02/08 66083 was on the 6C63 11.16 Westbury-Avonmouth stone empties noted on Hallen Moor at 14.40.
08/08 59001 worked in on the 6C63 stone empties from Westbury (having been noted passing Twerton near Bath at 15.25). The return loaded train (6C64 17.07 Avonmouth-Westbury) was still present at Holesmouth junction at 20.00 waiting to depart.
10/08 67023 departed at 13.06 on a return 0Z13 Wembley driver route learner light-engine.
16/08 66075 (not the originally allocated 59005) worked the 6C63 stone empties, formed of Hanson JHA bogie hoppers.
17/08 47826 was an unusual visitor on a 2Z01 11.33 Kensal Green-Birmingham New Street West Coast driver route learner with saloon coach 6320. The train 'crossed' the 16.00 Avonmouth-Bristol TM First/GW local service (153369) at Clifton Down, being seen near Sea Mills at 16.30 and later near Henbury, on the freight-only section at 16.50 following the 6M33 Wembley freight service.
22/08 59204 worked the 6C63/6C64 Westbury stone, the empties being noted passing Brentry at 17.21.
29/08 For the 10 day Wootton Bassett junction engineering blockade, the 6M33 16.23 Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service was retimed to leave at 18.32 and run via Day's curve and Bath (19.17) to Westbury and the Berks & Hants route. All coal traffic to Didcot power station was suspended and servicing of the loading silos and track maintenance was noted taking place in the bulk handling terminal.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66041/053/065/092/139/140/143/160/166/196/211. 09003 continues as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway, Pilning and Westerleigh

01/08 Re-engined and 'plain blue' First/GW power car 43093 was noted with 43176 on the 07.00 Swansea-Paddington service. 66511/554/951 were noted on Kingsland Road at 20:00. 158762 in Trans Pennine livery was noted on a Cardiff bound service.
03/08 67023 (one of the 6M33 Avonmouth-Wembley freight locos) was seen stopped light-engine in the down sidings at 13.10, the loco later working 5Z13 14.20 condemned stock move to Wembley formed with 13 of the stored former RES mail and TPO vans in the sidings. The vehicles moved were;- 94503, 94485, 94455, 94524, 80357, 80369, 80364, 94483, 80424, 80322, 80422, 80386, 94449, all destined for scrapping at Booth's, Rotherham, the Wembley-Doncaster leg of the journey being in the hands of 37405. Later in the day 60021 passed on 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks and 'low emissions' 66951 worked the 6V60 Angerstein Wharf-Pengam stone empties. Four workings this evening, starting with 66139 with empty MGR service for Avonmouth followed by 66951 light engine eastbound point of origin unknown, 66110 with empty HAAs for Portbury and finally a Network Rail ballast service headed by 66523 with 66511 dead on the rear of the train.
04/08 A second 'plain blue' First/GW power car 43175 was noted (with 43161) on the 13.45 Paddington-Swansea service. 60023 was on the 6B33 Theale fuel tank empties.
07/08 Five freights recorded this evening, 66156 with a loaded mgr from Avonmouth with 66166 with empties in the reverse direction. 66096 heading for Portbury with empty MGR service and a loaded service, from Portbury, behind 66185. The final working seen was empty steel flats from south Wales heading eastbound hauled by 66091.
08/08 60004 worked the 6B33 Theale fuel empties being noted in Pilning loop at 16.11 and later passed by the split liveried Shanks/Freightliner 66522 on 6B11 Thorney Mill-Cardiff Pengam stone empties at 16.41. During the evening, Metronet liveried 66722 was noted stabled in the bay platform of the former rail-net depot being booked to work an 07.00 Newport-Doncaster service the following day.
09/08 66522 passed back through at 07.45 on an up working believed to be a 6Z93 train of empty wagons for Hitchen.
10/08 Diversions were noted in operation around 13.00 due to a freight train failure in the Cam area on the south-bound line. Only 8 vans remained in storage in Stoke Gifford sidings, these being reported as 94103, 94307, 94318, 94331, 94400, 94411, 94458, 94481. 60052 was the days 6B33 Theale empty fuel tanks loco.
14/08 66407 worked the Network Rail ballast service this evening, also seen were 66041 with mgr empties for Avonmouth and a northbound loaded service from Portbury using 66217.
14/08 DRS 66407 (still 'on loan' to Freightliner Heavy-Haul) worked 6Z55 09.46 Swindon-Moreton-on-Lugg empties and 6Z56 17.18 return loaded stone to Dagenham (noted passing Patchway at 19.05).
17/08 Brief visit saw 66096 taking mgr empties to Portbury.
18/08 Steam 5051 Earl Bathurst ran 5Z49 10.48 Didcot-Cardiff Canton loco and support coach, during the early afternoon, to work a weekend Tyseley-Fishguard Harbour special (onwards from Port Talbot) to celebrate the harbour's 100th anniversary.
21/08 Just one MGR working this evening 66249 with empties for Avonmouth. Two Network Rail services were also seen heading eastbound, the first with low sided bogie ballast wagons hauled by 66506 with 66550 dead on the rear. The second working, a sort of jumbo train, consisting of loaded concrete sleeper wagons, large ballast hoppers and other assorted vehicles powered by 66617 with 66604 dead on the rear. Steam 5051 Earl Bathurst returned as 5Z49 10.10 Cardiff Canton-Didcot loco and coach during the late morning Later grey liveried, EWS stickered 60079 powered the 6B33 Theale fuel empties.
22/08 Unusual power (for the moment anyway!) on the 6B33 Theale fuel empties was 66101.
23/08 Freightliner Heavy-Haul 47811 worked a 5Z25 11.00 Kineton-Caerwent train of stored MkII coaches for scrapping. Although leaving two minutes early the train reached the Bristol area around 90 minutes late. The consist was recorded as;- 5775, 5822 (both unbranded Virgin livery), 5863, 5778 (both Anglian), 6202 (First/GW), 6030, 6105, 6116, 6055, 6062 (all unbranded Virgin). Once the train was delivered to Caerwent, the first working here since March, the Class 47 ran light-engine to Kingsland Road, Bristol.
24/08 Back to more popular power for the 6B33 Theale fuel tanks, with 60038 noted in charge.
25/08 Another 'plain blue' First/GW HST power car was recorded; 43093 (with 43031) on the 07.30 Swansea-Paddington and return 11.00 Paddington-Bristol services. 60079 was the 6B33 hauling power, and the down sidings at Stoke Gifford were seen to be clear of the remaining stored mail vans, but noted occupied by loaded ballast wagons for the forthcoming Wootton Bassett engineers occupation.
29/08 Diversions for the Wootton Bassett blockade saw the 4V50/4O51 Millbrook-Wenlooge containers diverted via Gloucester and Kemble (12.36) to Swindon during the 10 day period.
30/08 60038 was over at Westerleigh on a late running 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/08 A DRS light-engine route learning trip; 0Z73 04.27 Crewe-Plymouth (Bristol TM 09.22-09.46), with movements between Plymouth and Bridgwater before returning on 03/08 as 0Z78 12.43 Plymouth-Crewe (Yatton loop 15.00-15.28) was cancelled. Some of the day's newly reallocated Trans-Pennine liveried unit workings were;- 158764 on 06.30 Gloucester-Penzance, 158763 with the 08.40 Temple Meads-Weymouth and 158762 on the 10.04 Great Malvern-Temple Meads.
02/08 An 'Outing's for the Day' Northern Belle, Cardiff Central-Kensington Olympia shoppers trip was top n'tailed by 67014 and 67020 and called at Temple Meads en-route. Later over at Bath the 14.52 Weymouth-Temple First/GW service formed with a Class 150 unit was reported on fire near Oldfield Park, where the train was stopped and passengers evacuated. Two fire appliances were in attendance, the unit is believed to have been moved to the nearby goods loop. It is thought that oil from a leaking pipe combining with hot exhaust caused the fire.
04/08 More Trans-Pennine units, varied First/GW workings were;- 158763 on 14.36 Taunton-Cardiff Central and 158765 with the 10.25 Penzance-Cardiff Central. 37417 became the sixth Class 37 (following on from 37405/411/425/669/670, the latter two being paired) on the 6C01 09.15 Newport ADj-Bristol East depot formed with seven loaded steel wagons (Pilning 10.20) and 6C02 14.06 return empties, numbering 23 (which were noted in Pilning loop between 15.02-15.16). The Cotswold-Rail HST set with power cars 43070 + 43087 (Hornby livery) arrived at Temple Meads during the morning as ECS with set CR01 (formed 41108, 41189, 40810, 42085, 42086, 42309, 44069), prior to working a railtour during the following day and the NRMT was reported returned to a HST set replacing the recent use of top n'tail DRS Class 37s, on a morning Paddington-Plymouth working as far as Westbury only. A WSR stock move involving Cotswold-Rail's 47714 and 47840 was cancelled.
05/08 Special passenger workings today included;- silver EWS liviered 67029 on a 'Lost Gardens' 1Z72 06.10 Shrewsbury-St.Austell and 1Z73 16.45 return, both out and back via the Severn Tunnel and the Cotswold-Rail Hst set with power cars 43070 + 43087 which was used on a 1Z34 06.22 Temple Meads-Edinburgh and 1Z36 16.43 return (due Bristol 23.20). More Hst news was the day's Summer Saturday Virgin XC 'hire' diagrams which saw the following power cars in use on the listed services;- GNER 43038 + 43110 with 1C02 07.35 Temple Meads-Paignton / 1E46 10.22 Paignton-Newcastle, MML 43054 + 43081 with 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay / 2C75 19.15 Newquay-Plymouth, MML 43047 + 43066 with 2C34 06.51 Plymouth-Newquay / 1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle and MML 43049 + 43074 with 1V29 07.11 Manchester-Newquay / 1M28 15.22 Newquay-Newcastle. The 1V29 was reported in trouble in Cornwall with problems involving power car 43074. The train was diverted to St. Austell being terminated here, the passengers going forward by road transport. The train was running as 07.11 ex. Manchester Victoria, instead of Piccadilly due to engineering works. Also during the morning, an 0Z43 08.45 Laira-Neville Hill stock move was formed with back to back Hst power cars 43056 + 43058.
06/08 Steam 6024 King Edward I was again in action on Pastime Rail's 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09.19 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z28 17.15 return). The Cotswold Hst set remained stabled as empty stock in Temple Meads and the previous days failed MML HST (with power cars 43049 + 43074) made it back to Derby during the day as empty stock.
07/08 Southbound coal train seen at 16.30 behind 66185 bound for Portbury. The Cotswold HST set ran as ECS to Long Marston, the power cars returning to Gloucester with only a buffet coach in between. They are reported destined for use with First/GW and will probably have there unique liveries removed. On the freight side, 37417 again worked the 6C01 East depot steel trip passing Pilning at 10.00, the return 6C02 empties leaving at 12.53 for Newport and 20307 + 20314 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.
08/08 Freight activity during the day saw; 66069 on the 6C01/6C02 Bristol East Depot steel trip, 59202 on an additional Westbury-Machen and return stone working and 66053 + 66187 paired on the 6C41 Newport ADj-Westbury departmental (Pilning 15.43). Making a debut for a DRS loco, 66407 (on loan to FLHH) visited the Barrow Road branch with the 4V60 refuse containers from Calvert, the loco powering this train on both 09/08 and 10/08. A late afternoon view of Barton Hill depot recorded;- 08516. steam loco; 6024 King Edward I. stored locos; 37077/(377)/379/696. c/stock (near the depot buildings only); 3141, 3147, 21269. At nearby Kingsland Road; 66523, 66554 and 66620 were all present.
09/08 37417 made a third appearance on the 6C01East depot steel trip, but returned 0C02 light-engine to Newport. The loco was swapped overnight with 37405 and has now gone to Scotland. 67019 worked a London-Bath VSOE trip, the ECS being noted leaving East depot goods loop at 16.04 for the return journey.
10/08 37069 + 37218 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask service.
11/08 The Cotswold HST power cars 43070 + 43087 ran from Gloucester-Laira for First/GW use.
12/08 Summer Saturday HST services and their working power cars were as follows; 1C02/1E46 43006 + 43038, 1V49/2C75 43054 + 43058, 2C34/1E47 43056 + 43081, and 1V29/1M28 43075 + 43104.
13/08 Steam 6024 King Edward I was on the usual Sunday 'Torbay Express' diagram using c/stock; 21269, 3121, 3147, 3141, 5008, 4949, 1813, 4986, 5023, 4998, W35333 (loco support coach).
14/08 A 50 strong Network-Rail team of operatives were in action tidying up the trackside in the Temple Meads and surrounding areas. 100, 000 worth of damage was caused in Temple Meads station alone last year by vandals; the staff being actually used to clean and paint out at least 285 instances of graffiti on line side buildings and structures, remove 36 tonnes of rubbish and scrap metal and tidy up trackside vegetation.
15/08 66080 was on the 6C01/6C02 East depot steel trip.
16/08 West Coast Railway's 47826 arrived in the area on a 5Z01 12.05 Carnforth-Temple Meads loco + saloon coach 6320 move.
17/08 37405 stood in for steam 34067 Tangmere on Kingfisher Tour's ' Sunny Seaside Spitfire' 1Z27 07.05 Temple Meads-Eastbourne (for the seaside resort's airshow) and 1Z28 17.12 return, out and back via Bath using a Wessex coaching stock formation. The 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks were recorded during the day headed by 20301 + 20309. West Coast Railways, 47826 ran as 2Z01 08.10 Temple Meads-Kensal Green and return 2Z02 11.33 Kensal Green-Birmingham NS (also see Avonmouth Notes & News). The latter return working included the Melksham line with a run-round at Westbury.
18/08 66028 worked south at 16.00 with a departmental service. Although originally booked for a Class 67 loco, 37405 returned the previous days railtour stock as 5Z28 09.45 Barton Hill-Old Oak Common via Bath. The 14.22 Portsmouth Harbour-Cardiff Central First/GW service hit a shopping trolley placed on the track around 17.30 by vandals near Stapleton Road station. The set involved was reported as taken out of service, presumably on reaching Filton Abbey Wood station.
19/08 The Summer Saturday Hst diagrams were covered with the following power cars;- 1C02/1E46 43039 + 43102, 1V49/2C75 43056 + 43056, 2C34/1E47 43054 + 43058. 1V29/1M28 43047 + 43066. A Heartland Tours 1Z64 05.47 Wolverhampton-Penzance and 1Z65 16.35 return was double-headed with Cotswold-Rails 47813 + 47828 with c/stock; 11013, 11033, 11029, 10231, 12077, 12092, 12128, 12139, DVT 82134. The train was reported running early into Bristol having missed out the booked Ashchurch station pick-up stop!
20/08 Steam 6024 King Edward I continued on the Sunday's 'Torbay Express' for Pastime Rail.
21/08 The plans for the new arena on the former Bath Road depot site have been completed and are to go on public show.
23/08 37405 ran 0B65 Westbury-Newport ADj light-engine surprisingly returning on 6C41 15.10 Newport ADj-Westbury engineers noted passing Patchway at 16.25. The day started early at 004.40 when 66249 was seen heading for Portbury with mgr empties, later at 09.55 37405 headed north working as light engine, finally at 15.15 a hst was noted southbound with power cars 43058/104.
24/08 37405 again ran 0B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ light-engine, and again returned on the 6C41 departmental but left Newport 116 minutes early (Pilning 14.15) arriving in Westbury at 15.30! Earlier 20308 + 20315 had worked the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks. Also recorded during the day was 67019 on 1Z67 06.55 Derby-Totnes and 1Z68 19.30 return Northern Belle 'Dartmouth Regatta' dining trip (noted outward passing Oldmixon on the Weston-super-Mare avoiding line at 11.07) and very early in the day the 1A40 22.00 First/GW Penzance-Paddington 'Night Riviera' sleeper service was running around three hours late following the failure of 57602 near Lostwithiel. Back to back Hst power cars 43004 + 43143 assisted the train onwards to Plymouth where 57604 had taken over.
25/08 37405 made a third return run during the morning, this time as 6B65 09.15 Westbury-Newport ADj departmental with a single four-wheel empty wagon, passing Patchway at 10.05! On arrival at Newport the loco went on to Margam for an exam.
26/08 Another 'Dartmouth Regatta' trip, this time organised by Pastime Rail was EWS 66214 hauled inplace of the mainline preserved Class 52 Western Champion currently out of traffic and due to undergo a repaint. The train details were; 1Z68 10.23 Bristol TM-Kingswear (calling also locally at Nailsea & Backwell, Yatton and Weston-super-Mare) and 1Z69 19.30 return. The second last Summer Saturday Hst power cars and workings were as follows;- 1C02/1E46 43105 + 43167, 1V49/2C75 43058 + 43104, 2C34/1E47 43045 + 43056, 1V29/1M28 43043 + 43166.
27/08 The second last 2006 'Torbay Express' was worked by the usual 6024 King Edward I.
28/08 EWS silver 67029 and 67027 were noted on Barton Hill depot during the morning and 66122 was recorded at 07.35 with the 6V53 Washwood Heath-Portbury dock empty cartics. The retimed and diverted 6M33 18.32 Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service was routed via Day's curve being noted passing here at 18.45 behind 67023. Other freights diverted via the B & H, Westbury and Bath during the Wootton Basset blockade period were the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks and the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties. 60038 worked a 6A11 11.18 Margam-Westbury train of fuel tank (Filton Abbey Wood 14.10) and FLHH 47811 ran 0V60 12.19 Kingsland Road-Westbury light-engine (via Taunton) to assist the 4V60, Avon area refuse containers in top n'tail formation (being booked; Westbury 14.51-15.06, then via Melksham, to Chippenham 15.37-15.47 reverse and Bath 16.05-17.44). The SWT's strike planned by ASLEF drivers because of early morning taxi use and managers driving trains during industrial action, was called off for today.
29/08 The time 14.15, two light engine movements recorded 66126 heading south and 66134 going north.
30/08 67027 was present on Barton Hill depot as a 'thunderbird' rescue loco in case of any problems with train failures during the diversions. The loco was reported to have been fitted with special coupling gear to drag HST sets if needed. 60038 was recorded with the diverted 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties (via Day's curve) during the late afternoon. A Victoria-Bristol TM VSOE excursion was worked from and returned to Westbury by 66142. Steam 34067 Tangmere had brought in and returned the train to London. An interesting effect of the much publicised A4 main road closure for repairs between Bristol and Bath at Saltford for nine weeks from 17/07 was increased rail ticket sales for First/GW. A like for like comparison to the same period for the first four closure weeks saw an increase of 50%, from 80,000 to 160,000. Motorists faced a lengthy diversion around the works area, with security staff present at the Keynsham and Newton-St-Loe ends of the road stopping any non residents and persons not on official business in the village of Saltford passing.
30/08 Heading south at 18.50 was 66616 with a train of "sleepers".
31/08 A most unusual passing visitor was Metronet 66718 working a 5Z98 08.40 Laira-Derby stock move formed with former unbranded Virgin MkIIIs (with barrier vans at each end), the loco having been taken west attached to the rear of the First/GW 1C99 23.50 Paddington-Penzance 'Night Riviera' sleeper service! The 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks were powered by 37605 + 37608 and Royal 67006 was noted passing Malago light-engine at 14.05 heading towards Temple Meads. The Steam Dreams 'Cathedral Express' (1Z82 08.53 Victoria-Taunton and 1Z83 16.38 return) ran behind steam 45231 Worcestershire & Sherwood Forester as far as Westbury where FM-Rail 31128 worked the train onwards. The outward working was noted passing Malago at 14.27, the return was booked to stop in Yatton loop (17.09-17.15) but was running late and passed 158843 in the loop here with the First/GW 17.09 Weston-super-Mare-Great Malvern local service at 17.28!

Modernisation at First/GW stations will see a new disabled person's ramp installed on the downside platform at Keynsham using an old walkway not used for around 20 years. Funding towards the project, expected to be completed by March 2007 will come from, East Somerset Council 15,000, Keynsham Town Council 2,000 and First/GW 13,000. A new disabled access way is also under consideration for the downside platform at Nailsea & Backwell station.

Transport campaigners are unhappy with First/GW with their proposals to remove the two weekday stopping trains at Pilning station from the new timetable which starts in December. The 09.00 Cardiff Central-Taunton (calls 09.34) and the 12.00 Exeter St.Davids-Cardiff Central (15.36) will both go, the station would be only left with Saturdays 08.55 Cardiff Central-Taunton (09.29), 13.11 Taunton-Cardiff Central (14.36) and 14.12 Taunton-Cardiff Central (15.36). It is however, believed the station will always remain in use as it is an important emergency access point for the nearby Severn Tunnel.


07/08 DRS 66407 (on loan to Freightliner Heavy-Haul) worked the recently introduced 09.30 Hitchen-Cardiff Tidal sidings loaded scrap metal routed via Kemble and Stroud.
09/08 Mini HST Cotswold-Rail formation was noted in the Gloucester station area as 43070 + 40810 + 43087.
19/08 50049 headed an Arriva Trains excursion from Tyseley-Fishguard for the centenary of the West Wales town's harbour, still an important sea-ferry link to Ireland. Steam loco 5051 Earl Bathurst headed the train onwards, and for the return to Port Talbot. The working was at one time to be double-headed also with 4965 Rood Ashton Hall.
21/08 Cotswold-Rail 47813 + 47828 hauled stored 87003 + 87023 and coaching stock from Oxley-Long Marston. The locos then moved Hst power cars 43141 + 43164 from Landore-Gloucester, going forward to Brush at Loughborough to be re-engined the following day behind 47828 on it's own. The power cars were believed to have been moved from Laira-Gloucester on 20/08.
22/08 47828 returned from Loughborough-Landore with HST power car 43092.
23/08 47714 hauled power car 43068 from Landore to Long Marston for storage.
28/08 47714 was reported to be the 'thunderbird' standby loco at Gloucester for the days diversions, due to the Wootton Bassett engineering blockade, over the Kemble and Stroud line.
30/08 The diverted 4O51 10.08 Wentlooge-Millbrook containers were recorded passing Standish junction on the line towards Swindon at 12.15 behind 57008.

Portbury Branchline

21/08 Staff accommodation cabins were moved in alongside the cripple siding in readiness for the laying of an additional arrival/departure line, the groundwork commencing during the following day. Tarmac and Balfour Beatty are the two contractors involved in the work which will help with increased freight traffic from the port.
Locos recorded on the 6X52 16.30 Portbury-Washwood Heath loaded car service have included;-
02/08 66117. 03/08 66025. 08/08 66191. 09/08 66204. 10/08 66153.
16/08 66043. 22/08 66091. 24/08 66086. 28/08 66122. 30/08 66239.
31/08 66198.

Units noted this period included



02/08 67014 + 67020 top and tailed a Cardiff - Kensington Olympia Northern Belle. 66617 and 66620 worked a Reading West to Wentlooge engineers service.
04/08 66015/093/094/102/129/132/151/187/520/522/568
07/08 66620 ran light engine west at around 19:00 returning with a load of JNAs from ADJ at 20:45. 66617 & 66515 top and tailed a load of new concrete sleepers, track laying wagons and Railtrack ballast hoppers heading east at 21:05.
11/08 66017/079/127/177/511/523/622
18/08 66076/201/238/538
25/08 66049/170/223/243/576

Units noted this period included


Avon "BinLiner"
07/08 66554. 11/08 66407. 15/08 66520. 30/08 66515.

4V08 Crewe - Wentlooge.
02/08 66407 + 66576. 04/08 66568. 07/08 66541. 08/08 66538. 15/08 66542.
17/08 66534. 18/08 66538. 21/08 66538 22/08 66543. 23/08 66569.
25/08 66576.


6B13 Robeston - Westerleighh
02/08 60004. 03/08 60004. 04/08 60021. 07-10/08 60003. 14-16/08 60079.
24/08 60004. 25/08 60038. 29/08 60079.

6M33 16.23 SX Avonmouth-Wembley
01/08 67006 + 67023. 02/08 67006 + 67023. 03/08 67006.
08/08 67006 + 67017. 09/08 67006 + 67017. 10/08 67006 + 67017.
16/08 67006 + 67017. 17/08 67006 + 67017. 23/08 67029 + 67027.
24/08 67029 + 67027. 28/08 67023. 30/08 67005 + 67006.


Here we go again for another quick review of the freight scene during the past month. Not a great deal of travelling about for me personally due to work and home commitments, although a couple of visits to Nuneaton and one to Leamington over the past month have been quite fruitful. Before moving on to those visits and sightings, a couple of colleagues recently spent a day (Thursday) at Newport and enjoyed quite a busy day. It had been a regular haunt during the late '80s and into the '90s but general consensus of opinion had suggested that it wasn't as busy as it had been. But my colleagues recorded a lot of freight movement on this visit so it may be still worth spending some time there. Also Barnetby on the Immingham line is reportedly very busy indeed at the present time. A recent visit by a colleague, who stayed locally overnight, logged a tremendous amount of freight movement. There are a couple of local hostelries that take in bed and breakfast visitors, anyway try them out. On to local sightings of my own, I reported a few magazines ago that the British Gypsum bogie flats had been renumbered into the 600xxx air-braked series. Well, it appears that the four-wheel flats are now following suit. A couple of sightings of the train recently saw these vehicles renumbered into the 400xxx series. As with the bogie vehicles these flats have been adorned with small EWS stickers on the vehicle ends. The two Nuneaton visits saw the usual movements. It appears the rumours that the Freightliner class 57s had ceased operating were completely unfounded, as on both occasions 57s were noted in use. The main interests are the W. H. Malcolm services from Daventry with their Austatte bogie intermodals. On 14th August 66408 was noted at 19.02 northbound with the following vehicles in tow: 33.68.4909.323/ 406/ 484/ 556/ 400/ 737/ 410/ 580/ 831/ 546/ 151/ 829/ 422. The second service, hauled by 66405, had the following vehicles: 33.68.4909.813/ 793/ 677/ 583/ 985/ 396/ 902/ 375/ 802/ 169/ 399, 33.68.4943.076/ 067. A week later, 21st August, saw an evening visit to Leamington (the first since February!) and a busy night with a couple of interesting workings. Firstly, the MoD service, hauled by 66092, had the following consist in tow: MODA7473, 93240, 93208, 93206, 93224, MODA7466, MODA7451, 93462, 93466, 210621, 210516, 210576, 210593, MODA7465. Yhe unusual part about this sighting is that it is more often than not a light engine movement! The second working of interest was the engineers' service from Didcot to Bescot. Hauled by 66059, it consisted of the following 'Limpet' mineral wagons: 390322/ 260/ 214/ 168/ 233/ 318/ 286/ 207/ 228/ 227/ 161/ 202/ 214/ 191/ 232/ 174/ 153/ 201/ 330/ 196/ 296/ 186/ 209/ 181/ 172/ 152/ 233/ 176/ 267/ 159/ 218/ 167/ 204/ 232, 393010/ 024/ 033/ 034/ 003. Didn't think that there were that many 'Limpet' left! Lovely sight, though. Speaking of Leamington the branch between there and Coventry is now double-tracked again. The only single-track bit is the bridge over the A46. A quick final note that the power station at Ratcliffe is now fully operational again after the recent health and safety closure and coal traffic is back in abundance through Leicester. See you in the autumn!

Stock Alterations


08834(BN)/892(TS)-KM, 08921(TD)-MG, 43016/017/018(PM)-LE, 43070/087(MM)-LA, 43175(LA)-LE, 47815/839(CP)-KM.
Returned from France: 58033/040/047. 66049/215.
XHSH DRS Class 08 KM - 08834/892

08587/699. 37401/422. 43157. 60008/020/034/041/051/054/072/096.
67001/008. 87003/007/008/012/019/023. 90019. 92004/029/030/039.
BH: 37100/672. CE: 92004/029/030/039. EH: 58033/040/047. GL: 08699. IM: 60008/051. LM: 08827. 43157. 56128. 87003/023. MG: 08587/886. 09001. 60034/054/072. ML: 08924. 37401. TE: 08776. 60020/041. TO: 37422. 60032/093/096/100. 67001/008. 90019. TSL: 87031.
WB: 87007/088/012/019. Hope Cement Works: 37680.
TSL = Tyseley Locomotive Works

08842 -ML, 08854/933 -OC, 43089 -EC, 43092/094/097/098/122/153/154/155/158 -LE, 43160 -EC, 43194/198 -LE, 60045/055/074/094-IM, 67004 -TO.

47326. 73132.

R Hull: 31426. 47704. 73132
Booths: 33056.
Thomson: 47326.
FR Rail: 33109.
Weardale: 37175.
Andrew Goodman: 47475.
Ruston 906 Group (SVR): 37906.
Newton Heath DLG @ Embsay: 47004

Diesel Multiple Units

158750(EX)/762/763/764/765(NL)-PM, 793(EX)-NL.

158803/804 @ZB.


K&WVR: 53268

New Stock
Traffic: 106/107/113/118/119/120/121/122/123/124/125/126 -AK

Electric Multiple Units

BI: (S) 3517. BM: 458005/008/014/022. CJ: 458023. WD: 458006/010/026. SL: Cars: 72506/507/510/542/705.

325002/005/012/013 -CE
458013/018/019/020/021/028/029/030 -WD

Booths: Cars: 62093(310068), 70749(310064), 76141(310057)
N/K: Cars: 123 & 223 @ Ryde IoW
NRM: (S) 4308

Renumbered & Reformed
317334 - 890, 335 - 891, 336 - 892 -IL
465155 (65828+72909+72908+65851), 465176 (65825+72950+72951+65833)
465179 (65804+72957+72956+65875), 465184 (65812+72967+72966+65880)

New Stock
450111/112/113/114 -NT

Coaching & NPCC Stock

10563/588. 40804. 94106/155.
BS: 6167. 6806/20. 9704/09. DR: 80386. 94449. LA: 12145. LM: 6378/79. LO: 6396. ML: 94106. OM: 12149. TS: 3309. ZI: 40904. 42302. Coalville: 3285. 5824/27. 6146/60. 6817/23. 9496.

3232 -CP, 10206/403*. 11021 -NC, 11023 -HQ, 40807/809/810. 41081/108/119/189. 42084/085/086/087/090/187/308/309. 44060 -LA, 44062 -EC, 44069 - LA, 82104 -NC, 82128/131/151 -WQ(PPEN).

80322/357/364/369/400/402/411/422/424/439. 94157/200. 94315.
94455/483/485/503/524. 99645. 975697/698/713/733/743. 977801/846.

Booths: 80322/357/364/369/400/422/424/439. 94315. 94455/483/485/524. 99645. 975697/698/713/733/743. 977801/846.
Nene Valley: 80402. VSOE: 80411. Severn Valley: 94157/200.

12135 - 10403.


9002 - 9802, 9016 - 9816.

Preservation and Industrial Matters

Midsomer Norton (R.W.Giles) 16/07/06
Additional information; Former EWS 'Queen Mary' bogie guardsvan (ytx) ADS56286 was a recent arrival at the site.

Bristol Industrial Museum/Harbour Railway, Prince's Wharf 24/08/06 (R.W.Giles)

Maritime Heritage Museum
Broad-gauge; Iron Duke (Replica Resco 1984).
Steam Packet (SS Great Britain) halt
C/stock; (M93868).
Wapping Wharf
Crane (in use); 4.5 ton, Pretty Flamingo (Coles 14090).
Industrial Museum (loco shed)
(outside); Industrial steam; No.34 Portbury (AE1764/17). (inside) ; Industrial steam; Henbury (P1940/37). (3) (FW 242/1874) wheels/underframe/cab.

Notes;- Iron Duke, on loan from the NRM York formed a popular centrepiece to the Brunel 200, Nine Lives exhibition. The FW boiler and side tanks were visible through the door of the former lifeboat shed.
The industrial museum is to receive an 18 million make-over (made up of a 11.1 million heritage lottery bid, 5.47 million provided by the city council, 1.75 million which is to be provided under a planning agreement by a developer to build on the nearby former Western Fuels coal yard area and 250,000 which is being provided by local sponsorship). It is expected more of the currently stored 'off view' exhibits will be on show after the work has been completed and a new loco shed and viewing area, will be provided and will form part of the new building. The work is to start later this year and the museum will close in October the work being expected to be completed by summer 2009.

Lafarge Cement, Westbury Works. 31/08/06
0-6-0DH (RR 10221/65) was seen shunting coal wagons from the EWS Parc Slip coal service during the late afternoon from a passing train.

Mainline Preservation
17/08 Steam 850 Lord Nelson was moved from the now closed railway workshops at Eastleigh as 7Z50 12.00 Eastleigh-Bishop's Lydeard (WSR) with OCA and OBA wagons (acting as brake runners) behind 66138. The steam loco is expected to become mainline steam passed in the future, the upgrade work being carried out on the West Somerset Railway.
27/08 40145 worked Pathfinder Tours/Class 40 Preservation Society 'Whistling Pixie' (1Z40 06.50 Ealing Broadway-Penzance and 1Z41 16.50 return) with coaching stock; 5376, 5366, 5341, 1863, 3149, 3097, W21272.
This working was just short of the 21st anniversary of the first Penzance Class 40 visit by 40122/D200 on Traintours 'Penzance Fryer' (03.00 ex. Manchester) on 09/11/85. At Penzance the loco and train were serviced at Long Rock carriage sidings alongside stabled First/GW 57604 and 1A40 Paddington 'Night Riviera' sleeper coaching stock; 10534, 10532, 10616, 10219, 17173, 12100.

Some further information on last months report on the Yeovil Railway Centre has come to light.

The two under frames and wheels are possibly JF 22898 and JF 22900 not as stated. A cab in purple carrying 21 appears to be off a RH loco. Finally No 44 Cockney Rebel is JF 4000007/47


Peak Periods at Piccadilly Chuffer

Sunday 3rd September

Cardiff Central

Newport Alexandra Dock Yard

Newport Station

Newport East Usk Yard

Gloucester Station and Yard
47810 (ACTS) 142080 143603 150248

Kings Norton


Birmingham New Street Station
57303/308 150007 170105/107/398/509/631
221112/113/115/116/134 323203/205/212/214/219/221/243
350127 390027/029/034


323214 390011



Manchester Victoria
150144 156441/489 221112

Manchester Piccadilly
158779/805/808 175002/104 185119/128 323236/237/239

Monday 4th September

Manchester Piccadilly
57011 66156/577 90043 92024
153328 156425/426/427/440/452/470
158767/771/773/781/783/788/799/801/808/809/810/812/814/828/833/853/858/861/971/972 170398/502/510
220007/009/010/011/014/021/024/025/030 221107/120/139/141/144

Tuesday 5th September

Manchester Piccadilly
37606/609(DRS)+ Dept Coaches 6264 977868/986 999550
92016 142003/004/014/023/033/037/056/058/062/064
150137/140/143/144/148/211/225/272 153378 156424/441/452/461/466/473/479
170630/634 175002/004/005/008/009/011/103/104/106/113/114/115
220001/006/007/015/024/026 221114/127/144

Wednesday 6th September

Manchester Piccadilly
92007/025 142004/012/023/038 150137/144/224
156427/455/461/466/468 158776/780/791/801/802/813/858/861
170632 175001/003/004/005/010/115 185107/112/119/121/125/131
220013/023/027 323224/226/231/234/235/236/237/238/239

Manchester Longsight





Wolverhampton Station
150217 323219

Wolverhampton Freight Terminal


08805 323203

Birmingham New Street
57304 150117 158849 170104/506/509/510/511/514/631
220010/018/028/030/033 221107/110/117/121/127
350104/113/115/126 390023/037


47200(Cotswold Rail) 47810(ACTS) 150249 158833/765
DR73105 DR77317


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