02/11 66198 + 66237 passed Sea Mills at 09:50 with the 3S59 Barton Hill - Barton Hill (via South Wales) water cannon. The Bennett's/West Wharf area continues to provide coal for Rugeley P.S. with two morning departures at 06:38 (6M55) and 11:25 (6M04), 66566 being noted on the second of the day's workings.
04/11 66100 was on the 6C90 Newport ADJ - Avonmouth and 6C89 12:22 Chittening Estate - Newport ADJ trip freight. Other locos recorded on this service during the month have included: 66025 (11/11) and 66182 (25/11).
11/11 66055 was on the 6C63 Westbury - Avonmouth 'import' stone empties formed of Yeoman JYAs, the return loaded train's destination being Allington.
12/11 Fastline 66302 made a brief light-engine appearance at Hallen Marsh, before departing at 09:25 on what was assumed to be a driver route 'refresher' working.
16/11 66534 brought in a further 4Z86 Container service to West Wharf from Grain, having earlier been reported through Swindon at 15:34.
17/11 59203 arrived at 13:06 on the inward 'import' stone empties.
21/11 66154 + 66237 top n'tailing the 3S59 water cannon passed Brentry at 11:20 heading towards Avonmouth.
23/11 The morning FLHH coal departures were in the hands of 66528 (6M55) and 66565 (6M04).
25/11 The 6C63 import stone service was cancelled.
26/11 66528 was recorded passing Brentry at 10:45 with what was assumed to be a late running 06:38 (6M55) departure for Rugeley P.S..
28/11 66956 arrived at 15:15 with a second container (4Z86) service for the month, from Grain.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included:- 66017/021/055/112/131/173/213. 66528/565/566.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

17/10 Correction:- (January 2010 Magazine): The 'Jorvic Growler' railtour departed Parkway formed 37676 + 37516 (failed) + 47851 and not as stated.
27/10 Additional information to last Month's Magazine: 66125 was reported on a previously unidentified, diverted MoD service from Didcot - Ashchurch (6B36) on this date.
04/11 Virgin 'thunderbird' locos 57312 + 57301 passed Yate at 13:20 (2 minutes early), Filton Abbeywood 13:36 (3 late) and Day's junction 13:46 (right time) as 0Y68 09:35 Oxley - Eastleigh (for works attention). Later, 59005 passed Filton Abbeywood at 14:18 on the 6A83 Machen - West Drayton A.R.C. loaded stone and 60011 + 60054 (failed) passed Yate at 15:07 with the 6B13 Robeston - Theale loaded fuel tanks. This working had failed West of Clarbeston Road, reaching Llanelli at 09:44 (184 late). The 6V74 Crewe - Bridgwater nuclear flasks, with 37688 + 37087 suffered a wagon problem at Parkway, arriving at 06:40 and not departing to 10:36 (242 minutes late). The working was later noted passing Worle Junction (Weston-super-Mare) at 11:19 (253 late), arriving in Bridgwater at 12:04. Needless to say, the return 14:03 6M67 departure left very late at 16:40!
05/11 An evening departmental working was 66069 on a 6W60 18:20 Thingley junction - Margam rail train, the working having run via Swindon for a loco run-round.
06/11 The NRMT HST set (with power cars 43013 + 43014) passed Parkway at 11:57 (7 late) on the return 1Z20 10:09 Swansea - Derby and later a Colas departmental departed Westerleigh late, due to the train loco 47832 being low on coolant at Worcester. The 0Z47 09:15 Worcester yard - Westerleigh light-engine and 6Z47 11:05 Westerleigh - Oxford Hinksey yard were running in access of 3 hours late, the 6Z47 being eventually recorded through Westerleigh junction at 14:47, formed with track machines: DR76601 + 92400 + 93446.
07/11 Royal 67006 worked the diesel leg of Pathfinder Tour's 'Thames Tornado' (1Z27 07:02 Ealing Broadway - Gloucester) via Bath (noted at 09:00 passing Twerton, Bath) and Parkway, for haulage back to London from Gloucester by steam loco 60163 Tornado (also see Gloucester Notes & News). For the Wales v New Zealand Rugby International, First/GW operated three extra HST services: 1Z31 10:25 Westbury - Cardiff Central ( via reverses at Temple Meads 11:00 - 11:12 and Parkway 11:18 - 11:28), 1Z10 10:30 Paddington - Cardiff Central (via Bath 12:15 - 12:27 and a reverse in both Temple Meads 12:15 - 12:22 and Parkway 12:32 - 12:42) and 1Z34 13:37 Temple Meads - Cardiff Central (via Parkway 13:44 - 13:54).
10/11 60085 was terminated at Pengam at 13:10 (195 late) on the 6B13 Robeston - Westerleigh fuel tanks, following a report of a 'sparking' wagon bogie at Leckwith loop North junction. Also, later a 6M37 22:17 Westbury 'La Farge' - Hope (Earles) siding empty PCA tank train (noted passing Bath at 22:47) was terminated in Stoke Gifford behind 66618. Another FLHH working was 66565 as 0Z69 21:10 Bristol Parkway Royal Mail terminal - Newport docks light-engine (arrive 22:20), to collect the newly delivered Class 70 locos.
11/11 The much anticipated Class 70 arrival took place as 0Z70 23:45 Newport docks - Lawley Street FLT (06:42) formed 66585 + 70001 + 70002, passing Newport East Usk at 00:11and Pilning at 00:35 (25 early) prior to detaching 70002 at Parkway (booked 01:15 - 03:08) and continuing onwards as 0Z70 Stoke Gifford (via Filton West - unconfirmed ?) - Lawley Street, being recorded through Yate at 03:15. Later in the day, the recessed 6M37 Westbury - Hope (Earles) sidings cement tanks continued onwards behind 66618, via the Severn Tunnel and the Marches route and 37510 + 37194 powered a load two FNA 6M67 Bridgwater - Crewe nuclear flask train. At 15:30, 70002 was reported as moving up and down the yard hauling two empty HHA bogie coal wagons, and by 20:15, the sidings contained 66524, 66555, 66624, aswell as the Class 70.
12/11 66237 + 66154 top n'tailed the 3S59 water cannon through Pilning at 11:45, whilst 70002 was reported as shut-down (with wooden chocks under it's wheels) in Stoke Gifford down sidings.
13/11 Following a landslide due to heavy rain at Bulwark, between Chepstow and Severn Tunnel junction, diversions were in operation, the following being recorded at Pilning from 10:30 - 15:30:- 66505 4051 Wentlooge - Southampton (Millbrook) containers (10:41).
60085 6B13 Robeston - Westerleigh loaded fuel tanks (via a loco run-round at Gloucester) (11:11). 66183 6M43 Margam - Round Oak loaded steel (11:19). 66198 6B65 Westbury - Newport ADJ departmental (11:22). 66237 + 66154 3S59 (top n'tail) return water cannon South Wales - Barton Hill (11:45). 60054 6V05 Round Oak - Margam steel empties (11:54). DR73935 (track machine) up direction (12:10). 67024 + 67022 2U14 (top n'tail) Taunton - Cardiff Central local passenger (12:40). 66079 6V40 Lackenby - Llanwern steel slab (12:58). 66092 6B35 Hayes - Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties (13:22). 59202 6A83 Machen - Acton loaded stone (13:34).
66198 0C41 Newport ADJ - Westbury light-engine (14:12). 67022 + 67024 2C79 (top n'tail) Cardiff Central - Taunton local passenger (14:33).
66129 6L97 Port Talbot (Grange sidings) - Lea Interchange (Camden) loaded stone (14:46). 66952 6Z11 Crewe Basford Hall yard - Taunton Fairwater departmental (14:52). 66427 6Z67 Shipley - Cardiff Tidal Sidings scrap empties (14:57). 66560 4V22 Fiddler's Ferry - Stoke Gifford 'down side' coal empties (15:11). No diverted Arriva XC passenger services were recorded.
14/11 Diversions were still in operation with the 6B13 Robeston - Westerleigh fuel oil passing Parkway at 10:47 (heading for Gloucester and a loco run-round) and the 6E41 (which arrived as 6V98 1835 Fri Lindsey - Westerleigh at 05:23) fuel empties to Lindsey being routed via a run-round at Gloucester, then via Kemble and Swindon. Arriva XC dmu set 170105 was also noted passing Parkway at 11:33 on an unidentified up working, road buses being in use replacing trains between Gloucester and Newport.
Returning engineers trains off track work North of Cheltenham were recorded as follows: 66206 6W31 15:30 Alstone Level-crossing - Westbury (Parkway 16:59 - 40 late). 66147 6W32 17:28 Alstone Level-crossing - Westbury (Cheltenham 17:41). 66227 6W33 19:00 Alstone Level-crossing - Westbury (Cheltenham 19:05). Two further departures operated with unknown hauling power at 20:57 (6W37) and 21:30 (6W34).
15/11 At 12:30, Stoke Gifford 'downside' held: 66524, 66560, 66565, 66585, 66624, 70002. Later, Arriva XC 170105 passed Patchway at 13:55 and was assumed to be running in the path of the 13:25 Cardiff Central - Nottingham service, as far as Gloucester only. Another Class 170 unit (unidentified) was later seen near Pilning at 16:33, unconfirmed as 170105 heading back towards South Wales.
16/11 66577 passed Parkway at 13:14 with the inward 4V50 Millbrook - Wentlooge containers, reappearing at 17:17 on the return 4O51 service and 66192 passed Westerleigh junction at 19:22 (3 early) on the 6M17 Newport ADJ - Wembley 'enterprise' freight service. A 70002 test working, 0Z70 19:52 Stoke Gifford - Pengam (FLHH) light-engine and 7Z70 22:13 Pengam (FLHH) - Pengam (via Llandeilo junction 00:01 - 00:48) was cancelled.
17/11 The 6A11 Robeston - Theale loaded fuel tanks, with 60074 failed whilst exiting Parkway up loop. A FLHH loco, was reported to have assisted from the rear to move the train back into the loop where the Class 60 was revived, and continued onwards passing Westerleigh junction at 07:53 (228 late). The return 6B33 empties, still with 60074 was later recorded through Westerleigh at 18:55, again running several hours late. Some morning Arriva XC services were diverted via Newport and Chepstow during the morning prior to the failed train being moved and the mainline cleared.
18/11 The 1L34 07:29 Swansea - Paddington First/GW service (and return 11:00 Paddington - Bristol TM) was formed 43088, 41182, 40112, 42222, 42224, 42223, 44101, 43087, a second First Class coach having been removed. DRS 66416 (Fastline 'hire') was on route learning duty, via Didcot and Swindon (and also during the previous day), returning as 0Z57 17:04 Temple Meads - Chaddeston sidings (via Parkway).
19/11 70002 departed Stoke Gifford during the evening, light-engine passing East Usk at 20:25 (as 0Z70 19:52 Stoke Gifford - Pengam) to work a 7Z70 22:00 Cardiff Pengam - Pengam (via Llandeilo junction) test working formed of 21 empty JGA stone wagons, restricted to 40 mph. This turned out to be the only day of operation for this test run planned to run daily from 16/11 - 20/11, the loco being booked to return 0Z71 02:55 Pengam - Stoke Gifford (04:30) light-engine (via Pilning 03:51 - 03:57) from 17/11 - 20/11 and 0Z71 02:55 Pengam - Stoke Gifford (05:43) via Gloucester (04:31) on 21/11only.
21/11 The Severn Tunnel was closed, along with the Chepstow mainline, a number of freight services to South Wales being booked via Birmingham.
24/11 Newly converted micro-buffet 40108 (ex. 42312) was noted as part of HST set OC30 forming the First/GW 1B59 16:45 Paddington - Swansea service.
27/11 Some morning services from South Wales were suffering up to 45 minute delays due to flooding at an unspecified location.
28/11 66506 + 70002 + 66526 departed as 0Z70 09:01 Stoke Gifford - St. Phillips Marsh (believed for fuelling) late at 10:50 being recorded passing Dr. Day's junction at 10:56. PW activity in the Pilning area found: 59102 on 6W01 03:06 Westbury - Patchway (04:00) and 60073 on what was assumed to have been the 6W03 09:15 Westbury - Patchway (10:09), which was booked to return as 17:00 Pilning - Westbury.
30/11 At 11:30, TOPs had 70002 allocated 4Z55 Stoke Gifford - Rugeley P.S loaded coal (01/12).
07/12 66527 worked an empty MGR to Portbury this evening also seen were 66550/556/597/598 moving around in the yard prior to being stabled. Mainline activity was the MoD Liner (6A29) hauled by 66070.
10/12 Not much activity in the yard tonight, 66611 departed light engine and 66597 stabled at the head of an empty MGR service for Portbury. Mainline saw 66070 (6A29) MoD Liner and 66019 (4D16) Didcot - Avonmouth empty MGR. Tonight was also the last sighting of XC power cars as from the new timetable being re-deployed on other workings.
14/12 This evening saw 66597 + 70003 at the head of an empty MGR service to the yard, waiting on a through road to shunt in. This train was present before 19:00 and didn't move until 20:20. In between time 66952 was shunting wagons, 70006 emerged from the rear of the yard and was placed at the head of a rake of empties for Portbury in the morning. 66528, arrived light engine from Bristol direction and made its way to the sidings, having been seen earlier working a "civils" towards Bristol. A diverted Stone and Tinplate service headed eastbound behind 66082 followed later by the MoD Liner worked by 66043.
17/12 Not a lot again, 70003 stationed at the head of MGR empties for Portbury and 66527 arriving with empties from Rugeley ((4V56). Newport ADJ - Willesden freight ((6M17) passed through behind 66098 final sighting being 66073 (6A29) MoD Liner. Also noted was a hybrid Cl158 formation using cars from 746 + 762.
22/12 A brief visit tonight, found 66597 and 70002 in the yard and 66544 arrive with 4V56 Rugeley - Stoke Gifford MGR empties.

Bristol Temple Meads, Barton Hill and Kingsland Road

01/11 The 3S59 Barton Hill water cannon, top n'tailed by 66237 + 66198, passed Twerton near Bath atb 17:41 heading for Westbury and Salisbury, prior to the booked South Wales visit on the return.
02/11 67022 + 67024 started the month on the First/GW DBS loco and coaches 'hire' service. Early in the day, the 1C99 Paddington - Penzance First/GW sleeper service, with 57604 (which had replaced 57602) was diverted via Honiton and Yeovil, due to flooding North of Exeter, the train leaving Exeter 144 minutes late. A FLHH high output ballast cleaner wagon move was worked by 66607 as 6Z85 09:20 Taunton Fairwater - Taunton Fairwater, departing Temple Meads at 11:14 for Westbury. A second return working, operated during the afternoon as a 6Z86 14:20 off Taunton, routed via Westbury, Temple Meads and Yatton passing here at 15:15.
04/11 The 3S59 water cannon, passed Lawrence Hill heading towards Temple Meads, top n'tailed by 66198 + 66237 at 12:01.
05/11 The 3S59, having visited Weston-Super-Mare, was noted heading North-bound near Hewish at 12:38. This working was closely followed at 12:45 by 37608 + 37609 on an additional 6Z05 (or 6M67?) Bridgwater - Crewe single FNA nuclear flask wagon (which had been left at Bridgwater overnight due to problems during the previous day at Parkway). The locos had earlier run 0Z05 04:33 Crewe - Bridgwater light-engine to collect the wagon, the return working departing Bridgwater at 12:23.
07/11 Royal 67006 worked Pathfinder Tour's 'Thames Tornado' through the area picking up at Bath and Bristol Parkway (also see Gloucester Notes & News). The railtour ECS being returned to Temple Meads for overnight stabling during the evening. Two evening engineering workings were: 66624 with a 6Y29 18:36 Thingley junction - Tiverton loop (via Swindon, loco run-round, Parkway and Temple Meads at 21:50) and 66585 on a 6Y28 22:05 Taunton Fairwater - North Somerset junction, which failed, the replacement loco being 66622, the working leaving at 23:38 (89 late). Earlier in the day, 66607 had powered a 6Y12 08:00 Thingley junction - Taunton Fairwater working.
09/11 The First/GW loco-hauled 'hire' service was formed: 67022 + 6008, 6117, 6064, 9494 + 67024, during the day. Also later, 66145 working a 6W55 21:14 Westbury Up yard - Worcester Up yard 'autoballaster' passed Dr. Days at 22:03 (4 late).
10/11 66555 was on the morning 6A21 Pengam - Theale loaded stone via Day's curve. A local planner submitted a possible smaller concert and conference venue plan for the still empty and desolate former Bath Road depot site, the building of the expected industrial units here still having not taken place.
11/11 142009 was on a 5Z76 Cardiff - Exeter morning empty stock move and later in the day, 37194 + 37510 (reported as switched off !) departed Bridgwater at 14:05 (3 late) with the 6M67 2 FNA flask wagon working to Crewe. A 1Z80 08:45 Victoria - Bristol VSOE arrived in Temple Meads during the afternoon with an unidentified Class 67 which stabled, with it's train in Bristol East depot prior to the 1Z82 16:34 return. The 67 had taken over from steam 35028 Clan Line at Westbury.
12/11 66599 was on the 6Z21 20:55 (Wed) Hope (Earles sidings) - Moorswater loaded cement, and 6M37 return empties. A loco swap took place on the Barton Hill water cannon, with 66154 taking over from 66198, to join 66237.
13/11 150248 + SWTs 'hire' 158886 were paired on the 2M97 08:23 Weymouth - Great Malvern First/GW service.
14/11 High winds (up to 75 mph) and heavy rain caused operating problems during the day, a blanket 50 mph operating speed being brought in as a safety precaution. Trains between Penzance and Plymouth were suffering up to 45 minute delays, the 1C99 Paddington - Penzance sleeper service (with 57605) being held at Exeter due to weather related (and a high tide) on the Dawlish sea wall, the service having already earlier been diverted via Bristol due to problems in the Westbury area. The 1A40 Penzance - Paddington (with 57604) was also delayed, in Cornwall and again in Somerset, being turned back at Frome (where a loco run-round took place), eventually returning to Taunton (having earlier left here at 02:35 !) for a 04:03 departure via Bristol Temple Meads to London. 67022 ran 0Z66 Barton Hill - St. Blazey depot, initially thought for water cannon use, but this did not take place. The 6M60 (running as 16:10 Exeter Riverside - Bescot down side) was later diverted via the Berks & Hants, Reading West curve, Didcot and Oxford to the Midlands with 66077 + 66117. Track work in the Severn Tunnel and North of Cheltenham prevented this train running its normal route.
15/11 66237 + 66154 top n'tailing the 3S59 Barton Hill water cannon departed Weston-super-Mare at 16:37, heading back towards Bristol. This was 'off route' for the normal Sunday part of the weekly diagram.
16/11 Problems with the Class 67s on the First/GW loco-hauled service, saw units 153305 + 153380 take over the day's diagram from Bristol on the 2U14 11:02 Taunton - Cardiff service. The loco hauled set, formed: 67022 and 67024 (with c/stock: 9508, 6117, 6064 only) ran 5C89 18:00 Barton Hill - Newport to continue the 2C89 19:00 Cardiff - Taunton onwards from Newport in place of the units, which were terminated at Bristol on the 2U24 16:16 Taunton - Cardiff at 17:20. DRS 37602 was on a 6Z37 11:15 York Thrall Europa - St. Blazey replacement water cannon wagon (FEA)move, which was delayed in the Birmingham area and reported through Yate at 19:37 - 70 late.
17/11 The 'hire' loco hauled train was still operating as a three coach formation. 37602 returned the defective water cannon wagons (642010 + 642045)as 6Z37 13:00 St. Blazey - York, departing Par at 12:56 and arriving in Temple Meads at 17:27 (36 late) departing at 17:44 (right time). Later, 66060 was recorded in Temple Meads at 22:32 on 6C99 Newport ADJ - St. Blazey freight formed with a single 4-wheel TTA fuel tank and 9 china clay empties.
18/11 67016 took over from 67024 on the First/GW DBS 'hire' service, which had returned to a four coach formation (6008, 6064, 6117, 9508). 67022 and 67024 had in fact become the 7th and 8th Class 67 members to appear on the loco-hauled service, the others being: 67005/016/017/025/026/030. During the afternoon period: 31285 + 31465 arrived at 13:49 (17 early) top n'tailing a 1Z12 Derby - Temple Meads test working formed with c/stock: 5981, 1256, 977997, 9481. The train worked into South Wales during the following day (see Newport Notes & News). 37510 + 37194 departed Bridgwater at 12:25 (106 early) on the 6M67 nuclear flasks to Crewe reaching Temple Meads at 13:03. Later, another arrival was Fastline driver route learner light-engine 'hire' GBRf 66725 on a 0Z56 Chaddeston - Temple Meads (noted Derby 11:41, 9 early) returning as 0Z57 Temple Meads - Chaddeston passing Day's junction at 16:07 (54 early !). The 3S59 Barton Hill water cannon, with 66154 + 66237 was noted passing Stapledon Road at 12:34, Bedminster 12:41 and Worle on the return final-leg from Weston-super-Mare at 13:12, reaching Temple Meads at 13:37.
20/11 The First/GW loco-hauled service, with 67016 + 67022 was noted in Yatton loop on the 2U14 11:02 Taunton - Cardiff Central service just after 12:00, to allow a First/GW Penzance - Paddington HST to pass. Two more Class 67s, 67025 + 67017 top n'tailed a 1Z24 09:40 Swansea - Bath Northern Belle dining trip via Day's curve, the ECS running to Swindon Transfer yard, then: 5Z25 16:23 Swindon Transfer yard - Bath Spa via Bristol East loop (booked 17:05 - 17:16), for a 1Z25 17:53 Bath - Swansea return via Kemble, Stroud and Gloucester following a reverse at Swindon (being noted here in platform 1 at 18:20). The ECS was then booked as 5Z25 22:11 Swansea - Newport ADJ (00:41) for overnight stabling. An 0Z56 Fastline route learning light engine, using 'on loan' DRS 66416 from Chaddeston - Temple Meads (and return via Parkway and Charfield) was routed via Oxford and Didcot, being noted through Bath at 15:54.
21/11 A rare visitor to Temple Meads these days was steam loco 35028 Clan Line, on UK Railtour's 'Merchant Venturer' (1Z82 08:55 Waterloo - Bath/Bristol and 1Z83 16:36 return) which arrived at 13:06 to time. 67008 was attached to the rear of the train, which had been routed via the Berks & Hants route and Westbury, the steam loco taking on water on the outward at Newbury and on the return at Salisbury. Clan Line has made numerous appearances in recent years at Westbury on the VSOE service, for diesel power onwards to and from Bath and Bristol.
23/11 66624 passed through the area late morning on a 6Z87 Taunton Fairwater - Crewe Basford Hall yard departmental.
24/11 67017 replaced 67022 on the First/GW 'hire' loco hauled service. 66562 was on the morning 6A21 Wentlooge - Theale loaded stone via Day's curve.
25/11 The First/GW loco-hauled service diagram was worked by unit 150221, until arriving in Temple Meads at 17:20 on the 2U24 16:16 Taunton - Cardiff service where 67022 + 67016 and coaching stock took over. 67022 had earlier run 0Z20 10:25 Wembley - Barton Hill light-engine to take over from a failed 67017. Later, DRS 37510 + 37194, (a second appearance for this combination during the month), headed a load 3 FNA flask wagon 6M67 14:02 Bridgwater - Crewe being recorded departing Yatton loop at 13:27 (around 70 minutes early !). A check on the day's Arriva XC HST diagrams found the following power cars and intermediate coaches in use:-
43304 (XC01) 43384 1V50 06:08 Edinburgh Waverley - Plymouth / 1E63 15:21 Plymouth - Leeds. 43207 (XC02) 43301 1V54 06:32 Dundee - Plymouth / 1E73 17:21 Plymouth - Leeds. 43285 (XC03) 43357 1V46 06:32 York - Plymouth / 1S55 13:21 Plymouth -Edinburgh Waverley. 43321 (XC05) 43303 1V44 06:00 Leeds - Plymouth / 1S51 12:21 Plymouth - Glasgow Central. Note: The HST set working the 1V50 was reported as terminated at Birmingham NS during the day due to a defective horn !, a Voyager set (221128) taking over, returning on the 1E63 as booked.
26/11 66618 was on the 6Z21/6M37 Moorswater cement trip. Steam 34067 Tangmere arrived on a 'Bristol & Bath Christmas Express' (1Z34 08:30 Poole - Temple Meads and 1Z46 16:34 return) at platform 11/12. The ECS was booked to run 5Z34 13:28 Temple Meads - Bristol West and 5Z46 16:12 return return, whilst the loco was serviced at Barton Hill.
29/11 The 3S59 Barton Hill water cannon, with 66237 + 66154 passed Twerton at 16:30 heading towrds Westbury and Salisbury, commencing the day's overnight diagram.
30/11 66112 + 66125 departed Barton Hill during the morning as 0F85 light-engines to Margam and 59204 passed Stapledon Road at 14:27 (19 late) on the 6A83 12:40 Machen - West Drayton A.R.C loaded stone service. The Loram rail-grinder was due to arrive in the area during the early hours of the following day as 8Z03 23:30 Exeter (Riverside) - Bristol East freight terminal.
02/12 Locos and coaches working seen this afternoon at 14:30 top 'n' tailed by 67016/022.
14/12 New timetable with an additional locos and coaches working, seen heading south at 15:00 were 57315 + 57316 in top 'n' tail mode. (Latter loco failed later)
15/12 66550 seen this morning at 09:50 heading southbound with FHH wagons in tow (not identified, coal or stone?). At 15:00, locos and coaches working seen again, 57315 with a new partner 57303.
21/12 66140 seen at 14:15 heading north with a loaded MGR.
26/12 As there was an major engineering work in progress over the Christmas period, seen running was 66250 with a southbound ballast train at 10:50.
Leafbuster still active ran an hour earlier on the 1st at 22:35 back to "normal" time on 2nd at 23:35

Cardiff Central

14/11 DRS 66427 along with former Advenza owned 57005 were stabled in the main station area.
20/11 The same two locos were still present, as 66248 passed at 13:37 on an eastbound unidentified scrap working.

Cardiff (Steelworks)

12/12 08752


02/11 DBS livered 66152 worked the 6V92 Corby - Margam steel empties.
06/11 DRS 66427 was on the 6Z67 Shipley - Cardiff Tidal sidings loaded scrap metal during the early afternoon.
07/11 Pathfinder's 'Thames Tornado' (1Z27 07:02 Ealing Broadway - Gloucester) arrived behind Royal 67006, for steam 60163 Tornado to take over and run onwards as 1Z28 11:42 Gloucester - Victoria debuting over the Stroud Valley line, Sapperton and Kemble to Swindon and then onwards via the Great Western mainline. The Class 67 followed light engine as 0Z27 11:59 Gloucester - Victoria, where from the loco returned the train as 1Z29 17:55 Victoria - Gloucester (booked to arrive at 22:20). The ECS was then to run 5Z29 22:45 Gloucester - Temple Meads (23:21), and 5Z30 11:40 Temple Meads - Eastleigh (13:45) during the following day.
11/11 66112 powered the 6A36 12:43 Ashchurch - Didcot yard MoD service passing Kemble at 13:39.
12/11 60011 was on the 6V93 19:47 Corby (BSC) - Margam steel empties (overnight).
13/11 66427 made a repeat appearance on the 6Z67 06:10 Shipley - Cardiff Tidal loaded scrap.
16/11 60084 worked 6V40 Lackenby - Llanwern steel slab, 66238 passed Cheltenham at 12:21 on the 6A36 Ashchurch - Didcot MoD trip and 66427 having run 0Z68 20:12 Cardiff Central - Tidal sidings light-engine, was on the 6Z68 Tidal - Shipley scrap metal empties. The Lydney mainline was reopened just after mid-night having been closed due to a landslide near Chepstow during the afternoon of 12/11, the remaining rock face having been made safe, earlier than planned.
17/11 66206 was on a 1Z99 12:30 Margam - Bescot crane move through Gloucester at 14:27 (13 early).
18/11 60084 powered the 6V49 Tees yard - Newport.
21/11 170109 was operating 3 hourly Arriva XC passenger shuttles between Cardiff and Gloucester also repeating these workings during the following day. The mainline between Gloucester and Birmingham
was closed for engineering work over both days.
24/11 67022 became the second Class member to appear on the 6B36 Didcot - Ashchurch and return MoD trip.
28/11 Steam 60019 Bittern worked a Steam Dreams 'Cathedrals Express' (1Z85 Victoria - Worcester S.H. and 1Z87 return) via Kemble and the Stroud Valley in both directions, the outward water stop being at Challow.
29/11 The 6078 11:18 (Sun) Margam - Dollands Moor export steel was diverted via Gloucester (14:40), Bristol Parkway and Bath (15:52). Hauling power was however, unrecorded on the day.
Following many years of campaigning , 30 million is to be allocated by the South-West Transport Board towards the re-doubling of the Swindon - Kemble line. Work could be completed by 2011, increasing train capacity in the area, the route having been singled in the 1960s as a then economy measure.


07/11 The delivery of the first two new Powerhaul Class 70s (70001 and 70002) took place at Newport docks, having arrived on the vessel Kusan from the United States. A ceremony took place the following day, prior to onward movement four days later during the the evening (see Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh Notes & News).
10/11 60011 was on the 6M96 05:50 Margam - Corby (BSC) loaded steel coils.
14/11 66076 passed through Newport at 14:16 returning as 0Z38 (10:37 ex Haversfordwest freight depot) light-engine from the previous day's 6Z52 15:01 (Fri) Redmire - Haversfordwest MoD working (booked via Parkway at 01:47).
19/11 The 1Z12 Radio tests train 3 (working as 09:03 off Temple Meads) was back in the area, formed 31285 + dept c/stock: 5981, 1250, 977997, 9481 + 31465, being noted passing at 09:42 and returning from Chepstow to Newport through Severn Tunnel junction at 12:28, then visiting Yate and Temple Meads, prior to another, this time early evening Newport visit, before an eventual return to Temple Meads for stabling.
20/11 66107 passed Newport at 07:18 running 0Z19 Didcot - Haversfordwest light-engine inconnection with a return MoD working. Later, the 1Z12 test working was again recorded heading east at 09:55 being top n'tailed by the same two Class 31 locos.
21/11 60084 was diverted via Hereford on a 6V40 Lackenby - Llanwern steel service. The closure of the Cheltenham - Bromsgrove mainline saw the 6V05 and 6V07 (09:35 and 14:25 departures) empty steel services from Round Oak - Margam cancelled, having been booked to take a very long diversionary route via Birmingham, Banbury, Oxford, Swindon, Kemble and Gloucester to Newport. The 6M11 20:55 (Fri) and 6M81 (23:06) Margam - Round Oak loaded services were also cancelled. A 6Z35 10:47 Moreton-on-Lugg - Hither Green, loaded stone was redirected to Westbury. With the Severn Tunnel also closed, the 3S59 Bristol based water cannon was started from Gloucester at 08:13, covering its normal route back to Barton Hill depot.

Portbury Branchline

FLHH have continued to operate mainly overnight departures of power station coal with a 23:15 to Fiddler's Ferry running on a number of occasions during the month. Fastline continued their 05:00 (6M18) and 19:00 (6Z99) departures to Ratcliffe P.S. on certain dates. DBS restarted coal workings to Aberthaw from 21/11, 66017 working the 6B69 15:00 Portbury - Aberthaw service on this date.
25/11 70002 + 66565 were paired on the 4C66 19:32 Stoke Gifford sidings - Portbury coal empties, (departing at 19:41 9 late) then being recorded passing Parson's Street at 20:11 (2 late). The Class 70 returned light-engine to Stoke Gifford on what was assumed to be a crew training trip and a first Class 70 loco visit over the Portbury branch.
27/11 70002 + 66585 passed Temple Meads at 19:35 en-route to Portbury with the 4C66 coal empties from Stoke Gifford. Again the Class 70 returned light to Stoke Gifford sidings.
30/11 66173 was on the 6B69 15:00 Portbury - Aberthaw loaded coal.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month has included:- 66017/173. 66302/303/305. 66520/566/585. 66726.

West of England

21/11 The final SWT's working to the West of Exeter (1L41 13:50 Sun Penzance - Waterloo) was worked by set 158886, the unit having worked the 14:20 (Sat) Waterloo - Penzance during the previous day. A new hourly service between Exeter and Waterloo, following the opening of a new passing loop at Axminster has seen the company end it's Paignton, Plymouth and once weekly Penzance workings.

Units seen during the month

First/GW SWT 'hire'
02/11 158881. 03/11 158889. 11/11 158888. 12/11 158886. 13/11 158886.
17/11 158884. 27/11 158881. 28/11 158884.



58006 - France
DFIM 66566 GBRT 92032

CD: 37406/670. 60028/048/055/082. CE: 67001/022/029. 92030. CS: 47770. EH: 08798. IM: 60009. KD: 37602.
TO: 08735/802. 09007. 60010/011/013/035/048/054/063/071/072/074, 60077/091. Stowmarket: 20305.

08653 -TO(Warrington), 08706 -TO(Westbury), 08993 -TO(DC)

Glos & Warks: 08683 Severn Valley 08896
Stephenson RM, South Shields: 08915

Diesel Multiple Units

55012 - Railway Restoration NE, Shildon

Electric Multiple Units

321418/431/433 -ZB, 434/436 -IL

Booth: Car: 69233 (390033)
Cranfield University: Car: 69933 (390033)

76818 -HQ

New Stock
378143/144/145/146/147/148 -NG

Coaching & NPCC Stock

3798 -GT (North York Moors)

BH: 5906/58/61. 6168. 9497. 9525. LM: 40712/714.
ZB: 40208/209/228/717/731/747. Tintern Parva: 6014. 6135.

11028 -AL

Booth: 5781
Mid Norfolk: 5309. 17161. Battlefield: 10205 (not 10202)
Cargo D: 10245. 10540. DB Regio: 10554/682

WS001 12131 12072 10236 82301 WS002 12127 12145 10208 82305

99990 - 17025 (BQ)


4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge containers
02/11 66956. 03/11 66572 04/11 66505. 05/11 66568. 06/11 66530.
09/11 66592. 10/11 66577. 12/11 66503. 13/11 66505. 16/11 66590.
17/11 66577. 20/11 66571. 23/11 66516. 24/11 66603. 26/11 66571.
27/11 66567. 30/11 66567.
Note;- this service was confirmed as cancelled on: 11/11, 18/11, 25/11.

4V60 Calvert - Bristol Barrow road bin liner
03/11 66520. 13/11 66524. 17/11 66560. 18/11 66565. 20/11 66550.
01/12 66550. 08/12 66598. 18/12 66596. 24/12 66597.


6M18 05:00 Portbury - Ratcliffe P.S. 6M69 05:00 (Sat) Portbury - Ratcliffe P.S *.
02/11 66305. 07/11* 66303. 24/11 66726.

6Z99 19:00 Portbury - Ratcliffe P.S. (4V13 Chaddeston - Portbury coal empties)
09/11 66302. 16/11 66303.


6B13 Robeston - Westerleigh fuel oil
03/11 60054. 05/11 60011. 06/11 60011. 09/11 60085. 12/11 60085.
13/11 60085. 14/11 60074. 17-19/11 60085. 23/11 60085. 24-27/11 60085.
30/11 60085.

6E41 Westerleigh - Lindsey (6E77 Port Clarence, as required ) empty fuel tanks
02/11 60084. 03/11 60084. 05/11 60040. 06/11 60040. 07/11 60040.
09/11 60041. 11/11 60041. 16/11 60041. 17/11 60041. 19/11 60040.
21/11 60063.

6B49/6B50 Llanwern - Swindon steel (TFO)
03/11 66075. 06/11 66077. 13/11 66077. 17/11 66013. 20/11 66152.
27/11 66006.

6B33 Theale - Robeston empty fuel tanks
03/11 60085. 05/11 60085. 07/11 60085. 10/11 60074. 14/11 60054.
17/11 60074. 21/11 60084. 28/11 66172.

6B83/6C83 (6B80/6C80 SO) Westbury - Machen - Westbury stone (TThO).
02/11 66157. 04/11 59005. 06/11 59201. 09/11 59205 11/11* 59203.
13/11 59202. 16/11* 66207 inward empties/59205 on the return. 18/11 59104.
20/11* 59205. 23/11 59201. 25/11 59205. 30/11 59204.
Note *:- The return working was confirmed as running 6A83 12:40 Machen - West Drayton A.R.C. on these dates, and to Acton on 20/11.

6V62 Eastleigh - Plymouth Tavistock yard fuel tanks (TO)
03/11 66105. 10/11 66063. 17/11 66035. 24/11 66063.

6X52 Portbury - Tyne Yard/Mossend loaded and empty car carriers
03/11 66189. 05/11 66153. 10/11 66188. 25/11 66105.

6V78 Dolland's Moor - Margam export steel empties
03/11 66159. 05/11 66149. 10/11 66054. 12/11 66093. 14/11 66009.
17/11 66165. 24/11 66147. 28/11 66152.

6O78 Margam - Dolland's Moor export loaded steel
02/11 66159. 11/11 66093. 12/11 66159. 16/11 66161.

6B24 Didcot - Wentlooge MoD stores
02/11 66122. 16/11 17/11 66046. 19/11 66155. 23/11 66122.


Well here we are again - and at the start of yet another year. It has been somewhat of a quiet month for me what with the prolonged holiday period, the appalling weather and a bad cold all contributing the scenario. Suffice it to say that I haven't been about as much as I would normally have liked over the past few weeks so you will have to bear with me. One decent appearance locally was 70003 on the Doncaster-Mountsorrel a couple of times just after Christmas - both appearances missed by yours truly! It would have to turn up in the period I wasn't at work! Anyway, there's hope that it will reappear. A couple of visits to Nuneaton to report on in the past period were 14th December when it was a fairly busy night as usual. I was a little earlier at Nuneaton this particular date, arriving about 16.30. I was in Birmingham during the morning and noted 70001 in situ at Lawley Street, parked behind the EWS building - and only viewable from a train on the Birmingham-Coventry line. They certainly didn't want you to view it easily! On arrival at Nuneaton the first sighting was of 66842 inbound to Hams Hall with the container service from Felixstowe. Then 66606 passed with the following rake of yellow boxes: 31.70.5992.095/ 082/ 084/ 117/ 116/ 036/ 106/ 107/ 115/ 008/ 043/ 113/ 114/ 009/ 099/ 035/ 040/ 118/ 108/ 031/ 002/ 044. The northbound Enterprise that particular evening produced a plethora of engines at the head again, fronted by 92031 with 67005, 90020 and 90049 behind it in the train, which was made up entirely of automotive vehicles. The Stobart traffic was still in the charge of DRS power with 66418, 66428 and 66413 all being noted. Other services noted that night were all the usual Freightliner services with locos 66576, 66536, 66956, 66955, 66530, 66593 and 66567; and DB Schenker locos 66134, 92041 also working services through. A week later and another fairly busy evening - the usual 3-hour period this time for me. Fastline loco 66301 was first to be noted with a Leicester-bound coal service, then 66842 with the Felixstowe-Hams Hall - actually noting the wagons this time, namely: 33.87.4909.303/ 305/ 310/ 398/ 386/ 385/ 384/ 397/ 392/ 393/ 300/ 388, 33.68.4909.344. This service was running at least two hours late - there was some heavy snow that evening in the Home Counties. Another very late service was the Ipswich-Trafford Park, normally noted around 16.45 but noted passing Nuneaton in the charge of 90042 at 20.10! A southbound train of empty automotive flats passed in the charge of 92005, and the DRS services that night were hauled by 66427, 66428. The southbound service didn't materialize. Other freightliners that night were hauled by 66532, 66570, 66504 and 66541, and there was a second Fastline coal hauled by 66303. There appears to be an additional cement service to and from Theale from Earles Sidings at Hope. On the evening of 7th January two northbound services were noted in Leicester simultaneously - 66605 with the bogie Lafarge cement vehicles and 66554 with a rake of four-wheel PCAs. That service of four-wheelers was also noted a day earlier, northbound at 07.15, headed by 66606! It appears that this is the additional working - how long this will last isn't known. That evening, 7th January, 66732 was noted heading south through Leicester with unit 378.006, a week later, 14th January, saw 66729 heading south with 378.153. I don't know if any of you have passed through Leicester recently and seen the rake of Lafarge Redland four-wheelers on the old Leicester TMD site. Well the vehicles concerned are: 14758/ 759/ 762/ 764/ 782/ 801/ 802/ 8094/ 821/ 824/ 825/ 828/ 831/ 832/ 834/ 837 (courtesy of a friendly local railway employee!). Apparently, there are more bogie tanks deposited at Barnetby for storage, to join the long-term BOC vehicles there. Quite where these additional vehicles are is anyone's guess. Vehicles in question being: 78247/ 250/ 251/ 266/ 268/ 269/ 271/ 272/ 275/ 277, 82732, 84088, 86911/ 912/ 915/ 919/ 926/ 930/ 931/ 964. Hope there's something of interest here, I should be getting about more in the next month, weather permitting, so will have more to report. All the best for 2010.


Avon Valley Railway (01/11/09)
Dean Forest Railway based ex. GWR 5521 was the visiting guest loco for the 2009 'End of Season' gala. the loco still being present on 07/11 stabled inside the goods shed. A driver experience 'Pint and a Pie' special event for the latter date was cancelled due to low bookings.

Cotswold Wildlife Park, Burford (02/11/09) R.W.Giles
No.3 (0-4-0DH s/o AK 17/85) was stabled in the loco shed, whilst No.4 Bella (0-4-0DH s/o AK
68/2003) was parked on the running line in a tunnel (dressed in Halloween decorations !) nearby with coaches. Our correspondent reports since his last visit 4 years ago, the railway has now become a complete circuit (as opposed to out and back, with a loco run-round operation) with the Tortoise Terminus now closed !

Road Movements
12/11 Steam 5542 M5 Northbound junction 24, North Petherton (near Bridgwater).
30/11 During the afternoon, the Chepstow - Monmouth road (A466) was blocked for around 30 minutes near Tintern as choc/cream MkII 6135 became stuck whilst being manoeuvred from the main road into the former railway station picnic area site. The move was unsuccessful, eventually the coach was moved off to an unspecified location, prior to another attempt later. A second coach (6014) is also expected to take up residence here, replacing former GW stock and a Mk I brake, which have now gone into 'active' preservation.


Station News
A forest garden is to be created at Stapleton Road by a local community gardening group - the Eastside Roots. 12 volunteer University of West of England students have cleared some derelict land at the station prior to the planting of trees and bushes, aswell as building steps and a path within the site. The garden is based on the principles of permaculture, which recreates how plants can grow in the wild in a sustainable and self-sufficient way, without care or assistance from people.
A recent independent study at Bristol Temple Meads has recommended improvements to passenger flow, with changes needed in the automatic barrier and W.H.Smiths shop area, which get very crowded, and confusing to customers at peak travelling times. Other features were praised, including the use of space at the 170 year old, Brunel built station. The usability study, carried out by Bonny Colville-Hyde from CX partners, a user experience agency commented on how well the many changes to rail travel over the years have been incorporated well into the stations layout. Currently the ticket purchasing, looking at train time screens and passing through the ticket barriers are all arranged in a user friendly running order, but problems occur when passengers want to check train times first, then go 'back' to buy their tickets ! Also, a number of passengers were found to be using the automatic barriers the wrong way, also causing congestion, with annoyance and inconvenience to some customers during rush hour periods. It was felt the barriers could be better improved with new signage, but overall the building was coping well with the current rail passenger numbers. A lesser known event also took place during the month to mark it's 100th anniversary (on 15th November) of suffragette Theresa Garnett hitting Winston Churchill on a Temple Meads platform, as he stepped off a train to give a talk to the Anchor Society at the Colston Hall. Miss Garnett of York Place, Clifton (a member of the Woman's Social & Political Union) was arrested for assult and spent one month in Horfield prison for disturbing the peace. The attack incident was historically recreated in full period costume by members of the Bristol Radical History Group during early November, much to the surprise of travelling passengers!
At Keynsham, the Bristol platform ends on both the up and down sides have been refurbished with new lighting, fencing and re-surfacing. These had been taken out of use around 1970, just after the station had escaped closure. The extension will now mean scheduled HST services will now be able to call here from the new timetable change during mid-December.
Also at Nailsea & Backwell station, car parking places are to be increased from 112 to 320 with the purchasing of nearby land. One interesting observation here for the new forthcoming timetable change, is December is the calling of both First/GW 'hire' loco and stock train's in it's platforms at the same time ! The DBS operated Class 67s, working the 2U20 12:47 Paignton - Cardiff Central is booked to stop at 15:02, alongside the 2C79 14:00 Cardiff Central - Taunton service, which is to use GBRf train crew and 'hired' Class 57 locos.

Oyster Cards
It has been reported that the Government has pledged 2.2 million for the operation of a London style oyster card system covering all forms of transport in the Bristol area. The new ticket system, which is already sucessfully running in the London area could be in use within the next five years, and may be extended for use at Council run facilities such as librarys and swimming pools.

Torbay Express Limited - 2010
Steam loco 60163 Tornado has been listed as the main loco for use on this year's series of the Bristol - Kingswear Summer excursions planned for the following Sunday dates:- 30/05, 06/06, 13/06, 04/07, 11/07, 18/07, 25/07, 01/08, 08/08, 15/08, 22/08, 05/09, 19/09, 26/09.