington enterprise being worked by 56071 and 66032 departed at 14.08 with the first of a second short series of loaded coal MEAs for Acton. The coal is for use at Slough power station, a first series of this flow operated in April. The Britannia Zinc sulphuric acid flow has again been stopped due to one of the new level crossing barriers at Smoke Lane being blown over in high wind! One of the two dedicated bogie tankers is stabled nearby, the other is under repair at Marcroftts wagon works, Stoke.

29/11 At around 02:35 the 6076 18.45 Didcot-Avonmouth empties hauled by 60088 Buachaille Etive Mor became derailed on catch points whilst running downgrade near the freight only Filton west junction. The loco and three wagons came off the track having passed a red signal, this being the second accident involving a Didcot MGR train, again running away from it's normal route, during the month. BTU trains from Cardiff and Old Oak Common hauled by locos 66143 and 37051 Merehead respectively assisted with the rerailing of the wagons and loco which had caused a pollution scare with a fuel leak whilst lying on it's side over a stream. The loco was rerailed on the 30th, the line being reopened on the next day. Whether any EWS movements were made via the Severn Beach branchline and Clifton Down took place when the Avonmouth line (via Henbury) was closed is not known.

Bristol Parkway

02/11 A drive past saw 60058 working a Didcot bound MGR.

06/11 66004 failed whilst working the Binliner and was rescued by 60040, which had earlier worked eastbound with a freight, possibly recessing and being detached at Swindon. Other freight workings recorded were 66209 with an eastbound stone train, 60089 with fuel tanks from Langley to S Wales, 66018 a stone train from Tytherington to Battersea, 66069 empty fuel tanks for Fawley. MGR activity saw 60058 head for Didcot and 60070 for Avonmouth.

9/11 MGR activity this evening was the same as that seen on 6/11. Due to the continued disruption caused by flooding an unusual working was noted using 158837, it passed through non-stop towards Bristol then 30 minutes later headed eastbound again non stop, from where and back to is a mystery.

13/11 VT used loco and stock on a working vice HST, 47840 in IC livery being noted. Freight noted this evening were 66143 with Fawley empties, 47287 Felixstowe liner and 60088 MGR empties to Avonmouth.

16/11 At 19.30 it was announced the service arriving was the delayed 17.17 for Newcastle,formed of HST, and that all northbound passengers should board as no further services were anticipated. However 30+ minutes later another VT service arrives heading north top'n'tailed by recent repaints 47831/840. Also for a while a number of Portsmouth - Cardiff services and vice-versa were reversed at Parkway owing to a points problem at either Patchway or Filton. Freight noted this evening were two empty MGRs for Avonmouth headed by 60072/088 respectively and 47197 with the Felixstowe liner.

20/11 VT services were in disarray again this evening with 3 southbound and a northbound in excess of 2hrs late. In respect of the northbound working the GW HST ecs from Cheltenham was sent back as a special working from Parkway to Cheltenham to allow passengers to catch a Cardiff - Birmingham service. The VT service was 140 late in the end and was beaten to Parkway by the Plymouth - Low Fell vans and the Penzance - Birmingham services both of these being an hour late. Freight activity saw 60064 work Langley empty fuel tanks to S Wales, 66163 Tytherington - Battersea stone, 66024 empty tanks to Fawley and 47323 the Felixstowe liner. Didcot mgr workings were 60098 to Avonmouth and 60020 to Didcot.

22/11 60082 worked the empty tanks from Langley to S Wales this evening, 60088 empty mgr from Didcot to Avonmouth and 47207 the Felixstowe liner with a dead 47197 in tow.

23/11 Freight this evening comprised 60043 Tytherington stone, 47114 Felixstowe liner and Didcot mgr workings using 60020 and 60040.

27/11 Freight workings this evening comprised 66068 with Avonmouth - Tyne Yard "Boxes", 60089 Langley - S Wales tanks and two mgr empties to Avonmouth behind 60040 and 60098 respectively.

29/11 In the early hours 60088 Buachaille Etive Mor came to grief at Filton West junction whilst working empty mgr from Didcot to Avonmouth via Bath. Initial reports said a red signal had been passed at danger and was probably correct. What should be borne in mind is that this section to Avonmouth is currently on single line working with a pilotman on board, incorrect advise to the driver would appear to be the real reason. As a result of this derailment, 3 locos were trapped at Avonmouth, 60040 and 66205 plus another unidentified Class 66. Main line services were not affected.

Bristol Temple Meads

01/11 Disaster at Lawrence Hill! Services already affected by the weather were subject to further delays when the previous nights 5V17 23.48 Bristol Parkway-Barton Hill formed of 8 RES empty vans and top n' tailed by 67002 Special Delivery and 67012 collided with the back of a 45 wagon loaded 6G95 02.30 Avonmouth-Didcot MGR headed by 60072 Cairn Toul, diverted due to Chipping Sodbury Tunnel being flooded. The mail train had reportedly passed two red lights on Filton Bank before the collision around 03.40 which saw 67002 climb over two MGR hoppers landing on two more and ending up against the A420 roadbridge above the station, receiving cab and body damage and losing bogies and fuel tanks. The first of the separated vans NIA super GUV 94533 ended up pointing skyward on the first hopper, a fire igniting underneath from the fuel tanks this being quickly dealt with by the fire brigade in the early hours. The driver was very lucky, receiving cuts and a broken arm being rushed to the nearby BRI. The damaged Class 67 was moved by road crane to a nearby road lowloader at 21.30 prior to the return to Toton for examination. It appears the two locos and train were probably not coupled properly and a brake failure followed, why the emergency train brake was not applied is not known. The line remained closed until 06.15 on 3/Il and on the accident day 66162 was stopped stranded on what appeared to be the Dagenham-Bridgend Ford vans on Day's Curve. The Avon area refuse train was also stopped on the day being terminated at Oxford. Mail workings have since the accident seen an increased use of Cl47s on these duties including the 2 "Royal" locos.

04/11 Track repairs at various locations saw delays up to 30 minutes for First Great Western services this being mainly down to speed restrictions. There was still flooding in Chipping Sodbury tunnel and Virgin trains were commencing and terminating at Temple Meads with road connections to/from Exeter because of flooding and track repairs at Cowley Bridge junction (near Exeter). There was also flooding in Wickwar tunnel which saw further diversions via the Severn Tunnel and Newport.

06/11 Disruptions still continued over the weekend and by Monday, most services in the area were subjected to up to 20 minute delays. Chipping Sodbury and Wickwar tunnels were still flooded and a landslide in Wiltshire affected the hourly Bristol to Portsmouth and Weymouth line services. All trains to the West Country were by now being terminated at Taunton. Tiphook stone wagons noted heading north behind 66018 bound for Tytherington.

11/11 Pathfinder's 'Spinning Top' railtour was put back to March 2001 due to current problems on the West Coast mainline and Sapperton tunnel both being on the trains booked route between Coventry and Newport. Hertfordshire Railtours however ran their Letchworth-Bath/Bristol outing being hauled throughout by 66058.

13/11 First Great Western reported their Bristol-Paddington and South Wales services were back to normal times after a fortnight of reduced operations. A Virgin emergency timetable during the month saw both the 1V47 07.10 Edinburgh-Plymouth and 1S71 07.19 Edinburgh (ex. Penzance) suspended. Noted on a VT HST rake was 43113 in GNER livery formed part of the 1S41 15.12 Exeter-Edinburgh. An even bigger surprise was a GNER HST set with power cars 43106/120 working the 06:04 Leeds-Exeter and 13:57 Exeter-York!

14/11 Southbound at 22.35 was 66035 hauling a "Rail Train", presumably en-route to the next repair site or to the stockpile. GNER 'hire' HST activity saw the 13.57 Exeter-York worked by a complete blue set and the 10.15 Leeds-Exeter and 18.17 return worked by a Virgin set with blue 43113. The later working was however terminated at Bristol Parkway due to late running.

15/11 60048 Eastern worked the Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight and 20315+20307 the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks. 47746 The Bobby was employed on the 'as required' Old Oak Common-Barton Hill empty vans, consisting of two TPO and a RES van. A stone train was noted heading northbound at 07.20 behind 66029. 56073 worked 6M75 16:04 Avonmouth-Warrington via Newport ADJ.

16/11 What is believed to be the first Class 56 working west of Bristol for nearly two years saw 56071 run light from Newport to Bridgwater to collect the 6C92 13.48 Bridgwater-Avonmouth 'trip' which consisted of four empty VGA vans. The loco actually reached Taunton en-route as the ground frame at Bridgwater was not ready when the loco arrived! This working is normally Class 66 powered, the Class 56 then going forward, as booked, on the 6M75 16.04 Avonmouth-Warrington enterprise freight, the four vans being the trains only wagons.

19/11 DEMU 1001 was in use on an out and back Portsmouth-Cardiff working in conjunction with a sports event at the Millennium Stadium. It is reported that Wales & West hiring of this unit could be underthreat with the transfer of a number of drivers from Fratton to EWS at Eastleigh who are familiar with DEMU operations. 47742 The Enterprising Scot worked 1E32 14:59 to York.

21/11 60048 Eastern worked the Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight.

23/11 The 1S48 07.15 Bristol TM-Carstairs was headed as far as Birmingham New Street by 67016 departing 80 minutes late. 67016 hauled 1S48 07:15 Bristol to Carstairs (truncated Edinburgh service) to Birmingham, presumably because no 47s were available.

24/11 66052 worked the 6C91 Avonmouth-Bridgwater trip consisting of five vans, the loco returning light. Also seen was steam loco 4936 Kinlet Hall having called in at Barton Hill as 5Z41 09.00 Tyseley-Exeter New Yard boo and support coach W35470 (passing Yatton at 14.25). The loco with 6024 King Edward worked a railtour steam hauled to and from Taunton the next day, to Plymouth.

25/11 A second steam visitor for the month, West Country 34016 Bodmin headed Daylight Tours 'Avon Belle', 1Z96 07.15 Alton-Bristol and 1Z81 16.03 return. The train which arrived shortly after 12.00 was formed of coaching stock 35329 (support coach)+ 5171+5200+1105 +5216+9104+13440+5237+1659 Camelot+5236. All coaches were in green livery except Camelot which carried chocolate/cream. The coaches were stabled in the west end carriage siding, whilst the loco ran light to Barton Hill for servicing and turning using Day's Curve. Track machine DR75204 was seen stabled in platform 13 which now has a buffer stop at the west end. It is reported that platforms 14 and 15 will now be on the outside alongside the old Bath Road depot departure road. Another source states that a new platform 15 is to be built on the former postal office side alongside track not as yet laid. This could be constructed using the partially finnished structure currently located near the offices at the former Bath Road depot. Previously not reported was the opening of a new First Class lounge on platfom 9 in October by First Great Western. The 65,000 facility offers newspapers and complimentary refreshments as well as a phone and a fax machine, being complete with leather seating and a woodgrain floor.

27/11 4936 Kinlet Hall returned north as 5Z42 11.23 Exeter New Yard-Tyseley with support coach being seen in the Bristol area nearly an hour before the booked Exeter departure time! It was learnt the loco's departure time had been moved forwarded due to a mid morning engineering blockade between Exeter and Taunton. 66144 noted at 16.02 southbound with a coal train possibly bound for Westbury.

28/11 In the early hours, 00.15, 60040 was noted with a diverted Avonmouth - Didcot MGR service. At 15.30, 66086 headed north with Tiphook stone wagons en route to Tytherington.

29/11 20312+20314 worked the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks. Services to and from Bath were severely disrupted this morning due to power failure in the Bath area, Paddington services routed via Parkway other services were hand signalled until rectification of the fault.


09/11 St.Blazey depot contained 60048 Eastern, 66079/187/200/217. 67025/027/028.

26/11 St. Blazey depot contained the following mainline locos 37674 Saint Blaise Church 1425-1995, 47784 Condover Hall, 60027. 66055/130/180/181/187/200. 67010/018/025.

27/11 37674 Saint Blaise Church 1425-1995 worked the 6T12 Bodmin Fitzgerald lighting trip during the evening. 66200 handled the Plymouth Tavistock Yard-Penzance Ponsondane fuel tanks.

Avon to Calvert Binliner

This month's sightings are as given below;

03/11: 66214. 06/11: 66004. 09/11: 66138. 13/11: 66086. 14/11: 66086. 20/11: 66159. 24/11: 66159. 27/11: 66138.

Locomotives and Units

RES (CD): 47734/764/774/776/780/790/798/799. VT (TO): 47810/812/822/831/839/840/841/848/854. 67001/003/005/006/007/009/010/011/014/016/017/018/019/020/021/022/024/ 027/028/030.

Units Noted During the Month 143601/610/612/614/619/620/621/622/623. 150219/221/232/236/238/241/243/244/247/266/278. 153327/372/373. 158746/815/816/819/820/822/828/829/831/835/836/837/839/841/842, 843/866/868/869/871. 165136. 166205.

Postal Sets Noted

4s (PCV)

94316 94100 94224 94317
94321 94116 94114 94318
94326 94193 94146 94325
94322 94204 94138 94307
94342 94196 94175 94310
94344 94191 94211 94313
94334 94108 94202 94306
94343 94215 94174 94305

4s (BG)

94518 94192 94110 94414
94473 94160 94209 94524
94486 94214 94197 94492
94527 94522 94464 94514
94441 94200 94126 94494
94433 94212 94107 94484


94476 94111 94182 94147 94404
94528 94225 94101 94199 94504
94416 94168 94123 94153 94532
94495 94221 94208 94157 94451
94511 94207 94180 94121 94474
94538 94465 94195 94216 94434


Cardiff Central

01/11 37425 Sir Robert McAlpine worked 2R38 16:50 to Rhymney and 37413 The Scottish Railway Preservation Society 2R42 17:11.

02/11 170504 worked the 06:52 from Worcester and 156405 the 12:55 to Nottingham. 37413 hauled 2V07 07:23 Rhymney-Radyr and 37425 2F06 07:44 from Rhymney. 66516 was at Pengam for 4S81.

03/11 37413 worked 2R38 and 37425 2R42.

04/11 66514 was at Pengam FLT.

06/11 158954 worked the 15:00 to Nottingham and 170638 the 15:50, whilst 150210 arrived on the 12:44 from Nottingham. 60079 was on one of the iron ore diagrams. 37413 worked 2R38 and 37427 2R42. 66514 was at Pengam for 4S81.

07/11 158857 worked the 07:40 to Nottingham and refurbished Valley Lines Pacer 143606 was on the 06:46 Cheltenham-Barry Island. 37427 worked 2R38 and 37413 2R42.

08/11 37413 worked 2R38 and 37427 2R42.

09/11 170511 worked the 11:44 from Nottingham and 156408 the 12:44. 37413 worked 2R42 and 37427 2R38.

10/11 158795 worked the 11:55 to Nottingham, 156417 the 12:55, 170633 the 15:50 and 170511 the 17:05. 37427 did 2R38 and 37418 East Lancashire Railway 2R42. This was the first time 37418 had visited Rhymney! 47303 Freightliner Cleveland and 66518 were noted at Pengam. 66229 worked 7B32 Cardiff Docks-Swansea Burrows Cawood hoppers.

11/11 There were a large number of special workings, due to Wales playing Western Samoa at rugby at the Millennium Stadium, so enthusiasts were out in force! 47705 Guy Fawkes worked a 07:57 relief from Crewe with 4963, 5030, 5029, 17056, 4902, 5025. DRS 37609 hauled 6310 (a BG containing a generator set), 4917, 3181, 17159, 3240, 5630, 5732 as 1H98 07:21 Crewe-Manchester Piccadilly via Warrington, to form 1V77 08:33 Manchester to Cardiff. With the BG right behind the loco, the generator set unfortunately drowned out the sound of the loco except when working hard. It was so powerful the heating had to be turned off in 4917! The train left Crewe 11 mins late and lost a further 20 mins to Shrewsbury, due to speed restrictions and a dead stand at a signal. Further time was lost travelling down the Marches line, as it was in the path of the 09:00 Liverpool-Cardiff and thus picking up that train's passengers as well as it's own. Due to the late running, a special stop notice was issued for Pontypool & New Inn, as the Liverpool service was due to call there. However, on leaving Hereford the train was full and had passengers standing and about 100 more boarded at Abergavenny! So the special stop at Pontypool only made things worse and at Cwmbran the train was held for five minutes whilst people tried to get on board. Conditions on the train to Newport could only be described as wedged - there were people in the toilets, not for the usual reason, but because it was the only place they could stand! As the train passed over rail joints, the carriage suspension could be heard bottoming out as the bogie springs were compressed to the limit of their travel! At Newport, a few passengers going east managed to get off and were immediately replaced by newcomers. Arrival at Cardiff was just over an hour late. This service was followed by 37412 Driver John Elliot on 2V42 10:28 from Crewe with 5276, 5322, 80213, 4927, 5009, 5040. This working was used to send 37412 to Cardiff to work the Valleys the following week, replacing 37427 which would be worked to Crewe in the evening. Hastings unit 1001 worked 08:24 Portsmouth Harbour-Cardiff. It returned as the 13:30 to Portsmouth, departing 50 minutes late. On the Valleys, 37413 worked 2F09 07:15 from Rhymney, 2R05 08:50 return, and continued on this diagram for the remainder of the day. 37418 worked 2F13 08:15 from Rhymney with coaches Dawn, Andrea, Beverley, Georgina. It returned on 2R09 09:50 to Rhymney but developed a fault whilst operating 2F25 11:15 from Rhymney. Canton had insufficient staff to remedy the loco, so 37801 was substituted for it on 2R21 12:50 to Rhymney! This was a highly popular move with the enthusiasts who had travelled to Cardiff that morning and the train departed up the Valley with more passengers than it had brought down! The loco continued on the diagram for the rest of the day, finishing with 2F61 20:15 from Rhymney. 37427 worked 2F17 09:15 from Rhymney and finished with 2F29 12:15 from Rhymney. The diagram was then covered by units until 37412 took over 2R37 16:50 to Rhymney, finishing with 2R49 19:50 to Rhymney. Shuttle services between Cardiff and Bargoed were covered by three car Centro units 150013 and 150002, the latter a genuine (as opposed to hybrid) three-car unit, as it as one of the prototype Sprinter units! Unfortunately, it has been refurbished inside, so retains none of its original fittings. 170506 worked the 10:27 from Nottingham. In the evening, return workings were 37609 on 1Z52 19:15 to Crewe, 47705 on 19:45 to Crewe and 37427+37418 DIT on 1M98 20:45 to Crewe.

12/11 170519 worked the 11:59 from Nottingham.

13/11 156411 worked the 06:55 from Worcester. 37412 worked 2R38 and 37413 2R42.

14/11 37372 worked 6B24 Didcot PS-Tidal Sidings. 37412 did 2R38 and 37413 2R42. 66504 was at Pengam FLT.

15/11 170513 was on the 09:00 to Nottingham. 37413 worked 2V07/2R42 and 37412 2F06/2R38.

16/11 66193 departed on the Canton-Mossend at 13:00. 37412 did 2R38 and 37418 2R42.

17/11 66501 was at Pengam FLT.

18/11 Loco-hauled services again operated for a Wales v USA rugby match.37421 worked 1Z50 07:57 from Crewe and 1M89 20:45 return. 37609 worked 1V77 08:33 from Manchester hauling 5732, 5630, 3240, 17159, 3181, 4917, W6310. It returned on 1Z51 19:15 to Crewe. As 47705 was unavailable, 47736 Cambridge Traction & Rolling Stock Depot worked 2V42 10:28 from Crewe and 19:45 return. Hastings unit 1001 worked the 08:24 from Portsmouth Harbour and the 13:30 return. 37372 worked 2F09 07:15 from Rhymney, 2R05 08:50 return and continued at three-hourly intervals hauling 4866, 4875, 5412, 35517. 37418 did 2F13 08:15 from Rhymney and 2R09 09:50 return etc. with Georgina, Beverley, Andrea, Dawn. 37412 worked 2F17 09:15 from Rhymney with coaches Catherine, Wendy, Deborah, Sarah and 2R13 10:50 return. Three-car Centro liveried units 150019 and 150015 were on shuttle services to/from Bargoed. 170504 worked the 10:55 to Nottingham, 158787 the 11:50 and 158847 arrived on the 08:31 from Nottingham. 66046 worked 6V59 Purfleet-Cardiff steel train.

20/11 158855 worked the 10:28 from Nottingham, 170505 the 11:44 and 150019 the 12:44. 37412 worked 2R38. 66515 was at Pengam FLT.

21/11 66046 worked 6E21 08:20 Baglan Bay-Humber and 66514 was at Pengam for 4S81.

22/11 37412 worked 2V07 and 37418 2F06.

23/11 37418 was in charge of 2V07/2R38 and 37412 2F06/2R42.

24/11 66514 was at Pengam for 4S81. 66177 worked 6V23 Hardendale-Margam. 37412 covered 2R38 whilst 37418 did 2R42.

25/11 37412 worked several diagrams on the Rhymney line to provide additional capacity for Christmas shoppers going to Cardiff. These included the 09:10 from Rhymney, the 11:02 to Rhymney, the 12:10 from Rhymney and the 17:02 to Rhymney. 66065 worked 6V59 Purfleet-Cardiff Tidal.

26/11 47705 worked a 13:24 relief train from Crewe in connection with a rugby match at the Millennium Stadium. The loco worked back on 1M45 but failed near Shrewsbury! 27/11 37418 worked 2R38 and 37412 2R42

28/11 37412 worked 2R38 and 37418 2R42.

29/11 37418 worked 2R38 and 37412 2R42.

30/11 66143 arrived from Filton with 60088 plus the Canton re-railing train and crane at 16:30. 37412 worked 2R38 and 37418 2R42.

Cardiff Canton

Cardiff Canton was viewed on several occasions during the month and the following observations were made:-

05/11 08493/756/801/819/955. 37185/222/225/229/264/403/406/413/414/ 898/901/904. 47365/770/782. 56066. 60003/046/068/069. 66023/024/065/ 069/074/086/135/242. 67005/024/025/028.

12/11 08493/756/801/819/955. 09105. 37185/222/225/229/264/403/406/ 413/414/801/898/901/904. 47365/770/782. 56068. 60014/016(d)/025(c)/ 058/068/085(c). 66010/027/046/052/068/081/143/162/227/229. 67012/025. (c) Collision Damage (d) Derailment Damage.

19/11 08493/756/801/819/955. 09107. 37185/222/225/229/264/372/403, 37406/414/418/898/901/904. 47365/770/782. 60007/012/058. 66017/045/ 055/068/081/168/178.

20/11 08493/576/752/756/801/819/921/955/957. 09017/102/107. 37222/225/229/264/403/406/425/509/898/301/904. 47207/365/770. 56066/068. 60007/008/010/012/014/025/046/058/085. 66024/045/068/073/081/093/168/178. 67010/012/013.

26/11 08493/576/756/801/819/955. 37185/222/225/229/264/403/406/414, 37418/898/901/904. 47365/734/770/782. 60016/022/079. 66017/027/033/045/065/068/129/151/160/177. 67012/014.

Cardiff Tidal Sidings

During the month the following observations were made.

05/11 08466/651/951.

12/11 08481/951.

19/11 08466/481/651/770/951.

26/11 08466/481/651/752/951.


03/11 A late evening visit saw the following locomotives 09105. 60046. 66031/052/069/164. 67014/018.

08/11 37418, 66002/049/072/086/242 were at Godfrey Road. It was understood the 37 was en-route to Canton for tyre turning.

10/11 37801 was at Godfrey Road in front of the Track Recording Sprinter DB999600/601, along with 60029 Clitheroe Castle and 66089 Arcuil. 60037 Aberthaw was on iron ore duties, 60007 worked Murco tanks east, 60011 was a westbound oil train and 66164/183/211 were on coal. 66023 was at ADJ Yard on ballast. 66022 worked 6B03 09:18 Swansea Burrows-Newport ADJ and 66165 6B22 08:47 Newport ADJ-Swansea Burrows. Also noted were 09105 60031/069 66052/065/164/238.

12/11 66065/089/112/238/242 were at Godfrey Road.

13/11 66027/112/242 were at Godfrey Road, along with the Track Recording Sprinter.

16/11 56071 with 37418 DIT passed west on a short mixed freight.

17/11 56071 worked 6C90 09:47 ADJ-Avonmouth and 6M75 return. Noted during the evening were 47287. 60022/032. 66024/046/055/068/093/151/ 153/156/170.

18/11 66168 worked empty HAAs east and 66024 empty HAAs west! 60007 worked steel slabs and coils to Llanwern and 66518 headed a Freightliner towards Cardiff. 60041, 66010/27/068/090/126/151 were at Godfrey Road.

20/11 Godfrey Road contained 09102, 60058 John Howard, 66010/065/074/104/177/178. 60075 worked steel slabs west, followed by 66046 on HAAs. 60037 worked l.e. east, followed by 66229 on FerryWagons on 66183 on empty HAAs. 47744 hauled a Serco railtest train eastwards, including a Railtrack owned coach. 47738 Bristol Barton Hill was on the other end of the train.

22/11 56007 worked 6B06 Newport ADJ-Cadoxton and 6B39 return, after arriving overnight on 6V49 Lynemouth-Newport Docks. It returned North at 17:00 with 6E47.

24/11 Noted were 09105. 47207. 60010/022/029/067/089. 66027/033/045/052/065/120/129/203/212/242.

26/11 An evening view recorded the following 09105. 60008/097. 66120/156/190/2I3/244.

27/11 66065/144/168 were on coal trains, 66090/219 on steel, and 66068/190/213 were at Godfrey Road.

The following units were noted at Newport during the month: - 143601/610/614/617/618/621/622/623. 150221/233/236/240/241/249/251/253/265. 153323/355/370/373/382. 158745/746/815/821/824/825/826/829/831/832/834/836/837/840/841/842/ 857/866/867/869/871. 170521/523.



Transfers 08480(EH)-CF, 08506(OC)-ML, 08900(CF)-EH, 37073/510/515/672/683, 37888(SNCF)-UK, 59201/202/203/204/205/206(OC)-HG, 66100/103/107(TO)-ML, 86424/425(WN)-CE, 90142(FE)-WN, 90146(WN)-FE.

For other transfers see Pool Codes Section

Store 08630. 37370/425. 56040. 58002/014. 86102/228. AN: 08891. CD: 08745. 47771. Gresty Lane: 47193/209/225/290/305/308/330/337/339/353/354. Railway Age: 86213/228. CE: 86102. LR: 58005. SP: 47530/532/566.

On Decision 08630(ML). 37425(CF)/510/515/672/683/888(TE). 47763(ML). 56040(IM). 58002(DI)/014(TO).

Component Recovery 37010/069/071/170/298/370/376(SP).

Traffic 47212(DFLT). 66512/513/514/515/516/517/518(DFGM) -FD, 86205 -WN.


T J Thomson: 08473. ??: 08517/634/700/826. 20169. 31102/200/319/421. 37079/095/254. 47125.

Renumbered 91027 - 91127 -BN.

New Stock 66519/520(DFRT)/601/602/603/604/605/606(DFHH) -FD.

Diesel Multiple Units

Transfers 150104/122(BY)-TS.

Stored At LO: 51463. 54062/091. SS: 121027/029/031. L702.

Traffic 121021(55021 - 977723), 122019(55019 - 975042) -AL.

Disposals Sale of 60200/201 cancelled.

Formations Formed: 101654 51800 + 54408 + 51175, 101656 51230 + 54056 + 51428 Disbanded: 101.655/658.

New Stock 168113 (58163 + 58663 + 58263) -AL. 170301 (50301 + 79301), 302 (50302 + 79302) -SA. 175106 (50756 + 56756 + 79756) -CH.

Electric Multiple Units

Transfers 317301/303/305/312(EM)-HE.

Stored 303058/061. 308134/144. CK: 303058. RTC: 930079. EM: 357018/025/027/031/032/044. SS: 305506. Wembley CSD: 8002/03/04.

Withdrawn Vehs: 70083 cut up at Pigs Bay.

Renumbered 313008 - 108.

New Stock 333013/014 -NL. 357010/045/046 -EM.

Coaching & NPCC Stock

Transfers 1860. 4940/58. 99128/304/326/329 -CS.

Store 4873. 5381. 5419. 40417. 92936. CS: 3143. 6312. CP: 4873. 5381. 5419. Railway Age: 13331. MM: 10578/662. WSR: 42073/074/361. 44024.

Traffic 5236 -RL, 5450 -HQ, 6910/11 -BD.

Withdrawn 80735. Sold to Caledonian Railway, Brechin.


New Stock: 9106 -CQ.


EWS is embarking on a sectorisation allocation programme, similar to that of the freight companies it took over, whereby depots will be responsible for certain levels of maintenance with Toton undertaking all other repairs etc. How this will effect the current "Freedom of Movement" policy remains to be seen. Code details are given below, with probable allocations and loco numbers where known, please note that this may be subject to change.

WAAK Class 67, Systemwide - CF. 67001-022/024-030.

WBAH Class66, Anglia & Southern - EH. 66009/013/015/016/033/034/061/064/082/122/132/146/162/169/173/189/216,66217/238/249.

WBAI Class66, North Eastern(South) - IM. 66005/007/010/011/012/014/018/023/026/027/036/039/045/046/048/050/052,66053/060/063/ 66068/069/071/072/073/077/081/084/085/091/094/120/121/123, 66124/128/130/131/134/137/139/141/147/153/154/155/158/160/166/167/172, 66177/183/185/197/201/204/205/207/209/213/220/221/226/228/230/234/237, 66240/242/245.

WBAK Class66, Great Western - CF. 66008/019/021/031/032/043/054/055/056/057/058/076/079/080/088/090/092, 66115/127/135/143/144/145/151/157/164/165/168/176/179/181/187/191/199, 66202/206/212/214/215/222/229/235/236/239/241/250.

WBAM Class 66, Scotland (Non RETB) - ML. 66028/035/049/065/066/116/133/136/152/180/186/193/200/248.

WBAN Class 66, Midland - TO. 66002/004/017/022/024/025/037/038/040/042/059/062/067/074/075/086/087, 66117/119/126/129/142/148/150/159/163/169/171/173/174/175/178/182/188, 66189/194/195/196/208/210/218/219/225/231/232/243/246/247.

WBAT Class 66, North Eastern(North) - TE. 66001/003/006/020/030/041/044/047/051/070/078/083/089/093/118/125/138, 66140/149/156/161/170/184/190/192/198/203/211/223/224/227/233/244.

WBBM Class 66, RETB Equipment, Systemwide - ML. 66095/096/097/098/099/100/101/102/103/104/105/106/107/108/109/110/111, 66112/113/114.

WCAI Class 60, North Eastern(South) - IM - 16 locos (tba)

WCAK Class 60, Great Western - CF - 21 locos (tba)

WCAN Class 60, Midland - TO - 25 locos (tba)

WCAT Class 60, North Eastern(North) - TE - 38 locos (tba)

WDAG Class 59/2, Systemwide - HG

WEFE Class 90, Freight - CE 90016/017/018/019/020/026/028/029/030/031/032/034/035/036/037/040. WEOE Class 86, Systemwide - CE

86261/401/416/417/424/425/426/430. WEPE Class 90, Royal Mail & Sleepers - CE


WGAI Class 56, North Eastern(South) - IM - 30 locos (tba)

WGAT Class 56, North Eastern(North) - TE - 30 locos (tba)

WHCD Class 47, Systemwide - CD 47575/634/635/721/725/727/732/736/737/738/739/744/746/749/757/758/759, 47761/762/764/767/772/774/776/778/780/781/783/784/785/786/787/789/792, 47793.

WHCM Class 47, Hired to ScotRail - ML 47756/760/773/790/791.

WHRD Class 47, Special Trains - CD 47798/799.

WHTD Class 47, Hired to Serco Railtest - CD 47726/733/734/775.

WKAC Class 37, Anglia & Southern - OC - 10 locos (tba)

WKAD Class 37, Midlands & North West - CD - 22 locos (tba)

WKBM Class 37, RETB Equipment, Systemwide - ML/CD 37405/408/411/415/416/418/419/427/428

WKSN Class 37, Sandite Contract - TO 37503/505/509/513/516/517/518/520/521/667/668/669/670/673/674/675/676, 37677/678/679/680/682/684/685/688/689/692/694/695/698.

WMAC Class 31, Systemwide - OC 31110/207/420/466.

WPAG Class 73, Systemwide - HG 73101/108/110/128/129/131/133/136.

WTAE Class 92, Dollands Moor - Doncaster - CE 92004/005/006/007/008/009/011/013/014/015/016/017/018/019/020/021/022, 92023/024/025/026/030/032/033/034/035/036/041/042/044/046.

WTWE Class 92, Channel Tunnel Only - CE 92001/002/003/010/012/027/028/029/031/037/038/039/040/043/045.



10/11 M/V Stellanova arrived at Newport docks at 17:10 with a batch of new Class 66s.

12/11 66519/520, 66601-606 were on the quayside at Newport Docks, along with 09107. The M/V Stellanova sailed on the evening tide.

13/11 The EWS (road) tanker was on the quayside alongside the 66s, so it looks as if the EWS commissioning team were re-united to deal with the Freightliner locos under contract. That data panels on the 66/6s show a 65MPH top speed (the 66/5s are 75MPH), which explains their different classification. The gearing on the traction motors is lower to give them increased haulage capability. They will presumably displace the remaining doubled-headed 47 freightliner trains. At 16:25, 66602/519/604/520 passed through Newport station heading for Crewe and were followed 5 mins later by 66601/603/606/605.

14/11 66604/519/520/601/602/603/605/606/506/508/509/510/507/516, 57011 were all noted at the Crewe Freightliner depot. The following Freightliner locos are stored unserviceable in a siding near Crewe Gresty Lane Junction 47330/209/225/193/290/308/353/305/337/354/339.

18/11 New Turbostar units are being delivered to South-West Trains and likely to be based at Salisbury! 170301-305 were noted at the depot, carrying vehicle numbers 50301/302 and 79301/302

23/11 170306 worked as 5Z40 10:50 Derby-Salisbury via Oxford and Swindon.

24/11 170301/302 were out on test.


First Great Western Free Travel More than 5,000 customers will receive compensation equivalent to 15 days free rail travel for delays caused by speed restrictions and bad weather if they hold monthly or longer tickets valid between October 15th and November 11th. Refunds will be given at railway offices where the original ticket was purchased or from the company online service if bought this way. Customers with weekly or daily tickets will also be entitled to refunds under a separate compensation system within the Passengers' Charter.

Staff Go For Gold! Some of the First Great Western employees in the Bristol area have received Gold Awards for outstanding performance. Roger Tanton from Brislington received his award in recognition in the way he run's the company's route learning training school in Bristol whilst station assistant Simon Cassidy was honoured for quick thinking when a passenger fell between the platform and a train at Bristol Parkway. Mr.Cassidy who lives in Portishead stopped the train departing and kept the person calm until the emergency services arrived. Bath Spa office manager Ian Monks from Warmley attained his award for heading a team credited for more than 12 million ticket sales.

May The Sunshine At Parkway Solar powered car park ticket machines have now been installed at Bristol Parkway station the four pay-and-display machines are part of a 250,000 investment by First Great Western's station car parks management company APCOA. The units have so far operated trouble free and are moveable if a change of beation is needed. The machines were made by Bristol-based Alfia Services being put into place without the need of underground electric cabling. APOCA were put in charge by First Great Western of it's car parks in April this year the firm also providing increased security patrols by attendants.

Portishead Branchline Transport minister Lord MacDonald has announced during the month that most of the line will be reopened in a 21 million public/private partnership project. With work already started in Royal Portbury dock to accomodate new siding space, the 1.2 mile link from the branchline at Pill is expected to be opened in a years time. Coal, cars, steel and timber are expected to be the main commodities carried, meaning there would be around five million less lorry road movements from the dock.

Yatton The 'Strawberry Line' now a 10 mile cycle and recreational walkway to Cheddar having been closed to passengers in 1964 and goods the next year now has a new millenium sculpture at it's beginning in the former goods yard near Yatton station. The six metre high arch depicting a cyclist, rambler and various wildlife visible along the route has been made by blacksmith Alan Cooper from Engine Forge, Winscombe being funded by grants from North Somerset Council, the Countryside Agency and Forest of Avon. The structure is visible from the train alongside the Bristol-Taunton mainline to the west of Yatton station.

Bristol Parkway Mail Terminal

Times of trains at the Royal Mail Bristol Parkway terminal are:

1B33 Bristol-Swansea 19.10 19.26 

1E41 Plymouth-Low Fell 19.57 20.16   

1V62 Warrington-Plymouth 20.15 20.30    

1V64 Low Fell-Plymouth 20.40 20.54

1M61 Swansea-Willesden 20.31 21.05    

5E94 ECS from Barton Hill 20.53

1M65 Plymouth-Willesden 21.50 22.20    

1E94 To Low Fell 21.10 22.15    

1V34 Willesden-Swansea 22.42 22.52    

1V04 Shieldmuir-Bristol 23.21 23.57    

1M95 Swansea-Willesden 23.35 23.45    

1V69 Low Fell-Bristol 00.05 00.45    

1C01 Penzance-Bristol 00.15 00.55    

1V37 Willesden-Swansea 01.02 01.07    

1V44 Willesden-Swansea 01.40 01.50    

1V28 Low Fell-Bristol 02.54 03.28    

1M59 Bristol-Warrington 09.10 10.27

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