04/07 59206 was unusually in charge of the 6C63 11.15 Westbury-Avonmouth empty stone when seen passing the old station site at Henbury at 13.10.
12/07 66166 worked the Westbury stone, today formed with Hanson bogie hoppers.
25/07 59104 was noted passing Brentry at 17.53 on 6C64 17.07 Avonmouth-Westbury loaded stone.
29/07 The Barton Hill-Cardiff Central (for the 09.05 Virgin XC service to Newcastle) ECS is still sometimes routed via Avonmouth to maintain driver diversionary route knowledge. Today 220030 was seen passing near Henbury at 07.25. 67006 + 67023 were noted on the Chittening industrial estate at 07.00 with the inward 6V53 'enterprise' freight from Wembley yard.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66014/015/068/092/097/113/140/155/170.
66180/181/192/211/242. 09003 continues as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway and Westerleigh

01/06 Three freight workings this evening, the first being a loaded MGR working from Avonmouth to Didcot, next up was the diverted Moorswater - Earles cement empties hauled by 66611 and finally 66044 with MGR empties for Portbury.
05/06 Four freight workings seen this evening, 66141 with a loaded MGR from Avonmouth to Didcot, followed by two empty MGR services, 66062 headed for Portbury whilst 66244's destination was Avonmouth. A further loaded MGR was seen originating at Portbury and bound for the Midlands, loco was 66189. The Serco test train was seen heading towards Bristol top 'n' tailed by 31106/233.
08/06 Two MGRs seen this evening, 66189 with empties for Portbury and 66121, also with empties, for Avonmouth. Supplementary viewing was the late running Murco empties for South Wales behind 60028 and an appearance by the NR HST set using power cars 43013/43014.
12/06 Two MGRs again this evening, 66244 with a loaded train from Avonmouth and 66121 with empties in the reverse direction. Also 66564/608 seen heading light engines towards Bristol.
15/06 Five workings this evening, starting with the diverted Moorswater - Earles cement empties at 18.30 behind DRS 66407. The four remaining workings were MGR services 66121 loaded service from Avonmouth with 66101 empties in the reverse direction. Empties for Portbury were headed by 66096 and a loaded train from Portbury was worked by 66218.
19/06 Two sightings this evening firstly 50028/049 with a returning Charter working and 66229 with MGR empties for Portbury.
26/06 Solitary MGR working tonight saw 66112 work a loaded train from Avonmouth. Also seen was a very late Murco service for South Wales, 60023 leading the service with a "dead" 60002 tucked in behind.
29/06 Four freights this evening starting with 66180 with MGR empties for Portbury which was followed by 66181 also with MGR empties these bound for Avonmouth, next up was 66197 with a loaded train from Portbury for the Midlands and finally the Moorswater - Earles cement empties behind 66530.
01/07 60023 worked the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties.
03/07 Just two MGRs this evening, again seeing consecutively number locomotives, 66095 with a loaded service from Avonmouth to Didcot then 66096 with empties heading for Portbury.
04/07 66566 was on an afternoon 6B11 Thorney Mill-Pengam train of stone empties, 60003 powered the 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties, whilst during the morning 60023 was over at Westerleigh on the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston.
06/07 57008 was recorded at 13.49 on a late running 4O51 Wentlooge-Millbrook container service and 60003 again worked the 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tanks, being noted taking 15 minutes to travel from Cattybrook (near the Patchway tunnels) to the Severn Tunnel running straight through the down goods loop at Pilning!
07/07 60021 was on the 6B33 Theale fuel tank empties.
09/07 Test unit 950001 was back in the area arriving as 2Z08 09.27 Derby-Stoke Gifford, via Kemble and Swindon (reverse). The set also covered the Tytherington quarry and Westerleigh freight branch lines en-route.
11/07 950001 headed west as 2Z08 07.30 Stoke Gifford-Penzance including the Heathfield branch line from Newton Abbot which currently has no booked rail traffic.
14/07 Trainload Petroleum liveried 60054 was in charge of the 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel empties (noted passing near Badminton at 15.34). Only 31 Class 60s were left in service on this date, 60021 having become a celebrity with petroleum decals on the body side near the cab-door and 40B shed plates attached to its ends.
15/07 60061 was noted entering the down loop at 12.50 with the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties.
17/07 FM-Rail 31454 + 31602 were booked to work a 6Z59 15.30 Wembley-Robeston train of brand new red liveried bogie TEA fuel tanks. The VTG branded wagons were believed to have been Polish built and numbered 15. However due to signalling problems on the GW mainline between Didcot and Reading because of a hot weather spell the working was postponed.
18/07 60021 was on the 6B33 Theale fuel empties, the loco working this train again two days later.
19/07 Anglian blue liveried 47714 worked a 5Z83 16.40 Long Marston-Laira stock move (reported formed 12172, 40809, 41187, 42246, 42247, 42248, 42249, 44078, 40807, DVT 82134) passing at 19.36. A Gloucester-Long Marston move had taken place during the morning.
21/07 A body was found alongside the track near Patchway during the morning causing some delays, including the 6A11 Robeston-Theale loaded fuel tanks held at Newport. An unidentified down steel service was also reported stopped in Parkway loop due to the incident. Over at Westerleigh, 60061 worked in on the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston.
22/07 Kingfisher tours 'Heart of Wales Rambler' (1Z58 06.22 Ealing Broadway-Shrewsbury and 1Z59 16.30 return) was headed by 37401 + 37405 (both having arrived together light at Old Oak Common from Scotland the previous day) passing Patchway to time at 08.24. The Wessex coaching stock in use was;- 3231 Apollo, Pegasus (pullman 310), 1659 Camelot, 5229 Green Knight, 5239 Red Knight, 9391 Pendragon, 5419 Sir Lancelot, 5278 Melisande all in choc/cream livery. The return working was running around 45 minutes early when calling at Parkway! On the freight side, 66142 was noted on 6B80 Westbury yard-Machen Hanson stone empties (Patchway 08.41), having taken the normal Day's curve route.
24/07 The brand new KTG, TEA bogie fuel tanks were moved as 6Z59 11.00 Wembley yard-Robeston behind FM Rail 47703 (not 31454 + 31602 as previously booked) passing through Pilning down loop at 14.56, nearly an hour late. Despite being absent for a couple of weeks not much has changed, just a couple of MGRs seen this evening. 66126 with empties for Portbury and 66063 with a loaded Didcot service form Avonmouth.
26/07 60004 was on the 6B33 Theale fuel tank empties, working this train again during the following day.
27/07 Another couple of MGRs tonight, 66187 with a loaded train from Avonmouth and vice versa 66140 with empties. Also seen was a four vehicle Test Train top 'n' tailed by DRS locos 37607/612.
31/07 Three MGRs seen starting with 66244 Portbury bound with empties, 66211 with a loaded train from Avonmouth and 66139 empties in the opposite direction.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/06 66033 noted at 04.40 with MGR empties bound for Portbury.
02/06 Serco test train seen stabled at St Philips Marsh at 09.30, top 'n' tailed by 31105/106.
03/06 Hanson stone hoppers seen heading south at 15.30 behind 66165.
05/06 Empty MGR service for Portbury seen at 21.45 powered by 66185.
06/06 The Bridgwater - Sellafield flasks seen en route at 14.00 being worked by 20306/311, later at 17.50 66189 noted with a coal train bound for Westbury.
01/07 The first Summer Saturday HST diagrams were covered by the following power cars;- 1C02 07.35 Temple Meads-Paignton/1E46 10.22 Paignton-Newcastle 43096 + 43113, 1V29 07.24 Manchester-Newquay/1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester 43052 + 43104, 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay/2C75 19.15 Newquay-Plymouth 43051 + 43066, and 2C34 06.51 Plymouth-Newquay/1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle 43061 + 43072. On the freight side, 66067 worked the 6B80 Westbury yard-Machen stone empties and 6C80 loaded return.
04/07 66125 powered the 6C01 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot loaded steel and 6C02 return empties.
05/07 Steam 6024 King Edward I headed a '200th Anniversary GW Express' (1Z24 10.50 Paddington-Bristol TM) formed of the VSOE Pullman stock carrying officials and invited guests as part of the Brunel 200 celebrations. This could possibly be a first for a GW steam loco into Bristol ?, the train arriving late however due to water supply problems at a watering stop at Challow, leaving here 30 minutes late having arrived on time. The special was seen passing Twerton near Bath at 14.31, with 67017 following close behind light-engine to work the return 1Z21 16.04 Temple Meads-Kensington Olympia. The King remained in Bristol ready for the forthcoming week-end 2006 Torbay Express railtour programme to Kingswear. Also noted at 13.45 near Bath, was Cotswold-Rail 47828 running light-engine from a fuel stop at St. Phillips Marsh to Old Oak Common for another First/GW 'hire' period due to Class 57/6 availability.
06/07 66566 worked 6Z38 07.40 Swansea-Jersey Marine stone empties and 6Z39 13.03 Jersey Marine-Newton Abbot Hackney yard loaded stone, but was delayed due to signalling problems before leaving Swindon. The loaded return was reported as passing Swansea Burrows sidings at 15.42, 127 minutes late! Also recorded during the day were; 59104 passing Stapleton Road at 14.10 on 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADj departmental (returning light-engine, passing Pilning at 15.50) and 66544 on the diverted 6F95 10.30 Meldon quarry-Oxford Hinksey yard loaded ballast. 6F95 also ran this way the next day with unidentified Freightliner Class 66 hauling power.
07/07 66566 returned with 6Z43 14.22 Burngullow-Swindon stone empties, departing 62 minutes early at 13.20. FM Rail 31128 ran 0Z33 11.09 Derby-Exeter light-engine.
08/07 A Railway Touring Company, Paddington-Plymouth trip via Temple Meads (for steam 6024 King Edward I haulage via Westbury and return to Bristol) was postponed until 07/10. A Northern Belle dining trip did run as 1Z56 08.00 Liverpool-Bath and 1Z57 17.17 return top n'tailed by 67020 + 67015 being routed both ways via Parkway. Today's Summer Saturday HST workings and power cars were as follows;- 1C02/1E46 43108 + 43114, 1V29/1M28 43043 + 43076, 1V49/2C75 43054 + 43081, 2C34/1E47 43055 + 43066. 66095 was on the 6B80 Machen stone empties.
09/07 Cotswold-Rail 47813 worked a Gloucester-Laira and return HST power car stock move, this being unusual as it was on a Sunday.
10/07 A First/GW drivers strike, set to take place on 11th, 19th and 27th July was called off despite a 54-11 vote involving members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union in favour of industrial action over pay, conditions and rest days.
11/07 Lickey banker dedicated 66056 worked the 6C01/6C02 Bristol East depot steel. Test unit 950001 was noted at the west end of Temple Meads at 08.30 on a 2Z08 Stoke Gifford-Penzance test working.
12/07 Steam 34067 Tangmere worked 1Z83 08.45 Victoria-Temple Meads VSOE as far as Westbury with 66093 heading the remaining leg to and the 1Z84 16.44 return from Temple Meads. Tangmere was in trouble on the return with a failure in the London area, the loco being a day or so later moved from Acton yard by road to Riley's Engineering works for repair on the East Lancs Railway. A Pathfinder Tours Edenex/Lost Gardens of Heligan trip from Coventry-Par was postponed to 20/09/06. 66511 was noted on the 4V60 Calvert-Bath/Barrow Road refuse containers.
13/07 A 'Cathederals Express' (1Z82 08.53 Victoria-Temple Meads and 1Z83 17.33 return) organised by Daylight Tours was worked throughout by steam 45231Wocestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment. Test unit 950001 was again back in the area running as 2Z08 04.30 Plymouth-Swindon also visiting Severn Beach (booked 10.49-10.59), Portbury (11.53-12.08) and Hallen Marsh en-route.
14/07 Pathfinder's 'Growling Grockle' was cancelled for the third time following pathing problems over the Barnstaple branchline. The overnight trip was also planned to run in October last year and April this year with EWS Class 37 locos, but DRS 37s were to have been used on this date Falmouth and Penzance were also to have formed part of the trip's itinerary. The Network-Rail measurements train HST set was seen in the area running 1C79 06.20 Paddington-Taunton, 1A01 09.12 Taunton-Swindon, 1B00 11.57 Swindon-Swansea and 1Z94 15.00 Swansea-Derby.
15/07 67015 worked a Northern Belle dining 'Edenex'running as 1Z55 05.16 Manchester-Par and 1Z56 return, both ways via Bristol Parkway, and 66172 was on the 6B80 Machen stone via Day's curve. The day's Summer Saturday HST workings were as follows;- 1C02/1E46 43039 + 43118, 1V29/1M28 43044 + 43048, 1V49/2C75 43058 + 43066, 2C34/1E47 43054 + 43081.
16/07 The first Pastime Rail 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09.19 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z28 17.15 return) ran trouble free with steam 6024 King Edward I and coaching stock;- 21269, 3147, 3141 (all Pride of the Nation green/cream livery), 5008, 4949, 1813 (all in maroon), 4986, 5023 (both in green), 4998 (in blue/grey), and support coach W35333 (in choc/cream). Water stops for the trips were booked at Taunton on the outward and Exeter on the return. By this date one of the planned locos for use, 6201 Princess Elizabeth had been ruled out due to it's length for clearance on the Torbay Steam Railway's, Churston turntable.
17/07 Some of the area freight movements during the day were as follows;- 20302 + 20305 on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks, 66125 with the 6B99 15.41 (MO) Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal sidings freight and 60015 noted diverted via Bath and Day's curve with the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tanks, having passed Bath very late at 21.30. As well as this train, there were a number of late running First/GW passenger services and freights along the GW mainline during the day due to the heat and high temperatures causing signalling failures between Didcot and Reading. An EWS driver route learning/training light-engine diagram commenced as 0Z36 11.36 Barton Hill-Taunton Fairwater yard, 0Z39 13.28 Taunton Fairwater yard-Barton Hill and 0Z38 15.10 Barton Hill-Exeter, today's loco being 67025. A GBRf stock working using Class 66/7 and 73s (as barrier locos) to and from Laira over the following two days was cancelled. Bitumen train seen heading south at 23.55 behind 66123.
19/07 The 4V60, Calvert-Bath/Barrow Road refuse containers was again noted still in the hands of 66511. A SWT's driver strike was planned to take place on 28/07 over the use of taxis to start early morning shifts.
20/07 47714 returned on a 5Z84 23.55 Laira-Old Oak Common stock move and was able to assist the 1A40 22.00 Penzance-Paddington First/GW sleeper service between Reading and the capital en-route due to a Class 57/6 problem! On the freight side, 60061 worked the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury Cement works and 6B63 return empties.
21/07 The main news of the day was the use of top n'tail DRS Class 37 in the area on the NRMT in place of the unavailable HST set. 37602 + 37605 (with departmental coaching stock; 6264, 977337, 999550, 977986) worked Paddington-Plymouth and return during the morning then 1C00 14.49 Paddington-Temple Meads, arriving to time around 16.30, then continuing 1A00 17.32 Temple Meads-Paddington, both via Parkway. During the morning, an unidentified train failure during the morning at Bridgwater saw some diversions via Westbury. Some trains recorded near Langport were; Virgin XC's, 10.02 Paignton-Newcastle (221???) and 08.30 Penzance-Dundee (220004), and First/GW's, 11.05 Taunton-Cardiff Central (158795) and 12.10 Taunton-Bristol TM (153370). A MML HST was noted covering a Voyager diagram during the day. The normal between Summer Saturday's empty set that stables on Laira with power cars 43058 + 43066 worked; 08.25 Plymouth-Edinburgh (as far as Birmingham NS), 12.12 Birmingham NS-Plymouth (in the path of the 07.50 Glasgow-Plymouth), 16.25 Plymouth-York (this time as far as Temple Meads) and returning west on 18.49 Temple Meads-Plymouth (in the path of the 12.05 Edinburgh-Plymouth). The Class 67 driver training/route knowledge light-engine, again with 67025 (this loco was also recorded on this turn the previous day) ran as 0Z35 09.46 Exeter-Barton Hill, 0Z36 11.36 Barton Hill-Taunton Fairwater, 0Z37 13.28 Taunton Fairwater-Barton Hill, and 0Z38 15.10 Barton Hill-St. Blazey at Exeter). A late afternoon view of Barton Hill depot found;- Steam loco, 6024 King Edward I shunting light-engine, MPV DB98909 + DB98959 and stored locos; 37077/(377)379/696 with 66550 over at Kingsland Road. The First/GW 1C99 23.00 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service was again reported as Cotswold-Rail powered by 47828 in place of a Class 57/6.
22/07 The Summer Saturday HST services were worked by the following power cars during the day;- 1C02/1E46 43105 + 43111, 1V29/1M28 43073 + 43104, 1V49/2C75 43054 + 43081, 2C34/1E47 43058 + 43066. A Pathfinder's 'spin & tour' 'The Sandblower' from Temple Meads to Middlewich was postponed to 21/10/06. The trip is expected to be hauled from and return to Temple Meads by Class 66 locos, with various other hauling loco classes in between.
23/07 Due to fire risk, the 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09.19 Bristol TM-Kingswear and 1Z28 17.15 return) was to be headed by steam 6024 King Edward I, with a Class 67 loco on the inside, but on the day, due to overnight rain, the King was able to head the train solo with 67023 following closely behind incase of any problems. The train and following light-engine were noted passing Yatton at 09.36 and 09.39 respectively.
24/07 Freight workings during the day included;- 66033 on the 6C01/6C02 Bristol East depot and return empties steel trip, 66137 with the MO Westbury-St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks and 66090 on the MO 6B99 Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal sidings freight. What was believed to have been the First/GW 15.30 Cardiff-Portsmouth Harbour service was viewed held for 11 minutes just outside the Severn Tunnel near Pilning. The driver phoned the panel, the train being formed 153380 + 150249 + 150234, and whether the reason was a noticeable 'wheel flat' on the second 150 unit was not known. The train made slow progress up towards the Patchway tunnels, with a number of other delayed services following behind. Also recorded during the afternoon was a 5Z43 14.56 St. Phillips Marsh-Landore stock move formed 47714 + 43026 + 12172 (noted passing Pilning at 15.18), the Class 47 having run 0Z33 Gloucester-St. Phillips Marsh light-engine earlier in the day. The NRMT was again back in Bristol with the same DRS Class 37 locos as on 21/07, working 1Z98 16.45 Derby-Bristol TM and 1Z98 19.50 Temple Meads-Paddington. Attempts to bring a second 'Torbay Express' loco to Bristol failed with steam 60009 Union of South Africa unable to leave the Severn Valley railway due to being 'unfit to travel', the loco with support coach being booked to run under it's own power as 5Z56 12.05 Kidderminster SVR-East Usk yard the 5Z57 16.05 East Usk yard-Barton Hill (booked to turn on the Maindee triangle). With Tangmere also now not available due to its VSOE failure on 12/07, the King was confirmed by Pastime Rail as the only loco to see use on this years 'Torbay Express' programme. South Wales bound "scrap train" powered by 66090 seen at 18.50.
28/07 Cotswold-Rail 47813 was again on the overnight First/GW 1C99 23.50 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service and the NRMT was still in the hands of DRS Class 37s working 1A01 09.12 Taunton-Swindon, 1B00 11.57 Swindon-Swansea and 1Z94 15.00 Swansea-Derby with locos 37609 + 37612 in top n'tail formation. A MML HST was 'hired' in for use on the 07.05 Leeds-Plymouth and 16.25 Plymouth-York Virgin XC services in place of a non-available Voyager set whilst a Voyager failure during the late afternoon near Cam saw diversions via the Severn Tunnel, Newport and Chepstow, the three hour wait before rescue was very uncomfortable for the passengers waiting on the train in the high temperatures!. Freightliner/Shanks split liveried 66522 was noted stabled in Kingsland Road sidings during the day. A 48 hour strike by Virgin Train's drivers over Sunday pay was planned for 29-30/07/06, but was called off whilst the Rail & Maritime Transport workers union were in negotiation with Network Rail over overtime payment rates, a 35 hour week (commencing in August) and a 3.2% pay deal for it's members.
29/07 Kingfisher's 'The Yeovil Pen Mill 150th Limited' (1Z27 09.04 Temple Meads-Weymouth and 1Z28 17.35 return) booked for steam 6024 King Edward I, was, due to a fire risk ban headed by 67013 with coaching stock;- 5366, 5278 Melisande, 5419 Sir Lancelot, 1800 Tintagel, 9391 Pendragon, 5239 Red Dragon, 5229 Green Knight, 1659 Camelot. The same Class 67 had brought in the ECS for the tour as 5Z26 05.20 Old Oak Common-Temple Meads (08.23). A planned 'Torbay Express' (1Z22 10.07 Bristol TM-Kingswear and 1Z23 17.17 return, booked outward via the Weston-super-Mare avoiding line only) was cancelled, due partly to the fire ban and non-availability of steam 60009 Union of South Africa.,
The day's Summer Saturday HST workings and power cars were as follows;- 1C02/1E46 43115 + 43116, 1V29/1M28 43043 + 43052, 1V49/2C75 43058 + 43066, 2C34/1E47 45054 + 43081. A further 'Edenex/Lost Gardens of Heligan' trip (1Z65 06.43 Derby-St. Austell) was headed by 67028.
With 158750 already in the West Country, further Trans-Pennine Express liviered units (158762, 158763, 158764 and 158765) arrived at Temple Meads from Neville Hill for First/GW use, reported for the replacement of 'hired' Central Trains sets. Stone train operating with "Hanson" hoppers passed by at 15.30 with 66096.
30/07 With the fire risk ban lifted, steam 6024 King Edward I worked the 'Torbay Express' (1Z27 09.19 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z28 17.15 return) being noted passing Parson's Street at 09.23.
31/07 Reported as the first newly reallocated Trans Pennine working in the area was 158764 on the First/GW 05.29 Exeter-Gloucester service. Newly liveried (overall blue only with First Great Western lettering and symbol on the bodyside and a yellow end around the cab window and above the marker lights) re-engined HST power cars 43093 and 43175 (not 43165 as reported in last month's Magazine) were due for release into service during the following day. The neon, wavey lines livery, as previously reported has been dropped, a new colour scheme not finalised is to be applied at a later date.


30/06 47828 hauled newly engined HST power car 43093 from Brush Loughborough-Landore.
18/07 A NHS 'Save our Services', hospital closures protest special ran as 1Z57 08.53 Newport-Kensington Olympia (noted near Stroud around 20 minutes late at 10.39) top n'tailed by Cotswold-Rail's 47813 + 47714 with a MkIII coaching stock formation complete with DVT 82134. Due to the hot temperatures and delays on the GW mainline the train did not pass Reading until 13.35 and the air conditioning was not working, this being reported on a national radio station by a radio dj on board!
19/07 A further stock move saw 47714 haul a 5Z91 09.10 Gloucester-Long Marston formed with HST power car 43157 and coaches 42087, 42084, 6378, 6379, 12145, 12131, 12165, 82134, 11065.
25/07 47714 was on a Gloucester-Loughborough HST power car stock move.
27/07 47714 hauled 43097 + 43098 from Brush Loughborough-Landore, then returned with 43026 + 43125 from Landore-Loughborough.
28/07 Unusual power for the 6B13 Robeston-Westerleigh fuel tanks was 66239 in place of the normal Class 60. Whether this is a taste of things to come is unknown, but it was reported that the Class 66 had problems restarting with its loaded train from a signal check in the station area! Rumours are that up to three shorter tank trains daily could be booked into the Westerleigh oil terminal from West Wales for off-loading in the future.

Portbury Branchline

No day-time coal workings were booked to run during week commencing 10/07 and 17/07. Locos recorded on the 6X52 16.30 (MX) Portbury-Washwood Heath loaded car service have included;- 07/07 66038 11/07 66033. 12/07 66073. 18/07 66029. 19/07 66245. 21/07 66210.
Two locos recorded on coal duty were;- 66009 and 66244.

Tytherington Quarry branchline

A full week of inward stone for blending operated during the month normally using 14 JNA bogie box wagons. The daily motive power was as follows;- 03/07 59103 04/07 66023. 05/07 66177. 06/07 66178 07/07 59104. There were still problems at Latteridge level crossing, for example the working on 04/07 arrived here at 10.25 and did not depart until 11.10 following the arrival of an S & T track gang to operate the barriers. On 06/07, during heavy rain the train just made the quarry at 5mph, the driver requesting a Class 59 for the following day, 59104 being provided entering the quarry at 15mph although the conditions were drier!



02/07 66555 and 66566 were noted stabled at the east end of the Central station at 18.55.


02/06 60019. 66026/047/539
09/06 09101/105. 60025. 66015/026/172/190/237/533/562
16/06 66042/106/136/166/538/561
23/06 09101. 66015/121/140/171/228/504
30/06 66030/151/186/228/555/571
28/07 66023/072/094/148/184/576

Units noted this period included


6M33 16.23 SX Avonmouth-Wembley
04/07 67013 + 67023. 06/07 67005 + 67017. 11/07 67013 + 67017.
12/07 67013 + 67017. 14/07 67013 + 67017. 18/07 67013 + 67017.
19/07 67006 + 67027. 21/07 67006 + 67013. 26/07 67006 + 67023.


It's amazing how quickly the month passes by. It only seems like a week has passed since I was last compiling this little effort. Some news concerning DRS is that they have won the 'water cannon' contract from EWS and will be operating all the said trains during this coming autumn 'leaf-fall' season. As a consequence, they are in the process of acquiring some additional motive power, with up to ten class 47s and half-a-dozen or so class 37s being sought. Evidence of this has already been noted with the sight of the W. H. Malcolm service in the charge of 47839 and 47813 during the week of 7th August at Nuneaton. Not a busy month personally, but those nice people at Central Trains (bless 'em!) have combined with our local evening newspaper the 'Leicester Mercury' to give travel to selected destinations for either 5 or 10. So a couple of 10 trips to Manchester and a 5 trip to Peterborough have been taken. All three were Saturday trips as work doesn't allow a day off at the present time. The Manchester visits were to see some of the new class 185 Trans-Pennine units, but on the second visit on 5th August 92022 was noted heading south with the following train of austatte twin flats: 33.68.4909.469/454/495/342/466/444/457/481. The Peterborough trip on 29th July saw a couple of Freightliner services and a couple of engineers' services. Two of the Metronet class 66s 66720 and 66721 were logged. The location for my recommended visit this month is Nuneaton. I realise this is a location known to many but it is very busy during the afternoons and evenings and is well worth a few hours. My three hours during Monday evenings usually yield up to 20 freight movements. Add to this several light-engine movements and if the Daw Mill coal services are active another three or four services can be added to that total. An evening at Rugby on 31st July was quite busy, the northbound enterprise having some of the new EWS bogie tanks in the consist. Full train was (hauled by 92034): 23.87.4392.520/546, 23.87.4375.028/004/ 021, 870200/ 265/255/258/259/245/251/252/253/254/257. Mmm, nice! Also noted was the coal service from the Rugby cement works, which recently has been very rarely seen. Hauled by 66025, the train consisted of: 391110/556/013/ 609/468/561/308/207/112/610/614/315/574/283/425/670/661/327/342/604/004/ 582/124/566/330/356/479/317/433/536/550/039/108/237/429. Only one W. H. Malcolm service was noted on this particular evening. Hauled by 66408, the train consisted of the following: 33.68.4909.062/307/065/728/887/ 039/419/532/388/661/422/412/328. My local station, Leicester, has had a quiet month with some of the local quarries on annual holiday and the colliery at Daw Mill seeming to be having a break also. However, the Metronet bogie vehicles in the 503xxx series are appearing regularly on weekend engineering services - although, personally, I haven't logged one yet! That's all folks! See you in September.

Stock Alterations

08466(TO)-MG, 08662(MG)-TO, 37197(CS)-KM, 43157/193(MM)-LA.
Returned to UK: 56118. 58016. 66022/049/215.
CFOL Class 50 Operations Ltd 50031/035/044/049 CF

37411/416. 60002/007/009/017/018/019/022/025/028/029/030/032/035/039
60094. 92035.
BH: 08492. 31107. 37667. CE: 92035. CHS: 47829. DC: 08913. DF: 86233. DR: 60055. HM: 37057/682. 47749/760.
IM: 60002/039/045/046048/065/076/084/094. LE: 43093. LH: 43153.
LM: 20016/032/057/072/138/215. LNWR: 47769. MG: 37411. 60028/047/062.
ML: 37416. TD: 60092. TE: 60007/017/018/019029/032/035/050/058/060/071/082. TM: 86259.
TO: 08752. 58005. 60009/025/030/042/043/078/080/083/095. WB: 08617. 47727. LH Group: 08655/740. Coalville: 56011/021.

37405-ML, 37422-MG, 43069/078/086/159/197 -LA, 60069/500 -IM, 87009 -TS.

Booths: 08642. 66521
HNRC: 08666. 12098
Ron Hull: 31154/407/412/424/426/433/462. 47236/704/803
TJ Thomson: 08576. 31110. 37137/358
On-Site: 33203
HNRL: 37217/897. 47306/475
Poulton & Wyre Rly: 47492
Private: 47484
Mid Norfolk: 56040

Diesel Multiple Units

158741(EX)-HA, 750(NL)-EX.
185110 returned to Germany

51231. 54393 Serco Derby
14355656 @CF

55032 -CF

Pullman : 143613 @CF

New Stock
185113/118/119/120/121/122/123/124/125/126 -AK.

Electric Multiple Units

350101-130(BY)-NM (Northampton Kings Heath)
377143/144/145/149/150/151(BI)-SU, 412/419/421/423/441/442(SU)-BI
EGGN First Capital Connect Northern Emu Classes 313, 317 and 365
313018/024-033/035-064 317336-348 365501-525/527-530/532-541
EGTL First Capital Connect Thameslink Emu Class 319

458003/007/011/015 -BM, 006/010/012/016/017/024/026 -CJ,
458005/008/009/013/014/018-023/025/027-030 -WD
Cars: 67301. 76208/241 - Allelys Yard

325001/004/011/016/017 -WB (As 4 car operational units)
450101 -NT 458001/002 - SL

N/K: 3905/18
Fighting Cocks Pub, Middleton St George: Car 70300

317330 - 887, 331 - 888, 333 - 889

Coaching & NPCC Stock

1860 -FW, 3188 -OM, 4905 -CS, 4951/58 -FW, 4984. 5032 -FW, 6340 -EC, 14007. 21266 -FW, 41187. 42246/247/248/249. 44078 -LA, 9216/939 -ZQ(RTC), 99128 -FW, 99304 -CS, 99312/326/329/710/718 -FW.
HLSE Arriva Trains Wales Special Events LHCS 5863/69. 5913/65/71/76. 6008/13/64. 9503/09/39 VSBP VSOE British Pullman 6313. 99530-532/534-539/541/543/545/546 VSNP VSOE Northern Belle 1953. 3174/82. 3247/67/73/75. 10569/729/734. 17167. 99554

BH: 95199. BS: 6146/60. 6817/23. CS: 96218. KI: 6811/28/29. LA: 41166. 42092/093/094, 42108. 44076. MM: 10566/586/687/691/692. 11065. 12092/128/139/172. NC: 3336. 3417. 6006/42. 6167. 6806/20. 9711. OM: 3303. 5921/64/98. OY: 11086/089/097. 12104/121/131/145/149/165. TO: 10554. ZD: 41167. 42103/167/168/169. 44055. WB: 12122.
LNWR: 3277/95. 3334/79. 5929/85. Tyseley Loco Works: 3351. 3416. 5928.

3331/38/75/88. 3414/24 -CP, 3860. 4290 -NYMR
Registered for Mainline Operations
5226 -DF, 6263 -N/K, 10401/402 -NC, 41096 -LA, 41115 -EC, 41148/161/169/184. 42178/318/319/320/321, 42336/338. 44042/091 -LA, 92175 -CP, 92400 -HQ.

5042. 10218. 10510/515/547/661/663. 11023/027. 12023. 99645/646.

Booth: 1653. 5616. 10559/697/711/730. 13604/607. 17141/165/172. 80319/341/342/353/355/362/392/411/412/415/420/436. 92321. 94027. 94110/126/205. 94446/471. 975510.
TJ Thomson: 94117/182/218/228.
Sims(Notts): 977981.
Middleton: 10664 @ZN.
Shackerstone: 80374.
VSOE: 80403/404/405.

1646 - 80042, 12010 - 10402, 12168 - 10401, 40401 - 40904, 40423 - 40902, 40436 - 40901, 40437 - 40904, 92961 - 6263.

Midsomer Norton (S & D Mendip Mainline Project) (R.W.Giles) 16/07/06
In use; Lady Angela (P1926/50) offering light-engine 'driver for a fiver' driving experience courses, 'on loan' from the South Devon Railway. steam loco; (37) (S7109/27) in 'pink (!)' undercoat under restoration. diesel; No. 10 David J. Cook (EEV1120/66). c/stock; M5562 (M3452?). 10258 (former MkIII buffet in use as a static refreshment coach, still in unbranded Virgin colours). Internal user bogie flat; 061201. Mess van; DW17639. Road-rail excavator; H867YGB.
Notes; The railway still has safety 'issues' regarding the running of passenger trains mainly due to the missing rail over road bridge at the Radstock end of the station. The EEV was positioned at the end of the former 'down main' running line light-engine, acting as additional 'buffers' for the day incase of any problems. The railway is hoping to relay three miles of track to the partially filled in tunnels at Chilcompton and is considering the possibility of having their own loco, Rocket (P1722/26) currently 'on loan' to the Horsehay Steam Trust, Telford returned for the whole of 2007.

Yeovil Pen Mill 150th (R.W.Giles) 29/07/06
A small 'open day' was held in the former goods yard area to to celebrate the arrival of the railway here 150 years ago. A large member of sales stands were present, along with a minature sit over steam railway and some traction engines. At 14.00 a signal-box visit was arranged for visitors by Network-Rail to the 1937 building controlling, now for sometime, the only remaining mainline semaphore signals in Somerset. In overcast drizzle, and without the appearances of two passing steam locos due to the fire risk-ban; 6024 King Edward I and 71000 Duke of Gloucester, both being booked to pass through the station, the King on a Bristol-Weymouth special (due to come off here for turning and servicing at Yeovil junction and return loco and support coach for Weymouth) and the Duke for servicing/turning at Yeovil Junction having worked a special to Weymouth from London, the event seemed quite well attended.
Yeovil Pen Mill; 59005/103. steam loco; 4561 (from the WSR). track machine; DR98220.
Passing; 67013 with c/stock; 1659, 1800, 5229/239/278/366/419, 9391. DMUs; 150236/266. 158747. 158872.
Yeovil Junction; track machine; DR77322. Passing; 159001/003/010/011.
Yeovil Railway Centre, The Yeovil Country Railway Centre.
In Use; steam; Pectin (P1579/21) giving brakevan rides with 'toad' 35923 between the station and Clifton Maybank where a 1940s display of ex. army road vehicles were on show. Ex. BR Diesel; 50050 (engine sheeted over, overhaul under-way). industrial diesel; No.44 Cockney Rebel (JF 4000007/47). YEO DS1174 (RH 458959/61). two 0-4-0DM underframes/wheels were located, one alongside the turntable (on a short isolated track section) and the other at Clifton Maybank, assumed JFs 22898/40 and 22900/41, which was which remained unconfirmed). A purple liviered grounded cab carrying 21, which looked to have come from a RH loco was also present at Clifton Maybank.
Weymouth stn ; 31128. 47703. 67013. DMU; 150236. 153318. 158746/794. EMUs; 2402/420.
C/stock; 1Z27 17.26 Weymouth-Bristol TM 'Yeovil Pen Mill 150th Limited' (with EWS 67013); 5366, 5278, 5419, 1800, 9391, 5239, 5229, 1659 (booked for steam 6024 King Edward I).
1Z92 18.06 Weymouth-Victoria, 'JLP Seaside Special' (with FM-Rail's 47703 and 31128 top n'tail); S5222, S5171, S1840, S5216, S9392, 13440, S5237, S5236, 1961, S5249 (booked for steam 71000 Duke of Gloucester).
Notes;- The latter trip was a John Lewis department store staff outing which had worked outward as 1Z91 08.45 Victoria-Weymouth (13.51), the coaches being the Mid Hants based 'green set' (1961 was however in blue!). Earlier in the month on 20/07, 71000 Duke of Gloucester was again substituted, due to fire-risk running as 08.36 Kensington Olympia-Weymouth and 18.45 return, double-headed with FM-Rail's 31452 + 31602.


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