TRIP 517

West Yorkshire Miniatures Avoider


Transport Collection, Knowl Road, Golcar

A visit was arranged to this private collection primarily to view the bodies of Huddersfield Trams (31 & 39), which unbeknown to us were sadly scrapped several years ago. The collection is all buses (with one miniature locomotive). Vehicles seen were ;
1920's Karrier London Simpson Coach (chassis only), No registration number.
1921 London General Omnibus Company (body only), LH 8540.
1925 Karrier JH with Strachan & Brown body, WT 9156.
1928 Karrier WL6 with English Electric body, TES 780.
1928 Karrier JKL with London Lorries body, DY 5029.
1929 Karrier ZA (chassis only), VH 2088.
1932 Commer Centaur with Reeve & Kenning body, RB 4757.
1938 GUY Wolf with Waveney body, JC 5313.
1961 Karrier BFD3023 with Plaxton body, 14 PKR.
7.1/4" Gauge Loco ; 1980's Milner Engineering 0-4-0 (frame, wheels & smokebox only) - Loco was never finished.
Thanks to Geoffrey Lumb for accommodating & hosting our visit at short notice.

Springhill Farm, Rochdale Road, Upper Greetland

10ft Gauge Rail Crane ; Booth 2561/1912, Ex-Glasgow Docks with double flanged wheels. Was formerly at Wallnook Quarry, Greetland.
Thanks to Phil Ollerenshaw for hosting our visit.

Terberg/DTS UK, Lowfields Way, Elland

An ad-hoc visit to see if there were any road/rail shunting locomotives visible on site. After speaking to the works foreman we were informed that they didn't have any on site at that moment, the last Zagro they had in was a few months ago and they don't get many of those, they have a contract to service and upgrade the larger fire fighting vehicles and military vehicles that are found at airports etc, and this is taking up the vast majority of their workload.
West Yorkshire Fire Brigade Training Headquarters, Wakefield Road, Birkenshaw : A visit to view the MkIII Former HST coach which is used for emergency training ; Bogie Trailer Open Second , 42324.
Also on site was a First Group double decker bus, plus other vehicles. The vehicles are used for training relating to a train crash that involves road vehicles and for training for road traffic accidents.
Thanks to Richard Hall for organising & hosting our visit.

Model Farm Bed & Breakfast, Toftshaw Lane, East Bierley

Standard Gauge Loco ; WB 2473/1932 0-4-0Fireless.
Thanks to Allan Bamford for giving us permission to visit at very short notice.

Network Rail Depot, Station Road, Shipley

QTS Road/Railer ; RRU 11, PN 57 RSX, 977004-9, Unimog U400.

Crossley-Evans Metal Processors Ltd, Station Road, Shipley

Viewed from outside vantage points were ;
(all Standard Gauge Locos) ;
HE 7159/1969 'Prince of Wales' 0-4-0DM (in main yard, blue).
RH 284838/1950 4wDM (partially dismantled in bushes, rust).
RH 425483/1958 'Beth' 0-4-0DM (partially hidden in bushes, light green).
RH 459519/1961 'Venom' (01507) 0-6-0DH (in main yard, green).
S 10023/1960 'Katie' 4wDH (across the road overbridge in other part of yard in headshunt, blue).

Station Road, Shipley

Passing EMU's noted ; 333003/004/008/011/012/013/015. A freight train passed by as we were on the road overbridge, although we only saw the wagons (it is assumed to be 66729).

Gledhow Park Drive, Chapel Allerton

An ad-hoc visit to this location found the following ;
NER 1003/1888 Six Wheel Luggage Composite (half body only).

Thanks to Alaric Neville for facilitating and hosting our en-spec visit.

East Midlands Trains/Northern Rail Maintenance Depot, Neville Hill, Leeds

A visit to try and view the wheel lathe loco proved fruitless. Passing DMU's noted ; 185133/134.

Outgang Micro Brewery, The Kinsley Hotel, Wakefield Road, Kinsley

2ft Gauge Loco ; CE B0182A/1974 713009 4wBE. U/I 4wh wooden tub wagon.