08/08 The Wembley 'enterprise' freight locos 67018 + 67030 worked a single 'crippled' loaded HAA coal hopper to Newport ADJ, being noted passing Filton at 11.44.
23/08 67016 + 67024 + 56071 arrived at 15.26 from Barton Hill depot to form the 6M33 16.23 'enterprise' freight to Wembley. Surprisingly, the Class 56 was started up and ran-round the two Class 67 train locos with much white exhaust! The train, with the three locos leading was later seen passing Brentry at 16.17.
27/08 For an engineering occupation in the Charlton tunnel area, four afternoon engineers trains were booked to run from Westbury to Hallen Marsh via Clifton Down. However, one working did run via Filton Abbey Wood and two were recorded headed by newly named 66139 Paul Melleney (in a very clean condition with silver buffers) on a single crane (as 7W30) followed by 66172 on a second working.
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month included;- 66054/115 and 09013 remained the local area pilot.

Bristol Parkway

01/08 Two freight workings this evening, both worked by Freightliner locos originating in South Wales and headed eastbound. First up was 66536 with a train of concrete sleepers followed by 66617 with a ballast train. 
02/08 60001 was over at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty.
04/08 Solitary freight recorded this evening, 66218 with empty MGR for Portbury.
07/08 For the football Charity Shield Cup final between Chelsea and Arsenal, two loco-hauled 'extras' were operated via Parkway by Riviera Trains these being; 08.10 Kensington Olympia-Cardiff Central (and 19.15 return) top n'tailed by 47812 and 47853 (with 47847 and 47853 being used on the return) and 1Z69 10.35 Kensington Olympia-Cardiff Central (and 1Z70 18.34 return) which was worked by 50031 + 50049. 
08/08 Three freights this evening, 66173 with MGR empties heading for Portbury, 66029 with empty MGR from Didcot to Avonmouth and 66617 with ballast.
09/08 GBRf 66704 was on a further 6V91 10.40 Shoeburyness-Newport docks scrap EMU move with emu sets 3588 (in Connex livery) + 3470 (also Connex livery and as a six coach set with SWT's liveried 71130 + 62472 included in it's formation). The train took three hours to travel between Reading and Pilning due to a 'hot' axle box problem. Also recorded was silver Corus liviered 60033 on the 6B33 13.30 (TFO) Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers.
10/08 60033 was again in the area, over at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty. The same loco was again present here two days later.
11/08 Another reasonable evening with three freights, 66052 empty MGR bound for Portbury, 66200 empty MGR heading for Avonmouth and 66523 with a concrete sleeper train. Also putting in an appearance was the NRHST utilising power cars 43067/154.
12/08 60088 was on the 6B33 Theale tanks.
13/08 31105 and 31106 top n'tailed a 4Z08 Derby-St.Phillips Marsh test train.
14/08 Three workings to report this evening, firstly 66062 with loaded HAAs from Avonmouth, 66056 with empty MGR bound for Portbury and 66052 with a loaded MGR from Portbury.
15/08 Two Class 60 workings in the area were; 60001 on 6B11 12.30 (TO) 12.30 Thorney Mill-Margam empty wagons and 60056 over at Westerleigh on the 6B47 20.15 (MTThO) Murco fuel empties to Robeston. Also recorded was 66 608 on 6V20 Hope sidings-Moorswater loaded cement.
17/08 60001 was again recorded over at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty.
18/08 66706 worked 6V91 10.40 Shoeburyness-Newport docks formed with scrap emu sets 3448 + 3497 + 3491.
21/08 Evening observations saw; 66107 on a down departmental formed of empty wagons and 66 163 on the diverted 6E47 14.46 Newport Docks-Tees yard steel empties, running this way due to PW work on the Chepstow mainline.
22/08 Five workings to report this evening starting with 66115 working a loaded MGR from Avonmouth to Didcot, followed by the 66139 with a loaded MGR from Portbury, 66008 worked the MoD liner, 66049 with empty MGR for Avonmouth and 66507 with concrete sleepers bound for Reading. FM Rail's 31106 and 31233 ( in Network-Rail yellow) top n'tailed a 4Z07 Derby-St.Phillips Marsh Serco test train, passing Filton Abbey Wood, nearly an hour early at 14.50.
25/08 Another good evening with 5 workings recorded, first up was 66129 with MGR empties for Portbury, 66242 with a loaded MGR from Avonmouth, 66536 with the concrete sleepers for Reading and 66608 powering the Moorswater - Earles sidings cement empties. The NRHST put in a customary appearance utilising power cars 43013/067.
30/08 The Metro-Cammell Network-Rail Class 101 yellow departmental unit passed at 11.28 as 4Z08 10.45 St.Phillips Marsh-Derby. 

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

04/08 66519 replaced 66527 on the Avon area refuse container train (4V60 10.55 Calvert-Barrow Road RTS).
05/08 The NMT yellow HST was recorded in the station at 17.45 formed with power cars 43067 + 43154 and intermediate coaches; 975814 + 977994 + 977993 + 975984 + 99550 + 977984. Coach 977993 was noted fitted with a pantograph. A bridge strike at 23.35 involving a transit van and a car at Claverham Drove, just north of Yatton saw the Bristol-Taunton mainline closed as masonry had fallen trackside.
06/08 A Hertfordshire Railtour's Letchworth-Bath/Bristol rail tour was headed by 67015 + 67030, the former returning the train solo during the late afternoon. Also, 67018 was recorded at 09.59 on a Milton Keynes-Penzance 'Edenex'. Summer Saturday HST diagrams during the day were covered as follows with the following power cars;- 1C02 07.35 Bristol TM-Paignton/1E33 10.32 Paignton-Newcastle, 43039/108, 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay/2C75 19.15 Newquay-Plymouth 43087/193, 1V29 07.23 Manchester-Newquay/1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester 43069/089, 2C64 06.51 Plymouth-Newquay /1E34 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle 43070/196. 
07/08 Steam 6024 King Edward I worked Pastime Rail's second 2005 'Torbay Express' working (1Z27 09.25 Bristol TM-Kingswear and 1Z28 16.50 return) being problem free during the day. It seems the mixture of air and vacuum braked Mk I stock (believed to be the two green liveried coaches, S5023 + S5027 in an otherwise maroon formation) was the problem which caused late running for the first 'Torbay Express' working of 31/07 (see last months magazine). The train eventually reached Temple Meads around Midnight behind 66182.
09/08 20312 + 20313 were in the area on weed killing duty running as 05.50 Temple Meads-Taunton (stabling in the bay platform here) returning as 21.32 to Rugby. The working was reported as running a day earlier then booked!
10/08 66232 noted with a southbound departmental service at 10.25.
11/08 37218 + 37259 were paired on the 6M67 12.03 (MFO) Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and Steam 60009 Union of South Africa was Class 66 hauled as 5Z66 Kidderminster (Severn Valley Railway)-Barton Hill depot ready for weekend rail tour duty.
11/08 At 16.25, 66249 noted with a southbound coal train, MGR empties for Portbury. 
13/08 67006 + 67015 top n'tailed a 1Z67 05.32 Crewe- Penzance (and 1Z68 15.48 return) working via the Marches and the Severn Tunnel (Pilning 08.45). Another special working was 67028 on a 1Z27 07.53 Ealing Broadway-Exeter, for steam 60009 Union of South Africa to take onwards on a 'circular' via Bath, the Limpley Valley, Westbury, Castle Cary, Yeovil, Honiton and 1Z28 17.27 return via Taunton , Castle Cary and Westbury to Bristol. Certainly some unusual mainline mileage for an A4! The day's Summer SaturdayHST diagrams were covered as follows;- 1C02/1E33, 43006/105. 1V49/2C75, 43070/196. 1V29/1M28, 43069/089. 2C64/1E34, 43087/193.
14/08 Steam 6024 King Edward I was again on Pastime Rail's 'Torbay Express'.
15/08 66200 + 66181 + 66163 worked via Day's curve on 6B66 11.15 Westbury yard-Newport ADJ departmental and later 31105 and 31106 were again in the area top n'tailing 4Z08 18.20 (MO) St.Phillips Marsh-Derby Serco test train. Both lines between Filton Abbeywood and Temple Meads were blocked for 40 minutes after passage of the 08.07 Lancaster-Plymouth Voyager at 11.27 and 11.20 Bristol TM-Cardiff at 11.33. 158835 on 11.00 Cardiff-Exeter service called and left at 11.42 travelling about 100 yards to the next signal and then returned to the platform again where some passengers got out as it was a warm day! The unit continued west at 12.14, then 220014 was recorded at 12.17 on the 07.30 Penzance-Glasgow Virgin XC service (due off Temple Meads at 11.28), and by 13.00 trains were back to normal. The 10.45 Exeter-Newcastle Virgin XC service, 11.58 off Temple Meads however did not appear.
16/08 The Bescot - St Blazey ECC service recorded at 23.25 behind 66001. The First/GW 06.30 Temple Meads-Paddington HST suffered a smashed window in coach D, believed made by an air gun pellet in the St.Annes, Langton Road area. BT Police are investigating the incident.
18/08 31454 and 31601 were in use in top n'tail formation on Wessex Train's Temple Meads-Weymouth line diagrams in place of the booked units. Two more Class 56s were visible on Barton Hill for overseas conversion work, the locos being 56104 (in old trainload coal colours) and 56115. In the early hours, 00.25, 66073 headed southbound with an unidentified service, later in the day 66196 passed by heading in the same direction at 15.30 with a MGR service.
19/08 60030 worked the 6C79 10.03 (MFO) Parc Slip-Westbury cement works loaded coal, returning 6B63 16.49 empties to Margam.
20/08 The Summer Saturday HST diagrams for the day were covered by; 43102/178 (1C02/1E33). 43157/193 (1V49/2C75). 43060/064 (1V29/1M28). 43070/197 (2C64/1E34).
20/08 Two southbound services seen today at 01.10 66153 with a rake of Cargowaggons and at 14.40 66136 with a "Hanson" stone train.
21/08 Steam 60009 Union of South Africa worked Pastime Rail's 'Torbay Express' formed with coaching stock; 21245, 5027, 5023, 4946, 1813, 4996, 5008, 4949, 3100, 35479 (choc/cream-loco support coach). There were problems on the Torbay Steam Railway, the loco running out of steam near Churston, having to be rescued by ex. GWR 7827 Lydham Manor. The manline return was also delayed slightly due to an HST failure in the Taunton area.
22/08 37029 + 37229 passed at 05.27 on 6V74 Crewe-Bridgwater nuclear flasks. 66139 headed a MGR towards Portbury.
23/08 66136 with 18 JHAs formed 6B83 06.03 Westbury-Machen stone empties, 60030 was on the East depot steel (6C01) and 60061 worked 6C79 10.03 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coal, the return empties of the latter being recorded at Pilning at 18.55. A 1Z67 Lincoln-Bath and 1Z68 17.52 return (via Parkway) was worked by 67030. A further Serco test working, 4Z07 18.26 St.Phillips Marsh-Derby was again in the hands of 31233 and 31106 in top n'tail formation. 
24/08 Double heritage loco action during the day saw; D1015 Western Champion work Pastime Rail's 1Z15 11.25 Temple Meads-Kingswear (and 1Z52 19.45 return) with the ten coach 'Torbay Express' stock, for the Dartmouth river regatta. The train was recorded at Yatton at 11.43-46 and slightly early on the return 22.00-22.02. The second loco arrival was steam 5029 Nunney Castle on the 'Cathederals Express',   1Z90 08.03 Victoria-Bristol and 1Z91 16.43 return, the Castle was believed to be making it's debut on the Bristol 'Cathederals' run.
26/08 60031 was on the 6C79 Parc Slip-Westbury loaded coals. Also recorded was the NMTHST carrying out it's now fortnightly FO diagram, part of which is 1A01 09.12 Taunton-Swindon, 1B00 11.57 Swindon-Swansea and 1Z94 15.25 Swindon-Derby.
27/08 66235 worked by at 15.40 heading south with MGR empties for Portbury. 67001 + 67016 worked Pastime Rail's 'York Flyer' (1Z27 06.10 Taunton-York) formed of 13 'Pride of the Nation' Mk I's loaded to 458 tons including 'defective' buffet car (with no cooking facilities) 1679! The train was returned during the evening with the locos in top n'tail formation. Also, to release 'extra' units for Leeds v Hull Rugby Challenge cup workings in South Wales, 31601 and 31454 were working the Weymouth line starting with the 08.42 ex. Temple Meads. Another 'special' working for Kingfisher tours was 1Z55 05.40 Birmingham International-Penzance behind 47854, steam loco 34067 Tangmere taking over at Exeter for the run into Cornwall only to become the second ' Southern' WC Class loco (34002 Salisbury being the first) to reach Penzance. The return was 1Z56 16.45 Penzance-Birmingham, again behind 47854, the steam loco remaining in Cornwall to return a 1Z56 14.22 Penzance-Ealing Broadway two days later, again worked into Cornwall by 47854 as 1Z55 06.52 ex. Ealing Broadway. The return saw Tangmere again work as far as Exeter. The day's HST diagrams were covered with the following power cars;- 1C02/1E33 43102/116. 1V49/2C75 43070/196. 1V29/1M28 43069/089. 2C64/1E34 43157/193.
28/08 66512 and 66524 were noted stabled in Kingsland road sidings and steam 6024 King Edward I worked the second last Pastime Rail 'Torbay Express' with the regular stock, originally lined up to be headed by 60009 Union of South Africa which had suffered problems the previous Sunday.
30/08 66226 returned steam 60009 Union of South Africa north as 5Z66 12.42 Barton Hill-Kidderminster with support coach for attention on the Severn Valley Railway. Another steam move was 34067 Tangmere, returning from it's Cornish outing as 5Z67 10.05 Exeter yard-Stewarts Lane with support coach 35518 Merlin, using Yatton loop and passing through the station here at 11.52. The movement, which was via Bath after a short stop at Temple Meads had left Exeter 18 minutes early.
31/08 66230 was on the 6C01 Bristol East depot steel. Also two southbound workings were noted, 66230 with a departmental service at 10.05 and 66117 with empty MGR for Portbury.


09/08 FM-Rail 47355 + 47145 top n'tailed a 1Z14 Derby-Cardiff-Newport-Severn Tunnel junction Serco test working, but brake problems saw the train terminated at East Usk. The train visited West Wales branches the following day. 
12/08 The Class 47 top n'tailed 1Z14 Serco test train returned north from West Wales via Barry to Derby.
17/08 Green liviered 37411 returned to South Wales. The loco's workings during the day were;- 7G99 Toton-Radcliffe 'cripple' trip, then 6M23 Toton-Carlisle and later 6V19 Immingham-Margam (onwards from Bescot). 
20/08 Steam loco 5029 Nunney Castle worked the return 'Cathedrals Express' 1Z97 17.12 Worcester-Alton, the outward having run via Oxford. The return working was however reported as running over an hour late the reason for this being unknown.
23/08 60031 was unusual power for the 6V70 10.55 (TFO) Cliffe Vale-Cardiff Tidal freight. This is a correction for this train which had been previously reported as destined for Newport ADj.
26/08 60003 was on 6V07 13.21 Round Oak-Llanwern steel empties.
31/08 37069 + 37605 was on the 6M56 Berkeley-Crewe nuclear flasks. 47810 was 'unconfirmed' as working 10.20 Bicester-Gloucester, empty cartics (numbering around 16) via Kemble. The wagons have been reported as for clearance tests over the Sharpness branchline.

Portbury Branchline

Freightliner Heavy-Haul's Mossend car service has been reported as finished (with final car train operations from Southampton dock's by this company also due to end on 7th October). From Mid-August, EWS commenced operating a daily (SX) 6V52 04.15 Bescot-Portbury empty cartics and 6X52 14.11 Portbury-Washwood Heath loaded cars, normally using the same Class 66 loco each day for the whole week. Locos recorded on this duty during August have been;- 66010/065/075/2202/224/229 and locos reported on coal duty (for five weeks from 27/07) have included 66005/115/139/175/181/193/194


Bideem Rail (building contractors) are undertaking internal refurbishment, of the Wessex Train's operated up-side station platform building here to floor joists and wall panelling to prevent and cure rising damp. Network Rail had to apply for planning permission before the work on the Brunel designed listed structure could be undertaken. A portakabin has been brought in to act as a temporary ticket office whilst the work is underway.

Units noted during the month included

158745/746/747/782/783. 858/859/861/871/872


Cardiff Canton (viewed from footbridge)

14/08 08499/651/792/955/994. 09008

Cardiff Tidal

21/08 08714.


05/08 60005. 66002/051/209/523
12/08 60033. 66161/188/239/573
19/08 60001. 66019/032/087/126/134/153/162
26/08 60061. 66063/132/137/146/543

Units noted at Newport during the month included



4V60/4M60 Calvert - Avon Binliner
01/08 66527. 08/08 66519. 16/08 66524. 18/08 66604. 19/08 66512. 
31/08 66561.


6M33 16.22 (sx) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise'
02/08 67005 + 67018. 08/08 67018 + 67030. 12/08 67018 + 67030. 
15/08 67018 + 67028. 16/08 67014 + 67024. 18/08 67016 + 67024.
22/08 67016 + 67024. 23/08 67016 + 67024 + 56071 'dit'.
25/08 66002. 31/08 67014 + 67015.


Bristol Harbour Railway, Prince's Wharf, Bristol (R.W.Giles)  (14/08/05)
Henbury (Peckett 1937/40) was in use on the quayside as part of the 1940's weekend to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, hauling freight wagons including one carrying an army field gun and another an American armoured tank!

Cornwall. Imeries Clay Company, Blackpool Dries, Burngullow   (29/08/05)
Ex.BR; P400D Susan (D3390/08 320) viewed, assumed.
Crugwallins sidings
P403D Denise viewed in the distance, in a china clay powdered stained red livery.

National Waterways Museum, Llanthony warehouse, Gloucester docks (R.W.Giles) (31/08/05)
AB 2126/42 fireless, in green livery, visible along with cranes; 10cwt, 4 wheel, Gibbens of Birmingham,  
1 ton, 4 wheel, Henderson of Aberdeen No 9431.
Old Docks area;- (WD 1624) 7.5ton steam crane, Booth/Rodley of Leeds 1944. works no.4973.

Isle of Man Visits (R.W.Giles & F.J.Neate)

Merseyside Development Corporation, Bootle. (01/08/05).
RH 224347/45 static display, junction of Derby Road/Bankfield Street.

This is a summary of visits on the island between 01/08/05 - 07/08/05.

Manx Electric Tramway (3ft gauge)
Trams noted in use  ;- 2, 5, 9, 20, 21, 22, 32, 40, 41, 42, 44, 47, 48, 49, 56, 62. 
Horse drawn Trams noted ;- 21, 32, 33, 35, 37, 38, 40, 44, 45. 
Promenade Depot (visit 04/08) ;- 1, 11, 12, 18, (22), 27, 28, 29, 36, 39, 44, 72.
workshop 42 (repair). 43 (stored out of use). Notes;- no 11 was an OOU wagon conversion, (22) mobile sales shop OOU. 72 was once a house! originally one of two used on the islands cable car tramway.
Manx Electric, Derby Castle (visit) ;-(mainshed); 1, 18, 26, 33, 34 (departmental conversion), 37, 40, 42, 43, 45 (wagon), 49, 51, 57, 59, 60, 61. (light repair shed); 6 (repaint) 9, 16, 46. (heavy repair shops); 19 (pantograph repair), 25 (or 2, departmental) stored , 27 (departmental), 52 (departmental wagon), 58 (body repairs).
Laxey car shed (06/08 and 07/08) ;- 7 (in use as a departmental maintenance vehicle). 
Ramsey car shed (visit 06/08) ;- 30, 55 (both stored). Wagon; postal van no. 4.
Dhoon sidings (nr. Ramsey) ;- two 'wagons', possible tram underframes, unconfirmed. 

Isle of Man, Steam Railway, 3ft gauge
In use;- steam; 11 Maitland (BP 4663/05), 12 Hutchinson (BP5126/08), 13 Kissack (BP 5382/10).
Port Erin Museum (visit 02/08) ;- steam; 6 Peveril (BP 1524/75). 16 Manin (BP 6296/26).
Douglas loco shed (visit 03/08) ;- steam; 1 Sutherland (BP 1253/1873), 4 (Loch) (BP 1416/1874), 5 (Mona) (BP 1417/1874) stored OOU, 8 (Fenella) (BP 3610/1894),  9 Douglas (BP3815/1896), 10 G.H.Ward (BP 4662/05), 15 Caledonia (2178/1885). diesel; 17 Viking (Schoma 2086/58). (18) Ailsa (HE 9446/90/HAB 770/90). Donegal railcars; (19/20). Wickham trolleys;- IMR No.2 (7442/56). 23 (5763/50) stored OOU. Tamping machine; ACN13345 (?). Notes;- loco 4 parts were in a wagon, underframe/wheels being separate. This loco's boiler had recently arrived from Chatham following overhaul. Two more brand new boilers are on order from this location. loco 1 was in pieces, underframe/wheels separate. loco 9 remains stored inside the 'infill' shed, whilst loco 5 and wkm 7442 were stored at the rear of the 'new' carriage shed along with the former Donegal railcar which has seen some restoration work although on hold at the present. loco 4 underframe/wheels inside, parts boiler outside. Loco 17 Viking had seen use on a fire train with plank wagon F78 complete with water barrels and pump due to a dry spell. The train had been in use shadowing the first service out of Douglas due to fire risk as the train often exceeded five coaches.
Coaching stock;- in use; F9/10/18/39/43/45/46/47/54.
Port Erin museum; F36(royal coach)/75. Douglas loco shed; new carriage shed; F15(s)/28(s)/29/31/35/43(s)/49. workshops; (F30) (F32) both stripped, under overhaul. 'infill' shed ; (N42 ) (s). The  shed at Port Erin was not visited and more stock could be seen inside along with a possible loco (?). MR 22021/59 or MR 405260/66.
Colby station (view frm train 02/08); MR 22021/59 or MR 40S260/66, on a vegetation 'flailing' train.
Snaefell Mountain Rly (05/08) ; 3ft 6inch; in use; 1, 2, 4, 5. Laxey shed; 6. workshop; 3.

National Air Traffic Services, Laxey
Wickham trolleys; 11730/91. 10956/76. Stored Wickham trolley; 5864/51. This vehicle was sold to the Manx Electric Railway many years ago and is now in poor  condition having been in open store outside the Snaefell Mountain tram car shed, in the car park. One of the other two Wickhams was at one time going to South Africa for use according to an employee present, as only one sees regular Winter time use on maintenance duties.
Laxey Tin Mines Rly (visit 06/08) ; 1ft 7in; gauge in use; 21 Bee (GNS 2004). loco shed, under repair; (20) Ant (GNS 2004). Crane (3ft gauge);- 30cwt, Taylor/Hibberd possibly I.O.M No.3 (?). This vehicle was awaiting removal from the site at Laxey for preservation elsewhere. Notes;- It is hoped to soon have a two train, one passenger and one of iron ore tippler using both locos and the installation of a new siding at Valley Gardens (station) near the Laxey water mill 'Lady Isabella'. 

Groudle Glen Railway (visit 07/08)
2ft gauge; in use; steam, Sea Lion (WB 1484/1896). battery, Polar Bear (WR 556801/88). Loco shed visit; steam, Annie (Booth 1922/97). diesel, No.1 Dolphin (HE4094/52). No.2 Walrus (HE 4395/52). Note;- Walrus has not been used for several months. C/stock;- 1, 2, 3. teak set; 1, 2, 3, (with 4 awaiting delivery to the line). wagons; 1, 2, 3, 5 (with others). Note; one of the loco owners present stated that only Pixie from the Leighton Buzzard Railway was needed to visit this scenic and interesting line out of the  recognised and working 'mainland' 2ft gauge steam locos.  
General note;- A number of rolling stock items, including locos, trams and coaching stock was reported as 'stored' in the former Homefield bus garage, Douglas which was not visited due to it being a 'secure site', nothing being on view unless the building was specially opened. Stock here is believed to be continually changing with items being swapped from time to time especially tram cars. All tramcars were accounted for as per the list published in Entrain Magazine for May 2005 (page 33) except trailer cars 50 and 54. The missing two could possibly have been in the bus depot now in store. 


Sandite Trains
It is now unlikely that EWS Class 37s will be used on these trains for the autumn leaf fall season, however Class 60 locos are now expected to be the motive power and several are being prepared at Toton depot. It is possible currently Load-haul liveried 60008 is to receive a new livery for use on these trains. It has also been reported that GW green liveried 60081 is to donate it's bogies to a sandite pool Class 60 loco, and is not to be repaired. Also DRS (using Class 20s or 37s) could run some of these trains although this is unconfirmed.

Xmas Mail Traffic
GBRf are looking at operating a service to Plymouth for the 2005 Christmas period.

Road Movements
Steam 30587. M5 west-bound junction 20 Clevedon at 11.55.

Stock Alterations



ACXX: 86101 - WB, ACAC: 86213 - WB, Fertis: 56094,
DFIM: 66538/540/541/567/568/574. 
DFHG: 66546/548/549/552-555/557/562/564/566/608-612/615-618/952.
WZGF: 56037/103/104/115. WZTS: 56048/113/133/134. 58005/006/013/017/026.

08528/588/824. 33030. 37408. 60037/044/052/062/069/100. 90023/030/038. 92036.
BK: 56104/115. BS: 08528. CE: 08482. 90023/030/038. 92036. DC: 08824/913. 09007.
DWY: 08493/517/594/756/819. 47033/326. IM: 60062/069/073/100. KM: 33030.
LH: 56029/045. MG: 60052. NL: 08588. TD: 08623/775. TE: 60066. TO: 37402/408/418. 60029/037/038/044. 66215. WB: 58018. Wilton: 86249.
DC = Doncaster Carr, DWY = Doncaster West Yard

08685 -TO, 08783 -BS, 37419 -MG, 60003/010/018/030/031/056/072/075/079/083/089 IM, 92037 -CE. 

08481/534/541/542/628/655/675/739/740/768/806/837/867/906/932. 37023/051/100/219/220/248/667/668/797/897/905. 47756/757/778. 56011/021/040/044/063/098128/131. 86426/430.

Newton Stewart: 33203. GC Ruddington: 47765. 

Electric Multiple Units


SL: 3821. 3901/11/16/19. SS: 1859/60/64. 3412/85/89/95/96/98. 3579/86.

1401. 1697/99. 1861/62/63/82*/83*/88*/89*/90*. 3423/48/70/73/91/97. 3508/81/82/88. 3842/44. 3903. 
*cars from

IMRFT: 1401. 1697/98. 3842/44. 3903
JT Land: 1861/62/63.
Sims. 3423/48/70/73/91/97. 3508/81/82/88. Cars: 62403. 71083(1882), 71082(1883), 71091(1888), 62412. 71092(1889), 62413. 71093(1890).
Pershore Airfield: car 67301. Grimsby & Louth: car 62287. 

465216 - 916, 222 - 922, 227 - 927, 230 - 930.

New Stock
350103/109/113/118/120/124/126/128/129 -BY.
377140/148/472/473/474/475 -BI.
450001/099 -NT

Coaching & NPCC Stock

4905. 5032. 99304 -FW

CP: 5309. CS: 3246. 92908. 96110/182/192*. (Not withdrawn as advised earlier)
Crewe HS: 5922/24. 6110. LT: 10240. ML: 94500. NC: 12104/129. 82105.
OY: 10257. 11024. 12096/164. PC: 12068/085. 82109/120/136. WB: 11028/086/089. 12011/028/069/145/150. 82104/125. ZB: 82127. ZD: 12016/020/034/042/081/099/107/153/168. Wilton: 11026/060. 12004/025/029/036/050/055/059/087/131/134/156/160/163.

3368/99. 3400 -OM, 11427 -BN*(See renumbered), 40422. 41114 -LA, 41161 -NL, 41162 -NL, 42095/231/232/233. 44074 -LA, 94147 -ML.

11200 - 11427.

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