TRIP 173

Ex BR Special 09-10/07/83



Tees & Hartlepool Port Authority, Grangetown Docks (04.56)
Ex BR Locos in Industrial Service D2023 (Ex 40A Lincoln)/024 (Ex 40A Lincoln) D2205 (Ex 51L Thornaby).
There were also three industrial shunters and one dismantled industrial shunter. These were probably S 10137/62, S10170/64, RR 10215 and S 10208/65 respectively.

Philadelphia Loco Shed, Philadelphia (Lambton Railway) (06.22)
Ex BR Locos in Industrial Service D4072 (Ex 31B March): 512 (12060) Ex 9A Longsight): 509 (12119) (Ex 50B Hull, Dairycoates): 511 (12133) (Ex 40B Immingham):

Lambton Engine Works, Philadelphia (06.56)
Ex BR Locos in Industrial Service 9312/92 (D9500) (Ex 66A Polmadie): 514 (12084) (Ex 5A Crewe Diesel Depot) Industrial Loco 2235/65 NB 27764/59.
There was also another unidentified industrial shunter.

North of England Open Air Museum, Beamish (07.24)
Ex BR Steam Loco 876 (65033) (Ex 51A Darlington) Ex Industrial Loco 14 HL 3056/14.

Swalwell Disposal Point, Swalwell - (Johnsons (Chopwell) Ltd.) (08.11)
Ex BR Locos in Industrial Service 12074 (Ex 6A Chester): 12088 (Ex 8J Allerton).
There was also an industrial diesel present, which was probably HE 7410/76 (Ex P262, 6EL)

Newcastle Museum Works (Ex Metro Test Track) (08.55)
No-one arrived to let us in!

Ashington Colliery, Ashington (10.22)
No notes made. - I didn't need any Ex BR "Teddy Bears".

Widdrington Disposal Point - (Derek Crouch (Contractors) Ltd.) (10.55)
Ex BR Steam Loco in Industrial Service 68078 (Ex 40B Immingham) Ex BR Diesels in Industrial Service MP228 (12052) (Ex 5A Crewe Diesel Depot): MP229 (12093) (Ex 5A Crewe Diesel Depot)
There was also an industrial diesel present, which was probably Derek Crouch EEV D1201/67.
Shilbottle Colliery, Shilbottle (11.24)

Whittle Colliery, Newton-on-the-Moor (11.39)
Ex BR Locos in Industrial Service 51 (D4069) (Ex 41J Shirebrook): 52 (D4070) (Ex 41J Shirebrook): 56 (D4068) (Ex 40B Immingham)

Royal Scottish Museum, Chambers Street, Edinburgh (5' 0" Gauge) (14.07)
Loco Wylam Dilly Wm Hedley 1813

Glasgow Transport Museum, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow (15.52)
Preserved Steam Locos No1 AB 1571/17: 9 NB 21521/17: 49 (62277) Gordon Highlander (Ex 61A Kittybrewster): 103 SS 4022/1894: 123 N 3553/1886: 256 (62469) (Ex 65A Eastfield).

Arnott Young & Co (Shipbreakers) Ltd, Beardmore Street, Dalmuir (16.35)
Ex BR Loco in Industrial Service AY1021 (D2866) (Ex 9A Longsight) Industrial Loco HE 2064/40

Glasgow, Hotel (17.15)


Glasgow, Hotel (09.00)

Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, Ravenglass (1' 3" and an eighth Gauge) (12.05)
Steam Locos River Esk DP 21104/23: River Mite Clarkson 4669/66: Northern Rock Ravenglass 10/76: Diesel Locos I.C.L. 1 Rebuilt Ravenglass 1925: I.C.L. 4 Ravenglass 1933: Silver Jubilee Ravenglass 1976: Petrol Loco Quarryman MH 2/26. Battery Electric Loco GB 2782/57.

Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway, Haverthwaite (13.25)
No notes taken

Steamtown Railway Museum, Carnforth (14.31)
1' 3" Gauge 5751 Prince William G&S 9/46: Royal Anchor Lane 1956: 4' 8.5" Gauge Ex BR Steam Locos 34092 City of Wells: 52322 (Ex 2B Nuneaton): 4472 (60103) Flying Scotsman: Ex BR Diesel Loco D2381 Industrial Loco John Howe AB 1147/08.

Carnforth S.P. (15.09)
No notes taken

Lowton Metals Ltd., Haydock, near St. Helens (16.20)
Ex BR Loco in Industrial Service (D2858) (Ex 9A Longsight)

Taffs Well Station (19.44)
Dmus Set C319 53865+59371+53918

Nantgarw Coking Plant, Treforest (20.05)
Ex BR Locos in Industrial Service 4 (12061) (Ex 8J Allerton): 5 (12063) (Ex 8F Springs Branch): 6 (12071) (Ex 8F Springs Branch)

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