TRIP 457


2nd October 2010




Brooklands Gorley Light Railway, Brooklands Farm, Near Mock Beggar (visit) Gauge 2ft: Diesel: No.1 - LB 55070/66 Reb Gartell 1001/87. Carriage: One Un-numbered.

With thanks to our host for our visit.


Paultons Park, Ower, Near Romsey (visit).

Gauge 1ft 3": Diesel: SL RG.11.86/87 (In service). Carriages: 1,2,4,5, PAU002 - 10/05/15/PAU002 (All in service).
With thanks to Matt Buckler for hosting our visit, and John the driver.

Carriage 3 was reported as under maintenance in the shed.

The group enjoyed a ride behind RG.11.86. We also inspected a "train" ride in Peppa Pig world that used a monorail, along with "road" wheels. It was built by Metalbau, works No. 111626/2011. We think it is unsuitable for inclusion in 15EL.


Mallards, Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu (visit).

Gauge 600mm: Battery Electric: WR D6905/64 oou.

With thanks to our hosts, Antonio and Pepe. Please note that Mr Fares does not live at the site. Also, Antonio and Pepe are interested in having the engine restored and we have their contact details. The loco appears to be in good condition.


White Horse Ferries, Hythe Pier Railway, Hythe (visit).

Gauge 2ft: Electric: NO.1 - BE 16307/17, NO.2 - BE 16302/17 (in service). Carriages: 1 (in service), 2 (in service), 3, 4 (in service).

With thanks to Ian for hosting our visit.


Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Trust, Burlesdon Brickworks, Coal Park Lane, Lower Swanwick (visit).

Gauge 2ft: Diesel: "SIMPLEX ASHBY" (BECCY) - MR 8694/43 (In service). Petrol: "AGWI PET 2" - MR 4724/39, "BAMBRIDGE HALL" - MR 5226/30 (In service). Carriage: One Un-numbered (In service).

Passing DMU: 158950.

With thanks to Margaret Fairhead (Organising), Ron Bristow & Les Munckton (Hosting), Alison Barker (Narrow Gauge Train Driver) and Kevin Dickinson (Miniature Railway Driver & Shed Visit) for a superb visit.
The group enjoyed a top'n'tail ride on the 2ft gauge line, which is in the process of being extended. We also had rides on the miniature railway behind a replica of "Wendy" (WB 2091/19). "Wendy" is currently at Amberley but it's hoped to be back soon.


Twyford Waterworks Trust, Hazeley Road, Twyford (visit).

Gauge 2ft: Diesel: (DOE 3983) - FH 3983/62, L 3916/31, L 42494/56 (in service), No.29 "AYALA" - MR 7374/39, RH 209429/43 ex p143. Petrol: MR 5355/32. Battery Electric: (69) - Red(F)/79 ex p105.

Also viewed was an unidentified MR dsm. It had been converted to a stationary engine, and came from a quarry in Eire around 40 years ago to a scrap dealer. It was more recently donated to the waterworks. It is not included in EL as only around a quarter of the original frame exists.


Marwell's Wonderful Railway, Marwell Zoological Park, Colden Common, Near Winchester (visit).

Gauge 1ft 3": Diesel: "PRINCESS ANNE" - SL 75-3-87/87 (in Service). Carriages: 1,2,3, Un-numbered coach (All 4 in service).

With thanks to Paul Simmons for organising our visit.
The group enjoyed a trip behind PRINCESS ANNE.


Eastleigh loco holding sidings (view).

Diesel: 66731 InterhubGB. Electro-Diesels: 73207/212.


Eastleigh Station (17.20 for approx 10 mins).

DMU: 158882, 159004"BASINGSTOKE AND DEANE"/014. Voyager: 220017. EMU: 444017/023.


Eastleigh Works (view).

Diesel: 07007*. DMU: 150209. EMU: 508208/301. EMU: Mk1: 76818*. Carriages: Mk2: 5908/6016/6136. Mk3 HST: 40228/717. NPCCS Mk1: 96603*/4*/5*/7*. On-Track Machines: 98305/306. MPV's: 98914/964.


Eastleigh T&RSMD (part view).

Carriage: Mk1: 1679. Road/Rail: DBS: B155VRV - Bruff Bedford Crew Cab Recovery (near to depot entrance)**.


Marchwood Sea Mounting centre, Marchwood Military Port (view).

Diesel: 01527 (256) - TH 274V/77. Ex-Gatwick Express stock: (3398) 72509*, (6128) 72635*.

* assumed

** Not seen by all.


Footnote: A.W. Biggs and Son, Watercress Growers, District Hill near Whitchurch.

Enquiries were made to the company regarding the loco listed in 15EL. We were advised that the loco was no longer on site, and had been sent for scrap about 10-12 years ago.