Daytime booked coal working departures to Didcot for w/e 29/10 were as follows;- 06.49 (WX), 08.12 (FX), 11.12 (TX), 12.46 (WX), 18.53 (FX), 06.31 (SO).
Work was due to start on removing the former rail served LPG storage tanks in Royal Edward dock following the end of the service from Furzebrook in July. Also at the Terras (former ICI) works, at Seabank, some sidings are being removed for scrap, the spur to the Severn Beach line still remains although disconnected.
09003 has remained the local area pilot.

Bristol Parkway and Westerleigh

01/10 Hertfordshire Railtours 'Thames Rhymney' (1Z59 Finsbury Park-Cymbargoed and 1Z60 15.40 return to Highbury & Islington via Machen) was worked by 66134, with 66006 helping in top n'tail formation over the branches. The coaching stock formation in use was reported as;- 2834, 3149, 3097, 1696, 3120, 3119, 1680, 3147, 5023, 1832, 4925, 5007, 35469.
03/10 Class 60 activity during the day included 60080 on 6B25 11.18 (MO) Westerleigh-Robeston fuel tank empties and 60062 on 6B13 05.33 Robeston-Westerleigh fuel tanks running some 4 hours late. Freightliner loco noted included;- 66620 on 6Z55 11.36 Swindon-Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties and 66507 which worked the 6Y36 12.00 Reading yard-Margam departmental. Also noted were 66022 with empty HAAs bound for Portbury, 66076 with a loaded MGR from Avonmouth to Didcot, and 66233 with a loaded MGR from Portbury bound for the Midlands.
06/10 Withdrawn EMU stock continues to be recorded with 66715 hauling the first 6V91 (MX) 10.40 Shoeburyness-Newport docks of the month formed with sets 3564 + 3487 + 3449.
10/10 Freightliner Heavy-Haul 47150 worked a 5Z56 15.37 Reading-St.Phillips Marsh formed with two barrier vans being noted passing Filton Abbey Wood at 17.33. 66219 headed an empty MGR for Avonmouth and 66620 with the ballast train from S Wales again plus the stop for a crew change.
11/10 60058 was on a late running 15.00 Robeston-Theale loaded fuel tank train.
13/10 60091 worked 6C23 10.29 (TThO) Hayes-Newport East Usk stone empties. An extended stay this evening saw seven freights this evening, 66110 with a loaded MGR from Portbury, and two rakes of empty HAAs in the reverse direction headed by 66161 and 66092 respectively. There were also two loaded MGRs from Avonmouth to Didcot, motive power being 66069 and 66219, and in between the MGRs were 66606 working the Reading "concrete sleeper" train and 66090 with the MoD liner.
14/10 A trial loading on 6B16 23.01 Robeston-Werterleigh saw 30 bogie TEA tanks conveyed to over 3000 tons and powered by 60036 + 60085. The return empties ran as 6B28 11.18 Westerleigh-Robeston the following day powered by the same two locos.
15/10 Observations during the day saw;- 60080 on 6C23 12.41 Hayes-East Usk empty stone and 60037 run via Reading West curve (due to engineering works between Bath and Bristol) on 6B80 07.30 Westbury-Machen stone empties. 67015 was on a 1Z82 09.07 Victoria-Worcester dinning trip.
17/10 A further First/GWHST power car move saw 47830 haul 5Z52 08.22 Bicester-Landore formed with 43084 + 43098 + 43097 + 43068 passing Parkway at 10.20. 66712 was on a further 6V91 Shoeburyness-Newport docks scrap EMU move formed with sets 3521 + 3544 + 3570. Corus silver 60033 was over at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty and Load-haul liveried 60007 worked the 6B33 (TFO) 13.30 Theale-Robeston fuel tanks. Another busy evening with six freights, 66522 with the ballast from South Wales, 66041 working MGR empties to Avonmouth, 66099 with empty HAAs for Portbury. 66712 light engine eastbound, followed by 66510 with the "concrete sleepers" and finally a second rake of empty HAAs for Portbury behind 66093.
20/10 One working to report this evening, 60064 seen on a diverted steel working due to the derailment near Cheltenham.
24/10 Three workings to report this evening starting with 66072 which arrived in the down loop with ballast hoppers then departed whence it came. Working was top 'n' tail only this loco identified. 66614 was next up with ballast, stopped for a crew change before proceeding eastbound and finally 66079 with MGR empties for Avonmouth.
25/10 What was reported to be the final 09.14 Ramsgate-Caerwent condemned EMU move (coded as 6Z77) was formed with 3547 + 3471 + 3450 and headed by GBRf 66702. The train, although bound for Caerwent saw the loco run-round at Newport Alexandra dock junction instead of the more regular East Usk yard for this destination.
27/10 Following use on Serco test trains in the London area, 37419 was returned 'dit' on the overnight 6V10 22.46 Wembley-Newport ADJ freight. 60043 worked the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers. Similar to 24/10, starting with 66169 working a late running ADJ - Wembley Enterprise service, 66147 noted heading to Portbury with an empty rake of HAAs and 66019 worked a loaded MGR from Avonmouth to Didcot. The NRHST put in an appearance utilising power cars 43013/154.
28/10 66707 worked another 6V91 scrap stock move formed with withdrawn EMU set 3425 + odd coaches 70791 (3411)+ 62327,70940,76507 (3485) + 62251,71009,76665 (3489) + 76903 (3548).
31/10 Five workings recorded this evening starting with 66546 working the Reading bound ballast service, this was followed by 66230 with the ADJ - Wembley Enterprise running late again. 66185 headed towards Avonmouth with MGR empties and 66084 worked a loaded service to Didcot and sandwiched in between was 66615 running light engine towards Bristol. Over at Westerleigh 60037 was on the 6B13 loaded fuel ex. Robeston and 60100 departed on 6B25 empties to Robeston.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

01/10 Two railtours during the day were;- 47316 + 47714 paired on a Heartlands Tours 1Z61 06.00 Codsall-Penzance and 1Z62 15.50 return (out and back via the Severn Tunnel) using coaching stock;- 12150, 12129, 12077, 10235, 11029, 11033, 11013, 17173 being noted passing near Uphill junction (near Weston-super-Mare) at 10.07 and 50031 + 50049 on Pastime Rail's 'Devonshire Riviera Express' (1Z29 06.10 Northampton-Kingswear and 1Z30 16.15 return ) which on arrival at Temple Meads saw steam 60009 Union of South Africa take over. The coaching stock used on the latter tour was;- 5322, 5009, 3098, 3107, 1692, 3112, 3122, (3069), 1683, (3068), (3066), 17056. The outward 1Z29 at one stage was reported as running 50 minutes late at Watford junction but arrival in Bristol was not far off correct time, the Class 50s then running 0Z29 09.57 Temple Meads-Kingswear light-engine, passing Uphill junction at 10.35, the steam hauled train later following at 10.53. The steam loco remained on the Dartmouth line with the Class 50s returning the train home later in the day via Westbury. Three engineers trains, to an occupation between Bristol and Bath were;- 6W03 07.26 Westbury-North Somerset junction, 6W04 08.15 Westbury-North Somerset junction and 6W05 10.14 Westbury-North Somerset junction. All running via Taunton (reverse or run-round), the former was headed by 66076 with the second train top n'tailed by 60058 and 60062 (noted near Uphill junction at 10.54). The loco(s) on the third working were unidentified.
03/10 60019 was on the 6C01 09.11 Newport Alexandra dock junction Bristol East depot steel (and 6C02 14.06 return). The Barton Hill water cannon, top n'tailed with Class 67 locos was seen in Temple Meads during the day.
05/10 A 'Thunderbird' Class 57 loco was booked to run light as 0Z57 10.23 Oxley-Exeter St. Davids (via Bath) to take part in a 'trial' Dawlish sea wall rescue exercise. 59001 was unusual power on the 6B84 12.47 Westbury-Machen ballast empties.
07/10 57306 with Voyager set 220016 carried out the rescue move on the sea wall at Dawlish between 23.25 and 00.40. Two top n'tail test working recorded in the area were;- 31106 + 31233 on 4Z07 19.00 Old Oak Common-St. Phillips Marsh and 37606 + 37610 with 4Z10 21.45 St. Phillips Marsh-Taunton-St. Phillips Marsh (with booked Worle junction passing times at 22.31 and 00.39).
09/10 Continuing weekend engineering work between Bristol and Bath saw a number of Class 60 hauled PW trains in Bath station area.
10/10 47150 powered 5Z54 07.03 St. Phillips Marsh-Minehead formed with two barrier vans and return 5Z55 10.26 Minehead-Landore (leaving 9 minutes early) with HST power cars 43094+43155+43198 via Bath.
12/10 Steam 45231 3rd (Volunteer) Battalion The Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment made it's local area mainline debut working Steam Dreams 'Cathedrals Express' (08.53 Victoria-Bath/Bristol and 16.44 return). Another additional passenger working was 67013 on 1V80 09.44 Victoria-Bristol TM VSOE and 1O92 16.04 return. Due to problems with points between Swindon and Westerleigh Junction, trains were diverted via Bath including First/GW passenger services at least one being reported as running 45 minutes late at Parkway. On the freight side the following were noted;- 60058 on 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tanks running on a not regular day due to a late running outward working the previous day, 66069 with 4D12 13.09 Didcot-Avonmouth empty coal HTAs (16.42) and 67012 on the 6M33 16.23 Avonmouth-Wembley freight (16.54). Also recorded was un-diverted 60037 on 6B79 15.12 Westbury-Tower stone empties.
13/10 37405 became the second Class member to work the 6C01 09.11 Newport ADj-Bristol East depot (and 6C02 14.06 return) steel service, the empties returning early around 12.00. 37411 became the first Class 37 to work this train on 16/05.
14/10 Mainline-blue liveried 60078 worked the East Depot steel, which had originated at Bescot and ran via Bristol Parkway (noted passing here 14.30).
15/10 A Network-Rail DMU set ran 2Z02 09.12 Derby-Exeter visiting loops at Charfield and Yatton en route. The set returned via Yeovil, Castle Cary and Westbury to Didcot three days later. FLHH's 47830 was noted stabled in Kingsland Road yard. Some Franchise news says the Strategic Rail Authority is to cut the number of Bristol-Penzance services so the route can be improved for First/GW services in 2006. Local Cardiff-Bristol and Cardiff-Weymouth trains are expected to be increased along with extra passenger capacity. First Group have tendered to run the new Great Western franchise in 2007.
16/10 A view of Barton Hill depot at 16.30 found;- 08516. 67025/028 (on water cannon. see note below). Fertis loco;- 56104. Stored locos;- 37077/(377)/379/696. C/Stock;- 94190. Kingsland Road sidings;- 47830. 66562.
17/10 The Barton Hill water cannon (formed with FEAF wagons 642032 + 642033) with locos 67025 and 67028 in top n'tail formation has been booked to work 6Z21 22.10 Barton Hill-Reading (via Castle Cary reverse) and 6Z24 04.15 Reading-Barton Hill (06.45). First/GW train dispatcher and platform assistant Wayne Spence, aged 45 has received a customer service award from his employer, following on from being awarded Frontline Rail Personality of the Year at the National Rail Awards three years ago. He was nominated by customers for his assistance and professionalism towards his job.
19/10 Certainly a most unexpected appearance was that of 47840 (on loan to First/GW from Riviera Trains) piloting 57602 on 1C99 23.50 Paddington-Penzance First/GW sleeper services in the early hours. The Class 47 returned on the 1A40 22.00 Penzance-Paddington sleeper having swapped with 57605 which had worked in on this train and worked the 1C99 onwards to the West Country.
20/10 60078 worked the 6B66 11.15 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental.
22/10 Pathfinder's 'Growling Grockle' (1Z37 19.42 Fri. York-Penzance and 1Z37 09.45 Penzance-York via Barnstaple) booked to feature two EWS Class 37s has been put back to 01/04/06 due to operating costs with loco hire. EWS are expected to still have a small pool of Class 37s by this date, the trip having originally been planned to run as a Class farewell.
27/10 60003 was on the 6C01/6C02 East depot steel, the return being noted conveying two wagons carrying steel slab which had presumably been sent to Bristol in error. Later, 66614 worked 6Z39 12.25 Jersey Marine-Newton Abbot Hackney yard loaded stone being held in Pilning loop between 16.15-16.55! The train was then allowed to go onto the mainline in front of the 15.30 Swansea-Paddington First/GWHST!! Both trains seemed to come to a stand before the Patchway tunnels at Cattybrook, assumed due to a speed restriction.
31/10 Silver/Corus 60033 worked the 6C01/6C02 Bristol East depot steel.


18/10 At 05.30 a wagon in the formation of the 6V19 18.04 Immingham-Margam freight service headed by 60018 + 66221 became de-railed and damaged 5 miles of track north of Barnwood. Initially there were diversions via Hereford, along with some freight cancellations before single line working was introduced. Double track operations were not back to normal until around a week later.
27/10 A 6Z83 10.25 Toton-Caerwent allocated for 67030 was cancelled. The train's formation was redundant TPO and mail vans for scrapping, the coaches having previously been stored at York.
Although no further developments have taken place at Sharpness, it is reported that Class 66 locos will not be allowed over the branch line from Berkely Road junction due to track condition suggesting it could be a Cotswold Class 47 operation who are using Gloucester yard at present.

Portbury Branchline

03/10 66050 worked the 6X52 14.11 Portbury-Washwood Heath loaded cars.
11/10 60064 was unusually employed on the 6V22 19.51 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties being noted passing Ashchurch at 22.02.
Daytime booked coal departures for w/e 29/10 were as follows;-
Rugeley 09.20 (M-F), 05.54, 09.54 (both SO). Ironbridge 13.26 (SO).
The 6X52 car service was reported as running M,T,Th,FO and is expected to return to it's original 16.30 departure time during November.

Severn Beach Branchline

A plan is under consideration to turn this branch line into a special guided road bus route. Track would be replaced by a concrete running surface with channels. The multi-million plan could possibly solve some of the city's transport problems if built, although the use of part of the branch as a diversionary route to long distance passenger and freight services, such as in June 2004 for the Filton junction remodelling, would be lost forever.


03/10 The town's traffic problems were eased with the opening of a new road over bridge replacing a rail level crossing at Silk Mills to the west of the town's station. The 14.5 million project which had been proposed several years ago was officially opened in a ceremony by a local hospital raffle winner driving a vintage car. The bridge was fully open to road traffic during the following weekend. The sidings at nearby Fairwater's yard, are to be developed by Network Rail as a track relaying train base for Freightliner Heavy-Haul during 2006. A loco stabling point is also expected to form part of the site.
Units noted during the month included



01/10 37411/419/425 worked most of the Saturday services on the Rhymney line.
03/10 37411 hauled 2V07 06:59 Rhymney-Radyr and 2R46 17:48 Cardiff-Rhymney, 37425 2F05 07:20 Rhymney-Cardiff and 2R42 17:11 return, 37419 2F06 07:39 Rhymney-Cardiff and 2R38 16:50 return. 37405 worked 0T29 08:25 Godfrey Road-Margam and 6T29 10:30 Margam-Newport ADJ.
04/10 37425 did 2R38, 37411 2R42 and 37419 2R46.
05/10 37405 was on 2R38, 37419 2R42 and 37425 2R46.
06/10 37419 hauled 2V07, 37425 2F05 and 37405 2F06.
07/10 37419 worked 2V07 & 2R42, 37405 2F05 & 2R38, 37425 2F06 & 2R46.
08/10 37405/419/425 operated the Rhymney Saturday services.
10/10 37419 hauled 2V07 & 2R38, 37425 2F05 & 2R46, 37405 2F06 & 2R42. 37411 worked 6M75 19:25 Newport ADJ-Warrington Arpley and 6V71 01:02 return.
11/10 37405 did 2F05 and 37419 2F06. Both locos then worked 0F85 light engine Canton-Margam. 37425 hauled 2P46 13:07 Rhymney-Cardiff.
12/10 37419 worked 2V07 & 2R46, then 2Y94 20:30 Rhymney-Barry Island. 37425 did 2F05 & 2R38 and 37405 2F06. 37411 hauled 2R42 and was then attached to the rear of 2Y94 and worked 2R66 21:56 Barry Island-Rhymney! 37405 operated 7M82 20:00 Newport ADJ-Basford Hall and 7V82 02:10 return.
13/10 37411 did 2V07 & 2R42, 37419 2F05 & 2R38, 37425 2F06 & 2R46. 37405 worked 6C01 09:11 ASJ-Bristol steel depot and 6C02 14:06 return.
14/10 37411 was on 2V07 & 2R42, 37425 2F05 & 2R46, 37419 2F06 & 2R38.
15/10 37411/419 were on Saturday Rhymney workings. The other diagram was covered by a twin unit.
17/10 37411 did 2F05 & 2R38, 37419 2F06, then 6T29 13:13 Swansea-ADJ and finally 2R62 21:05 Cardiff-Rhymney. 66092 hauled 37405 d.i.t. on 6V02 14:50 Bescot-Margam.
18/10 37419 worked 2F05, 37411 2F06, then 6B84 Tidal Sidings-ADJ, followed by 2R42, 37425 0F84 Margam-canton followed by 2R38, 37405 2R46.
19/10 37411 hauled 2V07 & 2R38, 37405 2F05 & 2R46, 37425 2F06 & 2R42.
20/10 37425 did 2V07 & 2R38, 37405 2F05, 37411 2F06, 37419 2R42 .
21/10 37411 was on 2V07, 37405 2F05, 37425 2F06. 37405/419/425 worked 0F85 10:00 Canton-Margam.
22/10 37405/411/425 were on the Rhymney Saturday diagrams.
24/10 37411 hauled 2V07 & 2R42, 37425 2F05 & 2R38, 37405 2R46.
25/10 66167 had 37419 d.i.t. on 6M17 16:36 Newport ADJ-Wembley Yard.
26/10 37405 operated 2V07 & 2R38, 37411 2F05, 37425 2F06 & 2R42.
27/10 37405 did 2R38 and 37425 2R42. 37411 was at Margam so a unit covered 2R46. 66220 hauled 37419 d.i.t. on 6V10 22:46 Wembley-ADJ.
29/10 37405/425 were working Saturday services on the Rhymney line.

Cardiff Canton (viewed from footbridge)

16/10 08651/792/955


01/10 66134 worked 1Z59 08:17 Finsbury Park-Cwmbargoed Hertfordshire Rail Tours charter via Machen Quarry. 66006 was attached to the rear at Newport.
06/10 66715 hauled EMUs 3449/87, 3565 as 6V91 10:40 Shoeburyness-Newport Docks for scrapping.
07/10 37411. 60013/019/025/059/060/076/080. 66038/095/115/175/176/178
08/10 60063/079 were on the 6V36 Lackenby-Llanwern slab train.
14/10 60060/078/091/096. 66060/080/095/181/202/206/568
17/10 66712 operated 6V91 with EMUs 3474, 3521/44.
21/10 09018. 60033/088. 66045/146/226/241/243/568
25/10 66702 worked 6Z77 09:14 Ramsgate-Caerwent with EMUs 3450/71, 3547 for scrapping.
28/10 60025/038/047/048/063/080/090. 66025/146/219/220/226/241

Units noted during the month


4V60/4M60 Calvert - Avon Binliner
03/10 66562. 25/10 66601. 31/10 66562.


6M33 16.22 (sx) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise'
06/10 67012 + 56115. 12/12 67012. 18/10 67012 + 56104. 20/10 67020. 28/10 67005.


SW Steam Co., Steam Locomotive Engineers, Easton, near Weymouth (07/09/05).
A correction and additional information to this report is as follows;-
The Island of Portland, not Portland Bill should form part of address.
The unidentified red liveried 0-4-0ST Albert is AB 2248/48 from the East Kent Light Railway, Shepardswell. The sentinel loco is confirmed as formerly 'Cunarder'(?) 4wVBT S6515/26, now '2F' No. 47160 of the Swanage railway.


The former rail served Royal Ordnance Factory at Puriton, which boasted a standard and narrow gauge rail system is set to close completely in 2007. A standard gauge branch line was built from the Bristol-Taunton mainline at Huntspill being opened in 1940. The line due to the nature of goods conveyed, often ammunition and explosives, did not appear on any area Ordnance Survey maps until the late 1980s, despite being seen by hundreds of motorists who whilst travelling on the M5 which passes under it! The line was closed at the end of 1990 and the track lifted by the mid nineties. The two Andrew Barclays standard gauge locos moved to the West Somerset Railway in May 1994. The factory currently has 130 employees. Another closure in the area earlier this year was the Bridgwater Cellophane factory which had been the home of Class 03 No. D2133 from July 1969 to July 1996. The sidings for the works were opened in 1937 when over 3,000 people were employed. Changes and new cleaner production methods during mid 1994 required no further rail oil deliveries and the sidings were lifted the following year mainly for use in preservation on the Avon Valley and West Somerset Railways. With D2133 also going into preservation on the West Somerset Railway, the works continued running until May 2005 with 250 employees operated by Innovia Films.

Brunel 200
A steel sculpture is to be positioned outside Temple Meads station as part of the Isambard Kingdom Brunel 200th birthday celebrations, featuring the Victorian engineer. Brunel 200, the organisation running the event is putting 180,000 towards art projects, and has over 2 million for events next April. Local artist Steve Joyce is in charge of the Temple Meads art project with the help of St. Werburgh's based disabled group Art and Power. Once in position, the sculpture will only be visible to train passengers and from the platforms.

French Class 56s
The following is a summary of the locos treated here for the Fertis, French overseas rail building contract, which totalled 11;- The arrival date at the depot is followed by the locos departure date for France.
56049 30/12/04 - 23/05/05.
56051 14/01/05 - 23/05/05.
56065 30/12/04 - 23/05/05.
56071 31/05/05 (via 6V53) - 23/08/05 (via 6M33).
56081 03/03/05 - 28/06/05 (via 6M33).
56090 07/04/04 (tripped from East Usk) - 02/10/04.
56094 31/05/05 (via 6V53) - 18/07/05 (via 6M33).
56104 17/08/05 (via 6V53) - 18/10/05 (via 6M33).
56115 17/08/05 (via 6V53) - 06/10/05 (via 6M33).
56117 07/04/04 (tripped from East Usk) - 16/09/04.
56119 07/04/04 (tripped from East Usk) - 16/09/04.
Notes;- The conveying freight services were;- 6V53 03.34 Wembley yard-Avonmouth PBA and 6M33 16.23 (SX) Avonmouth-Wembley yard.

The station has undergone refurbishment with new platform signage, repainting of the footbridge and re-glazing of the upside platform waiting shelter. However local engineering company Dean & Dyball who had set up portakabin offices and a storage yard compound on the upside moved their operation from the upside area to Avonmouth during August. This station, which remains underused, still only sees an up morning and mid afternoon down stopping service (the latter not on Saturdays) each day excluding Sundays.

Road Movement
05/10 Steam 35005 northbound M5, Avonmouth road river bridge ex. WSR, on low-loader at 16.05.

A new cement freight-flow to Moorswater, in Cornwall is expected to commence after Christmas. This will be additional to the current twice weekly FLHH operation from Hope Sidings. The freight operator for this new flow is unknown at present.

Stock Alterations


09013(OC)-MG, 47818(NC)-MM, 47840(LA)-OO
DFGM: 66516. DFHG: 66550/551/556/558/951.
DFIM: 66539/543/569/576/577/578. DFNR: 66559,
DFRT: 66527. GBCM: 66713/714/715.

08698/742/786/886. 09203. 43069/086. 47150/197. 57003/004. 60086. 86218/235/246. BS: 08742. CB: 47150/197. CE: 09203. CS: 33025/029/030/207. EH: 56115. IM: 60086. KM: 37023/051/688. LE: 43093. LH: 33008. 43196. LM: 37010/170. MG: 08900. ML: 08698/886. NC: 86218/235/246. NL: 43069/086. OY: 87003/004. PM: 43123. RG: 43094/135/198. WB: 08786. WN: 87001/031. Coatbridge FLT: 57003/004.

08482 -TD, 08798 -ML, 08844 -BS, 08888/909 -TO, 08913 -ML, 08941 -TO, 09020 -MG, 60002/004/007/007/011/014/019/021/023/024/026/032/037/038/041/043/048/051/055/058/060/062/064/068/073/076/084/087/088/092/093/095/096/097/100 -IM, 73136 -SL, 86604 -FE, 87002 -WB.

Booths: 37071/074/230/797/905. 47762. 56044/063/131. 86426/430.
HNRC: 08541/542/628 @Kingsbury, 08932. 37220/667/903. 47188213/756/779. 56128
JT Land: 87005.
Thomson: 08534/655/675/740/768/806/867/906. 37100. 47474/519/757.
Vale of Glamorgan: 08481. 47768. Battlefield: 08825. East Kent: 09025.
West Somerset: 33057. Peak Rail: 37131. Chasewater: 37219.
West Coast: 37248. Weardale: 37414. Eden Valley: 37897.
FM Rail: 56011/021. Crewe Heritage Centre: 87035.
Private: 08880. 56040/098

Diesel Multiple Units


222002 -CZ.

Electric Multiple Units


377157 -BI.

1698. 3412/49/53/87/96. 3500/62/64/86/87/90. Car 71731

JT Land: 3453. 3562
IMRFT: 1698
Sims(Npt): 3412/49/87/96. 3500/65/86/87/90.
??: Car 71731 @ZG

Coaching & NPCC Stock

14007 -NY, 40807/810. 41081/119/187/189. 42084/085/086/087/246/247/248/249/309. 44069/078 -MM.

40809. 41096/161. 42115/178/318/319/336/338. 44042/060/062/
BH: 3313/26/50/52/92. 3431. LM: 10237. 12065/100. 82106/107/109/112/120/132.
MM: 10538/539/555/559/649/658/697/710/732. NC: 1214/15/18/19. 3279. 5954/59. 6821/24. 11089. TO: 80370/387/390. 94138/211/216. 94415/452/478/493/505/507/513. ZD: 12010/067.

5922/24 6110-OM 11086 12101/121/122/145/150/164/165. 82105/127/136-NC.

West Coast: 96110/135.

12416 - 11298, 12532 - 11299, 40422 - 40900.

Pool Codes

WRZN EWS Class 08 Hire SR London North 08482
XHBS DRS Blue Star MW Fitted 37029/194/229
XHIM DRS Intermodal Traffic 66401 - 66410 inc
XHKM DRS Kingmoor 47237/298/501/802
XHNC DRS Nuclear Traffic 20306/307/309/310. 37059/087/605-612
XHNR DRS Network Rail Traffic 20301/305/308/311-315. 37069/218/259/602.

Correction to the November 2005 Magazine;-
24/09 47813 was not named 'Research Endeavor' at Temple Meads as stated on this date. The name was merely the winning entry for a competition organised by the Meningitis Foundation who received profits from the Heartland Railtours organised trip the loco was hauling with 47316. The locos were reversed via the St.Phillips Marsh loop before leaving Temple Meads due to problems with 47 316 leading the train. 47813 was in fact named John Peel after the late Radio 1 DJ (who sadly died last year) at Bury St.Edmunds on 08/10.

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