17/03 A previously unreported passenger working over the line saw what was believed to have been the 17.05 Edinburgh-Bristol TM Virgin XC service with Voyager set 221116, late running due to a bridge strike in the Berwick area passing around 00.45, running this way because of engineering work on the Filton bank.
01/04 Engineering work just west of Charlton tunnel saw the Filton-Hallen Marsh freight-only line blocked, with 59201 and 66043 noted on engineering trains, with at least the former returning to Westbury via Clifton Down.
03/04 66021 was noted in the bulk handling terminal at 12.50 with a long rake of low sided engineers wagons, believed to have been used in the Charlton tunnel area earlier in the day.
10/04 Mainline-blue liveried 60078 worked a 6W54 Westbury-Westbury departmental via Avonmouth, being reported as passing Dr. Day's Junction at 06.55.
15/04 Further track work in the Charlton tunnel area saw; 67027 + 67018 top n'tail a 6W14 07.36 Newport ADj-Filton West ballast, reversing at the worksite and 60100 on a materials train, later departing as 6W13 14.00 Holesmouth junction-Westbury being noted passing Sea Mills at 15.05. The relief Barton Hill driver for the latter train who was waiting at Avonmouth was found not to be Class 60 trained when the working arrived here!

The Severn Beach line has continued to be used as the route for the Virgin ECS working from Cardiff to Barton Hill on weekdays, also ballast trains have been heard passing through Montpelier late on Sunday evenings motive power not identified.

The two currently disused former LPG sidings, in the Royal Edward dock area are planned to be used as an additional coal loading area.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66021/043/079/092/142/163/179.
08405 continues as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

28/03 Cotswold-Rail 47810 worked overhauled HST power car 43183 down at 14.13 from Brush Loughborough works-Landore and returned in the opposite direction at 16.14 with 43187 for overhaul.
02/04 Four freights seen this evening, 66095 working Newport AdJ - Willesden "Enterprise" service, 66175 with cars from Portbury, 66040 with a loaded MGR from Portbury and finally 66044 with MGR empties for Avonmouth.
05/04 60068 was recorded on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers.
11/04 The Port Talbot resignalling work was reported as over running from Easter and not due for completion until 05.00 on 14/04! In the meantime, there were no passenger workings west of Cardiff and only a few freight workings. Having stabled overnight, DRS 37069 departed at 13.32 light-engine for Crewe, whilst earlier in the day at 09.07, Cotswold Rail (but up for sale) 31452 passed down light-engine for Eastleigh.
12/04 20303 + 20304 passed at 14.45 on 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks. Three workings recorded tonight, 66079 with MGR empties for Portbury, a visit by the NR HST using power cars 43013/062, and 31452 heading eastbound light engine.
13/04 180109 + 180114 worked up at 08.02 on a diverted Plymouth-Paddington First/GW service routed this way due to a track machine failure on the mainline near Westbury!! and the NRMT formed with an HST set with power cars 43013 + 43062 headed west at 12.30 to Cardiff returning at 13.58 in the up direction.
14/04 Pathfinder's 'Principality Freighter' (1Z37 06.19 Birmingham International-Onllwyn and 1Z74 13.33 return), a tour originally booked for DRS traction (and redated at least twice!) called slightly down on time behind 37422 + 37410, being noted near Pilning at 09.44. The train also visited Cwmgwrach, Swansea Burrows, Jersey Marine and Uskmouth with 60038 assisting in top n'tail mode. The stock was 6310 21272 3122 3112 3098 1863 5009 4927 5040 4902 5376 During the afternoon, FLHH 66582 was recorded on a Theale-Cardiff Pengam train of empty HIA wagons.
16/04 47810 was again reported on a Loughborough-Landore HST power car move hauling newly MTU engined 43124 + 43136. 66112 was noted with a loaded MGR from Portbury.
17/04 The morning 4V50 Millbrook-Wentlooge containers were reported as running 90 minutes late behind 66517 and West Coast Railway's 47854 with a saloon coach was in the area working 2Z01 09.30 Cheltenham-Llanelli and 2Z02 14.08 return (Pilning 16.43), working on to Derby the following day.
18/04 47703 and HST stock which had arrived from London the previous evening was noted stabled at 09.30, the coaches being later collected by 47810 for Laira. Anglian liveried 47714, which has not seen much use locally of late ran Gloucester-St. Phillips Marsh and back light-engine collecting 47703 on the return.
19/04 47810 hauling HST power car 43128 passed at 15.40 on a Landore-Brush Loughborough move.
20/04 47810 returned during the early evening from Loughborough hauling HST power car 43126 to Landore. Earlier, 'thunderbird' rescue loco 57302 had passed light-engine at 15.00 heading for Oxley.
21/04 60008 was in charge of the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers, but the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties were found to be cancelled.
22/04 Steam 45407 Lancashire Fusilier was back in the area, this time working Pathfinder Tour's 'Severnside Rambler' trips. The loco was noted passing Pilning at 08.54 on the 1Z76 07.50 Cardiff Central-Gloucester, which later in the day visited the Dean Forest Railway (as 1Z77 10.15 to Parkend and 11.50 return) and worked two return trips over the Sharpness freight-only line which had not seen any steam traction for over 40 years. The coaching stock in use was recorded as;- 35317 (loco support), 3140, 3107, 3098, 1863, W5009, 4927, 5040, 4902, W21272.
23/04 57302 put in a second appearance for the month at 10.45 heading westbound light-engine. Four freight workings noted during the evening starting with 66186 on the Newport ADJ - Willesden "Enterprise" service, 66191 with a loaded MGR from Portbury, 66519 with a loaded stone train heading east and 66161 with MGR empties for Portbury.
24/04 37038 + 20313 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and 60054 worked a down departmental to Newport ADJ at 15.12. The First/GW 13.15 Paddington-Cardiff HST service was terminated here on time at 14.44 due to a fuel leak on one of the power cars, 43156.
25/04 180105 working the First/GW 05.27 Paddington-Swansea service caught fire at Bourton, just east of Swindon resulting in a line blockage at the start of the morning peak period. As a result, several First/GW services were cancelled, others were diverted via the Berks & Hants route and eventually when the up line was reopened several were allowed to pass under single line operation. Normal working were resumed by 10.00, but disruptions continued as stock and traincrews were in the wrong place. Later, Virgin XC services suffered some delays due to a fatality in the Starcross area around dinner time.
26/04 Freight train observations during the day included; 57012 on the 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers, 60054 with the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties at 13.44 and 60035 at 15.52 on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks. 47810 worked down with two barrier coaches at 11.46. Later, brand new FLHH locos 66594 + 66588 + 66593 passed 98 minutes late at 18.25 as 0Z42 16.00 Newport docks-Crewe, 66593 then running light-engine to Southampton overnight. Two MGR workings this evening, 66191 with a loaded service from Portbury and 66185 with empties in the reverse direction. Also seen was 66009, heading eastbound with a rake of empty "Railtrack" hoppers.
27/04 47810 returned from Landore-Brush Loughborough with HST power car 43156, later returning a refurbished 43018 to Landore. Confusion and much speculation was the only way to describe the movement of the remaining five new FLHH locos! Two paths were available, an 0Z42 16.00 Newport-Crewe, via Parkway and an 0Z25 15.30 Newport-Crewe, via Chepstow, 66591 + 66590 + 66592 + 66589 + 66587, all eventually using the 0Z25 path passing through Newport station at 17.08.
28/04 The newly introduced Saturday's only Freightliner container train has been identified as 4Z54 10.00 Tilbury-Wentlooge (booked to pass Severn Tunnel Junction at 15.30), today's loco being 66568. Other freight workings during the day were recorded as 60092 on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks and 66168 with 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties.
30/04 DRS 37510 arrived light-engine to stable overnight, as 0Z37 10.00 Stowmarket-Stoke Gifford for a stoneblower move to Ashford the following day.
Our correspondent has noticed both platform shelters have recently been completely reglazed at Pilning station, the first time for many years! Also a small bike rack has been fixed near the entrance gate. Strange happenings indeed, as the station now has no stopping weekday services, only a couple of Saturday trains now call!!

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/04 For the Johnstone's Paint Cup Final between Bristol Rovers and Doncaster Rovers at the Cardiff Millennium stadium, the last cup final to be played here with Wembley now ready, a number of additional services operated to help convey some of the 40,000 Bristol fans to and from the event. EWS provided a top n'tail loco and stock formation with Royal 67006 and 67026 and coaches 5632, 5659, 6110 (all EWS maroon), 5910, 5946, 5986, 5984, 6158, 5987, 6051, 9537(all unbranded Virgin red livery). The day's diagram was; 5Z30 08.01 Bristol Parkway-Temple Meads ECS, then 1Z30 08.25 and 1Z34 11.05 departures from Bristol to Cardiff (with a 5Z34 09.20 Cardiff-Bristol ECS in between) and return 1Z52 16.22 and 19.20 departures from Cardiff to Bristol (with a 5Z55 17.39 Bristol-Cardiff ECS in between). Also First/GW operated an extra HST using power cars 43012 + 43186 at various times and the 08.15 Exeter-Cardiff and return 11.05 Cardiff-Portsmouth Harbour were noted strengthened formed 158765, 150247, 158762, 153369, 158763. Barton Hill depot was viewed at 08.30 the following being noted;- 08516. 66021/025/040. 67013/019. 220024/026/034. 221116. Steam loco; 45407 with support coach; 35517. Stored locos; 37077/(377)/379/696. Stored c/stock; 94190. Snowploughs; ADB965209/231. At Kingsland Road sidings; 66612/613 were both present.
02/04 Test DMU 950001 was noted stabled in the siding alongside platform 15 at 19.00. The set had visited Sharpness (late morning), Westerleigh and Tytherington (afternoon) as a 2Z08 06.30 Derby-Temple Meads working earlier. Other workings of interest during the day were; 60092 on the 6C01 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot steel and Cotswold-Rail 47810 on a 5Z50 14.30 St. Phillips Marsh-Brush Loughborough stock move with HST power car 43174.
03/04 Test unit 950001 worked west as 2Z08 07.00 Temple Meads-Plymouth (via the Yatton and Weston-super-Mare loops) and steam 45407 Lancashire Fusilier ran 09.08 Barton Hill-East Lancashire Railway with support coach 35517.
04/04 60053 worked 7C79 10.13 (MThO) Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal via Day's curve and an unidentified Class 66 arrived during the early afternoon on a VSOE working from Westbury (and worked a return 16.34 to Westbury) which had arrived there behind steam 35028 Clan Line from Victoria.
05/04 A MML HST set with power cars 43007 + 43072 was used on the 1V05 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and 1E47 11.50 return to Newcastle in place of a Voyager set and 47840 handled a 5Z72 18.27 Loughborough-Temple Meads move believed formed of barrier vehicles.
06/04 47840 was stabled in Temple Meads during the morning, and later seen running round two First/GW coaches. A late afternoon arrival was steam 71000 Duke of Gloucester on the first leg of the Railway Touring Company's 'Great Britain' railtour, which over the following week was to visit the most westerly and northerly parts of the rail sysem behind steam traction. However the 1Z42 12.42 Paddington-Temple Meads formed with an all maroon coaching stock set (W17041loco support coach, 99127, 99371, 1961, 99350, 99328, 99121, 99993 club car, 99128, 99125, 1882, 99304) was only 12 minutes down at Iver, but left the Challow water stop nearly an hour down due to the fire engine running out of water! The train was reported passing Wotton Bassett at 16.00 (booked 14.25) and seen passing Filton at 16.25, the booked arrival Temple Meads time being 15.22.
07/04 West Coast train's 47245 worked west with the next stage of the 'Great Britain' railtour (1Z23 07.16 Bristol TM-Penzance), the train returning as 1Z24 12.54 Penzance-Temple Meads headed by steam 5051 Earl Bathurst + 6024 King Edward I (noted on the Weston-super-Mare avoiding line at 19.17, having passed through Taunton without a booked water stop) arriving in Temple Meads at 19.50. Earlier, 47840 was active working a St. Phillips Marsh-Laira move with HST power cars 43140 + 43029, returning a 5F70 10.10 Laira-Old Oak Common stock move (via Bristol). Also 59203 was reported to have worked the 6C80 Machen-Westbury loaded stone. A railtour cancellation for the day was a Heartland Tours Easter Mystery dining circular excursion from Gloucester via Bristol.
08/04 The 'Great Britain' continued it's journey north behind 71000 Duke of Gloucester as 1Z43 12.55 Temple Meads-Preston (noted passing Filton Abbey Wood at 12.25 and Severn Tunnel junction at 12.38), the first water stop being at Hereford. Locos that featured later on the trip were; 6233 Duchess of Sutherland, 60009 Union of South Africa, 48151 and 61994 The Great Marquis. 47245 was shadowing the tour, passing Severn Tunnel junction at 12.52.
09/04 Steam loco 5051 Earl Bathurst ran 0Z21 10.20 Barton Hill-Didcot, with support coach via Bath and later at 17.45, an 0Z72 arrival from Crewe for Kingsland Road was formed 66623 (in a new Barton Aggregates blue livery) + 66585 + 66584 + 66582 + 66624. 66624 was a late substitute for 66602 which had failed. The test unit 950001 was again noted stabled in the siding near platform 15 during the evening.
10/04 950001 departed the area being seen passing Filton Abbey Wood at 17.22 for South Wales. Other workings noted during the day were; 60019 on 6B65 09.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ engineers and 66582, noted on the 4V60 Bath/Barrow Road refuse container train.
11/04 The First/GW 07.10 Bristol TM-Paddington service was cancelled. Two engineer trains recorded during the day at Filton were; 66253 + 66171 paired on the 09.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ (11.03) and 60078 on an extra up working to South Wales at 18.55.
12/04 During the afternoon, the blue liveried 66623 worked west early noted passing Yatton at 17.01 (booked in the loop here between 17.49-17.54 ) with 17 Freightliner green liveried HIA wagons as 6Z60 13.18 Neasden-Newton Abbot Hackney yard loaded sand. Earlier 66585 passed the same location up light-engine at 16.58.
13/04 60078 was on the 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADj departmental.
14/04 Steam 6024 King Edward I worked Pastime Rail's 1Z32 09.35 Bristol TM-Carmarthen and 1Z33 16.25 return 'The Red Dragon' and another tour recorded in the area was Compass Tour's 1Z49 05.59 Preston-Minehead and 1Z42 16.50 return top n'tailed by Victa-Westlink locos 47853 and 47847 with a mixed Anglian blue and former Virgin red stock formation. The 1Z42 was noted on the Weston-super-Mare avoiding line at Oldmixon at 11.24 being followed at 11.32 by 47840 on a further refurbished HST stock move running as 5Z72 08.48 Derby-Laira (which had left 70 minutes late) formed barrier coach 9493, 41163, 41166, 42198, 42093, 42094, 42207, 44076, 40205, 40204, and barrier 9490.
Overnight engineering work saw the First/GW 21.58 Cardiff-Portsmouth Harbour, terminate at Bath Spa and both the 20.22 Portsmouth Harbour-Cardiff and 21.25 Southampton-Bristol TM terminate at Westbury.
15/04 Further morning train alterations due to engineering work saw the First/GW 08.05 Cardiff-Portsmouth Harbour terminate at Bath Spa and the 09.35 Frome-Bristol TM terminate at Westbury. Road buses ran between Bath and Westbury for all of the affected services. Steam 6024 King Edward I returned to Didcot via Bath during the afternoon.
16/04 37087 + 37510 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and the Moorswater cement operated for the first time since September last year, running as 6Z20 18.36 (Mon) Hope sidings-Moorswater arriving behind 66519, for 66582 to take over. Earlier in the day 66582 had been on the 4V60 Calvert-Bath/Barrow road refuse containers.
17/04 66582 returned from Cornwall as 6M37 15.25 Moorswater-Hope sidings formed of only PCA cement tanks.
19/04 Having worked a stock move the previous day, 47840 was back stabled at Temple Meads with two coaches. An afternoon Neath-Newton Abbot Hackney yard stone working was headed by 66519 running around 90 minutes late, having been noted at Pilning at 17.15.
20/04 Virgin 'thunderbird' loco 57302 ran 0Z57 12.35 Laira-Birmingham NS.
21/04 59201 was on the Saturday's 6C80 Machen-Westbury yard loaded Hansons stone trip passing Filton at 15.04. Two railtours operated during the day, both via the Severn Tunnel, these being;- 67023 + 67026 on 1Z89 06.37 Hooton-Plymouth and 1Z90 16.08 return, passing Filton outward at 10.16 with coaching stock; 9713, 5986, 6006, 6027, 3334, 3277, 3417, 5929, 5950, 6056, 1212, 3379, 3336 and Compass Tours 'The Western Cathederals Express' with 47812 and 47853 top n'tailing 1Z91 07.14 Mosseley Hill-Salisbury and 1Z92 16.30 return with coaching stock; 9527, 5932, 5963, 3304, 3345, 5945, 6054, 1250, 3314, 3325 passing Pilning at 11.34 (8 minutes late). Problems on the return 1Z92, which had the locos double-heading from Salisbury, saw a swap round at Westbury for 47853 to take the lead, this train being 57minutes late at Pilning and running close to the return 1Z90 with the Class 67 locos.
22/04 Locos stabled in Kingsland Road during the day were;- 66519/527/550/584/606/613/619.
23/04 Some of the days observations recorded;- 60035 on 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal (reported leaving Margam at 11.20 and the return empties being seen near Saltford at 16.18), 66550 on the 4V60 refuse containers in Bath at 15.00 and 66041 on the Monday's only Westbury-St. Phillips Marsh fuel trip. SWT's 159107 was noted at 14.57 near Bath on a service from Waterloo.
25/04 67025 worked the VSOE into Bristol from Westbury having taken over there from steam traction and 47840 was on St. Phillips Marsh depot, later leaving on a 5Z77 16.20 working to Landore. During the morning, 60066 failed in the St.Annes area on the 6B65 09.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ engineers around 10.15, being assisted forward by 66205 from East depot which had arrived on the steel trip from Newport. The train was later seen passing Patchway at 14.00, although the hauling power was not reported.
26/04 Cotswold 47810 passed Standish junction at 11.24 on a 5F77 10.30 Gloucester-Laira stock move and 47815 + 47847 headed westbound light-engine as 0Z38 08.54 Crewe-Minehead for railtour duty during the following weekend.
27/04 Observations at Narroways Hill junction during the early afternoon saw;- 57302 Lair-Birmingham light-engine (13.09), Royal 67006 Barton Hill-Avonmouth light-engine (13.11) and 47840 on a Derby-Laira refurbished HST stock move formed; 41119, 41187, 42348, 42347, 42268, 42249, 44078 (with two barrier coaches in First/GW green/white colours) at 14.18. New track sections were in place alongside the running line ready for the junction here to be relayed over the May day bank holiday weekend.
28/04 Two railtours during the day saw; 47847 + 47815 double-head 'The Eternal City of York' (1Z30 05.55 Minehead-York, being noted just north of Yatton at 08.11 having called at Weston-super-Mare and 47851 top n'tailing 47245 the 'Georgian Bath' (1Z79 06.28 Skipton-Bath and 1Z80 17.25 return), noted outward passing Wickwar at 11.57. The former trip, was noted using the Scottish Railway Preservation society, Bo'ness maroon stock still present on the West Somerset Railway from the recent Spring gala (the stock numbers being reported in last month's Magazine). The 1Z79 was reported in trouble en-route in the Sheffield area with a partial failure on 47851, which was rectified by a travelling fitter!
30/04 47847 + 47815 returned the SPRS maroon stock as a 5Z73 07.59 Minehead-Bo'ness ECS.


01/04 For the Johnstone's Paint Cup Final between Bristol Rovers and Doncaster Rovers, as well as the additional workings for the Bristol fans (see Bristol TM notes & news) two extra loco hauled trains operated as 1Z41 08.25 Doncaster-Cardiff (EWS silver 67029) and 1Z42 08.40 Doncaster-Cardiff (Royal 67005), the latter working carrying a small 'Doncaster Rovers' headboard.
05/04 47810 + 47703 ran light-engine from Gloucester-Port Talbot during the afternoon.
21/04 37406 returned via Gloucester light-engine having earlier worked a Bescot-Newport ADJ engineers via Hereford and the Marches.
22/04 Steam returned to Sharpness for the first time in over 40 years. 45407 The Lancashire Fusilier worked two return Pathfinder 'Severnside Rambler' trips as 1Z78 14.30 Gloucester-Sharpness and 16.10 return and 1Z79 17.33 Gloucester-Sharpness and 18.45 return. The long term future of this branch line which currently sees only one DRS flask train working a week from Crewe, must be in doubt, with the decommissioning of Oldbury power station (following a 10 year life extension) due to start in December 2008. The docks remain rail connected with an internal rail system and it is known that talks are still underway regarding possible freight traffic operated by Victa-Westlink. The port exports scrap metal to China and India and imports cement from Spain, as well as small amounts of coal (origin unknown), all movements to and from the dock being by road. Dock land is also used for car storage acting as an 'overflow' site for Avonmouth.

Portbury Branchline

04/04 The test unit 950001 was booked to visit the branch line but the move was cancelled until later in the week.
06/04 An unusual visitor was 60063 on 6V16 13.08 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties, arriving at the port for loading at 17.09 for 6M46 19.00 to Ironbridge. The loco in the morning was allocated 6V32 Daw Mill-Didcot loaded coal!!
It has been noticed over the weekends during the month, a rake of coal empties have often remained stabled in the dock gate area.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;-
60063. 66014/017/100/157/163/179.
Locos recorded on the 6X52 16.30 Portbury-Washwood Heath loaded cars have included;-
03/04 66203. 04/04 66175. 11/04 66125. 13/04 66125. 17/04 66068.
20/04 66077. 30/04 66118.

Tytherington Branchline

The line has not seen any rail movements (only the 950001 test unit) since February this year. Along the line, the level crossing at Latteridge is reported to only have one crossing gate barrier.

Units noted this period included



09/04 Some of the newly delivered Freightliner 66s made an early return to Newport when 66623 hauled 66585 + 66584 + 66582 and 66602 from Crewe to Kingsland Road.
20/04 Locos noted today included 60078. 66121/129/142/186/210/539.
27/04 Freight services were noted behind 66056/074/180

New Class 66

MV Fairlift arrived at Newport Docks on 25th March with six new Freightliner locomotives on board and two others bound for Europe, also on board was ex GWR coach 6705 returning to the UK from a North American Railway Museum. 66582-585 were off loaded on the 26th March with 66586 following the next day. The first locos left as 0Z22 to Crewe with 66525 hauling 66584, 66582, 66583 and 66586 passing through Newport at 16:37 on 31/03/07. 66585 followed on 04/04/07 passing Newport at 14:45.

Build details are as follows
66582 20058772-004 11/2006
66583 20058772-005 11/2006
66584 20058772-006 11/2006
66585 20058772-007 11/2006
66586 20058772-008 12/2006
66625 20058772-003 11/2006
EU06 20058725-006 09/2006
EU07 20058725-007 09/2006

Another batch arrived on board MV Fairload on 20th April along with a further six for Europe. 66587-594 were all unloaded by 21/04/07. They left for Crewe in two batches the first departing on 26/04/07 at 17:45 with 66594 hauling 66588 + 66593. The second left at 17:00 on 27/04/07 consisting of 66591 + 66590 + 66592 + 66589 + 66587


4V50 Southampton - Wentlooge.
02/03 66533. 06/03 66517. 07/03 66539. 08/03 66574. 09/03 66577.
12/03 66577. 13/03 66535. 14/03 66541. 15/03 66532. 16/03 57009.
19/03 66579. 20/03 66571. 22/03 57009. 23/03 57010. 26/03 66573.
27/03 57010. 28/03 66573. 29/03 66571. 39/03 66572.

Bristol - Calvert Binliner
10/04 66582.


6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service
03/04 67020. 06/04 67019 + 67025. 10/04 67025. 11/04 67023 + 67027.
27/04 67006. 29/04 67006.

6C01 ADJ - Bristol
06/03 66217. 07/03 66169. 08/03 66075. 23/03 60072. 26/03 66232.
27/03 66009. 28/03 66205. 30/03 60235.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh
01/03 60041. 02/03 60027. 07/03 60036. 08-09/03 60074. 09/03 60074.
12/03 60500. 13-14/03 60049. 16/03 60073. 20/03 60072. 22/03 60054.
26-28/03 60043. 29-30/03 60054.



43051/056/057(NL)-EC, 66032/073/229 -France
WBAI: 66013/019/081/088/098/155/156/167/171/183/185/187/190/207/211/227
WBAK: 66006/016/075/078/119/126/134/142/148/189/226/239
WBAM: 66012/025/035/086/087/090/097/120/146/153/163/176/177/180/192/204/205/216/224
WBAN: 66003/011/015/020/039/043/051/077/084/093/094/118/149/152/161/174/179/182/194/195/225/232/236
WBBN: 66102/103/105/112
WBEN: 66072/212/243
WCAI: 60039/048/049/068 WCAK: 60035/044/083 WCAM: 60014/074
WCAN: 60019/024/029/062 WCBI: 60027 WCBK: 60041/091
WCBM: 60007/026

60099. 92025
CE: 90021. 92025. CS: 47355/760/776/786/792. TO: 60040/075/099. ZG: 47635/727. Colne Valley: 08411/460. Derby RVE: 31102.
LH Group: 08913. Goodmans Yard: 08926/946. DRS Crewe: 47790.
Tyseley Loco Works: 47770/773.

60044 - IM, 92003 -CE.


Booth: 31420/427. 37131 @ Kingsbury
EMR: 37678. 47721/722/733/734/737/749/750/789 @ Kingsbury
T Thomson: 08506/792/894/902. 47782

For Scrap/Re-sale?
EMR: 47780
North Norfolk: 08631 Glos & Warks: 08927 Foster Yeoman: 08947
Midland RC: 33046 Chinnor & PR: 37116 Kirkby Stephen: 37146
Cotswold Rail: 47715 Stratford Cl47 Group: 47732
47401 Group: 47761

Diesel Multiple Units

158771(HT)-PM, 784/790(PM)-NL

117: 51341/353/395/398. 59486/521 -Midland RC
51356/392. 59492 - Weardale
142001/030/063/068/070 @Blackpool
142004/009/029/062/064/067/071/095 @HT
158737/775/777/779 @ZB, 770/773/781 @CA

153311/313/326 -NC
159108 -SA

158770 (52770 + 58708 + 57770) 773 (52773 + 58702 + 52773)
159108 (52807 + 58701 + 57801)
165112 (58890 + 55426 + 58927)
166216 (58137 + 58616 + 58888)

Electric Multiple Units

Cars: 62083. 72702

Booth: 62083(310058), 72702(8303)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

40749. 41067/41112. 42194/225/227/229. 44027 -LA

GL: 6117/22/73. 9506/25 SL: 3232 ZB: 82128/134

1823. 3872. 4252. 4455. 5000 - NYMR (NR Registered)
3277/95. 3334/79. 3417. 5921/29/50/64/85/98. 6006/42. 9713 -CP

3433. 5141/99. 5746/84/96. 5847. 5915. 6149. 17089. 977.977

Booth: 977.977
Thomson: 80375/426/427/428. 94305/319/321/342/345. 94437/467.
Sims: 94204. 94439 @Exeter
Plym Valley: 5141/99. 17089. Glos&Warks: 80433/435

GCHP Grand Central HST Power Cars
GCHT Grand Central Operational Coaches
11017/038/045. 12033/044/088/112/121/136/149/152/155. 40424/426/433. 44065/068/089
GCST Grand Central Stored Coaches
11023/036/055. 12058/104/156
WFMU EWS Fleet Management Unit Stored Locos


Once again it's time for a run-down of snippets of information and sightings regarding the freight side of the business. I'll begin with some items of news that have come my way over the last month.
Firstly, it looks as though B&Q will be starting to use the railway with containerised traffic hauled by EWS.
The Hull Dock line is likely to be doubled to cope with extra capacity in coal traffic. Also more freight is to be routed over the line via Kirton Lindsey to assist with congestion in the area.
The water traffic has commenced to and from the ProLogis site at Coventry in continental vans. The vehicles traverse the old Coventry Colliery line at Three Spires Junction on the Coventry to Nuneaton branch.
It is believed that all the EWS bogie tanks in the 870xxx series are now in traffic. (I know that they have started to appear in the Colnbrook services through Leicester.)
The GBRf coal traffic has commenced between Tyne Dock and Drax. Some renumberings now.
Some "new" vehicles for Network Rail services are bogie wagons, the use of which is believed to be various. The vehicles in question, with their previous identities in brackets, are:
97126 (33.790.2797.126), 97138 (33.70.2797.138), 97147 (33.70.2797.147), 97151 (33.70.2797.151), 97161 (33.70.2797.161), 97162 (33.70.2797.162), 97166 (33.70.2797.166), 97216 (33.70.2797.2160, 97220 (33.70.2797.220), 97221 (33.70.2797.221), 97236 (33.70.2797.236), 97247 (33.70.2797.247).
The new vehicles are prefixed GERS.
The 395xxx 'Coalfish'-type vehicles now being noted in their dark grey livery are renumbered from the 'Limpet' 390xxx and 393xxx vehicles. Number series is 395251 to 395405 and they are renumbered in sequence from 390150 to 393035.
A couple of OCA vehicles stored at Derby RTC in internal use are 112005 and 112392.
More 'Coalfish' vehicles are appearing. The latest list of former identities are as follows:
396107 (356492), 396108 (356830), 396109 (356758), 396110 (359265), 396112 (356565), 396113 (356970), 396114 (356550), 396118 (356259), 396119 (357113), 396128 (356002), 396131 (357058), 396132 (3592540, 396133 (356953), 396134 (356955), 396135 (357027), 396136 (356416), 396138 (358907), 396130 (356108), 396140 (357562), 396141 (356453), 396142 (356663), 396144 (357116), 396145 (356963), 396146 (356465), 396147 (356954), 396150 (357235).

On to some of my personal sightings mow, starting with a cracker for me personally. I work alongside the old Humberstone Road yard at Leicester and there are still three holding/run-round sidings in situ. On Friday 11th May at 07.40 when I arrived at work 66099 (I think!) was parked with the following rake of EWS Aggregate bogie hoppers: 320007/ 042/ 041/ 025/ 017/ 019/ 043/ 032/ 031/ 027/ 022/ 011/ 029/ 026/ 039/ 014/ 040/ 030. Up to this point I had only ever identified one of these vehicles! What the working was I have no idea.
Another "score" of mine was on the British Gypsum service to and from East Leake worked by GBRf. Just recently single bogie flat 640652 has been added to the consist. There are two services a day to and from East Leake for British Gypsum, one worked by GBRf the other by EWS.
The usual Monday evenings have been spent equally between Rugby and Nuneaton and have been their usual productive periods. One thing noted recently has been the disappearance of class 57s on their usual services, replaced by class 66s obviously, although 47830 was noted at Nuneaton on 30th April!
On another personal note, locomotive-wise, it has been a profitable two weeks. On 30th April at Nuneaton I noted by last DRS class 66, 66415 on one of the W. H.Malcolm services, the same night logging Freightliner 66593 on the Trafford Park--Southampton service.
The following Saturday Lawley Street was host to 66587, 66588 and 66589 and on Saturday 12th May it hosted 66590 and 66591! Add to this the sighting at Blaby, on the Birmingham branch and my home village, of 66582 and 66625 light engine on 2nd May and I must say "It was a good month!"
Nothing too spectacular to report in my sightings, but freight totals of 18, 15 and 17 on the past three Monday evenings in my usual three-hour slot is not too bad.
I am off down to Christchurch for a week from 19th May, so my next report will include something different. Have a good month.


Loco Horns

The rail industry has decided that train horns need no longer be sounded between 23.00 and 07.00. The lower tone of the two-tone horn however, is permitted for use when passing whistle signs between these hours. This follows on to the end of sounding horns when entering tunnels, which finished a few years ago, and again benefited residents living alongside railway lines.


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