TRIP 504

Cheshire & North Derbyshire Miniatures


Bristol Parkway Station:
DEMU; 221139**.

Stoke Gifford Yard:
Locos; 66560**/585**, 70003**.

Bescot Station & Yard:
Locos; 08580/709/907, 60044, 66023/040/055/119/135/155/172.
DMU; 170505.
EMU; 323242.
Wagons; 29036/081/130/142/146/162/171/174/255/278/339/342/385/435/444/454, 93470, 97102/115, 503521/554/597, 967550/618, 31.70. 5992 011-4/022-1/044-5/087-4/111-2.

It was at this point that two participants left the trip to do the Trip Flyer Option of the West Midlands (they would re-join the trip later in the day at Derby) - their sightings are included at the end of the report.

High Legh Railway, Halliwells Brow, Knutsford (Visit - 7.25" Gauge):
Locos; 'TOM' - 0-6-0PH s/o = R. Kay/1982, 'JERRY' - 0-4-2PH s/o = R. Kay/1983, 1029A +1029B {Manchester Metro T68 Tram Type with two sit astride Coaches} - 4w-4w-4-4-4BE = J. Pinder & A. Sowden/1998, ('IVOR') - 0-4-0PE/BE s/o {Ivor The Engine outline} = D. Moss & A. Higgins/2013, 'FRANKLIN' - 4w-4wBE = A. Higgins & I. Moore/2010, 'PRINCE' - 4w-4wBE = A. Higgins & I. Moore/2011.

The party were denied access to visit the Loco shed (various reasons cited) - quoted by our host as being present in there were the following;
Locos; 'WREN' - 0-4-0BE s/o = A. Bimpson/2012 (Dsm), 'GRAND CENTRAL' - 4w-4-4+4-4-4wBE = J. Pinder/?? (One part only), 'CANADIAN PACIFIC' - 4w-4wBE = A. Thatcher & J. Turner/2006, 'JENNYRUTH' - 0-4-0PH = D. Moss/2012, 7 'DOROTHY' - 0-4-0BE = P. Spooner & A. Higgins/2012, 3000M {Manchester Metrolink M5000 Tram Type 2 car} - 4w-4w-4+4-4w-4wBE = J. Pinder & A. Higgins/Under construction (One part only).

The party was given a ride around the circuit in the Manchester Metro T68 Tram type Loco.
Thanks go to Andy Higgins for organising & hosting our visit.

A559 Northeast (Somewhere Between Knutsford & Poynton):
On Track Plant; Total Rail Solutions TRS1011 940788-1 - Gos/Doosan DX170W Ultimate 270 = Road Railer (noted on back of a low loader).

Brookside Miniature Railway, Poynton (Visit - 4' 8.5" & 7.25" Gauge):
4' 8.5" Gauge - Loco; 'KATIE' - 0-4-0ST = AB 2226/1946 (Plinthed in children's play area).
7.25" Gauge - Locos; 'AMY LOUISE' - 0-4-2T = ESR 314/2003, 'JEREMY' - 0-4-2T = ESR 337/2011, 'JEAN' - 0-4-2T = ESR /2000, 'JANE' - 0-4-2T = ESR/2000, 'BILLY MAY' - 2-4-2T = ESR 313/2000, 6610 'MISS KATIE' - 4w-4wDH = R. Greatrex/2010, 6602 'SIR RICHARD' - 4-4wDH = R. Greatrex/2002, 2000 'MIGHTY MAX' - 4w-4wPH = R. Greatrex/2000, D1671 - 4-6wPH = B. Lomas/1998.
Coaches; 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - Sit astride, 11/12 - Semi open ride in, 20/21 - Semi open ride in with tables.
WAGONS; UI Well Wagon (with miniature Steam Traction engine on it), UI GWR 'Toad' Brake Van, 81 {Open Coal Wagon}, UI Van (Palethorpe Sausages Livery), 173 {Open Coal Wagon}, 902 {Saxa Salt Van}, 106 {Open Coal Wagon}, UI Open Coal Wagon.

Also on site are believed to be the following 'coin-in-the-slot' type 7.25" gauge Locos, although these were not observed by anybody in the party on the day.
Locos; 7 - 4wBER s/o = Parkside/1998, 7 - 4wBER s/o = J. Horsfield/1999.

On display inside the small on site museum are the following Locos;
2569 F.M.R - 2-4-0T & GWR 1500 - 0-6-0PT (5" Gauge) - Both of these Locos are the original Locos that were used on the railway when it started as a 5" gauge line before upgrading to the more popular 7.25" gauge line that it is today.

The party were given a ride around the circuit behind 'AMY LOUISE' - which had its own specially made headboard which read "CARDIFF AND AVONSIDE RAILWAY SOCIETY SPECIAL 15.8.2015".
The headboard was presented to the Events Secretary by our host, prior to our departure from the location. The headboard is now kept with all the historic trip paperwork that the Events Secretary holds.

Thanks go to Chris Halsall for organising and hosting our visit.

Manor Park Railway, Glossop (Visit - 10.25" & 7.25" Gauge):
10.25" Gauge - Loco; UI Frame Only (no wheels or bogies) * - A. Bimpson/?? This was a Loco that was originally built for a miniature railway in Colwyn Bay, but the railway never materialised. No other details are known at this time.
7.25" Gauge - Locos; (D7001) 'GALAHAD' {Hymek type} - 4w-4wBE = Cromar White/1968, 'TUG' - 4wBE = Phoenix Locomotives/2014, Class 24 Type - 4w-4wDH = A. Sowden/Under construction (Frame - no wheels or bogies & Bodyshell only), ('HIGH PEAK') {Class 91 type} - 4w-4wPH = A. Bimpson/1992 (Unpainted and incomplete), GP40 {American Style Diesel} -- ??-??-?? = J. Stubbs & A. Sowden/2008 (Bodyshell only - faded yellow livery), 5-Car Manchester Metrolink Tram Type - A. Sowden/2014 (Unpainted and partially dismantled), 2051 'BRIGHTON BELLE' - 4w-4wPE/BE = J. Pinder/2010, ('MANOR') - 0-4-0PH = Pfeifferbahn & A. Sowden/1993.
Coaches; 3 x UI Sit astride, 'Debbie' - Pullman Liveried sit in, UI Sit in *(derelict off track).
WAGON; UI Ballast Hopper/Skip Wagon.

Apart from the Hymek type Loco which was in service with the 3 Coaches, all of the other things listed above (except those marked with a *), are kept in the Loco shed - mainly dumped on top of one another in various pieces and not in any working order whatsoever.
The Brighton Belle 2-car unit was from the Postland Miniature Railway, Crowland in Lincolnshire.

The party was given rides around the circuit by 'GALAHAD'.
Thanks go to Adrian Sowden for organising and hosting our visit.

Pavillion Gardens Miniature Railway, Buxton (Visit - 12.25" Gauge):
Loco; 'EDWARD MILNER' - 0-6-0DH s/o = A. Keef 60/2000.
Coaches; 1/2/3/4 - Semi open ride in = A. Keef/2000.

The party was given a ride around the circuit behind 'EDWARD MILNER'.
Thanks go to Alastair Spencer for organising and Terry for driving the Loco.

Hall Leys Park Miniature Railway, Matlock (Visit - 9.5" Gauge):
Loco; 'LITTLE DAVID' - 6wDH = Allcock & Coleby Simkins/1974.
Coaches; 2 x UI Sit astride, 1 x UI Sit in.

Derby Station & Yards:
Locos; 08859, 37175.
DMUs; 153313/321/374, 170103/104/522/636/638.
DEMUs; 220005/011/033, 221135/137, 222001 The Entrepreneur Express/009/013.
Coach; 6398.

The party was re-joined by the two participants (Martin Lear & Adrian Young) who had left us at Bescot, this is their sightings.
To avoid repetition I have noted what they saw at Bescot Station & Yards under the relevant section in the main report above. Also to avoid further repetition where they have noted Midland Metro Trams and two or more locations, these are only listed at either the first location they were noted or under the Great Western Street/Depot heading.

Tame Bridge Parkway Station:
DMU; 170517.

Network Rail, Walsall Training Centre:
On Track Plant; 73929.

Wolverhampton St. Georges:
Midland Metro; 26.

Midland Metro; 23.

Bilston Central:
Midland Metro; 25.

Bradley Lane:
Midland Metro; 27.

Great Western Street & Wednesbury Tram Depot:
Midland Metro; 03/04/06/08/10/11/12/17/21/22/24/28/29/30/31/32/34/35/36/37.

The Hawthorns:
DMU; 172334.

Stourbridge Junction Station & Stabling Point:
Loco; 68012.
DMUs; 172343/345.
People Mover; 139002.
Coaches; 10274, 12604/615/617/618/623.
DVT; 82303.

Cradley Heath:
DMU; 172212.

Birmingham Snow Hill:
DMU; 168001.
Midland Metro; 18.

Thinktank Museum, Millenium Point, Birmingham (Viewed From The Outside):
Loco; 46235 'CITY OF BIRMINGHAM' - 4-6-2 = Crewe/1939.
Tram; Birmingham Corporation Tramways 395/1911.

Birmingham New Street:
DMUs; 170102/509/521/630.
DEMUs; 220011, 221113/115/121/122.
EMUs; 323212/218, 350102/112/117/370, 390050/107.

Lawley Street Freightliner Terminal (Viewed From Passing Train):
Locos; 66504/589.

Boden Rail, Washwood Heath (Viewed From Passing Train):
Loco; 08588.

Stoke Gifford Yard:
Locos; 70005**/015**

NOTE: The items marked with a **, were not seen by all of the party.