02/01 At 12.30, 67017 + 67019 worked a rake of empty coal HTAs from the east to the west sidings before departing light-engine for Barton Hill depot.
16/01 The first load for the year of imported Irish stone from Belfast was due to arrive by sea around this date.
17/01 High winds saw coal loading via the silos suspended at 13.00.
24/01 The Fisrt/GW 06.20 Severn Beach-Weston-super-Mare local service, believed to be formed of a Class 143 unit struck and killed a horse on the line, not long into it's journey near Severn Beach. No one was injured in the incident, and the driver was able to remove the body from the running line and able to continue, but the line was closed whilst road/railer BCL209 (which was present at Hallen Marsh) was used to remove the animal's body.
25/01 An announcement was made that will see service and possible station improvements along the Severn Beach line with Bristol City Council reinstating its 140,000 subsidy which was withdrawn a year ago. The move follows a campaign by Friends of Surburban Bristol Railways (formerly known as the Friends of the Severn Beach Line) who lobbied the council. A half hourly 'off-peak' service will be introduced from the December 2007 time-table change between Avonmouth and Temple Meads. A further 450,000 will follow towards the service for a three year trial period, which could see some stations being equipped with automatic ticket machines and new arrival/departure screens.
31/01 66136 was recorded with the imported stone, now retimed to run as 6C63 10.17 Westbury-Avonmouth and 6C64 14.20 loaded return.
An incident at Sea Mills, where embankment repairs had been taking place close to the river over bridge, saw the line closed between 17.30-18.00 whilst fireman dealt with a blaze which destroyed a contractors digger machine at the worksite.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included; 66006/027/044/059/082/089/100/101/105/108/133/138/165/168/177/184/188

09003 continues as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

08/01 Three freight workings seen this evening, 66100 with MGR empties for Avonmouth, 66211 working ADJ - Willesden "Enterprise" service and 66222 with a loaded MGR from Portbury.
09/01 Following a period of heavy rain, flooding between Westerleigh junction and Wootton Bassett saw diversions via Bath and Box.
10/01 Diversions were still operating during the day due to flooding.
11/01 Similar to 08/01, the MGR workings were 66243 from Portbury and 66067 to Portbury and 66154 with ADJ - Willesden "Enterprise" service.
12/01 Cotswold-Rail 47810 worked a 5Z86 07.05 Landore-Brush Loughborough stock move formed with HST power car 43017 (being noted in Pilning up loop around 08.00) and returned a 5Z87 16.00 Loughborough-Landore working hauling MTU re-engined 43163.
15/01 Just a couple of MGR services seen this evening, 66191 with a loaded train from Portbury and empties in the reverse direction behind 66008. MetCam departmental DMU set 901001 was at Parkway, leaving as 4Z08 17.01 to Penzance.
Earlier 59004 was on the Westbury-Tytherington loaded inward blending stone with 59101 (16/01), 59201 (17/01) and 59101 (19/01) also being recorded during the month.
18/01 Short stay this evening saw 66191 work through with a loaded MGR from Portbury.
19/01 The new liveried First/GW 'launch train' to South and West Wales was cancelled due to safety issues, these workings being booked as 5Z30 09.02 Old Oak Common-Newport, 1Z30 to Swansea, 1Z31 return to Newport and 5Z31 14.53 Newport-St. Phillips Marsh.
22/01 A rundown at Wentlooge terminal has been reported with the depot opening times being between 06.00 and 18.00 daily each weekday. Today's 4V50 containers ex. Millbrook were reported as running 139 minutes late behind a Class 66 loco.
22/01 Four MGRs seen this evening, 66213 stabled in the yard with empties, loaded service from Avonmouth with 66165, two rakes of empties 66082 heading for Avonmouth and 66008 bound for Portbury. Also seen was 66507 with a loaded stone train from South Wales eastbound towards Reading.
23/01 Morning observations at Pilning recorded the following;
66208 with 6B65 Westbury-Newport Adj departmental (10.26), 66503 on 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers (10.56), 66004 with 6C01 Newport ADj-Bristol East loaded steel (11.19) and 66202 on 6F27 East Usk-Portbury coal empties (11.27).
Also seen during the morning was newly re-engined 43154 (with working with 43165) on the First/GW 09.55 Cardiff Central-Paddington service carrying crudely applied yellow & black masking tape over its lower front panelling. Further investigations found the power car had been involved in a fatality near Frome several days previous.
The EWS 66 hauled, 6C63 empty gunnells to East Usk were reported in trouble in the London area with wagons derailed in Acton yard.
25/01 66581 was on a 6V60 12.01 Angerstein Wharf-Newton Abbot Hackney yard loaded stone and 60038 worked 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks.
26/01 31106 and green-liveried 31190 top n'tailed 1B00 11.57 Swindon-Swansea test train, passing Pilning at 13.01 (formed with coaches ADB977986, 999550, ADB977868, 6264), before returning on 1Z94 15.01 Swansea-Derby, also having worked Paddington-Taunton-Swindon during the morning. This was in place of the unavailable NRMT HST set.
27/01 Track repair work in the Cheltenham area, saw rail replacement road coaches running between Parkway and Birmingham New Street.
60038 was on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers during the afternoon.
29/01 Three freights seen this evening, 66168 with MGR empties for Avonmouth, and from this location 66027 with a loaded train. Final working was the ADJ - Willesden "Enterprise" service powered by 66207.
31/01 A morning landslip, west of Chipping Sodbury, saw 500 tonnes of rubble end up on the up line. Diversions were initially put inplace, then the down line reopened with a speed restriction through the site, putting an extra 30-40 minutes on journey times. By 15.00 both lines were reopened.
60017 was over at Westerleigh allocated 6E77 fuel empties to Port Clarence.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

27/12 This was the final day of not previously recorded engineering work in the London area which saw First/GW services starting and terminating at Ealing Broadway instead of Paddington from 12.15 on 24/12/06 until 06.15 today.
29/12 Pathfinder's 'Yo Ho-Ho' spin and win railtour (06.10 Swindon-Preston) via Day's curve and Parkway was hauled outward through the Bristol area by 66210 and returned by 66120. In between, 37194 + 37229, 60030 and 86614 had powered the train.
30/12 A MML HST set with power cars 43073 + 43081 worked the 1V05 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and 1M32 18.25 Plymouth-Derby inplace of a Voyager set.
03/01 Portbury bound MGR empties hauled by 66158 seen at 23.30.
To maintain Freightliner Heavy-Haul driver route knowledge in Cornwall, 66604 ran 0Z50 07.30 Kingsland Road-Kingsland Road via Penzance!
With the Hope-Moorswater cement having finished, during September last year, a new flow using four-wheel PCA tank wagons from Westbury cement works is due to commence later this year. Another new service to Theale is also planned to operate again from Westbury.
04/01 Another new FLHH working was 66559 on 6Z39 12.55 Neath Abbey Wharf-Newton Abbot Hackney Yard loaded stone working through the area during the late afternoon. This is expected to become a regular once weekly working.
05/01 Two stock moves recorded during the day were;
47828 on a 5Z74 12.38 Laira-St. Phillips Marsh formed; HST power car 43179, 44059, 6348 (barrier coach), 10219 (noted passing Yatton near enough to time at 14.24) and later GBRf 66709 with a 5Z83 16.05 Derby-Laira with; 6338 (barrier), 42167, 42259, 40231, 6336 (barrier), the HST coaches were all carrying the new First/GW 'neon' lined livery. The Class 67/7 returned light-engine as 0Z13 00.35 Laira-Willesden.
06/01 Engineering work between Swindon and Didcot saw First/GW passenger diversions as well as some services terminating and starting at Swindon or reversing and running via Melksham. This was again the case during the following day.
Railgrinder unit DR79251/252/253/254/255/256/257 worked 6Z03 09.58 Derby-Exeter (Riverside yard), working 8Z03 10.00 Exeter-Meldon quarry the following day.
07/01 An HST set was used in place of the booked loco and coaches on the overnight First/GW 1A40 23.00 Penzance-Paddington sleeper service.
09/01 Departmental stock moves during the day saw test unit 950001 work 2Z08 08.17 Bristol TM-Penzance and the rail-grinder set return north as 6Z03 10.29 Exeter (Riverside yard)-Derby, noted passing Yatton at 12.31.
10/01 47810 ran light-engine as 0Z70 13.30 Temple Meads-Laira, returning on 5Z70 17.06 Laira-Old Oak Common formed of eight HST coaches flanked by a barrier coach at each end. The return was assumed route via Westbury.
Diversions were noted in operation due to flooding between Westerleigh and Wootton Bassett (see Bristol Parkway Notes & News);
66177 with a Didcot-Avonmouth train of empty coal HTA wagons being seen rounding Day's curve at 15.10. A view of nearby Barton Hill depot found Arriva Trains Wales 142083 present for overhaul, this being reported as the final Welsh pacer set for treatment. Over at Kingsland Road sidings, 66529/530/604/613 were all stabled and at 15.21, 66551 + 66581 passed them heading towards Bath light-engine.
11/01 Test unit 950001 returned as 2Z08 Plymouth-Swindon, covering the Severn Beach and Portbury branch lines en-route. 66506 worked a further 6Z39 12.55 Neath Abbey Wharf-Newton Abbot, Hackney yard loaded stone, returning light-engine to Crewe.
13/01 FM Rail black liveried 47832 worked Hertfordshire Railtours 'Welsh Marches Express' (1Z52 07.52 Euston-Shrewsbury) Blue Pullman via Day's curve, being noted passing Pilning early at 11.16 instead of the booked time of 11.51 for this location!! The train was originally booked as a top n'tail operation but the second loco 47703 failed on the ECS, passengers having to join the excursion by travelling on EMU service trains from Euston to Willesden junction so time could be recovered! A run over the Melksham line and a reverse move booked for Westbury (between 10.10-10.40) were also left out. The tour returned to London during the evening via Birmingham and Oxford. The two dedicated Pullman liveried locos 47709 and 47712 were not used due to them not having OTMR safety equipment fitted.
A stock move, a GBRf 5Z82 14.35 Derby-Laira was diverted away from the area due to engineering works in the Midlands, running via the Berks & Hants and Westbury. The train was top n'tailed by newly delivered 66726 and 66727 and formed with barrier coaches 6336 and 6338 with 41167, 42259, 44068 all in the new First/GW 'neon' lined livery.
15/01 Following the 4th December 2006 timetable change and generally unhappy travelling passengers, First/GW made changes, with the 06.47 Frome-Cardiff Central service, from this date, now formed with an extra two coaches (an additional 106 seats) and the 07.40 Highbridge-Paddington HST now extended to start at Exeter St. Davids. Other workings were strengthened, using sets drafted in from Cornish branch lines to Looe and St Ives.
17/01 Still suffering from customer timetable and overcrowding complaints, First/GW were still able to launch their new 63 million redesigned HST complete with new 'neon line' livery with a seven coach set running as 1Z30 08.35 Plymouth-Paddington, calling at platform 11 around the booked times of 10.40-11.10, before continuing onwards via Parkway. The train's formation was recorded as; 43021, 44068, 42187, 42259, 40231, 41167, 43125.
Also recorded during the day were; 57307 running from Birmingham NS-Laira light-engine for West Country 'thunderbird' duties and Arriva Trains/Wales unit 142083 which departed from Barton Hill depot following completion of its C6 overhaul.
18/01 High winds caused problems, First/GW restricting it's high speed services to 50mph as a safety precaution and at Chippenham, part of the station roof was damaged.
On the freight side; 66514 worked a Neath Abbey Wharf-Plymouth Tavistock yard loaded stone. 59001 returned via Day's curve light-engine for Westbury during the day following wheel turning at Cardiff Canton.
19/01 66514 returned north on 6Z21 13.52 Tavistock yard-Crewe (via Bristol Parkway) stone empties.
Freightliner have leased two sidings from Network-Rail in Tavistock yard to deal with this stone for West Country distribution having been previously off loaded at Burngullow. The train is still split at Newton Abbot, Hackney yard and runs onwards in two portions due to weight restrictions over the Devon banks.
Two morning freight moves recorded were; 66096 on 6C01 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot loaded steel and 66208 on 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental.
22/01 More protests to First/GW saw around 2,000 passengers, including members of the 'More Trains Less Strain group' take part in a ticket strike!! Fake 'Saver' style tickets carrying the wording 'cattle class', '12% fare increase' and 'to hell and back' were distributed at stations between Frome and Bristol, which were unchallenged by First/GW staff at ticket barriers during the day, although the company did state ''in the future passengers would face prosecution if found travelling with an invalid ticket''.
Recorded during the day were; 60034 with the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel (the loco returning as 0C02 light-engine to Newport) and five unidentified Class 66 locos were seen ascending Filton bank in the distance near Ashley Hill on the 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADj departmental!!
Anglian liveried 47714 was later used on a Laira-St. Phillips Marsh stock move hauling HST power car 43022.
23/01 The return 6C02 Bristol East depot-Newport ADj steel empties, has been reported retimed now booked to leave at a more realistic 12.56 instead of 14.06, 66004 handling today's working.
66208 was on the 6B65 Newport departmental 'single handed' and 47714 continued north with an 07.30 St. Phillips Marsh-Brush Loughborough works stock move hauling power car 43022 to be ne MTU engine fitted. Signalling problems in the Yatton area affected some services during the day.
24/01 EWS 66196 failed on a 6Z59 08.00 Newport ADJ-Merehead train of empty 'Mendip-Rail' box wagons between Pilning and Patchway being rescued and moved to Bristol East by Freightliner's 66581.
25/01 Further action by First/GW protest groups has been to encourage passengers to add a signature to an e-mail petition to Prime Minister Tony Blair regarding the December timetable changes, overcrowding and cancellations; over 800 signatures were reported on the Downing Street website in 24 hours!
66171 was on the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel and 66187 headed the 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury cement works coal.
The newly reliveried First/GW set was booked to be hauled by 47714 as 5Z87 14.00 Old Oak Common-Laira (via Melksham) following safety issues with the loss of the door vestibules to increase seating capacity (now seating 35), and space for the conductor to work from. However the Class 47 failed on the mainline near Reading, being rescued by 66581. 47828 assisted the train onwards having run light-engine to Reading from Gloucester, but also failed at Temple Meads! The HST set remained here the following day on the up through line, with the Class 47s attached.
25/01 Westbury coal empties seen at 14.15 heading north behind 66243 and 15 minutes later 66208 working light engine headed south.
26/01 31128 + 31452 arrived light to collect the failed 47714 + 47828, running as 0Z02 18.00 Temple Meads-Gloucester and the HST set was eventually moved on to Laira by two back to back HST power cars.
A late morning light-engine move saw four Freightliner Class 66s run together from Kingsland Road-Taunton Fairwaters yard.
31106 and 31190 were also recorded during the morning between Bristol and Taunton on 1C00 Paddington-Taunton and 1A01 Taunton-Swindon, in place of the unavailable NRMT HST set.
30/01 66187 noted working southbound with a departmental service at 11.00. Former FM Rail, but now Cotswold Rail owned 47703 ran 0Z68 Gloucester-Burngullow light-engine.
31/01 47703 returned on a 6Z68 11.05 Burngullow-Gloucester New yard wagon storage move formed of 10 JIA china clay bogie wagons, originally introduced to replace the four-wheel china clay 'hoods' at one time used between Stoke-on-Trent and St.Blazey. However the working did not leave until 12.55 (110 minutes late) and was seen passing Yatton at 16.40 (111 minutes late) still having not made up any lost time!
The Class 47 was later to re-appear in the area running light-engine from Gloucester-Penzance to assist the 1A40 23.00 Penzance-Paddington First/GW sleeper service on which 57603 had failed at the Cornish terminus.
Also recorded during the day was a MML HST set with power cars 43052 + 43074 on the 08.25 Plymouth-Edinburgh Virgin XC service inplace of a Voyager set and Royal 67005 which worked a Victoria-Bristol TM VSOE dining special.

The Cardiff - Barton Hill ECS Voyager continues to reverse at Bristol Parkway and travel to its destination via Avonmouth, passing through Montpelier after 21.30.


08/01 47828 moved HST power cars 43161 + 43179 from Gloucester-Loughborough for new MTU engines to be fitted, returning with completed power cars 43130 + 43176.
13/01 47810 hauled power car 43163 from Loughborough-Landore.
15/01 The First/GW 21.52 Swindon-Cheltenham Spa service, formed with 158750 was partially de-railed on the single line approach to Kemble tunnel having struck a landslide.
Around 30 passengers were eventually led to safety along the track, when it had been illuminated by engineers, to Kemble station where refreshments were given in a nearby public house.
Some passengers were able to continue their journey by specially arranged taxis, the line remaining closed for several days.
The unit was eventually moved on a wheel-skate to Gloucester Horton road (blocking in some Cotswold locos!), prior to a road movement for repair.
18/01 45112 was present on Horton Road stabling point.
23/01 31452 hauled 33202 as 0Z31 10.30 Derby-Gloucester both having been purchased along with 31128, 31461, 47703 by Cotswold Rail from FM Rail. 33202 is reported to be a non-runner, but is to be returned to service in BR blue livery.
47714 returned power car 43135 to Gloucester from Loughborough.
25/01 47853 collected Peak 45112, and picked up 50044 from the Severn Valley Railway on a move to Crewe.
The Peak was booked to work a York-Holyhead railtour on 27/01, said to be it's final mainline passenger outing whilst the Class 50 was to donate it's engine as a replacement for a failed 50031.
A new station has been proposed for a site at Elmbridge Court on the mainline to Cheltenham.
30/01 47828 headed power cars 43024 + 43169 on a Landore-Loughborough move returning with re-engined 43179 + 43158.

Portbury Branchline

11/01 Test unit 950001 ran 2Z08 12.32 Temple Meads-Portbury and 13.00 return to Swindon.
20/01 Signalling problems at Ashton junction level crossing saw 66243 switched off at signal B335 on East Usk-Portbury coal empties as engineers were sorting out a link between this signal and the operation of the level crossing barriers in the relay room building.
It appeared to be only a problem for inward trains, as an outward loaded coal service passed at 12.16 behind 66200 for Aberthaw.
31/01 At 06.23, a further consignment of Landrovers from Solihull were seen arriving at the dock for export behind 66108, using wagons on the inward mainly empty car carriers from Washwood Heath.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included; 66076/101/200/202/212/238/243.

Locos recorded on the 6X52 16.30 loaded car service to Washwood Heath have included;-
03/01 66223. 16/01 66060. 23/01 66001. 30/01 66221.
05/01 66076. 17/01 66175. 24/01 66001. 31/01 66108.
10/01 66203. 19/01 66014. 27/01 66100.


As reported in last months Magazine 73133 arrived at the new engineers facility in Fairwaters sidings on 20/01. The 1.7 million depot now forms the base for the new 50 million West of England high output track maintenance machine which can carry out rail sleeper replacement, level ballast, lay new sleepers, install new rail all in one continuous process and deal with ballast cleaning in a separate operation.
The 2006 National Rail award winner works three times faster than conventional renewal machines and can replace five metres of track, sleepers and ballast during a single night time operation.
With the new machine in use, the length of line closures for engineering work will be reduced, there will be improved passenger comfort on smoother track and a reduced number of speed restrictions.
The high output system was successfully used during the three week closure of the Bristol-Taunton mainline in the Highbridge & Burnham area during December last year. An official press day for the opening of the new depot and a demonstration of the new machine's operation was to have been held on 15/02.

Units noted this period included



08/01 66506 was noted running light engine towards Cardiff at 06:54.
09/01 47828 hauled 43130 and 43176 from Loughborough to Landore.
22/01 Today's Westbury - ADJ had no less than five 66s in the consist, 66187 + 66193 + 66053 + 66184 + 66013.
26/01 31190 and 31106 top and tailed 6264, 977868, 999550 and 977986 on a Swansea - Derby Network Rail test train.
27/01 66520 was in charge of a Beeston - Tidal scrap train.


Avon "BinLiner"
04/01 66514 12/01 66581 18/01 66559 29/01 66530 31/01 66551

4V08 Crewe Basford Hall - Wentlooge.
10/01 66574. 12/01 66570. 15/01 66567. 17/01 66571.

4V50 Southampton - Wentlooge.
02/01 66533. 03/01 57011. 04/01 66537. 05/01 57011. 08/01 57010.
09/01 57011. 10/01 57004. 11/01 66503. 12/01 66501. 15/01 66537.
16/01 66504. 17/01 66580. 18/01 66535. 19/01 66579. 23/01 66503.
24/01 57011. 25/01 66502. 29/01 66502. 30/01 66535. 31/01 66534.


6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service
02/01 67017 + 67019. 16/01 67017 + 67019. 19/01 67017 + 67019.
26/01 67018.

6B13/6B47 Robeston - Westerleigh
02/01 60026. 03/01 60026. 04/01 60066. 05/01 60066. 08/01 60072
09/01 60072. 10/01 60059. 11/01 60059. 12/01 60072. 15/01 60076.
16/01 60076. 17/01 60076. 18/01 60076. 19/01 60026. 22/01 60026.
23/01 60026. 24/01 60074. 25/01 60074. 26/01 60045. 29/01 60038.
30/01 60038. 31/01 60038.


Here we go again with another little epistle (if that's the right word) from yours truly. Unfortunately, I haven't been about as much as I normally am during the month - I know I don't get about as much as I would like anyway - due to a family illness. But there should still be something of note to include in this report.
The normal haunts have been frequented during the month, plus a few sightings at Leicester. The steel services to and from Corby have been a tad erratic in their timings. Normally heading north through Leicester loaded in the early hours (I think it should be about 05.30), I noted it on 12th December at 07.15 in the charge of 60026 and at 07.20 on 4th January hauled by 60002. The former sighting was followed five minutes later by 66601 on the Freightliner Heavy Haul aggregate service to Mountsorrel.
Parked in the up siding at Leicester station on 5th January was Network Rail Rail Grinder 79261. An evening at Nuneaton on 8th January noted the normal batch of Freightliner workings along with two W. H. Malcolm workings hauled by 66409 and 66410.
A couple of Freightliner class 66s noted - 66531 and 66541 - are not among the most common examples seen on the Freightliner services through Nuneaton.
A week later an evening at Rugby was spent and the northbound Enterprise, at 19.14, hauled by 92025, consisted of the following new Freightliner bogie vehicles: 370535, 370529, 370515, 370533, 369079, 369081, 369080.
Also noted on this particular evening was new DRS class 66, 66419 on the second of the W. H. Malcolm services. The evening was going along rather swimmingly until 350115 proceeded to bring the overhead wires down just after 19.30, stopping everything travelling southbound for quite some considerable time! It was quite a sight. The unit was on a Birmingham-Northampton service and was just crossing over to the Northampton line south of Rugby station when it looked as though Bonfire night had arrived again. Coupled to this was a dull thud and all the platform lights momentarily went out on the station! Fortunately the northbound services were unaffected.
A few different bits of information which have come to fruition recently have been that the four vehicles at Kirkby Stephen - 983527, 983658, 992967 and 993151 (two 'Dogfish' and two 'Catfish') - are going to preservation; the following vehicles have gone into Internal Use at Celsa (Tremorfa): 950052/ 071/ 119/ 162/ 192/ 317/ 418/ 442/ 552/ 635/ 681/ 692/ 738/ 762/ 780.
Regular trains of the new Metronet bogie vehicles are being noted on the Midland Mainline travelling to and from Wellingborough.
A couple of colleagues spending a day in the Walsall/Bescot area on 1st February noted quite a few freight workings including a rake of 'Octopus' vehicles and associated track machines in the virtual quarry. Identities will be obtained for the next report.
Now on to a location for viewing freight. This month a bit of a strange one. Stainforth & Hatfield is the first station out of Doncaster on the Goole/Hull branch and benefits from services which use the Doncaster avoiding line and a freight only branch from Stainforth Junction to Ardwick Junction on the Doncaster-Leeds line. A couple of friends recently spent about five hours positioned there and noted just under thirty freights. I know that, as with other locations, the services can be hit and miss, but this location certainly appears to be a winner. Apologies for the sparse information this time. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal next time. Have some good days out.



31452/461. 33202(DF)-GL, 43023/035(PM)/163/168/177/185(LA)/196(EC)-LE, 66045/052/062 - France.
WBAI: 66003/020/023/039/043/051/078/160/166/168/182/201/231/245/248
WBAM: 66005/132/140/183/198/226/234 WBAN: 66026/184
WBAK: 66066/090/097/117/124/159/177/188/205/221/235 WBBM: 66111
WBEN: 66229

08451/776/887/934. 60004/007/013/014/015/018/023/025/027/031/039/040,
67008/013. 87002/006/007. 92008.
BH: 47298. BK: 67013. DC: 08561/776.
DM: 56038/069/091/104. 58009/015/032. CE: 92008.
IM: 08872. 60004/007/013/031/048/051/058/060/079/091/093/094.
KM: 37029. LO: 08451/887. LM: 86231/251. MG: 60027/039/044/078.
TE: 08597/888/995. 60014/015/023/040/049/065/075/084.
TO: 08738. 60018/025/047/075/087/089. 67008. WN: 08934.
Wembley Alstom: 87002/006/007. Wembley Yard: 56031/095. 58004.
Worksop: 09007. DML Devonport: 43065/067/068/080/084/123(Then HT).

47810 -GL, 60036/056/063/066 -IM, 92030 -CE

Bulgaria: 87012/019

Diesel Multiple Units

158745/746/747/748/749/750/751/760/761/762/763/764/765/766,767/768/769(EX/CF)-PM, 771 (PM)-HT, 776/778(EX/CF)-PM, 787/792/794/797(HT)-NL, 815/816/817/855/870/871/872/961,966/967/968(EX/CF)-PM

158842/843/844/845/848/849/850/851/853/859/860/861 @ZG 742/743/808 -HQ

159103 - SA
185141/143/145/146/147/148/149/150/151 -AK

Booth: 51496
East Lancs: 51435. 54061 (Spares then scrap)

158814 (2 Car)

Electric Multiple Units


442403/04/06/08/17/22 @ZG
508201/202/205/206/209 @AF, 212 @GI

450124 -NT,
458003/004/008/009/011/014/022/025/027 -WD

Booth: Cars: 70742. 76195(310057), 76136/191(310052) 71036(1850), 72603(8303), 72640(8203), 76774/845(1889)

New Stock
450125/126/127 -HQ

Coaching & NPCC Stock

1211. 5779/88/89. 5812/24/27/88/98. 5912/48/83/89/91. 6001/45/49.
6117/6121/22/34/51/64/73. 9479/96. 9506/25. 9701/08/11/14.
10212/217. 11048/064/079. 12011/054/078/122/133/138. 82101/126.
KI: 9701/08/11/14. LM: 6146/60/67/68. 6806/17/20/23. 9704/09. 99602-609. OY: 5912/83/89/91. 6121. WY: 6117/22/73. 9506/25.
ZI: 40402.
Derby(Chaddesden): 1211. 3285. 5824/27. 9496.
Wembley(Alstom): 10212/217. 11027/048/064/079. 12011/054/078/122,
12133/138. 82101/126.
MoD Bicester: 6166. 6828/29
Heaton(Grand Central Stock)
11017/023/036/045/055. 12033/044/058/088/104/112/121/136/149/152,
12155/156. 40424/426/433. 44065/088/089.

3241. 5669. 5700/10. 6722. 9493. 11013/029 -GL,
40901/902. 41085/086/160/167. 42103/167/168/169/302/303/304/305.
44055/068 -LA, 82131 -NC, 94428/513/518/543.

3246. 3373. 3520/22/23/24. 5744. 13498. 975476. 977470/695.

JTLand: 3373. 3520/22/23/24. 5744. 5410/43/54/71/75 - awaiting delivery
5800/31/36. 6155. 6807/09/13/16/25/27. (On site for spares recovery - now for scrapping)
Booth: 80321/326/346/347/351/352/359/363/368/379/419/430/431.
94447/500/509/510/511. 975476. 977470/695.
On-Site: 3246. 13498 @Carnforth
D-Cargo: 9508. Nene Valley: 80327. Gwili: 94404.
Buckingham RC: 80394. GCR Nottingham: 80438. Rushden HTS: 80457.

Pool Codes
EFBB FGW Class 143 PM
EFBC FGW Class 153 PM
EFBV FGW Barrier Vehicles
EFPM FGW Class 158 (3 Car) PM
EFPP FGW Class 180 OO
EFPZ FGW Sleeper Stock
EFRG FGW Classes 165 & 166 RG
EFSK FGW Class 158 (2 Car) PM
EFSK FGW Class 150 PM

Track Machines & Departmentals

10/01 Kingsland Road DR73911 Puma. DR73912 Lynx.
22/01 Hallen Marsh Junction road/rail; BCL36, 43(or45?), 209. trailers; TRR1279+ 1 other?
23/01 Pilning (passing) DR73925.
26/01 Pilning (passing) DR73912.


East Sussex
A Ford Fiesta was driven onto a railway line following sat-nav directions!
A 52 year old woman was waiting in her car at a level crossing at Pevensey, near Eastbourne when the in-car unit told her to turn left, which she did onto the track and blocking the Hastings-Eastbourne mainline!
The woman has been reported for driving without due care and attention and obstructing the railway.

Corrections and Additional Information
The following have been reported to that published in recent Magazines;-
February 2007;
Page 7 under 11/12; Virgin's XC Voyager 14.21 service.....should have read Virgin's XC Voyager 14.21 Newcastle-Cardiff Central service.
Page 9 under 03/12; The King was not repaired in time for the Paddington-Worcester excursion ('The Christmas Elgar Explorer'). Class 67 locos, Royal 67005 and 67016 were used instead in a top n'tail formation. 67023 was the loco which had assisted the King from Bristol during the previous day.

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