General Trip Information

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Although trip timings and costs advertised are based on Bristol area departures, fuel/train fare  to an advertised departure point from Cardiff and Newport will be paid by the Society upon agreement with John Dicks. If you live outside the areas served by these points but on route for a trip please contact John Dicks to arrange a pick up point that is mutually convenient.


The fare structure is as follows:

Adult Member                         Full Fare.

Child                                        Quarter Fare.

Members                                 Will be elligible for a daily discount on the published fare (Currently £3).


A child is defined as a person who has not yet reached their seventeenth birthday and is still in full time education. Members will have priority until the “book by” date, after that the trips will be filled on a first come first served basis.


The discounts highlighted above for family members refer to travel costs only. Hotel accommodation and permit/admission fees will be charged at cost price.


Where a trip is organized with a specific itinerary, to a specific area, it may sometimes be possible to drop off a member en route. Availability and exact duration of stay will be at the discretion of the Events Organizer. The fare for this option will be negotiable, depending on the drop off point and seat availability. 


For members living outside the normal pick up/drop off areas it may be possible to picked up en route. This is known as the Trip Hiker option and fares and availability are at the discretion of the Events Secretary.

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