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04/06 67007 worked the afternoon 6M33 'enterprise' freight service to Wembley.
05/06 A rare visitor (and thought to be a sub-class first?) was DRS 66420 with a 6W87 Crewe-Filton West loaded 'infill' stone service, the loco being 'on hire' to EWS! The train formed with the usual MRA side discharge tippler wagons was noted passing Hallen Marsh at 12.25 inward and at 12.56 on the return following a loco run-round in the bulk handling terminal.
08/06 The Sunday First/GW service saw 7 out of the 9 booked trains cancelled due to a unit problem and a lack of a replacement set! 143621 was allocated for the day, being first seen at Sea Mills at 12.30, already an hour down on what appeared to be the 11.23 Temple Meads-Avonmouth service. On arrival at Avonmouth the train returned 'empty' being noted passing Clifton Down at 13.04 at slow speed with red marker lights showing on both ends! The following 13.23 service was then booked to terminate and restart at Shirehampton to recover time, but had not appeared when our correspondent had left at 14.10! To add to the bad publicity, the Bristol Evening Post had run a free Sunday Service special travel offer for the line with special coupons! Because of the day's unexpected events, First/GW arranged for all the paper tickets to be valid on the following Sunday 15th.
09/06 Following passenger use on the Saturday First/GW Weymouth 'bucket & spade' relief (see Temple Meads, Barton Hill and Kingsland Road notes), 67019 + 67020 were paired on the 6M33 'Enterprise' freight to Wembley.
10/06 59201 arrived at 13.07 with the 6C63 import stone empties from Westbury. The ship 'Heli' was visible in West Wharf with stone being unloaded onto lorries for movement to Bennett's sidings and the rail head, having recently arrived from Belfast. The loaded working was later seen passing Bristol East at 18.20 for Westbury.
17/06 Around this date, coal loading was suspended as maintenance work was seen underway on the loading silos with a large Sparrow's road crane being present on site.
24/06 60029 was on the 6C64 Avonmouth-Westbury loaded import stone service, passing Dr.Day's junction around 18.00.
26/06 66162 passed Hallen Marsh at 12.16, and was noted returning at Brentry at 13.06 with 6W83 Newport ADJ-Filton West 'infill stone'. The train was formed of Network Rail, blue/grey and a yellow MRA wagon set.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66082/109/175.

Locos recorded on Filton stone duty during the month have included;- 60077. 66083/112/162/206/420.
08405 continues as the area shunting pilot.
As reported in last month's Magazine, a new EWS coal-flow is soon to commence;- 6F85 12.21 (TThO) Westbury-Avonmouth West Wharf and 6F91 18.14 (TThO) Avonmouth West Wharf-Westbury Cement Works.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

03/06 20302 + 20307 passed at 14.12 with the 6M67 Bridgwater - Crewe nuclear flasks.
04/06 66083 was seen at Parkway at 11.50 with a 6W85 07.46 Crewe Basford Hall-Filton West loaded stone (via Avonmouth) and 60003 was recorded on the 6B35 Hayes - Moreton-in-Lugg stone empties.
05/06 DRS 66420 (on 'hire' to EWS) passed Filton Abbeywood at 17.09 on the return 6W89 16.45 Filton West-Crewe Basford Hall (from Temple Meads, the booked time here being 16.56-17.33) stone empties. Arriva Train's, MML 'hire' HSTs were recorded as; 43166 + 43178 on 9S66 08.30 Penzance-Dundee at 12.43, and later 43184 + 43007 with the 9V65 12.05 Edinburgh-Plymouth at 16.34. Over at Westerleigh during the morning was 60071 on the 6E41 Lindsey fuel tank empties.
06/06 66206 was reported passing Yate at 11.29 on a further 6W89 Crewe-Filton West loaded stone train.
07/06 60071 was again the 6E41 Lindsey tank loco, whilst 59201 was noted at Parkway around 09.00 awaiting a 'pilotman' to take the diverted 6B80 Westbury-Machen stone empties forward via Gloucester. due to ongoing weekend maintenance closures of the Severn Tunnel.
09/06 66106 worked the 6B24 Didcot-Wentlooge MoD stores.
10/06 DRS returned the Keighley & Worth Valley preserved diesel loco move as 0Z73 04.22 Crewe-Gresty Lane-Bishop's Lydeard (WSR) for use on the line's 'Mixed Traffic Weekend' between 13-15/06. The train was recorded passing Washwood Heath at 07.00, Charfield 08.51, Filton Abbeywood 09.15 and Yatton 10.23 formed 20313 + 20310 + D6737 + 20110 + D7612. The two DRS Class 20s ran light-engine to Bridgwater to stable overnight following the delivery of the normally South Devon Railway based locos to the West Somerset Railway. An 'extra' 6Z69 09.49 Harlow Mill-Pengam train of stone empties (booked Pilning 14.01) was headed by 66554 which then ran light-engine to Kingsland Road.
11/06 66133 was on the 6B35 Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties formed of the new white liveried EWS (HOA) wagons and some of the old red RMC hoppers.
12/06 What is assumed to be the first 'clear-out' move of the month, associated with the transfer by Freightliner's loco stabling point from Kingsland Road to Stoke Gifford Down sidings took place with 66015 hauling the former Rover cube (KSA) now EWS owned wagons away as 6Z66 14.45 Stoke Gifford-Newport ADJ for unspecified use. This area, formerly reserved for the ill-fated Bristol light-rail scheme was latterly used as a wagon repair area until the late 90s, this eventually being transferred to Avonmouth. Wagon storage has followed along with the stabling of Colas/Seco track machines and locomotives.
13/06 Friday 13th proved to be unlucky for 60049 working the 6V98 Lindsey-Westerleigh oils which suffered two failures en-route arriving substantially late, the 6B13 (ex. Robeston) fuel tanks already being present with 60026! 66091 was reported to have arrived light from Newport to work a very late return 6E41 later in the day. Also recorded at Parkway at 17.52 was 66952 with stone empties for Pengam.
14/06 37401 + 37417 called at Parkway with Pathfinder's 1Z66 Cardiff-Eskdale 'Lake District Explorer' returning the 1Z67 late in the day. This trip was originally planned for Class 31 haulage. The 6B80/6C80 Machen stone was diverted via Gloucester and returned to Westbury with 60056.
15/06 37401 + 37417 returned the previous day's railtour stock as 5Z67 15.20 Cardiff Canton-Old Oak Common (via Gloucester, Standish junction booked 16.40 and Stroud to Swindon and the GW mainline). At Westerleigh, a failed 60049 with an oil cover side was seen from the M4 pushed to the back of the sidings near the motorway.
16/06 A Colas Class 47 passed Parkway in the up direction at 11.20 with a ballast cleaner believed en-route from Barry-Reading. Over at Westerleigh, the failed 60049 was collected and hauled through Yate at 17.25 behind 60026 and a late running 6B47 empty tanks to Robeston, being detached at Margam for attention.
17/06 A further 'clear-out' move at Parkway saw 66121 head a 6Z66 13.45 Stoke Gifford-Cardiff Tidal sidings disposal move formed of long term stored former RES vans; 94209, 94411, 94481, 94458, 94103, 94400, 94331, 94307, 94318.
19/06 60007 was at Westerleigh during the morning with the 6E41 Lindsey tanks. A late running 6B33 Theale-Robeston oil empties later passed through Parkway at 18.12 behind 60012. A second DB Schenker Rail livered Class 60, 60040 named Territorial Army Centenary and in red (different to the other painted loco 60074 in light blue) worked 6C41 15.14 Newport ADJ-Westbury departmental passing Pilning at 15.45 in readiness for display at the week-end Merehead Open Days.
20/06 Further exhibits for the Merehead show were seen at Parkway just after 09.00 running as 0Z50 06.35 Kidderminster-Merehead Quarry formed 50049 + 37901 + 37906 (the Class 37s were looking very smart carrying the 'old' Railfreight grey/yellow livery).
21/06 60007 was again on the 6E41 Westerleigh-Lindsey fuel tank empties.
23/06 Afternoon observations at Pilning saw; 66020 arrive in the down loop at 13.08 (and departed at 14.35) on the 6B35 Hayes - Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties and 60021 with a late running 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury Cement works loaded coal at 15.16. Bardon-blue liveried 66623 was also noted passing Parkway at 16.25 en route to Merehead Quarry for the weekend open days.
23/06 60077 worked a 6W83 Newport ADj-Filton West loaded stone, noted at Temple Meads at 16.40 and later at Pilning at 17.55 with the return empties.
24/06 60077 was again on the 6W83 loaded stone from Newport-Filton West passing Magor at 11.12 and through Pilning up loop at 11.47 for a loco run-round at Avonmouth. Later, also at Pilning, the late running (and as usual much anticipated!) 0Z27 08.55 Newport docks-Crewe Gresty Lane 'brand new' Fastline loco move appeared with DRS 66414 hauling 66305 + 66304 + 66301 at 13.14. Other 'convoy' times were away from the docks at 11.42 and passed East Usk at 12.44. Split liveried 66522 was later also noted passing at 14.10 with a 6V60 Thorney Mill-Pengam empty stone train.
25/06 60077 was again on the 6W83 Newport ADJ-Filton West stone, the empties using Pilning down loop at 11.40, with 66112 passing at 11.45 on a further 'extra' stone working for the same destination at 11.45.
27/06 The 6C41 return Newport ADJ-Westbury departmental with 66069 was reported as routed via Stoke Gifford sidings, with a loco run-round, to turn a rail loading machine in it's consist.
28/06 66058 worked the diverted Saturday's only Machen stone via Gloucester.
30/06 DRS 57012 passed Filton Abbeywood at 08.02 as 0Z73 04.20 Crewe-Plymouth light-engine via Bishop's Lydeard (to collect the preserved diesels returning to the South Devon Railway).

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/06 08822 made a rare foray onto the mainline during the early afternoon at St. Annes to collect a failed track machine involved with over-running Sunday engineering work on the up line.
Arriva XC, MML liveried HST 'hire' services were noted with the following power cars; 43104 + 43166 (9V57 08.50 Edinburgh-Penzance) and 43184 + 43026 (9S66 10.25 Plymouth-Glasgow Central).
02/06 Some observations at Yatton included;- steam 6233 Duchess of Sutherland as 5Z33 09.?? Bishop's Lydeard-Crewe at 11.00, tender first with support coach 99041 (the loco later being turned via Day's curve on arrival in Bristol for the journey north via the Severn Tunnel and the Marches), 66603 into the down loop at 11.57 with the high output ballast cleaner and DRS 37423 running 0Z50 08.46 Crewe-Plymouth (booked Temple Meads 12.56-12.58) light-engine (also into Yatton loop at 13.30) to collect preserved diesels from the South Devon Railway for the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway during the next day. The MML HST set, with power cars 43166 + 43104 returned north as 08.30 Penzance-Dundee during the early afternoon, whilst DRS 37611 + 37612 later top n'tailed a 4Q08 14.40 Derby-Exeter test working down during the evening.
03/06 37423 worked north passing near Yatton at 13.58 (later recorded in Parkway loop at 14.40, running 43 minutes early) hauling D7612 (BR green) + 31108 (Railfreight grey/yellow) + 20110 (BR blue) + D6737 (BR green with no yellow ends) as 0Z51 12.03 Totnes-Crewe. The hauling Class 37 had earlier run 10.00 Plymouth-Totnes prior to the 0Z51 move. Also recorded, was 150213, carrying Arriva/Wales brandings on Bristol-Taunton line local services and DRS 66417 which worked 0Z57 light-engine west to collect a track machine. At Temple Meads, Advenza 47237 moved from the platform 5 bay to the Bath Road depot stub during the day light-engine.
04/06 66417 returned as 6Z37 with stoneblower 80202, believed destined for Crewe, whilst 60082 was a stranger on the evening 6B99 St. Blazey-Newport ADJ freight.
05/06 The 6Z60 Neasden-Newton Abbot sand empties behind 66531 were reported as routed via the Weston-super-Mare loop at 15.03. Also recorded during the day were; a MML HST 'hire' set on Arriva XC's 9V65 09.00 Glasgow Central-Plymouth with power cars 43178 + 43166 (Filton Abbeywood 16.39) and a test train formed with DRS 37612 + 37611 top n'tailing coaches 6264 + 999602.
07/06 The day's Saturday HST workings saw the following power cars in use on the following services;- 1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle- 43007 + 43184. 1V49 07.24 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay- 43178 + 43166. The 1C02 07.35 Bristol TM-Paignton/1E46 10.32 Paignton-Newcastle was covered by Voyager set 221127. 67019 + 67020 top n'tailed the 2072 09.09 Temple Meads-Weymouth/2V67 16.58 return 'bucket & spade' First/ GW five coach relief service (note headcode corrections and train details to those published in last month's Magazine).
08/06 43184 + 43007 returned west on 9V57 08.50 Edinburgh-Penzance Arriva XC service and Advenza 57006 passed Yatton up light-engine from Taunton (platform 1) to Temple Meads.
10/06 Brief evening observation at Dr.Day's junction saw 66173 pass at 19.16 with the 4M20 16.50 Southampton Eastern dock-Castle Bromwich empty car carriers (formed with the usual 7 wagon WIA set) followed by 31459 (briefly held at signals) on the rear of a 4Z08 18.57 Barton Hill-Derby (via Temple Meads) test train formed; 6262, 999602, DBSO 9703 at 19.20. Over at Barton Hill, steam 71000 Duke of Gloucester was present with support coach 17041 and 'spare' Weymouth stock was recorded as; 6054, 6158, 9504.
11/06 66068 was on the 6C89 Cardiff Tidal-St. Blazey scrap empties.
12/06 66025 ran 0C01 light, Newport-Bristol East light-engine to work the 6C02 return steel empties.
13/06 43184 + 43007 worked the 9S66 08.30 Penzance-Dundee Arriva XC service.
14/06 Reported Saturday HST workings were; 1E47- 43178 + 43166 and 1V49 - 43007 + 43184. 67026 and 67021 were used on the 2O72/2V67 Weymouth 'relief' service. A railtour cancellation was a 'Dartmouth Explorer' trip planned for steam 6024 King Edward I haulage, the loco however still being out of traffic.
15/06 66582 and 66584 were stabled at Kingsland Road.
16/06 A DRS 0Z73 Crewe-Plymouth (via the West Somerset Railway) light-engine move, to return preserved touring diesel locos home to the South Devon Railway was cancelled.
17/06 DRS 66420 + 66430 worked 6Z73 04.33 Crewe-Keyham conveying flask escort coaches 9419 + 9428. A change to West Country depot fuel movements took place during the month, the MO out and back Fawley-St. Phillips Marsh trip being replaced by a 6V62 (still retaining the same headcode) TO 08.10 Fawley-Tavistock yard (also conveying fuel tanks for Ipswich as far as Eastleigh yard and replacing another local 6B41 trip). The train is timed; 14.36-15.13 at St. Phillips Marsh and is booked into Yatton loop between 15.44-1558. 66024 handled the first working, which enters St. Phillips Marsh from West junction following a run-round, departing via North Somerset junction having dropped off the loaded tanks and collecting the empties and thus passing through Temple Meads twice!! This service had previously worked west from Temple Meads (via Bridgwater) from the early 90s (around the demise of Speed-Link?) until the mid-90s and the closure of Bath Road depot. The loss of the Plymouth bitumen tank traffic (see last months Magazine) is also thought to have played a part in the revised working.
18/06 A 5Z77 11.40 Old Oak Common-Laira power car (and barrier coach) move and return 5Z80 Laira-St. Phillips Marsh was headed by 47375. A return DRS 6X25 18.20 Keyham-Sellafield submarine reactor flask move was headed by 66420 + 66430 during the evening.
19/06 The 6Z60 10.51 (ThO) Neasden-Newton Abbot Hackney yard sand empties was retimed from this date to depart at 14.00 and reach the Bristol area around 19.00. 66601 was recorded working the service on this date passing Brent Knoll (near Highbridge) at 19.14. Also recorded earlier at 18.49 was 66016 with the 6B99 St. Blazey-Cardiff Tidal loaded scrap service.
20/06 Bardon-blue liveried 66623 was noted stabled at Kingsland Road sidings.
21/06 Railtours during the day were; Spitfire Tour's 'Paignton Puddin' (1Z37 06.44 Crewe-Paignton and 1Z38 16.50 return) with DRS locos 37423 + 37606 and West Coast c/stock; 4984, 4940, 4905, 4973, 5035, 99328, 99318, 5032, 99993, 3148, 3143, 99680, (the return being noted passing Yatton at 18.28), the outward having been reported as having a 20 minute stop (photo?) at Bridgwater and the Railway Touring Company 'Royal Duchy' 1Z66 06.00 Birmingham International-Penzance (1Z67 return) with steam 71000 Duke of Gloucester (in place of 6024 King Edward I) from Temple Meads which was brought in by 67020. The Class 67 was then booked to run 5Z66 08.52 loco and support coach 17041 to Penzance. The train which was noted passing Nailsea & Backwell at 09.27, was however in trouble and failed at Newton Abbot, 67020 taking over the working which was terminated two hours late at Truro, to regain a near enough correct return time. The 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay MML 'hire' Arriva XC service was in the hands of power cars 43166 + 43178, whilst Royal 67005 and 67021 top n'tailed the 2O72/2V67 Weymouth First/GW relief service. During the afternoon, Kingsland Road held; 66511/558/582/596.
22/06 Following turning on the Torbay Steam Railway at Churston, steam 71000 Duke of Gloucester returned with support coach 17041 as 5Z66 Paignton-Barton Hill during the afternoon for a full examination. The day's Arriva XC 'hire' HST power cars in use were; 43166 + 43178 on the 9S66 10.25 Plymouth-Glasgow and 43184 + 43007 with the 9V57 08.50 Edinburgh-Plymouth services.
24/06 66013 ran 0C01 light to collect empty steel wagons at Bristol East during the morning, whilst 66069 was incharge of the second now Tuesday's Only 6V62 08.05 Fawley-Tavistock junction fuel tanks being noted in Yatton loop from 15.47-15.58 conveying 27 4-wheel TTA tankers (10 for Laira, 5 for Penzance, 1 for St.Blazey and 11 empties from St. Phillips Marsh).
25/06 A second loco hauled coaching stock set arrived as 5Z49 Old Oak Common-Temple Meads (via Parkway) with 67026 + 67022 during the morning for use, along with the Saturday Weymouth coaches on Glastonbury Pop Festival shuttles. The coaches were recorded as;- 9527, 6027, 5910, 6138, 6104, 6107, 5945. 31233 was also reported as still in the area on a 4Z08 test working, running as 14.18 Gloucester-Barton Hill (via Stroud, Swindon and Bath) having arrived from Derby the previous day. The train's formation included a DBSO driving coach. Another Class 31 seen was the BR green liveried 31190 returning as 0Z08 09.00 Newton Abbot (Hackney Yard)-Derby (via Paignton) Serco driver route learner.
26/06 An ex. works in the new First/GW 'neon' line livery 150232 was observed in use on Taunton-Cardiff local services, whilst 66601 was again reported on the retimed 6Z60 14.00 (ThO) Neasden-Newton Abbot sand empties. Earlier, 60077 was waiting on the up through line at 10.30 with Filton West-Newport ADJ stone empties formed of the usual NR side discharge wagons, this being the first of two workings for this location during the day.
27/06 Glastonbury festival 'shuttles' between Swindon-Westbury-Taunton were underway with 67026 + 67022 top n'tailing the coaches as listed on 25/06 and 67020 + 67021 with coaches 6158, 6054, 5984, 5937, 6051, 6141, 9520 (the Weymouth set). The former also had time to work an 'extra' First/GW service, a 1Z95 17.55 Taunton-Temple Meads via Bridgwater. One 'hire' HST report was 43166 + 43178 on the 9S66 08.30 Penzance-Dundee Arriva XC service.
28/06 67020 and 67021 top n'tailed the First/GW 2O72/2V67 Weymouth 'relief'. 43007 + 43184 working the Arriva XC 'hire' 1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle service was terminated at Temple Meads and sent back in the path of the 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay, the reason was assumed to be due to late running from the north. During the morning steam 71000 Duke of Gloucester was observed on Barton Hill depot in steam and taking on coal. Preserved Deltic, 55022 Royal Scots Grey, now in BR blue became the first class member to visit Temple Meads for several years on Pathfinder Tour's ' The Cornish Explorer' (1Z55 05.20 Birmingham International-Penzance and 1Z56 return) with c/stock; 5350, 4986, 5008, 4998, 1813, 3121, 3110, 3107, 3140, 1692, 3112, 3122, 21245. The return was recorded at speed and close to time at Nailsea & Backwell at 20.25. Freightliner locos reported were split liveried 66522 on the 6Z28/6Z29 Wentlooge-Theale loaded and return empty stone, whilst 66596 and 66603 were stabled on Kingsland Road.
30/06 66522 was stabled at Kingsland Road.


07/06 With weekend engineering work still taking place in the Severn Tunnel area, diversions are still in operation including 60077 with the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers on this date. Also recorded via the Stroud Valley (passing Kemble at 10.36) were 66081 and 66182 top n'tailing a 1Z58 08.20 Euston-Long Marston (for the open day) with coaching stock; 5276, 5366, 4902, 1863, 5040, 4927, 5009, 3107, 3140, 80041, 3112, 3122, 21272. The return trip was via Oxford, a second working for day two was however cancelled.
10/06 Advenza 57006 powered a 6Z95 14.00 Stockton-Cardiff Tidal scrap metal move.
15/06 175102 was used on platform clearance trials as 5Z75 Birmingham-Cardiff and 5Z76 return during the morning and early afternoon, prior to a Class introduction by Arriva XC on services into South Wales later in the month.
16/06 A 2Z08 09.45 Derby-Landore test working was top n'tailed by 31190 (BR green livery) + 31454 (Inter-city colours).
19/06 Cotswold liveried 47828 worked 6Z46 14.18 Handsworth sidings (Birmingham)-Cardiff Tidal loaded scrap passing Ashchurch at 17.44.
20/06 DRS 66414 ran 0Z26 12.25 Crewe CLS-Newport docks (via Bristol Parkway) to collect newly delivered Fastline Class 66/3 locos.
27/06 60085 was reported as a failure on the 6A32 Ashchurch-Didcot MoD service, a Class 66 assisted the train forward, although the actual train's location was not specified.
30/06 Celebrity, light-blue liveried 60074 was on the 6V92 Corby-Margam steel service.


28/06 The following were viewed passing the Society AGM held in the Engineer's Arms;- 60021. 66136/227/522. 150221/232/237/246/258/265/269. 158763/819/823/830/839/950/954. 170104/107/109/110/114. 175007/104/107/109. 43021/025/029/030/032/130/131/151/171/197.

Portbury Branch Line

08/06 A 6Z02 19.10 Portbury-Doncaster Sunday 'trial' automotive service operated behind 66051 conveying a full train of Peugot-Boxer and Citroen-Relay vans on flat wagons, this being additional to the week day service to Washwood Heath. The working departed at 17.13 around two hours early being noted at Ashton Gate from 17.59-18.02. An 0Z02 17.48 Barton Hill-Portbury light-engine move was not needed, as the loco 66051 remained at the dock having brought the empties in during Saturday morning (seen at 05.20) at the usual week-day time.
25/06 A points failure at Parsons Street severely delayed coal services from the port with the 6M55 06.56 departure headed by 66519 not passing Temple Meads until 14.35! 66582 was reported as present in Pilning up loop for around 3 hours with the 4V04 Rugeley-Portbury coal empties, due to form the 6Z72 10.30 departure. The train was eventually on the move at 11.35 following a crew change, the new driver arriving in a Mercedes Benz (company?) car!!
29/06 66619 was noted stabled in the dock area over the weekend. A FLHH coal wagon set was also present.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66156/187. 66519/522/582/595/619.
Split livered 66522 worked the 4V04 Rugeley-Portbury coal empties and return 6M04 10.30 to Rugeley from 17/06-20/06 inclusive.

Locos recorded on Washwood Heath car duty during the month have included; 66013/122/137/188.


21/06 59001 + 66200 were in use top n'tailing Westbury-Cranmore 'shuttles' associated with the nearby Merehead Quarry Open week-end using coaching stock; W5350, 4902, 5040, W1842, S5023, S4986, 5008, 4949, 21245. A second shuttle set was not in use due to the cancellation of a railtour from the Midlands (to feature Riviera Class 47 haulage) because of low bookings.
22/06 A loco change had taken place, with 59101 taking over from 59001 on the open day shuttle workings today running as; Westbury with departures; 09.05 (1Z10), 11.18 (1Z12), 13.20 (1Z14), 15.28 (1Z16), 17.50 (1Z18) and Cranmore departures; 10.16 (1Z20), 12.17 (1Z22), 14.25 (1Z24), 16.45 (1Z26), 18.55 (1Z28).

The following were on show at the event;- 08643. 59001/002/004/005/103/104/202/203. 60040. 66623/731. 73209. Withdrawn locos; 08731/826. Ex.BR steam; 1363. 30587. 4936 Kinlet Hall. 92203 Black Prince. Preserved Ex.BR diesel; 37901/906. 50049. Industrial steam; 1719 Lady Nan (AB 1719/20). Foreign steam; 5178 (Lima 8856/45). Ex.BR diesel; 08032. Industrial diesel; Western Yeoman II No.44 (GM 798033-1/80). Narrow gauge; 6 Mr.G (NDLW 698/98). Preserved C/stock; W5157. W5177. W35470.
Westbury yards/stn area;- 08495. 59205. 60085. 66058/102/161. dmu set; 143611.
Notes; 92203, 5197 and 4936 were taking turns hauling loaded stone wagons (estimated between 15-20,000 tonnes) on the departure road. The first two locos double-heading on occasions. The GM switcher No.44 was on the rear. 4936 was also giving rides up and down the yard using the three Tyseley mainline passed coaches on site. On the arrival tracks, 813 was giving brake van rides, 30587 was operating a clay-hood and brake van train and 1719 (from the ESR) was running 'driver for a fiver' experience light engine moves. The Gartell Light Railway (Templecombe) based narrow gauge loco was also giving rides on a short track section in the centre of the display site. An incident whilst clearing up operations were underway well into the evening was the de-railment of the GM switcher loco! Nobody was injured, a track section had apparently spread beneath the loco. Of the mainline locos on display, 59005 was inside the main shed with side and roof panelling removed displaying the engine.

Units noted this period included


4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge containers
02/06 66593. 04/06 66564. 09/06 66577. 10/06 66532. 13/06 66533.
17/06 66567. 18/06 66573. 19/06 66593. 20/06 66516. 25/06 66502.
27/06 66579. 30/06 66570.

4V60 Calvert - Bath/Bristol binliner
05/06 66582. 12/06 66506. 13/06 66582. 26/06 66596. 27/06 66596.
30/06 66596.

6M55 07.00 Portbury - Rugeley P.S. loaded coal
25/06 66519. 27/06 66595. 29/06 66619.

6M04 10.30 Portbury - Rugeley P.S. loaded coal
05/06 66519. 06/06 66519. 17/06 66522. 18/06 66522. 19/06 66522.
20/06 66522. 24/06 66582. 25/06 66582.


6C01/6C02 Newport ADJ - East depot steel
03/06 66099. 05/06 66008. 09/06 66043. 10/06 66039. 13/06 66230.
23/06 66093. 25/06 66001. 26/06 66137. 30/06 66137.

6B49/6B50 Newport ADJ - Swindon steel
06/06 60082. 19/06 66068. 24/06 66186. 27/06 60077.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh fuel tanks
06/06 60021. 07/06 60021. 09/06 60026. 13/06 60026. 19/06 60026.
23/06 60074. 24/06 60021. 30/06 60005.

6B33 Theale - Robeston empty fuel tanks
03/06 60047. 07/06 60077. 19/06 60091. 12/06 60077. 19/06 60012.
24/06 60012.

6B83/6C83 (6B80/6C80 SO) Westbury-Machen-Westbury stone (TThSO)
03/06 66021. 05/06 66183. 10/06 59202. 14/06 60056. 17/06 59205.
19/01 59202. 21/06 66058. 26/06 59202.

6C79/6B63 Parc Slip - Westbury cement works loaded coal
09/06 66053. 12/06 60054. 23/06 60021. 30/06 60054.

6X52 Portbury - Washwood Heath loaded and empty car carriers
09/06 66137. 10/06 66122. 18/06 66013. 26/06 66188.

4M20 Southampton Eastern dock - Castle Bromwich empty car carriers
06/06 66085. 09/06-13/06 66173. 16/06 66173. 30/06 66099.


Due to a production error this is the report that should have appeared in the July Magazine

Seems that this time of the month to compile this little missive comes round quicker every time. Well, this month's effort may be a little shorter due to the fact that I've missed my evenings out in the last month a few times due to my being away for a week and the two Bank Holidays, on which I don't go out due to the fact that traffic is very light -- in fact as far as freight is concerned, non-existent!

Despite this I have noted a few interesting bits and pieces, the first of which is the news that the Fastline coal services have commenced from Daw Mill to Cottam Power Station in Nottinghamshire.
The services are utilising hired motive power until their own class 66s are in traffic. I noted a couple of services recently in the charge of 66727 and 66422 (66430 has also been seen on one of these services).
The vehicles on the services are Continental-registered bogie hoppers, white in colour (a good choice if the commodity being carried is coal!) and in the series 37.70.6791.000-017.
Also being utilised are hired-in GB Railfreight hoppers. The services are noted, loaded, passing north through Leicester at 09.30 and 11.30 (that is the booked times - but I noted one heading north at 12.50). Also noted personally by myself has been one of the new DRS class 66s, 66732, in the charge of a rake of the yellow Network Rail bogies (other new locomotives have been noted on this same service, I think a Doncaster-Bardon. In fact, on the day I noted 66732 it failed at Bardon and had to be rescued by 66712!).

My only trip out in the last month was on 2nd June to Nuneaton, so I can give you a more detailed look at the traffic seen.
The first service was 66193 with the following EWS bogie coal hoppers: 310939/358/475/587/094/082/682/561/469/771/958/ 901/852/053/917, 311067/112/152/003/125(this service was a vehicle short of the normal rake of 21 wagons).
The first Freightliner noted was 66594 with the following vehicles noted on the service: 93472, 640125/126/ 283/284/189/190, 643504, 93402 (I don't personally take note of the older Freightliner flats).
The first of the W. H. Malcolm services was hauled by 66418, consist being: 33.68.4909. 353/598/079/499/558/583, 33.68.4943.067/087/084/068. The northbound Enterprise was next - and an interesting service for the motive power at the head of the train, 92013, 37401, 37417 and 92029! The vehicles on the service were the usual automotive sets: 23.87.4333.068, 23.87.4376.006/000, 23.87.4375.046/025/018.
Next was 66580 with the following Freightliner vehicles: 93456, 93482, 640423/ 424/ 260/ 259, 643041.
The second W. H. Malcolm service was hauled by 66412 and was made up of the following vehicles: 33.68.4909.432/042/384/743/123/076/707/410/861/872/713, 33.68.4943.083/086/080.
On a much quieter night that usual 66538 and 66542 were both noted on Freightliner services and 66192 was seen travelling south light-engine.

Another thing that I have noted recently is how busy it seems becoming on the lines through Leicester. I don't have time to see everything whilst I am at work, but one day recently I had the door open against me at work and noted four rakes of Network Rail yellow boxes, three Redland services, two Bardon services, two steel services, six coal services (four EWS and two Fastline), two services consisting of MEAs, two cement services and the inspection saloon in the charge of an absolutely magnificent-looking 37423. So things are picking up in my "neck of the woods".

Apologies if its a little on the thin side for this effort, it should be normal service next time. All the best and enjoy the hobby.


Road Movements
09/06 DMU M51566 (?). M5 southbound Junction 5. Near Droitwich Spa 16.55.
16/06 Tender 92203 Black Prince (from Glous/Warwicks). M5 westbound Junction 21.
Weston-super-Mare 11.35.
19/06 Tender USA 5197 (from Churnet Valley Rly). M5 Micheal Wood services 01.45.
Note;- Both tenders were en-route to the Merehead Quarry open weekend and join their respective locomotives!


Merehead Quarry Open Weekend - East Somerset Railway 150th (R.W.Giles) 22/06/08.
In use;- steam 30075 (DDak 669/60) with diesel Cabot (PBA)39 (RR 10218/65) top n'tailing (or somtimes working train's solo). c/stock; S1000S, S35207, E4562.
Ex.BR; 5637. (32110). Industrial steam; 705 (AB2047/37). (1398) Lord Fisher (AB1398/15).
Industrial diesel; 2 Joan (S 10165/64). 2 (William Ellis) TH 136C. Eric (PBA)42 (S 10221/). Esso Bitumen Cattewater (S 10199/64). Wickham trolley; two present in the former tanks/car park (with remains?) in poor condition. Coaching stock;- Ex.BR; 1674. 3013/063/100. 4764/823/902. 9241/99450. 10??? (Mk III sleeper). 13227. 17163. 25917. (34556). 35204. 43289. 81156. 88058 (fish van). 94798. Ex. SR vans; 1650. 2157. 2464. Ex. GW vans; (92069). 92091 with an unidentified third van.
Internal users; 061022 (CCT). 083636 (coach). 083394 (SR van 1638) assumed. Grounded internal users; 041842. 041843. (both CCT vans in the members car park area). Cranes; DW2 + runner DW150???. Army 63063 (Grafton). Notes; 5637 was the workshop occupant, dismantled for it's 10 year boiler overhaul. The 'running shed' (now with a new roof, at last!) held Lord Fisher (out of service) and industrial 2 Joan under heavy overhaul. The Winston Churchill coach, S2464 was present sheeted over in the former tank/members carpark sidings. Another unidentified coach was visible in the carriage shed which was locked on the day of visit with no one on hand to provide its identification. Merryfield Halt and Mendip Vale were not visited.


02/06 Yatton, down line 11.52;- DR74506.
06/06 Bristol West;- r/r BCL643.
10/06 Kingsland Road;- DR77905.
20/06 Brent Knoll, up line 19.22;- DR73108.
23/06 Pilning;- r/r BCL359. CIG001 (168M301658/06). CIG002 (168M301653/06). trailers;- TRR0721. TRR1278.
28/06 Filton Abbeywood;- r/r BCL371.


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