Fastline continued their driver route learning light-engine workings for the period 01/09-06/09 as follows;- 0Z56 (TWO) 06:30 Chaddeston (Derby) - Avonmouth (10.49), Worcester S.H. (09:09-09:11), Gloucester (09:52-10:02). 0Z57 (TWO) 11:35 Avonmouth - Derby, Chipping Sodbury (11.55), Hullavington (12:05-12:15), Oxford 13:25. 0Z56 (ThFO) 06:30 Derby - Avonmouth (11:57), Challow (10:21-10:30), Swindon (10:40-10:58), Bristol Parkway (11:37). 0Z57 (ThFO) 12:43 Avonmouth - Derby, Filton West (13:03-13:10), Gloucester New yard (13:50-14:07), Worcester S.H. (14:38-14:51), via Bromsgrove.
01/09 Fastline 'on hire' (Hanson owned) 56311 was reported as a failure at Worcester whilst running as 0Z56 Chaddeston-Avonmouth driver route learner. 60082 later arrived at Avonmouth, having been noted passing through Bath at 14.30 late on empty coal HAAs as 6F85 Westbury-Avonmouth (Bennetts) cement works empties.
02/09 Fastline 'hired' in DRS 66429 to cover the 0Z56/0Z57 driver route-learners (this being only the second Class 66/4 to visit this location), passing Hallen Marsh at 11.24 hauling a failed 56311, collected from Worcester en-route. The loco left the failed Class 56 near Holesmouth junction, visiting the coal loading area at Bennetts solo, collecting the 56 on return, then passing Hallen Marsh for Derby at 12.14. 60082 was on a late running return 6C64 Avonmouth-Westbury import stone service, passing through Bath at 19.04.
03/09 The 0Z56/0Z57 Fastline route learning trips were cancelled.
04/09 66132 was on the 6F85 Westbury-Avonmouth empty HAA coal wagons, being noted passing Filton Abbeywood at 13:24 for Parkway where the loco ran-round. A used ballast off-loading operation was believed underway on the direct Filton West-North curve route.
05/09 60012 was on the 6W89 08:35 Bescot-Filton West junction used ballast. 56311 was back in action with the 0Z56/0Z57 Fastline light-engine route learning runs to and from Avonmouth.
08/09 56311 worked 0Z56 06.30 Chaddeston-Temple Meads (10.47) and 0Z57 12:11 return light-engine. A signalling failure between Clifton Down and Shirehampton saw trains terminate and start at the former location. The problem had been fixed by the afternoon.
09/09 The newly introduced and thought to be only the second working, 6C01 09:41 Newport ADJ-Avonmouth 'trip' operated, but the hauling power was not recorded, 56311 arrived on the Fastline driver route-learner and 60056 appeared at 13.51 on the 6C63 Westbury-Avonmouth stone empties.
16/09 56311 was again on the Derby-Avonmouth driver route learner.
20/09 Fastline ran their first imported coal service from the port as inward 4G90 04:44 Chaddeston-Avonmouth (10:31) empties and 6M90 14:31 loaded return to Radcliffe power station, routed both ways via Banbury, Oxford and Swindon., although the return working will normally be via Charfield and Cheltenham once weekend engineering work on the Birmingham mainline has been completed. 66301 was the first loco, the train arriving around 25 minutes early and departed 70 late, the loading taking place at West Wharf.
22/09 60065 was on a 6W80 03:23 Crewe-Filton West stone working, running round, as usual in the bulk handling terminal.
23/09 60065 worked another stone working via Avonmouth as 6W83 08:30 Crewe Basford Hall-Filton West, being noted in the bulk handling terminal at 13:50. 66135 had earlier powered the 6W82(?) 03:23 Crewe-Filton train, which the Class 60 had hauled the previous day.
24/09 60065 was again on the early morning stone working to Filton via Avonmouth.
25/09 66023 arrived with a train of cargowagons around 07.00, unconfirmed as the new 6C01 'trip' from Newport running substantially early.
26/09 60065 was again on the morning stone from Bescot, with 60085 handling the afternoon train, passing Brentry at 13.13 and returning at 13.50.
27/09 The second new Fastline coal operation was in the hands of 66305 formed with 20 International registered IIAs, seven 'on hire' from GBRf, seven carrying Fastline brandings and six unbranded. The train details were;- 4G82 Derby Chaddeston-Avonmouth (07:30) and 6M90 11:30 Avonmouth-Radcliffe power station, which departed 173 minutes late.
28/09 Sunday engineering work between Avonmouth and Clifton Down saw bus substitutions for First/GW local passenger services during the day. Also, near Seabank (on the Hallen Marsh-Severn Beach section) a stream bridge was replaced using heavy duty road cranes (believed to have a lifting capacity of around 1000 tonnes!)
29/09 60084 was on the 6C01 09:41 Newport ADJ-Avonmouth 'trip'. With a loco not available, the Westbury cement works coal was cancelled. The train was due to operate on Monday and Friday only, this being altered to Tuesday and Friday for this week.
30/09 66204 worked the 6F91 18:14 Avonmouth-Westbury cement works coal. Despite the change of supply location from Parc Slip to Avonmouth, this service is expected to be lost to road transport during October.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 60082. 66009/060/078/091/092/096/097/101/120/132/185/204/301/305.
Locos recorded on Filton stone duty have included;- 60012/065/085. 66099/135//174/232.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

01/09 Advenza 57005 headed a 6Z31 10:00 Pengam-Ripple Lane covered steel service, believed linked to the new 2012 Olympic facilities being constructed in the area (also see the October 2008 Magazine cover). Four freights seen tonight's visit, these being 66126 with a scrap service for South Wales, 66146 working the "Cubes" and mgrs, loaded service for Didcot behind 66096 and 66078 empties for Avonmouth.
02/09 66102 was on the 6B24 Didcot-Wentlooge MoD stores, passing Pilning at 12.54.
04/09 Another four this evening, 66185 with a loaded mgr for Didcot, 66146 again with the "Cubes", 66025 ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise" service and 66048 the MoD Liner. Having arrived at Bridgwater at 07:15 (31 minutes early), 20313 + 20317 returned the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask working north through Parkway at 15:20. Fastline route learner light-engine 56311 passed at 13:15 returning from Avonmouth-Derby (Chaddeston).
05/09 A FLHH 6Z88 10:25 Crewe-Taunton Fairwater engineers wagon move was worked by 66558 via Pilning. A railtour cancellation was Pathfinder's 'Weymouth Paddler' from Shrewsbury-Weymouth (via the Severn Tunnel and Pilning) behind Deltic 55022, due to low booking and the non-availability of the paddle steamer Waverley currently out of service.
06/09 Arriva XC were noted running an hourly service via the Severn Tunnel to Newport (reverse) and onwards via the Chepstow mainline to and from the Midlands. Engineering work was being carried out on the Westerleigh-Standish junction mainline, this also taking place over the following few weekends. 60096 was over at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty.
07/09 66506 was noted stabled with a rake of empty FLHH coal wagons at Parkway.
08/09 Four seems to be the norm so it was this evening, 66132 working the scrap service for South Wales, 66157 ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise" service plus mgrs, Didcot bound working 66181 and for Avonmouth 66078.
09/09 A private company charter involving the VSOE was headed by 67001 as 1Z31 10.44 Reading-Cardiff and 1Z32 16.18 return both ways via Parkway.
10/09 20307 + 20315 passed Parkway at 13.35 with the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks. Earlier, a Northern Belle working was recorded at Pilning close to the booked 12.09 time top n'tailed by 67027 and 67022 running as 1Z79 07.42 Liverpool-Bath later returning as 1Z80 16.57 Bath-Liverpool.
11/09 Advenza 57006 headed south through Parkway at 11.28 light-engine for Temple Meads, followed later at 15.50 by 66952 also light, running to Kingsland Road.
12/09 Fastline driver route learner 56311 passed Yate at 09.30 for Avonmouth and test unit 950001 returned north as 2Z08 05.53 Penzance-Derby during the afternoon.
13/09 A Saturday morning observation session at Patchway recorded the following of interest. 221115 + 221127 - diverted Arriva XC 1M51 06:25 Plymouth-Manchester (08.34). 59005 + 59104 - Pathfinder Tour's 'Chester Explorer' 1Z59 07:00 Cranmore-Chester (09.14). 66501 - Additional 4V50 (or 4Z50?) Millbrook-Pengam containers (09.19). 66952 - 6Z29 Pengam-Theale loaded stone (09.24). 220018 - diverted Arriva XC 1V05 06:10 Derby-Plymouth (09.28). 221130 - diverted unidentified Arriva XC service-Temple Meads, calling at Patchway (09.39). 43301 + 43303 - diverted 9S53 06:40 Plymouth-Aberdeen Arriva XC (09.48). Notes;- The Arriva XC services were running to/from Parkway where a reverse move was taking place. The railtour coaching stock in use on the Pathfinder (and the Mendip quarry workers yearly outing) trip was as follows;- 6310, 3066, 3068, 1680, 3110, 3098, 5341, 5366, 80041, 9504.
14/09 66510 and 66528 were noted stabled on separate empty coal wagon trains at Parkway during the day, ready to work Rugeley coal services from Portbury the following day.
17/09 The First/GW 16.00 Cardiff Central-Taunton local service was held on the Welsh side of the Severn tunnel due to the power car windscreen of a South Wales bound HST service being broken from an object (thought to possibly have been ballast) being thrown from a wagon on the 6C41 Newport ADJ-Westbury departmental service. The tunnel was closed for a short period whilst a safety investigation took place.
18/09 56311 was reported to have worked the 0Z56 Fastline route learner to Parkway only. 60093 was over at Westerleigh on the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston.
20/09 Pathfinder's 'Torbay Whistler' (1Z40 06.29 Tame Parkway-Kingswear and 1Z41 17.30 return) was worked throughout by mainline preserved 40145 East Lancashire Railway (passing Filton at 10.35) out and back via the Severn Tunnel, the Marches and Hereford.
21/09 66524 and 66598 were stabled at Parkway over the week-end on separate FLHH empty coal wagon rakes.
23/09 The First/GW 07:25 Parkway-Westbury service was cancelled. 66583 later passed Parkway at 14.57 on 6B11 Thorney Mill-Pengam stone empties.
24/09 Advenza 47375 + Cotswold 47828 passed Parkway up light-engines at 14:23 having been stabled at St. Phillips Marsh as First/GW sleeper service standby locos. Later, 37606 + 37259 headed north at 15.20 on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.
25/09 Six locos seen this evening starting with 66185, loaded mgr for Didcot followed by 66101 with empties for Avonmouth, next up was 66153, ADJ - Wembley "Enterprise" followed by 66069 with the "Cubes" and 66144 working the MoD Liner. 66585 worked through light engine northbound before re-appearing in the downside loop and eventually taking its place at the head of a rake of mgr empties destined for Portbury.
26/09 31105 returned through Filton at 04:53 (120 minutes early) with a 4Z08 Barton Hill-Derby test working (via Swansea and Temple Meads). A 1Z22 08:08 Cardiff-Par Northern Belle dining trip passed Stapledon Road at 08:50 headed by 67017 with coaching stock;- 10729 Crewe, 10734 Balmoral, 17167, 3247 Chatsworth, 3275 Harlech, 1953, 3182 Warwick, 3267 Belvoir, 1566, 3273 Alnwick, 3174 Glamis. The train had stabled overnight at Margam, off a previous day's Cheltenham working, then running 5Z22 07.15 Margam-Cardiff ECS for the Par excursion.
29/09 As for 26/9, 66583 stabled in the sidings at the head of MGR empties, for Portbury, remained on-site and shut down for the duration of the visit. Moving were 66101 with a car train, 66037, scrap service, 66144 MoD Liner plus 66185 loaded MGR for Didcot and 66078 with empties for Avonmouth.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

Temple Meads station has received a Best Kept Major Station award, fending off strong challenges from Liverpool Street and Edinburgh Waverley. The range of facilities were reviewed the catering available being praised, along with the new indoor helpdesk on platform 3. Staff were reported as smart and helpful and the floral display in the approach road area was also recorded as attractive. The main booking hall is to refurbished during 2009, the work is to retain the station area's original historical character.
01/09 60085 ran 0C01 Newport-Bristol East depot light-engine to collect steel empties. A 6Z66 11:45 Crewe Basford Hall yard-Eastleigh empty stone was headed by Bardon-blue livered 66623 via Day's curve. 66085 seen at the head of a "Network Rail" service.
02/09 66065 was on a 6Z86 Uskmouth-Whatley train of stone empties (via Day's curve), whilst 66621 headed a further 6Z65 Taunton Fairwater-Taunton Fairwater (via Bath) wagon turning move.
03/09 66623 again worked the 6Z66 11:45 Crewe Basford Hall yard-Eastleigh stone empties, formed of EWS branded MCA wagons. The working passed Pilning at 16.10 and called at Bath Spa for a crew change between 17:02-17:04. First/GW 142064 headed north as 5Z42 10:05 Exeter-Crewe, believed en-route to Glasgow Works for overhaul.
Stapledon Road at 23:00, complete with two DBSO driving vans.
04/09 Two front-line Class 142 passenger workings during the day saw 142029 cover the First/GW 1A12 07:38 Paignton-Paddington service in place of an HST set (believed as far as Bath) and more unusually, 142063 was 'hired' by Arriva XC to work a 1Z67 12:23 Exeter-Bristol (in place of a failed Voyager set) in the path of the 1M67 09:30 Penzance-Manchester service.
06/09 Steam loco 34067 Tangmere ran 5Z27 14:20 Southall-Barton Hill with support coach ready for further 'Torbay Express' duties. 56311 passed Oldfield Park at 11:25 with the 0Z56 07:46 Chaddeston-Avonmouth (as far as Temple Meads only). The 0Z57 was at 14:01 again via Bath. 66070 was later seen at 13:40 with an unidentified down freight service formed of cargowagons and TTA fuel tankers.
07/09 Steam 34067 Tangmere was in charge of the day's Pastime Rail 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09:18 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z28 17:17 return).
08/09 GBRf 66715 was noted stabled at Temple Meads in the No.1 north-end bay at 18:30, whilst Colas 47727 called late morning on an 0Z47 09:30 Worcester S.H-Plymouth Tavistock yard light-engine move. Steam duo;- 6024 King Edward I and 34067 Tangmere were both stabled on Barton Hill depot. Two new and expected to be permanent Arriva XC HST diagrams commenced from this date as;- 9S53 06.40 Plymouth-Aberdeen (calling at Weston, Yatton and Temple Meads 08.57-09.00) and 9V57 09.00 Glasgow Central-Plymouth (Temple Meads 17.08-17.11), using two sets. It has been reported, Arriva XC will have five HST sets ready for mainline use on various diagrams by the end of this year.
09/09 66715 stabled on the bridge above Cattle Market Road, and seen again later heading back towards Temple Meads, light engine, at 15.55 near Lawrence Hill. GBRf 66715 ran 0Z47 09:03 Temple Meads-Bridgend (via Barry) and 0Z49 12.55 return via Cardiff light-engine (assumed to be a route-learning move). Test unit 950001 was in the Bath Road depot spur, in the evening having worked in earlier during the day as 2Z08 06:15 Derby RTC-Bristol. A previous day's, 2Z08 06:28 Derby-Temple Meads, via Sharpness (10.48:10.57), Westerleigh (13:43-13:54) and Tytherington (13:43-13:54) was cancelled. Also reported to have run during the day was Advenza 57005 as 0Z80 16:05 St. Phillips Marsh-Gloucester light-engine.
10/09 66715 was again on light-engine (route learner?) duties today working 0Z47 08:05 Temple Meads-Barry (via Gloucester) and 0Z49 12.15 Barry-Temple Meads, again via Gloucester. Test unit 950001 worked west as 2Z08 07.09 Temple Meads-Plymouth, via Westbury and Yatton down loop. A lineside fire at Dynham Lane, north of Trowbidge station in a scrap yard saw the closure of the line between there and Bradford-on-Avon from about 17.00, a bus service operating between Trowbridge and Bradford-on-Avon. It was thought that stored gas cylinders present were in danger of exploding.
11/09 Steam 70013 Oliver Cromwell made it's mainline preservation debut during the afternoon with Steam Dream's 'Cathederal Express' (1Z82 10.12 Waterloo-Temple Meads and 1Z83 17.37 return) using c/stock; 17019 (99792) loco support coach, 5216, 1840, 5200, 13440, 9392, 99371 Victoria, 5249, 1961, 5236, 5237. The stock was stabled at Bristol West, departing Temple Meads at 14.27 as ECS. The special was one of the early through workings between Westbury and Bath following the reopening of this line at 12.00 after the previous day's incident at Trowbridge. 66715 continued to wander light-engine this time running 0Z47 Temple Meads-Abergavenny and return to Bristol via Newport. This loco, along with 57006 were noted stabled at the north end of Temple Meads during the evening. Earlier, at Bristol East depot, 66023 brought in the 6C01 Newport ADJ steel at 13:30, the loco departing as 0C02 light-engine for Newport at 13:50. Fastline route learner 56311 again appeared as 0Z56 06:30 ex. Chaddeston (booked 10.47) departing at 11:35, having arrived inward via Cheltenham and Standish, returning via Badminton and Swindon.
12/09 66017 arrived at Bristol East as 0C01 light-engine from Newport to collect the previous day's steel empties. Advenza 57006 was still stabled in a north-end bay at Temple Meads.
13/09 56311 passed through Bath at 11:13 en-route to Temple Meads as 0Z56 Fastline route-learner to Temple Meads.
14/09 Steam 6024 King Edward I was back on Pastime Rail's 'Torbay Express'. However, the loco was declared a failure at Taunton with a wheel hot-box on the front bogie. 67001 piloted the train onwards to Kingswear, returning the 1Z28 17:17 Kingswear-Temple Meads solo. 66715 departed light-engine at 09:15, from Temple Meads heading north-destination unknown, but was back the following day. Over at Kingsland Road;- 66514/584/596/619/952 were found stabled during the day.
17/09 EWS silver livered 67029 brought in a 1V80 09:44 Victoria-Temple Meads VSOE working during the early afternoon, passing 66514 and 66952 stabled in Kingsland Road.
18/09 60002 was on the afternoon 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal service, running additionally to the workings from Avonmouth. Although the coal mine at Parc Slip has been reported as closed, enough coal has been stock piled to last to around the end of December.
20/09 The First/GW 14:25 Temple Meads-Weston-super-Mare local service, unusually departed from platform 1 (the Severn Beach bay), running to East gantry, before returning west via the up Temple Mead's through line. A Boy Scout charter special ran using a First/GW HST set with power cars 43015 + 43033 as 1Z30 09:04 Temple Meads-Totnes and 1Z31 17:43 return.
21/09 Following problems with Steam loco 6024 King Edward I the previous Sunday, 34067 Tangmere was back on Pastime Rail's 'Torbay Express' to and from Kingswear. An engineer train was recorded in the Temple Meads area during the morning and destined for Oxford Hinksey yard, top n'tailed by 66952 + 66514.
22/09 Problems with First/GW's Class 57/6 locos saw 47818 'hired' in for the overnight 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service, the loco returning on the 1A40 Penzance-Paddington during the following day's early hours. On the freight side;- 60002 was again on the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal via Day's curve, departing Parc Slip at 12.27, however not reaching it's destination failing in the Pilning area after 16:00, being later 'terminated' at Parkway at 16:45. One of the day's Arriva XC HST services was reported in the hand's of a Class 221 Voyager with HST coach refurbishment taking place at Doncaster. Also reported during the day were;- 31105 on a 4Z08 Derby-Temple Meads test working (passing Filton Abbeywood at 17:10) and an ex-works 150282 returning to Cardiff following attention at Barton Hill.
23/09 A fire and explosion in the new 360 million Southgate retail development close to Bath Spa station around 17:00, saw train's running non-stop through the station for around an hour, making an additional stop at Oldfield Park if not booked to already call there. Following the reopening of the station, no cars were allowed to leave the car park due to all the roads in the area still remaining closed.
24/09 The overnight First/GW sleeper services were reported as 'back to normal' with Class 57/6 hauling power;- 57605 on the 1A40 Penzance-Paddington with c/stock; 17175, 12100, 10232, 10601, 10594, 10532 (set PZ88), via Parkway and 57604 with the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance with c/stock;- 17174, 12161, 10225, 10534, 10584, 10590 (set PZ89), via Bath. Also noted during the day were;- Colas 47727 running 0Z47 10:00 Plymouth Tavistock yard-Barton Hill light-engine and 31105, which arrived at Barton Hill on a 4Z08 21:38 test working ex Exeter (Riverside).
25/09 The 6C83 11:45 Machen-Westbury loaded stone was headed by 60009, running via Filton (13.53), Day's curve and Bath (13:31). Cotswold 47828 was also recorded stabled back in Temple Meads. 31105 continued it's test workings as 4Z33 21:49 Barton Hill-Derby via Swansea, passing
26/09 SR 34067 Tangmere seen at Barton Hill at around 09:35.
More First/GW sleeper problems in Cornwall, HST power cars 43145 + 43042 being reported as have assisted the 1A40 Penzance-Paddington service as far as Plymouth! Cotswold 47828 was later to work the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper.
27/09 A Northern Belle dining special top n'tailed by 67015 + 67017 ran as 1Z22 07:13 Stockport-Bath Spa and 1Z23 17:27 return. The booked, associated ECS workings were;- 5Z22 Bath-Swindon (via Parkway 13:11) and 5Z23 Swindon-Bath return (Parkway 16:54). 47828 returned the 1A40 Penzance-Paddington sleeper. A return Pastime Rail 'Golden Hind' excursion featuring preserved D1015 Western Champion, booked via Bristol was cancelled for a second time having previously been dated for 06/09. The trip was to have travelled over the Falmouth branch, top n'tail with a Class 66, but pathing was not available over the line, Penzance being offered as an alternative location, but this was not acceptable by the railtour organisers.
28/09 Steam 34067 Tangmere worked the final Pastime Rail 'Torbay Express' of the 2008 season, (the ECS returning as 5Z68 12:07 Barton Hill-Old Oak Commom the following day behind an unidentified EWS loco), the loco being piloted by ex. GWR 5239 Goliath over the Torbay Railway line between Paignton and Kingswear. 66105 seen at Montpelier at 20:10 with a Network Rail ballast train.
29/09 An early morning snowplough test saw an unidentified loco (or locos?) run 2Z99 01:25 Barton Hill-Barton Hill via Westbury. Later 66614 worked a 6Z85 09:50 Taunton Fairwater-Taunton Fairwater wagon turning move outward via Bristol.
30/09 A further FLHH move saw 66616 haul a single high output ballast cleaning wagon 92286 as 6Z87 08.25 Taunton Fairwater-Crewe through Temple Meads at 09:30.

Cardiff Tidal

17/09 08782 was in attendance.


11/09 66596 worked the Moorswater cement, which from 04/09 now departs from Westbury at 07:13 and returns from Moorswater at 15:25, reaching Westbury at 20.50 during the same day.


06/09 Spitfire Tour's 'Dorset Dumpling' (1Z82 09.41 Waterloo-Weymouth and 1Z83 17.40 return) was top n'tailed by West Coast 33025 and blue livered 73136.

Units seen during the month

Stock Alterations


58015/027/047/050 -Spain
WFMS EWS Sandite 60007/029/035/051
MBEL Cl 92: 92010/028/038/043

08757. 60022/061/066/079
EH: 37077/377. 60061. KY: 56006. 58001. SP: 08662.
TO: 08757. 60022/066/079. WA: 37411.

37087/194/261 -KM, 60028/073/075 -TO, 66404 -KM, 92012 -CE, 97302 -ZA

86247/248/250/251/258/260. 87010/022/028.

Class 86s sold to Europhoenix
Class 87s sold to Bulgaria
For Sale: 37403/409/414

37170 - 97302, 43007 - 43207, 43077 - 43277, 43111 - 43311
43178 - 43378, 43184 - 43384, 56003 - 56312

New Stock
66303 -RR

Diesel Multiple Units

150229(EX)-CF, 267/280(CF)-EX, 282(EX)-CF

142095 -HT
180107 -ZN

Dept: 977.391/392 - Sold to North Staffs Railway

222021 (60181 + 60552 + 60641 + 60931 + 60261)

Electric Multiple Units

442403 -BI, 2409 -AF

Booth: cars 62097(310106), 76197(310111)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

IS: 5779. 5812/97.
ZG: 5943/49/57/77/80. 6009/12/29/31. 6136/75/79

9502 -SL

1202/16/55/59. 5916/66. 6018

Toll Rail (N Zealand): 1202/16/55/59. 5966. 6018
Carriages Hotel (Inich): 5916

11060 - 41193


4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge containers
02/09 66587. 10/09 66591. 12/09 66573. 18/09 66541. 23/09 66570. 24/09 66537. 26/09 66539.

4V60 Calvert - Bath/Bristol bin liner
01/09 66584. 02/09 66584. 04/09 66584. 09/09 66584. 12/09 66584. 15/09 66952. 16/09 66514. 17/09 66596. 24/09 66513. 26/09 66513.
29/09 66513.

6M04 10.25 Portbury - Rugeley P.S. loaded coal
01/09 66531. 03/09 66514. 04/09 66506. 05/09 66506. 08/09 66506. 10/09 66509. 11/09 66509. 15/09 66510. 23/09 66524. 24/09 66524.
25/09 66599. 26/09 66512.

6M61 08.25 Portbury - Rugeley P.S. loaded coal
02/09 66531. 04/09 66566. 09/09 66566. 12/09 66531. 15/09 66528. 16/09 66529. 17/09 66529. 19/09 66524. 22/09 66524. 23/09 66529.
26/09 66514.


6C01/6C02 Newport ADJ - East depot steel
03/09 66083. 10/09 66197. 11/09 66023. 15/09 66129. 18/09 66129. 22/09 66181. 23/09 66112. 24/09 66061. 25/09 66129.

6B49/6B50 Newport ADJ - Swindon steel
02/09 66094. 12/09 66060. 16/09 66176. 19/09 66005. 23/09 66037. 24/09 66029. 26/09 66206. 30/09 66119.

6B33 Theale - Robeston empty fuel tanks
02/09 60024. 04/09 60024. 09/09 60017. 11/09 60024. 13/09 60093. 20/09 60054. 23/09 60005. 25/09 60028. 27/09 60002
30/09 60028 + 60024.

4M20 Southampton Eastern dock - Castle Bromwich empty car carriers
01/09 66146. 02/09 66146. 04/09 66146. 11/09 66013. 16/09 66196. 17/09 66196. 24/09 66069. 26/09 66069.

6B83/6C83 (6B80/6C80 SO) Westbury-Machen-Westbury stone (TThSO)
02/09 66145. 04/09 66079. 06/09 66065. 11/09 60056. 13/09 66079. 16/09 66128. 18/09 66021. 20/09 66040* 23/09 60009. 27/09 66107.
30/09 59204.
*59101 covered the return working.

6V62 Eastleigh - Plymouth Tavistock yard fuel tanks (TO)
02/09 66092. 09/09 66128. 16/07 66185. 23/09 66160. 30/09 66184.


Class 37
The three remaining locos working for EWS were taken out of service by the end of the month. On 27/09, 37422 was at Eastleigh, whilst 37401 + 37417 were both at Didcot en-route to the same location.

Arriva XC HST hire reports
01/09 43301 + 43303 worked the 9S66 08:30 Penzance-Dundee service to the original diagram (see last Month's Magazine, pages 15 and 16), but from 08/09 this was changed to two sets workings;- 9S53 06:40 Plymouth-Aberdeen (or Edinburgh) via Newcastle and 9V57 09:00 Glasgow-Plymouth (also via Newcastle). The following HST power cars have been noted in use on the following dates;-
9S53;- 43301 + 43303 (13/09), 43321 + 43285 (14/09), 43321 + 43285 (17/09). 43301 + 43303 (18/09), 43285 + 43321 (19/09), 43303 + 43301 (20/09). 9V57;- 43285 + 43166 (11/09), 43301 + 43321 (29/09)
Note;- On 23/09, one of the ex-Midland mainline sets went into Doncaster works for refurbishment, set XC01 being released on 29/09 formed 41193, 45001, 42367, 42368, 42370, 42366, 44021. 42369 will be re-marshaled inside TGS 44021 and 45001 the latter being a catering vehicle with 10 standard class seats, a catering point for trolley service, and 16 First class seats converted from MkIII second class 12004.

Drivers Wanted
The Australian Railroad Group (ARG) has recently placed advertisements in the Bristol Evening Post to recruit qualified train drivers with 5 years experience to work in Western Australia. AGR have at least 30 vacancies for a 40 hour week, offering a salary of up to 52,000 a year. Rail freight traffic is growing throughout Western Australia, including an increase in the movement of iron ore. Coal and grain are also moved by rail in quantity. The company have already tried other parts of Australia along with South Africa for trained drivers. Bristol's EWS drivers at Barton Hill depot are reported to be currently earning between 35,000 to 41,000 per year.

Local Trespass
The Bristol area is reported to be the top 'hot spot' for rail trespass in Britain. In Bristol there were 201 cases from January 2007 with 77 further cases recorded at Weston-super-Mare. Nationally, incidents have cost the rail industry more than 2 million and over 56,000 minutes of delays to services, although there were no injuries in the Bristol area, there were 60 linked to trespass and vandalism nationwide.
To combat the problem, Network Rail is fitting around 4,000 metres of new high security fencing trackside throughout the South-WeSt. At a cost of around 350,000, 24 problem locations are being targeted in the region (including Bristol and Weston-super-Mare). NR spends 3.5 million each year clearing graffiti vandalism and around 265 million in total nationwide on other damage to railway property.


'Steam' Museum, Swindon Heritage Centre, Swindon Works
03/09 Standard 9, 92220 Evening Star returned to the museum by road from the NRM York for an expected two year display period.

West Somerset Railway
24/09 Former SR 'WC' class loco, 34046 Braunton was officially returned to service following a 1 million restoration project using around 20 tonnes of replacement parts! The loco arrived on the line in 1996 (in ex. Barry scrap yard condition) having been built in 1946.

Northern, Northern Ireland Visits (R.W.Giles)

16/09 Portrush station
NIR dmu set; 8451 (formed 8451, 8791, 8781). Note; 8481 carried the name Belfast Castle.

19/09 Derry City Council, Heritage & Museum Services, Foyle Valley Railway, Londonderry (3ft gauge).
steam; (No. 4) (Meenglass) (NW 828/07). 6 Columbkille (NW 830/07). diesel; No. 2 (MR11039/56). rail-car; 12 (WkB/Dundalk of 1934). c/stock; 14 (County Donegal 3rd class trailer coach of 1891). 30 (open coach). freight stock; DR19 (4-wheel van of 1887, listed as the oldest County Donegal Railway wagon in existance). 4-wheel hand-crane; (8). unidentified wooden coach body; in choc/cream livery on top of a flat wagon.
Notes;- (No. 4) was located outside the museum in a semi-restored red livery on an isolated track section. The Museum has only just re-opened for the July-Setember period, with further open days planned for Halloween and at Christmas. It is hoped to carry out a possible passenger operation over the currently 'out of use' (or part of) the 3.5 miles of laid track alongside the river during 2009. The track has suffered from vandalism in places. Also, a loco was reported as 'on long-term loan' at Fintown station in Donegal, by one of the staff present.

Londonderry station
NIR DMU set; 3505 (formed 3405, 3305, 3505).

21/09 Giant Causeway & Bushmills Railway (3ft gauge).
In use;- diesel; 2 Rory (Simplex 102T016/76) with 4-wheel wooden bodied c/stock;- (1?), 4, (2), 5, 3, 8 (disabled coach), 10 (guards van). Giant's Causeway; steam; No 3 Shane (AB 2265/49). Loco shed; steam; No 1 Tyrone (P 1026/04). Stock shed; Trolley (Wkm 7441/56). c/stock; 7. freight stock; 1 open wagon. 1 weedkilling tank wagon.
Notes; No 3 took over passenger duty from 2, after the first out and back working of the day.
Special permission was given to visit the loco and stock sheds, although No 1 could be viewed from the station platform inside the loco shed, out of service with a 'minor' problem.


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