The Westbury stone service (6C63 11.16 Westbury-Avonmouth and 6C64 17.07 return) was booked to operate as T & WO during the month being noted with 66014 (04/10) and 66070 (10/10).
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66026/062/107/151/161/200/220/226.
66228. 09003 has remained the area shunting pilot.
Locos recorded on the 6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' have included;-
04/10 67005 + 67020. 19/10 67012 + 67020.
10/10 67005 + 67023. 23/10 67014 + 67017.
18/10 67012 + 67020. 26/10 67002 + 67012.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

02/10 66008 was stabled in the up siding on arrival at 19.30 with a "scrap" train, the loco then ran round the train and appeared to depart for South Wales. Minutes later the service reversed into a down siding, the leading two wagons were detached and stabled on another road, loco not seen again. The only other loco seen was 66025 with mgr empties bound for Avonmouth. A 6Z99 18.00 Swindon-Stoke Gifford train of former Rover car parts 'cube' KSA wagons was unconfirmed as to have run. A 6Z77 10.10 Swindon-Exeter (Riverside) did however run behind 66055, with 15 of these wagons which have been acquired for use by EWS, this train being routed via Westbury on 22/09.
10/10 66188 was noted stabled in the platform line of the railnet depot with a loaded coal train of HTAs facing in the up direction. The railnet warehouse buildings are to see use during the Christmas period for a road storage operation dealing with packages for Royal Mail. Also seen were 66214 with empties for Portbury and 66062 with a loaded Avonmouth - Didcot service.
16/10 Further brand new low emissions DRS Class 66s arrived at Newport on board the MV Fairlift, 66408 running light-engine from Carlisle to collect 66416, 66420, 66415 (booked to return 0Z78 14.10 Newport docks-Carlisle) departing late, around 22.00 and running via Chepstow, assumed with a pilotman as DRS crews are not trained over this route to Gloucester. An extra 6Z33 Theale-Robeston train of fuel empties ran behind 66223 + 60041, the latter having failed near Westbury on 14/10 with the 6A11 22.35 (Fri) Robeston-Theale being rescued by 59206. Three sets of MGR empties seen this evening, 66161 and 66220 stabled at Parkway yard, the former switched off the latter later departed for Avonmouth after the late running Avonmouth - Willesden enterprise service had cleared the section, this service hauled by 67002/020. The third set of empties were HAAs headed by 66243 and bound for Portbury, whilst 66121 worked through with a loaded service in the reverse direction.
17/10 66408 again ran light-engine to Newport from Carlisle to collect the remaining new locos. Booked as an 0Z78 12.10 Newport docks-Carlisle (Pilning 11.09), the working again left late (this time due to brake problems on 66419), headed by 66408, and formed 66414, 66417, 66418, 66419, the convoy eventually passing Pilning at 13.01.
19/10 A very brief visit this evening saw 66083 with MGR empties for Portbury. Freight services noted during the afternoon were; 57011 on the late running 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers (Pilning 12.30), 66224 with 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties (13.28) and low-emissions 66952 with a new Freightliner Heavy-Haul flow 6Z79 11.45 Machen-Allington (14.26). The latter carried the 'Stoneliner' headboard and consisted of 18 loaded JHA bogie Hanson wagons, due to late running on this date, ran via Parkway as opposed to Bath (13.15). The full diagram of this working, which is surprisingly not an EWS duty is as follows; 6Z78 05.10 Whatley-Machen, 6Z79 11.45 Machen-Allington and 6Z80 22.40 Allington-Whatley.
20/10 The NRMT HST set was again unavailable, but this time EWS locos were in use instead of ones from DRS. 67018 + 67019 top n'tailed the 1C00 14.49 Paddington-Temple Meads and return 1A00 17.32 Temple Meads-Paddington being noted passing Filton Abbey Wood at 16.34 and 17.31 respectively with departmental coaching stock; 977986, 999550, 977868, 6264.
21/10 With both the Hereford and Gloucester-Birmingham lines closed for week-end engineering works, steel services were diverted via the South Wales mainline through Parkway. Recorded during the day were; 60097 on 6E09 Lanwern-Lackenby steel empties (Pilning 11.15) and 60092 during the late afternoon on the 6V40 Lackenby-Margam steel slab. Also noted were; 60025 on a late running 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties and 60052 on 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel empties. During the morning, 67027 was seen with a 1Z67 07.34 Manchester-Bath Northern Belle dining special (Pilning 11.33) and an up afternoon light-engine move passed Parkway formed 66007 + 66107 + 66175.
23/10 Four MGRs to report this evening, 66220 working a service from Avonmouth and 66091 a loaded train from Portbury. Going in the opposite direction with empties were 66056 and 66151 heading for Portbury and Avonmouth respectively.
24/10 66515 was booked for the second 6Z79 11.44 Machen-Allington stone service.
26/10 66166 worked a late running 6C38 10.44 Tytherington-Westbury stone empties (the inward loaded service had arrived at Yate to find no shunter had been booked to deal with the train!), 66952 reappeared this time with the 6V60 (ThO) Angerstein Wharf-Cardiff Pengam stone empties and 60054 was on 6B33 Theale fuel empties. Brief visit this evening saw 66220 working a loaded MGR from Portbury for the Midlands and 67018/019 top n' tailing the Network Rail track train, in lieu of the HST.
27/10 67018 + 67019 again top n'tailed the NRMT in the area as Paddington-Taunton-Swindon during the morning and then 1B00 11.57 Swindon-Swansea (noted passing Pilning at 12.45) and 1Z94 15.00 Swansea-Derby Etches Park.
30/10 59001 was on the 6C38 10.44 Tytherington-Westbury blending stone empties (Filton Abbey Wood 11.30). This service, with an inward loaded Westbury-Tytherington service ran from mon-fri during this week.
31/10 59103 was on the Tytherington stone trip from Westbury.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

02/10 60008 was on the 6C01 Newport ADj-Bristol East depot loaded steel and 6C02 return empties. The Barton Hill water cannon was noted at 07.35 in the station area with top n'tailed Class 67 locos (unconfirmed as 67011 and 67013). The 2006 autumn overnight diagram is reported to be high mileage compared with previous years; 3S21 20.51 Barton Hill-Castle Cary (via Bath and Westbury), 3S22 23.00 Castle Cary-Yeovil junction (via Westbury and Salisbury), 3S23 02.18 Yeovil Junction-Reading (via Salisbury, Westbury and Newbury) and 3S24 05.49 Reading-Barton Hill (via Newbury, Trowbridge and Bath). A 5Z47 14.30 Bishop's Lydeard-Oxley C.S. stock move was headed by Pullman liveried 47709 + 31452 with a single kitchen coach passing Filton Abbey Wood late at 17.15. Also recorded during the afternoon was test unit 950001 running as 2Z08 09.30 Derby-Exeter (via Swindon, Bath, and the Yatton and Weston-super-Mare loops) being noted passing near Uphill junction at 16.15.
03/10 GBRf 66708 attached to the rear of the First/GW 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service ready for a Laira-Derby stock move (having led the sleeper ECS into Paddington), was left in the London terminus, the move cancelled!. A most unusual Cotswold-Rail move saw 47813 run 0Z20 05.40 Gloucester-Burngullow light-engine, returning with six 'stored' four-wheel TTA china clay slurry tanks (for Long Marston), which are believed to have been at one time used on a long finished freight-flow to Sittingbourne, Kent. The working was 6Z20 11.25 Burngullow-Gloucester New yard, being recorded passing Yatton near enough to time at 15.34, the booked Worle junction passing time being 15.31. Earlier, 66622 had been seen at the same location light-engine at 15.27, assumed to be running Taunton Fairwater-Kingsland Road. Earlier in the day, 59103 was on a Westbury-Machen and afternoon return stone trip and at Barton Hill depot, Arriva/Wales DMU set 142085 had arrived for overhaul, replacing a completed 142069.
04/10 With a 6Z98 08.40 Laira-Derby move (booked for 66708) cancelled, Cotswold-Rail 47813 worked 5Z83 13.30 Gloucester-Laira (noted at Temple Meads at 13.40) and 5Z84 17.15 Laira-Derby HST stock moves. The latter was booked through Temple Meads at 19.45, but had left Plymouth 36 minutes early. Some morning workings, saw 66096 with 6V53 Washwood Heath-Portbury empty car carriers and 66001 + 37406 'dit' on 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADj engineers via Day's curve. The Class 37 had returned to Westbury light-engine from Acton the previous day. An afternoon Manchester-Bath Northern Belle dining special was also recorded during the day top n'tailed by 67023 + 67028.
This date is also historically important as 30 years ago an HST set worked it's very first passenger service, the 08.05 Paddington-Temple Meads service.
05/10 60094 was on the 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental, 37218 + 20313 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and 67012 headed a 1Z61 11.21 Birmingham-Bath excursion.
06/10 The much travelled 47813 was again in action today working 5B45 07.30 Gloucester-Laira (via St. Phillips Marsh) and return 5Z45 13.35 Laira-Gloucester, formed 43176, First/GW sleeper coach 10563, former Virgin XC 11065, 43021, the working being noted passing Yatton at 15.27 and later at Parkway at 16.00. Steam 46201 Princess Elizabeth arrived in Bristol for a following day's railtour, during the afternoon as 5Z62 09.40 Kidderminster (Severn Valley Railway)-Barton Hill loco and support coach (via Gloucester, Chepstow, Newport and the Severn tunnel). The working was recorded passing Pilning at 13.35.
07/10 Steam 46201 Princess Elizabeth ran 08.07 Temple Meads-Taunton loco and support coach to take over a 1Z?? 07.15 Paddington-Plymouth Railway Touring Company excursion (via Bristol) top n'tailed by West Coast train's 47826 and 47851. The 16.31 return from Plymouth-Paddington was again steam hauled to Taunton, green liveried 47851 having been attached to the rear of the train for the journey to and from Plymouth. 46201 then worked 19.14 loco and support coach from Taunton-Barton Hill depot, with a stop in Highbridge loop to let the main tour overtake, with the Class 47s again at each end of the train.
Another Class 47 in use was Cotswold-Rail, Anglian liveried 47714 which was reported to have worked various stock moves running between Gloucester-Landore-St. Phillips Marsh-Laira-Gloucester during the day.
08/10 Steam 6201 Prncess Elizabeth returned north as 11.00 Barton Hill-Crewe (via the Severn Tunnel and the Marches route).
09/10 Workings of note during the day saw 37425 on the 6C01 Newport ADJ-Bristol East steel trip, the inward being recorded passing Pilning around 09.30 and the 6C02 return departing Bristol after 14.00; 60094 was on the 6B65 Westbury-Newport departmental; 60092 worked the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury cement loaded coal and Cotswold's 47810 + 47813 were seen passing Stapledon Road light-engine at 10.30 heading towards Temple Meads.
10/10 There was back to more 'normal' power for the 6C01/6C02 East depot steel trip in the form of 66173. An announcement was made regarding the SWT's Bristol-Waterloo service in that it will remain and not be axed as was thought a possibility, when franchise changes took place earlier this year. After much campaigning, the Government has said it would ensure at least two trains a day would remain on the route. The services are currently; Temple Meads, dep; 08.53, 15.52 (Waterloo arr; 11.49, 18.45) and Waterloo, dep 12.20, 19.20 (Temple Meads arr; 14.59, 22.04) and are normally operated by two dedicated and 2005 refurbished Class 158 units.
12/10 37606 + 37610 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and Pullman-liveried 47709 worked another 5Z47 14.30 Bishop's Lydeard-Oxley stock move formed with again, a single catering coach. The working was however late running, suffering brake problems on the West Somerset Railway at Williton at 13.35.
13/10 47810 worked a further 5Z02 12.00 Long Marston-Laira HST stock moved formed of 11 coaches. The train was reported as on time at Evesham, but running 96 minutes early at Temple Meads! GBRf 66708 finally made it to the west country on the rear of the overnight First/GW 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service, working back on a 5Z98 08.40 Laira-Ilford stock move via Westbury, formed with seven HST coaches and 'barrier coaches' 10563 and 11065.
14/10 Pathfinder's re-dated 'Torbay Borderer' (1Z29 06.29 Chester-Kingswear and 1Z80 16.00 return) previously booked to run on 09/09 with two FmRail Class 31s, was headed out and back via the Severn Tunnel behind 67017. The return was noted passing Nailsea & Backwell station to time at 18.37. Due to engineers works, the late running 6V31 Immingham-Margam coal empties were diverted through Bath.
15/10 More freight diversions during Sunday were reported via Bath and the Berks & Hants (!) these being the 6E09 Margam-Lackenby steel empties and 6M41 Margam-Round Oak steel coils.
16/10 60094 was on the 6C01/6C02 Bristol East depot steel trip and 66104 worked the afternoon 6C41 Newport ADj-Westbury departmental passing Pilning at 16.11.
17/10 A further HST power car naming ceremony took place at platform 4 at Temple Meads during the morning. A re-engined 43165 (which was back to back with 43175) was named Prince Micheal of Kent by the Prince, a lifelong railway enthusiast, whose first experiences of railway travel were on the Royal train as a child. The Prince regularly used First/GW services when he lived in Gloucestershire and is a strong supporter of the railway heritage and preservation movement, also being a patron of the Transport Trust. A visit to St. Phillips Marsh depot and a cab-ride to Paddington also formed part of the day's events organised by First/GW managing director Alison Forester, who had read about the Prince's enthusiasm for rail travel.
18/10 A 5Z41 12.41 Laira-Gloucester (via Landore) was noted headed by 47810 and formed 43126, 11065, 43122. The formation was noted passing Pilning at 15.29, the latter power car still in 'old' unbranded Virgin red had it's front nose panelling missing with the red marker light being displayed in the cab window!!
19/10 Freight and departmental services noted during the day were;- 60034 on the 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental, 66245 on the 6C01/6C02 Bristol East depot steel trip and 20313 + 37608 paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.
20/10 A further arrival at Barton Hill depot was Arriva/Wales DMU set 142074 for overhaul.
21/10 Pathfinder Tour's 'Sandblower' from Temple Meads to King's Lynn and Middleton Towers was worked outward by 66068, being returned during the evening by 66066. Other hauling locos during the day were; 60034, 57012 and 92003.
22/10 The previous day's Pathfinder railtour stock was returned as 5Z28 12.33 Temple Meads-Old Oak Common (via Parkway) and was assumed worked by the train's last hauling loco 66066. A further series of Cornish steam hauled branchline trips, including 'new lines' for preserved steam traction were postponed to 2007. New routes would have been Par-Par Harbour and St.Erth-St.Ives, aswell as visits to Falmouth, Penzance, Newquay, Parkandillack and Buckfastleigh ,in Devon. East Lancs Railway loco 76079 was to have been used, but lacked a required safety modification and was reported to have suffered some recent de-railment damage. A replacement loco, possibly 34067 or 45407 was looked at, but clearance problems then became an issue.
23/10 66232 seen with a southbound enterprise service at 23.20.
23/10 Observations at Dovercourt road footbridge (between Narroways Hill junction and Filton Abbey Wood) between 12.00-14.10 recorded; 37612 + 37605 on 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask (12.09), 37410 with 6C02 Bristol East depot-Newport ADj steel empties (12.13), 57306 running light-engine as 0Z57 10.00 Laira-Birmingham NS (12.38), 67017 +67014 also running light as 0M33 Barton Hill-Avonmouth (13.28) and MML HST set with power cars 43081 and 43055 on the 1E47 11.45 Plymouth-Newcastle Virgin XC service (14.04).
24/10 37410 was again used on the 6C01/6C02 Bristol East depot steel trip and 59203 worked the 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental. Railtrack stone hoppers seen at 16.10 behind 59203 and 30 minutes later 66018 worked past with mgr empties for Portbury.
25/10 There were morning service delays as repairs were carried out to damaged trackside cabling near Parson's Street station which affected signalling between Bedminster and Nailsea around 06.00. It is thought the incident had been caused by vandals.
27/10 FM Rail 47145 arrived light-engine as 0Z59 09.05 ex.Ashford, at 14.47 at Temple Meads, the driver not having route knowledge to continue onwards to Westbury. The loco was believed to be booked to work a 1Z82 09.03 Victoria-Temple Meads and 1Z83 16.34 return VSOE trip from and return to Westbury, taking over from steam traction. However the working was reported to have been top n'tailed by Class 67 locos, the trains departure from London being delayed. Another top n'tail Class 67 working was the NRMT, still loco hauled inplace of the unavailable HST set. 67018 + 67019, as used earlier in the month were the locos in use today covering Paddington-Taunton-Swindon-Swansea-Derby.
28/10 66014 worked southbound at 16.00 with a rake of Hanson hoppers. Preserved Class 52, D1015 Western Champion was back in the area and now in BR maroon livery with small yellow warning panel ends. Running as 1Z24 06.23 Gloucester-Penzance (also calling at Weston-super-Mare) and 1Z25 return which was seen passing Nailsea & Backwell at 20.36. The locos first working, following a period out of traffic was seven days earlier on an 06.10 Paddington-Penzance 'Cornubian' excursion (both trips being organised by Pastime Rail) as far as Taunton for steam 6024 King Edward I to take over. The Class 52 then followed the train light to the Cornish terminus and worked it back throughout to London, this being both ways via Westbury.
29/10 Due to engineering work between Liskeard and Par the First/GW 1A40 Penzance-Paddington sleeper service was started at Plymouth at 23.45.
30/10 The Barton Hill water cannon was reported as arriving back 'on depot' in a top n'tail formation with 67011 + 67013 at 07.10 - 182 minutes early!!
31/10 47145 was still present stabled at platform 2 at 08.00, the loco eventually being allocated an 0Z10 light-engine move to Aberthaw to move cement wagons. A departmental service reported was a 6Z50 07.05 Newport ADJ-Taunton Fairwaters, being headed by EWS 66104, not a Freightliner Heavy-Haul loco as would have been expected. Also, a 5Z02 12.00 Long Marston-Laira HST stock move (Yatton loop 15.49-15.56) was cancelled.
At St. Phillips Marsh HST depot, work has started on an 8 million scheme which will improve facilities including a new maintenance shed, an extension of an existing maintenance building, two new stabling sidings and an upgraded carriage wash. These new developments will assist with DMU maintenance and repair, the units having been previously operated by Wessex Trains, but now following franchise changes earlier in the year, are First/GW owned. The new sidings are to be used for overnight stabling, the carriage wash will be improved to recycle the water and chemicals used to assist with a cleaner environment and an existing 60-metre long shed will be extended by 15 metres to accommodate two extra three car DMU sets. When the improvements have been completed, St. Phillips Marsh along with the depot at Exeter will provide the main maintenance facilities for the day to day running of the First/GW DMU fleet.
Loaded MGR from Portbury seen heading northbound at 13.50 behind 66222.


02/10 Loadhaul, EWS stickered 60007 was unusual power for the 6B36 Didcot yard-Ashchurch MoD working.
09/10 Anglian liveried 47714 hauled First/GW HST power cars 43021 + 43176 from Gloucester-Brush Loughborough works, returning with 43155 + 43165 back to Gloucester.
12/10 Pullman liveried 47712 + FM Rail black 47832 top n'tailed the 'blue pullman' dining train on a Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z84 09.25 Victoria-Lydney (via Kemble and Standish junction) and 1Z85 16.55 return. The ECS ran to Cardiff for servicing and was seen passing Magor at 13.35 off the outward journey.
14/10 Another special working via Kemble and Standish junction was a 1Z93 09.20 Victoria-Gloucester and 1Z94 18.25 Sroud-Victoria return VSOE trip. The loco, one of the two Royal Class 67s, took the ECS on to Newport as 5Z93 12.50 Gloucester-Newport ADj and returned as 5Z94 16.50 Newport ADJ-Stroud.
25/10 A further Cotswold-Rail HST stock move, saw 47813 haul 43130 + 43163 from Gloucester-Brush works Loughborough returning with 43154 to Gloucester.

Portbury Branchline

04/10 Test unit 950001 was noted near Ashton Gate at 14.03 on a return 2Z08 test working, believed en-route to Swindon.
31/10 60093 was on a 0Z60 11.17 East Usk-Portbury driver route learning light-engine move, in readiness for extra import coal traffic from the port to Aberthaw power station.
Locos recorded on the 6X52 16.30 (SX) Portbury-Washwood Heath loaded cars have included;-
04/10 66096. 10/10 66150.
05/10 66160. 26/10 66091.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included; 66161/173.
Cotswold-Rail are expected to be provided with a path from the port for loaded car movements, this being; 0Z61 16.45 Gloucester-Portbury light-engine and 6Z61 19.02 return. Also a path is to be added over the water at Avonmouth for the same company, this being; 0Z61 16.45 Gloucester-Avonmouth light-engine and 6Z61 19.45 return.

Units noted this period included


06/10 60047. 66033/141/147/182/248/514/540/615
13/10 60045/052/094. 66064/100/139/147/248
20/10 09101/105. 60029/097. 66071/152/210/224/250
27/10 09017. 60047/062. 66002/224/247/612

Units noted this period included
158746/747/750/764/765/766/782/ 822/831/832/836/841/843/844/847/850/853/859/860/872/962/963/965


Avon "BinLiner"
09/10 66550. 12/10 66530.


Here we are again, another month gone by and Christmas almost upon us. It's been nice to see the weather being unseasonably kind to us all and enabling us to get out without standing on platform ends freezing - which is more often than not the norm for this time of the year. Not that I have been "out and about" a great deal, what with work and home commitments being of primary concern recently. However, the usual haunts have been visited over the month and some decent sightings achieved. As a location suggestion this time I have had reports from colleagues that Warrington seems to have become rather busy again. As with other locations it's probably a case of "being in the right place . . " but friends have been suitably impressed with recent visits. On to my news and sightings. It appears that the steel traffic to and from Workington is to cease at the end of the year and be transferred to Scunthorpe. A recent sighting at Eastleigh has been the following engineers' train working between here and Westbury -- all the vehicles being painted in the Railtrack green: 110375, 200262, 979009, 979010, 979011, 979012, 979013, 979014, 979015, 979016. On 16th October it was a night at Nuneaton and a busy night again. The West Coast "Leaf Buster" service was in the charge of 66407 and 66409 with vehicles 642028 and 642029. (Actually this last week -- 7th November -- has seen the engines change to 66416 and 66418.) Ironically, with all these exotic "Leaf Buster" trains being noted what is the Leicester train formed of? MPVs 98957 and 98907! We did have 98906 and 98956 for a couple of days! Back to Nuneaton and amongst the several Freightliner services, that evening's northbound Enterprise, hauled by 92042, was an impressive consist - and slowly moving! Vehicles were: 33.70.2795.310/ 333/ 323/ 311/ 312/ 330/ 334/ 337/ 33.80.4741.133/ 152/ 072/ 33.80.2693.029/ 027/ 033/ 024/ 035/ 000/ 041/ 33.80.2797.971/ 600/ 670/ 967629. Another large consist was a northbound engineers' service hauled by 66014, wagons on this train being: 394259/ 117/ 407/ 014/ 633/ 906/ 053/ 301/ 294/ 060/ 958/ 057/ 647/ 556/ 234/ 553/ 355/ 119/ 514/ 237/ 033/ 371/ 071/ 418/ 869/ 022/ 288/ 746/ 025/ 309/ 742/ 395185/ 008/ 222/ 018/ 240/ 396044/ 083/ 074. Amongst the sixteen freight working noted in the three hours 87028 was seen on the southbound Royal Mail service. On to a week later, 23rd October, a busy evening at Rugby again noted a dozen or so freight the choice one this particular evening was a northbound Enterprise service hauled by 92017, consist being: 33.80.4647.028/ 009/ 040/ 013/ 068/ 067/ 015/ 044/ 33.80.4741.097/ 082/ 21.87.4145.227/ 201 and, completing the consist, new Freightliner hoppers 369067/ 068/ 070/ 071/ 075/ 077. During the month many class 60s have been seen through Leicester on various workings. Noted have been: 60096, 60099, 60004, 60049, 60007, 60059, 60020, 60051, 60021, 60076, 60028, 60021. They are most regularly noted on the bogie tanks to and from Bedworth and Colnbrook, Redland traffic and the steels to and from Corby. Nice to see them back in abundance. Also with the rumour that the Freightliner class 57s are to cease work in December, many examples of these locomotives have been noted also. Whether this rumour actually turns into reality is another matter. See you next month.



08662(TO)-TE, 08936(WB)-GL, 43165(LA)-LE, 47805/812(CP)-KM, 47815(KM)-CP, 47843/847/853(CP)-KM, 57602/603/604/605(LA)-OO,
ELRD East Lancs Rly Diesel Locos 40145. 550022
RTSO Riviera Trains Shunting Loco 08780
SDAC FM Rail AC Locos 86223/233/235

08526/888. 87026. 90017/022.
CE: 90017/022. CV: 86228. DC: 08888. DM: 56051/065/117. 58011. EH: 37422. LA: 43122. LM: 08813. MG: 08526/738. OC: 37419.
TO: 60091. WB: 56058/081/113. 87026.
CV = Coalville, DC = Doncaster Carr, DM = Dollands Moor

08752/886. 09001 -MG, 20066. 37142 -HQ, 60007/008/018/022/029/030,
60034/039/040/041/043/046/047/048/049/054/065/071/084/092/096 -IM,
67001/002/008/026 -TO, 87007 -WB, 90019/024. 92031 -CE.

New Stock
66414/415/416/417/418/419/420 -HQ(KM)

Diesel Multiple Units

158767/768/769/771/776(NL)-PM, 791/792/794(NL)-HT, 795/796(EX)-NL, 797(NL)-HT

158805/807 -ZB

185102/133/134/135/136/137 -AK

New Stock
185138/139/141/142/144 -HQ

Electric Multiple Units

458005 -BM, 006 -CJ, 008/014/022 -BM, 023 -WD, 026 -CJ

450117/118/119/120 -NT

6213 (65327 + 77512), 1850(76629 + 76789)

Booth: 6213. 1850.

Coaching & NPCC Stock

1860. 4905/40/51/58/84/94. 14007. 21266 - CS, 40204/205/207/208,
40209/210/221/228/231. 40714/716/739/747. 41004/007/008/009/010,
41138/179. 42003/005/006/007/008/009/010/012/013/014/015/016/019,
42346/349/360/361. 44002/003/004/005/007/008/009/010/026/029/032,
44036/037 -LA, 99127/128/304/311/312/326/329/710/718 -CS

LA: 41148/169. 42318/319/320/321. 44091.
LM: 10231. 12033/092/128/139/142/145/149/172. 40804. 82125.
ML: 94170. 94423. NC: 82131. TSL: 10230. ZN: 12096.

10405(x12157)/406(x12020) -NC, 94191/199 -ML, 977996(x44062) -ZD.

Booth: 1209. 10704. 975.568
ISSEE(nr Swindon: 10224. Gwili: 80371. Glos & Warks: 977.331


Swindon (R.W.Giles) 17/09/06

GW Designer Outlet Village (food hall).
steam; ex. GWR; 4930 Hagley Hall.

STEAM Museum of the GW, Heritage Centre (part of the former workshops).
Steam; ex GWR; 813 (visitor from GWS Didcot). 2516. 4073 Caerphilly Castle. 4248. 6000 King George V. 7325. 9400. Industrial steam; (Agecroft No.2) (RSHN 7681/51). Ex. BR diesel; 50033 Glorious. ex. GWR Railcar; No4 (W4W) (AEC/PRoyal B3550/34). trolley; A38W (Wkm 8505/60).
7ft gauge replica; North Star (Sdn 1925). C/stock; ex GWR; Queen Victoria Royal saloon 233 (9002) . 9631.

Workshop 20. Heritage Carriage Works (view through windows).
Steam; ex GWR; 7200 under frame/parts only, no boiler. c/stock; ex GWR 'monster' GUV, un-numbered, possibly W600 (?), moved from the Bluebell to Swindon & Cricklade. The other possibility for this vehicle's identification could be W485, one of two from Port Talbot steel works, the other W484 being preserved at Didcot. A wagon or coach under frame was also visible.
Notes;- This was the second day of the yearly Swindon Railway festival weekend event, this year with a Brunel 200 theme. Celebrity Pete Waterman was a visitor over the weekend. A number of sales stands and model railways were present along with narrow gauge locos some giving rides. Industrial, Agecroft No.2 was in pieces, the under frame and wheels being outside the special events hall near GWR 813 on a short section of track (which had arrived for the weekend on a road low-loader) and some traction engines. 50033 was inside this hall, which is located alongside the mainline.

Swanage Railway
An appeal has been launched to bring back to this country and preserve former SR parcels and luggage van S2464S which was used as part of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral train. The vehicle, painted in Pullman colours was exported in 1965 to Los Angeles where it forms part a mock railway station at a golf course resort hotel. The coach conveyed Churchill's coffin on its final journey to Bladon, near Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire after his state funeral, hauled by Bullied Pacific steam loco 34051 Winston Churchill, now preserved at the NRM York. The Swanage Railway is hoping to raise 40,000 to transport the van back to the UK, as it is being offered as 'a gift to the British people' by the Mayor of Los Angeles, David Perez.

West Somerset Railway (07-08/10/06)
Another gala weekend saw a First/GW Class 158 unit work six return shuttles from Taunton station into Bishop's Lydeard the first booked, ordinary through passenger trains since the line was closed by BR in 1971. Also on 07/10, 31452 + 31454 worked in on an FM-Rail 'merrymaker' special from Barking (via Westbury).

Dartmoor Railway (14-15/10/06) R.W.Giles
The railway held it's first diesel gala weekend. Visiting locos were; 66182 (from EWS) which hauled 37142 + 50042 in from (and returned to, on 15/10) the Bodmin & Wenford Railway, whilst the railway's own locos 37198, 47716, 73117 along with preservation debuts for 31465 and a very 'rough looking' 37905. Former Netherlands Railways 663 Annette and 205032 (a two car formation) were also in use on passenger shuttles between Meldon Quarry and Okehampton., on 16/10, 663 was reported as moved to the NRM at Shildon. Coaching stock in use;- emu stock; 417. 1198. demu; 205032. c/stock; a set of MkIIs had been in use on 14/10, part of which being 1213, 3411, 6181, with three or four more unidentified.
Since the last Magazine report from this location (March 2006); the following were new arrivals (or not seen on that visit!), c/stock; 96212 at Okehampton station (standing with other stock on the newly connected bay former North Devon platform 1) along with MkI tso Rosemary (in choc/cream livery) at Meldon quarry (unconfirmed as 4808? ex. East Kent Light Railway).Horsebox S96300 and a restaurant car either 1691 or 1697 are reported destined for Llangollen.

Bristol Harbour Railway (29/10/06) R.W.Giles
This was the final opening day of the Bristol Industrial Museum, which has now closed for a 18.6 million refurbishment, due to be completed in July 2009. Avonside No.34 Portbury (1764/17) was on the days passenger shuttles along the quayside, with the final 17.00 departure to the S.S. Britain halt being unusually top n'tailed by both serviceable steam locos. With Peckett Henbury (1940/37) leading and carrying a 'Bristol Industrial Museum Final Day' headboard, the last train set off a number of detonators, this adding to the sound of ship horns and hooters as well as the preserved fire fighting ship the Pyronaute providing a water fountain display in front of the museum, with the replica Cabot ship The Matthew also in attendance. The museum which opened in March 1978, occupies the last 'unrestored' surviving former dockside warehouse, ' L Shed', the railway commencing it's harbour side workings during the early eighties with loco Henbury. From 1987, with the closure of the Wapping Wharf branch to coal traffic by BR, a longer passenger operation started with a halt being built near the S.S. Great Britain. An even longer extension was made available from 1995, when part of the Wapping Wharf branchline, alongside Cumberland Road, as far as Ashton Meadows was made available and generally used for special events and at least once on normal operating days which totalled 40 during 2006. Henbury has been the main loco in use over the years, being taken out of service in the early 1990s returning to traffic in 1994, whilst Portbury following extensive restoration was returned to use for the first time in 1988.

Avon Valley Railway (29/10/06) R.W.Giles
The railway held an end of season, members and volunteers mini gala which saw four locos in use on a busy timetable for passengers and a freight train, using all of the line during the day. In use were; steam Tkh 4015 Keral (Chrz 4015/54) and 70 (HC 1464/21); diesels D2994 (07010) and newly arrived Pullman liveried 73101 Royal Alex, now to be a permanent resident on the line, having arrived from the Dean Forest Railway, Lydney by road on Monday 23/10/06. Another reported recent arrival on the line was crane;- 5ton, Cowans/Sheldon works no; 34571/84.

West Bay, Near Bridport, Dorset (31/10/06) R.W.Giles
Ex. EMU stock; 70292. 70531.
Note; Both these coaches are on a section of track next to the surviving station building and platform (closed 03/12/62) at this small fishing port. They carry a blue/cream livery and form part of a restaurant/cafe and information centre. The Maiden Newton-Bridport line, of which the Wet Bay line formed part, was to passengers closed 31 years ago on 05/05/75.

Swindon Works - 21 years ago. Society Archives; Magazine 168, Jan 86.
Following on from R.W.Giles's visit here on 17/09/06 there follows a report from the same location on 03/12/85;-

North Yard (viewed) 08026/095/103/186/187/188/329/360/377/403/410/425/457/469/550
25027/126/130/134/161/177/180/187/193//207/327 40092 46011/014
DMU. 50462 Emu. 5317/332/335/359 6170 Stock. W1327.
ZL Swindon Works
03170/382 08067 (TS 1)/068/088/153/265/303/328/411/498/568/569/574/599
08949 25139/186/258/326 27034 31111 40149/154/176/193 46017/029/044/047 Preserved Loco. D1015
DMU 51056/084/132/145/304/338/380/416/500/512 53501/628/938/962/983 54223/245/266/411/494/496 55031 59415
DEMU 1101/109/130
EMU 5303/310/354/358 EMU coaches. S51 (W&C), S69001 (7002) Stock.
80566/856 81018 84335/374 93235/286/327/355/495/539/632/648
93860 94039 99614 Pre B.R. E1345 M31926 M37222/225/326 W1009/047 W1316 Departmentals. DW150246 DE320862 ADB975158(W185W)/856 Crane & Runner. DRT81302 + ADM498120 Internal Users. 060393/505/685/704/793/944 Track Machines. 73214. 73224/402 77325.

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