TRIP 409



Walkeringham Old Station, Station Road, Walkeringham 

Preserved Carriage: BR Mark1; 94474. Passing: 66202. DMU; 153356.

Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln (visit) 

Preserved Diesel Locos: 4ft 8 Gauge; RH 463154/61. 2ft 6" Gauge; RP 52124/18. 2ft 3" Gauge; RH 192888/39. 2ft Gauge; RH 421432/59. Preserved Steam Crane; "Hooley" - RP 306/09 (Dual Gauge).

David Wells, Bracebridge Heath (visit) 

Preserved Diesel Loco; "Charles" - RH 417889/58.

Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway, Winthorpe (visit) 

Preserved Steam Loco: 2ft Gauge; No.2 (Jurassic) - P 1008/03. Preserved Diesel Locos: 2ft Gauge; "Paul" - MR 3995/34, MR 8622/41, MR 8874/44, (Wilton) - MR 7481/40, (Nocton) - MR 1935/20, MR 9264/47. Note; A big thank you to Chris Bates, John Chappell and Astling Evison for organising/guiding this visit.

HM Detention Centre, North Sea Camp, Freiston (visit) 

Preserved Diesel Loco: 2ft Gauge; LB 55413/67 Pvd.

John Scholes, Rippingale Old Station (visit) 

Preserved Steam Locos; (Stamford) - AE 1972/27. Preserved Diesel Loco; D9537 - Sdn/65. Preserved Wickham Trolley; Wkm 7514/56. Notes; 1) A big Thank you to John and Shelia for accommodating our visit. 2) RH 235511 has now been scrapped whilst RH 305302 has now gone to the Statfold Barn Railway.

Railworld, Woodston, Peterborough (view) 

Preserved Steam Loco; No.996 - Frichs 415/50. Preserved Diesel Loco; X411 - Alco 77778/50.


1) Also present was a Maglev People Mover which used to work at Birmingham International Airport 2) S 7701 has now moved to Midas Technologies, Eastern, Cambridgeshire.

Nene Valley Railway, Peterborough Nene Valley (view) 

Preserved Carriages: LNWR; DM395361 (assumed). LMS; 37066.

Peterborough Station 

66019/093/220/622, DMU; 158788/854, 170114/505/510/637. EMU; 365521/523.Track Machine; 75402. Network Rail Wagons; 29049/549.

Network Rail Compound, Peterborough (view) 

Road/Rail; AE55 EOZ - Unimog U400 207373, AE55EOV - Unimog U400 207291.

Peterborough Yard and Old Diesel Depot area (view) 

60018/044/082, 66082/116/202. Road/Rail: Readypower; FR1002 - Komatsu PW95 21D0004382/96, FR1005 - Komatsu PW95 21D0001239/94. Maurice Belton; Case 988 CGG0232366/03 (ex Michael Clancy No.11).

Peterborough GBRF Depot (view)