03/02 Sunday afternoon stabling found six locos in the bulk handling terminal area, either light-engine or on empty HTA coal wagons. The locos were; 08405. 66018/020/127/132/164.
12/02 60054 departed Westbury 15 minutes late at 11.30 on 6C63 imported stone empties to Avonmouth. The train's 18 bogie box wagons included a number carrying MRL. The 6C64 loaded return was noted crossing Hallen Moor at 17.32.
18/02 The Severn Beach passenger branch was closed for engineering work from 16.00 until 17.00 on 22/02, this period also being the half term school holidays. A number of additional engineers trains were worked into the area, one of the first being a 6W52 14.49 Westbury-Hallen Marsh via Henbury, headed by an unidentified Class 59/2 passing Filton Abbeywood, just after 16.00.
19/02 59205 worked the loaded import stone service, having departed Westbury at 11.03 with the empties earlier during the day. The day's engineering activity was centred on the Montpelier area, with 66152 being present during the afternoon, believed to have arrived in a top n'tail formation with 66040 (noted stabled at Avonmouth with it's engine running) on 09.09 Westbury-Stapleton Road. Part of the train's consist was the Harsco (United States built and 2004 introduced) Balfour Beatty new track construction train being recorded during the afternoon relaying track alongside the curved station platform. Six Gamble road/rail excavators were found in the area, the ones identified being; 1052, E1090, E114?, E1191, E1194. A 6W54 15.57 Holesmouth junction-Westbury was due to run, assumed formed of empty track component wagons from the worksite.
22/02 Freightliner continue to operate occasional coal trains which would normally originate at Portbury, 66606 being recorded today on the 6Z82 06.56 Avonmouth-Rugeley power station working.
23/02 66221 arrived on the 6V53 Wembley-Avonmouth 'enterprise' freight service.
26/02 66221 was back in the area and worked in at 13.38 with three empty HTA wagons, believed from Barton Hill where Axiom Rail are undertaking light repairs which include some graffiti removal work.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included; 66018/020/077/106/118/125/127/132/151/157/159/160/164/176. 66606. 08405 continued as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

01/02 Colas 47727 passed Pilning at 08.19 on 6Z01 05.40 Aberthaw-Dolland's Moor (leaving 15 minutes late) formed of the stored Nacco flats used for Blue Circle cement lorry trailer moves several years ago. The wagons are reported to be required for use on a new freight contract in mainland Europe. Also recorded passing Parkway at 13.15, were DRS 66420 + 66424 returning OZ74 light-engine off a Crewe-Keyham (Plymouth) submarine flask move which took place the previous day.
04/02 47805 was recorded passing Parkway and Filton Abbey Wood (the latter at 15.52) on a 5Z91Derby-Laira move formed with two barrier coaches, sandwiching a single refurbished HST coach 42173.
07/02 Two freight workings this evening, 66127 with a loaded mgr service from Avonmouth and 66156 with a car train.
09/02 66604 passed Pilning, and Filton Abbeywood at 09.31 on the 6Z28 Pengam-Theale loaded stone. 
10/02 Extra passenger and freight traffic was recorded during the day due to engineering work on both the Newport-Hereford mainline and between Lydney and Gloucester. Most notably was what is believed to be the first appearance of Class 170 DMUs in the Bristol area working a revised Arriva/XC special timetable. Some records for the day for the Parkway, Patchway and Pilning areas included;- 66???, 11.02 Margam-Dee Marsh loaded coils (6M30) at 11.47: 170101, 10.30 Birmingham-Cardiff (11.52): 37606 + 37609 top n'tailing a three coach 4Z08 09.00 Derby-Barton Hill test train (12.17): 170636, 11.50 Cardiff-Birmingham (12.29): 170101, 13.50 Cardiff-Birmingham (14.23), 60079, 12.53 Margam-Round Oak steel (6M41) at 14.38: 170112, 13.30 Birmingham-Cardiff (14.49): 66089, 17.18 Llanwern-Tees Yard (6E47) at 16.33. The 170 units would normally have worked Nottingham-Cardiff services, but PW work on the mainline north of Birmingham saw road bus connections in use.
11/02 Plenty of activity this evening, 66020 worked a loaded mgr service from Avonmouth to Didcot, 66021 with a "scrap train" bound for South Wales, 66120 with the former rover "cubes". These were followed by three empty MGR services 66040 and 66067 both heading for Portbury and finally 66018 Avonmouth bound.
12/02 66567 + 66542 passed Pilning at 14.50 with a late running 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers, 66096 was noted on the 6B35 Hayes-Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties and over at Parkway DRS 37612 + 37038 passed at 15.12 on a Crewe-Exeter light-engine move.
13/02 66620 was noted passing Parkway at 14.36 with 6Z60 Neasden-Newton Abbot sand empties.
14/02 60025 was reported as over at Westerleigh having arrived on the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston. Two MGR this evening, 66040 with empties for Portbury followed later by 66176 with empties for Avonmouth plus 66078 working the MoD liner.
18/02 47237 hauled barrier coach 6336 and HST power car 43175 north through Parkway at 14.15 on a Laira-Brush Loughborough move. First sighting this evening was 66213 with the Newport ADJ - Willesden "Enterprise" service, this was followed by two automotive services, 66106 with the "cubes" and 66098 with "vans". (It is thought these services emanate from Southampton and travel via Bristol due to lack of paths Basingstoke/Oxford) Two empty MGR services seen as well, 66166 Avonmouth bound and 66018 for Portbury.
19/02 66530 worked Thorney Mill-Pengam stone empties during the afternoon.
20/02 Signalling problems at Cardiff, saw service cancellations including the First/GW 05.27 Paddington-Swansea (via Bristol TM). With the Class being gradually moved to Oxley for storage, 180108 was noted on the 09.55 Cardiff-Paddington First/GW service. It is understood that Hull Train's may acquire a number of these sets for their use. Also recorded at Pilning was 66608 on a 6Z28 15.19 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental. A change took place to the Swindon steel service during the month, the headcodes becoming 6B49/6B50 (in place of 6C03/6C04) and the departure time changed to 08.13 off Newport, with the booked call at Llanwern now not taking place.
21/02 Both Colas owned locos, 47727 and 47749 were found in Stoke Gifford down sidings during the evening, the former being coupled to three track machines.
22/02 60025 was again at Westerleigh on the 6B13 fuel tanks from Robeston, whilst 47727 was reported to have run north 0Z47 light-engine to Crewe.
23/02 A Heartland's railtour 'The Beatle's Trial' (Kensington Olympia-Liverpool, via Parkway) was cancelled.
25/02 60012 was at Westerleigh with the 6B13 (a working the same loco covered again during the following day) and earlier 60018 had worked out on the 6E41 Lindsey fuel tank empties.
27/02 66090 was on the 6B35 Hayes-Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties. Newly 'neon' lined liveried First/GW unit 153372 passed Pilning at 13.43 on the 12.07 Taunton-Cardiff Central service.
28/02 The 'Eddie Stobart Express', operated by DRS made it's first appearance through the Bristol area top n'tailed by locos 47501 and 47712 running as 1Z47 06.52 Paddington-Shrewsbury, the train passed Patchway at 09.45 (around 20 minutes late). The dining trip, titled the 'Central Wales Winter Wonderland' was initially planned by Hertfordshire Railtours, who have now come under the new Stobart/DRS operation. The return 1Z48 was seen passing Parkway at speed during the evening with only coaches 11013, 1657 and 80042 being noted! Minutes later the NRMT HST set, with power cars 43062 and 43014 worked west returning east later. Intermediate coaches 975814, 975994, 975995 were reported.         
28/02 The evening started with the passage of a Charter Train top 'n' tailed by DRS Class 47s, 47712 leading and 47501 on the rear, the stock all carried the name "Stobart".  Five freights were also seen 66039 with the "Cubes", 66040 working Newport ADJ - Willesden "Enterprise", 66166 with MGR empties for Avonmouth, 66151 on the MoD "Liner" and 66034 empty mgr service for Portbury. Also putting in an appearance was the NR HST using power cars 43014/062.
29/02 66076 was on the Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/02 Friday morning tour saw an unidentified refurbished Cl158 at St Philips Marsh depot. At Temple Meads viewed from Cattle Market Road were the Class 20s, 20901/905 and the front end of a "Blue" Cl47, believed to be 47237.
02/02 First/GW 143611 was unusually employed on the 05.45 Temple Meads-Fareham service as far as Westbury where a Class 150/2 to took over.
06/02 The Cotswold 'hire' Harry Neadle owned Class 20s, 20901 + 20904 were booked for an 0Z20 12.50 Temple Meads-Plymouth light-engine route learner, this was however cancelled. 47805 was also stabled in the station area, on the up through canopy siding loop (and again during the following day) with coaches 9490, 6721, 6338, 6348.
08/02 47805 ran 5Z90 07.20 Temple Meads-Derby, prior to returning west on a 5Z91 Derby-Laira refurbished HST stock move hauling 41137, 41138, 42008, 42042, 42043, 42044, 44014 (set OC52) passing Gloucester (avoiding line) at 14.01 and Filton Abbeywood at 14.40. 20901 + 20904 departed Temple Meads at 12.05 as 0Z55 12.30 Bristol-Margam to collect 37704 for onward movement to Long Marston. The return working, 0Z81 16.00 Margam-Bristol TM was not reported as departed at 16.35.
09/02 Engineering work between Swindon and Didcot saw all trains to and from London routed via the Berks and Hants to Bath, Bristol and South Wales. An approximate half-hourly service from London-Bristol with alternate trains running from and to Swansea, reversing at Parkway. A similar operation had taken place during the previous weekend, and again for the following weekends into March. At Temple Meads, 20901 + 37704 + 20904 were noted stabled in the former Bath road depot spur, where they remained until 12/02 and DRS 37611 + 37218 were at Barton Hill on a test train at 14.30, departing later northbound at 18.50. Also reported was 158798 in the new First/GW 'neon line' livery on the 09.22 Portsmouth Harbour-Cardiff Central service, 43035 + 43162 forming an 0Z77 14.40 St. Phillips Marsh-Laira 'back to back' power car move and a freight diversion 60043 on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks via Bath and Day's curve during the early afternoon. A rugby union Six Nations match between Wales and Scotland, which brought in the biggest ever crowd at the Cardiff Millennium stadium saw two additional loco hauled services, both top n'tailed by Class 67 locos using Riviera coaches. Royal 67006 + 67005 worked 1Z30 10.30 Westbury-Cardiff (via Temple Meads and Parkway) and EWS silver 67029 + 67024 were on a 1Z31 09.28 Paddington-Cardiff (with a Temple Meads reverse only). A Pastime Rail Valentine steam special from London-Bristol, featuring steam 34067 Tangmere was cancelled.
10/02 Having worked in ECS the previous evening from Westbury for stabling, 67005 and 67006 were noted top n'tailing the 'relief' coaching stock on the up through siding. Refurbished three car 158798 was recorded on the First/GW 11.27 Taunton-Temple Meads service diverted via Westbury (along with all Arriva XC services during the day) due to engineering work between Bristol West and Cogload junction. Road buses were in use for local station connections.
11/02 66106 was on the Monday's only 6V62/6O34 Fawley-St.Phillips Marsh fuel and fuel tank empties and 60048 passed Day's curve and Filton Abbeywood (14.55) with the 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury cement works loaded coal. 67005 + 67006 returned Saturday's 'ruggex' ECS as 5Z34 10.06 Temple Meads-Old Oak Common via Bath and 158798 was recorded on the 10.22 Portsmouth Harbour-Cardiff Central First/GW service. 
12/02 DRS 37612 + 37038 worked west as 0Z37 10.30 Crewe Gresty lane-Exeter St.Davids, 37612 was to replace a failed 37606 on a test train stabled at Exeter.
13/02 20901 + 37704 + 20904 headed north, passing Filton Abbeywood at 09.48 as 0Z81 09.34 Temple Meads-Gloucester and 37038 + 37606 also returned light-engine the latter having been swapped over at Exeter from a westbound test working the previous day. During the afternoon; 47805 passed Ashley Hill at 14.36 with a further 5Z91 Derby-Laira refurbished stock move, the full train formation being; 6348 (barrier), 41017, 41018, 42202, 42003, 42284, 42285, 44036 (OC36), 40210, 40205, 6338 (barrier) and 10 minutes later, 66620 appeared on the 6Z60 10.25 Bow-Newton Abbot (Hackney yard) sand empties formed of blue livered Bardon Aggregate bogie wagons. An arrival at Bristol East depot, slightly later than booked as no diesel loco was at Westbury (to take the train forward!), was the VSOE. 67012 had run light-engine from Didcot to take over 1Z82 08.37 Victoria-Bath from steam 35028 Clan Line. The Class 67, on arrival in Bristol with 5Z82 13.45 Bath-Bristol East loop ECS, reversed the train into the freight terminal reception line, a road tanker being on hand to top up water supplies in the carriages. For the record, the c/stock formation was recorded as; 6313, Lucille, Ione, Audrey, Minerva, Perseus, Cygnus, Gwen, Vera, Zena, 99545. The working was booked to return ECS to Bath for 1Z83 16.06 to Victoria, Clan Line again taking over at Westbury for the journey back to the capital. At 12.10 a ballast train was seen heading northbound behind 66164.
14/02 47375 was reported to have worked 5Z77 10.15 Landore-Laira.
15/02 47237 in the new blue Advenza freight livery, worked 5Z60 11.15 Derby-Laira refurbished HST stock move (due Temple Meads 15.12, but noted passing Filton Abbeywood at 15.33) formed with coaches mainly from HST set OC32, 41179, 41180, 41153, 42195, 42024, 42362, 42025, 42026, 44008 and two barriers. This was to be the final 'full' refurbished First/GW set stock move.
16/02 47237 ran 5Z70 Laira-Old Oak Common via Westbury hauling coaches 5737, 9490, 6721, before returning light-engine to Temple Meads for stabling, being noted passing through Bath at 18.30. Saturday diverts via Day's curve continued during the day with Avonmouth-Didcot coal trains being noted aswell as 66507 with 6Z29 Theale-Pengam stone empties and Load-haul liviered 60059, which was recorded in East depot loop between 14.17-14.32 on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties. Another freight service noted in Temple Meads at 11.57, was the 6V51 Washwood Heath-Portbury loaded and empty car service with 66098, which returned light-engine to Barton Hill depot after reaching it's destination. At Kingsland Road, 66951 + 66520 + 66601 departed at 08.55 light-engines for Taunton. Two SWT Class 158 sets were on 'hire' to First/GW during the day, one of the two sets, 158890 being noted paired with 158762 on the 12.30 Cardiff-Portsmouth Harbour service.
17/02 The Bristol-Taunton mainline was again closed, with one of the worksites being between Flax Bourton and Bristol West. Top n'tail locos noted in this section on associated engineers trains were; 66622 + 66623 (6Y33) and 66951 + 66608 with JNA wagons. 66520 was also reported stabled at Nailsea on a concrete sleeper train.
18/02 47237 ran 0Z44 Temple Meads-Laira for a 5Z44 10.10 Laira-Brush Loughborough HST power car move, formed with a barrier coach and 43175, for modifications. A further 5Z60 11.15 Derby-Laira stock move was postponed. 
20/02 66003 was on the 6C89 Cardiff Tidal-Plymouth Tavistock yard empty scrap wagons.
21/02 During the morning, 37259 + 37608 were noted stabled in a top n'tail test train formation on Barton Hill depot, whilst 66530 and 66608 were over at Kingsland Road. 66617 was also seen passing on a Fastline CWR wagon set towards Bath.
22/02 The final 5Z91 11.15 Derby-Laira was worked by Metronet 66722 hauling barriers 6348 and 6338 with a single refurbished HST coach 44059 in between, departing the Midlands 56 minutes early. The train was recorded passing Parkway at 1450 (57 early) and Yatton at 15.16. 66952 was stabled at Kingsland Road.
23/02 For the RBS Six Nations Wales v Italy rugby match, two additional top n'tail Class 67 trains ran. 67026 + 67012 top n'tailed 1Z31 09.22 Paddington-Cardiff (via the Berks & Hants with a reverse at Bristol Parkway) and 1Z32 17.54 return, and Royal 67005 + 67019 which worked 1Z30 10.30 Westbury-Cardiff and 1Z33 20.23 Cardiff-Temple Meads (via Parkway), this train running 5Z43 10.06 ECS to Old Oak Common (via Bath) from Temple Meads, the following day. On the freight side, diversions via Bath included 66118 on 4D06 Didcot-Avonmouth empty coal HTAs, 66530 on 6Z29 13.55 Theale-Pengam stone empties and 60024 with the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers. An engineers train recorded was a 33 wagon 6W81 13.00 Highworth junction-Westbury (via Bath), formed with ODAs and MHAs behind 66200.
24/02 The Bristol-Taunton line was again closed for engineering work, new Arriva XC liviered Voyager set 220017 being recorded near Keynsham at 15.54 with the diverted 12.08 Manchester-Penzance service. 
25/02 66067 was on the MO 6V62/6034 Fawley-St. Phillips Marsh fuel and empty tank train, whilst 66137 worked the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal service via Day's curve during the early afternoon. First/GW set up and started running a new mobile phone system where customers can now receive train cancellation information free to their hand-sets.
26/02 66090 was recorded at Temple Meads at 07.30 with the loaded and empty car train from Washwood Heath to Portbury. A second newly relveried Voyager set 220025 was noted on the 10.24 Manchester-Plymouth Arriva XC service. First/GW announced a further 29 million investment, which would see further drivers, guards and maintenance staff recruited as well as additional stock. Extra Class 150 and 158 units, the former from Arriva Trains are expected, with up to a further 52 coaches (26 sets ?) being made available over the next 7 years with an aim to improve passenger travelling conditions.
27/02 As reported in a previous Magazine, Cotswold-Rail/Advenza freight were to commence a three day scrap metal train trial and driver route learning run; 6Z90 09.04 Gloucester-Plymouth and 6Z91 13.57 return using a set of 13 KEA bogie box wagons. Advenza liveried, former Freightliner (but with small numbers) 57006 was rostered for the first working, which however only reached Taunton late morning before returning due to what was reported as a paperwork irregularity!! Later, 66013 was recorded at Temple Meads during the early evening, on the current existing EWS 6C89 Cardiff Tidal-St. Blazey scrap empties.
28/02 The 6Z90/6Z91 Advenza scrap metal trial working was cancelled, but Cotswold-Rail's 47375 did work a 5Z90 12.12 St.Phillips Marsh-Laira move, returning to Bristol light-engine. The second reliviered Arriva XC voyager set 220025 was noted on the 12.24 Manchester-Penzance service. A most unusual sight greeting morning commuters was 142067 + 142078 standing in for a HST set on the 1A12 07.38 Paignton-Paddington First/GW service (calling at Weston-super-Mare around 09.30) as far as Temple Meads!! Later in the day, 66530 passed Brent Knoll at 16.15 with the 6Z60 Neasden-Newton Abbot sand empties.
29/02 A third new liveried Voyager set, 220022 was noted, working the 08.25 Plymouth-Edinburgh Arriva XC service, whilst First/GW 150261 was noted at Temple Meads carrying the new 'neon' line livery. The First/GW, MML 'hire' set LA79 was seen in use on the 09.30 Temple Meads-Paddington service. The Advenza scrap trial train operated, with 57006 as 6Z90 09.04 Gloucester-Plymouth being noted passing Standish junction at 09.13 and Yatton at 10.18, the loco carrying an 'Advenza Freight' headboard.
Not previously reported, has been a trial undertaken by First/GW to remove the buffet cars between 18/01-25/01 on Paddington-Bristol, Cardiff, Oxford, Cheltenham and Worcester services. This has involved 15 trains where the formation has been reduced from nine to eight coaches with two power cars. A refreshment trolley has been substituted for these 'shorter' route services, with customer feedback and comments encouraged on the new set up from those travelling. 

Ebbw Vale

After several delays, the branch finally re-opened for passenger service on 06/02 with the 06:40 service to Cardiff and 06:35 from Cardiff.


30/01 47237 hauled the scrap loco move on this date (correcting last months Magazine under Gloucester page 10). 31454 was moved in the train's formation 'dit'.
01/02 With over 50 EWS Class 66s in use overseas, DRS 37611 was 'spot hired' to work the 6X36 Didcot-Ashchurch MoD trip, formed of army vehicles on flat wagons.
06/02 57005 did a light-engine Gloucester-Fishguard route learner, collecting 47761 from Margam on the return.
13/02 20901 + 20905 + 47375, with a barrier coach 6330 worked 5Z87 Gloucester-Margam, passing Cardiff around 13.30, the 20s collecting 37898 for a move to Gloucester.
14/02 66136 was recorded during the afternoon at Standish junction on the 6A32 Ashchurch-Didcot MoD working.
15/02 57006, now in Advenza blue following a re-paint at Hunslet/Barclays Kilmarnock returned to Gloucester, the two Class 20s then ran north light-engine for use at the Hope Valley cement depot.
17/02 66011 was viewed over the River Severn, from Sharpness, on what appeared to be the diverted 11.02 Margam-Dee Marsh steel (6M30), the Newport to Hereford mainline being again closed for engineering work.
18/02 Two Class 60 workings noted were; 60063 on the 6A32 Ashchuch-Didcot MoD recorded near Cheltenham at 13.00 and 60059 with the 6V92 Corby-Margam steel. At Gloucester; 57006 (in new Advenza blue livery), 37704, 37898 and 47375 (also in the new Advenza livery) were noted in the station stabling point area.
20/02 57006 worked a 5Z46 11.10 Brush Loughborough-Landore HST power car move, with 43015 + 43034 via Chepstow. Load-haul liveried 60059 was again on the 6V92 Corby-Margam steel service.
23/02 47237 + 57006 + 37704 ran from Gloucester-Loughborough.
26/02 57006 headed a Healy Mills-Gloucester train of KEA bogie boxes, ready for a new Cotswold-rail/Advenza scrap metal freight-flow.
27/02 Load-haul (with EWS stickers), 60007 was on the 6V92 Corby-Margam steel empties.

Newport - East Usk Yard

03/02 66608 arrived in the yard on a rake of Network Rail JNAs with 66511 on the rear at 10:05 from the Severn Tunnel direction. This was followed at 10:22 by 66603 on a similar rake. All three then departed light engine to the east.

Portbury Branchline

03/02 Sunday stabling saw car loco 66001 remain at the port during the day. A FLHH train of coal empties were also present headed by an unidentified Class 66.
06/02 66566 departed late and passed Pilning at 16.30 (365 minutes late!) on the 6Z72 08.35 Portbury-Rugeley P.S. loaded coal service.
10/02 66008 was stabled over Sunday, having arrived on the inward loaded and empty car service the previous day. 
12/02 More late running was reported; 66545 was recorded passing Pilning at 11.48 (270 minutes late) with the 6Z70 06.56 coal departure from Portbury-Rugeley and later 66549 passed Filton Abbeywood at 15.20 again running late on the 6Z82 08.35 loaded coal service to Rugeley.
27/02 Bardon-blue 66623 was noted passing Pill at 13.09 on a late running 6Z84 10.25 Portbury-Rugeley loaded coal service.
29/02 DRS 66425 was reported to have worked the 6Z83 03.00 loaded Rugeley coal departure, 66563 handled 6Z82 the 06.19 to Rugeley (passing Parson's street at 07.43) this being the other SO departure.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66018/054/067/118/250. 66425/507/510/513/519/522/523/524/528/545/546/549
Locos recorded on the Washwood Heath loaded/empty car service have included;- 66090/098/165.


19/02 66951 was on the 6C66 Westbury-Moorswater loaded cement tanks.

View from a Room

18/02 the start of engineering work on the Severn Beach line, replacing track from east-end of Montpelier tunnel to Redland. At 08:00 there was no visible sign of activity, 17:30 "fairy lights" had been set up on "The Arches" and on the platform at Montpelier and the replacement track was in between the running lines. 21:30 the new rails had been lifted outside the running line by two road/rail small cranes and the existing track was being cut into smaller lengths throughout the night.
19/02 The old track, now in sections, had been lifted and placed where the second line used to be prior to the route being singled, the ballast was dumped on the redundant platform. At 09:15, a blue track machine was noted near the "Arches" and at 17:20 had progressed to the station area. This piece of kit was laying sleepers and the track was being placed into the chairs by one of the road/rail cranes. By late evening it had entered the tunnel.
20/02 New track in situ and remedial work being undertaken, no ballast. 17:20 it was noted that ballast had been laid. During the evening the redundant track was being placed on the disused platform. 
At 23:45, 66096 arrived from the Stapleton Road direction with a loaded ballast service, pausing for 15 mins before setting off. The service had about 20 loaded wagons where these were discharged is not known.
21/02 Not a lot of activity noted in the morning, just some remedial work. At 17:20, it appears if a scrap recovery train had operated as most the track left on the platforms had been removed, or moved to the access point adjacent to Clifton Down station. All the fairy lights had been removed from the station and the bridge over Cheltenham Road.
22/02 Further remedial work observed in the morning and a service train seen at 17:10, line had re-opened on schedule.
25/02 More remedial work undertaken after 23:00 and on the following evening, all remaining track removed from site, just a few odd lengths of rail remained.

Further night work is being undertaken during the first week of March, mainly welding and grinding. After Easter, the line is being tamped for a couple of days and a further session is scheduled for May.

Units noted this period included


4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge.
11/02 66540. 12/02 66567 + 66542. 13/02 66573. 14/02 66542. 18/02 66593. 19/02 66568. 21/02 66577. 22/02 66567. 25/02 66542. 27/02 66567

4V60 Calvert-Bath/Bristol BinLiner
06/02 66511. 08/02 66511. 11/02 66511. 14/02 66951. 15/02 66951. 
18/02 66508. 19/02 66508. 22/02 66508. 26/02 66951. 29/02 66951.

6Z82 07.00 Portbury-Rugeley P.S. loaded coal.
01/02 66507. 05/02 66612. 14/02 66566. 19/02 66611. 20/02 66557.
21/02 66546. 25/02 66507. 27/02 66566. 29/02 66563.

6Z70 08.31 Portbury-Rugeley P.S. loaded coal
01/02 66513. 06/02 66612. 11/02 66604. 12/02 66545. 13/02 66519.
14/02 66952. 21/02 66603. 22/02 66582. 27/02 66522. 28/02 66524.

6Z72 10.30 Portbury-Rugeley P.S. loaded coal.
01/02 66603 + 66619. 05/02 66528. 06/02 66566. 12/02 66549.
13/02 66523. 14/02 66549. 15/02 66952. 19/02 66524 + 66510.
20/02 66952. 21/02 66952. 27/02 66623. 28/02 66566.


6C01/6C02 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot steel
11/02 60049. 12/02 66081. 14/02 66081. 19/02 66003. 20/02 66177. 
21/02 66108. 22/02 66060. 25/02 66020. 26/02 66161. 27/02 66133. 
29/02 66172.

6B49/6B50 Newport ADJ-Swindon steel 
01/02 66009. 05/02 66098. 07/02 66145. 08/02 66098. 09/02 66110.
12/02 66100. 14/02 66174. 18/02 66161. 20/02 66011. 21/02 66174.
25/02 66019. 26/02 66077. 27/02 66077. 28/02 66091.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh
01/02 60059. 05/02-08/02 60091. 11/02-13/02 60083. 

6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties
01/02 60059. 09/02 60043. 14/02 60059. 15/02 60059. 19/02 60059.
20/02 60022. 21/02 60059. 23/02 60024. 26/02 60025.

6B83/6C83 Westbury-Machen-Westbury stone (T,Th (Q) SO)
09/02 59202. 12/02 66009. 14/02 59104. 16/02 66009. 19/02 59206.
23/02 66009. 26/02 66009. 28/02 66076.

66195/224/225.  92028 - France

08593/933.  20311.  60002/073/095.  92005/016/024/027.
BH: 37170/372.  CE: 92005/016/024/027.  CG: 20311.  GL: 37704/898.
LM:  87002.  OO: 56094/095/104/105. ST:  57003. 
TO:  08593.  47799.  60002/073/095.  67020.
WBrent: 56078/106.  58035.  Hoo J: 08933.

Wbrent = Willesden Brent Yard

56057 -HQ, 67016/017 -TO 


TJ Thomson: 47033/200/316
EMR: 37055/174/408/429/505/892/897
Booth: 37677
Hull: 37420
Eden Valley: 37250
Battlefield:  37905
Weardale:  73139
MRC:  47761

43117 - 43317

Diesel Multiple Units


180103/106/107/111/112/114 @OY

Electric Multiple Units

442402/06 @BI, 2424 @ZG

62086.  76140/156/193/836.

Booth: 62086. 76140(310112), 76156(310106), 76193(310094), 76836(1882)
JT Land: 62288. 71928.  76562/672 (1312) (Cut Up)

450046 - 546  (043 - 070 being renumbered 543 -570)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

3385.  10237 -WB, 10563 -PZ, 11013/019 -WB, 11028 -KM,
11030/033/044/046/054.  17159 -WB,  40811 -LA, 42051/130 -EC,
42164/165 -NL, 42234/322/342 -EC, 80042 - WB, 82115 -BN. 

ML:  94433.  Mossend: 94192/213.  94428/432/482/518/543.
ZB:  10245.  11060.  12004/025/028/050/086.  44021.

5926/93/94. 6034. 6123/66.

New Zealand: 5926/93/94.  6034.  6123/66

EHTC AXC HST Trailers (Previously advised as code EHLH)
11016/020/060.  12004/007/025/028/050/052/055/071/075,


Here we go again with yet another monthly review of the freight scene. As with previous months' reviews I will start this one with some news. Firstly, news of a new flow of china clay from Antwerp to Irvine, the clay coming to Antwerp from Brazil! The train will utilise redundant vehicles in the series of bogie tanks. There are more bogie tanks on order in the series 12400-12463 for the reinstated Clitheroe traffic flow. Some have already been delivered. Bogie flat wagons BCC11501-11522 have been converted into "pocket wagons" and renumbered 37.80.4905.001-022. Owned by NACCO, they are to be used on internal container traffic for CGM. The cargowagons stored at Hellifield (18 in total) were moved abroad in February, apparently for refurbishment. Latest Freightliner coal hoppers to be delivered at the time of compiling this missive were 370696-370714. Some of the bogie tanks stored at Long Marston have been moved to W. H. Davis for attention - watch this space! On to my personal sightings for the past three or four weeks. The Derby Test train has been very active in recent weeks and was noted passing Leicester on 18th February in the charge of 37606 and 37259. The same evening at Rugby a very enjoyable evening was spent. Now that the engineering work seems to have been completed on the northbound side of the station, attention has now moved apace to the southbound side with only the platform road in situ at the present time. As a consequence identifying vehicles has become quite a bit easier due to speed restriction and use of different tracks. The first train of note this particular evening was the first W. H. Malcolm service in the charge of 66405 with the following Austatte intermodals in the consist: 33.68.4909.021/353/456/677/414/300/915/480/383/471/036/123. The next service to attract attention was 66529 with the following rake of "Sealion"/"Seacow" vehicles (a rare sight these days on the WCML): 982923/681/481/702/806/535/773/811/830/728/509, 980029/053/024 there were four other vehicles which were so dirty no identity could be made! During this evening 66518 was shunting to and fro with a rake of NLU yellow boxes doing some ballast work, unfortunately only five vehicles were identified: 29461, 29449, 29216, 29283 and 29198. The automotive traffic seems to be buoyant at the present time and 66040 was noted heading south with the following rake: 23.87.4375.006/014/033/050/037/ 012/011/006/057/038, 23.87.4392.635, 23.87.4333.016/ 022/ 067. The second W.H.Malcolm service, hauled by 66422, consisted of the following: 33.68.4909.419/037/325/408/909/392/096/962/609/399, 33.68.4943.086/ 068. The northbound Enterprise, in the charge of 92013, was made up of the following: 23.87.4376.009, 23.87.4375.003/023/047/ 23.87.4333.020/ 056/ 008, 23.87.4392.536/745/602/616. A couple of the single intermodal vehicles were noted on a southbound Freightliner service hauled by 66532, namely 641034 and 641066. To round off the evening, 66058 headed north with the following engineers' service: 92548/ 559/ 553/ 552/ 551/ 560/ 556/ 561/ 557/ 554/ 555/ 550/ 549. Moving on seven days to 25th February, at Nuneaton, again saw a busy evening commencing with 66118 on the following bogie EWS coal hoppers: 310251/581/638/118/741/425/894/
009/496/916/212/819/458/989/086/474/653, 311074/ 069/ 148/ 113. Two uninteresting Freightliner services were next to be noted hauled by 66578 and 66577 before the first W. H.Malcolm service headed north behind 66408 - with the following vehicles: 33.68.4909.344/498/341/877/ 490/519, 33.68.4943.060. Heading north at speed several vehicles were missed! The empty automotive vehicles were noted heading south behind First Scotrail-liveried 90024. Vehicles on this train: 23.87.4375.011/ 009/ 002/ 000/ 021, 23.87.4392.742/ 544/ 696, 23.87.4384.011, 23.87.4333.021/ 011/ 017. Another Freightliner was then noted behind 66504 before the second W. H. Malcom service travelled north with 66429 in charge. Vehicles: 33.68.4909.392/ 012/ 467/ 422/ 459/ 341/ 768/ 512/ 495/ 587, 33.68.4943.088. Another coal hauled by 66194 was then noted, vehicles: 310910/ 897/ 393/ 436/ 628/ 267/ 658/ 494/ 021/ 107/ 162/ 610/ 647/ 880/ 157/ 716, 311104/ 045/ 146. Two more Freightliner services hauled by 66593 and 66534 were noted before the northbound Enterprise in the charge of 92037 with the following; 23.87.4376.004, 23.87.4375.015/ 019, 23.87.4333.067/ 030/ 036/ 039, 23.87.4392.715. On another week, to Rugby on 3rd March, with the following interesting sightings -- beginning with a very late-running Fastline service in the charge of 56303 with the following rake of Tiphook flats: 93442, 93436, 93323, 93384, 93344, 93290, 93430, 93235, 93398, 93467, 93378, 93488, 93340 -- some of these are believed to have recently been returned to service from store. The two W. H. Malcolm service followed each other north, the first with 66422 in charge hauling: 33.68.4909.364/546/770/036/325/462/ 751/ 078/ 354, 33.68.4943.066/ 086/068/076. Close behind was 66406 with the following: 33.68.4909.978/360/042/062/598/039/912/7908/718/893/079/ 651/932/943. The one other service that evening of real note was an extremely late-running Bari-Trafford Park in the charge of 92036 with the following consist of intermodals: 31.83.4909.296/243/216/503/264/
287/521/592/279/552/549/540/546/525/532. Due to a "significant" birthday the following Monday, 10th March, was spent indoors so that rounds up this month's effort. Just one more [piece of sighting on my part, the British Gypsum service into East Leake has had intermodals 640661/662/ 663/664/665 and 666 in the consist a couple of times recently. I do hope I haven't "gone on too much" and will be back next month with another review. All the best until then.

Freight-Flow News
Scrap Metal
The new West Country Advenza/Cotswold scrap metal service is expected to be timed as follows, when introduced; 6C90 (SX) 11.15 Cardiff Tidal-St.Blazey, Pilning 12.10, Yatton loop 12.49-12.57, 6G91 12.42 St.Blazey-Cardiff Tidal, Bristol TM 17.19-17.22, Gloucester 18.23-18.33.

The EWS 'cube' train reported through Bristol Parkway in the March Magazine is the 4M20 16.50 (SX) 16.50 Southampton Eastern dock-Castle Bromwich, with passing times at Westbury of 18.35 and Ashchurch 20.55. The train's length prevents it from using several goods loops along it's route! 


Road Movements
11/02 HST coach 40811, M5 westbound near junction 21, Weston-super-Mare at 15.50.
28/02 Steam 30587, M5 northbound near Cribbs Causeway at 11.20.

Departmentals and Track Machines
27/01 Sea Mills; Philmor Readypower, r/r Platform lift FR1310.
16/02 Barton Hill; Snowploughs, DB965209, DB965233. Kingsland Road; DR73111.
DR73114. DR73093.
17/02 Hallen Marsh junction (in use); DR73905 Eddie King at 11.30.
25/02 Kingsland Road; DR73114. DR77903. DR77905.


Avon Valley Railway                                            R.W.Giles
Ex. GWR 5619 arrived at Bitton for 'running in' trials following an overhaul at the Flour Mill, near Bream (Forset of Dean). The Telford/Horesehay based loco was en-route to the Spring Steam Gala on the West Somerset Railway. Having arrived on 20/02, the loco was noted in use operating a special weekend timetable on Sunday 24/02 (with c/stock; M3745, M25299, M25040, M9208), and then was due to operate 'Mothering Day special's' during the following Sunday (02/03), being planned to be moved to the WSR by road on Friday 7th March.
Also, locally in the news, but on a section of the old Midland mainline track bed further towards Bristol, is the City Councils proposal of a high-speed bus lane alongside the popular railway cycle path. The Bus Rapid Transit system which is hoped will improve the city's traffic congestion will initially run from St. Phillip's - Emerson Green and could be up and running by 2014. Other routes are also planned between Cribbs Causeway-Bath, Avonmouth-City Centre, Emerson Green-Bristol Airport, Kingswood-City Centre, City Centre-Bath, Whitchuch-City Centre and Whitchurch-Hick's Gate (Keynsham). The buses would be able to run on roads, pathways and disused railway lines around the city, needing up to 11 metres to run two lanes of track plus cycle lanes and footpaths in the guided sections.


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