04/09 66118 was reported to have worked the LPG tanks from Furzebrook, a service which is due to finish in November.
15/09 66001 departed East Usk at 15.16 on a 30 wagon train of empties formed of a mixture of HAAs and HNAs to form an Aberthaw coal service.
18/09 Pathfinder's return 'Industrial Invader' (1Z38 15.21 Whatley quarry-Crewe) became the first railtour to take advantage of the new 'through' signalling at Hallen Marsh. The train headed by 37047 and 37109 was running around 30 minutes late when noted at Montpelier at 18.10. The train had left the Mendips around 60 minutes late following a lack of a shunter to operate the points at Highworth near Swindon earlier in the day.
25/09 A second through working saw steam 73096 arrive at Holesmouth junction via Henbury, with Daylight tours 'Avonmouth Adventurer' (1Z96 06.20 Alton-Bristol TM) with 37521 attached to rear for a trip to Severn Beach. However signalling problems at Holesmouth saw the points having to be reset by hand crank and a Network Rail pilotman travel to the train by road from Bristol panel box to ride on the Class 37 which had to proceed passed a red signal! The 'Beach' was reached in the pouring rain around 12.30 near enough an hour down, the steam then leading away for Temple Meads via Clifton Down. 
Locos recorded on coal duty during the month have been;- 66105/110/192/230. 09003 has remained the area pilot.

Bristol Parkway

02/09 Four freights and the Network Rail HST were seen this evening starting 66101 with a stone train comprising 4 wheeled vehicles not the large box wagons as is usual. Next up 66215 with the MoD Liner followed by 2 mgr services, 66228 with empties for Avonmouth and 66065 with a loaded train for Didcot power station. Sandwiched between these, was the Banana using power cars 43013/154.
03/09 Corus Silver 60033 was over at Westerleigh on the Robeston fuel tankers.
05/09 Engineering work saw diversions via the Chepstow mainline where a number of First/GW Hst sets were seen.
06/09 37057 was at Margam during the day later working the overnight 6L59 Llandarcy-Thameshaven tanks. Earlier 66609 was on an Appleford-Baglan Bay train of contaminated waste empties.
09/09 Three freights recorded this evening, 66079 working the Tytherington "Stone", 66227 with the MoD Liner and 66043 MGR empties for Avonmouth.
11/09 A Pathfinders 'Cumbrian Warrior' trip from Cardiff-Workington was put back to April next year as there was engineering work on part of the planned route. The train was to have been hauled by a pair of EWS Class 37s. During the early evening 60065 was recorded on a South Wales bound loaded scrap service, assumed to be the diverted 6V97 Beeston-Cardiff Tidal.
13/09 As reported in last months Magazine, the 4V50 05.02 Millbrook-Wentloog and 4O51 10.08 return containers are now MO (as required), being noted today with 66577, this being the last sighting for the month. Four workings recorded this evening, commencing with 66110 with a loaded mgr for Didcot, 66001 with the Tyne Yard "Boxes", 66527 with an early running "Binliner and finally 66215 with empty MGR for Avonmouth.
16/09 60083 was over at Westerleigh on the 6B13 fuel tanks from Westerleigh and later 66613 worked north at 22.20 on the Moorswater-Earles cement empties.
17/09 Another Freightliner working noted was 66610 on Tower bound stone empties.
18/09 During the early evening no less than five Class 37s were present in the Parkway area! 37047 and 37109 were recorded working north (via the up goods loop) with Pathfinder's 'Industrial Invader' (also see Avonmouth Notes & News), 37410 and 37418 were stabled light-engine having worked part of the Pathfinder railtour in top n'tail formation earlier in the day and 37670 was running light from Bescot-Barton Hill, en route to St.Blazey for sandite use (due to commence on 4th October).
20/09 Four freights noted this evening starting with 66167 empty mgr for Avonmouth BHT, 66025 working an "Enterprise" service, 66146 with the Tyne Yard "Boxes" and 66110 a loaded mgr for Didcot.
23/09 More Class 37 activity saw;- 37057 on the 6V30 over night Ford's Dagenham-Bridgend car parts and 37521 on the 4B24 Didcot-Wentloog MoD stores service, the first Class member on this train for some time. Another freight recorded was 66613 again on the Moorswater-Earles cement empties.
24/09 67026 called on Pathfinder's 'Highland Venturer' (1Z29 09.05 Cardiff Central-Dumbarton) weekend land-cruise excursion, due to return on 27/09. Later 66 618 passed Pilning at 17.20 on South Wales bound stone empties, 66241 was on the 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey china clay empties (in it's final week of operation via Parkway) and 66037 worked 6X19 14.55 Haverfordwest-Didcot loaded MoD vechicles, the latter was seen leaving Margam yard at 17.55.
25/09 60068 was on the morning Westbury-Machen stone empties.
28/09 Filming single-car 'bubble' unit 960011 ran St.Phillips Marsh-Bath-Chippenham-Swindon-Parkway-Avonmouth-Parkway-St.Phillips Marsh during the day. 
29/09 For the first time two scrap unit trains were operated on the same day and both ended up side by side in Stoke Gifford down sidings!! 67018 with 5Z40 09.15 Ramsgate-Caerwent 1878/72/06 and was followed by 66714 on a Shoeburyness-Newport Docks 3404/14/578. Due to an obstacle (reported as a low hanging pipe) both trains were held at Parkway, departing at 16.49 and 17.36 respectively. This, with 33 mail vans already stored here, brought 57 mark one design coaches together at the same location! Also noted during the afternoon, was 66015 on diverted 6S55 (WO) Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks (due to the Tunnel problem), test unit 950001 on 2Z08 07.30 St.Blazey-Swindon (via Portbury,Filton and Avonmouth, reverse) and Royal 67005 with 67012 on the 6M33 13.22 Avonmouth-Wembley freight, late at 16.32. Due to the problem, services were not back to normal until well into the evening, the obstacle actually being reported as being cleared by a person on a single-wagon Newport-Westbury departmental headed by 66039. 

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

01/09 66038 was on the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks and 66191 passed during the early morning on the Cardiff BTU vans to attend a de-railed Sprinter unit (150234) on the Newquay branchline.
02/09 60055 was on a Westbury-Tower empty stone working via Day's curve. 
04/09 43153/098 in de-branded VT livery worked 1V21 06:35 Manchester-Newquay. 60055 worked on the outward Westbury-Machen stone empties, but 66148 returned the loaded train, the Class 60 was due for store at Margam from 06/09. For the final Summer Saturday and probably the last use of Class 67s on Virgin XC trains the following were in use;- 67028 (1M89 08.43 Paignton-Preston), 67006, 1E99 09.05 Paignton-Newcastle), 67026 (1V15 07.08 York-Paignton) and 67014 (1V19 09.53 Preston-Paignton). One of the return ECS workings, 5Z19 Goodrington-Old Oak Common was noted with 67006 and 67014 in the usual top n'tail formation. Also recorded was 67030 with a return Par-Birmingham International 'Edenex' outing and earlier GNER power cars 43118 and 43167 had been used on the final 1E24 09.24 Newquay-Newcastle Virgin XC service. Rumours are GNER sets could be in use again by Virgin XC during 2005. The working, however, of the month (and probably the Summer!) was 37425 dragging the 1M25 14.20 Newquay-Manchester Virgin XC HST service (formed with power cars 43098 and 43153). The Class 37 ran light from Cardiff-Plymouth to collect the HST set which was suffering power car problems arriving at Newquay at 15.01 instead of 13.33! The train was eventually terminated at Birmingham. Further Summer Saturday 2004 information (from Society notes) revealed that 19 out of the 30 Class 67 fleet members worked the Virgin XC passenger services and 67025 appeared on ECS workings only.
05/09 The final Pastime Rail 'Torbay Express' (1Z29 09.00 Bristol TM-Kingswear) was headed by steam 5051 Earl Bathurst, this popular series of trains is set to again return during 2005. 
06/09 Noted between Bristol and Bath during the day were, 66227 piloting steam 5051 Earl Bathurst and the 'Torbay Express' maroon ECS on a Barton Hill-Old Oak Common working, the steam loco being removed at Didcot and later 66527 on the 4V60 Calvert-Bath/Bristol area refuse containers. At Temple Meads, new 'closing' times listed as between 01.30-04.30 Mondays-Saturday and 01.30-06.30 on Sundays were noted on display and beyond platform 15, the former loco yard box, the final building left on the former Bath Road depot site was being demolished. Part of the internal fittings of this building are believed to be now preserved in the Bristol Industrial Museum.
08/09 34067 Tangmere arrived at Temple Meads at 13:15 on a train of V.S.O.E stock from Victoria. The stock was 35518, 17159, Lucille, Perseus, Audrey, Ione, Phoenix, Cygnus, Ibis, Gwen, Minerva, Zena and 99538. Royal 67005 ran 0Z84 08.54 Victoria-Bristol Barton Hill light to return 1Z84 15.54 Bristol-Victoria VSOE which had been brought in by steam 34067 Tangmere during the morning. A 5Z70 07.55 Old Oak Common-Old Oak Common return test run for 57605 (via Parkway and Bath) was retimed and redirected being noted passing Melksham at 17.24 having run outward via the Berks & Hants and return via Swindon. On the railtour front, a Very Special Trains, Chichester-Penzance dinning excursion was put back to 29/09 and Pathfinder's 'Cornishman' which was to feature steam 3440 City of Truro and 5029 Nunney Castle double-headed from Par to Bristol was cancelled due to 3440 being out of gauge at a bridge near Plympton.
67006 worked 1Z75 10:45 Chester-Bath Spa "Northern Belle" hauling 3174, 1566, 3267/73, 1953, 3275/47, 310, 17167, 10729, 6310.
09/09 Steam loco 34067 Tangmere returned the VSOE as 10.48 to Victoria, being routed via Bath, the Limpley Valley and the Berks & Hants to Reading and London. On Barton Hill were 37077/379 and 73141. Later in the day at 19:00 66527 was noted on Barton Hill Depot.
11/09 47854 hauled 5487, 4994/05, 99722/319, 1861, 99371/121/673/675/671/672 and 37197 d.o.r. as Compass Tours 1Z74 06:19 Barrow-in-Furness to Bath excursion. It stabled at Westbury and returned as 1Z25 16:20 off Bath, with the 47 still leading. 67006 was on a Bath bound Northern Belle excursion at 12.53, having been routed via the Severn Tunnel.
12/09 A series of HST set stock moves from Manchester to Plymouth as part of a reallocation programme for former Midland Mainline 'Rio' project sets to First/GW. Four trains were hauled by Freightliner Class 47 locos as follows 5Z16 09.55 Longsight-Laira, 43088+43180, with 47150. 5Z17 10.51 Longsight-Laira, 43195+43196, with 47812. 5Z18 11.51 Longsight-Laira, 43161+43162, with 47805. 5Z19 12.51 Longsight-Laira 43063+43079, with 47197.
13/09 Further HSTstock moves saw;- 47805 on 0Z43 08.42 Laira-St.Phillips Marsh with power cars 43088+43180 and 47 812 on 0Z44 10.43 Laira-St.Phillips Marsh, which left at 10.00, hauling 43195+43196+43063+ 43079. 
16/09 66088 ran as 0Z55 Saltley to Barton Hill to collect 56117 + 56118, it then left at 10:44 as the 0Z56 to Toton, these locos are being prepared for export to France.
18/09 The yellow Serco Hst set worked Swindon-Taunton and return during the afternoon.
20/09 37670 having arrived at Barton Hill two days previous ran 0W10 09.00 light-engine to St.Blazey and later the 6O92 (MO) Exeter (Riverside)-Dolland's Moor freight was again seen diverted passing Weston-super-Mare at 12.25 with 66100.
21/09 Over at East depot the scrapping of wagons continued including the cutting up of the HAA and HNA coal hoppers (some of which carried movement labels 'From Warrington to Stanlow for store'!) which had been here for several years. The former tunnel coach DW150144 which had also been here for many years had been broken up by this date. 
22/09 Steam 73096 made it's first of three visits to Bristol during the month whilst working 1Z80 08.33 Poole-Bristol TM and 16.42 return. The stock and loco were as usual serviced and stabled at St.Phillips Marsh depot, this trip being originally planned to run in June this year. A further HST stock move saw 47805 haul 5Z25 09.05 Laira-Eastleigh (via Bristol) with four Rio coaches and a barrier van 6338 running around 30 minutes early before 12.00. The return 5Z26 15.58 Eastleigh-St.Phillips Marsh passed Twerton again early at 17.29 formed with three faded former Virgin HST coaches and a barrier van at each end.
23/09 A fatality at Bedminster on the relief line caused some early evening delays, when a youngster was struck by the Wessex Train's 12.10 Penzance-Temple Meads service. 
24/09 31 106 top n'tailed 31 452 on the 1O98 12.52 (FO) Bristol TM-Brighton was noted passing Twerton, near Bath at 13.04 and later 31 454 + 31 128 passed in the other direction on the 11.00 Weymouth-Bristol TM in a similar formation. 37 521 ran from Newport-Barton Hill light for railtour duty during the following day. A weekend SPRS outing from Aberdeen to Par, due to stay overnight in Bristol was cancelled.
25/09 BR Standard loco 73096 did 1Z96 06:20 Alton-T.M. via Avonmouth. 37521 was attached to the rear at Parkway to haul the train Holemouth Jcn-Avonmouth. 73096 was serviced at Barton Hill and returned as 1Z97 16:46 T.M.-Alton via Bath.
25/09 Early evening return railtours were;- steam 73096 with Daylight Tours 'Avonmouth Explorer' (1Z97 16.46 Temple Meads-Alton) departing to time having visited Avonmouth during the morning (see Avonmouth Notes & News), 37521 followed light, booked to run 0Z97 16.56 Temple Meads to Didcot, but only ran to Barton Hill having assisted the trip earlier in the day to Severn Beach. Also recorded just after 17.00 were 50031 and 50049 top n'tailing 5Z91 ECS via the up through for a return 1Z91 17.30 Bath Spa-King's Lynn dinning special formed with coaching stock;- 5278, 5322, 1863, W3107, W3140, 1699, W3172, 3112, 17077. One of the Wessex Class 31 sets was recorded as stabled in platform 2 with 31106 and 31452 and coaches 6173, 9506, 6117, 6122. Defective coach 9505 was still present in the old motorail loading bay.
26/09 66527 was noted stabled in Kingsland Road at 10.00 and later during the early afternoon, 37675 + 37896 arrived light at nearby Barton Hill depot for water cannon duty. The train will operate for a 10-week period, 6 days a week, during the Autumn/Winter period primarily on a 22.00 Barton Hill-Westbury-Castle Cary-Westbury-Warminster-Reading-Barton Hill (06.00) diagram as required and if drivers are available. Later in the day, 47815 departed St.Phillips Marsh at 16.50 on a Laira stock move formed with a single HST power car and two barrier vans.
27/09 Another visitor to Bath was 67006 hauling 1Z71 08:10 from Manchester Victoria via Maindee East Jcn. It stabled at Swindon and returned as 1Z21 17:58 off Bath. Test-unit 950001 ran 2Z08 09.38 Derby-Exeter (via the Weston-super-Mare loop). 37521 remained stabled on Barton Hill depot. The fifth and final HST Rio stock move was headed by 47150 as 5Z43 11.47 Neville Hill-Laira. The trains stock formation was;- 6393, 44097, 42217, 42195, 42173, 42218, 40808, 42187, 41188, 6394 all in the recently applied Midland Mainline Rio colours and for First/GW repaints.
28/09 Filming unit 960011 was stabled on Barton Hill depot at 02.00. The third visit from steam loco 73096 was in place of 6024 King Edward I, which was not ready from overhaul to work a Victoria-Bath/Temple Meads and return Steam Dreams 'Cathederals Express'.
29/09 Departmental 960011 was still on Barton Hill and 950001(Class 150) worked through the area as 2Z08 07.30 St.Blazey-Swindon. 66248 passed with a East Usk-Portbury train of empty HTAs. Later 47150 was again in action hauling a full former Virgin HST set as 5Z47 11.05 Derby-Minehead for store. The train ran over the Weston-super-Mare loop just after 15.00, part of the formation being recorded as 43123, 42233, 42232, 42231, 42095, 44074, 43155. Earlier, a Very Special Trains, Chichester-Penzance (1Z86) outing was top n'tailed by 47832 and 47703 being routed via Salisbury, Warminster, Bath and Temple Meads.


31/08 37689 was on the 7M12 Newport ADj-Bescot departmental. This loco had not returned north on the return Derby bound Serco test-train as stated in last month's Magazine.
10/09 33103 ran light-engine to Gloucester to collect ECS for Old Oak Common.
16/09 67021 was on an 09.06 Victoria-Worcester VSOE (via Didcot, Swindon, Kemble and Stroud.
18/09 37047+37109 worked Pathfinder's 'Industrial Invader' (1Z37 06.28 Crewe-Whatley quarry and 1Z38 15.21 return) visiting Sharpness at 10.54 (led by 37410+37418, which had run light from Bescot to Gloucester) and the Highworth branch in Swindon. The train was heavily delayed at the latter location due to there being no shunter available, leaving at 14.45, over an hour late. This trip was originally planned to run in May then July, but when the Caerwent branchline was not available the dates and itinerary were changed.

Kingsland Road

01/09 66527. 05/09 66517. 08/09 66527.

Portbury Branchline  

06/09 66570 departed at 17.25 on the 6X42 Mossend car service.
07/09 This date was the 40th Anniversary of the last booked passenger working over the Portishead branchline and members of the Portishead Heritage Railway Group, carried out a trolley push on a specially cleared section of the disused track at Portishead. The group are campaigning for reopening of the line to passenger trains again and are keen to set up a local museum to promote the line as a transport 
link to serve the area's fast growing population. The town will soon be Britain's biggest town not rail served! The Parson's Street to Pill and Royal Portbury dock section re-opened to freight traffic in December 2001, but the remaining three miles remains mothballed, the possible new station site now actually being severed by a new Quay's road. During the late afternoon, 66188 passed through Temple Meads around 16.30 with 34 MEA empties as 6V09 13.38 Washwood Heath-Portbury for loading with coal for Rugby cement works (see Last months Magazine). This train was also noted with 66039 (08/09) and 66075 (17/09) later in the month.
10/09 66521 was on the 6X42 Mossend cars.
15/09 66524 was the 6X42 loco, working this train again two days later.
19/09 66549 was stabled in the general cargo terminal light-engine over the weekend.
21/09 66549 ran 0V14 15.30 Portbury dock-Kingsland Road light-engine.
26/09 66613 was on a 6Z28 11.00 Madeley junction-Portbury train of car empties arriving around 15.30, this being unusual in that it was a Sunday working.
29/09 By this date the 1960s built engineers depot buildings at Bowyer Ashton, closed in the early nineties had been demolished.


Cardiff Central

08/09 67012 hauled 1Z67 13:37 from Crewe and 1Z68 22:15 return (Both via Chester) taking people to/from a Wales v Northern Ireland football match.
21/09 67004 worked 1Z68 09:05 to Chester "Northern Belle" and 1Z69 17:53 return.
24/09 67026 worked Pathfinder Tours 1Z29 09:05 to Dumbarton Central hauling stock 21272, 1692, 3333/04/45/86/25, 1683, 3384/30, 6310.

Cardiff Canton

05/09 08955/994. 37412/413/509. 47761.
19/09 08955/994. 37412/413/509. 47761. 66192.

The former EWS Cardiff Canton site is reported as sold to Pullman Rail for use as a stabling and maintenance facility. No other details are known at present, but the location is expected to be cleared of the withdrawn and stored locos and stock that remain.


01/09 66213 was in charge of 5Z40 Ramsgate - Caerwent train of scrap units, it was formed of 1873+1876+1877 which arrived at East Usk Yard at 15:48 where it ran around and departed at 17:00 for Caerwent.
03/09 Noted today have been 09015/102. 31106/452. 37057/689. 57002. 60009/010/016/024/028/042/045/046/071/073/076/078/080/083/087/092/094. 66002/005/007/015/023/037/105/125/129/148/154/173/215/226/244/245/549.
05/09 At 16:00 Godfrey Road held the following 60020. 66002/007/022/105/129/185.
08/09 66709 hauled withdrawn units, 312713+3563+312702 from Shoeburyness - Newport Docks as 5Z91 passing at 16:07, it quickly returned light engine at 16:53. 
09/09 66709 again ran a train of units from Shoeburyness this time 1301+1311+1322 passing at 16:07 and returning at 17:40. In conjunction with the Wales - Northern Ireland football match 67012 ran an extra train as 1Z67 13:37 Crewe - Cardiff and 1Z68 22:15 return formed of 6113/180/142/138/056 9507.
10/09 Noted during the day 31106/452. 57001. 60004/009/023/046/075/082. 66016/106/167/244/247.
11/09 Two charter trains passed through on the Maindee north - east curve avoiding Newport station. These were 1Z71 08:10 Manchester - Victoria - Bath Spa behind 67006 and 1Z74 06:10 Barrow - Bath Spa behind 47851 and 37197. The stock was stabled at Swindon and Westbury respectively.
15/09 66213 was in charge of a scrap train bound for Caerwent from Ramsgate running as 5Z23, it was formed of 1733+1721+1746 which arrived at East Usk Yard at 14:00 where it ran around and departed at 14:50 for Caerwent.
17/09 Noted today were 31106/452. 60023/029. 66019/063/146/189/226/228/231/532.
21/09 20309/11 passed through the station light engine from Cardiff.
24/09 Noted were 31106/452. 60021/027/075/099. 66014/036/052/057/118/172/200/225/532.
27/09 37047 hauled 1306 1305 as the 5Z21 Wimbledon - Caerwent, after arriving in East Usk Yard the units spent the night there. They were taken to Caerwent the following day by 66127.
28/09 66714 hauled 312724+312711+312705 from Shoeburyness to Caerwent.
29/09 66714 returned with 3404+3414+3578 from Shoeburyness to Newport Docks and  67018 hauled 1806/72 for scrapping as 5Z40 09:15 Ramsgate-Caerwent.

Severn Tunnel Junction

The Class 09 hauled emergency train is now based at Severn Tunnel junction close to the replacement Network Rail one-car 'bubble' dmus and the old loco stabling point. It is assumed that the Sudbrook branchline has now closed.


31128/454 were working on the Weymouth line.
08/09 31106/452 hauled/pushed 2O86 08:28 T.M.-Weymouth, 2V74 11:00 Weymouth-T.M., 2O90 14:28 T.M.-Weymouth and 2V89 17:18 Weymouth-T.M.
09/09 31106/452 worked the Weymouth services.
10/09 31106/452 hauled/pushed 1O98 12:52 T.M.-Brighton, 1V96 16:57 Brighton-Cardiff and 2C96 22:52 Cardiff-T.M. 31128/454 did 2O86, 2V74, 2O90, 2V89.
16/09 Due to a unit shortage, 31106/452 worked 1O98, 1V96, 2C96. 31128/454 did 2O86 2V74, 2O90, 2V89.
21/09 31128/454 were on the Weymouth services.
22/09 31128/454 were on the Weymouth services.
24/09 31106/452 did 1O98, 1V96, 2C96.
30/09 31106/454 were on the Weymouth services.

37402 did 2V07 06:59 Rhymney-Radyr, 37417 2F05 07:19 Rhymney-Cardiff, 1B96 10:47 Cardiff-Fishguard Harbour, 1R38 13:35 Fishguard Harbour-Rhymney, 37425 did 2F06 07:40 Rhymney-Cardiff and 37422 2R42 17:11 Cardiff-Rhymney.
02/09 37057 hauled 5Z23 11:08 Stewarts Lane-Caerwent scrap EMUs. 37422 operated 1B96 and 1R38.
03/09 37057 worked a Llanwern-Orb Steelworks trip. 37417 did 2V07, 1B96, 1R38; 37402 2F05 & 2R46 17:48 Cardiff-Rhymney; 37422 2F06 & 2R42.
04/09 37425 hauled 1M25 14:20 Newquay-Manchester Piccadilly HST between Plymouth and Birmingham New Street due to a damaged gearbox on 43153! 37417 worked 1B96 09:11 Rhymney-Fishguard Harbour and 1R38 13:35 return.
06/09 37057 operated 6L59 20:55 Llandarcy-Thameshaven oil tanks. 37422 did 2V07, 37402 2F05 and 37417 2F06.
09/09 37402 hauled 2R38 and 37422 2R42.
11/09 37425 worked 1B96 and 1R38.
13/09 37422 did 2V07 & 2R38, 37402 2F05 & 2R46, 37425 2F06 & 2R42.
14/09 37402 hauled 2V07, 37425 2F05 & 2R46, 37422 2F06 & 2R38, 37417 2R42.
15/09 37422 did 2R38 and 37425 2R42.
16/09 37422 worked 2R38, 37417 2R42 and 37425 2R46.
17/09 37425 operated 2R38, 37422 2R42 and 37417 2R46.
18/09 37425 did 1B96 and 1R38.
20/09 37422 was on 2R38, 37425 2R42 and 37417 2R46.
21/09 37425 hauled 2R38, 37417 2R42 and 37402 2R46.
23/09 37521 worked the Didcot - Wentloog MoD service.
25/09 37425 hauled the final 1B96 and 1R38. These services will be operated by a unit to/from Cardiff w.e.f. the following Saturday. Around 40 railfans made the trip and, as usual, bemused onlookers at Fishguard Harbour by photographing the loco run-round! 37402 and 37422 worked Saturday services on the Rhymney line.
27/09 37047 worked 5Z21 12:00 Wimbledon-Caerwent with units 1305/06.
37402 did 2V07 & 2R46, 37422 2F05 & 2R38, 37425 2F06 & 2R42.
28/09 37669/684 hauled 6V30 22:37 Dagenham-Bridgend. 37698 worked 6Z37 11:15 York-Margam. 37425 operated 2V07 & 2R46, 37402 2F05 & 2R38, 37422 2F06 & 2R42.
29/09 37422 did 2V07 & 2R46, 37425 2F05, 37402 2F06 & 2R42.
30/09 37669/698 hauled 6M41 10:40 Llanwern-Round Oak and 6V61 17:27 return. 37422 operated 2V07, 37402 2F05 & 2R38, 37425 2F06.

CLASS 47/57
To facilitate the transfer of MML HSTs to FGW, 47150 hauled 43088/180 plus 8 trailers as 5Z16 09:55 Longsight-Laira. It was followed by 47812 hauling 43195/156 as 5Z17 10:51 Longsight-Laira, then 47805 hauling 43161/162 as 5Z18 11:51 Longsight-Laira and 47197 hauling 43063/079 as 5Z19 12:51 Longsight-Laira!
13/09 47805 + 47150 + 47197 returned together light engine today, passing East Usk at 13:45
15/09 47805 did 5Z43 07:01 Laira-St Phillips Marsh hauling 43162+40745+43161. It detached the TRFB at the depot, attached 47811 behind 47805 and departed as 0Z43 11:18 St Phillips-Landore. 47805 then returned with 47811 in tow as 0Z44 14.43 Landore-St Phillips Marsh.


6V74/6M67 Crewe-Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.
02/09 20304/313. 09/09 20309/311. 14/09 37059/259. 16/09 20308/314. 27/09 20315+37607.


6M33 Avonmouth-Wembley.
01/09 67002/006. 02/09 67002/027. 07/09 67017/027. 09/09 67027/017. 
16/09 67030/027. 17/09 67030/027. 22/09 67002/026. 24/09 67005/018.
29/09 67 005+67 012.

Stock Alterations


43063/071(NL)-LA, 43078(NL)-EC, 43079/088/091/156/161/162/180/195(NL)-LA, 43197(NL)-EC.

08854/856/867/896/906/915/920/925/932/947/953/954/955.  09007/009/012/016/018/021/104/204.






08454. 37667/675/710.  43069/070/086/087/092/094/097/098/122/123/153/155/158/159/196/198.
60011/014/018/026/037/043/070/089.  87029.  90019/038.

BS:  37667.  
CE:  90019/038.  
DR:  37682.  
DY:  43069/070/086/087/123/155/158/159/196.
EH:  37692.  
HG:  37174/675/896.  
HM:  47750/792.  
IM:  60043/070.  
KY:  47733/734.
LH:  43004/009.  
MG:  60089.  
NL:  43094/097/198.  
OC:  58033/047.  
TD:  37695.
TE:  37372/676/710.  60014/026.  
TO:  37717. 56117/118. 58009. 60011/018/037.  
WA:  37706.  
WN:  87029.
MoD Bicester: 43092/098/122/153.  
LNWR: 86602/604/622/637.  
Kingsbury: 47361/634. 


08482-TD, 08714-MG, 37516/670/674/709/712/886/893/895-TO, 47365/528-MM, 
56078-Fertis, 57605-LA, 58046-Fertis, 60088-IM, 73119/138-HQ, 90002-NC. 


66521.  87016.


Booth: 08751.  73106/108/131. 86254.
TJ Thompson: 31237.
HNRC: 47745 @TO.
JT Land: 87016 after component recovery
HNRL*: 47326/338.
Cotswold Rail* 47702.  (*Companies exchanged locos)


47205 - 57605.

New Stock

66951 -HQ.

Diesel Multiple Units




207202/203 @ Redhill.




Spa Valley:  207017.
Midland RC:  101692 + 59303.
Mid Norfolk.  59539.

New Stock

170473 -HA
171801/805/806 -SU


170/4 - HAHT, 
171/8 - NSXX,
222/0 - HIMR 

Electric Multiple Units


NMLX - Thameslink - 317301-303/311-313/315/316.  319006-013/215-220.


SS:  1310/14/21.  3404/14.  3578.  960.101/102.  
SU:  930.204/206.  
WD:  1308.  1891.
WN:* 3413/18/33/34/69.  3580. (en-route to SS or scrapyard).  
West Worthing:    1710.  3814.


1301/05/06/11/22.  1517/50/55.  1720/21/25/33/34/46.  1803/07/41/70/73/76/77.  1906/07. 3409/25/31/80.  3509/61/63.


975559/560/586/587/590/591/594/595/602/603/896/897.  977864/865.


IMRFT:     1517/50/55. + Dept Stock shown above.
JT Land: 1720/21/25/33/34/46. 1803/07/41/70/73/76/77. 1906/07.
 Cl309:  cars 75643/982. (x617), 71759 (x616)  
Sims(NPT): 1301/11/22. 3409/25/31/80.  3509/61/63.
Sims(CF): Cl421 cars: 62067.(x1740), 312724. 


375334 - 377324

New Stock

375811/812//813/814/815 -RE.
376003/009/010/011 -HQ
377417/420/421/422/423/424/425 -BI.
444005/017/023/030/031 -NT.
450035/046/063/065/078/079/083 -NT

Coaching & NPCC Stock


BH: 17144/170.  
OC:  1981.  
ZH:  10510. 
MoD Bicester: 40401/437. 41045/059/159/163/166.  42092/093/094/105/108/175/176/177. 44076/081.


10242.  11076/078.  12021/037/051/109/140.  17173 -MA,  
10546 -HQ.
11285. 11313/413 -BN*(See renumbered).


11210 - 11313, 11212- 11413, 12537 - 11285, 44053 - 977993, 
44087 - 977994, 92923 - 6264,  92961 - 6273.

Pool Codes

WKSN EWSLocomotives Class 37 (Sandite)
WNTA EWSLocomotives Stored (Sandite Use)
WNTS EWSLocomotives Tactical Store
WREM EWSClass 08/09 TO East Midlands Hire Fleet
WRGW EWSClass 08/09 MG South Wales Hire Fleet
WRLN EWSClass 08/09 TD London - North Hire Fleet
WRLS EWSClass 08/09 OCLondon - South Hire Fleet
WRNE EWSClass 08/09 TE North East Hire Fleet
WRSC EWSClass 08/09 ML Scotland & Borders Hire Fleet
WRWM EWSClass 08/09 BS W. Midlands & North West Hire Fleet
WRWR EWSClass 08/09 OCWestern Hire Fleet
WZTS EWSLocomotives Commercial Maintenance Services (Hire) - Tactical Store

Local Freight News

Coal Traffic
Adjustments at Portbury will see the new MEA flow run as 6V23 07.02 Washwood Heath-Portbury and 6M06 12.48 Portbury-Rugby.
Enterprise Traffic
As previously reported the 6V70 08.57 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey and return 6M72 is to finish. The trains are however to run as;-
6V70 Cliffe Vale-Newport ADj as TWFO and 6M70 Newport ADj-Cliffe Vale as MTThO. The trains wagons will combine with another service (possibly a departmental) for the movement to/from Cornwall.
Stone Traffic
Mendip Rail have secured new and additional flows to Oxford, Plymouth and Exeter, due to commence soon.

Road Movements

22/09 Choc/cream former GWR auto-coach 178 was seen heading east on the M4 at junction 18A at 10.30 on a road low-loader.

Departmental Stock and Track Machines

07/09 Weston-super-Mare ;- 77327. DR73936. DR80207.
22/09 Saltford ;- R/r; BCL 209 with another.
25/09 Bristol TM (Fish dock) ;- 73105/930. Note; This is a newly set up Network Rail stabling location for track machines, with road access off the A4 Bath Road. 

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