08/01 59205 arrived at 13.04 with the 6C63 11.16 (TThO) Westbury-Avonmouth stone empties to form the 7C64 16.16 Avonmouth-Westbury loaded import stone. 31106 with 31602 passed Brentry at 19.30 top n'tailing the 1Z06 structural gauging train (formed with departmentals 927985, DC460000, 975081, 975280) heading via Clifton Down for Temple Meads.
10/01 The First/GW 13.49 Temple Meads-Avonmouth and 14.18 return services, were cancelled.
11/01 The Friday's only, FLHH import stone flow to Theale has been reported as ended.
15/01 Hanson liveried 59102 was an unusual sight on the 6C63 import stone empties from Westbury.
22/01 59203 worked the Irish import stone trip to Westbury.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66009/018/020/067/048/098/127/130/66132/164/166/185/187/250. 
08405 continues as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

02/01 Tank trains over at Westerleigh were headed by 60018 on 6B13 ex Robeston and 60021 with 6E41 for Lindsey.
05/01 Parkway station was subject to road bus connections due to engineering work. First/GW services were diverted via Bath.
07/01 Four workings recorded this evening, 66155 empty MGR for Avonmouth, 66053 MGR empties for Portbury, 66150 Bescot - St Blazey "Enterprise" service and 47237 light engine believed heading for Bristol'
08/01 66162 was noted on the 4B24 Didcot-Wentlooge MoD stores during the day.
09/01 Noted at Pilning during the early afternoon were; 66098 with the 4B24 Didcot-Wentlooge MoD stores and 66048 on an eastbound HTA cripple trip from Avonmouth.
10/01 Observations near Pilning recorded the following;- 66543 on 4O51 Wentlooge-Cardiff containers (10.59), 66508 with the 6Z70 Portbury-Rugeley loaded coal (10.59), 66248 on 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADj departmental (11.26), 60042 with a late running 6C01 Newport ADj-Bristol East depot loaded steel (12.16) and 66180 hauling the 4B24 Didcot-Wentlooge MoD stores (12.22). Later, FLHH 66602 pased Parkway at 14.22 with the 6Z60 10.51 Neasden-Newton Abbot sand empties. Also 66035 ran a car train from Portbury and 66180 working the MoD "Liner".
12/01 There were more diversions during the day with engineering work between Parkway and Swindon. First/GW services were again running via Bath, the Limpley Stoke Valley to Westbury and the Berks & Hants, whilst Arriva XC Voyager sets ran via the Severn Tunnel and Chepstow, having to reverse at Newport. These diversions were again in operation during the following day.
14/01 Busy night compared to other evenings, first up was 66197 with a lengthy train of "Rover Cube" vehicles direction of origin not noted (Portbury or South Wales). This was followed by, 66166 with a loaded mgr from Avonmouth which passed through the yard as 66078 arrived with an empty MGR service for Portbury. 66127 worked an empty MGR service to Avonmouth and to round off 66162 powered the MoD "Liner". Cotswold-Rail 47237 passed Parkway just before 13.00 heading towards Filton with two barrier coaches.
16/01 60018 was at Westerleigh with the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston.
17/01 66602 passed Parkway and Filton Abbeywood (15.00) with the 6Z60 10.51 Neasden-Newton Abbot sand empties.
21/01 Flooding between Swindon and Parkway, saw road bus connections between Patchway and Parkway, for diverted First/GW services.
22/01 66511 passed Patchway at 11.18 as 0Z55 Swindon-Moreton-on-Lugg light-engine.
23/01 20901 + 20905 (both on 'hire' to Cotswold-Rail ) passed Filton Abbey Wood at 15.10 running light from Temple Meads to Gloucester.
24/01 Around 11.00, a landslip at Chipping Sodbury damaged signalling track circuit boxes and closed the mainline between Parkway and Wotton Bassett in both directions for the remainder of the day. The First/GW 09.55 Cardiff-Paddington HST service and the Freightliner, 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers had both arrived at Parkway and were reversed to run via Day's curve and Bath. The following Swansea trains were also diverted via Bath, calling at Patchway with road coach connections to and from Parkway with delays of around 20 minutes. After clearing around 2,000 tonnes of rubble the line was reopened by the following morning, but with temporary block signalling between Westerleigh and Hullavington. The hourly Paddington-Cardiff First/GW services were cancelled on both days and freight services were also diverted to run via Bath. 60051 arrived at Westerleigh with the 6B13 Robeston fuel tanks during the morning. A visit was made this evening and the area was Tram and freight free. The only train movements were XC and local services plus various coach sorties to and from Patchway, where services to and from London were stopping to avoid reversing at Parkway and to reduce delays.
25/01 47237 passed at 14.45 carrying an 'Advenza Freight' headboard on 5Z77 11.15 Derby-Laira refurbished HST stock, the train's full formation being recorded as; 6336 (barrier), 41009, 41010, 42012, 42360, 42013, 42014, 44004 (LA71), 5737 (barrier). The train, which was originally coded 5Z91, as a GBRf working was also reported to have used Yatton loop between 15.18-15.24.
28/01 The mainline between Parkway and Swindon was fully reopened with signalling repairs completed.
30/01 A second, smaller landslide occured in a cutting at Alderton, between Chipping Sodbury tunnel and Hullavington. A 40mph speed restriction was set up whilst the area was made safe and cleared.
31/01 Colas-Rail 47727 ran 0Z47 Eastleigh-Aberthaw light-erngine, to collect wagons for Dolland's Moor. Two freight service seem this evening, 66112 heading eastbound with a long rake of ex Rover "Cubes" and 66139 with an empty MGR service for Portbury. In the down yard, awaiting a path, was the NR HST, the power cars being hybrid 43089 and 43014. 

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/01 Kingsland Road was host to 9 Freightliner Class 66s, those present were 66510/513/559/584/601/610/614/616/623
02/01 Former Silverlink unit 150127 was on the First/GW 07.23 Warminster-Great Malvern, whilst 150121 worked the First/GW 06.47 Temple Meads to Penzance service. A morning Kingsland Road-Taunton FLHH loco move was formed; 66623 + 66559 + 66601 + 66513 + 66614, arriving in Fairwater's yard, Taunton at 11.10.
03/01 GBRf 66726 ran 0Z90 07.30 Temple Meads-Laira light-engine to collect a 5Z90 11.30 Laira-Derby HST stock move, passing Worle junction at 13.48 and Parkway at 14.28. The HST stock involved was; 44068, 41137, 41138, 42202, 42003, 42284, 42285, 44036 (OC38, except 44068).
04/01 66726 returned refurbished HST stock west as 5Z91 11.15 Derby-Laira (booked Temple Meads 14.49-14.55) with HST coaches; 41147, 41186, 42098, 42258, 42262, 42254, 44000. Empty MGR service for Portbury seen at 16:45 behind 66228.
04/01 The Friday tour saw 142064 stabled at St Philips Marsh at the spine road end of the complex.
05/01 31106 and 31602 were stabled on the up canopy siding in Temple Meads during the morning top n'tailing the 1Z06 structural gauging train. Later, recently refurbished and carrying the new First/GW 'neon' livery, 153305 was working Taunton line local services. An early hours FLHH light-engine move from Crewe Basford Hall-Kingsland Road was formed 66551 + 66523 + 66525 + 66564.
06/01 Sunday diversions were in operation via Bath and Westbury with engineering work in place on the Bristol-Taunton mainline, notably between Bedminster and Flax Bourton. Locos noted on associated engineers trains were; 66553, 66559 and 66623 in a top n'tail formation and 66523. Single line working was also noted in operation and track relaying was taking place at South Liberty lane (near Parson's Street).
07/01 Having arrived in Plymouth before Christmas for wheel-turning at Laira depot, mainline preserved Class 52 D1015 Western Champion returned north, with the job still outstanding as 0Z47 10.00 Tavistock junction-Tyseley, where the work was to be undertaken. Expected to be hauled by Colas-Rail 47727 the move was retimed to depart at 11.30 (actually leaving at 12.31), passing Malago on the relief line at 14.43 and Parkway at 15.13 with the Western leading!! The Class 47 was apparently not fitted with OTMR and was only allowed to be hauled, also in need of wheel-turning attention.
08/01 Having worked a 5Z90 08.25 Crewe-Long Marston stock storage move, Harry Needle owned 20901 + 20905 (on loan to Cotswold-Rail) arrived in Temple Meads, reported to be in readiness for a stored loco move, possibly the two 'serviceable' locos 37077 and 37377 on Barton Hill depot. 66155 noted hauling a departmental service.
09/01 47237 ran 0Z50 08.33 Temple Meads-Newport ADJ light-engine to collect 5 KEA bogie box wagons as 6Z50 10.15 Newport ADJ-Westbury. The working that ran via Day's curve was recorded passing Pilning at 11.10 (22 minutes late) and Bath at 11.55. Further light-engine moves of interest during the day were; 57308 on 0Z57 Birmingham NS-Laira and Metronet 66719 as 0Z90 08.00 Gloucester-Laira, for a 5Z90 11.30 Laira-Derby HST stock move, formed with 44008, 42026, 42024, 41018, 41017, 44059 passing Cowley Bridge (Exeter) at 12.38, Flax Bourton at 13.34 and Parkway at 14.20.
10/01 The overnight First/GW 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service was headed by 57604, with sleeper coach 10589 now carrying the new First/GW 'neon' lined livery noted in it's formation. 60034 passed through Fiton Abbey wood at 13.34 and Day's curve with the 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury cement works loaded coal and Metronet 66719 was again still active running 0Z46 08.00 Temple Meads-Cardiff Tidal sidings for a return 6Z46 08.30 Cardiff Tidal-Westbury train of 13 Caib box wagons (booked Severn Tunnel junction 11.06). This train was running very late on reaching the Bristol area around 15.30, the wagons are believed for use on the new forthcoming Cotswold-Rail scrap metal freight contract mentioned in last months Magazine. 20901 + 20904 were found to be stabled on the former Bath road depot stub, alongside platform 15. Some late First/GW trains were recorded during the morning due to over running track work between Bath and Swindon, which was completed by 09.00. Following a ballot, First/GW's RMT 560 drivers and 100 guards voted for strike action to take place over 20/01-21/01. The reason for the dispute was due to managers covering driver and guard duties. 
11/01 Heavy rain disrupted many services from Bristol with 1.5 inches falling in 12 hours in the area. Flooding at Wootton Bassett around 13.30 blocked lines from Swindon to Parkway and Temple Meads, but later some trains did get through to Temple Meads. Flooding between the Severn Tunnel and Newport stopped all services between Bristol and South Wales. At 14.30, flooding at Flax Bouton closed the line between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare for the rest of the day. All services were back to normal the following morning apart from diversions associated with scheduled engineering work. A notable service diversion during the early afternoon was 47237 on a 5Z90 11.15 Derby-Laira refurbished stock move (due Temple Meads 14.37-14.59) with HST coaches; 41019, 41020, 42095, 42009, 42028, 44009 (LA74), 44068, which ran via Day's curve, Bath and Westbury to the west. Viewed from Feeder Road were 20901/905 stabled at Temple Meads station on the bridge over Cattle Market Road.
12/01 DRS 66425 was present in Kingsland Road sidings, this loco along with 66422 being 'on loan' to FLHH. Also present were 66525/563/583/618/952. The DRS loco with 66952 + 66533 departed around 15.00 for Taunton Fairwaters yard. A further HST stock move during the day saw 47237 haul 42025 and 42362 from Temple Meads to Derby, via Newport and Chepstow. 47375 took over to complete the move at Gloucester.
13/01 Engineering work during the day, closed the Bristol-Taunton (until 17.00), Swindon-Parkway and Wootton Bassett-Bathampton junction mainlines. 20901 and 20905 were still stabled on the former Bath Road depot spur.
14/01 DRS 66425 + 66564 double-headed a 6Z86 Taunton Fairwater-Crewe wagon move passing Worle junction at 11.23. One of Cotswold-Rail's 'newcomers' 57005 ran from Gloucester- St.Phillips Marsh light-engine for fuel. 66001 appeared in the evening on a 6V70 china clay empties working.
15/01 The Class 20s had moved from the Bath Road spur to the short up siding between platforms 4 and 6. Two workings recorded this morning, 66101 with a southbound departmental service at 10:30, and at 11:45 59102 worked north with a rake of "Yeoman" hoppers.
17/01 Ex. Silverlink 150121 worked 07.00 Portsmouth Harbour-Brighton, 09.00 Brighton-Great Malvern, 14.51 Great Malvern-Weymouth and 20.01 Weymouth-Temple Meads First/GW services during the day. Other workings of note were; 66713 on a further 5Z91 11.15 Derby-Laira refurbished HST stock move with coaches; 41015, 41016, 42021, 42096, 42006,42023, 44007, being recorded passing Washwood Heath at 13.25, Gloucester 14.35 and Filton Abbeywood (having been held at Parkway) at 15.30 and 31454 + 45112 on an 0Z51 Meldon Quarry-Derby light-engine move (booked Yatton loop 16.10-16.28), which was terminated at Gloucester.
19/01 66583 departed Yatton loop at 17.53 running as 0Y34 17.10 Taunton Fairwaters-East Usk light-engine.
22/01 66172 was on the morning 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADj departmental and 'Thunderbird' rescue loco 57308 returned north light from Laira-Birmingham NS.
23/01 Loram railgrinder 79251-79257 (a seven vehicle formation), running as 6Z03 Crewe-WSR Bishop's Lydeard (via the Severn Tunnel) was recorded during the early afternoon. Another 5Z91 11.15 Derby-Laira (due Temple Meads 15.12-15.15) was booked to run, but was postponed.
24/01 60092 worked the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel via Day's curve, having passed Patchway at 10.18. Diverted services were observed running via Day's curve during the late morning due to a landslide near Chipping Sodbury (also see Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh Notes & News).
25/01 Diversions continued via Bath and Day's cuve, where at the latter location, 66543 passed at 08.44 on the 4V50 Millbrook-Wentlooge container service. 66152 was also recorded passing here at 11.05 with the regular 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental, whilst 66618 + 66585 + 66601 were stabled in Kingsland Road (departing westbound light-engines at 10.55) and 60022 was on the 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal. A 'back to back' HST power car move saw 43153 + 43056 head west from Landore-Laira. The Class 20s were in the same position as reported on 11/01/08, after the earlier sighting they were moved to the east end loco bay for a period. Also they had made a couple of outings during the week to Bristol Parkway and return and Gloucester.
26/01 20901 + 20905 were both back at Temple Meads. Prior to the 'More Train Less Strain' fare strike on Monday 28/01, First/GW announced an up to 800 refund for season ticket holders as well as a freeze on car park pricing.
27/01 Track work was noted being carried out in the South Liberty lane area, the Bristol-Taunton mainline being again closed.
28/01 Over running engineering work affected morning passenger services in the Parson's Street area. A second fare strike took place, organised by the 'More Train Less Strain' group. The legendary tickets were distributed at various stations displaying the following information; WORST LATE WESTERN, Class ;Cattle Truck, Ticket Type; Standing only, Fare; Daylight Robbery, Punctuality; 26% cancelled or late,  From; Here, To; There, if you're lucky, Profits; Up 10%, Route; Hell & Back, Price; Up 10%, FARE STRIKE. Tickets were distributed between 07.15-08.45, our correspondent at Yatton reported no First/GW booking or platform staff were present which helped the protest!! First/GW stated support was not as strong as expected, around 100 passengers having their name and addresses taken and could face prosecution. It was reported when address taking was in progress at the Temple Meads barrier, a large number of people were let through without checks so queues did not form - First/GW failing to monitor how many of these passengers were travelling with the protest tickets. Protests at Oxford and Newbury were however called off. Over at St. Phillips Marsh, an ex. works 158751 was present in the wheel-lathe shed sidings area.
30/01 A seven coach 5Z69 09.00 Gloucester-Meldon Quarry MkII stock move, booked for 31454 haulage was cancelled, but 31452 did work a 5Z69 10.04 Gloucester-Yeovil Junction (Day's curve 10.19), move, returning as 5Z70 13.25 Yeovil-Gloucester (departing at 13.59), being hauled by 57005 and a single coach 9500. On the freight side; 66603 departed Tavistock Yard at 13.03 on a 6B67 working to Swindon. At 23:50 a loaded MGR service from Portbury was seen powered by 66143.
31/01 DRS 66424 + 66420 headed a 6Z73 04.33 Crewe-Keyham empty flask working form of two wagons, being noted held in Yatton loop for around 30 minutes during the late morning. Also 66001 was seen at Temple Meads at 07.20 with the 6X51 partly loaded and empty car service from Washwood Heath - Portbury. 60079 was on the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal and 66510 worked the 6Z60 Neasden-Newton Abbot sand empties.


02/01 GBRf 66726 hauled 73201 as 0Z47 06.30 Wimbledon-Long Marston, passing Kemble at 09.50.
11/01 Cotswold-Rail's latest additions, 57005 + 57006 (both ex. Freightliner) arrived as 0Z57 1330 Crewe-Gloucester. 57006 was then despatched to Barclay's at Kilmarnock for a repaint into a new Advenza freight livery.
14/01 What have been Cotswold-Rail's three, main frontline locos; 47810, 47813 and 47828 are reported as out of service at Norwich, awaiting OTMR fitting.
15/01 57005 ran from Gloucester-Loughborough hauling a barrier coach.
16/01 Between 12.55-13.20, the following were present in the Gloucester station area 47237 couple to barrier coach 6330 and carrying an Advenza headboard. 47316. 57005 named Fosseway during the day. c/stock; 94101. Station siding; 47200. 57006. c/stock; 9488. Horton Road; 47033.
19/01 57005 was on an HST power car move during the day, whilst 47375 completed a previous day's Meldon Quarry loco move, hauling 31454 + 45112 onwards to Derby.
23/01 47237 worked a 5Z45 11.30 Loughborough-Landore HST power car move with 43143 + 43079 via Chepstow.
24/01 Another visit to Gloucester station found; siding 1: 9488. 47033. 6330. 47237. siding 2: 94101. 47316. 57005. 20901 + 20905. siding 3: 143603. Between 10.15-1050; 60051 passed at 10.21 on the 6B13 Robeston-Westerleigh loaded fuel tanks and 180104 was noted on the 10.31 Cheltenham-Paddington First/GW service. It has been reported that 47033 and 47316 are to go for scrap (the latter having seen extensive use on early Cotswold-Rail operated railtours). A decision on 47200 is still awaited. 
28/01 47237 headed HST power car 43180 on a Landore-Loughborough move via Chepstow.
29/01 GBRf 66726 hauled 87002 + 87022 + 87028 as 0Z48 10.03 Wembley-Long Marston, passing Kemble around an hour down at 15.45. For the record, two of the workings booked passing times were Swindon 14.02 and Standish junction 14.44.
30/01 31454 hauled 47033 + 47316 from Gloucester-Stockton for scrap at Thompson's yard.


02/01 66616 worked light engine to Pengam, to work empty wagons to Neath.
04/01 66610 ran light to Pengam, 47237 hauled the last two power cars, 43002 & 43003, for re-engineering from Landore - Loughborough.
05/01 66610 was in charge Pengam - Theale.

Portbury Branchline

05/01 FLHH 66952 worked the Saturday's only, 6Z82 06.19 loaded coal to Rugeley power station.
08/01 60056 was on the 6X51 inward loaded and empty car carriers from Washwood Heath.
15/01 A check on inward coal empties just after 19.00 found; 66561 on 4Z71 17.00 Rugeley-Portbury passing Norton Bridge at 18.46, 66519 on 4Z73 18.18 Rugeley-Portbury passing Bescot junction at 19.00 and 66172 on 4V17 17.21 Washwood Heath-Portbury arrived Ashchurch loop at 19.01.
16/01 A fourth coal departure started for FLHH from the dock. The full list now being; (M-F) 6Z83 at 03.00, 6Z82 at 07.00, 6Z70 at 08.31, 6Z72 at 10.30 and (SO) 6Z83 at 03.00 and 6Z82 at 06.19. The 6M38 05.00 Portbury-Ironbridge loaded coal behind 66164 failed on the Lickey Bank, with 66056 already banking the service from the rear. 66214 ran light engine from Washwood Heath to assist 66164 and 60092 was detached from a Margam-Corby steel service to help from the rear, the train eventually going slowly forward, causing some other delays to other services.
17/01 At 05.50, 66555 was noted with the 6Z82 07.00 loaded coal departure for Rugeley, whilst DRS 66425 was loading the 6Z70 08.31 departure alongside.
19/01 Saturday FLHH coal departures were;- DRS 66422 on the 6Z83 03.00 to Rugeley (reported Abergavenny at 07.09) and 66571 with the 6Z82 07.00 departure to the same destination (Parson's Street 07.16).
24/01 A second Class 60 for the month, 60025 was on the morning 6X51, loaded and empty car carriers from Washwood Heath.
26/01 Shanks/Freightliner liveried 66522 worked the Saturday's 6Z82 06.09 departure to Rugeley.

The British Rail Property Board (residuary), which is Government owned and set up in 1995 to deal with parts of the former BR system which were not privatised is to offer North Somerset Council part of the three remaining miles of the 'mothballed' Portishead branch line. The final two miles of heavily overgrown track from the Network-Rail boundary at the former Portbury station site, to the end of the line in Portishead is to be sold to the Council with a view of securing the land for a future rail re-opening. There is much pressure regarding the reopening of the line for passenger trains (the section from Parson's street to Pill, for Royal Portbury dock reopened for freight in December 2001) from the local Council and campaign groups, but it is unlikely this will be considered until a major re-signalling and track re-modelling project takes place at Temple Meads in 2011. Portishead, with further building development is expected to have a population of around 28,000 by 2010, which will make it the largest town in Britain without a railway station. 
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66164/172. 66422/425/507/508/510/512/513/514/515/522/523/525/528/531/544/549/553


20/01 Visible in Fairwater sidings during the day were; 66508/563/616/623.


11/01 GBRf 'metronet' 66719 headed 6Z46 09.40 Westbury-Healey Mills via Melksham formed of the Caib KEA bogie box wagons moved here from Newport and Cardiff a few days earlier (Also see Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh Notes & News).
Colas-Rail have set up a small depot at Westbury in the down yard at the south end. The company's two locos 47727 and 47749 appear here from time to time.
It has been reported that Merehead quarry is to be holding an Open Day event on a Saturday during June this year.

Units noted this period included


4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge.
02/01 66580. 03/01 66583. 04/01 66503. 07/01 66568. 08/01 66590. 
09/01 66593. 10/01 66543. 11/01 66588. 14/01 66569. 15/01 66572. 
16/01 66578. 17/01 66593. 18/01 66580. 21/01 66590. 22/01 66533. 
23/01 66517. 24/01 66539. 25/01 66543. 28/01 66539. 29/01 66541.
30/01 66567. 31/01 66536. 

4V60 Calvert-Bath/Bristol BinLiner
02/01 66580. 05/01 66510. 09/01 66525 15/01 66563

6Z82 07.00 Portbury-Rugeley P.S. loaded coal.
03/01 66531. 07/01 66510 + 66952. 08/01 66507. 10/01 66561. 
11/01 66556. 15/01 66584. 16/01 66422. 17/01 66555. 18/01 66557. 
19/01 66571. 22/01 66549. 23/01 66514. 24/01 66607. 25/01 66605. 
29/01 66561. 31/01 66512.

6Z70 08.31 Portbury-Rugeley P.S. loaded coal
08/01 66515. 10/01 66508. 11/01 66951. 15/01 66561. 16/01 66525. 
17/01 66425. 17/01 66425. 18/01 66620. 21/01 66571. 22/01 66531. 
23/01 66425. 24/01 66425. 25/01 66523. 28/01 66583. 29/01 66583. 
30/01 66528.

6Z72 10.30 Portbury-Rugeley p.s. loaded coal.
16/01 66610. 17/01 66525. 18/01 66544. 22/01 66621. 23/01 66525. 
24/01 66553. 25/01 66614. 29/01 66513. 31/01 66513.


6C01/6C02 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot steel
02/01 66091. 04/01 60083. 08/01 66115. 09/01 66186. 10/01 60042.
15/01 66101. 16/01 66210. 17/01 66181. 18/01 66093. 21/01 66189.
23/01 66126. 24/01 60092. 28/01 66136. 29/01 66004. 31/01 66159.

6C03/6C04 Newport ADJ-Swindon steel 
03/01 66213. 04/01 66152. 07/01 66108. 08/01 66147. 09/01 66210.
10/01 66061. 11/01 66238. 14/01 66155. 16/01 66198. 17/01 66183.
18/01 66012. 23/01 66147. 25/01 66220. 31/01 66014.

6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service
04/01 66024. 08/01 66166. 29/01 66144.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh
02-05/01 60018. 09-15/01 60091. 16/01 60018. 18/01 60034.
22-25/01 60051. 28-29/01 60034. 30/01 60020. 31/01 60059.

6B83/6C83 Westbury-Machen-Westbury stone (T,Th (Q) SO)
03/01 66176. 08/01 66219. 12/01 59204. 15/01 59203.
26/01 60024. 31/01 66086.


57005/006(FD)-GL, 66203/216/234/242/247 - France

20312/315. 37194/229/261/410/510/515/688. 57002/003/011.
60038/045/060. 67013/015/016/017/018/020. 73201. 87022/028. 90031.
CB: 57003. CE: 90031. 92012. CG: 20312/315. 57011.
CS: 37517/668/685/706/710/712/717. KM: 37194/229/261/510/515.
LM: 08517/668. 31301/423/437/439. 73201. 87022/028. PB: 67020.
TO: 37410. 60027/038/045/058/060. 67013/015/016/017/018.
Barry: 57002.

37401 -TO, 37676 -HQ, 92015/017 -CE, 97301 -ZA

T J Thomson: 08599
Booth: 37379/513
Sims (Beeston): 37051
HNRC:  37383 @LNWR
EMR (Kingsbury): 37065/408/701/719/892
Private: 09021. 37250/407/413/418/424. Wensleydale: 47715.
EMR: 37055/409/412/429/430/673/696/894. Ron Hull: 37420/695. 

37100 - 97301, 43102 - 43302, 43112 - 43312

Diesel Multiple Units
153302/308(TS)/310(CF)/311/313(TS)/319(NL)/321(CF)/326(TS), 153355(TS)/357(NL)-NM, 361(CF)-EX, 374/376/379/381/383/384,385(TS)-NM
158867/868/869/870(PM)-HA, 883/890(TS)SA.
* now reduced to 2-car formation
NM = Nottingham

142071/095 - HT

158752 + 58716, 158753 + 58710, 158754 + 58708, 158755 + 58702,
158756 + 58712, 158757 + 58706, 158758 + 58714, 158759 + 58713

Electric Multiple Units


Booth: Cars: 61390(1532), 62089. 76148 (310064). 76765(1882), 76846(1890).

450048 - 450548, 450054 - 450554, 450055 - 450555
Dept: 62482 - 999605 -ZA

New Stock
395003 -AD

Coaching & NPCC Stock

11013/033 -KM, 40717/747 -LA, 44002/024 -OO, 44100 -PM

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Welcome to my little effort once again. Well, we're well into the second month of the year already, and what a magnificent last few days it's been quite like late Spring. So it's looking forward to the coming months when the days get longer and, hopefully, the weather is fine, unlike 2007! Firstly, let's get some news out of the way. As many of you will know the famous Irvine-Burngullow china clay service ceased recently. Well there is news of a replacement service (sort of) in the shape of 6S94 10.36WO Dollands Moor-Mossend-Irvine using refurbished French NACCO bogie tanks. The service originates from Antwerp. The service returns as 6O60 FO Mossend - Dollands Moor (timing of this return trip is not, as yet, known). The new Freightliner coal hoppers had reached 370719 recently. There is a new flow of sand to mention also, this is 6Z80 West Thurrock-West Drayton using MJA box wagons. The service, which started in November, is provided by Freightliner. The Bari-Trafford Park is also being used from Piacenza which is south of Milan. I have also received some news that the continental transport firm of Norbert Dentressangle has now obtained shares in Novatrans (some rail service to commence?). Also news of Open Days at Long Marston on 7th and 8th June. On to my sightings now, as usual the boring Rugby and Nuneaton ones! Actually, I'll start with some local (to me) sightings at the side of my place of employment (i.e. Leicester Humberstone Road). There has been quite a large amount of to-ing and fro-ing recently. The Gypsum traffic to and from East Leake appears to have gone back to one train a day, 66717, 66715 and 66711 being noted. There is also a daily service of the bogie yellow boxes which runs round about 16.00 every afternoon. This has been in the charge of 66560, 66511 and 66525 this last week (w/e 16th February). Nice to see 60s also in abundance on the Redland traffic recently 60076, 60072 and 60042 all being pressed into duty. (Speaking of class 60s, at Rugby on 30th March a colleague noted, and photographed, 60044 on a northbound intermodal!) A visit to Rugby on 4th February was quite busy, following are some of the highlights. There was a late-running southbound Enterprise in the charge of 92019 with the following wagon consist: 33.80.2797.609, 33.80.4741.130, 33.87.7894.027, 33.87.7892.010, 31.83.2795.017, 31.83.2795.110, 964003, 964010. (The two French tanks being of decent interest.) Following a couple of minutes later was the first northbound W. H. Malcome service in the charge of 66416. As the station layout at Rugby has changed somewhat recently the vehicles are now identifiable, the ones in this service being: 33.68.4909.014/ 410/ 079/ 712/ 509/ 916/ 064/ 396/ 912, 33.68.4943.066/ 083. Within 15 minutes the second service headed north with 66405 at the head, the vehicles on this service being: 33.68.4909.432/ 673/ 303/ 418/ 763/ 354/ 456/ 577/ 068/ 400, 33.68.4943.086/ 069/ 078. There then followed the southbound empty cartics hauled by 66172. The long rake of vehicles in tow being: 23.87.4375.071/ 011/ 050/ 037/ 012/ 006/ 047/ 008/ 021/ 041, 23.87.4333.021/ 022, 90024, 90025, 90026, 90027. The engineering work at Rugby has now now moved to the southbound side of the station. On this particular evening parked adjacent to the work being undertaken was 66525 with the following rake of vehicles: 500241/ 276/ 268/ 275/ 233/ 332/ 315/ 304/ 317/ 329. The northbound Enterprise, hauled by 92041, had 37401 and 37402 in the consist! The rest of the movements were Freightliners. February 11th saw a magnificent Spring-like day so a day off was obtained from work! I caught the 09.19 local service to Birmingham and spent a few hours in the city catching up with the new buses(!) before retuning to Nuneaton for the rest of the day. Arriving at 14.24, I noted 32 freight movements before leaving at 20.50. Some worthy of note are mentioned below. Firstly, 66220 with a northbound intermodal (not sure what it was, but there were some diversions away from Tyseley due to engineering that day) consisting of: 33.70.4938.337/ 725/ 714/ 733/ 713/ 723,31.70. 4938.125/ 181, 81.70.4908.136, 609011/061/097/073/019/029. Then the southbound GBRf service appeared with 66727 in charge, vehicles on this service being: 650030/029/040/039/003/004, 630039/030/013/014/004/003/024/023 640608/ 607/921*/920*. The last two vehicles marked with as asterisk (*) were single flats resplendent in Metronet yellow! The northbound working about 20 minutes later was hauled by 66725 with the following wagons in tow: 630041/041/040/039/032/031/035/036, 650018/017/009/010/012/011/015/016, 640630/629/601/602/625/626/605/606. A EWS coal then followed behind 66116, the vehicles being: 310757/064/434/449/580/340/401/663/865/754/222/968/278/141/547/709/ 1159/155/092/106/047. An engineers' service behind 66621 came off the Leicester branch and headed towards Birmingham (possible it was the occasional Bardon-Didcot service) with the following side tipplers in tow: 501107/261/260/259/047/108/264/263/262/048/011/152/151/153/071. There were two more EWS intermodal services both off the Birmingham branch and on to the Coventry branch heading south (again these services are not normally noted at Nuneaton). The first, in the charge of 66146 had the following vehicles: 31.70.4938.117/124/112, 33.70.4938.510/727/ 738, 33.87.4908.704/718/721, 81.70.4908.090/031, 609040. The second service, with 66130 at the head, consisted of the following vehicles: 609052/027/050/049, 31.70.4938.166/127, 33.70.4938.724/705/335/730/328/ 729. The second northbound W. H. Malcolm service, hauled by 66407, consisted of the following (the first service behind 66406 was travelling rather fast and nothing was noted from it!): 33.68.49089.466/ 492/921/366/969/495/457/481/449/357/326/948. Amongst the freightliner services were ones hauled by 90045, 86607+86638 and 90044. There were also two Colas Rail track vehicles, 73935 and 73923. They were working into a small engineers' siding adjacent to Platform 1 at Nuneaton. Quite a lengthy effort this time round, hope there's something of interest, see you next time.


Road Movements
02/01 Dmu car 960303 (975976/55031), M5 Michael Wood services in transit from Severn Tunnel junction to Long Marston. Choc/cream former GWR Auto Coach 178, M5 junction 19 Gordano, northbound at 14.45. HST power car 43135, M5 between junctions 13/14, Brush Loughborough-Laira (following accident repairs).


Bristol Industrial Museum, Harbour Railway       (R.W.Giles)   11/01/08
As reported in last months Magazine, the new stock shed at Smeaton Road bridge (on the former Cannon's Marsh branchline) is now in use with; Ruston/Hornsby 418792/59, FW 242/1874 (awaiting restoration) and former PBA Coles crane 14090 Pretty Flamingo inside. A second new shed has been built at Wapping Wharf, on the former rail entrance to the old coal stock yard. This one road shed, with a storage area, now houses steam locos; Portbury (AE 1764/17) and Henbury (P 1940/37).

Correction. January 2008 Magazine.

Under Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh Notes, page 8.
19/02 The 'missing' GBRf loco number should read 66726.


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