TRIP 525

Easter Eire We Go Again

14-17th April 2017


Gauge is Irish Standard (5' 3") unless otherwise stated.

Friday 14th April :
Rosslare Harbour Station (VISIT).
Units ; 22241 : 22341 : 22441 : 22541 : 29126 : 29226 : 29326 : 29426.

Three Rivers Group, Don Butler Metals, Bishopshall, Nr Kilmacow (VISIT).
Loco ; (C227 106) C202 - Bo-BoDE MV 973/1957.
3'0" Gauge Locos ; LM 117 'MICHAEL' - 4wDM RH 379910/1954 : LM 125 O - 4wDM RH 379084/1954 : LM 189 - 0-4-0DM Dtz 57125/1960 : (LM 257) - 0-4-0DM Dtz 57836/1965 : LM 314 - 0-4-0DM HE 8548/1977 : LM 356 'SEAN' - 4wDH DunEW/???? : C 53 - 4wPMR BnM 9~Southern Motors/1958 : C 78 - 4wPMR BnM/1972.
3' 0" Gauge Coaches {assumed}; West Clare Railway 3386 enclosed saloon : West Clare Railway 3389 enclosed saloon {assumed from previous recent reports from here} - partially dismantled.
3' 0" Gauge Wagons {assumed}; UI 'V' skip tipping wagon : 5 'V' skip tipping wagon chassis only.

NOTE 1}: 17EL has LM 117 as 'SEAN' and LM 356 as 'MEEHAUL', these are incorrect the correct identities are as above.
NOTE 2}: The owner wants these items gone from his yard, so if anybody knows of somebody who is prepared to take them off his site then please let the events secretary know and he will pass the contact details onto you.
Thanks go to Don Butler for granting us permission to visit.

Rail Access Site, Below M9, Nr Dunkitt (VISIT).
Small On-Track Plant ; Geismar Mini-Tamper 144G322-04 H71847.
Road-Railers ; John Smyth (Rexquote/Case 788) BRP21 - 940056-5 : John Smyth (Komatsu PW130?) - 940057-3 : Duffy (Case 988) RR05 - 02 LH 4360, 940013-6 : McCormack Bros (912 Dumper) 6786, 943092-7 Hydrema/2000.

NOTE : It was decided that the best course of action was for one member in the party to enter the site and get all the details - this was done rather efficiently it must be said.

Irish Traction Group, Carrick-on-Suir (VISIT).
Locos ; B 103 - AIA-A1ADE BRCW DEL 22/1956 : G 601 - 4wDH Dtz 56118/1956 : G 616 - 4wDH Dtz 57227/1961(minus bonnet and most of engine) : (C)226 - Bo-BoDE MV 972/1956.

NOTE : B 103 & G 601 were outside of the shed and have had their entire bodywork covered over by the same metal used in containers, which whilst protecting them from the elements/vandals, doesn't make them at all photogenic.
Thanks go to Aidan Brosnan for organising & hosting our visit.

Carrick-on-Suir Station Access (VISIT).
Road-Railer ; Lynch (Gigarailer) - 940112-6 Terex 180SR301270/2007.

Waterford & Suir Valley Railway, Kilmeaden (VISIT).
3' 0" Gauge Locos ; No.3 'ENTERPRISE' - 4wDM MR 60S382/1969 [re-built AK/2004 as 4wDH] : (LM 96 L) - 4wDM RH 375314/1954 [re-built HE 9904/2011 as 4wDH] : LM 179 - 0-4-0DM Dtz 57121/1960 : LM 256 - 0-4-0DM Dtz 57837/1965 [Ex-Pg 320 16EL] :
LM 259 - 0-4-0DM Dtz 57840/1965 : LM 348 - 4wDM SMH 60SL744/1980.
Coach ; Mk2 First Open BR 3157 - CIE4106 - Body grounded on platform as a cafeteria.
3 '0" Coaches ; Un-numbered bogie 4 Comp't open 3rd & covered end saloon : Un-numbered bogie 4 Comp't open 3rd & covered end saloon.
3' 0" Gauge Wagons ; Un-numbered bogie flat wagon with ends : Un-numbered bogie flat wagon : Un-numbered 4wh flat wagon : Un-numbered 4wh open hopper : Un-numbered 4wh open with side openings : Un-numbered 4wh open with side openings.

NOTE 1}: LM 256 was deleted in error and not included in 17EL.
NOTE 2}: LM 259 is plinthed on the grass on the side of the road as you approach.
NOTE 3}: LM 179 & LM 256 are kept behind the shed in a locked container and are not visible to 'casual visitors', permission must be gained in advance to see these locos.
NOTE 4}: The last three wagons noted above were situated beyond the container further along the track and were not seen by all of the party.
NOTE 5} No.3 'ENTERPRISE' was in service.
Thanks go to Maria Kyte for organising our visit and to Jason for hosting.

Amusement Park Miniature Railway, Tramore (VIEW).
1' 3" Gauge Loco ; 2-8-0PH s/o SL 22/1973 {assumed}.
1' 3" Gauge Coaches ; Un-numbered bogie 4 Comp't open : Un-numbered bogie 4 Comp't open : Un-numbered bogie 4 Comp't closed roof open : Un-numbered bogie 4 Comp't closed roof open {all assumed}.

NOTE : The party were unsuccessful at finding anybody at this location and the loco and carriages were viewed through cracks in the doors of the two sheds (that act as tunnels on the line - when the train is running).

Tim Crowley, Youghal Castle (VISIT).
3' 0" Gauge Loco ; LM 140 - 4wDM RH 392139/1955.
3' 0" Gauge Coach ; Un-numbered enclosed roof open.

NOTE : The coach has been converted from a Bord Na Mona wagon and extended accordingly with bench seating fitting.
Thanks go to Tim Crowley for organising our visit and to Tadhg Keane for meeting and directing us to the loco.

Tim Crowley, Upper Glanmire Bridge (VISIT).
3' 0" Gauge Loco ; LM 371 - 4wDH DunEW/????.
3' 0" Gauge Wagon {assumed}; Un-numbered 4wh flat wagon (dumped on the pile of scrap at the rear of the yard).
Steam Engines ; Fowler Steam Roller - Number 15938/1923, Reg AI 2981 : Garrett Portable Engine - Number 34574/1924 : Ruston & Hornsby Tractor - Number 125663/1925 'THE LEESIDE ROVER', Reg IF 5410.

NOTE 1}: The party was also given permission to view & photograph the vintage vehicle collection on this site, which included a 1936 Willys car, a 1923 Ford Model-T, lots of vintage tractors, the steam engines above and various others plus a mock-up of an 'old time' Irish saloon bar and a full size sculpture (made out of bits of motorbikes & cars etc) of a Predator from the movies of the same name.
NOTE 2}: The Ruston & Hornsby Tractor was originally built by Marshall as a portable engine and was re-built by R&H as a 'direct plough' tractor engine which incorporated the boiler from the Marshall (number 89017).
NOTE 3}: The Model-T Ford has had a 1915 radiator fitted to it, which came from an earlier model and replaced the 1923 one on the vehicle - as that one was deemed unusable and beyond repair.
Thanks go to Tim Crowley for organising our visit and to Timmy Allen for hosting.

Ceannt Station, Cork (VISIT).
Preserved Steam Loco ; 36 - 2-2-2 IC BuryC&K/1847 (plinthed in the station entrance concourse).
Locos ; 218 : 222.
Units ; 2601 : 2606 : 2610 : 2611 : 2612 : 2613 : 2615 : 2616 : 2617.
Coaches ; 4111 : 4121 : 4130 : 4133 : 4136 : 4204 : 4404.
DVT; 4004.

NOTE : Loco 218 plus some of the units were stabled on the depot. Unit number 2601 was viewed from the minibus as we were approaching the station.

Halfway Vintage Club, Ramble Inn, Ballinhasig (VIEW).
Loco ; Un-numbered - 4wDM RH 252843/1948 {assumed}(not seen by all of the party).
Coach ; GWSRI 907 {assumed}(not seen by all of the party).
Wagon ; UI Goods Brake van (not seen by all of the party).

NOTE : This location was passed en route to Clonakilty, upon discovering what it was, it was decided not to visit (they were not open on this day) as we would be visiting on the Saturday (sadly this never materialised due to lack of time and other factors). Some members of the party saw all 3 items, some saw 2 or 3 and some didn't see them at all. As we passed in the minibus.

West Cork Model Railway Village, Clonakilty (VISIT).
Loco ; Un-numbered - 4wDM RH 305322/1951.
Coaches ; (CIE 1400) as a craft shop : (CIE 1424) as a cafeteria.

NOTE : Although this location closed as we arrived, all vehicles are visible from the road. There is also a walkway through a garden area (which has an unlocked gate) and allows access to the car park to get up closer to the items.

Lisselan Estate Golf Club, Clonakilty (VISIT).
Funiculars ; Un-numbered 4wh electric winding car : Un-numbered 4wh electric winding car.

NOTE : These two funiculars are operated by pushing a button at either end which operates a pulley type of system, one cable is attached to the front of the car and one runs alongside it in a channel. They are both blue with a covered cabin for the golfers to sit/stand in and a flat platform to carry their clubs on.
One (long one) is sited between holes 1 & 2 and a shorter length one is sited between holes 3 & 4.The course which was opened in 1994 and extended in 2004 proclaims on its website to be "Perhaps the most unique golf course in the world". It is a 9 hole course and is played twice, with two tees at each hole, their website also states "it is possibly the only golf course in Ireland that features two trains on the course" (or anywhere else in the UK I suspect - unless anybody knows differently).

Drimoleague - East End (viewed in passing from the minibus).
Grounded Body ; 1 x UI 12t van.

Chris Shilling, Kealkill, Nr Bantry (VISIT).
1' 3" Gauge Loco ; Un-numbered - 4wPE OIM 010/2015 (17EL amendments No's 3 & 6).
Monorail ; Un-numbered hand powered monorail wagon (under construction).
7.25" Gauge Miniature ; Un-numbered 4wBE Shilling/2013.
1' 3" Gauge Wagons ; Un-numbered 3plank 4wh open wagon : un-numbered 4wh flat wagon : un-numbered 4wh flat wagon.

NOTE : The monorail item is the second one that Chris has built. The first one was built for a friend of his after she asked him to come up with a solution that she could carry her wheelbarrow/plants etc across her garden. A friend of hers then said that she would like one as well - hence the half finished one that we saw.
It consists of 2 pieces of hollow rectangular aluminium tubing welded together parallel to the track, another piece of square aluminium tubing is welded to the two rectangular ones in an upright (slightly angled) position. Two pieces of angled bar are welded across the top of the two horizontal tubes (at 90 degrees) and a steel plate is then fitted onto the angled bar. Beneath the two horizontal tubes are two small pulleys that act as wheels for the rail. When completed four small pieces of tubing are fitted to the underside on the ends of the pieces of angled bar (these act as stabilisers and therefore prevent the unit from collapsing either side of the rail - whilst being used or when stopped).The whole thing can then be pushed along the single track by using the upright tube as a handle - it's really quite an ingenious idea, as it's very lightweight and requires virtually no effort from the operator to use it.
Thanks go to Chris for organising & hosting our rather rushed visit.

Saturday 15th April :
Eireann Iarnrod Unit Maintenance Depot & Wagon Works, Limerick (VISIT).
Loco ; 074.
Shunting Loco ; Un-numbered - 4wBH R/R AVB 5735/1/2010.
Units ; 2603 : 2604 : 2803 : 2804 : 2805 : 2806 : 2809 : 2810 : 2813 : 2814 : 22136 : 22243 ; 22262 : 22336 : 22362 : 22436 : 22462 : 22636 : 22736.
Road-Railers ; Doyle (Dumper) DA042 - 943042-2 Barford SKR10712/SZWF0493/2008 : Doyle (Case 988) DA025 - 940071-4 Rexquote : Lynch (Solar 140W Xtra) 3530 - 940010-2 Daewoo 1624/2003 [Ex-Mervyn Lambert]: Lynch (Solar 130W) MR60 - 940020-1 Daewoo 3252/2003 [Ex-Mervyn Lambert & Nor-Ex Hire]: Lynch (Dumper) - 943043-0 Barford SKR10601.
Trailer ; Doyle - 040029-1, Rexquote 2078.
Wagons ; 579A* : 23663 : 24225 : 24229 : 24230 : 24234 : 24240 : 24255 : 24324* :24350 : 24351 : 24352 : 24353 : 24355 : 24356 : 24359 : 24361 ; 24364 : 24366 : 26738* : 26743* : 26763 : 30100 : 30166 : 30172 : 30186 : 30211 : 30216 : 30218 : 30226 : 30284 : 30534 : 30535 : 30538 : 33002 : 33005 : 33006 : 36021.
Bogie Ballast Wagons ; 52014 : 52016.

NOTE 1}: Units 22262, 22362 & 22462 were noted passing the depot by some participants.
NOTE 2}: Units 22136 & 22243 were seen in the station from the depot sidings.
NOTE 3}: The shunting loco is basically a powered scissor lift with rubber road wheels that enable it if needed to go sideways underneath a unit/wagon before beginning to lift.
NOTE 4}: The wagons above marked with a *, after the number are all assumed to be withdrawn awaiting disposal, as they don't appear in the 2014/2015 stockbooks.
Thanks go to Pat Roche for organising our visit and to Johnny Carroll for hosting.

Mike Lynch Excavations, Junction of Limerick/Tipperary Road, Monard (VIEW).
The site was located and road-railer vehicles could be seen in the yard through the thick hedgerow, however time constraints prevented us from further investigation on this occasion.

Limerick Junction Station (VISIT).
Loco ; 224.
Units ; 22262 : 22362 : 22462.
Coaches ; 4114 : 4120 : 4124 : 4129 : 4137 : 4206 : 4402.
DVT ; 4002.

NOTE : Units 22262, 22362 & 22462 were noted passing Limerick depot by some participants earlier in the morning.

Plant Depot, Limerick Junction (VIEW).
On-Track Plant ; 721 : 728.
Bogie Ballast Wagons ; 52003 : 52004 : 52013 : 52015 : 52017 : 52018.

NOTE : Also noted in a compound near the depot were 5 (Lynch - mainly) road- railers, but no identifications could be seen on any of them. Due to time constraints the party was unable to investigate these items further on this occasion. It was hoped that we might have time to return later that evening but sadly this never materialised.

Jameson Experience, Midleton (VISIT).
2' 6" Gauge Loco ; Un-numbered 2-2-2 VC Midleton/2012.
2' 6" Gauge Wagon ; Un-numbered 4wh flat wagon.

NOTE : The loco is a non-working replica, there was some discussion amongst the party in the bus as to what wheel arrangement it should actually be referred to, so bearing that in mind I have decided to go with the entry in 17EL - until such time as this matter is clarified.
Thanks go to Barbara for organising our visit and to Jack for hosting.

Tralee & Dingle Steam Railway, Blennerville Windmill (VISIT).
3' 0" Gauge Locos ; No5T - 2-6-2T OC HE 555/1892 : LM 92L - 4wDM RH 371967/1954.
3' 0" Gauge Coaches ; Un-numbered bogie enclosed Saloon 3rd : Un-numbered bogie enclosed Saloon 3rd.
3' 0" Gauge Wagon ; Un-numbered 4wh flat wagon.

NOTE 1}: The locomotives are kept in a locked shed across the road from the Windmill site and were opened up for the party by a pre-arrangement.
NOTE 2}: The coaches were originally 1 metre gauge in Spain, but they have been re-gauged.
NOTE 3}: According to our guide Kerry City Council want to re-open the line in the hope of boosting tourism to the area and therefore generating extra income for them - but like all Councils they are struggling financially to make this viable.
NOTE 4}: The party was also able to view the model railway exhibition sited within the windmill buildings.
Thanks go to Donal Copinger for organising & hosting our visit.

The Lartigue Monorailway, Listowel (VISIT).
Monorail Loco ; L.B.R. 4 - 0-2-0+2wDH AK 62/2002.
Monorail Coaches ; Un-numbered Saloon 3rd twin - AK 128/2002 : Un-numbered Saloon 3rd twin with overbridge - AK 129/2000.
Miniature Steam Engine ; Un-numbered turf powered traction engine - Martin Griffin/c1980's.

NOTE 1}: The Locomotive and coaches are replicas of the original Lartique Listowel to Ballybunion Monorail which ran from 1888 to 1924.
NOTE 2}: The Miniature traction engine was made from various recycled parts in the 1980's over a three year period and was powered by burning turf (there is plenty of that in Ireland), and it was fully operational until it came to the museum in 2006.
Thanks go to Martin Griffin for organising and co-hosting our visit and to Michael and the other volunteers for co-hosting.

Michael Barry, Ballingowan Farm, Lisselton (VISIT).
Monorail Coach ; Lartigue Listowel & Ballybunion Monorail - Saloon 1st twin 5/1888.

NOTE : This unique vehicle is in a rather poor condition, and it sits upon a section of the original Lartigue Listowel to Ballybunion Monorail track. It is hoped that this very historic vehicle might be donated to/saved by the Lartigue Monorailway some day in the hopefully not to distant future. The staff at the Monorailway are on very friendly terms with the family of the gentleman who currently owns it - although sadly he had a stroke a year ago and is in very poor health.
Thanks go to Michael from the Lartigue and the butcher in the local shop for directions and also to Jim Barry the son for granting us permission to visit the farm.

Dennis Collins, Kanturk (VISIT).
3' 0" Gauge Locos ; LM 360 - 4wDH DunEW/???? : Un-numbered - 2w-2PM Ferguson/c1938.
2' 0" Gauge Locos ; BR 1949 'WANDERING WILLIE' - 0-4-0VBT/1949? [re-built as a 0-4-0PM/????] [re-built CollinsD/c2003 as a 4-2wPM] : Un-numbered - 2-2-0PM CollinsD/2011.
3' 0" Gauge Wagon ; Un-numbered 4wh Ex-Bord Na Mona Peat Wagon, Un-numbered Ex-Bord Na Mona Peat Wagon.
?? Gauge Wagons ; Un-numbered 4wh flat wagon : Un-numbered 4wh wagon : Un-numbered 4wh wagon (which looks similar to a dismantled loco - but we were informed that it was a dismantled rail mounted concrete mixer).

NOTE 1}: The Ferguson was a road vehicle that was converted for rail use (very badly I might add) in 1985.
NOTE 2}: 'Wandering Willie' is a former fairground loco designed to go around a circular track with very tight curves - this is reflected by the bent frame and closeness of the wheels that went on the inside flanges of the track.
NOTE 3}: Before we left Dennis, he decided that he was going to join our society, which he promptly did, he also decided to give the society a gift in the form of a metal 53" tall metal milepost that is stamped 1892 GSWR INCHICORE WORKS, which is identical to one that he has in his yard. This milepost is currently sat in the events secretaries' garden.
Thanks go to Dennis for organising and hosting our rather unusual visit.

Limerick Station (VISIT).
Units ; 2805 ; 2806 ; 2813 ; 2814 ; 22136, 22140 ; 22223 ; 22258 ; 22323 {assumed}; 22336 ; 22340 ; 22358 ; 22423 {assumed}; 22436, 22440 ; 22458 ; 22636 ; 22640 ; 22736 ; 22740.

NOTE 1}: These were not seen by all the party as some people didn't go on the station.
NOTE 2}: Units 2805, 2806, 2813 & 2814 were all noted on the depot earlier in the day.
NOTE 3}: Units 22136, 22336, 22436, 22636, 22736 were all noted earlier in the day viewed from the depot, stabled outside of the station.

Sunday 16th April :
Glanquin Farmhouse, Lackareagh (VIEW).
A surprise location added to the itinerary by the events secretary found the party stopped at the entrance to and photographing the building that was made famous when it became the Craggy Island Parochial House in the hit comedy show Father Ted.
Thanks go to Cheryl MacCormack for granting us permission to turn up on spec early on a Sunday morning to view and photograph their family home (albeit from outside of their property).

Garry Skelton, Church Lane, Galway (NOT FOUND).
The party were informed that the 1' 10" loco at this location was in a container in the front garden of the house. Although Church Lane was located there was nowhere to park the mini-bus and none of the houses had any gardens in them at all. So it was decided to give the location a miss, later during the day it was discovered that the party were possibly at the wrong Church Lane.

Oughterard Station (NOT FOUND).
The party was looking for the old station house, where it was believed that a MG&W Railway carriage might be restored in the garden, but the building was not located. The only information that the party had was it was one of the station houses nearer to Galway, so a stab in the dark was taken at this one out of three candidates.

Moycullen Station (VISIT).
The party then went to the old station house, where they were told by the occupants that they didn't have a restored carriage, but they thought it might be about 5 or 6 miles away at Ross old station (which was until recently used as a tearooms). As this was in the opposite direction and we were running behind schedule by quite a bit, it was decided not to go there on this occasion.

Unilokomotove Ltd, Ida Industrial Estate, Dunmore Road, Tuam (VIEW).
Loco ; Un-numbered - 4wDH Dsm {assumed}.
5'6 " Gauge Loco ; Un-numbered - 4wDH Unilok 2353/2012 Dsm (17EL amendment No.4).

NOTE : The site was viewed through the entrance gate and there was a dismantled remains of a rusty loco - this is believed to be the un-numbered one mentioned above - and the dismantled remains of a yellow loco - which we have been informed upon our return is the 5' 6" gauge loco above, which had come back from Israel.

Westport House Railway, Westport (VISIT).
1' 3" Gauge Loco ; 'WESTPORT HOUSE EXPRESS' - 2-6-0DH s/o SL 80.10.89/1989.
1' 3" Gauge Coaches ; 1F - Bogie 4 Comp't open covered roof : 2F - Bogie 4 Comp't open covered roof : 3F - Bogie 4 Comp't open covered roof.
Road Land Train ; 'WESTPORT TRAIN TOUR' - Reg 11 KE 2506 Deltrain/2011.
Land Train Carriages ; Reg Plate AK 2138 AK/2011{assumed}: Reg Plate AK 2139 AK/2011{assumed}.
Thanks go to Biddy Hughes for organising our visit.

Mayo North Old Engine & Tractor Club, Enniscoe House, Nr.Crossmolina (VISIT).
3' 0" Gauge Loco ; LM 129 (X) - 4wDM RH 383264/1955.
3' 0" Gauge Coaches ; Un-numbered bogie open Saloon 3rd : Un-numbered bogie open Saloon 3rd.

Quirky Nights Glamping Village Project, Enniscrone (VIEW).
4' 8.5" Gauge EMU ; 62411 - SR 4-CIG Unit 4w-4wRER York(BRE)/1971{assumed} ; 76773 - SR 4-CIG Unit DTCL York(BRE)/1971{assumed} ; 76844 - SR 4-CIG Unit DTCL YORK(BRE)/1971{assumed}(all 17EL amendment No.6 - Ex Epping & Ongar Railway). These are all believed to be set Number 1498.

NOTE 1}: Permission was granted by Megan Anderson for us to meet with Christopher the caretaker and have a full visit, however upon ringing him when leaving the previous location he had no knowledge of our visit, but said he would meet us at the location, although it would be about 10/15 miutes after our expected arrival time. We were there for half an hour and he didn't show, we even tried ringing him two or three times - luckily the site was viewable from the outside.
NOTE 2}: Also on site were 6 London Black Cab style taxis, a double decker bus and the star attraction - (judging by the amount of people who turned up to look at and photograph it) - a Boeing 767-200 ER, minus its wings.
NOTE 3}: This is all to do with an undertaker David McGowan who has come up with the idea of having a transport themed accommodation park on Irelands Atlantic Way. Their website states "Quirky Glamping Village is a transport themed accommodation park containing our very own Boeing 767 aeroplane. We create quirky villages for you and your family to relax and explore. You can choose to stay in one of our ten double decker buses in The Bus Stop or lounge about with a cup of tea in one of our three train carriages in our Train Yard. If you fancy sleeping in a boat without being rocked to and fro then The Marina would be best for you! If wish to experience a comfortable sleep in a taxi cab then have a look at our eight taxis all lined up in our Taxi Rank. But if you want the ultimate experience of sleeping in a Boeing 767 and see what it's like to sit on a pilot's chair in a plane's cockpit, Quirky Glamping has it all for you! We are also trying to achieve 80% accessibility to wheelchair users".
The events secretary plus the rest of the party were led to believe from reading this and from the correspondence received prior to the trip, that this was going to be a very different and interesting visit - imagine our disappointment to get there and see the vehicles on a derelict piece of land and the place resembling a building site rather than a luxorius style accommodation park. One of the emails received states 'they are not fully up and running yet but will be in 2018' - although from what the party saw I very much doubt it, as there are no signs of any work having been done at all.

Ballina Freight Yard (VIEW).
Locos ; 077 : 088.
Wagon ; 30246.

NOTE : These locos were come across totally out of the blue and unexpected stabled in the yard, so a prompt U-turn was required to get them.

Old Railway Station Museum & Heritage Centre, Kiltimagh (VISIT).
Coaches ; CIE 1460 : CIE 2148.
5" Gauge ; 374 - 4-6-2 OC, this Black painted wooden non- working model was built by George Bevans in c1950's.

NOTE : The coaches were moved into the former bay platform at the station from Inchicore works by a locomotive in 1989. They have been built around and now form part of the museum and a cafeteria.
Thanks to Monica for organising & hosting our visit.

Lough Ree Power Station, Lanesborough (VIEW).
3' 0" Gauge Loco ; LM 428 - 4wDH BnM(M)/2001.
3' 0" Gauge Wagon ; 459 : 499.

NOTE 1}: Sadly the access road that leads down to the car park, where good views of the site could be obtained on our previous visit back in 2011 was gated (shut) and so was the road that runs alongside the yard on the other side of the rail sidings.
NOTE 2}: There were at least 3 locos seen on site from our viewing point at the entrance, but only one could be identified as it was at the headshunt at our end of the yard. There were many wagons present but again only one could be identified from our position.

Monday 17th April :
Lullymore Discovery Park & Heritage Railway (VISIT).
3' 0" Gauge Locos ; LM 85 - 4wDM RH 329693/1952 ; LM 139 (Q) - 4wDM RH 392137/1955 : LM 309 LM3 - 0-4-0DM HE 8545/1977 (17EL amendment No.3 - Ex Pg332) : C 72 LM9 - 4wPMR BnM/1972 (17EL amendment No.5 - Ex Pg 335).
3' 0" Gauge Coach ; Clonmocnoise & West Offaly Railway - Un-numbered bogie enclosed open Saloon 3rd.
3' 0" Gauge Wagons ; LM5 : LM 6 : LM7 : LM8 : LM11 : LM12 : LM13 : LM14 : LM15 : LM16 : LM17 : LM95 : Un-numbered 4wh Tea Van : Un-numbered 4wh flat.
Road Land Train ; Un-numbered (former Reg : R851 LDF) Dotto/1997-98.
Land Train Coaches ; Un-numbered Dotto/1997-98 : Un-numbered Dotto/1997-98 : Un-numbered Dotto/1997-98.

NOTE 1}: The railway has only been running for approx six months and the volunteers hope to get more redundant locos from Bord Na Mona in the future.
NOTE 2}: The coach is the sister vehicle to the one that we spotted whilst viewing Boora works yard. These were the only two coaches built for the Clonmocnoise & West Offaly Railway.
NOTE 3}: The LM numbers on the wagons are the railways own numbers and not the ones carried during their Bord Na Mona days. Locos LM 309 & C 72 also carry the numbers LM3 & LM9 respectively and they are also part of the same number system.
NOTE 4} LM 85 was in service.
NOTE 5}: The land train is Ex-Isle of Wight.
NOTE 6}: The events secretary was informed after our arrival back home that Johnny (railway engineer), had been in contact with Don Butler to try and arrange acquiring some (if not all) of the Ex-Bord Na Mona locomotives that he has in his yard - see entry under Friday above.
Thanks go to Ray Stapleton for organising our visit and to Charlie, Johnny, Paul, Terry and the other volunteers for hosting.

Near Geashill (viewed in passing from the minibus).
Grounded Bodies ; 4 x UI 12t vans.

Broughel (viewed in passing from the minibus).
Grounded Bodies ; 2 x UI vans (1 metal, 1 wooden).

Lough Boora Parklands Sculpture Park, Boora (VISIT).
3' 0" Gauge Locos ; LM 23 (E) - 4wDM RH 244788/1946 (17EL amendment No.3 - Ex Pg 328) ; LM 51 - 4wDM RH 259191/1948 (17EL amendment No.3 - Ex Pg 329) : LM 127 - 4wDM RH 379928/1954 : LM 171 Q - 4wDM RH 402983/1956* : LM 181 - 0-4-0DM Dtz 57123/1960.
3' 0" Gauge Wagons ; 75 - 4wh Peat wagon : Un-numbered bogie engineers flat wagon with cabin : Un-numbered bogie Peat wagon* : Un-numbered 4wh Peat wagon* : Un-numbered 4wh Peat Wagon* : Un-numbered 4wh Peat wagon* : Un-numbered 4wh Peat wagon* : Un-numbered 4wh Peat wagon* : Un-numbered 4wh Tea Van*.

NOTE 1}: LM 51 has been mocked-up to resemble Thomas the Tank Engine and also carries the number 1.
NOTE 2}: The loco and wagons marked with a *, these are what forms the Sky Train Exhibit.
NOTE 3}: This location is getting more and more redundant locos, hardly surprising as its adjacent to the Boora works, so another future visit will probably be required at some time.

Bord Na Mona, Boora Works (VIEW).
3' 0" Gauge Loco ; F 308 - 4wDM BnM/???? : LM 109 - 4wDM RH 379024/1954 OOU : LM 126 - 4wDM RH 379927/1954 {assumed} : LM 275 - 0-4-0DM HE 7240/1972 Dsm : LM 277 - 0-4-0DM HE 7242/1972.
3' 0" Gauge Coach ; Clonmocnoise & West Offaly Railway - Un-numbered bogie enclosed open Saloon 3rd.
3' 0" Gauge Wagons ; 241 : 248 : 343.

NOTE : The party viewed the yard at the back of the works, from the bank of the adjacent sculpture park, where apart from the locos & wagons listed there were numerous other wagons also observed however no identifications were possible.

Approx 6km from Boora (viewed in passing from the minibus).
Grounded Body ; UI 12t van.

Kildare Station (VISIT).
Locos ; 077 : 223.
Units ; 22138 : 22139 : 22223{assumed} : 22252 : 22258 : 22260 : 22323 : 22338 : 22339 : 22352 : 22358 {assumed} : 22360 : 22423 {assumed} : 22438 : 22439 : 22452 : 22458 {assumed} : 22460 : 22638 : 22639 : 22738 : 22739.
Coaches ; 4134 : 4138 : 4140.
DVT ; 4007.
Wagons ; 30503 : 30506 : 30507 : 30510 : 30511 : 30513 : 30514* : 30516 : 30517 :30524 : 30526 : 30539.

NOTE 1}; Units 22223, 22323, 22423, 22258, 22358 & 22458 passed through the station as we got onto the platform and somebody stated that they were all correctly formed, hence the assumptions above.
NOTE 2}: The wagon marked *, could not be identified with the naked eye on the day, however the last two numbers 14 can be seen on the events secretaries' photo when zoomed in.

Plant Depot, Kildare (VIEW).
On-Track Plant ; 704 : 723: 751 : 781 : 790.

R411 Bolce Beg Crossroads (viewed in passing from the minibus).
Grounded Body ; UI 12t van.

Doyle Agricultural & Rail Plant Services Ltd, Ballycoursey (NOT FOUND).
The party looked for this location en route back to the ferry, but on this occasion were unable to locate it.

Rosslare Harbour Station (VISIT).
Units ; 29126 : 29226 : 29326 : 29426.

NOTE : This was the same set as Friday, it had been stabled opposite the platform the entire weekend.

Tuesday 18th April :
Bristol Parkway (VIEW).
4' 8.5" Gauge Loco ; 66547 (not seen by the whole party).