05/08 67029 handled the 6G80 10.27 (TO) Avonmouth-Newport ADJ cripple HTA trip returning with the 13.27 ex. Newport repaired wagons.
08/08 66172 departed with the 6O10 03.00 LPG tanks to Furzebrook. This train is reported to be finishing during November.
09/08 A hot air balloon was an unusual cause for delays to two service trains when it was landed on the downside platform at Avonmouth station around 08.00. The balloon, which had taken off from, the Ashton court festival had to make an emergency landing following the possibility of drifting over the Bristol Channel.
12/08 67005 was in charge of the Avonmouth - ADJ cripples.
13/08 60017 was present in Bennett's sidings on MEA wagons for loading. 66050 powered the 6M33 11.51 enterprise freight to Wembley.
14/08 56087 worked in on the 4V95 18.45 Tyne dock-Avonmouth containers, remaining as the 'spare' loco during the day.
15/08 56087 departed around 17.00 to pilot a Class 66 hauled freight from Swindon onwards to Newport ADJ.
16/08 66152 was on the 6V13 14.24 Furzebrook-Hallen Marsh LPG tanks.
26/08 67017 was in charge of the Avonmouth - ADJ cripples.
30/08 60009 handled the 6V13 LPG tanks, arriving around 19.30.

Locos recorded on coal duty in recent weeks;-
60017. 66033/039/040/050/054/085/089/111/127/141/155/156/160/162/189/222/229

Bristol Parkway

03/07 Correction;- 67003 was hauling 8 Virgin coaches for Valley Lines use, not RES vans as stated in last Month's Magazine (September).
01/08 Green liveried 60081 was present in the Westerleigh oil terminal with 6B13 loaded tanks from Robeston.
02/08 47832+43027 passed at 12.33 on a stock move for St.Phillips Marsh.
03/08 Engineering trains on the Westerleigh-Gloucester mainline during the day were;- 7W20 12.40 Gloucester-Westbury 66075, 6W22 12.00 Gloucester-Westbury 66028, 6W23 16.11 Gloucester-Westbury 66215, 6W50 08.50 Gloucester-Newport ADJ with 60087/093 in top n'tail formation) and 6W51 11.54 Gloucester-Newport ADJ 66118.
04/08 Three workings to report this evening and in order were 66139 empty MGR for Portbury, 66149 empty MGR for Avonmouth and 37890 working the "Fuel Train".
05/08 Due to heat problems and rail buckling possibilities, a 60mph restriction was put into place between Parkway and Hullavington. An emergency First/GW timetable was also introduced with only one train an hour over this route. Also a bridge strike between Maidenhead and Slough caused further problems. On the freight side, 60060 headed the Theale-Robeston empty fuel tankers.
06/08 The 1E30 08.13 Plymouth-Newcastle Virgin XC Voyager service was one of a handful of services diverted via the Severn Tunnel, Chepstow to Gloucester following a loco fire on 66048 working the 6B36 06.58 Didcot-Ashchurch MOD train. More problems later in the day causing more late running was power lines down on two of the four tracks near the old Pengam freightliner terminal. A crane jib moving a portacabin had brought the electric wires down from a nearby pylon. Later even more problems! The up line between Filton and Parkway was buckled under the heat and closed.
07/08 67018 ran light-engine to Gloucester to collect a 12.33 special working formed of two wagons (assumed HTAs) for Avonmouth. A Voyager unit, 221115 was seen during the late afternoon carrying out a reverse move near Pilning station. Whether the reason was a tunnel problem or because of the buckled rail near Filton was unknown. Observations bewteen 12.00-22.00 recorded 10 Class 67s on mail duty;- 67002/011/012/013/017/018/020/024/027/030. Also 47810 worked down with power cars 43101+43103 (5V97 Logsight-Laira) and earlier 31190+31459 top n'tailed a return Serco test train to Derby (12.44).
08/08 After a number of false starts and problems the 0Z56 09.54 Tyseley-Meldon Fragonset safe loco storage move took place. The train formed 45112+47348+31301+31423+31439, did however run late passing Birmingham Landor Street at 12.33 and Standish junction. The convoy eventually reached the Bristol area at 17.30 passing Abbey Wood and heading for Westbury arriving at 18.54. The Peak then returned light-engine from Westbury leaving at 19.40.
09/08 56104 in coal sector colours was seen heading towards Parkway light at Pilning, having worked a 6T95 08.00 Bescot-Newport ADJ departmental. The yellow Serco HST was again back in the area working to/from South Wales along with the Swindon-Taunton and return trips, then back to the Midlands. An ECS move for the first of Pastime Rail's Torbay Express trips was redirected from Temple Meads to Stoke Gifford for stabling running as 5Z30 15.26 ex. Old Oak Common headed by 47784.
10/08 Today's engineers trains on the Westerleigh-Gloucester mainline were 60045+60034, 56090, 66141+66019 and 60052+66100.
11/08 Departmental one-car unit ADB977968 worked to Temple Meads at 12.50 returning at 13.44 north.
12/08 66250 worked the 6M17 Newport-Wembley enterprise freight service via Chepstow and Gloucester.
13/08 47790 arrived in the early hours on the 1V28 20.24 Low Fell-Parkway RMT mails having taken over the train at Birmingham NS. Later 60017 passed with loaded coal MEAs north at 12.45 and 60005 was over at Westerleigh having arrived on the 6V04 ex. Port Clarence.
14/08 66106 was in charge of the ADJ - Wembley.
15/08 Green 60081 was again at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty.
66106 took this train the same way two days later.
27/08 67004 headed the 5C37 13.55 Old Oak Common-Barton Hill RES van move formed only of one coach and 66209 powered the 4B24 14.04 Didcot-Wentloog MOD stores.
28/08 A fatality near Ashchurch caused some late running during the day and 60089 worked the 6H66 Swindon-Cardiff Tidal scrap service. Also noted were 66142 working the Tytherington "Stone" and 66054 from Avonmouth with Didcot bound MGR.

Bristol Temple Meads, Kingsland Road and Barton Hill

02/08 One of the highlights so far this year was the appearance of two Loadhaul liveried Class 56s, 56118+56107 on the yearly Worksop Open Day committee's outing (1Z56 05.40 Worksop-Paignton and 1Z57 16.20 Paignton-Worksop). The outward working left Temple Meads at 0944 formed of coaching stock;- 17015, 3150, 3124, 3127, 3114, 1696, 5037, 5027, 4986, 5023, 4925, 5007 (all in green) and an unidentified named choc/cream coach. Recorded at 13.50 southbound light engines were 66028/170.
04/08 There were problems with the heat today, which saw a number of speed restrictions introduced throughout the system. 47784 was on the 1M65 19.10 Plymouth - Willesden. Stabled on Kingsland Road at 19.10 was 66525.
05/08 47772 powered the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Parkway RMT mails.
06/08 A buckled rail at Stoke Gifford in the afternoon resulted in services between T.M and Parkway working via Patchway, with a reversal. 66032 was on the 6H67 07.51 Cardiff Tidal sidings-Plymouth Tavistock yard scrap empties passing at 10.47 and 67026 arrived on a Westbury-Bath/Bristol VSOE working which returned at 16.00. 43191+43028 worked from St.Phillips Marsh-Laira during the day and 31190+31459 ran to Barton Hill depot from Kingsland Road for fuelling around 13.00. Northbound "Hanson" stone train was noted at 16.45 with 66215.
07/08 31190+31459 returned north as 4Z08 12.09 Kingsland road-Derby and 47789 was engaged on station area pilot duties in place of a Class 08. 66152 was on the Westbury-Newport engineers and 66155 the 6V34 (ThO) Fawley-Margam tanks both via Day's curve. Southbound stone train seen at 19.40 behind 66023.
08/08 Celebrity 'large logo' repaint 47635 was in the area working the 1C01 19.30 Penzance-Parkway tpo onwards from Par following a Class 67 failure, then returning on the 1C02 00.55 Parkway RMT-Penzance formed with 94524, 80406, 80349, 80431, 80377, 80433, 94548. The 47 was to return again on the 1E43 14.55 Plymouth-Low Fell mails as far as Doncaster. This service and a number of others faced delays at Taunton following a power 'black-out' failure from 16.10-17.28. Around 30 road coaches were booked to move stranded passengers in the meantime (but only three turned up!) from the station. Earlier in the day;- 67005+67020 were paired on the 5C43 09.19 Barton Hill-Plymouth vans (47789 later running from Barton Hill to Plymouth light to collect 67005!), 67030 headed a 5Z03 11.44 Exeter (Riverside)-Barton Hill stock move formed of three TPO vehicles. Having run west the previous day, 47810 returned dragging the 90 minute late running 1S87 08.20 Penzance-Edinburgh HST (with power cars 43065+43094), the loco working as far as Birmingham NS. 66224 noted with stone train southbound at 17.55.
09/08 59203 was unusual power for a 6G85 Westbury-Newport welded rail train, the loco then running light-engine to Cardiff Canton, whilst 37402 ran from Newport-Kidderminster light to collect steam loco 7802 Bradley Manor and support coach W35467 for Torbay Express duties over the following four Sundays.
10/08 7802 worked Pastime Rail's first Torbay Express (1Z30 09.08 Temple Meads-Kingswear) with maroon coaching stock;- 21245, 4996, 4916, 4949, 1813, 5008, 4946, 4915, W35467. There were however problems, the loco suffering a hot-box at Exeter on the outward journey, being declared a failure on arrival at Paignton. 37402 (which had remained on Barton Hill as a fire risk standby loco) then ran 0Z31 14.00 Barton Hill-Kingswear light-engine to return the 1Z31 15.55 Kingswear-Temple Meads. On arrival at Bristol the Class 37 took the ECS onwards to Cardiff, passing Barton Hill at 21.15.
11/08 47784 was the Barton Hill standby loco and HST power cars 43150+43037 formed a Laira-St.Phillips Marsh stock move. Yellow unit ADB977968 was seen waiting to leave at 13.48 for Exeter. An announcement was made of forthcoming engineering works from 16/08 to 22/08 between Reading and London Paddington. This would see the normal service trains halved. Southbound "Departmental" service noted at 17.45 behind 66081.
12/08 47778 worked the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Parkway RMT mails.
13/08 66181 worked the 6H67 Cardiff-Plymouth scrap empties. 47790 ran 0C75 Barton Hill-Exeter light and 47832 was on a 5Z74 11.45 Swansea-St.Phillips Marsh stock move. With steam 7802 out of traffic at Churston on the Torbay Steam railway, 5051 Earl Bathurst was being prepared at Didcot as a replacement for the remaining Pastime Rail Torbay Express trips. Due to all being sold out, an additional trip was to be run on 07/09. At 22.05 a southbound "Hanson" stone train seen with 66126.
14/08 Workings of note during the day were;- 66027 on a three wagon 6C91 09.14 Newport-Bridgwater trip freight, arriving at 10.52 formed of three wagons departing with the empties at 13.05. Unit ADB977968 on a 5Z31 Laira-Crewe Gresty lane working. 47757 arrived in Bristol as 0F74 light-engine from St.Blazey. With the revised First/GW timetable due to engineering works between Reading and London, HST sets were to cover the sleeper diagram from 21/08-25/08.
15/08 60052 powered the Westbury-Parc Slip empty coal wagons.
16/08 Steam 5051 Earl Bathurst arrived in Bristol, running as 5Z31 09.52 Didcot-Barton Hill depot. ADB977968 was still active in the Bristol area running as 5Z30 10.55 Newport-Barton Hill ands the 1V35 08.16 Manchester-Paignton and return 1S79 13.10 Paignton-Edinburgh services were formed of an HST set (with power cars 43101+43122) in place of a Voyager unit. 50031+50049 were earlier paired on a 1Z35 (and return 1Z70) Reading-Chester Pathfinder excursion routed via the B&H and the Limpley Valley calling at Keysham and Filton Abbeywood en-route.
17/08 Steam 5051 worked the Torbay Express (1Z30 09.08 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z31 15.55 return) with the previously reported coaching stock except maroon support coach W35467 had been replaced by choc/cream W35453. 47815 was the 1A99 sleeper loco.
18/08 66090 was on the 13.10 (MO)Westbury-St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks.
19/08 Plenty of Class 47s in the Bristol area today with 47757/784/789 all on Barton Hill and 47778 passing through on the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Parkway RMT mails. 47757+47784 later ran light to Bescot being taken forward by the driver off the 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight.
20/08 A track defect in the Swindon area saw some late running and diversions, which included the 5A24 07.45 Barton Hill-Old Oak Common vans headed by 67024 routed via the Limpley valley and the Berks & Hants to Reading. Later 66043 powered the 6H67 Cardiff-Plymouth scrap empties and 67026 arrived on the 1V79 09.45 Victoria-Bristol VSOE special. The police made a major drugs bust during the day finding large quantities of cannabis being grown in the former station building at Twerton (closed April 1917), alongside the main A4 Bath road. Coal train from Portbury noted heading north at 23.40 behind 66069.
21/08 Steam 73096 arrived with Steam Dreams Cathedrals Express (1Z86 09.08 Victoria-Bristol TM) at 13.15, Valley Lines 143624 was unusually employed on the 1V66 05.05 Waterloo-Maesteg service from Bristol and an afternoon 5M98 Laira-Longsight stock move was formed of two back-to-back power car sets;- 43084+43102 + 43097+43103. First/GW unveiled a new internal door for use in it's HST sets. With 500 being on order, the plastic panelling is of an easily removable type and would assist a quick getaway should there be an emergency.
22/08 A power failure at Birmingham NS saw the 1E26 06.12 Temple Meads-Newcastle Virgin XC service cancelled, repairs were however completed by 08.00. The emergency track work and reduced train service still continued in the London area, with passengers from Bristol to the capital being advised to change at Reading for a SWT connection to Waterloo. 66044 worked a 7B66 10.25 Westbury-Newport ADJ engineers and 66 109 powered the 28 wagon (SSA) 6H68 Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal loaded scrap train. 66044 was seen later at 14.30 with a southbound stone train.
23/08 A Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z66 07.48 Letchworth Garden City-Bath/Bristol and 16.55 return (1Z67) was worked both ways by 66022. The yellow Serco HST set with power cars 43014+43062 was again in the area, visiting South Wales and Swindon-Taunton (arriving at Temple Meads outward 24 minutes early at 13.03. 67008+67017 were paired on a 5Z30 11.00 Swindon-Barton Hill ECS formed of the maroon Torbay Express coaching stock ready for use during the following day (later 67008 returned light to South Wales) and 43034+43003 were the power cars operating the 1A99 22.00 Penzance-Paddington First/GW 'sleeper' service (in place of a loco and coaches).
24/08 Despite there being a fire risk alert in the Southern zone (an Alton-Weymouth excursion running with diesel in place of steam the previous day because of this), steam 5051 headed Pastime Rail's Torbay Express (1Z30 09.08 Temple Meads-Kingswear and 1Z31 15.55 return), again using W35453 as a support coach in the otherwise unaltered coaching stock formation. The Southwest thunderbird loco 47790 was however used to follow the train light-engine in case of a fire incident, and it returned as 16.30 Goodrington-Taunton.
26/08 66109 worked in on the 6G40 Westbury-St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks at 14.36 and 66092 handled the 6C91 Newport-Bridgwater trip, returning as 0C92 light-engine. 43187+43035 were the power cars used on the First/GW 1C99 Paddington-Penzance 'sleeper' service. Two southbound stone trains seen today, at 13.35 66117 with a rake of "Hanson" wagons and later at 19.00, 66089 possibly working the Tytherington "Stone".
27/08 66232 headed the 6H67 Cardiff-Tavistock junction scrap empties as far as Exeter (then running, as now seems the common practice 0H67 light-engine to St.Blazey), load-haul 60008 powered the 6C42 Newport-Westbury engineers and 59104 passed through Day's curve in the early evening running light from Westbury-Cardiff Canton. 66133 was noted at 11.30 with a coal train from Portbury.
28/08 47791 powered a single-wagon 6C91 09.14 Newport-Bridgwater freight passing Filton early at 07.49, with three to collect at least one reported loaded with steel on the return 6C92. Present on Kingsland Road at 19.05 was 66607, and over at Barton Hill were 47789 and GW 5052 Earl Bathurst. Another coal service from Portbury seen at 10.30 behind 66224.
29/08 66142 headed the Tytherington stone train and 66092 hauled the 6H68 loaded scrap from Plymouth-Cardiff Tidal.
30/08 Steam 5051 returned as 5Z51 12.00 Barton Hill-Didcot with support coach now 7802 had returned from repair at Churston the previous day and ready to work the next days Torbay Express. 67011 headed the 5Z30 11.00 Cardiff Canton-Barton Hill steam charter stock, 47793 was on a 1Z30 06.16 Derby-Par 'Edenex' excursion and the 1S79 13.10 Paignton-Edinburgh Virgin XC service was formed of an HST (with power cars 43122+43080) in place of a Voyager unit.
31/08 7802 was back on the Pastime Rail Torbay Express, but was diverted running as 1Z30 07.54 Temple Meads-Kingswear (Bath, Westbury and Castle Cary to Taunton) due to engineering work in the Yatton area. The return was as normal, but the train was running around 20 minutes early, missing out a Tiverton loop pathing stop! 47790 again followed from Taunton-Goodrington in case of any fire problems. Problems at Bourton (near Swindon) due to a landslide saw single line running and a 20mph restriction causing some late running and load-haul 60007 worked a 6W59 21.16 Westbury-Bridgwater and return engineers (out and back via Bristol).

Portbury Branchline

04/08 Workings between 05.45-14.00 were;- 66066 on 4V03 03.55 Washwood Heath-Portbury and return 6M04 05.51 loaded coal to Rugeley and 66118 on the 6M03 09.20 Portbury-Rugeley coal.
05/08 66066 was again on the 4V03 03.55 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties and 6M03 05.51 loaded coal to Rugeley.
07/08 66174 was on the 4V17 16.37 Bescot-Portbury coal empties.
13/08 66149 passed Bath Road bridge at 09.28 with coal empties forming what was believed to be a late running 6M03 09.20 Portbury-Rugeley.
18/08 66193 worked the 4V03 and return loaded 6M04 (Temple Meads 10.21).
19/08 66013 worked the 4V03 and 66155 headed this train the next day.
22/08 66155 again appeared on the 6M04 09.20 loaded coal to Rugeley.
29/08 66037 was on the 4V03 03.58 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties.

EWS, following a trial run reported last month are to start a new automotive-flow from early September. The 6X52 14.49 Portbury-Wembley service is expected to initially run as a Thursdays only operation.

Locos recorded on coal duty during recent weeks include;-

Wessex Area

01/08 56114 was unusually employed on the 6B45 07.32 Eastleigh-Merehead and return 6V38 09.02 MOD trips. Mainline blue 60011 was on the 7L21 13.08 Merehead-Purfleet stone.
02/08 60068+60011 were used in top n'tail formation on a 6W74 16.30 Westbury-Merehead quarry engineers, returning as 11.30 ex.East Somerset junction the next day.
04/08 60077+60052+37051 worked the 7Y40 15.50 Eastleigh-Hoo Junction departmental, 47757 was on the 6Y26 08.31 Eastleigh-Quidhampton and later the 7V26 14.51 Eastleigh-Oxford Hinksey yard engineers. One car unit ADB977968 worked 5Z30 Crewe Gresty lane-Exeter (via Westbury and Yeovil), and 60011 was again on the 6L21.
05/08 The 6V38 headed by 66038 was unusually formed of loaded MOD boats and bridge pontoons! The 4M03 10.40 Swindon-Longbridge car part cubes was unusually routed via Kemble to the north.
06/08 Purple Deltic D9016 took Cathedrals Express ECS from Alton-Victoria and 59202 was on the 7Y39 09.46 Hoo Junction-Eastleigh departmental.
08/08 67026 worked a driver training 6W53 08.55 Eastleigh-Furzebrook LPG tank run and later a Class 508 unit failed on departure from the works blocking all the running lines at the London end of the station. Class 08 D3816 (08 649) arrived as 1Z99 ex. Eastleigh depot with a barrier coach on rescue duty. At 09.30, the following were present at Weymouth;- 33108, with new EMU stock 450019/021/023.
09/08 47712 departed Westbury at 15.10 with the OZ56 13.30 stored loco move to Meldon quarry formed 47348, 31301, 31439 and 31423. The 47 left Exeter at 19.40 light for Westbury. Present at Westbury earlier at 10.50 were 08510. 66054/121/126/223/231/232.
13/08 67029 was in use at Eastleigh on driver training duties working the 6Y26/6Y27 Quidhampton and return freight trips, Deltic D9016 ran light as 0Z55 08.03 Alton-Toton for a repaint from purple to green (not running light to Westbury to be hauled by 47 712 as originally planned) and EMU set 2402 working the 1W23 12.30 Waterloo-Weymouth received a damaged bogie on hitting a one tonne hay bale on an occupation crossing near Dorchester South.
16/08 66044 and 60009 were present at Chippenham top n'tailing an engineers ballast train at 16.30.
18/08 67029 was again on the Quidhampton (6Y26 and 6Y27) return freight trips. Unit 170722 ran 5Z80 08.11 Derby-Selhurst (via Oxford, Reading and Wokingham).
19/08 60091+66164 were paired on the 6L21 13.08 Merehead-Purfleet stone. GBRf loco 66703 suffered a serious vandalism attack whilst stabled in Southampton. The BT police are investigating.
22/08 66165 left Andover at 11.10 with 6Z40 10.05 Ludgershall-Didcot infrastructure service formed of FAA wagons and 60 019 was incharge of the Whatley-Hamworthy stone. During the morning the following were stabled at Westbury 08510. 60009/019/065/096. 66044/054/056/090/174/210. 158747. 33202 arrived around 17.00 at Alton light to work the next days 'steam' special to Weymouth.
23/08 33202 worked Daylight tours 'Weymouth Boat Train' (1Z96 0715 Alton-Weymouth and 1Z97 18.00 return) in place of steam traction (locos 34016 and 73096) due to a Network Rail south-western zone fire risk ban imposed at 17.30 the day before. The train arrived to time at Weymouth at 11.35, formed of coaching stock;- S5216, S5200, S5122, S1840, S5171, S9392, S5236, S1961, S5237, S5249. Also recorded at Weymouth were stabled new units;- 450019 and 450021 and 31468 and 31602 with ECS 5958, 9595, 5925, 5981 (to work 2V61 16.25 Wessex Trains service to Westbury). 180101 was unusually rostered to work the 07.42 Taunton-Didcot First/GW service.
24/08 Newly delivered 'Coastaway' unit 377128 was used on the 18.16 Portsmouth Harbour-Brighton service.
26/08 With a continuing steam ban, 33202 worked 5Z96 Alton-Liverpool St. ECS for a 1Z97 12.07 Cathedrals Express working to Ely (top n'tailing with 37 197). The 33 returned the working as 1Z98 17.30 Ely-Liverpool St. Observations at Worting junction recorded the following;- 66715 4M61 12.48 Southampton-Crewe liner, 67026 12.00 Victoria-Southampton VSOE, 66701 Four Anglian coaches for Eastleigh works, 73109 Hauling emu 1881 in the up direction, 47701 4S59 15.12 Southampton MCT-Crewe liner
and later 47355 on the 4M98 18.28 Southampton-Garston liner.
28/08 37197 and 33202 were again used on a 1Z85 and 1Z86 Victoria-Stratford-on-Avon excursion inplace of steam traction (the ECS coming from the Mid Hants at Alton). The Castle Cary-Yeovil line was subject to 'caution' (at 13.45) due to smoke from a fire at a saw mill alongside the route at Sparkford.
31/08 The following were visible at Westbury at 12.50 08510. 60007/019/077/083. 66001/004/142. 66551. Over at Alton, 31452 headed an 08.14 ECS to Victoria for a working to the 'Faversham Hop Festival'.

West of England

01/08 66214 powered the 6C43 13.19 (TFO)Burngullow-Exeter (Riverside) freight calling in at Heathfield on the freight-only branch line from Newton Abbot en route. This service is now booked to call here on a FO basis between 17.00 and 20.00. Newly repainted 'large-logo' 47635 made a debut appearance in the area on the 1V40 23.10 Willesden-Plymouth mails.
02/08 67021+47635 were paired on the 5C40 06.30 Plymouth-St.Blazey empty TPO stock. 66003+66021 ran 0W40 St.Blazey-Tavistock Junction light to power a 6W40 22.15 engineers train to Ernsettle and return 09.15 the next day.
04/08 The Newton Abbot 'thunderbird' rescue loco was;- 47635 from 05/08-10/08, 47757 11/08-18/08 and 47790 19/08-31/08. 67024 was in charge of the 6C21 08.09 St.Blazey-Penzance fuel oil and 47635 was on rescue duty when the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper failed between Liskeard and Bodmin Parkway stations. 66021 ran light from St.Blazey to assist loco 47815 and train to Lostwithiel loop where the service was terminated (the passengers having de-trained at Bodmin Parkway) and 47635 arrived from Plymouth to drag the stock (as 5Z77 10.57 Lostwithiel-Laira) and loco back to Laira depot. 47811 then ran 0Z79 14.39 Old Oak Common-Laira light to work the ECS back to Penzance for the evening's Paddington departure.
05/08 66019 worked an early morning St.Blazey-Exeter (Riverside) stock move formed of three TPO vans and at Plymouth Devonport dockyard 43075 and 43190 were in for repair (the latter left for Laira by road the next day).
08/08 First/GW loco activity today saw;- 57601 head the 1A34 07.35 Plymouth-Paddington (as far as Reading) and 1C28 12.02 Reading-Penzance and 47811 on the 1A92 17.30 Penzance-Paddington (however the latter working eventually ran as a HST set). The Serco yellow HST (with power cars 43014+43062) was in the West Country, running the regular 1C00 07.17 Paddington-Plymouth and 1A00 10.47 Plymouth-Paddington. On the freight side, 66021 was on the 6C43 13.19 Burngullow-Exeter (Riverside) freight, which called at Heathfield en route, 66019 worked the 6H68 Plymoth-Cardiff Tidal scrap metal and 67027 was on the 6T11 Tavistock yard-St.Blazey fuel tanks. 47635 returned north on the 5C02 08.59 Penzance-St.Blazey empty TPO stock and the 1E43 14.55 Plymouth-Low Fell mails.
09/08 History in the making, the first Class 52 to visit Penzance for 26 years saw D1015 Western Champion (also carrying Sir Misha Black-the loco class designer, nameplates) work Pastime Rail's Royal Duchy (1Z52 07.35 Paddington-Penzance and 1Z53 16.15 return).
10/08 The Virgin XC HST operated, 1S80 09.25 Penzance-Edinburgh service was reported in trouble in Cornwall and on arrival at Plymouth passengers were detrained and the set was turned on the Laira triangle, the power cars being 43153 and 43160.
11/08 47 811 was in charge of the 1C34 07.35 Plymouth-Paddington First/GW service in place of an HST set, the loco later returning to London on the 1C99 sleeper.
12/08 The 1C99 22.00 Paddington-Penzance sleeper, with 57601 was in trouble at Taunton, 47813 having to run 1Z99 03.00 Laira-Taunton light-engine to collect the loco and train which eventually continued 190 minutes late! Dept one-car DMU ADB977968 passed Dawlish at 13.05 heading west.
13/08 ADB977968 was again in use running 5Z30 08.49 Laira-Penzance (via Goonbarrow) and 5Z31 14.26 Penzance-Laira return and 47813 worked a 5Z70 Laira-Old Oak Commom ECS (Exeter 13.48).
14/08 The Newton Abbot 'thunderbird', 47790, assisted the 1A56 12.40 Plymouth-Paddington First/GW service into Exeter (then returned light to Newton Abbot) and the 1E39 16.13 Plymouth-Leeds HST was also reported in trouble on Hemerdon bank, although the outcome of this was unknown.
15/09 66214 powered the 6C43 13.19 Burngullow-Exeter freight service.
16/09 150233 left the area to be repainted in new 'vinyls' livery leaving only 150232 left on West Country duties in the 'old' Regional Railways colours. The 11.25 Penzance-Glasgow Virgin XC service saw a power car swap on arrival at Plymouth with 43103 removed in favour of 43094 (43160 being the other power car). A demolition order was placed on the former Dawlish station signal box (closed in 1986), but believed a listed building having been built in 1918.
17/08 Steam 7802 Bradley Manor was still undergoing repairs in the Torbay Steam Railways workshop at Churston with it's centre wheels removed. An announcement was made regarding this years winter engineering programme which sees parts of the West of England mainline closed during every weekend! The rear power car 43033 was in condition (with 43170) on the 15.55 Plymouth-Paddington ready to be named Driver Brian Cooper 15 June 1947-5 October 1999, who died in the Ladbroke Grove rail crash.
18/08 There were major problems at Horse Cove, near Dawlish, with the failure of the 1A86 15.58 Penzance-Paddington First/GW HST (with power cars 43164 (failed)+43018). The 1C56 16.34 Paddington-Penzance (with 43152+43023) detrained at Dawlish and was used to rescue the failed set running wrong-line. At least three trains had already left Newton Abbot and were held at various signals (including the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails with 67003) along with 150102, which was held in Dawlish Warren loop, and four other down trains. The stricken train was eventually moved 120 minutes late! 67018 was used on the Penzance fuel tanks during the morning, 47778 worked the 1V40 Willesden-Plymouth mails and 47790 was on the 6C99 22.35 St.Blazey-Exeter (Riverside) freight. The last Regional Railways liveried unit 150 232 worked the 12.56 Exeter-Barnstaple and 14.18 Barnstaple-Exmouth services, amongst others to and from Paignton during the day.
19/08 Central trains 150102 was still active on local services during the day. At Taunton, 60019 arrived light at 19.30 as 0Z15 ex. Westbury to collect an 8Z10 21.45 Fairwater yard-Bristol East depot train of condemned wagons, this being the second last wagon movement from the yard, which had become a surplus wagon storage point in recent years. Earlier, 47790 worked a 6C24 07.17 Tavistock yard-Fowey train of CDAs as far as Plymouth station (centre road) where 66062, which had run light from St.Blazey took over.
20/08 67003+67008 were paired on the 6C06 11.39 St.Blazey-Tavistock yard CDAs. This was the first time Class 67 locos had worked this train for several months.
21/09 09013 was on the Cattywater scrap metal trip working during the day and 66109 was on local clay duty, including the 6P03 06.50 St.Blazey-Parkindillack.
22/08 Rail grinding machine DR79200 was noted stabled in Truro yard at 12.40, whilst later 66043 powered the 6C43 13.19 (TFO) St.Blazey-Exeter (Riverside) freight, calling at Heathfield.
24/08 The Regional Railways 150232 worked the 17.15 Exeter-Okehampton and 18.20 return.
26/08 On the Torbay Steam Railway, a repaired steam loco 7802, paired with 75014 worked the 14.45 Kingswear-Paignton. At Taunton, 66210 running 0Z15 18.25 Westbury-Taunton arrived at 19.30 to collect the final trainload of wagons, 17 condemned cement PCAs. The train (8Z10 21.45 Fairwaters yard-Bristol East depot via Westbury) left at 22.05 and ran at a restricted speed of 35mph throughout. At St.Blazey, long-term resident 47306 (which has been here since an open day in August last year) was fitted with new batteries and started up.
27/08 67018 was on the Penzance fuel tanks, 47 790 was on a 6C99 22.35 St.Blazey-Exeter freight and 66067 worked a 6Z29 11.20 Tavistock yard-St.Blazey freight. 66043 was on local clay, including the 6P11 15.00 Fowey-Drinnick Mill. Steam 7802 was in action on the Torbay Steam railway working a number of services during the day and 150 232 which was to be taken out of service to receive 'new colours' from 30/08 worked 2C79 15.55 Plymouth-Penzance and 2C90 18.33 Penzance-Plymouth.
28/08 09013 again worked the Cattewater scrap metal trip, the loco and train arriving in Friary yard at 08.52 with 27 SSAs and a former 25ton SR bogie brakevan (YTW) KDS56305. The loco then tripped up to five wagons at a time from Friary to a loading terminal set up along the branch, using the brake van as a propelling vehicle on the return trips. This is an all day operation, finishing around 17.00, the wagons then going forward to Cardiff the next day. The 6M72 Burngullow-Exeter freight was headed by 66232+66092 to Exeter, where the latter loco returned west in top n'tail formation with 66156 on 6W12 17.53 Westbury-Bere Alston formed of six OBA wagons. HST power car 43174 was moved into Plymouth, Devonport dockyard for repair by road.
29/08 Steam 7802 returned as 5Z78 14.40 Kingswear-Bristol Barton Hill with support coach. 67015+67019 were paired on the 6C06 11.39 St.Blazey-Tavistock yard CDAs and Central Trains 150102 worked out of the area, and hire, on the 20.34 Exeter St.Davids-Gloucester service. 66029 was recorded at Heathfield with the 6C43 (TFO)13.19 Burngullow-Exeter (Riverside) freight, arriving at 15.58 to collect three loaded 'International' wagons loaded with clay powder for Sezzardio in Italy. 57601 was the First/GW, 1C99 sleeper loco.
30/08 221133 was seen at Par at 12.27 with the 1V21 06.27 Manchester-Newquay Virgin XC service.
31/08 57601 ran 0Z74 09.30 Laira-St.Phillips Marsh to collect a 5Z77 13.30 return stock move. 66151+66142 top n'tailed a 6W40 09.15 St.Budeaux-Westbury autoballaster and went west again later.

Locos recorded on local Cornish china clay work during the month included;- 66015/021/022/043/109/123.

Postal sets noted

4s (PCV)
94319 94172 94228 94310
94311 94148 94177 94338
94326 94197 94199 94308
94318 94168 94119 94303
94341 95761 95734 94313

94544 94121 94209 94103 94534
94514 94190 94208 94182 94423


Cardiff Central

10/08 There was a football match at the Millennium Stadium between Manchester United and Arsenal, so two special trains were laid on from Manchester (but nothing from London!). 47839 was diagrammed to haul 1Z47 08:50 Manchester-Cardiff and 37197/308 1Z37 09:08 Manchester-Cardiff. Unfortunately, the 47 failed whilst working the ECS to Manchester. One of the 37s was earmarked to rescue it, but that was abandoned due to the difficulties of getting it on the front of the failed train. 1Z37 eventually left Manchester 112 minutes late and arrived in Cardiff mid-way through the first half! The 37s returned as 1Z38 17:23 Cardiff-Manchester.
23/08 There was a Wales v England rugby match at the Millennium Stadium. 37688 worked 1Z33 07:45 Crewe-Cardiff via Wrexham and 1M94 17:44 return. 37197 did 1Z77 09:13 Crewe-Cardiff and 1Z34 18:15 return via Wrexham. 37410/422/425 plus 142077+143602 operated hourly services between Rhymney and Cardiff. Stock used was 9520, 6067, 5976, 6064 and 9503, 5773, 5905, 5791. The Rhymney-Fishguard was replaced by 1Z37 09:37 Hereford-Fishguard hauled by 37408 with six ex-VT Mk2e's, which were worked to Hereford as 5Z37 07:00 from Crewe. The train returned as 1Z38 13:35 Fishguard-Crewe, but the loco shut down several times en-route, so 37669 was attached on the front at Cardiff. There were problems getting the two locos to work in multiple, so the train left 35 minutes late.
29/08 The 05:05 Waterloo-Maesteg started from Reading at 06:00 and was worked by Valley Lines 143624!
30/08 There was a Wales v Scotland rugby match at the Millennium Stadium. 37408 worked 1Z39 07:45 Crewe-Cardiff via Wrexham and 1Z34 18:15 return. 37197 did 1Z77 09:13 Crewe-Cardiff hauling 5378/64, 17056, 5322/76/75 and 1M94 17:44 Cardiff-Crewe. On Valley Lines, 37410/417/422/425 operated hourly services between Rhymney and Cardiff, 37410 only doing one trip before being replaced by 37417 because of an engine defect. The Fishguard did not start from Rhymney, but ran as 1Z37 09:37 Hereford-Fishguard, hauled by 37405. The train arrived at Cardiff with 37405 suffering from overheating, so the loco was replaced by 37886, which returned as 1Z38 13:35 Fishguard-Crewe. As there was no ETH supply, the conductor turned off the carriage lights to conserve battery power for the Central Door Locking, which made it rather 'spooky' in the tunnels on the Swansea District Line! The loco was not used to passenger work, as it could only manage a top speed of around 75 mph.

Cardiff Canton (viewed from the footbridge)

03/08 08493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37402/408/412/413/415/419/429,
37509/668/712. 60034. 66013/163. 67011/028. 221107.
24/08 08576/792/801/955/957. 37412/413/415/419/509. 59203.
60041/043/057. 66115/143.
31/08 08576/955/957. 37248/410/412/413/415/419/509. 59203. 60055. 66039/219. 221106(4 car). Coach 21245.

Sims Metals

01/08 Sleeping car 10715 plus 2 others tipped on their sides.
06/08 One EMU vehicle, Cl421?
25/08 One LT Tube car.


01/08 Noted today were 09203. 37890. 57006. 60042/052/071/081. 66013/128/163/170/205.
06/08 56033 worked 6M75 ADJ-Warrington and 56091 6M82 ADJ-Basford Hall.
09/08 56106 hauled 6E35 Llanwern-Lackenby.
11/08 56090 worked 7B48 09:00 ADJ-Machen and 56091 6B64 10:00 Cardiff Docks-ADJ.
13/08 37402 hauled 16:00 6G30 Aberthaw-East Usk coal train.
15/08 56095 operated 6M75 ADJ-Basford Hall.
17/08 37308 with 66250 dit worked an empty Llanwern-Lackenby steel train.
18/08 37717 did 6B64 and 56090/119 6E47 20:10 Newport Docks-Tees Yard.
20/08 60015 with 37248 dit hauled 6V71 01:07 Arpley-ADJ (arr 05:10). 56090 did 7B48 and 7B47 15:00 return from Machen. 37669 worked 6M82.
22/08 56070 did 7B48/7B47 and 37669 was on 6B64.
24/08 56051 hauled 6E48 10:20 Llanwern-Lackenby.
25/08 56107. 60015/043. 66039/122/124/126/192.
26/08 67017 worked 6G80 10:12(TuO) Avonmouth-ADJ.
28/08 47791 operated 6C91 09:14 ADJ-Bridgwater.
29/08 47791. 60042/076. 66016/019/039/137/504.
31/08 37706, 66039/175/219 were at Godfrey Road at 17:15.

Units noted during the month

01/08 The 12:00 Cardiff to Brighton was operated by a 158 instead of being loco hauled/pushed, due to a shortage of drivers at Westbury passed on Class 31s.
05/08 31190+31459 were in charge of 4Z12 00.42 Paddington-Bristol Kingsland road ultrasonic test train.
08/08 31468/602 hauled/pushed the 12:00 to Brighton.
09/08 31468/602 were working the Wessex trains Weymouth diagram.
15/08 31468/602 hauled/pushed the 12:00 to Brighton.
20/08 Wessex Trains operated an additional Class 31 top n'tailed services to Weymouth for the town's carnival. A 16.15 Westbury-Weymouth ran with a return trip to Yeovil prior to the return to Westbury after the firework display at 22.00.
22/08 31468/602 hauled/pushed 1O98 12.00 to Brighton and 17:00 return
29/08 31468/602 hauled/pushed the 12:00 to Brighton.

The SWTs 'Desiro' Class 450 unit movements contract is expected to finish by 12/09. The Fragonset locos will then come off lease.

01/08 37425 worked 2F03 06:59 from Rhymney and 2R46 17:47 return. 37422 did 2F05 07:17 from Rhymney, then 1B96 10:47 to Fishguard Harbour and 1R38 13:35 Fishguard Harbour-Rhymney. 37408 hauled 2F06 07:40 from Rhymney and 37417 operated 2R42 17:11 to Rhymney.
02/08 37417 did 1B96 09:11 Rhymney-Fishguard and 1R38 13:55 return. 37425 worked various Saturday services on the Rhymney line. 37890 powered a 6W10 18.42 Newport ADJ-Gloucester loaded CWR train.
04/08 37422 hauled 2F03 and 37408 did 2F06, 1B96, 1R38. 37886 was on the Didcot-Appleford and Oxford Hinksey trips. 37890 headed the 6O33 (MO) 17.24 Cardiff Canton-Eastleigh fuel tanks.
05/08 37216 was most unusual power on a 6G77 09.15 Ernsettle-Didcot MOD special formed of six VKA flats. 37886 was seen at Didcot on an another MOD working facing north. 37408 operated 2F03, 37425 2F05/1B96/1R38, 37422 2F06.
06/08 37422 did 2F03/2R42, 37408 2F05/1B96/1R38, 37425 2F06, 37417 2R46.
07/08 37712 was on the Didcot-Appleford trip and 37 517 powered the 6O26 10.48 Hinksey yard-Eastleigh and return 7V27 Eastleigh-Didcot departmental arriving at 17.43. 37670 was in charge of the 6B36 06.58 Didcot-Ashchurch. 37422 hauled 2F03/1B96/1R38, 37417 2F05/2R42, 37408 2F06/2R46.
08/08 37670 was back in action on a 6Z19 06.57 Didcot-Ludgershall MOD, but had failed on route, 60099 taking over. A unit derailed at Rhymney early in the morning, preventing the loco-hauled services from running. 37417 plus stock was extracted after shunting and was able to run to Cardiff in time to work 1B96 and 1R38. 37408 did 2R42.
09/08 37417 hauled 1B96 and 1R38 to/from Rhymney whilst 37422 operated Rhymney line Saturday services.
11/08 37422 did 2F03/2R46, 37408 2F05/1B96/1R38, 37417 2F06, 37425 2R42.
12/08 37425 operated 1B96 and 1R38. A survey of other 'local' Class members found the following;- 37712 en-route 6L98 07.50 Didcot-Shoeburyness and allox 6V98 14.14 return, 37890 allox 7V27 14.41 Eastleigh-Didcot, 37503+37717 6V25 Bescot-Eastleigh concrete sleepers, 37042 OO oos, 37047 BS oos, 37057 EH b exam, 37114 BS ok, 37402/408 CF a exam, 37410 CF b exam, 37417/422 Rhymney passenger locos, 37517 Bs ok, 37521/670/694 SY ok.
13/08 37712 headed the 6B36 08.30 Swindon-Ashchurch leaving at 09.24, 37717 was on the 6M19 07.04 Didcot-Kineton and return trip, then to Bicester and 37890 worked the 7O26 10.47 Hinksey-Eastleigh, a Class 66 returning the balancing return working. 37402 hauled 16:00 6G30 Aberthaw-East Usk coal train. 37422 hauled 2F03/2R46, 37417 2F05/1B96/1R38, 37425 2F06, 37408 2R42.
14/08 37408 was on 1B96/1R38, 37425 2R42, 37417 2R46.
15/08 37425 did 1B96/1R38, 37422 2R42, 37408 2R4616/08 37422 operated 1B96/1R38 whilst 37408 and 37425 worked Saturday services on the Rhymney.
17/08 37 308 ran light to collect a failed 66250 on an afternoon Llanwern-Lackenby steel service from Grange Court, between Gloucester and Lydney. 37308 with 66250 dit worked an empty Llanwern-Lackenby steel train.
18/08 37712 handled the 4B24 14.04 Didcot-Wentloog MOD service and 4A25 20.00 return. Another fleet survey found the following;- 37402 CF oos, 37417 CF b exam, 37503 en-route 6B36 06.58 Didcot-Ashchurch (and allox 6A32 13.27 return), 37 517 en-route 7026 10.48 Hinksey yard-Eastleigh, 37669 MG ok, 37717 6B64 10.00 Newport-Cardiff Docks trip, 37890 EH b exam. 37408 hauled 2F03, 37422 2F05/1B96/1R38, 37425 2F06/2R46, 37410 2R42. 37712 worked 4B24 14:04 Didcot-Wentloog and 4A25 20:00 return. 37717 did 6B64.
19/08 37890 was on the 7V27 14.33 Eastleigh-Didcot and earlier 37 503 the 6O26 Hinksey-Eastleigh departmental workings. 37410 did 2F03/1B96/1R38, 37425 2F05, 37422 2F06/2R42, 37408 2R46.
20/08 37057 and an unidentified steam loco ran 5Y86 08.41 Alton-Victoria, 37890 ran light to Ashchurch for the 6A32 MOD to Didcot the return passing Kemble at 15.35, 37712 was on the 7O26 10.48 Hinksey yard-Eastleigh and later on 7M28 18.47 Oxford-Bescot departmental and preserved 37 197 which had worked down from Crewe to the Mid Hants light hauled a 5Z80 05.40 Alton-Victoria ECS. The same loco worked 5Z98 21.05 Victoria-Alton ECS the next day. 37422 was on 2F03/1B96/1R38, 37410 2F06, 37417 2R42. 37669 worked 6M82.
21/08 37417 operated 2F05/2R38, 37422 2F06/2R46, 37425 2R42. A unit covered 1B96, after the LHCS was failed by the conductor before departure as the CDL not working on one door.
22/08 37 197 ran 16.30 Alton-Crewe light-engine.
22/08 37425 hauled 2F03, 37422 2F06, 37417 1B96/1R38, 37410 2R42. 37669 was on 6B64.
25/08 Because it was a bank holiday, 1B96 started from Rhymney (as on Saturdays) worked by 37422 (which also worked the 1R38 return). 37410/425 worked numerous services on the Rhymney Valley line (as a Saturday) to accommodate the expected large numbers travelling to Cardiff and Barry Island.
26/08 37174 was reported to have hauled the Dagenham-Bridgend car parts.
37410 did 2F03, 37425 2F05/1B96/1R38, 37422 2F06/2R46, 37417 2R42 (which terminated at Ystrad Mynach due to brake problems on the stock).
27/08 37698 was on the 6V38 09.02 Eastleigh-Didcot MOD, 37 042 worked a 6Z11 West Ealing-Reading TMD departmental move and 37 503 powered the 6B36 06.58 Didcot-Ashchurch MOD and 6A32 13.27 return. 37417 operated 1B96/1R38, 37422 2R42, 37410 2R46.
28/08 37886 was on the 6V30 Dagenham-Bridgend Ford car parts. 37422 hauled 2F03/1B96/1R38, 37410 2F05, 37417 2F06, 37425 2R42.
29/08 37503 worked the 6O26 11.00 Hiksey-Eastleigh departmental. 37425 did 2F03/1B96/1R38, 37417 2F05, 37422 2F06/2R42, 37410 2R46.
30/08 A 7W60 21.16 Newport ADJ-Gloucester Tuffley and return 08.30 to Newport was powered by 37706.
31/08 37 174 was rostered for a 6Z32 Ascot-Eastleigh engineers passing Reading West at 11.45.

For the coming Sandite/Leaf-fall season the following Class members expected to be reinstated;- 37294/426/516/667/676/682/689/704. 37670 is to go to St.Blazey depot for this duty.

CLASS 47/57
1A99 Penzance-Paddington
47811. 02/08, 04/08, 11/08.
47813. 08/08, 10/08, 28/08.
47815. 31/08.
57601. 05/08, 26/08.
1C99 Paddington-Penzance
47811. 03/08, 08/08.
47813. 08/08, 10/08, 28/08
47815. 04/08.
57601. 12/08.

28/08 47791 operated 6C91 09:14 ADJ-Bridgwater.

The North-East Boulby branch line is confirmed as going over to Class 66 locos from early September. Blue liveried 56006 received cab collision damage but is to be repaired and 56078 is expected to go into the Toton paint shop and emerge in the eighties 'large logo' livery.

01/08 The following class members were active on mail duties 67009-1C06, 67010-1M65, 67013-1C84, 67014-1E41, 67018-1M99, 67024-1V33, 67025-1C01,67029-1E43.

With the end of mail traffic expected early next year, the Class are finding other duties with as already reported crew training taking place at Eastleigh. The locos are taking over VSOE and Northern Belle operations as well as having Fort William 'sleeper' trials and Valley Lines use has also been mentioned in place of Class 37s. The locos could see Summer Saturday use next year with the 10 week Virgin proposal for the use of locos and stock on Newcastle-Paignton and Preston-Paignton Summer Saturday services.


6V73 04.33 Crewe-Berkeley-Crewe nuclear flasks.
06/08 20312+20313. 13/08 37609+37611. 14/08 20312+37608.
27/08 20312+20308.

6V74/6M67 Crewe-Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks.
04/08 20307+20315. 06/08 37609+37611. 11/08 37609+37611.
13/08 20312+20313. 20/08 37259+37606. 27/08 20313+20314.


4V08 Basford Hall - Wentloog.
15/08.47358 worked

6M16 Southampton Western Dock-Crewe automotive.
01/08 47812. 04/08 47805. 05/08 47843. 07/08 47150+66603. 13/08 66528.
14/08 47847. 19/08 66547. 20/08 66714. 21/08 66610. 27/08 66504.
29/08 47843.

4V50 Southampton-Wentloog & 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton
15/08 57008. 12/08 47805+57005 (4V50) from Parkway and 47805 (4O51). 13/08 57009 (4V50) and 57009+57005(4O51). 20/08 66714.
Notes;- 12/08 57005 failed near Chipping Sodbury, and was hauled to Bristol Parkway by a Class 66. 47805 ran light from Kingsland road to Parkway down loop to continue the train onwards, the failed 57 returning the next day as part as 4O51.

Basford Hall- Wentloog - Basford Hall
15/08 47358. 26/08 66713.

6V14/6S41 Crewe Gresty Lane/Mossend-Portbury and return cars.
01/08 66607. 05/08 66607. 06/08 66558. 08/08 66558. 26/08 66525.
27/08 47270. 28/08 66525. 01/09 66529.
Notes;- Trains on 05/08 and 27/08 were both to Garston FLT.

4V60 Calvert - Avon - Calvert Binliner
01/08-05/08 66528. 07/08 66551. 27/08 66551. 30/08 66551.

6V20/6M37 Hope sidings-Moorswater-Hope sidings cement.
31/07 66549. 04/08 66549. 06/08 66523. 07/08 66529. 11/08 66558.
12/08 66558. 13/08 66558. 14/08 66558. 20/08 66529. 25/08 66559.
26/08 66559. 27/08 66559. 28/08 66559.

Other Freightliner sightings

02/08 47843 ran from Southampton-Crewe light.
06/08 47358 powered the 4M55 10.12 Southampton MCT-Lawley st and return 4O17 15.51 Lawley st-Southampton containers.
07/08 57005 failed at Micheldever on the 4M55 with 1,088 tonnes, the following 6V34 Fawley-Margam tanks, with 66155 (and 751 tonnes) pushed the train clear from the rear. Other workings during the day were;- 57011+57005 on the 4M55 containers and 47805 which was seen in Temple Meads light, now with no nameplates and Freightliner 'flashes' beneath each cab window.
11/08 47 812 was on the 4O77 Westbury-Millbrook cement.
14/08 Police liveried 47829 was on the 6077 07.37 Westbury-Millbrook and 6V77 13.48 return cement workings, 57010+47812 headed the 4S59 Southampton-Coatbridge containers and 57010+57002(dit) were on the 4O18 04.11 Lawley st-Southampton containers.
17/08 The 4M58 19.20 Southampton-Trafford Park containers were in the hands of 47 150.
18/08 47150 returned a 4Z24 09.40 Basford Hall yard-Soutampton containers, 47829 was again on the 4O77 and 4V77 cement and 66601 was stabled in Kingsland road sidings at 09.20.
19/08 47829 was on the 4O18 04.44 Lawley st-Southampton liner and 47150 headed a 4O27 05.20 Trafford Park-Southampton liner. By this date 66714-717, 47701/709/712 were all on hire to Freightliner.
20/08 47 150 worked a 4O27 11.13 Basford Hall-Southampton liner repeating the same duty two days later.
21/08 47829 was back on cement duty from Westbury, departing Millbrook at 14.50 on the return.
23/08 47829 and 66551 were stabled in Kingsland road at 10.20 (and both again here the next day).
26/08 47 355 headed a 4Z55 Southampton-Lawley Street liner (and headed a similar working running as 4M55 the next day) and 47829 was on Westbury cement duty.
28/08 47701 worked a container train 4M79 22.45 ex. Southampton and 47355 was on the 4S59 15.14 Southampton-Coatbridge and 4O11 return containers.
29/08 47829 was again on the Westbury-Millbrook cement turn. Freightliner have been reported to be looking at Llantrisant sidings between Bridgend and Cardiff as a possible terminal for a new freight-flow from the Peak district.


6S55 09.38 (WO) Burngullow-Irvine china clay slurry
06/08 66022. 13/08 66021. 20/08 66062. 27/08 66067.

6V41 16.21 (T or ThO) Irvine-Burngullow china clay slurry empties
08/08 66123. 11/08 66015. 14/08 66214. 18/08 66051. 21/08 66133.
25/08 66249. 28/08 66014.

6V70 (M,T,W,FO) Cliffe Vale/Bescot-St.Blazey 'empty clayliner'
05/08 66062. 06/08 66019. 12/08 66021. 13/08 66015. 15/08 66015.
19/08 66067. 20/08 66109. 22/08 66051. 25/08 66133. 26/08 66092.
27/08 66029. 29/08 66094.
Notes;- the train was cancelled on 01/08 and 08/08, ran as 0V70 on 20/08, 26/08 and 29/08 light-engine with no wagons and was terminated at Exeter due to late running on 15/08.

6M72 (M,T,ThO) Burngullow-Cliffe Vale
04/08 66003. 05/08 66019. 07/08 66032. 11/08 66021. 12/08 66015.
14/08 66015. 18/08 66181. 19/08 66051. 21/08 66214. 25/08 66133.
26/08 66249. 28/08 66232.
Note;- The train ran as 0M72 on the 19/08 light-engine from Exeter.



08442(CF)-AN, 08711/844(CF)-OC, 08904(OC)-CF, 66522/524/526/527/530,
(LD = Leeds Midland Road, locos in pool DFHC (Coal))

08500/605 47736/767. 86205/212/228*. (* See Traffic)
BH: 08746. 47285. CD: 37676/704. 47736. DF: 31233. 33046. 47145.
DW: 58001. FB: 08414/500/605. IM: 56054/068/105.
MQ: 31301/423/439. 47348. NC: 73203/204/205/206/207/209.
SP: 08601/817/825. 37697/711. 47765. 56019. TE: 56094/100/103/106/129. ZB: 86261.
(DW = Doncaster West Yard, MQ = Meldon Quarry)

08784 -IM, 20096 -HQ, 47785 -CD, 56033 -IM, 56051 -TE, 57310/311 -WN,
86205/212/228 -CE.


Thomson: 31116/158/180/184/232/247/290/294/403/531.
H Needle: 08957. 33205. 37037/078/111/133/345(101)/903. 47095/331.
Booth: 20133. 47565.
Sims: 37012. 47481.
IMRFT: 86204/220/221/222/236/244/257.
Sandbach C&C: 86208
Mendip Rail: 08643.
Cl37 Group: 37188.
T4 Group(G&W): 47376.
Colne Valley: 47771.
Fragonset: 56022/047/125.

47817 - 57311, 47831 - 57310.

Diesel Multiple Units

165001/004 -RG.

ZG: 60200/201 (Raxstar).
Chiltern Rlwys: 51341/413.
North Norfolk: 51228. 54062.

New Stock
170721/722 -HQ.

Electric Multiple Units

(S): 1745. 1850. 1903.
NC: 8208. 9106/08. SS: 1709/37/45. 1850. 1903. ZD: car 62521.
ZG: 508.123.

360117/118/119 -IL.
4588001 - WD.

IMRFT: 303.087.
Sims Metals: Cl308 cars: 61897/904/914. 75901/908/941 @CF.
Cl421 units: 1702/03/06.

New Stock
333 74485/486/487/488/489 -NL.
360120/121 -HQ.
377101/116/121/122/124/125/126/127/128/129/130/131/134/135/136/137/138 -HQ.
390009/024/025/026/027/028 -MA.
450015/019/021/023/024/025/026/027/028 -HQ.

Coaching & NPCC Stock

1658. 1813 -OM, 1860 -FW, 2833. 3100/10/31/32/33/34. 4915/16/38/46/49 -OM, 4951 -FW, 4956/59 -OM, 4984 -FW, 4991/96/98/99. 5002/05/08.
5331/86. 5616 -OM, 5748/52/73/91/92/94. 5814. 5943/65/76 -CF,
6311 - OM, 9501/20/26 - CF, 14007 -FW, 21245/246. 35469 -OM,
40414 -NL, 40422 -LA, 80041 -OM, 80220. 99128/316/329/329 -FW,

Vehicles are listed by last known location only, in most instances probably only temporarily, whilst secure storage areas are sought. Codes used are "made up in some cases" and described later.
BK: 80362/415. BS: 9521. CY: 5453/63/78/87/91. 5569. 5853/69/74. 5913. 6013. 9440/48. 9539. 10602/717. 99319. DB: 6178. DF: 5906. EN: 80331/401. EX: 5789. 5824/27/97. 9496. 80412.
HH: 1221. 3312/74. 5779/88/97. 5812/66/88. 9479. 9500.
LT: 10211/221/257. 11016/023/037/045/072/081. 12040/041/046/081/082,
12088/089/100/116/134/137/148/151/153/168. 82142/149.
LNWR: 6035/66. 6124/70. 9524. MA: 82117. NT: 6115/35. 9538.
OM: 1206. 5961/71. 6024/30/38. 6105/19/37/62/76/77. 9529/31.
OY: 3360. 3428. 5934/63/6984. 6054. 6104/07/63. TS: 96100.
WB: 80334/413. WE: 3369/89. 3403. 6055. 6113/16/44/80. WW: 5911. 6008. 6183. 9527.
CY = Cardiff Cathays, DB = Doncaster Belmont, EX = Exeter,
HH = Hotchley Hill, NT = Newport, WE = Wembley CS, WW = Wilmslow.

1851 - CP, 41181/182/183/184/185 -NL, 96139 -TS.

3172/92. 3230/48/93. 6609/19. 10530/554/557/577/604/651/660/662/716.
975707/708/718/728/738/748/914. 977533/534.

IMRFT:- 3172/92. 3230/48. 977533/534.
HNRL: 975707/708/718/728/738/748/914.
EWS: 10554/557/577. 10604/651/660/662/682/716.
Dean Forest: 10530.

2906 - 977969.
42270 - 41184, 42274 - 41183, 42278 - 41182, 42282 - 41181,
42313 - 41185.

Preservation & Industrial Matters

Bristol Harbour Railway (02/08 and 03/08) R.W.Giles
The Bristol Industrial Museum celebrated its 25th year of operation over this weekend, coinciding with this years Harbour side festival. Avonside No.34 Portbury (1764/17) was in use along the Wapping Wharf branch line to the Create 'B bond' warehouse centre near Ashton, carrying a Jubilee Headboard. Coles crane 14090 Pretty Flamingo, hauled out Peckett Henbury (1940/37) under over-haul and Ruston 418792/59 from the loco shed during the evening shunt. The railway now has an additional passenger carrying wagon, former 34ton Turbot open bogie wagon DB978121 (Shildon 1982, Lot No.4021) fitted with extended side rails, side doors and fixed wooden slat seats. Wheel -chair access is also possible onto the wagon, which has been repainted in an all over black livery. As well as the 25th anniversary, Avonside Portbury is celebrating it's 15th year since being restored back to running order in 1988 and the harbour side Fairburn 34ton steam crane (returned to operating order in 1991) had it's 125th birthday on 10/08!

Road Movements

05/08 HST power car 43178 was seen heading south on a road low loader lorry passing Avonmouth on the M5 at 16.30.
19/08 Electro diesels 73005 and 73906 were parked on separate lorry trailers in the abnormal load area on the English side of the New Severn road crossing at 09.00, heading from Southampton back to the Dean Forest Railway at Lydney.
21/08 08994 was seen on the M4 heading east past Magor at 08.00.

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