01/05 Royal 67006 + 67015 were noted stabled in the loco servicing point during the early afternoon. 66078 was visible being loaded at West Wharf with 6M41 coal for Radcliffe Power station departing at 13.37.

02/05 As reported in last month’s Magazine the new imported Irish stone flow has commenced. Running as 6C63 11.16 Westbury-Avonmouth and 6C64 17.07 return the first loaded train actually departed at 16.40 using JNA former Network-Rail green bogie box wagons behind 66233.

05/05 66233 was again on the Avonmouth stone service the train’s eventual destination being Merehead. 66172 was on the 6M41 Radcliffe coal service formed of only seven HTA wagons.

09/05 66231 worked the Avonmouth stone service.

10/05 66233 made a third appearance on the Avonmouth stone but on this date Hanson JHA hoppers were noted in use, the train load being destined for Theale.

16/05 The Avonmouth stone was booked to run T,W,FO this week but today’s working was cancelled.

17/05 66046 was on the Avonmouth stone formed with 9 Hanson JHA hoppers destined for Theale.

19/05 66177 with 16 JNA boxes formed the loaded Avonmouth-Westbury stone service. Coal loading was suspended at the Bulk Handling terminal during the day due to high winds.

20/05 66095 + 66186 were noted running light-engine away from Avonmouth at 11.20, presumably heading for Barton Hill depot.

23/05 66221 was noted at Hallen Marsh junction at 15.17 with an early running Westbury stone service. This was the only booked day of operation for this train during this week.

24/05 The CAR brakevan B955172 used for propelling movements to the Chittening Industrial estate was noted out of use in the wagon cripple siding.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month included;- 66033/078/104/108/121/123/125/130/133/141. 66156/172/186/212/216/230/232/243. 09003 continues as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway and Westerleigh

22/04 The outward Railway Touring company’s West Wales railtour which featured steam 6024 King Edward I from Fishguard for the first time has been confirmed as 1Z77 06.15 Birmingham International-Fishguard.

02/05 37425 worked back to South Wales via the overnight 6V30 22.27 (Tues) Dagenham-Bridgend car parts, the loco working a Machen ballast trip on 03/05 and the 6M75 Newport-Warrington freight later in the day, returning back over night. 60084 was on the 6B13 Robeston loaded fuel tanks at Westerleigh.

04/05 60028 was on the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties and 60035 worked 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel empties. 66557 headed a 6Z60 11.31 Angerstein Wharf-Pengam stone empties. Two MGR workings seen this evening 66194 with a loaded train from Avonmouth and 66161 with empties heading for Portbury. Also seen was 66557 heading eastbound light engine.

05/05 60084 passed around 16.00 on 6B33 12.20 Theale-Robeston fuel empties.

06/05 60028 was again on the 6C23 East Usk stone empties.

09/05 66530 worked an afternoon 6Z11 Thorney Mill-Pengam empty stone train.

08/05 Three MGR workings seen this evening, 66212 with a loaded train from Portbury heading for the Midlands and two empties from the Midlands for Portbury headed by 66085 and 66121.

10/05 33103 with saloon coach DB975025 Caroline returned to the area running 2Z01 08.30 Crewe-Paddington via the Marches and the Severn Tunnel. The train was noted over an hour late when seen passing Pilning at 12.50.

11/05 Morning observations saw 66186 pass on Cardiff Tidal-Swindon empty scrap MBAs (Pilning 09.45) and 57010 on the 4O51 Wentloog-Millbrook container service. 60032 was on the 6B33 Theal fuel tank empties later in the day.

12/05 60019 worked the afternoon 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties.

13/05 For the FA Cup final at the Cardiff Millenium stadium between Liverpool and West Ham First/GW operated a number of extra HST services and EWS provided three additional loco and coaching stock trains. The three loco-hauled trains and coaching stock formations along with a Patchway passing time were as follows ;-1Z17 67005. 08.00 Stratford-Cardiff Central with 17015, 3066, 3068, 1699, 3122, 3140, 3098, 1659, 3097, 3240 Sapphire. (10.42).1Z28 67025. 08.45 Victoria-Cardiff Central with 17077, 5350, 5009, 5040, 4902, 1863, 5322, 5341, 5276, 5366, 5365. (11.28).1Z26 67006. 09.42 Paddington-Cardiff Central with the EWS maroon charter rake 6139, 6110, 6036, 5924, 5922, 6720, 5657, 5632, 5631, 5954, 9531. (12.19).

15/05 Between 15:00 and 20:00 the following were noted on freights 66003/033/061/085/095/123/133/141/159/186/198/216/232 67013

21/05 Another Cardiff Millennium football event, the Leeds v Watford 1st Division play-off final saw an ‘additional’ 1Z52 09.51 Paddington-Cardiff Central service hauled by 67005 with former Virgin liveried MkIIs returning as 1Z53 18.32 Cardiff-Paddington.

22/05 60044 was over at Westerleigh on the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston and 60030 worked the 6B33 Theale fuel empties. Another reasonable evening with three freights, 66008 empty MGR bound for Portbury, 66016 loaded MGR from Avonmouth to Didcot and 66056 empty MGR heading for Avonmouth.

23/05 Just a couple of workings this evening, firstly 66605 noted light engine heading for South Wales and 66222 with MGR empties for Avonmouth.

24/05 60044 was at Westerleigh on the 6B13 Robeston loaded fuel tanks.

25/05 66099 worked the 6C23 Hayes-East Usk stone empties, more often a Class 60 duty.

26/05 Three workings to report this evening starting with 66222 working a loaded MGR from Avonmouth to Didcot, followed by the NR HST using power cars 43014/154 and 66201 with MGR empties heading for South Wales.

30/05 An 0Z66 14.10 Newport docks-Carlisle move was formed 66403 with newly delivered 66411 + 66412 + 66413, but did not depart to 15.00, the booked Parkway time being 15.23, however the locos were further delay and passed around 17.40! A Newport docks-Didcot loaded coal service was the cause of the ‘local’ delay, 66004 being noted passing Patchway ‘wrong-line’ at 14.30, returning around 16.30 hauling 66043 and train which had failed in the Patchway tunnel area.

Bristol Temple Meads , Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/05 66510 and 66514 were stabled on Kingsland Road .

20/04 Correction to last Month’s Magazine; (under this date)......with 43041 + 43042 and return 0Z74 with (from the opposite page, under 29/04)......43152 + 43161 (noted passing near Yatton at 16.28).

01/05 31601 passed through the area around 09.45 on the 0Z31 08.44 (m-f) Exeter-Exeter (via Birmingham NS ) driver route learner. The Monday’s only afternoon, 6B99 Tavistock junction-Cardiff Tidal sidings freight was seen conveying seven condemned parcels vans at rear. Four were noted as part of the 6M75 Warrington freight service at Newport the following day, all are believed for disposal at Booth’s, scrap yard Rotherham . A Pathfinder, Yeovil junction-Carmarthen excursion featuring steam 71000 in South Wales was cancelled.

03/05 The return Birmingham NS-Exeter driver route learning trip, with 31601 was noted running around an hour down at Bristol , the loco having been diverted en-route to assist the 6V07 13.21 Round Oak-Margam steel empties in the Worcester area following the failure of train loco 60018. Arriva/Wales units continue to arrive at Barton Hill depot for overhaul by Axiom Rail (reported to be a part of EWS), 142006 being noted today (142075 and 142002 having been already dealt with earlier in the year).

04/05 37425 was a popular choice for the 6C01 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot loaded steel and 6C02 return. The train, loaded to 8 wagons was recorded passing Pilning at 10.30 inward and the return empties at 13.45 passing Dr.Day’s junction.

05/05 Back to more normal power for the 6C01/6C02 Bristol steel, being noted headed by 66109. 31601 on the Birmingham NS-Exeter return driver route learning trip was again in the news having been diverted via Gloucester and Cardiff due to signalling problems in the Cheltenham area! The loco was seen heading towards Bristol near Pilning at 14.27 then running via Day’s curve, Bath and Westbury to Exeter .

06/05 67027 was on a 1Z65 07.09 Birmingham International-Par and 1Z73 return ‘Edenex’ excursion, however a Pastime Rail ‘ Lost Gardens of Heligan’ trip (1Z53 04.52 Chester-St.Austell and 1Z74 16.18 return was believed cancelled. Also recorded during the day were 60038 over at Westerleigh on 6B13 Robeston fuel and 59204 which passed Nailsea at 18.41 westbound on loaded yellow NR ballast wagons.

08/05 A DRS driver route learning trip (0Z47 01.47 Crewe-Plymouth) working was cancelled. 66086 was on the 6C01/6C02 Bristol steel trip.

09/05 20307 + 20313 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks.

10/05 As reported under Bristol Parkway & Westerleigh Notes, 33103 with saloon 975025 Caroline headed west as 2Z02 14.35 Paddington-Exeter, leaving the London terminus at 15.48 (73 minutes late) and was noted passing Nailsea at 18.49, the Class 33 propelling the saloon. The train returned north via Westbury during the following day. Earlier 67013 had worked a VSOE special to and from Temple Meads .

11/05 37425 made a rare West Country visit on an extra 6Z11 09.55 Cardiff Tidal sidings-Exeter (Riverside) train of 10 slurry tanks, providing an ‘old’ look view of the former 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine silver bullets which started off with pairs and single Class 37 hauling power in the mid-eighties! The train was noted passing Yatton at 11.44, the loco returning passed here at 14.53 as 0Z11 13.03 Exeter ( Riverside )-Newport Godfrey road stabling point light-engine. The Bristol steel working ,6C01/6C02, was recorded earlier in the day behind 66250 and the Blue Pullman dining train was to be used as a replacement for a London-Bristol steam hauled excursion headed by an unavailable 45231, but problems with the coaching stock saw the 1Z82 08.53 Victoria-Temple Meads (and 1Z83 17.33 return) top n’tailed by FM Rail 47703 and 47832 cancelled. The empty stock had already arrived at Victoria around an hour late! Due to a hot spell, engineers were checking rail temperatures in various areas to prevent buckling especially at locations where new track had been recently laid to ensure the 35C running temperature was maintained. Observations were taking place just west of Yatton station where Carillion had replaced track in this area earlier in the year and not yet handed the section back for Network-Rail supervision.

12/05 West Coast Rail 47826 + 57601 top n’tailed a 5Z33 10.21 Carnforth-Temple Meads ECS noted passing Wickwar not far off time at 17.25. On the freight side during the day, 66089 was on the 6C01 Bristol steel, 66233 worked the morning 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental and 66093 was on the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury cement works loaded coal.

13/05 66510/552/581 were stabled on Kingsland Road . Pastime Rail’s ‘Welsh Marches’ was headed by steam 6024 King Edward I as 1Z65 10.03 Temple Meads-Shrewsbury, the return being 17.10 Shrewsbury-Temple Meads, the King coming off the working in Bescot Up loop. The train which had arrived in Bristol as the 07.10 ex. Birmingham NS behind 67024 used the following c/stock; 35469, 4949, 5008, 4998, 1813, 3141, 3147, 3121, 1671, 3144, 3124, W35333 (loco support coach from Temple Meads only). Another railtour recorded during the day was PMR Tours 05.?? Temple Meads-Holyhead (and 15.50 return) which featured 57601 top n’tailing 47826 with the CarnforthECS (brought in the previous day), as far as Crewe for steam 6233 Duchess of Sutherland to take over.

16/05 The Network-Rail HST set worked 1Z20 05.50 Derby-Plymouth and 1Z21 15.53 Plymouth-Derby for the unveiling of the I.K.Brunel Engineer 1859 wording on the Royal Albert, River Tamar bridge on the Devon/Cornwall border. The lettering had been partially covered by walk-ways for many years, NR repositioning these as part of the Brunel 200th Anniversay celebrations. The HST, with only power car 43062 being identified called in at St.Phillips Marsh for fuel en-route and was reversed due to late running at Liskeard instead of Par in Cornwall .

18/05 Cotswold-Rail’s 47810 + 47813, having worked a 5Z90 11.10 Bicester-Laira stock move via Westbury (with 41168, 40401, 42108, 42094, 42093, 42092, 44076, 44100) the previous day, headed a St.Phillips Marsh-Derby working formed with 40437, 40231, 42259, and Cotswold owned 10235 and 12014 acting as barrier coaches.

19/05 31128 was on an 0Z31 12.05 Exeter-Exeter driver route learning trip via Westbury, Bath, Bristol Parkway, Oxford, returning via Temple Meads and Bridgwater.

20/05 A Kingfisher Tours ‘S & D outing feturing steam 34067 Tangmere was cancelled. During the evening a return Pastime Rail ‘ Lost Gardens ’ (06.?? Tonbridge-Par), which ran outwards via Westbury ) was routed via Bristol behind Royal 67006. The 2006 National Community rail-day held today saw no additional local activity. Last year Wessex Trains operated the loco hauled Class 31 set serving local stations between Bristol and Weymouth and a treasure train ran over the Severn Beach branchline. The recent franchise change to First/GW may have been the reason for no extra events this year. 66514 and 66552 were stabled on Kingsland Road .

21/05 66025 returned a 1Z66 12.30 Truro-Victoria VSOE via Bristol , the train having run 1Z82 09.55 Victoria-Truro behind 66077 on 19/05, a loco swap presumably having taken place at St.Blazey.

22/05 37029 ran 0Z48 09.30 Crewe-Plymouth DRS driver route learner, this was the working originally planned to run on 08/05. Cotswold 47818 was reported to have run light-engine to Didcot to collect a failed First/GW HST set. On the freight side, 60047 was on the 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental and 66119 powered the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury cement works loaded coal.

23/05 20309 + 37606 were paired on 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and 60047 headed a 6C83 12.20 Machen-Westbury stone service. 47818 was involved in a further First/GW stock move hauling former, now unbranded, GNER HST power cars 43078 + 43198 as 5Z02 12.00 Long Marston-Laira. The two power cars were actually at Evesham when collected by the Class 47, the train reaching Bristol near enough an hour early to the booked 15.30 passing time. The Class 47 returned as 0Z03 19.00 Laira-Gloucester light-engine.

24/05 60047 was again on the morning 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental service via Day’s curve.

25/05 60047 headed the 6B65 again leaving Westbury for Newport late at 12.05. 67020 ran 0Z72 13.48 Newport Godfrey Road-Exeter (Riverside) yard light-engine to collect 16 mail vans for disposal running as 5Z72 17.32 Exeter (Riverside)-Doncaster (the train running via Westbury, Wembley and the East Coast mainline). Steam 76079 headed west for Cornish branchline railtour duties as 5Z49 08.30 Crewe-Laira (via the Marches and the Severn Tunnel) leaving 45 minutes late and arriving in Bristol at 13.09 (38 minutes late) for a water stop. The loco with lined maroon support coach 35517 passed Yatton at 14.07.

26/05 31601 and a failed 31128 passed Nailsea at 20.27 on an 0Z31 northbound driver route learning trip.

27/05 Hired in by Virgin, cross country HSTs were again the order of the day, and are set to return for Saturday’s 03/06 and from 01/07-02/09 during the summer timetable. Today’s trains and working power cars were as follows;- 1C02 07.35 Temple Meads-Paignton/1E46 10.22 Paignton-Newcastle (GNER 43045 + 43049), 1V29 07.24 Manchester-Newquay/1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester (MML 43104 + 43056) , 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay /2C75 19.15 Newquay-Plymouth (MML 43081 + 43051) and 2C34 06.51 Plymouth-Newquay/1E47 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle (MML 43066 + 43064). The 1C02 is again as in previous years, booked to run via Westbury to Taunton for driver route knowledge, the train arrivingECS at Temple Meads as empty stock. Also recorded during the afternoon was 31190 as 0Z31 13.45 Derby-Exeter light-engine to replace the failed 31128 on route learning duties. The loco was running 74 minutes early to it’s booked Temple Meads passing time of 19.24. The 10.10 Glasgow-Paignton Virgin XC Voyager service was terminated at Oxenholme due to a fatal stabbing on board.

30/05 Cotswold’s 47714 + 47813 hauled HST power cars 43086, 43159 and 43193 from Gloucester-Laira returning on a 5B08 15.45 Laira-Gloucester stock move. 60076 was on an afternoon Newport ADJ-Westbury departmental.

31/05 EWS silver 67029 stood in for the unavailable steam 34067 Tangmere on a Victoria-Bristol TM and 16.04 return VSOE outing. 60047 worked the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal service.


16/05 St.Blazey was viewed, with 08994. 09016. 66025 being visible. 09019 was present in the nearby freight sidings. 66002 was at Par station between 13.40-13.47 running round the 6C11(TO) Penzance (Ponsondane)-St.Blazey empty fuel tankers. Later the Truro-Falmouth branch line was noted closed with track work being replaced. 66172 was noted on an autoballaster near the Town station.

29/05 Pastime Rail operated a series of Cornwall and Devon branch line specials using steam 76079, two lines, at Fowey and Parkindillack having not seen preserved steam loco hauled trains in the preservation era. 37411 ran 5Z20 09.56 Old Oak Common-Plymouth Tavistock yard ECS with coaches; 5023, 4986, 1813, 4998, 5008, 4949, 35469. 76079 (with support coach 35517) and stock then worked 5Z21 16.07 Tavistock yard-PlymouthECS for the 1Z21 16.45 Plymouth-Carne Point (near Fowey) ‘Fowey Pony’ (although an Isambard Kingdom Brunel headboard was carried by the steam loco), with 37411 attached to the rear to work the return 1Z22 18.05 Carne Point-Plymouth. The following day saw a 18.00 Plymouth-Parkindillack (19.47) and 20.15 return, with further trips to Totnes (and Buckfastleigh), with six coaches only, on 31/05 and to Barnstaple on 01/06.


03/05 Blue/grey liveried one-car DMU 960014 (977893) was recorded north of Cheltenham during the afternoon on a Cardiff-Birmingham, Central Trains driver route learner.

05/05 A Class 50 ran Cardiff-Gloucester and return on a driver training trip.

09/05 47810 hauled 87004 + 87010 + 87013 + 87014 from Oxley-Gloucester for store at Long Marston, going forward to here on 11/05.

13/05 37411 and 37425 top n’tailed a 19.05 Gloucester-Cardiff and 20.30 return FA Cup final shuttle with coaches 5965, 6013, 6035, 9521.

20/05 A proposed Cotswold-Rail HST trip from Gloucester-Weymouth (via Kemble and Swindon ) was believed cancelled, another date has been set for a similar trip on 09/09.

Portbury Branchline

01/05 60057 was seen heading north near Cheltenham with loaded coal at 11.30, believed to be working 6M04 09.20 Portbury-Rugeley.

03/05 66149 worked 6X52 16.30 Portbury-Washwood Heath loaded cars.

04/05 The 6F92 East Usk-Portbury coal empties were worked by 66140 with 66043 in charge of this train on the following day and 66198 on the day after that.

09/05 Three Channel tunnel ‘trial’ automotive trains operated during the month as 6X64 16.30 (TO) Portbury-Dollands Moor conveying around 200 Honda cars using two tier IPA Wincar wagons for mainland Europe. 66046 was in charge of the day’s train, which was the first, being noted at Ashton junction just before 17.00.

17/05 66133 powered the 6X52 Washwood Heath loaded cars.

21/05 66147 was seen at Ashton junction at 20.28 with loaded coal HTAs. The day being a Sunday, seemed unusual but investigations found there are currently two booked Sunday evening workings the details being;- 6V09 13.36 Crewe-Portbury (17.38) returning loaded as 6M02 19.07 Portbury-Fiddlers Ferry and 6V17 14.28 Crewe-Portbury (20.19) departing loaded as 6M12 22.10 Portbury-Fiddlers Ferry.

23/05 The third Channel Tunnel car train was noted in the hands of 66122 (the second working which took place on 16/05 ran with an unidentified Class 66).

The coal terminal remains busy with daytime workings during the month being;- 6M04 09.20 (M-S) Portbury-Rugeley, 6Z72 08.00 Rugeley-Portbury (14.12) and 6Z42 16.00 Portbury-Rugeley. Whether or not work on a new coal loading siding in the terminal is underway remains unconfirmed, but a road/rail excavator has been noted near the dock gates on a couple of occasions so far this year.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;- 66004/043/125/130/140/147/151/182/198/237.

Units noted during the month included









Note*;- 158964 was formed 57816 + 52815 + 57815 with 158815 being displayed on one end.



03/05 37425 worked the 6V30 Dagenham Dock – Bridgend Ford train.

05/05 37425 was still in the Newport area.

07/05 Stabled on Godfrey Road during the morning were 60028/044/046/051 66009/030/079/086/092/125/139/234. Steam 45407 ran northbound with support coach via Cwmbran during the early afternoon, having arrived on a Central Wales line trip from Preston during the previous day.

10/05 66552 & 66557 top and tailed a mixed Network Rail train including old concrete sleepers on a Reading to Margam working at 05:20

13/05 The FA Cup final produced seven class 67 hauled specials as follows passing through between 11:00 and 13:00.

67018 1Z20 07-29 Lime Street   - Ninian Park , 1Z25 19:50 Return.

67005 1Z17 08-00 Stratford Cardiff , 1Z18 19:44 Return.

67014 1Z47 08-15 Crewe – Cardiff , 1Z48 18:16 Cardiff Return.

67025 1Z28 08-45 Victoria Cardiff , 1Z29 18:01 Return.

67012 1V75 08-32 Newton-le-Willows – Cardiff , 2Z56 18:50 Cardiff Crewe

67021 1Z22 09-00 Lime Street- Cardiff , 1Z24 19:32 Return.

67006 1Z26 09-42 Paddington – Cardiff , 1Z27 18:43 Return.

37411 and 37425 with 50031 and 50049 top n’tailed passenger shuttle trains for the FA Cup final, the Class 50 coaching stock in use being; 5869, 5976, 6162, 9509.

20/05 37415 and 50049, 47815 and 47839 top and tailed shuttles between Newport and Cardiff .

25/05 47805 with a rake of MKII coaches as 5Z20 Crewe – Cardiff , 76079 passed through as 5Z49 Crewe – Laria.

26/05 66611 ran light engine from Crewe to Tidal, before working the 6Z98 Tidal – Beeston empty scrap, this service runs via Shrewsbury.

27/05 Godfrey Road LHS closed today, the last locos to leave were 66043 and 66099 which left at 18:00 heading to the new stabling point at Alexandra Dock Junction. The new stabling point is in the V between the docks branch and the main yard, with new offices at the Cardiff end of the yard. The first locos stabled there were 60028 and 60090 which arrived from Godfrey Road at 14:00. Work commenced almost immediately on track removal of the sidings and connection to the main line, this is in conjunction with the lengthening of platform 4. Other locos that had used Godfrey Road today were 60014 66038/045/067/077.

28/05 The access point to Godfrey Road had been replaced with plain track with 66079 on a engineering train and several road/rail machines present.

29/05 The new DRS class 66s were unloaded from M.V. Daniella between 09:00 and 11:20. 66403 was in attendance as shunting loco after arriving light from Bristol Parkway at 08:30. Also on board were three European class 66s, JT9-JT11 en route to Rotterdam .

30/05 66403 hauled 66411/412/413 to Carlisle Kingmoor as 0Z66 from Newport Docks passing through Newport at 17:00. 66512 and 66606 top and tailed a departmental working from Reading to Margam.  


4V60/4M60 Calvert - Avon Binliner

03/05 66552. 11/05 66510. 15/05 66552. 19/05 66514.

4V50/4O51 Southampton – Wentlooge

02/05 57005. 03/05 57010. 04/05 57005. 08/05 66502. 09/05 57010.

10/05 57009. 11/05 57010. 12/05 57009. 15/05 57001. 16/05 57009.

26/05 57011. 30/05 66536.

4V08 Crewe – Wentlooge

03/05 66517. 12/05 66516.


6B13 Robeston - Westerleigh

02/05 60038. 03/05 60084. 09/05 60051. 10/05 60051. 11/05 60080.

16/05 60046. 19/05 60046. 24/05 60044. 26/05 60003. 30/05 60080.

6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley

Locos recorded on the 6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley ‘enterprise’ freight have included;-

05/05 67006 + 67015. 08/05 67006 + 67015. 09/05 67006 + 67015.

10/05 67006 + 67015. 12/05 67005 + 67015. 15/05 67013.

18/05 67005 + 67006. 19/05 67005 + 67006. 22/05 67013.

23/05 67013 + 67015.

Note;- The appearance of both ‘Royal’ locos in the burgundy livery is a possible first for a freight service.


Another month has passed, and the weather has finally managed to resemble something like Summer, which means getting out and about a little more -- without having to don fur coats, boots, gloves, and carrying flasks of warm tea (or something a tad stronger!). Ironically, I've not travelled too far from base on the railways, but an aviation trip to France -- ostensibly to visit the Airbus A380 production line in Toulouse , threw up something. Whilst travelling between Paris Gare du Nord and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on the RER service, one of the stations called at is Drancy . Here there is a fairly large yard which appears specifically to handle automotive and steel traffic and probably contains about 300+ wagons. Parked in the centre of the yard was a Fertis Class 56. A lovely sight -- and one that should still be regularly seen in this country! Anyone who ventures across to France and is an avid wagon enthusiast would find this location worth a visit. RER B line service from Gare du Nord to Charles de Gaulle Airport, about 15 minutes ride. Back to Britain now and as I mentioned above only some local visits this last month. An evening at Nuneaton on 22nd May from 18.15 to 21.15 resulted in a fairly busy evening, with a lot of the new Freightliner flats in the 640xxx series being noted, with 66502 on a northbound service having the following in the consist: 640445/ 446/ 439/ 440/ 388/ 387/ 241/ 242/ 332/ 331/ 240/ 239. The northbound postal service was in the hands of Network South-East-liveried 87012 hauling 325 units 002, 005, 006, 014. A couple of days earlier passing Hams Hall yard saw class 08 shunter 08783 working the trains, which is a different one from the last time I passed. Speaking of 08s, for anyone passing the Ketton Cement exchange sidings on the Leicester to Peterborough branch, the 08 there at the moment is 08662 which, according to the various publications, is allocated to Margam or Motherwell! Moving forward to 5th June at Leicester the Railtrack tunnel gauging train was noted passing during the afternoon top and tailed with DRS class 37s 37605 and 37611. Also noted during the evening was 66075 with the following rake of ex-National Power bogie hoppers: 19626, 19668, 19673, 19663, 19677, 19676, 19654, 19647, 19679, 19620, 19627, 19649, 19669, 19644, 19664, 19605, 19622, 19617, 19659. Whilst on the subject of sightings at Leicester, the British Gypsum bogie flats working to and from East Leake (the BGL953xx series) have been renumbered into the air-braked series starting at 600000. Whether the four-wheel vehicles will follow suit is not certain. Also on 5th June an evening at Rugby was quite fruitful with about a dozen freight services being noted, mostly Freightliner and a couple of Enterprise -- and the second Malcolm service noted northbound at 20.55 (early!) in the charge of 66402. Vehicles being: 33.70.4739/072/ 078/ 075, 33.68.3909.721/ 833/ 402/ 307/ 416/ 324/ 401/ 429/ 864/ 410/ 388 and 839. A couple of "winners" there for me. Have fun in the sun (sorry!).  

Stock Alterations





37419/427. 43197. 47365. 60036/049/057/083

GL: 47365. IM: 60036/049/083. KY: 37057/682. 47749/760. LE: 43194.

LH: 56044. 43154/155/158. LM: 20088. 43078/197. 87004/010/013/014/021/025/027/030/033. LNWR: 47829. ML: 37427. OC: 58048. TD: 37419. TO: 60057. Tyne Yd: 60042.


08359 –HQ, 08921 –TD, 37406 –ML, 56303 –RR, 60020-IM, 87006 –WB


Booth: 37686

HNRC: 47515/775 @CD

Ron Hull: 86240.  


56125 – 56303  

New Stock

66411/412/413 -KM  

Diesel Multiple Units  




Booth: 51506  

New Stock

185101/104/105/111/112/114/115/116/117/118 -AK  

Electric Multiple Units  


321407(NL)-BY, 423(BY)-NL

377124/141/142/147/152(BI)-SU, 401/404/434(SU)-BI  


365531 4588014/22 @CJ  




Booth: 76061/115 (X1748)

Woking Miniature Rly, Knaphill: 76887 (x3568)  

Coaching & NPCC Stock  


10563/588 -GL  


BH: 92100. BS: 3416. 5928. GL: 42084/087. KI: 5944/66. 6028/37. 6174. 6805/08. 9713/12. LM: 10202/235. 11028/036/045/071/083/084. 12014/043/048/053/058/063/094/101/112/117/119/127/136/152/155. 82150. 99602/603/604/605/606/607/608/609. NC: 82104. OO: 5679. 5737. 6721/23/24. 9481/88/90. OY: 17172. 82134. ZD: 41085/086/160. 42302/303/304/305. 44068. ZI: 40436.  


5916/17. 6000/14/22/41. 6103/15/35/48 –CS, 94406 –ML.

11044/066/068/081/082/085/088/089/090/092/094/098/099/100. 12066/067/081/093/099.

12107/108/110/111/114/115/129/135/137/143/151/153/166/168/170/171 – NC.  


6801/02/03/10/12/14/15/18/19/22/26. 10677. 80324/325/332/333/334/340/343/348/366/372/376,

80381/383/384/393/406/413/416/421/425. 94102/114/119/140/174/193/212/215/223.

94448/456/461/464/465/466/469/473/475/477/478/516. 95715/739/749/762.

975653. 977934.  


Booth: 80324/325/332/333/340/343/348/366/372/376/381/383/384/406/416/421

80425. 94114/174/193. 94456/466. 95739/762. 977934.

TJ Thomson: 94119/140/212/215/223. 94448/461/464/465/469/473/475/477/478/51.


New Zealand : 6801/02/03/10/12/14/15/18/19/22/26

East Somerset : 975653

Rushden Historic Transport Society: 80334/413. 94102


11228 – 11322, 11233- 11422, 12535 - 11291.

Pool Codes

QETS Network Rail European Train Signalling 31102/200/319

Plant & Track Machines

Bristol Temple Meads

01-03/05 73805 noted in the old fish dock at Temple Meads


02-03/05 73111 77902 noted at Newport on 2nd, 73105 joined them on the 3rd.

 Industrial & Preservation Matters

Danescombe Pottery, Wood Cottage, Danescombe Valley, near Calstock (18/05) R.W.Giles/F.J.Neate.

(S25 26) WR D6886/64 was located with a single wagon on a short section of track outside a small shed on a riverside road. Between the loco’s location and the village of Calstock a grounded former GWR coach body (6 wheel compartment?) in choc/cream and partial grey undercoat livery was found.

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