TRIP 455

Beeches Light Railway

14th August 2011


Photos by Chris Weeks

Top row

AK68 at Cotswold Wildlife Park prior to working a trip for CARS members

AK39 SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL poses next to the depot at Blenheim Palace

SS 3518 storms up the gradient at the Beeches light railway

A petrol railcar built at Statfold in 2008 and modeled on a model T Ford was demonstrated at the Beeches Light Railway


Bottom row

Another view of SS 3518 which put in a series of impressive runs during the CARS visit

165008 stabled at Banbury.

220012 Calls at Banbury on a cross country working.

66431 stands with 66305 in DRS Compass livery along with 66193 in EWS livery at Didcot 


Bristol Parkway/Stoke Gifford Yard (view) **

Diesel: 66551/560/601"The Hope Valley", 70002.

Cotswold Wildlife Park, Burford (visit).

Gauge 2ft: Diesel: No.3 - AK 17/85, No.4 "BELLA" - AK 68/2003. Carriages: 1,2,3, AK 144.

With thanks to Nigel Keep for arranging and hosting a superb visit.

The group enjoyed a ride behind "BELLA".

Blenheim Palace Railway, Woodstock (visit).

Gauge 1ft 3": Diesel: "SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL" - AK 39/92, Guest/60 oou. Carriages: 4 bogie carriages, 3 built in 1930's, 1 built by AK in 1990's.

With thanks to organiser Geoff Hadby, host Andrew Frost, and driver Tom for an excellent visit.

The group enjoyed a ride behind "SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL".

MOD Bicester (view).

The group viewed some of MOD Bicester from the perimeter, but no railway vehicles were seen. Enquiries suggested internal rail traffic is now rare.

Manor Farm, Lower Arncott (view).

After being unable to view Fruit 'D' 92071 in its expected location, a neighbouring farmer advised that it had been torched around 1 year ago.

The Beeches Light Railway (visit).

Gauge 2ft: Steam: 19.B - SS 3518/1888 reb Tindhana/08 reb Tyseley/2004 working. Diesel: "COL. FREDERICK WYLIE" - HE 9349/94 reb AK/2004, "MAJOR GERALD SCOTT" - MR 21619/57. Petrol: Statfold/2008 working, Wkm 1548/34 dsmT. Electric: 37 - EEDK 760/30, 44 - EEDK 812/30. Carriages: 73 in service, 154 in service, "CARRABASSET", Un-numbered Bogie carriage (Replica of Maharaja's carriage, newly built, awaiting internal fittings).

With many thanks to Adrian Shooter for arranging and hosting the visit.

Thanks also to Martin Lear for liaising with Mr Shooter.

The group enjoyed a ride behind SS 3518, a hog roast and ample opportunities for photography and video.

RH 200512/40 has been sold to Longlands Rly, at a private location in Worcestershire (EL amendment list 14).

Apple Tree Farm, Chipping Warden (visit).

NPCCS: GW: 3464 b/o, 3476 b/o. BR: 92047 b/o, 92083 b/o.

All identities assumed from previous reports.

With thanks to the owners for allowing our visit.

P. Rogers, Private Location, Oxfordshire (visit).

Petrol: (A144 PWM 2176) - Wkm 4153/46 dsm.

With thanks to P. Rogers for arranging and hosting our visit.

Wkm 7513/56 has unfortunately been stolen earlier this year. It has not yet been recovered.

Banbury Station (20 mins).

Passing: 165018/127, 168112/214/217. Voyager: 220012.

Stabled: DMU: 165008. On-Track Machine: 73922"John Snowdon". 

Access point approx 0.5 miles from Banbury Station.

Road/Rail: Paul John Plant: RR910 (940062-1) - Doosan DX160W 50413. Hydrex: 5224 (940288-2) - Komatsu PW150 Ultimate 250 K35194/2004, 5225 (940289-0) - Komatsu PW150 Ultimate 250 K35195/2004.

Passing Voyagers: 220020, 221125.

Didcot Station, Yard, and Loco Holding sidings.

Diesel: 08757, 43015/017/022/083/091/098/124/127"Sir Peter Parker 1924-2002 Cotswold Line 150"/141/142"Reading Panel Signal Box 1965-2010"/156"Dartington International Summer School"/182/191/195/196, 66193/305/431. DMU: 165114/126. Carriages: HST: 40101/108/110/119/713/808, 41005/006/029/030/103/104/153/168 41176/183/191/192, 42042/044/054/101/102/115/174/200/206/208/209/211/212/213 42214/288/315/317/381/383, 44014/066/067/083/090/097.

** Not seen by all.