Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

05/10 Seen this evening were 66518 leaving Stoke Gifford yard with MGR empties for Portbury at around 19:25, 66563 arriving with empty MGRs and shunting into the yard. The loco was detached and stabled "over the back". Final working of the evening the MoD liner hauled by 66078.
08/10 Freightliner activity identical to 5/10, locos involved were 66518 (again) taking the empties to Portbury and 66510 arriving with next set. The Newport ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise" service was seen worked by 66158 and the NR HST put in an appearance using power cars 43013/014.
12/10 Freightliner's this evening, 66953 from the yard to Portbury with empties, and 66510 with the empties to be stabled overnight. The Newport ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise" service seen again, worked by 66160 with 66046 following shortly afterwards with the MoD liner.
15/10 66510 worked the Portbury empties from the yard this evening with 66563 bringing in the replacements.
19/10 Usual Freightliner activity, 66507 taking out the empties to Portbury and an exceptionally clean 66585 bringing in the empties. MoD liner also seen powered by 66100.
26/10 The only usual workings seen tonight were 66152 (DB livery) working the Newport ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise" service and the MoD liner headed by 66154. There was only an outbound Freightliner empty MGR hauled by 66585 with destination Avonmouth. The surprise package was a West Coast Mk2 rake with DVT 82101, leaving at walking pace for south Wales top 'n' tailed by 67005/006. All passenger services that ran were late, by various degrees, also an empty? HST headed eastbound, plus the terminating DMU (158952) due circa 20:00 arrived and departed "not in service" lights out, crew training?

Bristol Temple Meads, Barton Hill and Kingsland Road

15/10 Cardiff bound at 17:30 were 67017 + 67016 in top 'n' tail mode on one of the loco and coaches diagrams.
28/10 Bridgwater - Sellafield flasks noted en route at 15:15, with a pair of unidentified 66/4s on the front.



66625 - Poland, 87004/013/014 - Bulgaria

BS: 08393/907. 37406. CG: 20306. DC: 08735. KM: 37682.
SE: 73209. TO: 08706/879/888. 60009. 66070. 67018. WA: 08653.
ZG: 20302/303/311. Toddington: 37248. Axiom, Stoke: 37410

08703 -TO (Ketton), 08886 -BS, 203O4/305 -KM, 60004/011/013/019/021,
60022/024/045/073/074/084. 66005/023/063/086/092/095/111/113/115,
66118/128/147/149/151/154/156/163/164/175 -TO, 66841/842 -Colas, 66843/844 -SV(GBRF), 67004/007 -CE.

21546/547 - De-registered

Booth: 08665

Diesel Multiple Units


ASM of Aylesbury: 51411

Electric Multiple Units

313102/108 -SL, 111/119 -PRDC (Willesden) 508301/302/303 -ZG

Raxstar: Cars 62207. 70897 (3536), 62289. 70969 (1304) @ZG
Sims (Beeston): Car 72703 (8304)

New Stock
377514/518/519 -BF. 378136/138/139 -NG (NG = New Cross Gate)

EKHQ London Overground Class 378. HUAD South Eastern Class 395

Coaching & NPCC Stock

1256 -DF

KM: 11028. LM: 82138

40111/112 -OO

Ammanford: 975137 (50397), Booth: 6356, HNRL: 96177 @ LNWR.
N/K: 977870 @SE, Platform YC, Swindon: 6721

42248 - 40111, 42336 - 40112


Welcome to a look at the freight scene for the past month. Starting with a little sad news concerning the passing of a close friend and railway enthusiast Les Hewitt. I don't know if anyone reading this would remember Les. He travelled around with the Leicester lads regularly - a big man with a beard, he was regularly seen at Doncaster, Bescot and, on several occasions at Newport, so I thought I would mention this news for any of you who does remember him. So on to the news. I'm sure that all of you know of the news regarding the taking over of the Stobart traffic by DB Schenker. In Washwood Heath yard at Birmingham many of the old 'Cube' wagons originally used on automotive traffic have been gathered along with several intermodal flats - all these have been in situ at Washwood Heath for several months and are, apparently, to be used on the said Stobart traffic when in commences with DBS in mid-November. The intermodal flats are for use on the new European service to Spain. It is the "leaf-busting" season once again and a couple of the services I have noted have been the one at Leicester, which utilises EWS "silver machine" 67029 and DVT 82146 with vehicles 642031 and 642039, and the one at Nuneaton which is in the charge of 66023 and 66143 with vehicles 642013, 642036 and 642050. The locomotives on both of these services are, as one would imagine, in a lovely all-over brown colour! On to my sightings now for the past month or so starting at my "local" Leicester. On 15th October saw track machines 77319, 77335 and 73806 parked Adjacent to the station on what was to be a busy day. During the day from my workplace I noted 66525 on yellow boxes, 66727 with a Gypsum working, 66575 on Freightliner boxes, 66720 on a Fastline coal, 66515 on yellow boxes, 66035 with the cement to/from Ketton then, in the evening 66622 with the following Lafarge bogie cement vehicles: 12406/442/441/446/402/430/410/417/400/403/419/401/447/409/418/412/427/432/404/408/428/433. This was closely followed by the "Octopus" working (same vehicles as listed last month) now in the charge of 66562 and 66957. Then 66515 with the Whitemoor-Bardon service consisting of: 29340/309/026/438/025/168/174/501/178/412/291/536/346/235/249/223, 503136, 31.70.5892.006/014/028. Incidentally on this date one of the local evening Leicester-Nottingham/Lincoln "Ivanhoe" services was worked by South-West Trains-liveried 158.883. On 2nd November twin track machine 79263/79273 was resident at Leicester, with 73106 and 73115 parked up on 5th November. That evening the test train passed through in the charge of 31233 and 31285. Moving on to Nuneaton and 12th October. A busy night as usual with all the regular working being noted, with 21 locos noted in the two-and-a-half hours I was present. Differing from the usual were 66030 on an engineers' service flying south, only vehicles noted being 979505, 93719, 93709 and 93715 (there were several others in the consist!). Also, the northbound Enterprise service has, in recent weeks, conveyed additional vehicles other than the long rake of "cartics". On this particular evening bogie steel carriers 31.80.4667.112/118/111/119. Moving to 19th October, again the usual busy evening, amongst the 17 freight workings noted, the same Enterprise working had the following vehicles on rear of the train: four-wheel tanks 70063, 57195, 70058, 58261, 70064 and bogie flat 33.80.4647.004. On 26th October a couple of hours longer at Nuneaton logged 26 freights (in a total of about four hours - 1630 to 2045). The GBRf service to and from Hams Hall is now utilising the single flats more and more. Noted on the service hauled by 66730 were the following: 640680/693/677/670/672/645/651/688/648/640. The Enterprise that evening contained vans 33.70.2797.143/173/104/121 as part of the consist, hauled by 92022. The service on 2nd November, in the charge of 92034, had vans 33.70.2797.180/165 and twin flat 610225/226 in the train. Coming up to date as I write this effort, on 9th November, Nuneaton was as busy with 22 locos being noted - four on one train. This service in question being the already-mentioned northbound Enterprise with 92021, 92012, 92005 and 90025 and its head! Unusual vehicles present on the train this evening were: five-vehicle covered car wagon 85.70.4971.004 (these once being a regular sight on the West Coast), four-wheel tanks 58261, 58257, 58249, twin-flats 610201/202/215/216 and van 33.80.2797.581. To round off this month's review, I travelled down to Luton Airport on 7th November and noted the following vehicles (amongst many) in the yard at Wellingborough: 503082/032/042/037/077/049/069/129/066/081/074, 640921/931/906/939/932/938/942/940/935/936/933/922/941. Hope this article gives you something of interest, more next time. Bye for now.


Leafbusting (RHTT)

The season started on 4/10/09 using 66159 + 66237 in top 'n' tail mode passing through Montpelier station between 23:30 - 23:45 every evening en route towards Avonmouth. Week commencing 19/10/09, nothing was heard between the times given above suggesting an alteration to the schedule. The following week activity was heard just after 22:30 on 3 evenings.