TRIP 423

Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire


DAY ONE (25/10/08)

Cemex Ltd, Barrington Cement Works (visit) 

Preserved Diesel Loco: 4ft 8" Gauge; "Billy Smart" No.8 - TH 178V/67. Industrial Diesel Locos: 4ft 8" Gauge; GECT 5578/80, 7 - S 10040/60. 


1) A big thank you to John Drayton for arranging this visit and to Martin Smith & Keith Marsay for hosting the visit. 

2) TH 163V/66 has now gone to Titley Junction Station. 

3) TH 127V/63 has now been scrapped.

Imperial War Museum, Duxford (visit)  

Preserved Petrol Locos: 2ft Gauge; MR 1364/18, MR 3849/27. 

Note; A big thank you to Peter Collins and the site security for assisting with this visit.

R Blackmore, Mill Green, near Horseheath (view)  

Preserved Diesel Loco; 600mm Gauge; MR 8565/40. Preserved Wickham Trolleys: 600mm Gauge; Wkm 3170/c43. 2ft Gauge; Wkm 3414/43 reb 1992.

Steve Thomason, Springfield Agricultural Railway (visit) 

Preserved Diesel Locos; 2ft 6" Gauge; 10 - Moes (ex p.87). 2ft Gauge; 12 - Moes (ex p.87). Preserved Battery Electric Loco: 2ft Gauge; WR 3557/46 (in traffic, ex p.78 of 13EL). 


1) A big thank you to Steve for arranging and hosting this visit, which included a train ride around the garden. 

2) Moes loco No.12 has been re-gauged from 2ft 6". 

3) Moes loco No.10 was in the process of being re-gauged to 2ft.

Rob Pearman, Alconbury Weston (view)  

Preserved Petrol Loco: 1ft 11" Gauge; MR 2059/20 (assumed). 

Note; On arrival at this location the house owner(s) could not be located. The loco was assumed to be under a tarpaulin when viewed over the fence.

Charlie Cross, March (visit)  

Preserved Wickham Trolley: 4ft 8" Gauge; Wkm 9523/63. Note; A big thank you to Charlie for arranging and hosting this visit.

March South Junction Yard (view)  

66515/551/553/565/566. Passing: DMU; 158864.

March Whitemoor Yard (view)  

66711. Industrial Diesel Locos: 4ft 8" Gauge; H042 08885 - Hor/62 (ex p.245), 08756 (D3924) - Hor/59 (ex p.37). Crane; 78221. Network Rail Wagons; 12904/920/929/989, 13003, 29105, 92338/340/341/342/344/353/356/361/362/365 92366/367/369/370/371/372, 979095/098.

Midas Technologies, Peterborough (visit) 

Preserved Steam Loco: 2ft 6" Gauge; "Nutty" W&LLR 5 - S 7701/29 (ex p.35). 

Note; A big thank you to Mark Lock for arranging this visit and to John Johnson for hosting the visit.

Peterborough Yard areas (view) 

66040/172/722/726/729, 67027. Track Machine; 98217 A+B. Snowplough; 965232.

DAY TWO (26/10/08)

Executors of N Banks, Tydd St Mary (visit) 

Preserved Petrol Locos: 2ft Gauge; OK 6931/37, OK 7734/38.

T Hall, North Ings Farm, Dorrington (visit) 

Preserved Steam Loco: 2ft Gauge; "Swift" - HallT 1859401/94. Preserved Diesel Locos; 2ft Gauge; RH 421433/59, Clay Cross/61 (comprising parts from Listers), "Bullfinch" - HE 7120/69 (in traffic), "Penelope" - MR 8826/43 (on loan from p.290), "Indian Runner" - RH 200744/40 (on loan from p.283), OK/c32, MR 7493/40, No.1 - RH 371937/54, RH 183773/37 (ex p.97), RH 375701/54 (frame only), RH 421433/59. 

Note; A big thank you to Mr Hall Senior for arranging this visit and to Mr Hall Junior for hosting the visit, which included a train ride.

J Allen, Grimoldby (view) 

Preserved Wickham Trolley: 2ft Gauge; Wkm 4092/46 (assumed, comprising parts from HardyK E1/92). Note; The remainder of HardyK E1 is reported as being scrapped.

Lincolnshire Wolds Steam Railway, Ludborough (visit) 

Preserved Steam Locos: 4ft 8" Gauge; "Millom" - HC 1742/46 (in steam, on loan from p.31), P 1749/28, "Lion" - P 1351/14, RSHN 7849/55. Preserved Diesel Locos: 4ft 8" Gauge; MS8 - JF 4210145/58, PWM650 - RH 312990/52, D3167 - Derby/55, WD1 - JF 4210131/57, S 10166/63, RH 375713/54, 6 - RH 414303/57, 7 - RH 421418/58, "Colonel B" - HE 5308/60 reb Resco L107/81. Preserved EMU Car; 62287. Preserved Carriages: S.R; 975282 (B 434). L.M.S; 380. B.R Mark 1; 1949, 34553 (assumed), 975078 (BSK 34828), 96162 (GUV 86647), 87612, 87711 (Fish 87872), 94444, 99070 (BSK 35123), 94600. B.R Mark 2; 5154, 5158, 5161, 9393, 13444, 9384. Internal Users; 041671, 083661, 083662. 


1) A big thank you to Frank Street for arranging and hosting this visit. 

2) Peckett 1567/20 has gone to Caphouse Colliery, West Yorkshire. 

3) BR BSK 34553 was parked down the end of the line on a PW train and viewed from distance, hence the assumption. 

4) BR BSK 35123 was a recent arrival from East Lancs Rly. 

5) BR Mark 2 9384 was a recent arrival from Barrow Hill. 

6) LMS 380 was located in the garden of station house next door and is actually owned by house owner not the Railway.

Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway, Lakeside areas (visit)  

Preserved Steam Locos: 1ft 6" Gauge; (Crompton) - Curwen/51. 1ft 3" Gauge; DA1 - Bush Mills Rly/86 reb c1995 (ex Tasmania), "Yvette" - Craven EA/46, "Mountaineer" - W Van Der Heiden/72 (ex Tasmania), 24 - Fairbourne No.4/90 (in steam), No.1 "Sutton Belle" - Cannon/33 reb Hunt/53, No.2 "Sutton Flyer" - CannonHunt/50, "Effie" - GNS 11/99, StanhopeT/c87 (not yet completed). Preserved Diesel Locos: 1ft 3" Gauge; "John" - Minirail/54, Battison/58 (steam outline), L 26366/44 (steam outline), MossAJ/92. Preserved Petrol Locos: 1ft 3" Gauge; L 35811/50 Dsm, "SMR No,4" - G&S/46.

Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway, Buck Beck Passing Loop (view)  

Preserved Steam Loco: 1ft 3" Gauge; (Hawk, No.11) - TaylorB/98 (frame only, ex.p248). 

Notes on Railway: 

1) A big thank you to Deborah for arranging and hosting this visit. 

2) HCs D570 + D582 have both gone to the North Bay Rly, Scarborough. 

3) Steam outline Alistair/72 has gone to the Saltburn Miniature Railway.

Grant Plant Ltd, Scunthorpe (view) 

Track Machine; TSF51050 - Tamper RM10910563/92. Road/Rail; TSR51040 - Unimog U1100T 091655.