TRIP 453


19th June 2011

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All Photos: Chris Weeks


Top Row

Rhondda & Swansea Bay Railway coach No 72 in use as a holiday cottage at Inches.

CE B3606D (with battery box 59) stands outside the loco shop at Geevor.

CE 1592A in yellow at front, Geevor 19 left, a loco with no details front right and Geevor 6 just visible behind.


Bottom Row

Covercoat and Lilian at the Launceston Steam Railway.

Gladiator stabled at the Lappa Valley Railway.

Bowman Railcar known as "The Dilly" stands in front of MR5646 at  Launceston Steam Railway.


Lanivet, Near Innis Downs Roundabout where A392 meets A30 (view).

Carriage: GWR: 63 b/o. Was 4 wheel 4 compartment 1st, now house.


Swindon Villa, Inches, Near Ruthernbridge (view).

Carriage: Rhondda & Swansea Bay Rly: (72 - GWR: 4223) b/o. Was 8 wheel 7 compartment 3rd, now house.


Field next to road, Ludgvan (visit).

Carriage: GWR: PLV: 95 b/o. Was house, now in disrepair.


Long Rock Depot, Penzance (view).

Diesel: 43135/159. HST Carriages: 40757, 41037/038, 42055/056/292/343, 44018.


Levant Mine (view).

Gauge 1ft 6": Battery Electric: CE B3606B/89.


Geevor Tin Mines Museum, Pendeen, Near St Just (visit).

Gauge 1ft 6": Battery Electric: 2 - CE*, 3 - CE 5739/70*, 8 - CE*, 13 - CE B1851A/78*, CE B1592A/78*, CE B3606A/89, CE B3606C/89, CE B3606D/89, 1 - Geevor*, 2 - Geevor, 4 - Geevor*, 6 - Geevor*, 11 - Geevor*, 13 - Geevor*, 15 - Geevor*, 16 - Geevor, 19 - Geevor*, 3 - WR*.

A further engine with no ID was observed, bearing similarities to a WR loco, and identified in EL as a Geevor*.

Thanks to Rhonda Judd for organising & Nick Thomas for hosting this visit.

2 - CE and 8 - CE are works numbers B1501/77 and B1592B/78, but which is which is unknown. CE B1592A works plate reads "B01592A" but the 0 was included in error.

15 - CE B3132A has gone to p41 Mosely N.G. Industrial Tramway & Museum.

* - Indicates in main store, inaccessible to public.


Siding next to Hayle Station (view).

Carriage: Mk1: (18355 25355). In use as holiday accommodation.


The Trevithick Society, King Edward Mine, Troon, Near Camborne (visit).

Gauge 1ft 10": Battery Electric: (60) - SouthCrofty/92 pvd.


Drillserve Ltd, Roscroggan Mill, Camborne (view).

This was shut and nothing was viewable at the site from outside.


Lappa Valley Steam Railway & Country Leisure Park, St Newlyn East (visit).

Gauge 1ft 3": Steam: NO.1 "ZEBEDEE" - SL 7434/74 reb Tambling/90 in service, No.2  "MUFFIN" - Berwyn/67 reb Tambling/91. Diesel: (3) "GLADIATOR" - Minirail/c60, (4 POOH) - L 20698/42, (DOUGAL) - BoothE/75 dsmT now a flat wagon. Carriages: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10 plus one un-numbered.

With thanks to Keith Lloyd for arranging and hosting this visit.

The group enjoyed a trip behind ZEBEDEE and also saw the miniature railway.


Launceston Steam Railway Co., Launceston (visit).

Gauge 600mm: Steam: "LILIAN" - HE 317/1883, "VELINHELI" - HE 409/1886 reb Lanson/80 working, "COVERTCOAT" - HE 679/1898, "DOROTHEA" - HE 763/01, 89 (Perseverance) - Bowman/2004. Diesel: (2) - MR 5646/33, FH 1896/35 dsm, (2 The Dilly) - Bowman/03 reb 4w DER Bowman/04 working, 4w-4DER Bowman under construction. Electric: 38 - EEDK 761/30. Battery: Bowman/c86 reb Bowman/03 working. Carriages: 1, 67, and two un-numbered.

With thanks to Nigel Bowman for arranging & hosting this visit.

The 4w-4DER Bowman under construction is using parts from EEDK 806/30.

The remains of EEDK 806/30 were seen in a pile and will be scrapped.


Egloskerry Station (visit).

NPCCS: SR PMV: (1626) 975568.

With thanks to the owner for allowing us to visit.


Okehampton Station, Dartmoor Railway (visit)

NPCCS: BR Fish Van: (87554) b/o. Mk1: (86443 96161) 96212.