01/02 The new loco servicing point on the former 'cripple' road 4, in the east sidings has been noted in use. The line was extended last year and now has fuelling facilities, a concrete work apron, low and high level lighting and extra servicing equipment at it's end.
A team of staff arrive presumably from Barton Hill by a road-van to deal with the loco, normally one involved on Didcot coal duties as these are often in use on these workings up to four or five days in a row.
66086 was noted around mid-day being dealt with today, with 66059 being recorded at a similar time on the 17/02.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have included;-

09003 still continues as the area loco shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway and Westerleigh

02/02 Class 60 workings during the day included;- 60001 on 6B33 13.30 (TThO) Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers, 60061 on 6C23 10.29 (TThO) Hayes-Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties and 60096 over at Westerleigh on 6B13 05.33 loaded fuel from Robeston.
A solitary MGR working this evening, 66059 with empties for Portbury and the NRHST put in an appearance, power cars not identified.
04/02 60025 worked 6B13 loaded fuel tanks to the Westerleigh terminal.
05/02 Diversions, due to engineering work were noted in operation with First/GWHSTs running via the Chepstow mainline and a reverse at Newport.
06/02 50049 ran 0Z50 11.03 Old Oak Common-Cardiff Canton light-engine during the early afternoon reported for forthcoming ATW 'ruggex' shuttle services. Busy night with five freight workings recorded four of which were MGR services, 66227 with a loaded train from Avonmouth, 66059/187 empties to Avonmouth and 66023 empties for Portbury. The final working was the delayed Avonmouth "Enterprise" service which was seen at 21.00 behind 67027, this service was diverted via the down yard as was the earlier Didcot bound MGR.
09/02 60049 was at Westerleigh on tank duty, being noted there again during the following day. Two MGRs this evening, 66039 with a loaded train from Avonmouth bound for Didcot and 66175 with empties for Portbury. Seen an hour later than scheduled, at 19.48, was the hired in MML HST utilising power cars 43072/184, the lateness attributed to 43072 which was shut down.
13/02 Two freight services tonight, 66612 working the ballast service from South Wales and 66075 with a loaded MGR from Avonmouth, this service proceeded via the down yard.
A line side fatality between Westerleigh and Gloucester resulted in cancellations, delays and diversions from about 19.50 onwards, the service which suffered most was the 19.55 Virgin service from Parkway to Bristol, 90 minutes.
16/02 Single MGR working this evening with 66075 on empties to Avonmouth.
17/02 60063 worked the 6B13 fuel from Robeston-Westerleigh. 57603 was recorded on a circular Old Oak Common-Old Oak Common eight coach 'test' working via Dr.Day's,Bath and Box with Cotswold-Rail 47813 attached to the rear.
18/02 60074 was on 6B13 Robeston-Westerleigh loaded fuel and 60054 (still in trainload freight petrol colours) worked 6E41 11.18 Westerleigh-Humber fuel empties.
20/02 Mainline blue/EWS sticker livery 60044 was over at Westerleigh on tank duty. Noted during the afternoon were 66160 on a 6F35 10.00 Newport docks-Didcot coal train, which had recessed in East Usk yard and 66714 on 6Z77 10.32 Stewarts Lane-Barry conveying former Gatwick Express coaches 72620, 72710, 72621, 72629, 72505, 68509 (8206, 8311 and 9110) with electro-diesel 73136 attached to the rear acting as a barrier vehicle in case of train failure. The stock was en-route for preservation on the Vale of Glamorgan railway.
Three freight workings this evening, 66622 working the ballast service to Reading from South Wales, 66138 with empty MGR bound for Portbury and 66039 on MGR empties for Avonmouth. In between these 66714 headed eastbound with 73136 in tow (ex-works condition in BR blue livery) the working originating in south Wales, subsequently learnt the locos were involved in a stock movement from Stewarts Lane - Barry conveying ex-Gatwick Stock).
22/02 60063 was on 6B65 09.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental and 60067 powered the 6B13 Robeston-Westerleigh loaded fuel tanks.
23/02 50049 passed Patchway station at 13.05 with 5Z50 12.18 Gloucester-Cardiff Canton return driver training run, the ECS having run outward via the Chepstow mainline.
At Patchway, the footbridge is to be refurbished following complaints over it's condition. A temporary replacement has been built, so the original one can be taken away in sections for the work to be carried out. Also recorded during the afternoon was 60084 on 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers.
Stabled in the down yard were 66505 and ex VT power cars 43153/155 en route from Reading to Landore, as a result of problems at the collection point and the driver being over hours.
One MGR was also seen, 66238 with a loaded train from Avonmouth to Didcot.
27/02 Three MGRs only this evening, 66238 with a loaded service from Avonmouth and two empties, 66169 with HAAs heading for Portbury and 66039 to Avonmouth.
28/02 57604 was unusually employed on 6V91 10.40 Shoeburyness-Newport docks scrap stock run (normally a GBRf Class 66 turn).
The working, which was thought to be a 'test run' for the Class 57 was formed with units;- 1866, 1805 (both used on the 'Sussex Slammer',slam-door farewell railtour with 3514, from London Bridge-Littlehampton on 19/11/05)and odd coaches 76508 (3485), 62440, 71128 (both 3568), 76666 (3489).

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/02 Certainly a most unusual early hours sight was the arrival of 1A40 22.00 Penzance-Paddington First/GW sleeper service headed by HST power cars 43165 + 43187 hauling failed 57603 and train!! The power cars were replaced by 57604 (which had arrived on the rear of the balancing 1C99 23.50 Paddington-Penzance sleeper, behind 57602) and retired to St.Phillips Marsh.
Problems are still continuing with 57/6 loco availability, a second Cotswold 'hire' loco 47828 being initially rostered, but failed at Parkway en-route and was returned to Gloucester!!
There have been other Class 57 worked sleeper trains in trouble, one being terminated at Exeter on an unspecified date, the passengers having to be transferred onto an HST set to continue their journey to London in the early hours!!
Noted during the day was 60050 on 6Z50 Newport ADJ-Taunton departmental (Uphill junction 10.14) and 6Z51 a 12.18 return working off Taunton. 66612 + 66613 were noted on Barton Hill fuelling point.
02/02 Cotswold 47813 worked the 1C99 'down' First/GW sleeper service returning on the 'up' 1A40 service the following day.
04/02 31285 + 31602 top n'tailed a 4Z07 08.50 Derby-St.Phillips Marsh test train through Filton Abbey Wood at 12.35.
06/02 Despite rumours that it had finished the Virgin XC 'hire'HST working; 1V29 07.05 Leeds-Plymouth and 1E53 16.25 Plymouth-York continues to operate.
07/02 Southbound coal train seen at 16.50, en route to Portbury behind 66041.
08/02 First/GW celebrated it's 10th year as franchise operator inviting local children with the same birthday to a party at Temple Meads. A birthday cake was baked for the event and a selection of goodies were given out including travel passes.
The company is set to continue running the Great Western franchise, which is now to include the Wessex Train's area.
First/GW were reported to have Cotswold 47813 now on long term loan along with a second stand-by 'hire' loco 47818 (in Anglian 'One' livery) at Old Oak Common.
10/02 66145 was on the 6C01 0915 Newport ADJ-Bristol East depot steel trip.
11/02 The Network-Rail Class 101 departmental DMU set arrived in the area on a 4Z08 Derby-St.Phillips Marsh test working. Line closures in the area for engineering works included the Bristol-Taunton mainline, where at Yatton the emergency cross-over point work just to the south of the station, was replaced.
Locos and trains in attendance around mid-day were;- 66016 on 6W16 14.00 Parsons St-Westbury loaded waste spoil and 60054 on 6W17 09.00 (Sun) Parsons St-Westbury empties, having brought in sand and ballast infill materials.
At Highbridge, the Market Street over bridge was closed to both road and rail traffic during part of the day as it underwent 'special' weight checks.
13/02 Loaded MGR from Portbury for the Midlands seen at 23.30 powered by 66190. The Cotswold HST power cars 43070 + 43087 were back in the area running 0Z43 09.25 Gloucester-West Somerset Railway to work a 5Z43 14.20 Bishop's Lydeard-Laira stock move formed with the last HST stock stored on the line;- 42302, 42303,42304,42305,44068.
With the Hornby liviered 43087 the power cars were noted passing through Yatton at 12.14 having left Gloucester seven minutes early (a visit to St.Phillips Marsh en-route for fuel being unconfirmed).
Also whilst at Yatton , the MML HST diagram was noted with power cars 43061 + 43184.
16/02 60053 was on the 6B65 09.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental and 57302 ran Oxley-Barton Hill light-engine to collect a failed 57313 before returning north during the early afternoon.
18/02 A 'Valentines' Victoria-Temple Meads steam outing, featuring 34067 Tangmere ran to Eastleigh instead of Bristol, possibly due to engineering works in the area, but 6201 Princess Elizabeth visited on 'The Midlander' (1Z62 St.Albans-Temple Meads and 1Z63 16.07 return). The steam loco, having took over from 67027 (which was noted running 72 minutes late at Luton during the morning) at Derby was deemed 'out of gauge' on the outward journey only at a road overbridge at Cam. The steam loco was removed at Gloucester, for 66175 to take over, before running light-engine to Bristol via Newport.
Additional problems saw a broken rail at Caldicot, 6201 being the first loco through following a number of diversions (including First/GWHST services which had already been diverted to Gloucester from Swindon via Kemble!), actually reversing at Severn Tunnel junction to recover some late running time.
The return departure for St.Albans was late, the train being noted passing Narroway's Hill junction at 16.36.
Coaching stock in use on the trip was;- 99040 (support), 35469, 3146, 1680, 3123, 3141, 3147, 1813, 4949, 5008, 5023, 5482. On the freight side, 60039 was in charge of 6C80 Machen-Westbury loaded Hanson stone being noted descending Filton bank at 16.01.
20/02 The 6B65 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental was headed by four unidentified Class 66 locos, 66053 was on the 6C01 Bristol East steel and 66216 worked the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded cement works coal service.
First/GW announced it is expected to replace it's full buffet car service in favour of a trolley service on the Paddington-Bristol route. Buffet cars will remain in use on the longer London-Plymoth/Penzance and Swansea services.
22/02 37608 + 37259 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask service, 66053 was again on the 6C01 Bristol steel and 66227 powered the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine loaded china clay slurry tanks.
24/02 60049 worked the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury coal service.
24/02 66023 noted with MGR empties for Portbury at 14.15.
25/02 59206 was on the Westbury-Machen stone trip.
27/02 57311 ran 0Z57 11.15 Birmingham New Street-Laira light-engine to take up West Country 'thunderbird' rescue duties.
28/02 As for 24/2/06, 66062 at 23.00


01/02 A 5Z50 09.25 Cardiff Canton-Gloucester and 5Z51 10.34 was worked by 47839 as a driver training turn. The working had been booked to run on 30/01 and 31/01 but was cancelled on these dates.
06/02 Steam loco 60009 Union of South Africa ran 5Z56 loco and support coach to the Severn Valey Railway via Kemble and Stroud during the afternoon.. The loco had worked a circular railtour out and back to King's Cross two days previous.
08/02 50049 was booked to work 5Z50 09.31 Cardiff-Gloucester and return driver trainer, but the working was cancelled.
09/02 60049 passed Gloucester station at 11.00 on the 6B13 Robeston-Westerleigh fuel tanks. The Cotswold-Rail loco stabling area was viewed with, 47316 and 47828 with four MkIIIs and a DVT present.
10/02 60060 + 60063 were paired on the 6V19 18.04 (MX) Immingham-Margam freight service running around 8 hours late!
15/02 Cotswold HST power cars were busy around this date. They headed HST stock 40425, 44057, 44065, 42290, 42286, 40434 from MoD Bicester to Long Marston on this date, returning with MkIII coach 12100 to Gloucester Horton Road the next day. They were also involved in stock movements on both 16/02 and 20/02.
Additional Cotswold locos 47200 and 47714 (in Anglian 'blue' colours) arrived in Gloucester, believed to have headed in a stock working from Wembley.
16/02 47843 was booked to work the 5Z50 11.03 Cardiff Canton-Gloucester driver training turn, but the loco failed before departure. 47848 and 50049 were both at Cardiff on this date.
18/02 A broken rail at Caldicot saw diversions (also see Bristol Temple Meads Notes & News). As well as delays to the Pastime Rail 'Midlander' steam railtour featuring 6201 Princess Elizabeth which left light-engine at 13.30 for Bristol (reversing at Severn Tunnel junction instead of Newport), three Class 170 Central Trains units were noted parked up (their drivers not having route knowledge to run via the Bristol mainline and Charfield) at Gloucester and First/GWHST sets were observed facing north together, but with different destinations, being both London and Swansea!! One Class 170 set was parked in the stations west end bay, where the steam loco was due to be serviced!!
21/02 A Serco 1Z14 Worcester-Newport (covering all the line's to Severn Tunnel junction)-Cardiff test train, formed with coaching stock; 6264, 977869, 999508, 72613, 72612, was top n'tailed by 66237 and 66244. The train returned north two days later.
23/02 47813 handled a Gloucester-Oxley stock move.
24/02 66505 passed Severn Tunnel junction heading towards Gloucester at 11.35 on 5Z42 Landore-LoughboroughHST power car move with 43092 + 43094. Two other power cars; 43153 + 43155 were moved from Reading-Landore by the same loco the previous day.
25/02 Pathfinder's 'Welsh Whistler' railtour (06.30 Crewe-Cardiff and return) featuring mainline preserved 40145 throughout was reported in trouble near Stoke Works junction on the return with a broken air-pipe on the loco. 47714 was dispatched from Gloucester to assist the train onwards to Birmingham New Street where 47805 took over for the return run to Crewe arriving around 150 minutes late!!

Portbury Branchline

04/02 Some of the booked coal traffic for the following week was moved as follows, 6M03 02.14 Portbury-Rugeley. 6F78 12.48 Portbury-Uskmouth (SX). 6Z41 05.44 Portbury-Rugeley. 6M04 09.54 Portbury-Rugeley (SX).
On this date; 66088 worked 6F92 09.40 East Usk-Portbury coal empties and 6F78 and 66125 + 66155 were paired on 6M04 following the failure of 66155 (being noted at Ashton Gate at 11.58).
19/02 The line was under a Sunday pw occupation whilst tree felling took place in the Avon Gorge.
20/02 66088 powered the 6F78 12.48 loaded coal service to Uskmouth.
23/02 Morning arrivals saw 66081(4V48) and 66133 (6V03) on coal empties and 66176 on the afternoon 6X52 16.30 loaded car service to Washwood Heath.
28/02 66194 was noted at Ashton Gate between 17.18-17.23 on 6X52. An EWS employee was present to view the late running train to ensure there was no vandalism following a recent incident involving the train whilst the driver was dealing with the single-line token equipment.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month included;-


Units noted during the month included




02/02 220023 worked 1E37 07.03 Cardiff-Newcastle. Also noted 175102 working from Canton to Central at 06.40, at 06.45 Carillion bubble car 977968 worked through Central and headed around the curve towards Barry.
20/02 Loco hauled travel returns with the 2F10 07:44 Rhymney - Cardiff and 2R20 17:01 Cardiff - Rhymney reverting. With 47843 providing the traction.


01/02 Noted on freight serves were 60001/008/010/013/032/050/067/080/096 66007/013/016/118/130/180/186/190/192/197/199/212/221/225/230/236/246.
03/02 Locos noted today were 60008/042/096. 66007/027/029/145/199/201 66207/223/249/579
10/02 Locos noted today were 09015. 60059/061/074. 66007/020/070/088/089 66145/199/230/508
12/02 Stabled on Godfrey Road were 60044/046/047. 66020/027/042/088/143/186/210.
14/02 66505 was used on two Bristol to Wentlooge crew training runs.
16/06 Another route learning run took place with 66505.
17/02 Locos noted today were 09015. 60085. 66047/053/070/088/142/172/238 66240/542. Also 66505 on further route learners.
24/02 Noted at 22:25 were 60034/080. 66047/089/117.
26/02 Footexs noted for the Carling cup brought the following top and tailed workings to Cardiff, 47853 + 47839, 47854 + 47826, 47811 & 47815 & 47847 + 47805.

Units noted during the month included



4V60/4M60 Calvert - Avon Binliner
01/02 66523. 21/02 66530.

4V50/4O51 Southampton - Wentlooge
01/02 57007. 02/02 57010. 03/02 57009. 06/02 57012. 07/02 66503.
08/02 57011. 09/02 57011. 10/02 57011. 13/02 57001. 14/02 57011.
16/02 57009. 17/07 57007. 20/02 57009. 21/02 57007. 22/02 57011.
23/02 57006. 24/02 57006. 27/02 57009. 28/02 57009.


6M33 Avonmouth - Wembley 'Enterprise'
03/02 66177. 09/02 67008 + 67027. 10/02 67027 + 67008.
17/02 67025 + 67027. 21/02 67021. 22/02 67021 + 67024.
28/02 67021 + 67024.

6C01 ADJ - Bristol East
01/02 66197. 02/02 66238. 03/02 66001. 08/02 66019. 09/02 66085.
13/02 66210. 14/02 66027. 20/02 66053. 21/02 66027. 22/02 66053.
24/02 66194. 27/02 66095. 28/02 66247.

6B13 Robeston - Westerleigh
02/02 60096. 04/02 60025. 07/02 60067. 08/02 60049. 09/02 60049.
10/02 60049. 11/02 60060. 13/02 60049. 14/02 60047. 15/02 60047.
16/02 60063. 17/02 60063. 18/02 60074. 20/02 60067. 21/02 60067.
22/02 60067. 23/02 60067. 24/02 60047. 25/02 60047. 27/02 60067.
28/02 60067.


This is the first of a regular review of freight workings and locations around the country.

Beginning this quick look at the freight scene, an unusual sight at Leicester at 07.10 on the morning of 7th February saw 60041 passing with a rake of 37 'Gunnell' wagons, something not seen in the area for quite some time. Vehicles concerned being: 390353/596/631/542/554/597/618/629/639569/530/620/639/541/535/666/523/532/ 662/620/569/530/670/605/548/516/650/566/513/604/599/580/561/654/ 559/665/617.
The derailment of 66017 at Melton Mowbray on 9th February brought two breakdown trains to the site 67023 with the Toton train and 37411 on the Old Oak Common train. This resulted in the following consist being sighted at Leicester the following morning at 07.20: 37411 hauling 975611, 975574, 975613, 96710, 66017, 96702, 998518, 975080, 975481, 975645 with 67023 bringing up the rear!

Away from Leicester, and something that will be mentioned every month, is a location where freight can be viewed with interest. One of the places I find of use is Basingstoke. Apart from the abundance of the new 450 and 444 emus, there is quite a steady flow of freight traffic during a weekday, bringing sightings of EWS class 66s and 60s, freightliner 57s and 66s, Hanson 59s and Mendip Rail 59s on a variety of services. Although mainly Freightliner, engineers', fuel, aggregate and automotive traffic is also noted. An evening, well 15.30 to 2100, on Nuneaton on 20th February yielded 36 freight workings. The pick of these being the GBRf service into Hams Hall, on this occasion hauled by on-loan EWS 66019 with the following vehicles: 650011/012/038/037/640629/627/601/602/650041/042/021/022/001/002/640619/620/617/618/ 650020/019/013/014. Freightliner class 66618 with the Heavy Haul bogie boxes to Crewe Basford Hall: 502057/058/048/047/046/045/ 015/016/037/038/001/002/035/036/004/003/042/042. Also noted was EWS 66006 with a huge rake of 'Salmon' bogie vehicles loaded with track and sleepers. Many of the vehicles were in such a bad condition they were unidentifiable but the ones noted were: 996550/962/493/535/485/294/965/453/622/649/343/855/202. The W.H.Malcolm service on this date was hauled by 66406 in both directions. The southbound service was travelling at such a rate that none of the vehicles were identified! However, when it returned north it was at a more sedate pace. The vehicles being: 33.68.4909.906/713/905/399/743/402/412/459/398/423. Of the many Freightliner services noted during the stay, the following two are worthy of mentioning due to the fact they contained quite a few of the new flats. Firstly, 66580 with the following: 640051/052/455/456/129/130/071/072/498/497/608132/131/93396/93312/ 608052/011/92638/97734/606010/5018/017/606011/97703.Secondly, 66577 with: 640463/464/175/176/229/230/608237/238/344/356/640480/479/179/180/92614/608017/018/93438/299.

Stock Alterations


08526(OC)-MG, 08685(TO)-TE, 08689(MG)-OC, 08784(TE)-TO, 86212(OY)-EM
MBDL: 37152. SBXL: 43068/084/123. FGXP: 43154/156/194.

08842. 47309. 60037/089. 90037
BH: 37178. 56061. 73138. 84001. 89001. CE: 90037. HM: 37668/689/710/712. IM: 60089.LA: 43122. LE: 43094/154/158. LH: 43093/097/098/138. LM: 43084/103/123. MG: 60037. ST: 47309. WB: 08842. DR-West Yard: 37510. Mossend Yard: 37407.Traffic
08786 -TD, 60034/035/041/044/045/069/082 -IM, 92036 -CE

Booth: 37242
R Hull: 47628. 86256
HNRC: 37100

New Stock
21544/545/546/547 - DL

WLAN EWS Class 21 Euro Cargo Rail Dollands Moor -DL

Diesel Multiple Units


EDGA Northern Rail Cl158 158.752
EDCZ Northern Rail Cl150 Short Term Hire - 150.228/268-277
EDGZ Northern Rail Cl158 Short Term Hire - 158.787

170273 reverts to 2-car formation

New Stock
185108/109 -HQ

Electric Multiple Units

377122/123/126/127/128/129/131/140(BI)-SU, 377402/405/409/414/420/424/432/443(SU)-BI

EDLZ Northern Rail Cl321 Short Term Hire - 321.407

1705. 1805/66. Tonbridge West Yard: 9102/09.

3486/90. 3530. 8202

Sims. 3486/90. 3530
Ecclesbourne Valley Rly: 8202

455809 (77623 + 62717 + 71648 + 77602)
455812 (77595 + 62720 + 71645 + 77626)
455823 (77601 + 62731 + 71659 + 77596)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

BS: 3331/38. 5926/28. 6053. 6103/66. 6802/19/22/26. KI: 3309. 5778. 5863/87. 5935/36/68/93. 6034. 6123. LA: 42302/303/304/305. 44068. LM: 10677. 41184. 42187. NC: 82107/112/118.
OM: 99602/603/604/605/606/607/608/609. WB: 12033. 82121.

12032/046/068/147 -NC, 977860 -SA

9385. 10721. 80458. 977775.

Booth: 10721
Ampthill Metals: 977775 @ZN.
Loughborough Standard Loco Group: 9385 Great Central Rly: 80458.

Plant & Track Machines

07/01 Stoke Gifford
r/r BCL 210
29/01 Bristol West
r/r machine;- BCP 41.
31/01 BCL Rail Services, Newport Docks Depot
Fleet No Builders Details
(BCP) 41 Komatsu PW150ES K35114/04
(BCP) 47 Komatsu PC128US 8308/03
156 Komatsu PW95 21D0007350/98
205 Komatsu PW170 K30150/98
368 Komatsu D41P B30027
650 Thwaites 1-97410/00
698 Komatsu PC128US 8305/03
TRRR0252 Philmor Trailer 2070/00
Philmor Trailer 2199/02 (ex M Rickerby).
BCL Site, Briton Ferry (between A48 and GWML)
Fleet No Builders Details
201 Komatsu PW170 K30295/99
351 Komatsu PW170 K34155/02
715 Komatsu PC128US 8307/03
980 Komatsu D41P 40218.
11/02 Yatton
Ready-power r/r excavators;- FR605/619/620/627/628/650/654. catapiller bulldozer;- 200. Trailer;- FR706. Track panel movers (not in book);- 3124/125/126/127128/129/130/131/132/133/134/135. 4125/126/127/129/130/132/133/134/136/137/138/139.
13/02 Yatton
track machine;- DR73406 west-bound at 12.02.


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