TRIP 546

North & East Yorkshire Weekend


Saturday 6th October.

Wakefield Westgate Station (VISIT) :

Loco : 91121 'THE RAINBOW TRAIN'.
DVT : 82223.
Carriage : 12433.

Long Lane, Hensall (VIEWED FROM VEHICLE) :
Wagon : UI LNER Plywood Goods Van grounded body - not seen by all the party.
Plasmor Ltd, Concrete Block Manufacturers, Great Heck (VISIT) :
Industrial Loco : Unnumbered John Fowler 4220038/1966.
Wagons :
(All are PNA's with a PLAS prefix) : 4676, 4677, 4685, 4687, 4689, 4694, 5271, 5272, 5275, 5276, 5277, 5279, 5282, 5283, 5284, 5287, 5292, 5293, 5417, 5421, 5424, 5425, 5426, 5431, 5434, 5436, 5437, 5438, 5439, 5444.
TTA ; BPO 67982 (Cut down tank wagon in use as a water reservoir for the on site sprinkler system).

Thanks go to Phil Horton for organising & Anthony for hosting our visit.

Skipwith Station Holidays, Skipwith & North Duffield Station (VISIT) :
Carriages : 5856/DB 977792 ** 'DERWENT MAIL'.
                  5941 'LADY DERAMORE'.
                  14157/17157/DB 977788 ** 'DERWENT FLYER'.
There is some confusion (regarding the vehicles marked **), as to which carriage is which, this is due to one carriage carrying both the names 'DERWENT FLYER' on one end and 'DERWENT MAIL' on the other. Entries on VCT and UK PRSL sites are also conflicting on these carriages.
Thanks go to the owner for granting us permission and for hosting our visit.
South Cave Tractors, Common Lane, Brough :
The party enquired whether there were any road/rail Unimog vehicles on site and were informed that there was one inside the workshop, but permission to view that vehicle was politely denied.
Private Location, North Cave (VISIT) :
Carriage : GNR 2935 5 Compartment Luggage Composite of c1900 grounded body. This was formerly at Burton Salmon.
Wagons : LMS 504451 12t van grounded body.
                LMS 504x42 12t van grounded body.
The number 2935 was found chalked on the back of the original toilet door once a hardboard panel had been removed. Based on the fact that the body at Acomb bowling club is the same type and approx year build and has been identified and there were only 54 of this diagram built, also the numbers '35' being found by the events secretary and another member on a visit in July 2003 to the previous location of this vehicle hence the conclusion that the identity of this vehicle is 2935.
Thanks go to Andrea for organising & co-hosting along with husband Paul & family friend Chris. The party were treated to tea and sausage & bacon rolls and were made most welcome by our hosts, who were keen to learn as much as we could tell them about their carriage and who said we would be welcome to come back at any time.
Cannon Junction Cocktails Bar, Beverley Road, Hull (VISIT) :
Carriage : 4936 Body cut in half with both halves grounded side by side.
Streetlife Museum, High Street, Hull (VISIT) :
Industrial Loco : Unnumbered 'FRANK GALBRAITH' Sentinel 9629/1957.
Tram Loco (3ft Gauge) 1 'MR' / 'NCC' Kitson 2551 T56/1882.
Trams : City of Hull 132/1910.
             Ryde Pier 3/1871.
Tram Models : City of Hull - 'GEM' (approx 3.5inch gauge).
                       City of Hull 101 (approx 12-12.5inch gauge).
Miniature Loco Models (3.5inch gauge) : 2111 4-6-0.
                                                                NER 'Atlantic' 4-4-4.
Wagons : NER 16625 4wh Birdgage Goods Brake Van.
                UI 4wh LNER Hull Docks wagon.
Fort Paull, Napoleonic Fort Military Museum, Battery Road, Hull (VISIT) :
Carriage : Deutsche Bundesbahn Restaurant Car 51/80 0840 001-3 On static display. Only seen by two particpants on the trip.

The museum is also home to various military vehicles and the worlds only surviving Blackburn & General Aircraft 1955 built 'Blackburn B-101 Beverley' transporter plane.
Thanks go to the lady in the shop for allowing us to visit without paying the entrance fee, but on the proviso that we make a donation, which we did by means of purchasing something from the shop.

Pasture Road, Hornsea (VIEW) :
Carriage : NER 163 4 Compartment Luggage Composite/1886 grounded body        used as a holiday home.

Cliff Top, Cliff Road, Skipsea (VIEW) :
Tram : City of Hull 104, 107 or 112/1903 Lower deck grounded body only.
Post trip research has turned up a photograph taken in the mid-1990's of this vehicle with the number 112 written on the back of it in a circle (there is nothing else written on it), so therefore it is currently assumed that this is the body of number 112.
Grange Road, Beeford (VIEWED FROM VEHICLE) :
Wagons : 2 x UI BR 12t Vans grounded bodies only not seen by all the party.
Wansford Trout Farm, Whin Hill, Driffield (VIEWED FROM VEHICLE) :
Industrial Loco Unnumbered 4wP/DH.
Permission to visit was politely declined, but the party viewed and photographed one of the three locomotives listed at this location from within the confines of our vehicle.
Yorkshire Wolds Railway, Fimber Halt, Nr. Wetwang (VISIT) :
Industrial Loco : 5576 'SIR TATTON SYKES' GECT 5576/1979.
Carriage : 81305/92990.
Small Plant : Unnumbered Abtus Velocipede.
Wagons : GWR 65172 - Goods Van grounded body.
                UI GWR Planked Van grounded body.
                B 784635 grounded body, in use as a shop.
Half of the party partook of a short cab ride along the track that is in situ.
The railway is actively seeking a 'lowmac'/'well wagon' and either a couple of 'dogfish' wagons or a 'seacow' in order to carry out their extension work if anybody hears of any of these becoming available (even if for hire), then please pass the information onto the events secretary and he will pass it on to the chairman of the railway.
Thanks go to Ed for organising & hosting our visit, and also to the other members of the railway for their hospitality which included cups of tea,
Keldholme Poultry Farm, Swineherd Lane, Kirkbymoorside (VISIT) :
The party turned up here hoping to see the grounded carriage body of NER 2543, however upon speaking with the owner he informed them that he had scrapped the vehicle about 5/6 years ago.
Jack Lane, Stillington (VISIT) :
Carriage : UI believed to be ECJS brake vehicle grounded end part only remains.
Thanks go to Chris the owner of the Stillington Vintage Emporium for his help in locating this part body.
Grange Cottages, Skirpenbeck (VISIT) :
Carriage : UI believed to be a NER 6 wheeler grounded body only completed encased in the bushes. It is believed that this vehicle has collapsed because after fighting a way through the bushes in fading light, the party could only see part of the roof section.
Sunday 7th October.
Ousegate, Selby (VIEW) :
Carriage : NER 2479 grounded part body, this body is now completely covered with a tarpaulin to protect it.
B.O.C.M. Pauls Ltd (opposite), Olympia Mills, Barlby Road, Selby (VIEW) :
On-Track Plant : Unnumbered Steam Crane Taylor & Hubbard 935/1920.

River Lea, Moor End, Acaster Malbis (VISIT) :
Carriage  : UI NER 5 Compartment grounded body.
Thanks go to the owner for granting us permission to inspect the body.
Acomb Bowling Club, Front Street, York (VIEW) :
Carriage : GNR 2948   5 Compartment Luggage Composite/1901 - grounded body.
This body is encased within the bowling club and has had one side removed and cladding covering the remaining parts. The party viewed small pieces through different cracks in various places in the cladding.
The bowling club and body is to be demolished by the end of October and the site re-developed into a new housing estate, however the LNERCA have been given permission on the to remove the cladding and remove anything that they will have a use for. NOTE : This was cancelled at the last minute and therefore currently (1st December), the bowling club is still complete and the body still in situ.
Railway Institute Bowls Club, Ashton Lane, Holgate, York (VISIT) :
Carriage : UI GNR 5 Compartment Luggage Composite/c1900 grounded body.
The Carriage Garden, Holgate Allotments, Ashton Lane, Holgate, York (VISIT) :
Carriage : UI NER (believed) grounded 2 compartments only in semi derelict condition.
Wagon : GNR xx1x55 12t goods van grounded body.
Network Rail Wagon Works & Yard, Holgate, York (VIEW) :
Locos : 20302, 66431.
Wagons : 93247, 642003.

Poppleton Road Allotments, York (VISIT) :
NPCCS : SR PMV 1323/ADB 975960/041468 grounded body.
Stabled on the adjacent mainline (VIEW) :
Wagons : 81/70 5500 465-6 GBRf Open Bogie Wagon.
                81/70 5500 464-9 GBRf Open Bogie Wagon.
                81/70 5500 456-5 GBRf Open Bogie Wagon.
There were others in the line but the party were not able to identify those.
Poppleton Community Railway Nursery, Upper Poppleton (VISIT) :
2ft gauge.
Locos : No.1 'LOWECO' Lister 20449/1942, rebuilt Abbey Light Railway              No.1/1978.
             (P100) 'TERRY STANHOPE'  Terry Stanhope/????.
Passenger Vehicle : P15 (this is a Hudson wagon chassis, that has been fitted with two benches facing each other and can carry four passengers).
Wagons : P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P10, P11, P12, P13, P14, P16, P17, P18, P19, P20.
Standard Gauge Wagons : B 761037/041686 grounded body.
                                        B 783329/041733 grounded body.
Half of the party had a ride behind 'LOWECO' around the whole railway.
Thanks go to Bob Brook for organising and co-hosting our visit along with Chris. The party enjoyed hot drinks and cakes laid on by our hosts.

Passing on the mainline :
DMU's : 150113, 150132, 158816.
Adjacent to the station (VIEW) :
Wagon : LMS 309982 grounded body.
Willow Grove, Earswick, York (VISIT) :
The party turned up here hoping to see the grounded carriage body of NER 2478, however the location of the grid reference was all brand new housing and despite extensive searching no trace of it could be found. Upon speaking to a local resident the party were informed that we were possibly in the wrong place and that he believed they were a few hundred yards down the road and so directed us there. However that information turned out to be incorrect as two different long term (since their childhoods) residents assured us that there were never any railway carriages at that location. Further investigation is required, but for the time being the body is reported as 'missing, assumed scrapped'.
Lafarge Tarmac Ltd, Swinden Quarry, Linton (VISIT) :
Mainline Loco : 66714 'CROMAR LIFEBOAT'.
Industrial Loco : 'CRACOE' R.F.S/ Engineering (Doncaster) 067.GA.57000.001/1994. Working through the hopper with a rake of wagons.
Wagons : 19171, 19175, 19182, 19184, 19190, 19191, 19199, 371046, 371065, 83/70 6957 072-4 plus others not noted.
Thanks go to Emma Chaplow (Quarry Manager) for organising our visit and for giving up her time on a Sunday afternoon to come in especially host it.
Coach House, Low Wood Caravan Park, Heathfield, Pateley Bridge (VISIT) :
Carriage : GNR 6332/46332 6wh 5 Compartment Third/c1890 grounded body.
Track behind Old Almshouses, Off the A49, Beamsley (VISIT) :
Carriage : GNR 3746 (tentative identity only) 6wh Full Brake /c1888 grounded body.
The numbers 3746 were seen very faintly stamped on the wood inside the guards lookout, post trip investigation found a photo taken in the mid 1990's with a note on it stating that the number 374 could just be seen on the paintwork on the rear of the body, and further enquiries lead to the number found stamped inside, being the more feasible and therefore most likely series for this type of vehicle hence the conclusion that the tentative identity of this vehicle is 3746.

Special thanks go to Dave Cullingworth of the LNERCA for providing the party with grid references & post codes for some of the grounded bodies where we previously only had an area and also for providing us with at least two new locations that we were unaware of.