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East & West Sussex


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Photos - All Paul Carpenter

Top Row

Southdowns Light Railway,Pulborough,ESR 319/2004
Great Bush Railway,Wolf(MR7469/1940),Drusilla(MR22236/1965),RH213840/1941
Great Bush Railway,Titch WR M7535/1972
Great Bush Railway,R.J.Brown,(RH382820/1955
Lavender Line,Austin 1 (K5459/1932)
Volks Electric Railway.
Private location Wkm 6952/1955

Basingstoke Station
150001, 158883, 220011/014, 221137, 444002/010/016/035/040, 450031/037/080.
(Note these were only seen by the trip organiser whilst waiting to meet up with the other Trip participants).

South Downs Light Railway, Pulborough
This is a 10.1/4" gauge miniature railway situated within the grounds of Pulborough Garden Centre.
Outside of the shed preparing for the days passenger operating service ;"Pulborough"{0-4-2T} - ESR 319 of 2004. Inside of the loco shed ;
"Peggy"{0-4-2T} - ESR 334 of 2007, 13245{2-6-0} - P. Howard/Richards Eng of 1988, 4472 "Flying Scotsman"{4-6-2} - J.J. Mahoney of 1935, "Anna" {Wisbech tram style loco (0-6-0BE?)} - G.Favell of 2012(only completed two weeks prior to our visit), 771 "Sir Sagramore"{4-6-0} - P. Howard/Richards Eng of 1994(undergoing overhaul), "Alice"{0-4-2ST+T} - G. Favell of 2001, D7062 "Arctic Prince"{4w-4wDH} - Mardyke of 1982. Inside of the carriage shed ;"Merlin"{0-4-0DH} - Roanoke of 2004.

Thanks to our host on the day for a splendid enjoyable visit.

West Grinstead Old Station
Coach ;BR MK 1 Corridor Second 25853 of 1961(later dormitory 99164 - which it is plated).

Tilehouse Farm, Oxbottom Lane, Newick 
Coach Body ;LBSCR 106 4 Compartment First (later SR 7527) of 1893.

Thanks to Mr. Newman who hosted our visit.

The Claude Jessett Trust, Great Bush Railway, Hadlow Down
This 2ft gauge railway was visited for their Railway Gala.
Steam locos in service ;"Sao Domingos" OK 11784 of 1928, "Chaloner" DeW of 1877 (visiting from Leighton Buzzard - page 26 of 16EL).
Diesel locos mainly on freight workings or static display ; "(25) Wolf" - MR 7469 of 1940, "(4) Mild - MR 8687 of 1941, "Drusilla" - MR 22236 of 1965, "5(Alpha)" - RH 183744 of 1937, "(14Albany)" - RH 213840 of 1941, "24 R.J. Brown" - RH 382820 of 1955. Off track behind the shed by the garden ;"1/5 (Animal)" - UI MR of c1931/rebuilt by Ludlay Brick Co, Eastbourne. Battery electric locos ;"(22 Lama)" - WR 5033 of 1953{awaiting restoration}, "(23)" - WR M 7534 of 1972{dismantled at rear of shed}, "(24) Titch" - WR M7535 of 1972{working/static display}. Miniature Electric Tramways 2ft gauge Tram ;No.1 - Member of Polesgate Society of Model Engineers of xxxx {static display} 8.1/2" gauge Miniature loco ;"Claude" - Jessett of c1936/rebuilt byR.Attride c 2005. There was also a short 5" miniature railway in use and a 5" Maxitrack style Ruston loco on the Lavender Line Railway sales stand.

Thanks go to John Taylor for partially hosting our visit. The party was also able to establish that another WR which had been listed as being as this location, had everything that could be possibly be re-used removed from it the the chassis was then scrapped.

Lavender Line Preservation Society, Isfield
Steam locos ;HL 3837 of 1934{plinthedinside main car park}, "Austin1" - K 5459 of 1932{working on driver experience courses up & down the line}. Diesel locos ; "(WD 825/15 Queenborough)" - AB 354 of 1941/rebuilt BIS 1957{inside the shed}, FH 3658 of 1953/rebuilt RescoL112{stabled in station}, "422 Valiant" - RH 459517 of 1961{stabled in station}, "No.16(Wem)" - VF 5257/DC 2176 of 1945{stabled at the rear behind the shed}, "DB 999507" - Wkm8025 of 1958{ stabled in station}. Petrol locos ;"(PW2) PWM 3951 LLPW01 Maisie" - Wkm 6936 of1955{inside its own small shed at trackside}, UI Wkm{dismantled by the side of the coal pile}. DMU car;Class 108 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory 56279 of1960(later 54279){stabled in station}. DEMU 'Thumper'cars ; 'Hampshire' Motor Brake Second 60122 of1959{in the yard}, Class 205 'Berkshire' Motor Brake Second 60151of 1960{in the shed}, 'Hampshire' Driving Trailer 60820 of 1958{in the shed}, Class 205 'Berkshire' Driving Trailer Composite 60832 of1962{outside the shed}. EMU car ;Class 422 Buffet Car 69333 of 1970{stabled in station}. Coach ;BR Mk1 Brake Corridor Composite 21273 of 1964(later DB977384){stabled in station}. NPCCS ;BR Mk 1 Gangwayed Full Brake 81214 of 1957(later 92046 &92946){stabled in headshunt}. Pre-nationalisation freight stock ; "(RNAD 400/Army 47194)" - MoS Box Van of 1940{in headshunt used as a store for the station buffet}. "S 61997" - SR 5 plank ballast/sleeper open wagon of 1928 **{in the yard chassis & wheels only - has had one end cut off and looks like its being modified in preparation for a body or something maybe}. "W 17944" - GWR 'Toad' Brake Van of 1940{modified to carry passengers - was being used to carry participants of the driving courses}. "(HW 433)" - London Transport Ballast Hopper of 1951{in siding just past the shed}. "M 700710" - LMS designed (LNER built) Lowmac Machinery Flat of1944(later Internal User 083503){in siding just past the shed}. Private Owner freight stock ;"SUKO 60640" Petroleum Tank of1964{in siding alongside the shed}. "19"(Fictitious number) - UI 3 plank open wagon{in siding just past the shed}. British Railways freight stock ; In siding just past the shed were :B 484199 - Pipe wagon of 1957, B783113 - Vanwide Box Van of 1962(later 230129 & WGB 4363), B 783278 - Vanwide Box Van of 1962(later 230107), B 882288 -Banana Van of 1960(later Internal User 088303), B 986591 -Ballast/Sleeper Open wagon of 1956, B 994252 - Rail/Ballast/Sleeperwagon of 1956, UI Palletvan of 195x. In a siding alongside the shed ;B 993762 - 'Shark' Ballast/PloughBrake Van of 1954.In a siding at the rear of the shed ;B 783644 - Vanwide Box Van of1962.At the rear of the shed ;B 783754 - Vanwide Box Van of1962{grounded remains of only - one end & underframe, Scrapped!!}.

Thanks go to Nick Pidgley& John for organising and to Tom & Richard for hosting our visit. ** = Assumed.

Volks Electric Railway, Brighton
In service ;"7" - VER of 1901, "8" - VER of 1901, "9" - VER 1910. Inside the tunnel ;"4" - VER of 1892{OOU}. Inside the shed ;"3"- The new chassis for number 3 awaiting finalconstruction, "6" - VER of 1901{OOU}, "10" - VER of 1926{OOU}, "1"- AK 40SD530 of 1987. Outside the shed ;"3" - VER of 1892{dismantled chassis only}.

Thanks go to Barry for organising and Sam for hosting our visit. The party were advised that "10" - VER of 1926, was experiencing troubles with the brakes in that whenever the car became loaded with passengers the brakes would release and the car would start rolling.

The Kingston Light Railway, Shoreham-by-Sea
The party viewed in the front garden of a bungalow tarpaulined the following loco ;"(Clay Cross)" - L 41803 of 1955.

Alan Croucher, Lancing
Loco ;"(1)" - Wkm 6952 of 1955. Also seen was a 5" gauge miniature loco - with two interchangeable fibre glass Class 37 bodies (one Blue, One Green) - this is used at a local childrens hospital somewhere in the Hove area at various times throughout the year.

Thanks go to Alan for hosting our very enjoyable visit. NOTE : This locomotive is kept at a private location and can only be viewed by prior appointment (contact details can be obtained from Roy Morris).

L&W Contractors, Billingshurst
Road-Railers ;"RRV129 = 940735-2" - Colmar T10000FS 8216, "RRV130 =940736-0" - Colmar T10000FS 8443, "RRV123 = 940690-9" - Volvo 180 EWB Superailer 8741012. Trailers ;"RRT1", "RRT11". 

No other details are available {at this moment in time} due to the numbers being observed through a gap in the wooden fence at the rear of the compound. There were other road-railers and trailers present at the rear of the yard, but these could not be identified due to the high fence and foliage that surround this part of the site.