08/06 Despite being reported as 'running down' the 6V29 Furzebrook-Hallen Marsh LPG tanks are still being recorded in the Southampton area en-route to Avonmouth where an early hours arrival time is booked.
66054 was seen today, with 66069 six days later.
09003 still remains the area pilot, whilst coal duty locos included 66088/214 during the month.
It has been confirmed that the final Furzebrook-Avonmouth LPG tank service will run on Friday 15th July, although several further workings could take place to remove any further gas remnants discovered (?).

Bristol Parkway
28/05 SWTs 159014 worked the 21.35 to Salisbury, this unit type being now uncommon in the Bristol area.
01/06 The first day of the month saw two scrap unit workings bound for South Wales. The 5Z45 12.37 Stewarts Lane-Caerwent was hauled by 47150 and conveyed 1831+1858+1865, whilst 66 703 headed 6V91 10.40 Shoeburyness-Newport dock with 3403+3482+3488. The 6V91 was in front of the 5Z45, but on reaching Hullavington, the order was noted reversed the trains passing here at 16.34 and 16.41 respectively. The former Rover car workers train from Longbridge to Paignton and return, operated by Virgin trains free of charge (also see last months Magazine) ran until the 03/06 still with 67019. The coaching stock was reported as;- 5946, 5997, 6107, 5987, 6054, 5984, 5963, 9504.
07/06 60046 was over at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty and 57009 was on the 4O51 Wentloog-Millbrook containers. 66712 passed through and was noted in Pilning loop at 16.50 with a further 6V91 Shoeburyness-Newport dock scrap EMU train formed with sets 3401, 3516, 3576. This was the first of a new three-year contract for GBRf in moving scrap stock to South Wales.
08/06 The EWS executive train, formed with DVT 82146 (leading), 10546, 10211, 11039 and loco 67 029 was recorded at 09.43 on a 1Z05 09.30 Barton Hill-Bath circular for train crew familiarization.
09/06 66244 was on the 6A10 (ThO) Cardiff Tidal-Colnbrook steel service and 60046 was again at Westerleigh on 6B13 loaded fuel tanks from Robeston.
13/06 Load-Haul liveried 60059 was over at Westerleigh on oil duty, with 60046 present the next day on 6B13.
15/06 47841 hauled withdrawn units 3472+3573+3577 through as 5Z45 09.15 Ramsgate-Caerwent.
16/06 66705 headed 6V91 Shoeburyness-Newport docks formed with withdrawn emu sets 1315+3481+1319 and 66050 hauled 5Z23 08.42 Stewarts Lane-Caerwent with 3523+3483+3479.
22/06 A further 5Z45 12.37 Stewarts Lane-Caerwent was formed with 1867,1868,1869 and headed by 47841 being noted at Pilning at 16.50. A taste of things to come over at Westerleigh with 66119, instead of the normal Class 60 on the Port Clarence tanks.
24/06 Another GBRf 6V91 was noted headed by 66704 with units 1303 (minus one coach 62287) +1318+1320.
25/06 66621 was recorded on 6Z55 Swindon-Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties during the morning.
26/06 59001+59203 were allocated 6W19 15.00 Westbury-Bristol Parkway departmental.
29/06 Running around 30 minutes early, 47841 hauled 5Z45 09.15 Ramsgate-Caerwent scrap units formed with 3466+3572+3447.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill
01/06 Wessex Class 31s (31459+31601) top n'tailed a Warminster-Filton Abbey Wood, Temple Meads-Weymouth and return diagram (see last months Magazine). The working was reported as running around 80 minutes late during the afternoon, Inter-City liveried 31454 ran light to Westbury to replace 31459 which was believed to be suffering problems.
02/06 FLHH 'low emissions' 66951 worked 6Z39 14.30 Jersey Marine-Newton Abbot Hackney yard loaded MJAs, going on to Burngullow the following day. The train, complete with a 'Stoneliner' headboard was seen passing Pilning at 17.45, and the empties had earlier in the day passed Parkway at 08.20 heading for South Wales. The Wessex Class 31, top n'tail diagram to Filton Abbey Wood was again cancelled, this occurring again on the following day. In the West Country, 57 310 was reported to have dragged a Voyager set on the 07.25 Plymouth-Glasgow Virgin XC service as far as Exeter, the loco returning to Plymouth light-engine.
03/06 MML 43043 and 43054 worked 1V29 07.05 Leeds-Plymouth and 16.25 Plymouth-York in place of a Voyager set. For railtour duty, 40 145 ran 0Z40 13.35 Barrow Hill-Barton Hill depot light-engine being noted descending Filton bank at 17.25 closely following 47826 and 47851 top n'tailing a 5Z54 11.53 Carnforth-St.Phillips Marsh West Coast stock ECS, also for a railtour the next day. The latter was running 83minutes early!
04/06 Plenty of railtour activity during the day, these included;- 40145 on Pathfinder's 'Whistling Slater' (1Z40 05.40 Temple Meads-Holyhead with coaching stock;- 21272, 3148, 3140, 3107, 1863, 5322, 5276, 5366, 5292, 5365), 47851 top n'tail 47826 with 1Z54 06.25 Temple Meads-Holyhead (with coaches; 99319, 4940, 5035, 5032, 4994, 99311, 99127 Christina, 99673 Rydall Water, 99679 Windermere, 3143 Patricia, 3136 Diana, saloon 6320), later to be steam hauled from Crewe and 67017 on an 06.58 Cheltenham-St.Austell Pastime Rail 'Lost Gardens of Helligan' outing, returning as 17.28 St.Austell-Cheltenham. Today's Summer Saturday cross-country HST diagrams were covered by the following; 5Z02 03.19 Neville Hill-Bristol TM/1C02 07.35 Bristol TM-Paignton/1E33 10.45 Paignton-Newcastle, a full GNER formation with 43078/108, 1V29 07.23 Manchester-Newquay/1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester, 43049/178, 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay/2C75 19.15 Newquay-Plymouth 43157/193 and 2C64 06.51 Plymouth-Newquay/1E34 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle, 43070/080.
05/06 221121 working 11.38 (Sun) Newquay-Edinburgh was reported to have hit a shopping trolley place on the Weston-super-Mare avoiding line, the unit being taken out of service at Temple Meads.
06/06 40145 was booked to return north as 10.00 Barton Hill-Bury light-engine, via Parkway (10.27) but was diverted via the Severn Tunnel and the Marches due to problems in the Parkway area. Another train affected was 5Z05 09.55 Toton-Barton Hill formed with 67029, DVT 82146 and the EWS office coaches this being diverted to Wentloog, returning later. The return top n'tail Class 47 railtour ECS to Carnforth was also held for an hour in the Parkway area.
07/06 The EWS office train remained on Barton Hill depot during the day for train crew 'static' training. On the freight side during the day; 66154 worked the East depot steel, and diversions due to engineering work between Cogload junction and Castle Cary included; 66526 on 6F95 10.30 (TWThO) Meldon quarry-Oxford Hinksey yard ballast and 66143 on the 6V62 Fawley-Tavistock yard fuel tankers. At least seven departmental services ran back to Westbury, via Taunton (reverse or loco run-round) and Temple Meads during the day from the PW block on the B & H route to Westbury from Taunton. Another freight with unusual hauling power was empty Hanson hoppers (unconfirmed for Tower or Machen?),via Day's curve during the late afternoon headed by 59101.
08/06 The EWS office train was in training use running 1Z05 09.25 Barton Hill-Bath (via Parkway, Swindon, Reading, Newbury and Trowbridge) and 12.56 Bath-Barton Hill (via the same route, including Day's curve). The train was recorded with the loco, 67029 on the rear at Twerton (near Bath) at 12.57 and at Saltford at 16.48 passing 67025 on a return Bristol-Victoria VSOE working in the cutting here. 66036 was on the 6B66 Westbury-Newport ADJ departmental, 66040 on Machen stone empties and 66526 on the diverted 6F95 10.30 Meldon-Oxford Hinksey ballast, which left the quarry at 09.47 and passed Newton-st-Loe at 14.17.
09/06 Steam 6024 King Edward I worked the 'Cathederals Express' (1Z90 08.53 Victoria-Bristol TM and 1Z91 16.33 return), the inward trip being noted at Keynsham at 13.06. The FLHH Meldon-Oxford ballast was seen at Temple Meads at 13.44, assumed, although not confirmed 66 526 incharge. Also reported during the day were 37 608 + 37 610 on the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flask service.
10/06 60071 ran light-engine from Newport Godfrey road-Bristol East to collect steel empties.
11/06 Voyager set 221113 worked the 09.40 Newquay-Newcastle Virgin XC service in place of an HST set, and 221139 did the same on the 07.23 Manchester-Newcastle and 15.22 return, another HST booked working.
13/06 The diverted 6O92 07.39 (MO) Plymouth Tavistock yard-Dollands Moor passed Yatton at 09.59 headed by 66131. Having just passed before the engineering block restarting time of 10.00 between Cogload junction and Castle Cary, 47150 hauled Deltic 55019 with 20096 and 20905, as 0Z55 07.42 Totnes-Barrow Hill via Westbury, the three locos having appeared at the South Devon Railway diesel gala over the previous weekend. 60020 was later recorded passing through Day's curve on the 7B48 Machen ballast trip.
15/06 20315+37610 were paired on the Crewe-Bridgwater and return flask and 66602 was on the 6F95 Meldon-Oxford Hinksey ballast passing Flax Bourton at 13.13. A further five departmental trains were booked to run via Bristol from the Cogload junction-Castle Cary occupation during the day.
17/06 The NR yellow one-car DMU ADB977968 returned north as 5Z30 09.30 Plymouth-Crewe.
19/06 For the T4 'party on the beach' pop concert, Wessex Trains ran the top n'tail Weymouth loco set with locos 31454 and 31601 as 5Z41 08.55 Westury-Bristol TM, 1Z41 09.45 Bristol-Weston, 5Z42 10.20 Weston-Bristol ECS, 1Z42 11.00 Bristol-Weston, 5Z43 11.28 Weston-Bristol ECS, 1Z43 12.35 Bristol-Weston, 5Z44 13.05 Weston-Bristol, 5Z45 19.01 Bristol-Weston ECS, 1Z45 19.30 Weston-Bristol, 5Z46 20.30 Bristol-Weston ECS, 1Z46 21.00 Weston-Bristol, 5Z47 21.45 Bristol-Weston, 1Z47 22.30 Weston-Bristol and 5Z48 23.05 Bristol-Westbury ECS. The 1Z41 and return 5Z42 were however cancelled due to a loco problem, the rest running slightly later to the booked times.
22/06 47150 was back in the area bringing in a 6Z49 04.30 Crewe Basford Hall-Bath yard wagon move, 66059 was on the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks and the Class 31s were back in action this time on Glastonbury pop festival shuttles between Westbury and Taunton (via Castle Cary). Also recorded during the afternoon was a 5Z77 13.30 St.Phillips Marsh-Laira First/GW stock move formed 6336+40724+6348, headed by 57604.
23/06 A train failure at Weston-super-Mare caused some morning delays. Another Class 60, 60082 was recorded on the Bristol East depot steel.
25/06 D1015 Western Champion worked 04.15 Exeter-Exeter via Llandrindod Wells, this being the second day of Pathfinder's 'Western Trident' week-end, the loco having worked a special from Euston-Exeter St.Davids via the LSWR mainline the previous day. The trip calling also at Weston-super-Mare ran via Parkway and Charfield, but due to a coolant leak saw 37427 put on the inside of the Western and the train at Bescot as a safety measure for the journey via the Central Wales line, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport (where the Class 37 was removed). Some late running (the train being over 100 down in the Swansea area at 16.04) was reduced due to 'recovery time' at Newport, the working being recorded at Yatton at 20.09 (just under an hour down) with coaching stock;- 5365, 5292, 5276, 5322, 1863, 3148, 3100, 3144, 1699, 3132, 3131, 21272. The Class 52 returned a 11.33 Exeter-London Victoria, again via the former LSWR route through Honiton and Yeovil, the following day. Another tour due to run during the day by Compass Tours from Stratford-on-Avon to Penzance booked for a FM Rail Class 47 was cancelled, but a Pastime Rail 1Z31 06.20 Derby-Par and 1Z32 16.48 return was worked throughout by Royal 67005.
26/06 The 6M37 15.16 Moorswater-Hope sidings cement empties was top n'tailed by rescue loco 66 526 and failed 66566. 66526 had run 0Z20 08.20 Kingsland road-Newton Abbot Hackney yard to collect the second portion (6C20) of the inward service before shunting the loaded train and failed loco in for off-loading and running to Par to run-round.
29/06 Steam 34067 Tangmere was back on mainline duty with a Victoria-Bath/Bristol and return VSOE working.
30/06 66553 was on the Moorswater cement service.
Correction;- Last Months Magazine;-
28/05 The 1V29 07.23 Manchester-Newcastle and 1M28 15.22 Newquay-Manchester was operated by MML Rio HST set with power cars 43070 and 43080. This was the set that failed at Lostwithiel on the return being rescued by 57604 and terminated at Plymouth. The Porterbrook Rio HST set with power cars 43157 and 43193, stated as needing assistance on the 2C75 19.15 Newquay-Plymouth (having worked in on 1V49 09.41 Newcastle-Newquay) did not fail.

15/06 Load-haul liveried 60059 was diverted on the 6V92 Corby-Margam steel empties via Charfield and Bristol Parkway due to the failure of the 6V40 06.00 Lackenby-Llanwern steel slabs headed by 60072 near Lydney. The rescue loco was 66174 (sent light from Newport), the train which delayed a number of other services was noted passing Severn Tunnel junction at 16.55 substantially late.
18/06 Steam 6024 King Edward I worked 1Z96 08.27 Victoria-Gloucester (via Kemble) and 1Z97 17.09 return. The former working was noted at Standish junction at 12.29.
26/06 Major relaying work took place at Berkeley road junction during the day. It is believed a new freight-flow is to commence in the autumn over the branch (also see Freight-flow news). On the opposite side of the River Severn, amongst the diverted services were; - 60024 on 6E30 Margam-Hartlepool loaded coils, 60044 on a southbound engineers and 60059 on 6V42 10.00 Lackenby-Llanwern loaded steel slab.
28/06 60046 was on the 6V40 06.00 Lackenby-Llanwern steel slab.

04/06 Steam 6024 King Edward I worked 1Z96 08.27 London Victoria-Weymouth and 1Z97 16.33 return with 31128 attached to the rear. The Class 31 was causing problems and late running saw the train run straight through to Weymouth instead of the King being removed at Yeovil Pen Mill for servicing and turning at Yeovil junction. 31454 ran light from Westbury to assist, and take the King back to Yeovil, the two diesels eventually returned the train double-headed back to London over 150 minutes late!!
22/06 An ambitious Pastime Rail 'Strong-Countryman' trip which was to feature 34027 Taw Valley and 34067 Tangmere double-headed from Victoria-Weymouth and return was cancelled due to problems with Tangmere which was on 'resticted' duties on the Severn Valley Railway, being noted in Bristol on the VSOE during the following week.


12/06 The reopening of the Vale of Glamorgan line to passenger service took place today along with the Barry Festival of Transport. Arriva Trains Wales provided loco haulage in the form of top and tailed 37s in the shape of 37411+37425 running from Rhymney to Bridgend two return trips to Cardiff before running back to Rhymney, as 1Z37/40/41/42/43/44. The honour of running the first service fell to 143606+143624 which worked the 08:40 Cardiff - Bridgend.

Cardiff Central
02/06 Non-standard Fred 66951 worked 6Z39 Swansea Jersey Marine-Newton Abbot Hackney Yard.
29/06 67030 hauled a 1Z67 09:15 Northern Belle dining train to Chester.

01/06 Noted today on freights were the following 57008 60003/082 66037/045/054/064/068/082/110/124/131/167/197/198/205. Another train of scrap EMUs was hauled by 66703 consisting of 3402 3488 3482.
03/06 Noted today were 57003 60004/012/021/046/087. 66012/023/032/048
04/06 66205 was dispatched eastbound from Godfrey Road to rescue 60065 which had failed en route to Margam. Also noted were 60014/065 66023/038/064089/154.
05/06 Virgin Cross-Country services were again re-routed via Newport due to engineering work between Parkway and Gloucester.
11/06 66604 and 66605 passed through top and tailing DR73111.
15/06 47841 was in charge of 5Z45 Shoeburyness - Caerwent consisting of 3472 3573 3577.
16/06 Six EMUs arrived in South Wales for scrapping! 66050 hauled 3523, 3483/79 as 5Z23 12:37 Stewarts Lane-Caerwent and 66705 had 1315, 3481, 1319 as 6V91 10:40 Shoeburyness-Newport Docks.
17/06 A rake of Anglia stock was dispatched as 5Z66 Crown Point - East Usk hauled by 66144. The rake was 6804, 6800, 5973, 5836, 5780, 6155, 5800, 5831, 6825 & 6816. Also noted were 66602 and 66603 with a rake of Network Rail wagons.
23/06 47841 returned with another scrap train from Stewarts Lane to Caerwent with 1867 1869 1868.
23/06 66704 was on a Newport Docks bound train of scrap units today.
24/06 66704 returned on 6V91 10:40 Shoeburyness-Newport Docks train of scrap units.
25/06 D1015 returned to south Wales today on a charter from Exeter to Lladrindod via Birmingham. Due to water level problems 37427 was added inside the Western at Didcot and was removed at Newport.
27/06 66503 and 66529 passed East Usk light engines towards Severn Tunnel at 18:00.
28/06 Noted today were 60044/059/076 66021/029/117/124/128/146/244/580.
29/06 67030 worked a Cardiff-Chester Northern Belle special.
30/06 66709 brought EMUs 1804 1855 1832 for scrap to Newport Docks from Shoeburyness. 66507 passed through with a auto-ballaster train en route to Cardiff.

Units noted at Newport during the month included


02/06 37411 was stabled on Margam depot. 37405 hauled 2V07 06:59 Rhymney-Radyr and 2R38 16:50 Cardiff-Rhymney, 37425 2F05 07:19 Rhymney-Cardiff, 37408 2F06 07:40 Rhymney-Cardiff and 2R46 17:48 Cardiff-Rhymney, 37411 2R42 17:11 Cardiff-Rhymney.
03/06 37411 operated 2V07, 37408 2F05 and 37405 2F06.
04/06 37405 was working on the Saturday Rhymney services.
06/06 37408 was on 2R38, 37411 2R42 and 37425 2R46.
07/06 37411 did 2V07 & 2R46, 37425 2F05 & 2R38, 37408 2F06 & 2R42.
08/06 37408 was on 2V07 & 2R42, 37411 2F05 & 2R46, 37425 2F06 & 2R38.
09/06 37408 operated 2V07, 37411 2F05 and 37425 2F06.
11/06 37408/411/425 worked most of the Cardiff<>Rhymney Saturday services.
12/06 To mark the re-opening of the Vale of Glamorgan line to passenger traffic, 37411 in British Railways green livery worked 1Z37 10:13 Rhymney-Bridgend (non-stop between Rhymney and Queen Street!) with 37425 in British Rail "large logo" blue livery idling on the rear. The stock was four ex-Virgin Mk2s in Arriva livery. 37425 hauled 1Z40 1207 Bridgend-Cardiff with 37411 idling on the rear. The formation did 1Z41 13:07 Cardiff-Bridgend, 1Z42 14:19 Bridgend-Cardiff Queen Street, 2Z37 15:21 Cardiff Queen Street-Cardiff Bay (rare sight of 2x37s here!), 2Z38 15:45 Cardiff Bay-Cardiff Queen Street, 1Z43 16:03 Cardiff Queen Street-Bridgend and 1Z44 17:20 Bridgend-Rhymney (non-stop Queen Street-Rhymney).
13/06 37408 hauled 2V07, 37425 2F05 (retimed to 07:17 in the new timetable) and 37411 2F06.
14/06 37408 operated 2V07, 37411 2F05 and 37425 2F06.
15/06 37408/411/425 were on the Rhymney services today.
16/06 The morning Rhymneys were again the same, with 37411 doing 2R38, 37408 2R42 and 37425 2R46 in the afternoon.
17/06 37408 hauled 2V07, 37425 2F05 and 37411 2F06.
18/06 37408/411/425 worked the Saturday Rhymney diagrams, although they were severely disrupted by a track circuit failure in the afternoon.
20/06 37408 arrived at Newport and its first job was to haul a rake of ex-Anglia MkIIs as 5Z66 15:30 East Usk-Caerwent.
21/06 37425 operated 2V07 & 2R42, 37405 2F05 & 2R38, 37411 2F06 & 2R46. 37408 worked 6W54 20:58 Newport ADJ-Shrewsbury and 6W54 02:50 return.
22/06 37425 worked 2V07, 37411 2F05 and 37405 2F06.
24/06 37405 was on 2V07, 37425 2F05 and 37411 2F06.
25/06 37405/411/425 did the Rhymney Saturday services.
27/06 37427 worked 0M75 16:45 Margam-ADJ and 6M75 19:25 ADJ-Warrington.
28/06 37411 did 2V07 & 2R42, 37405 2F05 & 2R38, 37425 2F06 & 2R46.
29/06 37411 hauled 2V07, 37425 2F05 and 37405 2F06.
30/06 37411 worked 2V07, 37405 2F05 and 37425 2F06.

CLASS 47/57
01/06 47150 worked 5Z45 12.37 Stewarts Lane-Caerwent hauling EMUs 1865/58/31 for scrapping. The loco ran round the units in East Usk Yard.
15/06 47841 in VT livery worked 5Z45 09:15 Ramsgate-Caerwent with ex-Connex EMUs 3472/3573/77.
22/06 47841 worked 5Z45 12:37 Stewarts Lane-Caerwent with units 1867/69/68. 47150 hauled 4Z50 12:15 Bath Yard-Crewe Basford Hall with two defective binliner wagons.
29/06 47841 did 5Z45 09:15 Ramsgate-Caerwent with units 3446, 3572, 3447.


4V60/4M60 Calvert - Avon Binliner
01/06 66527. 08/06 66527. 14/06 66527. 21/06 66527. 29/06 66527.
4V08 Crewe - Wentlooge
01/06 66540. 14/06 57008. 16/06 57009. 22/06 57011. 27/06 57005.
4V30 Ipswich - Wentlooge
22/06 66576.
4051 Southampton - Wentlooge.
01/06 57008. 03/06 57003. 06/06 66503. 07/06 57009. 09/06 57011.
10/06 57004. 13/06 66501. 20/06 57011. 21/06 57005. 22/06 57001.
23/06 66534. 24/06 66543. 27/06 66534. 28/06 66580. 29/06 66508.
30/06 57003.


6M33 16.22 (sx) Avonmouth-Wembley 'enterprise'
13/06 66140. 14/06 67030. 15/06 67030. 17/06 67030. 20/06 67030.
21/06 67022. 22/06 67022 (as light engine). 27/06 67022.
28/06 67015+56081 d.i.t. 29/06 67005. 30/06 67015.
6M17 ADJ - Wembley
13/06 66232. 14/06 66120. 17/06 66213. 20/06 66110. 21/06 66110.
22/06 67022 (as light engine). 23/06 66169. 27/06 66244. 28/06 66238.
30/06 66238.
6C01/6C02 ADJ - Bristol East "Girders"
01/06 66082. 14/06 60012. 22/06 66118. 23/06 60082. 29/06 66217.
Didcot - Wentlooge M.o.D stores.
13/06 66175. 30/06 66201.


Steel traffic
The Lackenby-Llanwern and associated steel slab traffic was due to finish during July.

Scrap Metal
As previously mentioned under Gloucestershire, inward rail scrap traffic for Sharpness dock is due to resume in the Autumn. This flow had previously finished here in the early 1990s, although the scrap merchant (at that time Cooper's metals) has continued to ship out loads by sea being brought in by road. It is expected a 'hire' loco will act as docks pilot, possibly a Class 14, as most of the track still remains intact and in situ since the 90s.

Further Class 60 locos are expected to go into store during July and are listed as;- 60004, 60025, 60027, 60030, 60037, 60052. This will see the Class reduced to around 30 by the end of this month.


Clifton Rocks Railway, Clifton, Bristol (R.W.Giles) 21st, 22nd May 05.
As part of the Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill, refurbishment project the top station of this former four track funicular railway has been receiving a facelift. The Clifton Rocks Railway Refurbishment group have been formed with a view of reopening one of the tracks, for the 450ft journey (which took 44 seconds to complete) down from Clifton to Hotwells and the Portway road. The line opened in 1893, and was well used by passengers wishing to travel on steamer ships moored alongside the riverbank in the Hotwells area. However changes in transport needs, saw the decline and all closure in 1934, the tunnels seeing use during the war-time years as an air raid shelter and after as a booster station for the BBC. It is unlikely the lower station could be reopened due to the closeness of the busy A4 Portway road, but a museum or a cafe or even a footbridge over the road could be built to provide something of interest at the bottom of the line. The restoration work so far was on show at the line's first open weekend included some track work and winch gear, as well as photographs and working models. An original ticket punch was also displayed, the then price for a single being 3d!!! A CCTV was set up in the lower station area giving TV views of the this well preserved area with original woodwork still in excellent condition. Interestingly the four cars originally used, which carried up to 18 passengers and oil lit were built by the Starbuck Company as part of an order of six, the other two survive today working the Bridgnorth Funicular railway in Shropshire.

East Somerset Railway, Cranmore. (11/06/05)
59202, with 59004 in top n'tail formation visited here on Hertfordshire Railtours 'Mendip Quarryman' from Euston. The tour also visited Whatley quarry during the day, the Class 59/2 powering the train solo between London and Westbury and return.

Barry Festival of Transport, Vale of Glamorgan Railway. (R.W.Giles & F.J.Neate) (12/06/05)
Additional information to last Months Magazine report is as follows;-
Barry depot (ex-Ews); GWR No 7927 Willington Hall will provide its frames and motion and LMS 8F nO 48518 the boiler for a new GWR County Class loco build No 1014 County of Glamorgan. Most of the work is expected to take place at Didcot for this project. Of the other locos present, only GWR No 5539 could see a return to working order because of it's 'reasonable' condition. Of the coaches; Royal saloon GWR No 234 body was mounted on ex Mk I coach underframe 34832, latterly carflat B745282. Outside additional c/stock was; 4472.
Hood Road and Heritage Skills Centre site
Visible through the locked doors were C/stock; 5136/181.
Plymouth Road site area.
Stored ex.GWR steam; 5538. Industrial steam; (Pamela) HE3840/56 assumed. RSHN 7705/52 assumed, underframe only in shed, cab/parts outside. Industrial diesel; Bill Caddick HC/D1186 reb HE6526/59.
Road/Railer; Unilok 2183/82. C/stock; (4316) assumed. SR van; (ADS160/S1249) assumed. Cranes; steam 6ton Smith/Rodley of 1925. GWR hand-crane; DW230 assumed.
Barry Island station
On the disused end of the main platform a recently set up semi-permanent 10.25 minature 'out and back' railway was in use with a Western Class 52 outline three cylinder 'diesel hydraulic' no. D1095 Western Heritage (previously named Cardiff Bay). The loco had been in store in the Plymouth Road shed.

DRCS Caerwent (R.W.Giles) (15/06/05)
MoD locos 01549 and 01530 were noted near Caldicot at 17.55 top n'tailing former Connex emu sets 3573, 3577, 3472 towards the army base. These units had arrived from Ramsgate in the exchange sidings at Caldicot near the mainline, earlier in the afternoon behind 47 841.

Hastings DEMU set 1001
26/06 The unit worked 1Z27 06.43 Hastings-Exeter St.Davids, 1Z28 13.26 Exeter-Exeter via Barnstaple (booked departure 14.54) and 1Z28 16.26 return to Hastings, out and back via Taunton and Westbury.


01/06 79263/273 on Gloucester Horton Rd also there on the next day.
03/06 At Berkley Rd were Readypower machines 215,607,612,614,650 & 654
Windhoff 98909/959 noted on Barton Hill
04/06 73315 noted on Gloucester Horton Rd


Report on train fire at Nailsea

The Railway Safety Standards Board has issued a report of their investigation into the train fire near Nailsea & Backwell station on 18/10/04 (reported in C&ARS magazine 394), which resulted in 55654 of Wessex Trains Pacer 143613 being gutted and the whole unit being subsequently written off. The inquiry concluded the fire was due to electrical arcing between the live starter motor cable (which had damaged insulation) and the Pacer's underframe, causing accumulated oily residues to ignite. Other fuel sources then subsequently fed the fire.

Underlying causes:

Many fluid connections on diesel multiple units engines are prone to develop leaks.
Physical access to the engine area of the Pacer units is difficult and this seriously hampers the maintenance of leak free connections and engine cleanliness.
Damage to the insulation of starter motor cable was not detected by the examination techniques in use.
Standards and methods of cleaning of engines and under frames were not adequate and did not always appear to have been independently checked.
A fire suppression system that effectively covers the engine but not the vehicle under frame.

The report makes recommendations for improvements in a number of key areas and these are summarised as follows:

Review techniques, equipment and facilities for under frame cleaning and produce a best practice guide. This should be complemented by the development of inspection techniques and standards for under frame cleanliness.
Determine the practicality and effectiveness of installing detachable body side panels.
Extension of anti-damage sleeves on starter motor cables to be considered.
Practicality of avoiding starter motor cables that are permanently live with no short circuit protection should be considered.
Fitting of automatic fuel shut-off valves that are activated by the fire detection system should be considered.
The principal fluid joints that contribute to leakage around engines should be identified and concerted efforts devoted to developing leak free solutions where practical.
The records of work done to correct faults identified during train maintenance must be comprehensive in detailing the measures taken and be formally closed out.
Region Control must take responsibility for directing emergency services to the most appropriate access point for an incident and must have available, and routinely use, emergency plans for this purpose.
Documentation must be amended to reflect the limited cleaning and inspection of under frame areas that is possible with current depot facilities.
Methods of providing train crew with hands-on training and experience of using train-borne emergency equipment should be re-considered.
Review of procedures dealing with the return of staff to duty after being involved in an incident.

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