TRIP 477



Mainline next to M5 between junctions 27 & 28 (view from car)

Diesel: 43010/012. 

Bowling Green, near Bugle (visit).

Carriage: GWR: (224 6723) b/o.


Imerys Clay Company, Rock Works, near Bugle (visit).

Diesel: P405D ALEX (01571 CORAL) - TH 261V/76 reb YEC L124/96, P406D 10150 ISAAC - S 10150/63. Wagons: 375015/038/057/084/087/108/121.

With Thanks to our host for our visit.

Subsequent enquiries with ICC have confirmed that S10029 is still at Blackpool Driers, Burngullow. Production ceased there around a year ago, so the long term future of this engine is uncertain.


St Austell China Clay Museum Ltd, Wheal Martin, Carthew (visit).

Steam: Gauge 4ft 6": LEE MOOR No.1 - P783/1899. Diesel: Gauge 2ft 6": RH 244558/46 pvd. Crane: Gauge 3ft 4": Hand crane built by English China Clays at Drinnick. Wagons: Gauge 5ft: End tipper pvd. Gauge 4ft 8.5": GW: 123266 061053, (143645 061052)*. BR: (743000) 061056. Narrow gauge: 3 open, 1 side tipper, 1 end tipper.

Notes: With Thanks to Maggie Hamstead for arranging our visit.

The 7ft 0.25" crane and several other narrow gauge wagons were not seen on this occasion.


Great Polgooth Tin Mine, Polgooth (visit).

Gauge 1ft 11.5": Petrol: 4wl PM - Model 558 Briggs and Skelton 10hp ride on lawn mower converted to rail only by B Sweet. Wagons: One Open wagon, Two with seats.

Notes: With Thanks to Brendon and Liz Sweet for hosting our visit.

Others have recorded the gauge as 1ft 10".


Moseley Industrial Narrow Gauge Tramway and Museum, Tumblydown Farm, Redruth (visit).

Gauge 2ft: Diesel: THE LADY D - MR8934/44 red & towards front left of running shed, (AD40 LOD 758366) - RH 202000/40 green in back left corner of running shed SMELTER - RH 229647/43 in workshop.  Battery: 1 MACCA - CE reb South Crofty Yellow and in service,15 - CE B3132A/84 Yellow and in service, GB 2345/51 in green on display outside of running shed, GB 2960/1959 Dismantled in bushes. Battery box with name 'ANODE' was beside it. GB 420172/1969 Was in the workshop minus battery box.

NOTE : These locos had both swapped their battery boxes and names with each other by October 2005, although GB 420172/1969 was not carrying any name in both 2005 & 2013.

(66) LEWIS - South Crofty/96 ex Trevithick Railway Society, Redruth Community Centre 16EL pg43 in running shed right hand road.

(1298) - WR 1298/38 blue in running shed right hand road,

(20) DIODE - WR L1021/83 yellow in running shed centre road.

Gauge 1ft 11": Battery: Yellow 4w South Crofty on display outside of running shed next to GB 2345.

Gauge 1ft 10": Battery: 6 - CE reb South Crofty# in rust on isolated track next to train departure point (furthest of the two from buildings),

4w BE (CE B2944D/82?) in rust on isolated track next to train departure point (closest of the two from buildings).

19 - (CE B2930B/81?) dsm in field.

Gauge 1ft 5": Wire Electric: SaxtonC/88. In mine exhibit.

Carriages: Gauge 2ft: 3. Tram: Gauge 2ft: Un-numbered. Manriders: Gauge 2ft: 2 un-numbered in service.

Wagons of various narrow gauges: Tub wagons: 5, 883, plus a further 20 un-numbered. Flat wagons: 17 un-numbered of various designs. Open Wagons: 5 un-numbered. Mechanical Shovel wagons. 2 un-numbered.

Notes: With Thanks to Colin, Linda, Pat and everyone else for a superb visit.

# = The number 6 was found on the inside of the lid of the battery box.

Rosevale Mining Historic Society, Zennor (visit).

Gauge 2ft: Battery: WR reb South Crofty. Wagons: 2 4w flats, 4 tubs, 1 tub u/f/o, 1 skip, 1 skip u/f/o.

Notes: With Thanks to Tony for arranging our visit. The loco was driven into position for inspection by CARS members. A further 3 wagons were located inside the mine and not seen.


Long Rock Depot, Penzance (view from car).

Wagons: PO: 83300, 87520.


Waverley, Rinsey Croft, Ashton (view).

Carriage: GWR: 106 b/o.


Hillcrest Nursery, Penarth, Carnmenellis (visit).

Carriage: Cambrian: 4 (4029) part b/o.


M.P.S. Metal Protection Services, Great Western Railway Yard, Near St Agnes (visit).

Diesel: Yard No 5200 - FH 3776/56 pvd.


Retallack Resort and Spa, Near St Columb Major (visit).

This location was formerley "The Spirit of the West American Theme Park" and LO 141/43 was located in a shed on site for sometime after the theme park closed. Further investigtions by Peter Nicholson have found that the loco is now at Summercourt Scrap Yard Ltd, Trefullock, Summercourt near Newquay, TR8 5BY, Tel 01726 861171, Website The loco was moved over the Easter weekend and is to be used as a static exhibit.


The Delabole Slate Company Ltd, Pengelly Road, Delabole (view)**.

Gauge 1ft 11": Diesel: No.2 - MR 3739/25 pvd.



Items are gauge 4ft 8.5" unless otherwise stated. * assumed ** Not seen by all.