TRIP 324 Dollands Moor Avoider 13/11/99

Rugby Cement, Rochester Works, Halling

Industrial; 15 TH 186V/67 OOU.

Foster Yeoman Ltd, Isle Of Grain

Industrial; 55 (08650) Horwich/59.

Gillingham Station

EMU; 1511, 3492/554, 465167.

Gillingham Depot (List)

EMU; 465013, 466003/004/008/009/023/030/031/034, 508202/209.

Royal Engineers Museum, Prince Arthur Road, Gillingham

Preserved Diesel Loco; WD 42 "Overlord" AB 357/41 (Ex p.306).

World Naval Base, The Historic Dockyard, Chatham

Preserved Steam Locos; (Sydenham) AP 3567/1895 Dsm (Ex p.31), (Pony) HL 2918/12 (Ex p.153), (Ajax) RSHN 7042/41. Preserved Diesel Locos; FH 3738/55, R39 RSHN7816/54 + DC 2503/54, YE 2856/61. Preserved Steam Cranes; 558 "Port of Giza No.6" Grafton 2641/42, "Nigel Griffiths" + "Port of Giza No.10" Grafton 2547/40, Grafton 2675/43. Note; The whereabouts of Grafton cranes 2528 + 2580 was not known.

Ibstock, Funton Brickworks, Lower Halstow

Industrials: 4 ft gauge; 4 Red (F), 11 Red (F), U/I Red (F) Dsm. 2 ft gauge; Red (F)/79. Note; The U/I Red (F) arrived approximately 3 months ago from the closed Ibstock Beare Green Brickworks in Surrey.

Sittingbourne & Kemsley Light Railway Ltd, Kemsley Down

Preserved Steam Locos: 4ft 8 in gauge; AB 1876/25, No.4 HL 3719/28, "Bear" P 614/1896. 2ft 6 in gauge; "Triumph" WB 2511/34, (Unique) WB 2216/23 OOU, (Premier) KS 886/05, "Superb" WB 2624/40, "Leader" KS 926/05 Dsm, "Melior" KS 4219/24, (Alpha) WB 2472/32 OOU. Preserved Diesel Locos; "Victor" HE 4182/53, (Edward Lloyd) RH 435403/61.

Note; This was not a running day. The Railway is however taking bookings for Santa Specials days on selected dates in December. For further details, call Tony Nokes at Kemsley Down on 01795 424899.

Co-Steel Plc, Sheerness (view)

Industrials; L127 EEV D1199/67 Reb YEC L127/96 (Ex p.219), L149 "Ben" EEV D1200/67 Reb YEC L149/96 (Ex p.125, via p.219).

Istil (UK) Plc, Queenborough Rolling Mills, Queenborough(view)

Industrials; 872 AB 511/66, 873 AB512/66.

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