11/06 Track work was under-way in the Avonmouth area ready for the following two weeks of diversions this way because of the Filton Junction remodelling.

14/06 The diversions begin! All Wessex Trains local Severn Beach and Gloucester line services were replaced by road buses and EWS suspended  Didcot import coal trains. This gave extra paths, Virgin XC operating a train each way every hour. The down trains departed from Parkway at 55 minutes past the hour leaving Temple Meads for the west at 44 minutes past the hour, whilst the up trains left at 25 minutes past the hour, destinations (and starting points) being York, Newcastle or Edinburgh via Derby. Wessex Trains ‘Alphaline’ services departed from Temple Meads at 10 minutes past the hour, normally 20 minutes later than usual. Some also called at Lawrence Hill, Stapleton Road and Patchway where there was a road bus connection to Parkway and Filton Abbey Wood. In the opposite direction, the usual 30 minutes past the hour services from Cardiff ran 10 minutes later, making similar calls and arriving at Temple Meads at 15 minutes past the hour  (95 minutes from Cardiff) leaving at 22 minutes past the hour for Portsmouth Harbour. Running times between Parkway and Temple Meads was 30 minutes and between Patchway and Temple Meads around 35 minutes, resulting in some trains from Bristol to Cardiff standing at Patchway (leaving at 58 minutes past the hour) for about 10 minutes. The two passenger services each way over the Avonmouth loop was well within the capacity of the single line sections between Narroways junction and Hallen Marsh junction.

15/06 Early observations saw MPV 98910+98960 pass Avonmouth at 05.05 on what was assumed to be a return weed-killing special from Severn Beach, 37059+37607 on the 6V74 01.55 Crewe-Bridgwater nuclear flask empties at 05.12 and the first diverted Virgin XC voyager service of the day, the 1S38 05.28 Bristol TM-Edinburgh with set 221108. The 6V53 Wembley-Avonmouth ‘enterprise’ was also seen arriving at 05.52 behind 66027 with paper traffic for the Chittening estate only. Present in the Bulk Handling terminal were 66001, stabled light (the loco remaining here for the full two weeks!) and 09003 stabled on ballast wagons as track work was being undertaken on the terminal sidings.

16/06 During the two weeks some strengthened Wessex unit formations were seen including central green 158782 (on loan to Wessex)+158749+158751 on the 1F14 08.24 Portsmouth Harbour-Cardiff Central, the latter two sets were thought to have earlier formed the 08.57 Brighton-Cardiff service (as far as Temple Meads). On the freight side the 6S55 09.36 (WO)Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks behind 66123 was routed this way and probably the most unusual working for the two week period was the 6X42 retimed 16.53 Portbury dock-Mossend loaded cars, headed by 66529+66548. This train was first seen over the river from Sea Mills at Oakwood running late at 17.38, thus creating doubts on whether with the service would still be routed this way - but at 18.27 the train passed Sea Mills! This was to be the only run this way for the 6X42, as a number of vehicles were damaged by over-hanging branches, Honda having already said they did not want the train routed this way if their cars were on top!!!

17/07 20302+20303 worked the 6M67 11.54 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks through Avonmouth at 12.40, this being possibly the first Class 20 locos routed this way since the Hunslet Barclays Class 20/9s visited the area in the early nineties, on weed-killing duty.

22/06 37608+37609 passed Sea Mills at 05.59 on the 6V74 01.55 Crewe-Bridgwater flasks having crossed 220 025 on the 1S38 05.28 Temple Meads-Edinburgh Virgin XC service in  Avonmouth loop.

24/06 20308+20314 passed Sea Mills on the 6V74 at 05.54 with a single FNA flask wagon.

25/06 66189 was noted in Avonmouth station on the 6B63 17.49 Westbury-Margam coal empties waiting to cross 221120 on the 1V67 14.21 Newcastle-Plymouth Virgin XC service at 19.20. Later another ‘big’ Wessex Trains formation was recorded, units 158866+158749+158747+158830, on the 1F28 16.24 Portsmouth Harbour-Cardiff Central service at 20.07.

26/06 Due to a Voyager failure, Virgin HST set XC04 (with power cars 43094 and 43097) worked the 1V29 07.07 Leeds-Paignton and 1Z42 15.30 Paignton-Leeds services via Avonmouth, the only HST appearance during the two weeks. 

Locos recorded on reduced coal workings during the month included;- 66045/078/162/164/173/179/184/226/236. 09003 has remained the area local pilot.

The 6M33 13.15 Avonmouth-Wembley ‘enterprise’ freight has been recorded with the following;-

03/06 67020. 08/06 67015. 09/06 67020. 15/06 66027. 16/06 66094.  

23/06 67016. 24/06 67016. 29/06 67014+67 016. 30/06 67014+67 016.

Bristol Parkway

03/06 The Mmt ‘Serco’ yellow Hst was back in the area with power cars 43014+43062, working 1C08 13.07 Paddington-Plymouth and 1A00 18.18 Paddington-Plymouth during the following day.

08/06 The 6M72 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight was noted recessed here behind 66016 at 07.00.

10/06 66001 hauled a Shoeburyness-Newport docks train of scrap former NSE emu sets, 3426+3427+3558, passing at 19.50. The train arrived in the dock at 20.25 at the yard of Sims Metals.

11/06 66164+66173 passed during the early evening on a northbound loaded coal HTA working.

12/06 66034 worked a Hertfordshire railtour from Paddington-Cardiff using coaching stock;- 2834, 3120, 3146, 1680, 3119, 3149, 1698, 3141, 3123, 1679, 3121, 3147 and pullman 310 Pegasus. The return working was over the Central Wales line and via Wolverhampton back to London.

15/06 Over at Filton Abbeywood, 66064 was present on an engineers and 66211 was stabled on a Belfour Beatty equipment train (this loco being present in the same position to the south of the station for a number of days). These trains were stabled in connection with the junction and station remodelling work.

16/06 66031 was on the 4B24 Didcot-Wentloog MoD stores train.

18/06 66042 was recorded at Filton Abbeywood on ballast (along with 66211).

19/06 A further visit to Abbeywood found 66091 and 66185 top n’tailing a ballast working, 66212 on a track panel train in the Filton ‘old station’ area, with an unidentified large Belfour Beatty rail crane. 66211 was still in the same position, which was on the new South Wales running line (through the new platform 3).

21/06 66220 was noted during the early evening on diverted Westbury-Machen stone empties, earlier  the afternoon 6C42 Newport ADj-Westbury departmental was also recorded running this way, both trains had a loco run-round at Swindon. Later 66036 passed westbound with condemned emus 1842+1839+1840 destined for Sims, Newport docks.

22/06 66050 and 66217 were both present at Filton Abbeywood.

25/06 60033 was diverted with the 6B66 Westbury-Newport ADj engineers via Melksham, Swindon and Parkway during the early afternoon. Later blue 60044 was on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers.

28/06 The 5Z21 EMU stock move was run hauled by 67016 passing around 14.40. The train having run-round at Newport East Usk was later seen passing Caldicot at 16.09. The Class 67 was later returned ‘dit’ behind 37425 on the 6M75 Newport ADJ-Warrington freight, the loco being originally booked to take the train forward but Hereford drivers are not signed for Class 67 locos.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

01/06 37174 returned steam 5051 Earl Bathurst and support coach 35453 as 5Z74 12.06 Barton Hill-Didcot, routed via Hullavington. 5029 Nunney Castle (with support coach 35461) remained at Barton Hill.

02/06 The 5Z41 08.50 Bristol Barton Hill-Plymouth Tavistock yard and 5Z42 13.00 Tavistock yard-Barton Hill Virgin driver training runs continued using 67030. These trains also ran on 03/06 and 04/06 the coaching stock formation used being confirmed as 4999, 11073, 10248, 12077, 11082, 17175.

03/06 Central Trains 158782 commenced a ‘hire’ period with Wessex and 170 271 was hired to Cental Trains to cover the Class 158. A 5Z19 11.58 Laira-Bicester Hst for storage stock move was recorded at Temple Meads at 13.48 formed with power cars 43065+43080.

04/06 66001 was in charge of a 6Z72 23.55 Washwood Heath-Tavistock yard train of scrap empties and 67030 was noted passing Temple Meads with the final Virgin driver training run.

05/06 150239 was on the Class 31 Weymouth diagram and 67030 worked 5Z41 09.07 Barton Hill-Crewe Carriage sidings hauling the stock used on the Summer Saturday Virgin driver training workings. HST sets were again noted during the day;- GNER 43116 and 43105 (with EC19, 41087/088, 40706, 42161/104/171/172/219. 44056) worked 5Z65 00.01 Neville Hill-Plymouth ECS, 1C65 07.06 Plymouth-Newquay and 1Z89 09.24 Newquay-Edinburgh; 43092 and 43097 (with set XC04) was on the 1V21 06.35 Manchester-Newquay and return 1M25 14.20 Newquay-Manchester Piccadilly and  43098 with 43153 (with set XC03) were in charge of the 1V31 07.25 York-Paignton and 1M78 14.15 Paignton-Manchester Piccadilly. A Poole-Bath/Bristol Daylight tours special booked to run today, was put back to later in the year.

07/06 66121 was on the Westbury-Margam empty coals and 66123 worked the St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks.

08/06 66616 was stabled in Kingsland road at 08.00. Both the 06.22 Bristol-Edinburgh and 07.38 Bristol-Glasgow Virgin XC services were cancelled.

09/06 Steam 34067 Tangmere made it’s area passenger debut with 1Z83 08.54 Victoria-Temple Meads and 1Z84 15.54 return VSOE. 66078 worked the Tower Hanson stone empties and 60093 was on a Newport-Westbury ‘transfer’ freight consisting of three MBAs and a steel coil barrier wagon.  Arriva/Wales 142010 was a rare visitor, returning on the 2B84 17.39 Bristol TM-Cardiff service.

10/06  66616 was still present in Kingsland road., and 08516 was noted on Barton Hill depot. 66211 worked 6Z47 Plymouth-Washwood Heath loaded scrap.

12/06 67022 was on a 1Z27 06.35 Lichfield Trent Valley-Par ‘edenex’. The GNER Hst run, 1Z89 09.24 Newquay-Edinburgh Virgin XC service was covered by a Voyager set, but the 1V21 06.35 Manchester Piccadilly-Newquay and 1M78 return was Hst using power cars 43098 and 43153. 66025 was on the Machen stone and 66546 and 66609 were stabled in Kingsland road. A 5Z74 10.00 Laira-St.Phillips Marsh stock move passed Worle junction at 11.20, formed of three Hst power cars and a barrier van.

16/06 At 19.30, the following were present in Kingsland road;- 47197. 66564/609/616.

The 6S55 09.35 Burngullow-Irvine china clay slurries with 66123 were diverted via Avonmouth, and the 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey via Kemble and a run-round at Swindon behind 66186. The 6V70 was diverted this way during the Filton blockade and the return 6M72 Burngullow-Cliffe Vale travelled via Westbury, Swindon and Oxford to the north.

19/06 The Serco yellow Hst set was in the area working an afternoon 1C00 Swindon-Taunton and return using power cars 43014 and 43062. Also recorded were 143 611+143 612 on the 1C40 10.12 Temple Meads-Paignton and 1B44 13.40 return Wessex trains services.                       

23/06 The Weymouth Class 31 diagram was covered by 158871. Later in the day, the Voyager set working the 1Z36 Paignton-Bristol TM dragged fallen tree branches into the tunnel at Whiteball. The following First/GW Hst (1A65) and 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine china clay slurries (with 66109) were delayed. The 6S55 eventually left Temple Meads, via Bath 188 minutes late!! 66211 later worked 6Z47 17.14 Plymouth Tavistock yard-Liverpool Alexander dock loaded scrap also this way.

24/06 Voyager set 221102 was seen diverted via Chippenham. 158745 was on the Bristol-Weymouth Wessex trains Class 31 diagram.

25/06 66198 was on the Machen stone service.

26/06 66235 was seen in East depot loop with gunnell wagons for South Wales.

27/06 A 1Z27 10.00 Bristol TM-Portsmouth Northern Belle excursion was top n’tailed by 66212 and 67013 (the ecs running to Eastleigh for servicing). The return was 17.20 Portsmouth-Bristol (67 013 returning the ecs to Crewe, via Bath and 66212 going light to Barton Hill.) Earlier the 08.27 Exeter St.Davids-Bristol local service was formed 150219+150221+150240. Noted on Barton Hill depot during the day were;- 08 516. 31452/454. MPV; 98910+98960. Withdrawn loco; 37379. Steam loco; 5029 Nunney Castle. Support coach; 35461. Withdrawn coach; 92261.  Also visible in one of the sheds was a Class 37, (37377?) in grey primer undercoat. reported ready for a new ‘over-seas’ hire livery.

28/06 66012 was on the 6C62 St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks and 158 816+153 370+153 369 worked the 10.08 Penzance-Cardiff service.



02/06 The 6M27 16.17 Newport ADj-Wembley freight was routed via Gloucester behind 66234.

08/06 37047 on the 7M12 (TThO) Newport ADj-Bescot departmental was stopped at Gloucester yard en-route, the reason unknown.

25/06 66064 was the 6M27 loco, again via Gloucester.

Portbury Branchline

07/06 66119 was on the 6M04 09.20 Portbury-Rugeley coal service.

29/06 From today up to six coal departures were booked to run daily. Locos and inward empties during the day were; 66067 (4V03), 66072 (4H95), 66234 (4Z68), 66242 (4H41) and 66246 (4Z78).


Cardiff Central

05/06 The New Measurement Train yellow HST worked via Cardiff to Swansea.


10/06 66001 hauled 3426, 3427, 3558 as 5Z21 Shoeburyness-Newport Docks. The VEPs are to be scrapped by Simms Metals.

28/06 67027 hauled 1727, 3529, 1739 to Caerwent MdD, presumably for scrapping.



01/06 31128 and 31454 (with stock) were present on Barton Hill.

02/06 31106 and 31190 were present in Kingsland Road on a 4Z08 test train, which during the following day ran 22.45 to Plymouth.

03/06 31 601 and 31 452 were in top n’tail action on the Weymouth diagram (2O86 08.28 Bristol TM-Weymouth, 2V74 11.00 Weymouth-Bristol TM, 2O90 14.28 Bristol TM-Weymouth and 2V89 17.18 Weymouth-Bristol TM).

04/06 31 601 and 31 452 were again on the Weymouth and 31 128 and 31 454 on the 1O98 12.52 Bristol TM-Brighton, 1V96 16.57 Brighton-Cardiff Central and  2C96 22.50 Cardiff Central-Bristol TM.

04/06 31452/601 hauled/pushed 2O86 08:28 Bristol T.M.-Weymouth, 2V74 11:00 Weymouth-Bristol T.M., 2O90 14:28 Bristol T.M.-Weymouth, 2V89 17:18 Weymouth-Bristol T.M. 31454/128 hauled/pushed 1O98 12:52 Bristol T.M.-Brighton, 1V96 16:57 Brighton-Cardiff, 2C96 22:52 Cardiff-Bristol.

07/06 31454 and 31128 top n’tailed 4Z08 22.30 Laira-St.Phillips Marsh test train. 31128 and 31454 were now on the Weymouth diagram.

08/06 The same Class members were on the Weymouth as on 07/06, the afternoon departure running 42 minutes late off Freshford at 15.37.

09/06 What was assumed to be a test run, 31 454 and 31 128 worked 5Z31 15.40 St.Phillips Marsh-Taunton and 5Z32 17.35 return, the train being  noted passing Worle (Weston-Super-Mare) early at 17.40. This was the first visit of the top n’tail Class 31s over this route.

10/06 31601/452 were on the Weymouths.

11/06 31128 and 31454 started the Brighton 1O98 part of the diagram, but on the return 1V96 was swapped at Westbury with set 158817 as there was a problem with one of the 31s. 31601 and 31452 were meanwhile on the Weymouth diagram, problem free!

12/06 A unit was on the Weymouth diagram, but the 31s were on ‘standby’ in case of overcrowding, but were not needed.

14/06 31452/601 were on the Weymouths.

16/06 31 128 and 314 54 were back on the Weymouth workings.

17/06 31601/452 were on the Weymouths.

18/06 31128/454 worked 1O98, 1V96, 2C96. 31601/452 were on the Weymouths.

19/06 31452 and 31601 were on the Saturday’s Weymouth, slightly different to the weekday workings, being;- 2O87 08.58 Bristol TM-Weymouth, 2V79 11.56 Weymouth-Bristol TM, 2O90 14.28 Bristol TM-Weymouth and 2V89 17.22 Weymouth-Bristol TM. The Inter-City coaching stock rake was noted during the day with Wessex ‘pink’ BSO 9506 now in the formation inplace of a defective 9505 which was dumped in Temple Meads platform 2. This location at Bristol is now the regular stabling point for the Weymouth  31s and stock overnight.

21/06 31601/452 were on the Weymouths.

22/06 31128/454 were on the Weymouths.

23/06 Both 31 ‘sets’ were in use on Pilton Glastonbury pop-festival specials, 31128 and 31454 being noted with 1Z41 and 31 601 and 31 452 on 1Z33 amongst other workings at Swindon (to/from Castle Cary) during the afternoon. These shuttles continued through the following day.

25/06 31190 and 31106 were present in top n’tail formation in Kingsland Road on a test working from Landore. 31601 was reported out of service with a blown turbo, 31128 and 31454 were back on the Weymouth. In the North, 31459 and 31602 top n’tailed the regular 1N58 17.06 Manchester-Blackpool North for FNW.

26/06 A 158 covered the Weymouth diagrams. 31601 and 31452 took over the afternoon part of the diagram.

28/06 Further pop festival shuttles ran with both 31 sets;- 31601 and 31452 working  10.04/13.40/16.45 Castle Cary-Swindon and 11.40/15.21/18.35 returns and 31128 and 31454 on the 08.30/12.46/15.58 Swindon-Castle Cary and 11.04/14.40/17.50 returns. The ecs workings back to Bristol were 5Z61 19.22 Swindon-Barton Hill and 5Z59 18.23 Swindon-Barton Hill (reported via Westbury and the Avon Valley).     

29/06 31601/452 were on the Weymouths.


01/06 37406 worked 2V07 06:59 Rhymney-Radyr, 37419 2F05 07:19 Rhymney- Cardiff and 37417 2F06 07:40 Rhymney–Cardiff.

02/06 37174 was on the Marchwood-Didcot MoD, 37667 worked 7O26 Oxford Hinksey yard-Eastleigh departmental and 7V27 return. Other workings, saw 37895 unusually employed on the 6M23 13.55 Fawley-Bromford Bridge bitumen tanks (as far as Didcot) and 37174  which again saw use this time on the 6M65 Didcot-Carlisle (as far as Bescot). 37417 operated 2R38 16:50 Cardiff-Rhymney, 37419 2R42 17:11 Cardiff-Rhymney and 37406 2R46 17:48 Cardiff-Rhymney.
37419 did 2V07, 37406 2F05 and 37417 2F06. 37895 hauled 4B24 Didcot-Wentloog.

04/06 37406 was on 2R38, 37417 2R42 and 37419 2R46. 37670 ran 0Z37 15.30 Hither Green-Old Oak Common light-engine for 5Z37 20.16 Old Oak Common-Westbury ECS. This loco, replacing 37895, was with 37675 to work a railtour during the following day.

05/06 37670+37675 powered Pathfinder’s ‘White Rose’ railtour, 1Z37 05.58 Westbury-York for the Railfest and 1Z38 16.26 return. The train was noted to time passing  Stapledon Road at 06.44.

05/06 37406 worked 1B96 09:11 Rhymney-Fishguard and 1R38 13:35 return. 37417 and 37425 worked Saturday services on the Rhymney line.

06/06 37675 and 37670 returned the railtour ECS as 5Z38 11.06 Westbury-Old Oak Common via Newbury, noted passing Reading West at 11.58.

07/06 37174 worked the 4B24 Didcot-Wentloog MoD and return 4A25, noted outward in Pilning loop at 17.55 and return past Newport at 20.16. 37 895 worked 6M19 and 6V03 Kineton MoD trips during the morning, then 7M28 Oxford Hinksey yard-Bescot during the evening where on arrival the loco was withdrawn from 18.00. Other locos to be withdrawn around this time were;- 37516/675/694/893 and 896. 37419 did 6Z11 Llanwern-Worcester Yard.

08/06 37174 worked 4B24 Didcot-Wentloog. 37667 was on the 05.35 to Eastleigh, then 6B45 Marchwood trip before working 10.31 to Didcot and  37 174 was on the 6M19 Didcot-Kineton and 6A49 return MoD trips again working the 4B24 (leaving Didcot at 15.45 with nine wagons) and 6A25 (noted Chipping Sodbury around 20.35) return. On arrival at Didcot, the loco later worked 6M65 Hinksey yard-Carlisle (as far as Bescot). In the north, 37 042 (with 37 411) were in use on the top n’tail Arriva diagram working, 1E33 13.33 Carlisle-Leeds and 2C72 17.43 Leeds-Knaresborough. The 37/0 had replaced a 37/4 loco which had failed.

09/06 37174 worked the Kineton and Bicester MoD trips then the 4B24 Didcot-Wentloog stores, passing Pilning at 17.47. 37667 was on 6O12 Eastleigh-Marchwood and 6V38 return, then 6M65 18.19 Didcot-Carlisle freight. Still problems in the north saw, the stock turned so 37 411 led  Arriva’s 2C72 inplace of 37042. Most unusually (but in preparation for diversions) DRS 37607 ran 0Z74 01.55 Crewe-Bristol Parkway light-engine (via Avonmouth, Bristol TM and back to Bristol Parkway) passing Filton North at 07.50.

10/06 37174 worked the 4B24 Didcot-Wentloog MoD stores, arriving at Newport ADj at 19.00 leaving at 19.29 having collected more wagons.

11/06 37419 was on 2V07, 37425 2F05 and 37406 2F06.
37419 worked 1B96, but only to Cardiff Central, where a unit took over. This was to allow the LHCS to continue working on the Rhymney line all day, with 37406 and 37425 on the other two diagrams. When the unit returned from Fishguard on 1R38, 37419 and its stock took over for the run to Rhymney. 37669 was on the 7O26  10.45 Oxford Hinksey yard-Eastleigh and return 7V26 departmental workings.

14/06 37425 did 2V07, 37406 2F05 and 37419 2F06. 37047 worked 6M75 ADJ-Warrington.

15/06 37406 was on 2V07, 37425 2F05 and 37419 2F06.
37425 operated 2V07, 37419 2F05 and 37406 2F06.
37419 hauled 2V07, 37406 2F05 and 37425 2F06.

18/06 37419 worked 2R38, 37425 2R42 and 37417 2R46.

19/06 37419 worked 1B96 and 1R38, whilst 37417 and 37425 worked the Rhymney Saturday services, with 143610+150282 on the third diagram. 37667 and 37689 were paired on Pathfinder tours ‘North Wales & Snowdonia’ tour (1Z33 06.52 Swindon-Holyhead and 1Z66 return. The 37s were used in place of non-available Fragonset Class 33 locos. At one stage a Class 67 loco was even in the frame!!                   

20/06 The same two 37s from the previous day’s railtour worked Swindon-Old Oak Common ecs, passing Slough at 10.00.

21/06 37419 did 2V07, 37417 2F05 and 37425 2F06. Class 37/4s were back on the Arriva, Settle and Carlisle diagram, locos 37405 and 37411 being in use during the day.

22/06 37425 was on 2R38, 37417 2R42 and 37419 2R46.

23/06 37417 worked 2V07 and 2R38, 37419 2F05 and 2R46, 37425 2F06 and 2R42.

25/06 37419 hauled 2R38, 37406 2R42 and 37417 2R46.

26/06 37419 worked 1B96 and 1R38 whilst 37406 and 37417 worked Rhymney Saturday services. Mainline-blue 37 203 ran 0Z97 14.05 Didcot-Bishop’s Lydeard to work the 1Z97 Bishop’s Lydeard-Westbury part of Steam Dreams return Alton-Minehead excursion worked by steam 73096. The steam loco had run 14.00 Bishop’s Lydeard-Westbury, with support coach 35329, tender first to be turned on the Hawkridge triangle, before returning to Alton.

28/06 37417 operated 2V07, 37406 2F05 and 37419 2F06. 37425 hauled 67027 dit as part of 6M75 ADJ-Warrington.

29/06 37 203 was back working off Didcot on the 6B36 Ashchurch MoD and return 6A32 workings. 37419 hauled 2R38, 37406 2R42 and 37425 2R46.
37419 did 2R38, 37406 2R42 and 37425 2R46.

CLASS 47/57

02/06 47150 worked 4V08 18:30 Crewe Basford Hall-Wentloog.

03/06 47150 did 4V08 and 4M68 23:30 return.

15/06 47832 arrived at Temple Meads at 22.15 with a single BSO coach.

16/06 Green liveried 47815 with barrier coach 6336 on a Laira-St.Phillips Marsh working was terminated in Dawlish Warren loop due to an air-leak on the loco. Following the attention from an Exeter fitter,  the loco returned to Laira.

23/06 47815 and 47832 top n’tailed 1Z34 14.20 Paddington-Castle Cary, via Swindon and Melksham for the Glastonbury pop festival; The train was recorded passing Didcot at 15.22.

24/06 The same two locos as on 23/06, top n’tailed  the 1Z34 again, being routed via Swindon and Melksham. The ECS off the working was 5Z35 17.46 Castle Cary-Old Oak Common.

25/06 Following a failure involving the First/GW, 1C96 19.35 Paddington-Plymouth Hst (with power cars 43130 and 43143), 47 811 assisted the train onwards from Exeter having run light to here from Laira.

28/06 47197 hauled 4M68. Hopes for a further appearance from green liviered 47815 on return pop festival ‘extras’ were not to be, First/GW Hsts covered the 11.08 Castle Cary-Paddington 5Z36 13.39 Old Oak Common-Castle Cary and 1Z36 16.15 return trains.

29/06 47805 appeared on 4V08. 47811 which ran from Laira-Bristol light, then worked 5Z77 13.15 St.Phillips Marsh-Laira ECS formed of two MkIIs and a barrier van.

First/GW Sleeper services, during the month were as follows;-

1A99 22.00 Penzance-Paddington.

01/06 57602. 03/06 47811+57602. 05/06 57602. 07/06 57602

1C99  22.45 Paddington-Penzance.

01/06 57604. 02/06 47832. 04/06 57602. 05/06 57604. 07/06 57602. 

11/06 47815. 15/06 47815. 16/06 57602. 17/06 57604. 20/06 57603.

23/06 57603. 28/06 57602.

The two ‘sleeper’ formations in use during most of the month were;-

9494, 5657, 6720, 10534, 10616, 10589 and 9488, 5740, 6722, 10588, 10594, 10584.



6V74/6M67 Crewe-Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.

01/06 20309/310. 03/06 20313+37607. 10/06 20313+37607. 

15/06 37059/609. 17/06 20302/303. 22/06 37608/609. 24/06 20308/314.


4V50/4O51 Millbrook-Wentloog and return containers.

01/06 66517. 02/06 57008. 03/06 57005. 07/06 57003+57004. 09/06 57004. 10/06 57003+57004. 11/06 57003. 15/06 57001.

4V60/4M60 Calvert-Avon area empty and return loaded refuse containers.

09/06 66548.

6V14/6X42 Mossend/Coatbridge-Portbury empty and return loaded cars.

02/06 66546. 07/06 66561. 09/06 66561. 16/06 66529 (6V14), 66529+66548 (6X42). 18/06 66529. 23/06 66561. 25/06 66561. 30/06 66 529.

6V20/6M37 Hope Sidings-Moorswater loaded and return cement empties.

01/06 (6M37) 66601. 07/06 66618.  09/06 66618. 14/06 66565. 

21/06 66565. 23/06 66565.  28/06 66563.

6M16 13.48 Southampton Western dock-Crewe ‘automotive’.

01/06 47847. 02/06 47847. 21/06 47847.

Other Freightliner workings

01/06 47358 worked the 4O29 14.10 Trafford Park-Southampton Mct liner and 66613 passed Pilning at 16.50 with what is thought to have been a Dagenham-Tower train of stone empties.

02/06 47358 and 47309 (‘dit’) worked 4M54 Southampton-Manchester Trafford liner and return 4O29 14.10 Trafford Park-Southampton.

03/06 The same pair were again in action, this time on the 4M95 03.43 Southampton-Trafford Park and return 4O29 liners.

07/06 On ‘hire’ from DRS, 66406 worked 4M40 20.34 Southampton-Trafford Park liner, returning the next day on 4O27 05.21 Trafford Park-Southampton. 66569 was on the 4V30 Ipswich – Wentloog service.

11/06 47197 ran 0Z17 20.38 Bristol Kingsland Road-Totnes, passing through Temple Meads at 19.30, for the South Devon railway diesel gala. The loco was seen following an MPV westbound at Taunton. 66616 was seen with MJA box wagons heading to South Wales, reported as a Barrow Hill-Baglan Bay working ready for the Calvert contaminated earth contract (See July 2004 Magazine, page 18).

13/06 47197 ran 0Z47 19.25 Totnes-Newton Abbot Hackney yard light (from the South Devon diesel gala), to stable overnight prior to returning at 08.00 the next day for Bristol.

16/06 For the Filton blockade period, the 6V20/6M37 Hope sidings-Moorswater cement ran via Oxford, Didcot Foxhall, Melksham and Westbury to/from the West Country and the Barrow Road refuse container train was double-headed into Bristol and then ran in a top n’tail formation over the branchline, routed out and back via Bath.

19/06 47847 was present at Southampton Maritime depot.

21/06 The 4S59 15.24 Southampton-Coatbridge was double-headed with 57010+66541.       

22/06 The new 6Z43 Calvert-Baglan Bay contaminated soil service began with 66609 and 24 MJAs.

23/06 47303 and 47358 were paired on the 4L56 02.30 Wentloog-Ipswich containers.

24/06 47847 passed Bristol Parkway at 12.10 on an 0Z17 09.20 Landore-Neville Hill stock move with Hst power cars 43180 and 43088 which had been TPWS fitted pending transfer from MML to First/GW.

25/06 Recorded during the afternoon were 66601 passing Pilning at 16.40 on the Calvert-Baglan Bay ‘contaminated soil’ empties and 47847 earlier at 15.50 taking HST power 43079 and 43063 from Neville Hill to Landore for TPWS fitting. 

28/06 66527 passed Pilning at 16.45 on the Baglan Bay empties being later followed by 66548 at 17.20 with the Dagenham dock-Tower stone empties. 47303 was on the overnight 4V30 Ipswich-Wentloog containers.

29/06 47270 powered the 4O54 Leeds-Southampton Mct onwards from Saltley running three hours late.


6F92 or 6Z47 Cardiff Tidal sidings-Plymouth Tavistock scrap empties.

01/06 66248. 07/06 66064. 09/06 66211. 17/06 66166. 23/06 66211.

28/06 66009.

6F56, 6C68 or 6F96 Plymouth Tavistock-Cardiff Tidal loaded scrap.

02/06 66248. 05/06 66001. 07/06 66064. 09/06 66211. 11/06 66211. 

18/06 66009. 21/06 66166. 22/06 66211. 28/06 66009.

6V41 Irvine-Burngullow china clay slurry empties.

03/06 66212.  10/06 66225.  24/06 66048.

07/06 66025.  18/06 66109.  29/06 66140.

6S55 (WO) 09.36 Burngullow-Irvine loaded china clay slurries.

02/06 66099.  09/06 66132.  16/06 66123. 23/06 66109.

6M68 (SO) Burngullow-Irvine loaded china clay slurries.

05/06 66212.  12/06 66225.  26/06 66190.

6V70  Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey empty clayliner.

01/06 66016. 02/06 66190. 05/06 66190. 08/06 66119. 09/06 66025. 

11/06 66190. 16/06 66186. 18/06 66190. 22/06 66109. 23/06 66218.

25/06 66064. 29/06 66190.

6M72 Burngullow-Cliffe Vale loaded china clay.

01/06 66190. 03/06 66190. 08/06 66119. 09/06 66025. 10/06 66190. 

15/06 66186. 17/06 66190. 22/06 66218. 24/06 66190. 28/06 66190.


Road Movements


01/06 73101 was noted passing Membury services on the M4 at 21.30 on a road low-loader, heading westbound for the Dean Forest railway.

08/06 37037 passed Gordano services on the M5 at 08.40 westbound at 08.40 arriving at the South Devon railway, Buckfastleigh at 16.15. The loco was seen in Exeter services at 13.00 and was reported to be carrying ‘spare’ parts for 37142 on the Bodmin and Wenford railway in it’s cabs!! The 37 was however able to take part in the South Devon railway’s diesel gala only a few days later.

10/06 HST power car 43068 was seen travelling northbound on the A38 at Chudleigh at 18.25 and later seen continuing north on the M5 motorway.

11/06 After an overnight stop, 43068 continued it’s journey, being  noted passing Swindon at 09.20.

Bristol Supertram

The planned scheme was finally dropped during June in agreement with Bristol City and South Gloucestershire councils. Various feasibility studies and debates over a northern terminus have taken place over the past 30 years and now £1 million reserved for the estimated £400 million scheme, will be used to keep local poll tax costs down.  With no Government or private funding available, the Councils will continue to develop further park and ride schemes, bus lanes and cycle ways, in a city which has the highest car ownership in the country! The recent work at Filton Abbey Wood would, also now cause extra engineering costs as part of the route was to follow existing rail track into this area for Bradley Stoke from Temple Meads and the City centre.

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