17/01 The Severn Beach line was noted under an engineering possession from Hallen Marsh to the terminus during the early afternoon.
It has been reported that the 4 wheel LPG tanks once a familiar sight on workings from Furzebrook, Dorset up until July last year have all been scrapped at the Marcrofts (EWS) wagon works, Stoke-on-trent.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month included;-

09003 still continues as the area shunting pilot.

Bristol Parkway and Westerleigh

04/01 The newly formed Cotswold-RailHST set with power cars 43070 and 43087 (the later in a new 'Hornby' red with yellow lettering livery) ran 5Z20 Tyseley-Bristol East on what was believed a test working.
05/01 A brief visit this evening saw the NRHST, utilising power cars 43014/062.
09/01 A couple of freights seen this evening starting with 66559 with a ballast train from South Wales for the reading area and 66248 with a loaded MGR form Avonmouth to Didcot. Network-Rail test unit 950001 (DB999600 + DB999601) arrived in the area as 2Z08 from Derby via Kemble and Swindon.
Before stabling at Parkway overnight, the set covered both the Tytherington and Westerleigh branch lines and was believed to be the first working over the former (which is currently again 'mothballed') since the summer of last year requiring a Network-Rail track repair gang to assist in the operation of the level crossing warning lights and barriers at Iron Acton by-pass and Latteridge due to lack of use.
10/01 950001 headed west as 2Z08 06.52 Bristol Parkway-Penzance.
11/01 60080 was over at Westerleigh on the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston.
12/01 As for 9/1, this time two MGR empties, 66243 heading for Portbury and 66067 Avonmouth bound.
16/01 Another two working evening, 66186 with loaded MGR from Avonmouth and 66238 MGR empties for Avonmouth.
17/01 Blue liveried 47840 was noted on a further 6V91 Shoeburyness-Newport docks scrap EMU move passing Coalpit Heath at 16.21 near enough to time having been recorded an hour early at Reading.
The Connex liveried sets were 3530 + 3486 + 3490, the latter two being of particular interest having worked one of the final slam-door passenger service trains, 3490's corridor connecting door appeared to be missing - possibly a souvenir for someone?!
Also seen earlier in the afternoon was 60037 on 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties at 15.58
19/01 The NRHST paid a visit using power cars 43013/062, followed by two empty MGRs, 66135 bound for Portbury and 66176 heading for Avonmouth.
21/01 60100 arrived at Westerleigh on the 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston whilst 60084 + 60093 were paired on the 6B25 11.18 empties to Margam (noted passing Yate at 11.20).
23/01 67005 + 67027 stabled over the weekend with coaching stock used on a railtour from Temple Meads-Carlisle departed as 11.00 to Old Oak Common, whilst Class 60 activity saw two locos at Westerleigh with 60046 on 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston and 60100 which departed with the 6B25 (MO) fuel empties to Robeston.
The most interesting working of the day saw Cotswold-Rail 47813 head a 5Z44 11.45 Reading depot-Landore stock move formed with coach 17173 (acting as a barrier vehicle) + HST power car 43092 (noted passing Pilning at 13.57), having left at 12.25.
The power car is much travelled, having been in store on the West Somerset Railway (and used on passenger duty with a reduced coach formation and 43123 during their May 2005 diesel gala) and moved to Reading during October last by Freightliner Heavy-Haul with three others.
Three MGRs seen this evening, 66211 with empties for Portbury, 66227 with a loaded train from Avonmouth and 66068 with another loaded train, origin unknown.
24/01 Further Class 60 workings saw;- 60024 on 6B13 Westerleigh loaded fuel from Robeston, 60100 on 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel empties and 60084 on 6B11 12.30 (TO) Thorney Mill-Margam stone empties.
26/01 Class 60s in use during the day saw;- 60049 on 6C23 10.30 (TThO) Hayes-East Usk stone empties (Pilning 13.12), 60008 with 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel empties and 60002 on 6B65 09.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ and return 6C41 15.08 Newport ADJ-Westbury departmentals (these trains were formerly 6B66 11.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ and 6C42 17.02 return, retimed and recoded due to the late return time departure affecting shunting of the now more heavily loaded 6M17 16.36 Newport ADJ-Wembley 'enterprise' freight service).
Today's 6C42 was noted passing Pilning at 15.45.
Earlier in the day a Gloucester-Landore HST power car move passed Parkway around 10.00 headed by Cotswold 47813.
Two empty MGR workings this evening, 66053 heading for Portbury and 66187 Avonmouth bound.
28/01 60008 was over at Westerleigh on 6B13.
30/01 MGR working seen this evening was an empty service to Portbury behind 66182, the only other freight seen was the MoD liner with 66227.
31/01 60100 worked 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

28/12 A further diversion due to the engineering blockade at Cogload junction (near Taunton) between Christmas and the New Year (see last months Magazine) was 66025 on the 6S55 09.33 (WO) Burngullow-Irvine china clay slurries routed via Honiton, Yeovil, Castle Cary and Westbury.
01/01 Stabled at Kingsland Road today were 66523/550/552.
06/01 Southbound "Enterprise" service seen at 23.10 behind 66070.
08/01 66098 noted on a northbound coal from Portbury at 21.50
11/01 At 16.10, 66187 noted southbound with a "Network Rail" train.
12/01 Portbury bound empty MGR service seen at 16.10 powered by 66097.
16/01 66227 recorded at 14.30 with a northbound departmental service.
21/01 The returning "Pastime Railtour" to Carlisle over the Settle - Carlisle line noted towards Temple Meads in the late evening top 'n' tailed by 67005 and 67027.
23/01 Southbound MGR seen at 14.40 usually powered by a Class 60, the loco being 60067.
31/01 Portbury bound MGR empties seen at 13.25 behind 66159.
01/01 A dispute and possible strike was averted involving Virgin XC train managers over shift allowances for bank holiday working.
04/01 The 1V29 07.05 Leeds-Plymouth and 1E53 16.25 Plymouth-York has continued as a 'hired in' MMLHST working inplace of a Voyager set.
05/01 A second MMLHST diagram part of which was to cover the week-day 1V47 09.36 Newcastle-Bristol TM and 1E48 14.58 return was to be introduced due to Voyager availability, but was cancelled.
The day saw the launch of Britain's Biggest Book Club (which will run for eighty days) with actors dressed as characters from Jules Verne's 'Around the World in Eighty Days' giving out books and reading extracts to passengers on First/GW services between Swindon and Penzance, via Bristol.
At Temple Meads children from local schools gathered to receive books with a special Wallace & Gromit cover, the film company Aardman Animations, behind these characters being Bristol based. Everyone in the South-West is being encouraged to read the Vernes classic novel; the Brunel 200 organisation having linked in to the event as the book which is set in the Victorian era is during the period in which the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel was to play a major part in it's industrial development.
07/01 Week-end engineering blockades saw the Swindon-Westerleigh junction and lines in the Westbury area closed, with road bus connections between Swindon, Chippenham and Bath.
10/01 The MML HST diagram was noted with power cars 43066 and 43072. Making a second appearance in the area, the Cotswold-Rail HST set was again reported passing through as 5Z43 Tyseley-Laira for an exam. The working was due in Exeter around 17.00, but was reported to be running 120 minutes late.
12/01 Test unit 950001 returned north as 2Z08 04.15 Plymouth-Swindon (via Looe) working via Temple Meads, Severn Beach (11.08-11.13) and Portbury. The set was seen leaving Severn Beach 45 minutes late, due to being behind a local passenger train failure in the Highbridge area. The Cotswold-Rail HST set returned north as 5Z43 Laira-Tyseley with the 'Hornby' red-liveried 43087 leading the train.
16/01 A 'sub-class' debut saw DRS 47501 + 47298 run 0Z47 09.43 Carlisle-Plymouth route learner with a booked Plymouth arrival time of 16.58 the locos were actually running early when recorded passing through Bristol around 13.00 and in Tavistock yard, Plymouth at 15.29!!
DRS are still expected to take over the Keyham/Devonport dockyard nuclear flask traffic in the future.
17/01 The DRS Class 47s, 47298 + 47501 returned north as an 0Z47 Plymouth-Carlisle light-engine move, the booked Bristol time being 12.44-12.47, but they were recorded passing Worle (Weston-super-Mare) at 11.15!!
Class 60 workings during the day included; 60500 on the 6C01/6C02 Newport ADJ-Bristol East Depot and return steel and 60041 on 6Z73 13.26 Portbury-Radcliffe power station loaded coal passing around 14.00. FLHH 47830 ran 0Z47 11.20 Crewe-Kingsland road light-engine ready for an HST power car move the following day.
21/01 Royal 67005 + 67027 were in charge of a Temple Meads-Carlisle and return Pastime Rail excursion.
22/01 66225 worked 6W26 14.23 Newport ADJ-Cogload junction engineers.
23/01 60067 worked 7C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal (Pilning 14.15) and 60001 ran 0C02 Didcot-Bristol East depot light-engine to power the 6C02 14.06 East depot-Newport ADJ steel empties (Pilning 15.08).
66164 was also noted on the afternoon 7C41 Newport ADJ-Westbury engineers.
24/01 60500 was allocated 0Z51 11.17 Newport-Taunton light-engine and 6Z51 14.06 to Newport ADJ but the working was cancelled.
43072 + 43057 worked the 1V29 07.05 Leeds-Plymouth Virgin XC service in place of a Voyager set noted passing Malago at 10.47.
The First/GW sleeper service had been suffering towards the end of the month with loco problems involving Class 57 loco reliability. On this date, with 57603 failed the previous day, an HST set formed the 1A40 Penzance-Paddington up service, 57605 having to fill in on the HST's booked train the 09.04 Penzance-Paddington service with sleeper stock (!), routed via Westbury. This train however, was to fail at Newbury and the rescue loco was 47840!
Meanwhile, Cotswold Rail 47813 had run light-engine as 0Z40 Long Marston-Penzance (having been in the middle of an HST Long Marston-Landore stock move) calling in at St.Phillips Marsh en-route for a fuel top up and another stop earlier at Gloucester (to drop off the Network-Rail power cars 43154 and 43158) and unsuccessfully collect 47828, which was trapped behind other locos and stock! Noted passing Par at 20.31, the light-engine 47813 worked the 1A40 22.00 Penzance-Paddington sleeper overnight departing late as the coaching stock still had to be collected from Long Rock carriage sidings on arrival.
25/01 47813 was noted at Paddington before running 07.45 light-engine to Gloucester. 66031 ran 13.10 Barton Hill-Taunton light-engine returning on the 6Z51 13.55 Taunton-Newport ADJ departmental which had been originally booked to run on 24/01.
26/01 66142 headed the 6C01 09.11 Newport-Bristol East depot steel, returning 0C02 light-engine. HST power cars 43072 and 43057 and a full liveried MMLHST set were still 'on hire' and in use on the 1V29 Leeds-Plymouth Virgin XC service.
30/01 A morning de-railment near Wootton Bassett saw delays and diversions, some trains terminating at Swindon with a road bus service to Chippenham and Bath. The line was back to normal during the following day.
At Yatton, land south of the station has been cleared on the junction area of the former Clevedon branch line track bed (which had closed in October 1966, 40 years ago this year) ready for permanent way activity by Carillion. On the loco side, 60080 was unusual power for the overnight 6C99 22.23 Cardiff Tidal-Burngullow freight service, working the 6C21 (MO) St.Blazey-Penzance fuel tanks the following day.
31/01 60080 returned on the 6B99 02.08 Exeter (Riverside)-Cardiff Tidal overnight freight.

Further information on the two independent drift snowploughs ADB965208 and ADB965240 which arrived at Barton Hill depot during December 2005 is that they both originated from Buxton.


03/01 47316 headed a Bicester-Long Marston stock move formed; 43100 + 41159 + 43080. Additional information on the move in the same direction, reported in the last Magazine for 16/12 was that 47316 + 20096 were in charge (not just 47316 on it's own) with HST power cars 43121 + 43158.
04/01 At 11.30, 20096/905 and 47813/828 were stabled in the Gloucester station area. It has been reported that Cotswold-Rail are to take over the remaining Horton Road sidings area near the road level crossing.
05/01 67015 worked a 6Z83 10.25 Toton-Caerwent condemned stock train formed with former mail/tpo vans; 80370/387/390. 94138/211/216/415/452/493/505/507/513.
This working was originally booked to run during October last year, the coaches having been stored at York. The train ran around in ADJ rather than East Usk.
07/01 DRS 37605 + 37611 were in the area heading a 4Z10 09.22 Swindon-Gloucester-Derby return test train working. Engineering works saw First/GW services diverted by Kemble and the Stroud valley line along with 66559 on 4V60 Calvert-Bath/Barrow road empty refuse containers (Stroud 15.50). The loco was to run-round at Gloucester before continuing onwards to Bristol via Charfield, the train also being routed this way again during the following Saturday, running on a Saturday due to bank holidays over the Christmas and New Year period.
13/01 The Network Rail test-unit 950001 returned north as 2Z08 Swindon-Didcot-Kemble-Swindon-Gloucester-Derby during the day.
18/01 47830, having ran light-engine from Bristol Kingsland road, worked a 5Z51 08.07 Landore-Loughborough stock move formed with power cars 43093 + 43097 + 43098 + 43198. The train was running around 90 minutes late when seen passing Severn Tunnel junction.
25/01 Noted in the Gloucester station area during the day were; 47316/828. HST; 43154/158 along with a Cotswold liveried MkIII buffet coach.
At the end of the month, Gloucester Rugby club announced that it was interested in setting up a new sports facility in the 'railway triangle' area north-east of the station.

Portbury Branchline

10/01 The Washwood Heath car service was noted restarted on this date.
12/01 The Network Rail test unit 950001 visited the branchline during the early afternoon.
14/01 Saturday's coal traffic today included; 6V03 02.25 Toton-Portbury and 6M04 09.54 Portbury-Rugeley with 60026 and 60009 on 6Z52 05.49 Toton-Portbury and 6Z43 13.26 Portbury-Radcliffe all running up to an hour late.
17/01 60041 powered 6Z72 empties and 6Z73 return loaded coal to Radcliffe.
18/01 60041 was again on 6Z42 13.26 loaded coal to Radcliffe.
21/01 66134 was noted at 11.50 on coal empties.
28/01 66118 worked 6F92 09.40 East Usk-Portbury coal empties and 6F78 13.26 return loaded to Uskmouth power station.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month included; 60009/026/041. 66049/118/134/138.

Units noted during the month included



Cardiff Canton (From footbridge)

22/01 A view from the bridge was not possible as it is closed for maintenance for a period of 4/5 weeks, from 16/1/06, and will be again later in the year.
No locos were visible from the road, a Class 175 3-car unit was seen at the dmu depot but could not be identified.
The last visit in Dec 05 saw that track clearance had taken place in front of the former heavy maintenance shed and part of the yard, noted today was that building work was taking place on this area, steel framework erected, for workshops or storage areas?


06/01 60091. 66021/079/083/099/147/148/149/237/238/535
13/01 60050/061. 66029/043/091/125/136/246/578
20/01 60008/078/080. 66002/031/070/091/095/124/205/534
27/01 60010. 66182 at 23.10

Units noted during the month



4V60/4M60 Calvert - Avon Binliner
07/01 66559. 13/01 66552. 18/01 66523.


6M33 Avonmouth - Wembley 'Enterprise'
17/01 67005 + 67027. 18/01 67005 + 67027. 20/01 66097.
23/01 67025. 24/01 67005 + 67025. 25/01 67005 + 67025.
27/01 67005 + 67025.

Stock Alterations


08587(TO)-MG, 08737(TO)-BS, 08888(TO)-TE, 08941(TO)-MG

08580/696/770/921. 09001/202. 43067. 47303. 60005/020/023/028/031/035
60038/051/055/064/60068/069/073/076/077/094/099. 87002/026. 90021/024/030.
BH: 47744. 87006. BS: 08580. CB: 47303. CE: 90021/024/030. DC: 08953. 09202. IM: 60007/031/064/077/082/087/099. LH: 37698. LM: 43065/067/090/100/121/154/158. LO: 08696. MG: 08770. TD: 08921. TE: 60005/051/094. TO: 60020/023/028/035/038/055/60068/069/073/076/086. WB: 87002/026. YK: 87001.

08480* -TO, 08721 -LO, 08994 -TO, 66047/215** -TO, 87022/028 -WB

HNRC: 08601/817 @Bryn Eng, Wigan, 08932 @CD.
Ron Hull: 31417/558. 56066
Booths: 37162. 47241. 56121.

The above have been cut up.

Private Purchase: 37152 (@CS). 56057 - sale cancelled.

Other Changes
Locos operating with name, and number?
*08480 - Toton No:1 08701 - Tyne 100 08824 - EMD 01

Pool Code
WBEN EWS Cl66 European - **66215

Diesel Multiple Units

158: 812 (52737 + 58712 + 57812) 972 (52772 + 57772)
159: 001/017 - now correctly formed.

222006 -CZ

New Stock
185106/107 -HQ

Pool Codes
EDAA Northern HDS 142001/003-005/007/009/011-040/050
EDAB Northern LDS 142060-068/070/071/078/079/084-096
EDAC Northern 142041-049/051-058 (Merseyrail)
EDBA Northern 144001-013
EDBB Northern 144014-023
EDCA Northern 150133-142
EDBB Northern 150201/203/205/207/211/215/218/222-225/228/268-277
EDDA Northern 153301/304/307/315-317/319/324/328/330-332/351/352/357-360/363/368
EDEA Northern 155341-347
EDFA Northern 156420/421/423-429/438/440/441/443/444/448/451/452/454
EDGA Northern 158753-759/787
EDGB Northern 158901-910 (WYPTE)
HLCH Arriva TW 175001-011/101-116

Electric Multiple Units

377125/134(BI)-SU, 407/437(SU)-BI

SS: 3486/90. 3530

(S): Cars from 3411/15. 3545/65

Sims: 3411(623242. 76250/251), 3415 (62462. 70795. 76258/259), 3545 (62121. 71122. 76876), 3565 (62134. 71123)
NRM: Car 76876 (3545)

455824 (77593 + 62732 + 71660 + 77624)
455918 (77847 + 71732 + 62843 + 77848)
325: Motor coaches removed from 001-004/007-009/011-013 now 3 car units & loco hauled.

Pool Codes
EDLA Northern 321407/901-903
EDMA Northern 323223-229
EDNA Northern 333001-016

Coaching & NPCC Stock

3309/38/75/88. 3414/24. 5778. 5863/87. 5935/36/68/93. 6034. 6123. 6801/03/10/12/14/15/18.
LH: 44062. LM: 10235. 11029/033 17173. 40402/419/807. 41081/108/119/148/159/169. 42246/247/248/249/294/320/321. 44021/028/088/091. 82108/111/113/115/116/134/138/144/148.
ML: 94308/323. 94495/498/504/522/525/530. Mossend: 94406/534. PC: 12004/032/036/046/092/100/128/139/147/172. TO: 3309/38/75/88. 3414/24. 5778. 5863/87. 5935/3668/93. 6034. 6123. 6801/03/10/12/14/15/18.
WB: 10202/212/217. 11027/028/036/048/064/079/083. 12043/053/054/063/078/117/119/133/138/161. 82101/118/126/140.

1657 -DF, 3279 -OM, 3313/26 /50/52-DF, 3358 -OM, 3392. 3431 -DF, 5954/59 -OM, 6313 -SL, 6378/79 -WN.

Booth: 10646
JTLand: 80370/387/390. 94211/216. 94415/452/497/505/507/517.
Nene Valley: 80337. 80456. West Somerset: 94148. 94442.

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