01/02 Not previously recorded has been the appearance of a white 'EWS Energy' sign attached to the Avonmouth Bulk Handling terminal sign on the office block at the beginning of January.
13/02 Changes at the West Wharf dock has seen the Port Authority install a new specialist quayside crane (with a new road lorry loading bunker) to deal with imported coal and stone. Only a small road container operation still takes place here, rail movements via the 6M33 Wembley 'enterprise' service having finished towards the end of last year.
14/02 An unidentified Class 59/0 was unusually employed on the 6C63 10.17 Westbury-Avonmouth and return 6C64 14.20 Avonmouth-Westbury loaded stone using Yeoman JHA wagons. This is normally a EWS Class 59/2 or 66 duty, these loco types being fitted with slow-speed control (used when weighing the loaded wagons), something the Class 59/0s do not have.
21/02 A second Class 59, 59002 worked the Avonmouth imported stone being the only loco available at Westbury, but at 10.30 it was passing Frome heading towards Merehead! The loco and train, again formed with Yeoman JHA wagons (numbering 14) departed Westbury at 12.42, arriving at Hallen Marsh at 14.15. Following loading the train departed 250 minutes late at 18.30! Another unusual visitor to the Bulk Handling terminal, freight-wise was the 6C02 12.56 Bristol East depot-Newport ADJ steel empties headed by 66153. The train formed of four empty BDA bogie flats departed at 14.20 having (with assistance from 66047) attached a covered steel BYA 'barrier wagon' (fitted with buck-eye couplings one end and swing the other) and six empty 'cripple' HTA coal wagons for eventual repair at Margam. This HTA wagon move would normally operate as a separate working.
23/02 EWS Silver-liveried 67029 + 67018 worked a return Newport ADJ-Avonmouth 'repaired' HTA wagon trip passing Patchway at 14.20.
26/02 From 10.00 until 14.00 on 03/03/07, the Bristol-Severn Beach line was closed to passenger trains whilst engineering work took place, the site office, mess cabins and rail excess point being beneath the M5 motorway viaduct at Avonmouth, West Town road. A point was renewed near Avonmouth Dock level crossing with track work replaced on the Avonmouth side of Shirehampton station and between Sea Mills and Clifton Down. All First/GW local passenger services were replaced by road buses during the closure period.
27/02 60096 was a most unusual visitor to the Avonmouth-Narroways junction section of the line on a 6W70 06.44 Westbury-Hallen Marsh autoballaster. The train (which was due to return empty as 15.00 Clifton Down-Westbury), being noted near Sea Mills at 12.00, eventually dropping ballast between here and Clifton Down during the late afternoon. A second autoballaster was noted passing through St. Andrews Road station at 13.44 behind 66012, heading along the branch towards Shirehampton.
28/02 A further autoballaster was seen near Avonmouth Dock level crossing during the early afternoon top n'tailed by 66165 and 66096. At Bennett's yard, more normal motive power was recorded on the Avonmouth import stone in the shape of 66082, the train being formed of Hanson JHA hoppers.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included; 66005/030/044/047/054/066/082/094/096/136/139/153/162/203/217/221. 09003 contiues as the area shunting pilot.
Track machines noted in use during the line closure period included; DR73925 Europa. Road/Rail excavators BCL36, Hydrex 3857, 4416/490, 5034. Bulldozer Hydrex 5443. Trailers Hydex RT114/151/224/226.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

01/02 180107 worked the 09.33 Swansea-Paddington First/GW service in place of an HST set.
02/02 FM-Rail liveried, but now Cotswold-Rail owned 31128 passed at 10.38 on 5Z45 09.59 St. Phillips Marsh-Brush Loughborough formed with a barrier coach and HST power cars 43124 + 43136 for overhaul and new MTU engine fitting. Later a Kingsland Road-Crewe light-engine move was noted passing Pilning at 11.10 formed 66581 + 66510 + 66603 + 66605.
03/02 Afternoon observations at Pilning recorded; 59204 with 6C80 Machen-Westbury loaded stone (14.45), 60021 on 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties (14.50) and 60034 on 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks (15.30). The 6C23 was reported as diverted via the Berks & Hants, due to a HST power car fire involving newly MTU engine fitted 43176 (working with 43063) at Didcot on the 08.00 Swansea-Paddington First/GW service which had blocked the line. This same power car had also been involved in a similar incident on 25/01/07 near Neath on another passenger working!
05/02 66615 + 66529 + 66610 + 66605 passed Pilning at 14.42 on an 0Z81 10.00 Crewe-Kingsland Road light-engine move and earlier 59201 had worked the Westbury blending stone trip from Westbury. Locos also recorded on this service during the month have included;- 59001 (06/02), 59002 (07/02), 59203 (08/02), 59201 (09/02) and 59004 (16/02). Despite the possibility of the movement of outward stone due to commence, the quarry at Tytherington has been reported as currently operating with only five employees! A 5Z46 11.10 Loughborough-Landore HST stock move (due Pilning 15.22), involving 31128 was cancelled.
06/02 60073 was on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty full tankers.
08/02 West Coast Railway's owned 33025 passed Parkway at 10.45 heading north light-engine following a snowplough stand-by duty at Temple Meads. The First/GW 07.30 Carmarthen-Paddington HST service was reversed and diverted via Bath and Box due to debris reported on the track in Chipping Sodbury tunnel. A late running 6V10 Wembley-Newport ADJ 'enterprise' freight service over 12 hours late was recorded with 66169.
09/02 Observations passing Parkway station during the day included;- 66551 with a down concrete sleeper working towards Filton (12.20); a MML HST set with power cars 43050 + 43060 on 10.25 Derby-Plymouth Virgin XC service (12.38); an empty 'mini' HST stock move formed 43198 Oxfordshire 2007 + 44059 + 43031 (12.55), the former having been named at a ceremony at Oxford station earlier in the day to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the county of Oxfordshire; 57312 down light-engine towards Filton (14.20) and the HST formed NRMT (with power cars 43013 + 43014) towards Temple Meads (16.25).
10/02 The latest Cotswold-Rail Class 47, 47810 to be named called on a 'Heartland Tours' 1Z27 07.30 Gloucester-Brighton railtour formed with eight Blue Pullman and two former First/GW liveried coaches top n'tailed with 47703. The loco was later named at the South Coast resort 'Captain Sensible' by the guitar playing musician who belongs to the punk rock group The Damned.
11/02 Blue liveried 47840 passed during the mid-afternoon on an Old Oak Common-Landore stock move formed with a single coach 12100.
12/02 57312 passed at 11.03 light-engine heading northbound.
13/02 Carrying the new First/GW 'neon line' livery, 150244 called at Parkway with the 14.09 Creat Malvern-Taunton First/GW local service.
15/02 60029 was on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel empties and 66607 worked 6V60 Angerstein Wharf-Wentlooge stone empties.
16/02 60036 passed at 12.44 on what was believed to have been a diverted 6V05 Round Oak-Margam steel service and 47703 appeared at 15.05 hauling re-engined HST power cars 43023 + 43177 from Brush Loughborough-Landore. Surprise Class 37 activity saw 37411 + 37425 reinstated and run 'on test' as 0B47 Margam-Westerleigh light-engines (passing Parkway at 16.45) prior to piloting the 6B47 17.10 Westerleigh-Robesten fuel empties with 60099, which departed at 18.10. The locos were to work a railtour during the following day (see Bristol Temple Meads Notes & News). Also, elsewhere, 37401 was reported to have been reinstated the previous day at Bescot and 37422 was 'on test' at Eastleigh and worked the 6M44 Eastleigh-Wembley 'enterprise' freight!! Also seen during the afternoon was the NRMT HST set formed with power cars 43013 + 43014 on the Swindon-Swansea-Derby diagram.
17/02 The Severn Tunnel was closed for engineering work through the day and also during the following day.
20/02 37411 + 37425 returned to 'store' as 0F85 09.30 Didcot-Margam light-engines. 60026 later headed 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties formed with what appeared to be new bogie wagons (HOA) carrying a white livery with 'EWS Construction' on their sides.
21/02 47703 passed during the afternoon on a St. Phillips Marsh-Loughborough HST power car move hauling 43027 + 43188.
22/02 47703 returned on a Loughborough-Landore power car move hauling re-engined MTU fitted 43035, the working being reported as passing Westerleigh junction at 15.15. 60038 powered the 6B33 Theale fuel empties.
23/02 37602 + 37609 passed Parkway at 14.10 on 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks, the first time this service having operated for several months due to the power station at Hinkley Point being shut down for maintenance. The station was due to begin supplying electricity to the National Grid again during March.
24/02 The 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel empties headed by 60054 (still in Trainload-petroleum colours) was routed via Bath, Parkway (passing here at 15.45), Westerleigh junction and Gloucester due to the closure of the Severn Tunnel for engineers work.
25/02 The Severn Tunnel was open from engineering works during the previous day, and some extra First/GW HST services operated for the Carling Cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium. No extra loco hauled trains ran, but delays of up to two hours were reported due to signalling problems between Newport and Cardiff.
27/02 47810 passed Yate at 15.50 on a 5Z77 Derby-Laira HST stock move formed of MML coaches; 41112, 41067, 40749, 42194, 42229, 42227, 42225, 44027 (with barrier vans 6336 and 6338). It has been learnt that these coaches will be 'on hire' to First/GW until at least November this year to cover overhauls and will operate as set LA79.
28/02 Steam 5051 Earl Bathurst was seen during the late morning running as 5Z50 10.52 Didcot-Landore loco and support coach to work a Swansea-Paddington railtour during the following day.
Work continues to progress on the new third platform, on the up side (believed to be platform 0?), meanwhile the platforms at the nearby former Royal Mail depot are reported to be destined as a new training area for NR trackside staff. The Stanley Farm footbridge, just south of Filton Abbey Wood station is to be fitted with protective cages with two others at Lochleaze and Narroways Hill expected to follow. This is due to continual vandalism and trespass along this mainline section over Filton bank and Ashley Hill.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/02 47703 worked the overnight 1C99 23.50 Paddington-Penzance First/GW sleeper service inplace of an unavailable Class 57/6.
02/02 The 1C99 sleeper service was again introuble and cancelled, with the failure of 57604 early into it's journey. 60095 was reported as the assisting loco! DRS 37605 + 37611 top n'tailed the Paddington-Plymouth leg of the NRMT inplace of an unavailable HST set. The train however did not appear on the Bristol section and return which was assumed not to have run.
03/02 57602 was recorded passing Worle junction (Weston-super-Mare) at 09.02 on what appeared to be the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service, assumed running this late due to another loco failure!!
59204 was on the Saturday's only 6C80 Machen-Westbury loaded stone trip.
04/02 Newly refurbished SWT's 159101 was noted on the 12.20 Waterloo-Bristol SWTs service.
05/02 60002 worked the 6C01 Newport ADj-Bristol East depot steel service, the return 6C02 being recorded running late at Pilning at 14.38.
06/02 The Freightliner Heavy-haul 6Z39 12.44 Neath Abbey Wharf-Newton Abbot Hackney yard (for Plymouth Tavistock yard) loaded stone operated behind 66622 passing during the late afternoon.
07/02 A return 6Z21 13.52 Newton Abbot Hackney yard-Crewe Basford Hall yard train of stone empties was cancelled, the booked loco 66622 (from the previous day's westbound working) running light from Newton Abbot to Taunton Fairwaters yard. Other workings of note during the day saw Royal 67005 arrive with the VSOE from Westbury, steam 35028 Clan Line having worked the train to here from London and West Coast Railway's 37248 + 33025 which arrived in Temple Meads at 18.18 for snowplough standby duties, the Class 37 continuing onwards to Cardiff.
08/02 Due to the adverse wintry weather Virgin XC revised its timetable for the day. 47810 handled a an early afternoon 5Z83 Gloucester-Laira stock move formed with three barrier coaches.
09/02 A weekend Pathfinder Tours 'Moray Maurader' excursion (Cardiff-Aberdeen) booked for Class 50 haulage throughout was cancelled presumably due to 50031 being out of service.
10/02 59101 was on the Machen-Westbury stone trip and 66235 made a rare daylight appearance (having left Exeter at 10.30) in the area during the late morning on 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine loaded slurry tanks. This service, which started in the late eighties and once operated twice weekly has been confirmed as finishing in November this year when imported clay is due to arrive for Scottish use via the port of Aberdeen. Also on the subject of china clay, the local Cornish operation currently in the hands of EWS is expected to be put out to tender shortly.
12/02 Medite liveried (GBRf owned) 66709 ran 0Z77 12.30 Willesden-Laira light-engine via Bristol to work a return stock move the following day. An afternoon 0Z25 Crewe-Kingsland Road loco movement saw 66581 + 66618 + 66550 + 66607 arrive in Bristol together.
13/02 66709 returned on a 5Z66 05.45 Laira-Derby HST stock move formed; 41148, 41159 42318, 42319, 42320, 42321 44091 for refurbishment.
15/02 60034 worked the 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury Cement works loaded coal via Day's curve having been reported passing Filton at 13.57, 60097 was on the 6C01 Bristol East depot loaded steel trip and 66581 was on a further 6Z39 Neath Abbey Wharf-Newton Abbot loaded stone.
17/02 Pathfinder's 'The Bard n' Birch' railtour (1Z37 06.26 Temple Meads-Stratford-on-Avon and 1Z39 17.00 Quainton Road -Temple Meads return) was worked by 37411 + 37425 (in place of the originally booked DRS power). Both locos had been reinstated the previous day (see Bristol Parkway Notes & News), 37422 also being present prior to departure having brought in the tour stock (5376, 5366, 5292, 5276, 5322, 1863, 21272, 3119, 3097, (3066), W6311) as 5Z37 02.27 Old Oak Common-Temple Meads, before departing northbound light-engine at 06.23. Another railtour during the day was the Railway Touring Company's 1Z82 07.08 East Croydon-Temple Meads and 1Z83 16.33 return, worked throughout by steam 34067 Tangmere. Movements after arrival during the early afternoon were;5Z82 13.53 Temple Meads-Bristol West ECS, 5Z47 14.15 loco and support coach to Barton Hill depot for servicing and returning 5Z68 16.02 Barton Hill depot-Bristol West loco and support coach and 5Z83 16.21 Bristol West-Temple Meads ECS. Also noted during the morning were newly First/GW 'neon' liveried 150244 and 150249.
18/02 The previous days railtour stock was noted on the down through line stabled behind 37425 + 37411 booked to run as 5Z40 12.05 ECS to Crewe. 37422 was originally allocated to cover the return duty but was needed in Devon on engineer duties working 6W19 23.27 (sat) Exeter (Riverside)-Totnes and 17.00 Totnes-Exeter (Riverside) in a top n'tail formation with a Class 66. The stock was expected to stable over night in the East depot freight terminal, with the driver booking on at 11.00 for a 11.40 departure this however was changed. This was not the only change as at 11.30 there was no driver available! The train eventually going forward as 5Z40 15.05 Temple Meads-Didcot (noted passing Saltford at 15.37), even though there was single line working between Bathampton and Wootton Bassett and the expected route was via Badminton! Other observations during the morning saw 220014 unusually stabled in platform 1, departing empty just after midday empty for Central Rivers depot and independent drift snowplough (ZZAs) ADB965208 and ADB965231 in the car park siding at Barton Hill depot both having recently arrived by road. At 12.39, 66622 + 66556 passed through platform 15 light-engine for Kingsland Road where 66550/551/581/610 were already stabled.
19/02 57312 ran northbound light as 0Z57 08.27 Laira-Birmingham and later 47703 was seen passing Yatton at 14.27 running as 0Z80 12.10 Laira-Gloucester also light-engine. 37422 was reported working off Westbury on an Eastleigh departmental service. This date marked Virgin's 10th Anniversary as the Cross-Country trains franchise operator and a general uplift in travelling passenger numbers has been reported such as between Bristol and Plymouth with figures of 25,547 between 2004/5 which has increased to 54,030 for the same period between 2005/6.
20/02 47703 was noted stabled in the up Platform 5 bay at Temple Meads having worked wagons to Long Marston earlier in the day and Voyager unit 221102 has been reported as 'spotter friendly' with black set numbers applied to one end above platform level!
21/02 The First/GW new 'neon' liveried HST set entered service, with MTU refurbished power cars 43098 + 43165, working; 12.15 Paddington-Cardiff, 14.55 Cardiff-Paddington, 17.30 Paddington-Weston-super-Mare and 20.01 Weston-super-Mare-Paddington. For the record the intermediate coaches were reported as; 41085, 41167, 40231, 42259, 42167, 42168, 42169, 44068. Also during the afternoon, EWS silver liveried 67029 worked in on a VSOE dining special from Victoria being noted passing Twerton (near Bath) at 13.17.
23/02 37602 + 37609 were paired on the 6V74 Crewe-Bridgwater nuclear flasks, noted passing Yatton at 06.30.
26/02 60099 was on the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel trip and 66507 headed a 6Z55 07.01 Plymouth Tavistock yard-Moreton-on-Lugg train of stone empties.
27/02 Another Class 60, 60029 was on the Bristol East steel.
Cotswold-Rail are rumoured to be starting their first time-tabled passenger operation with a Summer Saturday and Monday's only Temple Meads-Minehead (on the WSR) service, assumed Class 47 hauled with a short MkII rake of stock and aimed at people holidaying in the Butlins holiday camp. It is felt a trial rail service from Bristol may be justified as opposed to the long drive from Bristol to Bridgwater and on A roads only to the resort. Red coats are expected to be on board to greet the holiday makers on arrival at Temple Meads!


04/02 Cotswold-Rail 47828 hauled First/GW HST power car 43018 from Gloucester-Loughborough for overhaul.
06/02 Peak 45112 was noted returned to Gloucester, stabled near Horton Road level crossing on the power signal box side, with coach 1211.
07/02 47828 arrived early afternoon from the north light-engine.
14/02 47703 moved refurbished HST power car 43147 from Gloucester-Landore for commissioning.
Sunday 22/04, will see steam return to the Sharpness branch line, the first time for 40 years as part of Pathfinder Tours 'Severnside Rambler' trips. Loco 76079 will make two passenger trips along the freight-only line and will also visit Parkend, on the Dean Forest Railway becoming the first through excursion from the main rail network to do so. The train will commence and terminate at Cardiff Central, picking up at Newport, Cam & Dursley and Gloucester outward, returning in the evening via Lydney and Chepstow.

Portbury Branchline

19/02 A further load of Landrovers arrived for export with the morning empty car carriers from Washwood Heath. Further investigations have revealed that the vehicles are Landrover 'Freelanders' which originate from Halewood, not Solihull as previously reported. The flat wagons they arrive on, actually return empty not loaded, also correcting the previously stated information.
Locos recorded on the 6X52 16.30 loaded cars to Washwood Heath during the month have included;-
06/02 66204. 14/02 66159. 15/02 66027. 19/02 66146. 20/02 66146.
26/02 66167. 28/02 66130.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66092/101/173.

Units noted this period included
Notes; 158966* was operating as 52866+57866 now in a two car formation.


New Class 66

MV Fairload arrived at Newport Docks on 06/02/07 carrying the latest Freightliner locomotives 66623 and 66624. They were quickly unloaded 66624 at 10:50 and 66623 at 11:28, 09101 was in attendance as quayside pilot. 66623 carried a Bardon Aggregates blue livery. Both locos left the docks for at Basford Hall at 15:37 on 08/02 running as 0Z33.

Also on board were six European 66s, EU02-EU05 destined for Freightliner Poland, and EU08 and EU09.

The build details are as follows;
66623 20058772-001 11-2006, 66624 20058772-002 11-2006
EU02 20058725-002 09-2006, EU03 20058725-003 09-2006
EU04 20058725-004 09-2006, EU05 20058725-005 09-2006
EU08 20058725-008 09-2006, EU09 20058725-009 11-2006


02/02 Today's 6V19 Immingham - Margam hailed by 66056 included TPO vehicle 80382 in the consist along with the normal girders and covered steel wagons.
07/02 37248 hauled 33025 from Carnforth - Temple Meads as 0Z37 running via Maindee North-East Junctions. The 37 then ran light to Canton, both locos returned north the following day.
09/02 66615 headed 66606/605/620 on a Kingsland Road - Basford Hall light Engine movement. 67005 hauled a Swansea - Edinburgh Rugex charter service.
13/02 66528 hauled 6Z97 Beeston - Tidal Sidings scrap service via the Marches line.
15/02 66581 was in charge of 6Z21 Hackney Yard - Neath Abbey Wharf service.
16/02 47703 was in charge of a HST power car transfer to Landore Depot, returning with 43023 and 43177 heading for Brush Loughborough. 37425 and 37411 were reinstated to traffic to work a railtour on 17/02, they ran light engine from Margam to Westerleigh returning with 6B47 Westerleigh - Robeston assisting 60099 as far as Margam were 60099 continued alone.


4V50 Southampton - Wentlooge.
01/02 57005. 02/02 57012. 06/02 66575. 07/02 66536. 08/02 57011.
09/02 66533. 12/02 66534. 13/02 66536. 14/02 57005. 15/02 66571.
16/02 66535. 19/02 66542. 20/02 66502. 21/02 66541. 22/02 66537.
23/02 66503. 26/02 66542. 27/02 66504. 28/02 66567.


6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service
07/02 67018. 21/02 67019. 23/02 67018 + 67029. 27/02 67018.

6C01 ADJ - Bristol
01/02 66235. 02/02 66046. 06/02 66238. 07/02 66210. 09/02 66048.
13/02 66109. 16/02 60097. 19/02 66207. 20/02 66119. 21/02 66153.
22/02 66132. 28/02 66207.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh
01/02 60038. 02/02 60038. 06/02 60034. 07/02 60038. 08/02 60038.
09/02 60074. 13/02 60099. 15/02 60099. 16/02 60099. 19/02 60036.
20/02 60036. 21/02 60036. 22/02 60036. 23/02 60036. 26/02 60027.
27/02 60027. 28/02 60027.


Welcome to another collection of snippets and news from the freight side of the railways. I do hope that these little efforts are of use to everyone interested in this side of the system. Starting with a few bits and bobs of news as usual, firstly some information regarding new vehicles running on the system. Three of the new Freightliner bogie hoppers 369114, 369115 and 369116 were noted in this country on arrival on 23rd February. The new batch of 'Coalfish' have been mentioned regularly a lot recently. The following are shown with the identity of their donor vehicles in brackets: 396102 (357132), 396103 (356941), 396104 (356533), 396105 (356939), 396115 (393270) and 396117 (357362). As more information arrives I will endeavour to include it in this report. Whilst on the topic of the new 'Coalfish', a couple of vehicles were noted at Westbury on 24th February carrying numbers 395340 and 395392. They were in black livery with yellow tops. What these two vehicles were originally is not known but they were in a rake of about 14 similar vehicles! The two cartic sets involved in the fire in Scotland recently were 23.87.4375.030/044. They were burned out in the accident. Corus at Lackenby have taken 30 BDAs into internal use, with another 50 to follow suit. Noted at Didcot in February amongst ten on the train were the following bogie MoD well wagons 98030/31/32/33. These were converted from the German vehicles which spent a lot of time stored at Long Marston. The Tiphook bogie flats - 93xxx series - which were converted to a few years ago are now being renumbered back. Two are still in use by Balfour Beatty at Hither Green in their continental identity. Ten Cargowaggon vans in the 33.70/ series have been moved from store at Carlisle Kingmoor to W. H. Davis at Langwith Junction. Now on to my personal sightings. My usual Monday night visits to Rugby and Nuneaton have been supplemented by some daytime visits, a couple to Nuneaton and one to Peterborough. The first Nuneaton one, on 14th February, was only from 12.30 to 15.55 in the afternoon but 20 freight were noted. Nothing too startling, but a few "cops". The best train noted on this date was back at Leicester at 16.30, 66711 and 66716 top and tailing the following consist: 503041/ 042/031/080/010/036/003/024/013/009/049/043/015/037/084/032/021/023/004. The Peterborough one was on Saturday 3rd March, ostensibly to see the new GBRf 66s, all of the examples required being noted. But the frustrating thing during this visit was a rake of the new EWS Aggregate hoppers in the 320xxx series in New England yard - none of which could be identified! But 10 freight were noted which is not bad for a Saturday on the ECML. The second day visit to Nuneaton was on Thursday 8th March from 09.45 to 16.25 a period in which 28 freight were noted. Highlights were: 66522 noted at Croft with the Neasden service formed of the following: 369086/078/076/101/099/096/092/098/090/093/097/100/095/098/102. Nice!; 66015 on the following (very) mixed engineers' service: 200462. 210123, 200433, 200943, 200529, 210338, 110080, 394581, 394594, 291444, 394578, 29014, 29034, 29223, 29208, 29120, 29216, 460167, 110623, 200290, 200281, 100066, 200753, 460099. A Northampton to Bescot working apparently; 66708 with the following GBRf service from Hams Hall: 650034/033/038/037/040/039/003/004/022/021 640621/622/603/604/630/629 630029/030/035/036. Dropping back to the evening of 5th March at Nuneaton, 92028 was noted heading north at approximately 19.30 with the Bari container train - which was supposed to have ceased in December! One more nice sighting (for me at least) was at 07.15 on 7th March with 66555 passing Leicester with the following Freightliner coal consist: 370060/117/143/059/402/322/139/362/376/407/189/369/179/113/083/355. With the coal and Freightliner traffic seemingly busy at the present time, try Didcot for a location visit. Won't be too bad at the moment. One final bit of news, the new 'Coalfish' in the 396xxx series are now starting to appear on the Doncaster-Stud Farm aggregate traffic through Leicester. More next time.

Industrial & Preservation Matters

24/02 Class 52 D1015 Western Champion worked Pastime-Rail's 'Western-South-Western' (1Z52 07.30 Waterloo-Okehampton) via Salisbury, Yeovil, Honiton and return. This marked the 30th Anniversary of the end of diesel-hydraulics on the Western Region of BR, with a farewell tour on Saturday 26/02/77 involving D1013 Western Ranger and D1023 Western Fusilier visiting Swansea and Plymouth from London. D1010 Western Campaigner and D1048 Western Lady were also involved in the trip, following together light-engine incase of any problems! February 2007 also marks D1015's 5th year of mainline preservation running.

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