02/06 60038 arrived at Bennett's yard at 15.41 with MEA empties, having been noted 'recessed' at Parkway during the morning. 

03/06 66039 handled the 6G80 (TO) 10.12 Avonmouth-Newport ADJ HTA cripple trip, normally a Class 67 duty. 

04/06 56065 was reported to be in the Bulk Handling terminal during the evening, although the locos workings were not known. 

10/06 Mainline-blue 60078 departed from Hallen Marsh with loaded MEAs for the north, just after 12.00. 

18/06 66168 worked the 6M33 11.51 enterprise freight service to Wembley. 

23/06 66161 headed the 4E41 18.45 (MO) containers to Tyne Yard. 

24/06 67009 was the 6G80 cripple trip loco, returning 13 repaired HTAs (leaving Newport at 14.10) during the afternoon. 

30/06 A morning engineering blockade at Filton West junction saw no coal trains operating. At 07.00, five engineers trains were in the area waiting to return to Westbury. 66024 later worked the 4E41 containers to Tyne Yard, leaving late, not long after 20.00.

Locos recorded on coal traffic during the month included; 66018/026/043/080/086/147/155/161/202/231/243. 

08685 remained the local area pilot.

Bristol Parkway

02/06 60051 powered a 6G66 15.15 Swindon-Cardiff Tidal sidings scrap metal train and 20901 + 37029 passed at 15.47 with one nuclear flask, on a 6Z67 Bridgwater-Crewe working. Lively evening on the freight front with five MGR services noted, 66033 + 66071 with empties for Avonmouth, 66181 empties for Portbury, 66133 with a loaded train from Portbury and 66195 from Avonmouth. Other services seen were 66078 working the Tytherington stone and 37689 with the Canton/Margam fuel train. 

03/06 66148 was the Tytherington stone trip loco. 

05/06 Tank trains recorded during the day included 60090 on the 6B33 Theale-Robeston empties and 60100 over at Westerleigh. 66189 was the Tytherington stone trip loco. 

07/06 Hertfordshire Railtours 'Thames Taff' (1Z66 Finsbury Park-Cardiff Central and 1Z33 17.03 Cardiff-Finsbury Park) was headed by 66158. 66127 assisting the train over the Machen and Cwmbargoed branch lines in top n'tail formation. 09/06 56091 worked the 6H66 14.24 Swindon-Cardiff Tidal scrap train. Six freight services recorded this evening starting with 66192 working the Tyne Yard "Boxes". 66245 the Tytherington stone, 66180 MGR empties to Portbury, 66202 the MoD "Liner, 66071 empty MGR to Avonmouth and 66193 LaFarge SDT eastbound from South Wales. 

11/06 60096 was over at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty. 

12/06 Ten freights this evening six of which were MGRs, empties for Portbury behind 66177 and 66194 with 66131 working a loaded train from this venue. Avonmouth MGRs were 66155 and 66071 with loaded trains for Didcot and 66039 with empties. The other services seen were 66043 with stone from Tytherington, 66202 with the MoD "Liner", 60018 St Blazey - Cliffe Vale and 66224 Llandarcy - Grain bitumen tanks. 67002 with the 1S81 16.05 Parkway RMT-Glasgow Shieldmuir failed with a power loss at Charfield. Some early evening diversions took place for services via Chepstow and Gloucester to the north, and a Class 47 was ready to run light and assist, but the train was eventually on the move again 111 minutes late. 60090 was in charge of the 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties and 60100 was on the Westerleigh tanks. 

13/06 60100 was again at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty, departing at 18.50 as 6B47 to Robeston, 6B33 Theale-Robeston was in the hands of 60054. The Severn Tunnel may have been closed during part of the morning as two Voyager sets were recorded running via Chepstow 221105 and 220033, the latter working the 1S72 06.56 Cardff-Edinburgh Virgin XC service which normally runs via Parkway. 

15/06 Sunday engineering work saw the Severn Tunnel closed during the day all services being diverted via Gloucester. 

16/06 60100 again appeared at Westerleigh on tank duty, whilst the 6M17 Newport-Wembley freight was routed via Parkway behind 66115. Six workings recorded this evening commencing with 66170 empty MGR for Portbury, 66226 with the Tytherington stone, 66076 with a loaded mgr from Avonmouth, followed by 66088 with the Tyne Yard "Boxes", 60096 also from Avonmouth with a loaded rake of MEAs finally 66236 with the Margam - Fawley empty fuel tanks. 

17/06 66185 powered the 6V04 14.43 Battersea-Tytherington stone empties and return loaded train to Westbury. 60072 was at Westerleigh, leaving with fuel empties at 18.55. 60026 was on this duty the next day passing Yate at 16.26 for the north. 

19/06 Seen were the Serco HST, which headed into Bristol circa 19.30 then seen about 30 minutes later heading east, power cars in use were 43014/062. Evening freight activity comprised, Tytherington stone hauled by 60097, three MGR services - empties to Portbury behind 66012, 66076 to Avonmouth with 66026 on a loaded service from Avonmouth. 

21/06 The yellow 'flying-bananas' Serco test HST set was in action again passing with 1B00 06.00 Old Oak Common-Swansea test train and an early running return 1A00 10.22 Swansea-Swindon. 

22/06 56096 was unusually employed on a 6W78 Gloucester-Newport engineers. 

23/06 60052 worked the 6B47 Westerleigh-Robeston fuel empties. Seven workings to report for this evening starting with 66092 on ADJ - Wembley diverted from usual route, 66189 Tytherington stone, 66161 Tyne Yard "Boxes" and 60024 Margam - Fawley fuel train. In addition three MGRs, 66239 empties for Avonmouth, 66074 empties for Portbury and 66086 on a loaded train from Avonmouth. 

24/06 66179 headed the 6M17 and 60 018 was on the 6B33 fuel empties. 

30/06 56102 worked the 6H66 14.24 Swindon-Cardiff Tidal sidings scrap passing at 18.03. 66115 was the 6M17 freight loco passing with train around 18.00. Quieter than usual evening with no MGR services seen, services seen were 60004 working the Tytherington stone, 66024 Tyne Yard, 60095 LaFarge SDT, 66068 with MGR service from South Wales and 66040 Margam - Fawley fuel train.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

02/06 66068 was in charge of the 6C22 Westbury-St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks. Other freights recorded were 66004 on the 6M72 16.52 (TThO) Burngullow-Cliffe Vale and 66249 on the overnight 6V41 Irvine-Burngullow slurry tanks. 

03/06 150243 worked the 04.53 Cardiff-Penzance Wessex Trains service carrying a new 'South Gloucestershire' vinyls livery, the launch was believed to have taken place the previous week and the Balfour Beatty one-car filming unit 960011 was active in the Bristol area as 2Z02. Freight trains recorded today included, 56107 on the 6C91 09.14 Newport ADJ-Bridgwater trip, 66054 on the diverted 6V62 Fawley-Tavistock yard fuel and bitumen tankers during the early evening. Engineering trains, associated on work between Castle Cary and Taunton, routed via Bristol were as follows, 6W62 Castle Cary-Westbury (run-round at Exeter) with 60013, 6W63 Caste Cary-Westbury (run-round at Taunton) with 66236, 6W66 Castle Cary-Westbury (outward via Bristol and a run-round at Exeter) with 66085, 6W65 Castle Cary-Westbury (run-round at Exeter) with 66189 and 6W67 Castle Cary-Westbury (run-round at Taunton) with 66078. 

04/06 66170 was on the 6G67 Cardiff Tidal-Tavistock yard scrap empties, 66249 on the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks, 66078 (via Day's curve) with the 6B66 Westbury-Newport ADJ engineers and 66194 on the 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight. The one-car DMU 960011 arrived from the west, a 6W89 Cogload junction-Westbury engineers train of 40 urchins was routed via Bristol with 66068. 

05/06 The following were visible on Barton Hill depot at 07.00;- 08630. 67010/011/018/026. Later in the day 66155 ran 0Z66 12.04 Didcot-Exeter via Bristol light-engine and returned 15.00 Exeter-Didcot (via Westbury) driver trainer, 66118 was on the 6V41 16.23 overnight Irvine-Burngullow china clay slurry tanks. 

06/06 31468 and 31602 top n'tailed the 1O98 12.00 Cardiff-Brighton and associated workings. 66170 powered the 6H68 20.01 Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal scrap service. 60044 + 66199 worked a late running 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey. 66147 noted working a southbound stone train. 

07/06 The 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington china clay slurry tanks were headed by 66142. 

09/06 Two afternoon HST stock moves were 43098+42108+41166+43068 on 0H88 13.15 Laira - Longsight and 5V97, 43101+43158 (back to back power cars) from Laira - Longsight. Freight movements today included;- 20308+20313 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks, 66188 on the 16.35 Westbury cement works-Margam coal empties, 60044 on the 6M72 15.45 Burngullow-Cliffe Vale freight and 66008 on the overnight 6V41 Irvine-Burngullow slurries. 

10/06 The 08.28 Exeter St.Davids-Cardiff Central service was formed of a former Scotrail 158713 and later the 1V51 06.43 Dundee-Penzance Virgin XC service was diverted via Camp Hill, Birmingham to turn the set, which had a failed power car. The train was eventually terminated at Exeter due to late running, but a 1Z51 17.05 Exeter-Penzance HST was laid on in the late trains path. 60018 powered a nine wagon 6V70, 66143 the 6M72, 66017 the diverted 6V62 Fawley - Tavistock yard fuel tanks. 

11/06 66199 passed Parsons street at 07.25 on a 6X40 Keyham-Sellafield 'nuclear submarine' reactor with escort saloons, 66093 was on a Newport ADJ-Wesstbury engineers, 66122 worked the 6S55 slurry tanks, 66143 the six wagon 6V70 and 66239 Cardiff Tidal-Tavistock train of SSA scrap empties. Two unit workings of note were, 158747, transferred in from Tyseley, on the 1O98 12.00 Cardiff Central-Brighton and Valley Lines 150281 on the 1C81 07.05 Pembroke Dock-Exeter (and return 1B44 14.43 Exeter-Cardiff). This working has seen other Valley Line 150 units during the month, those recorded being;- 150279 (13/06), 150267 (19/06), 150278 (23/06),150281 (24/06) and 150280 (25/06). On the 24th the unit failed at Exeter and the 1B44 was cancelled. 

12/06 20306 + 37608 were on the 6V74 03.36 Bridgwater - Crewe nuclear flasks, the return passing at 13.07, 60018 was the 6M72 loco and 66241 was on the overnight 6V41. 

13/06 31468 and 31602 top n'tailed the 1O98 12.00 Cardiff-Brighton and associated workings. 66082 worked the 6B66 Westbury - Newport engineers and 60018 powered a 11 wagon 6V70. 

14/06 Following a points failure at Newton Abbot around 23.30 the previous evening, the 6H68 Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal scrap metal passed through in the early hours headed by 66239 + 66143. 

15/06 The 1V59 10.15 Edinburgh-Paignton Virgin XC service suffered a power car failure (formed 43158+43101) and 47841 ran 0V59 Rugby-Temple Meads to assist. The train left at 18.17 (over one hour late) and was terminated at Exeter due to late running, the ECS then going on to Laira and 47841 returning north light. 

16/06 66083 handled the 6C22 (MO) Westbury - St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks and 60018 + 66008 were paired on the 6M72 freight. MPV 98964 + 98912 ran west as 7Z12 20.07 Cardiff-Exeter St.Davids for weedkilling duties and was reported running 20 minutes late. 

17/06 60067 worked the 6C91 09.14 Newport ADJ-Bridgwater trip freight and was diverted to run via Taunton due to a points failure at Bridgwater. 66241 was the 6M72 loco and the 6V70 was a pair of locos 47758 + 60018 with 16 wagons. The Class 47 was due to take up Newton Abbot 'thunderbird' duties. 

18/06 66096 worked the 6H67 scrap empties, 66199 was on the 6S55 slurry tanks, 66151 was at the head of the 6V70 and 20303 + 20308 were the 6M67 flask locos. The 1E41 13.53 Plymouth-Low Fell mails headed by 67029 had an ex. works MBA 94423 as part of it's formation. A points failure at the west end of the station, on the up side caused some problems during the morning. 19/06 A workshop fire near Burnham closed the GW mainline due to the presence of gas cylinders in the building, all east bound trains terminated at Reading. The line was not to reopened until 16.00 on 21/06. The 1A99 22.00 Penzance-Paddington sleeper service was formed of an HST set in the meantime and there were diversions via Bracknall in place including the Class 67 hauled 1V33 15.58 Willesden-Plymouth and 67017 on the 1M06 Bristol RMT-Willesden mail workings. 66065 was on the 6M72 freight and 60 018 returned the loaded 6H68 scrap train north. The new Serco HST test formation made its debut in the area running 1Z98 Derby-Paddington via Temple Meads during the evening. Steam loco 73096 arrived not long after 13.00 on the latest Steam Dreams 'Cathederal Express' (09.08 Victoria-Bath/Bristol). Today's coaching stock used were, S35329, S5200, S1840, S5216, S13474, S21252, S5125, S5237, S1961, S5236, S5249 and the train on arrival in Bristol ran to West junction carriage siding and the loco running-round, then proceeded to St.Phillips marsh for stabling/servicing. Also seen during the evening was an eight-coach West Coast HST set with power cars 43102+43068 on the up through line and a westbound stock move formed 43157 + TRSB +43123. 

19/06 Early evening spin found 47270/805 and 66528/612 at Kingsland Road whilst at Barton Hill were 08630, 47782 and 66115. 

20/06 Trackside problems were still affecting GW mainline services at Burnham during the day. 31468+31602 were engaged on the 1O98 12.00 Cardiff-Brighton and associated Wessex Trains duties.

21/06 66096 worked the 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington slurry tanks and Load-haul 60008 powered an extra Parc Slip-Westbury cement works coal service. Some light-engine movements during the morning were 47782 + three Class 67s to Barton Hill and 60075/004 + 66087/063/061, during the early afternoon from Margam-Westbury. 60097 handled the Westbury-Machen stone whilst 67016 worked a 1Z27 08.17 Paddington-Bath VSOE special and 5Z27 Bath-Bristol ECS. Following a visit to South Wales during the morning, the Serco HST ran as 1C00 12.30 Swindon-Taunton and 1B01 14.41 return, formed 43062+977984+977974 (track lab)+975984+999550+43014. 

23/06 66023 handled the 6C22 13.10 Westbury-St.Phillips Marsh fuel tankers, 37059/259 were paired on a 6Z74 03.36 Crewe-Bridgwater nuclear flask train, the former loco having been switched off at Worcester following ringing fire bells. They returned as 6Z67 off Bridgwater at 11.48, 66164 was on the 6M72 and 66153 powered the overnight 6V41. 

24/06 43158+barrier van 6393 ran as 12.00 Neville Hill-Laira, passing through the area during the early evening, 60 004 worked empty MBAs to Machen (the Tower stone has now been replaced by a 6G77 15.12 Westbury-Machen forming a 21.30 to Crawley), 66164 was on the 6V70 and 66 004 powered the 6M72 (Nailsea 21.26). 57601 (1C99) and 47813 (1A99) were the First/GW sleeper locos. The 1S79 14.03 Paignton-Edinburgh Voyager set was reported introuble at Bridgwater with fire bells ringing during the afternoon. 

25/06 31190/128 worked 4Z08 22:38 Kingsland Road-Worcester track test train. 66043 handled the 6H67 scrap empties from Cardiff-Plymouth, 66152 was the 6S55 loco and 66004 was on the 6V70. During the afternoon and earlier 37059/259 worked a single flask to Bridgwater. A southbound "Enterprise" working noted at 18.25 behind 66065. 

26/06 66021 was on the Westbury-Machen stone empties, 66164 worked the 6M72 and 66 046 powered the overnight 6V41. 43157+43153 formed an up evening HST power car move. St. Blazey - Cliffe Vale "Clayliner" seen at 21.35 powered by 66164. 

27/06 45112 was back in action, moving the locos from Burton-on-Trent (which had arrived there en-route to Meldon on 12/06) as 0Z45 09.30 Derby-Tyseley. 60051 worked the 6V70 (two hours late) and 66186 was on the return loaded 6H68 scrap. 158870 was used on the Wessex trains 1O98 12.00 Cardiff-Brighton service in place of the Class 31s and stock being used on Glastonbury pop festival shuttles. 

28/06 46035 working Pathfinders 1Z46 13 coach, 04.55 Birmingham International-Penzance was in trouble at Worcester with a TPWS fault. The train, 48 minutes down on arrival at Bristol had 47756 attached at 08.22 as pilot engine departing at 08.35. The return 1Z28 16.00 Penzance-Birmingham International had the same loco combination, the Peak being removed at Bristol to Barton Hill, the 47 and train being recorded passing Filton at 21.50, slightly down on time. 47786 powered a 1Z40 08.11 Manchester Victoria-Bath Northern Belle (the ECS going to Swindon for servicing) and return 1Z41 17.08 Bath-Manchester and 47767 again worked a 1Z83 18.50 Temple Meads-Temple Meads VSOE circular, the route being the same as during the previous evening. The Northern Belle coaching stock formation was;- Clamis, Alnwick, Car No.1566(?), Belvoir, Warwick, Car No.1953, Harlech, Chatsworth, Car No.17167, Crewe (10729). 28/06 46035 hauled 1Z46 04:55 Birmingham International-Penzance railtour but failed at Bristol with TPWS failure. 47756 took the train forward 48 minutes late. 47786 worked the 1Z40 10:08 Manchester Victoria-Bath excursion. 

29/06 An early evening stock move to Laira was unusually headed by 67002 and buffer fitted 43067 + 43097. Having stabled as ECS in Bristol overnight, 47767 returned the VSOE as 1Z83 from Bath leaving after 12.00 for Victoria. Northbound stone train seen at 14.25 with 66143 at the helm. 

30/06 20315 + 37608 were on the 6V74 03.36 Crewe-Bridgwater nuclear flasks (the return passing through at 13.58, 66094 was on the 6C22 St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks and 66020 was on the overnight 6V41. The 6M72 was running as such between Burngullow and Exeter, then 0M72 as 60051 light-engine onwards. By the end of the month, Network Rail had vacated the former Bath Road depot offices ready for the new concert hall development. The former ATP test track and the 'emergency' quick assembly station platform have both been left on site, and are now fenced in. 31128/190 arrived overnight with a 4Z08 23.23 Worcester yard-Bristol TM test train stabling during the day at Kingsland road. The train return as 4Z08 22.25 Kingsland road-Worcester. 47782 worked the 5B03 10.34 (FO) Barton Hill-Cardiff Canton RES vans and the return 5C36 12.05 ex. Cardiff, which also conveyed 67011 'dit'. Another stock move saw back to back power cars 43158/123 head north. 66199 was reported a failure at Carnforth, returning the two saloons (DM45020+DB999509) off the 6X40 (which ran north on 11/06) and an empty flask to Devonport. 66019 ran 0Z19 Crewe-Carnforth light-engine to assist. 47798 worked the 1Z60 08.11 Manchester Victoria-Bath passing Pilning at 12.18. The ECS went to Swindon for servicing, the train returning as 1Z41 17.08 Bath-Manchester Victoria. 66118 was on the 6M68 slurry tanks and 66239/024/076 ran 'light' between Newport and Westbury during the morning.

Correction 08/05 59001 + 66167 were on a Westbury-Margam train of empty MEAs, not Machen, as stated.

Portbury Branchline

05/06 66034 powered the 6V22 19.51 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties. 

13/06 66053 was on the 4V26 Washwood Heath-Portbury and 66194 worked the 4V48 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties. 

16/06 66170 was in charge of the 4V17 Bescot-Portbury coal empties. 

17/06 66210 headed the morning 6M04 Portbury-Rugeley loaded coal and 66170 was again on the 4V17. 

20/06 Between 05.30 and 14.00, 66138 was on the 4V03 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties and 66031 worked the 6M03 loaded coal to Rugeley. 

23/06 66074 was on the 4V17 16.32 Bescot-Portbury coal empties and 66245 was on the 4V48 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties. 

24/06 66074 was on the 6V17. 

25/06 66230 worked the 4V17 and 66 040 headed the 6V22 Washwood Heath-Portbury empties. 30/06 66227 powered the 6V26 Washwood Heath-Portbury empty coals.

Other locos recorded on coal duty during the month were 66133/177/181.

Wessex Area

01/06 Diversions via Melksham during the day due to engineering works elsewhere included 66542 on the 4E76 16.00 Southampton MCT-Leeds liner, 66566 with 4Z61 17.59 Southampton MCT-Trafford Park and 57012 working the 4M58 20.00 Southampton MCT-Garston docks. The loco hauled 1A88 16.44 Penzance-Paddington First/GW service was also recorded running this way passing Thingley junction at 21.32 behind 47832. 

02/06 The new platform 4, the former parcels platform at Swindon was officially opened, the 13.15 Paddington-Bristol TM First/GW service being the first service to call. 60049 was reported a failure at Merehead on the 6L21 13.08 stone service to Purfleet. 60042 took over the train leaving four hours late. 220004 was unusually recorded in the up direction at Chippenham at 14.50, whilst the filming one-car unit 960011 worked off Westbury for Castle Cary during the morning. 

03/06 08506 was swapped at Westbury for 08510. 

04/06 A Class 47 hauled refurbished unit 508110 as 5X43 07.40 Eastleigh-Birkenhead. 

06/06 The following were visible at Westbury at 10.50 08510. 60013. 66132/148/207/210/240/245. Former Llanwern iron ore wagons were seen in use on the Cardiff - Hamworthy scrap train. 

07/06 GBRf 66713 hauled a 5Z52 12.15 Eastleigh-Norwich Anglian overhauled stock move. 10/06 66088 was recorded present in Southampton docks, whilst 60093 handled a late running Hamworthy-Cardiff Tidal scrap service. 47776 headed a 5Z71 Eastleigh-Derby Midland Main line HST stock move. 60085 powered a 16.00 Eastleigh-Newport ADJ train of new CWR rail. 

11/06 66139 headed the Hamworthy scrap service. Later at Westbury steam 34067 Tangmere arrived on an 08.45 VSOE working from Victoria. 47787 was stabled as standby loco incase of problems. The loco did however fail on the 17.00 return to Victoria (via Newbury) and was taken out of service. 

12/06 60050 + 66224 were recorded standing at Somerton top n'tailing an engineers train at 20.00. 

13/06 47789 hauled a 5X47 Eastleigh-Birkenhead Class 508 unit move. 66185 was the Hamworthy scrap train loco. 

14/06 At 09.45 the following were visible at Westbury,08510. 31468/602. 37372/425. 60042/093. 66 068/082/093/172/189. 

16/06 59101 was on the 7V89 16.14 Hamworthy-Whatley stone empties. 

17/06 An interesting stock move was 31602/468 and a single coach 5981 as 5Z31 09.28 Westbury-Merehead quarry and 5Z32 14.45 return, for servicing. The return working ran around 74 minutes late leaving at 15.59. 

18/06 A bridge strike at Lavington saw some operating problems with the 1C17 09.33 Paddington-Plymouth First/GW service being terminated at Pewsey and returned back via Reading and onwards to Swindon. 

19/06 Deltic D9016 Gordon Highlander left Alton at 07.05 with empty stock for a steam special from Victoria. Mainline-blue 60044 handled the 7O35 Westbury-Farnham stone and 7V16 11.48 return stone empties, whilst 56115 was unusual power for th 6B45 07.32 Eastleigh-Marchwood MOD trip. The loco returned on the 6V38 09.02 Marchwood-Didcot. A fire at Burnham (also see Bristol Notes & News) saw the cancellation of a naming ceremony at Didcot involving HST power car 43127 which was to receive the name Sir Peter Parker 1924-2002, the Cotswold Line 150th. 20/06 66708 was on the 6Y19 Southampton dock gypsum train. 

21/06 The following were visible at Westbury at 13.45, 37706. 60042/049/093. 66043/061/087/143/189/203. 

23/06 56072 was a rare sight on the 4V10 22.37 Longbridge-Swindon and return 4M37 car parts 'cube' train in place of the more normal Class 66. 

24/06 60030 worked a 6O12 reported to be a Didcot-Marchwood MOD trip, but unconfirmed. 60024/093 + 37057 were all on the 7Y40 15.50 Eastleigh-Hoo junction departmental working. 

25/06 For the Glastonbury festival Wessex Trains used their Class 31 top n'tail operation on the following from today until Friday 27/06. The locos used were 31468/602 with the regular Brighton coaching stock 5981, 5925, 9505, 6168, 5958. The trains ran the same each day;- 2Z31 11.48 Westbury-Castle Cary (ECS to Taunton), 2Z32 12.26 Taunton-Castle Cary (ECS to Westbury), 2Z35 14.08 Westbury-Castle Cary (ECS to Taunton) and 2Z35 15.11 Taunton-Castle Cary (ECS to Westbury, then 5Z39 16.25 ECS to Merehead quarry for fuelling and servicing). There was also a Class 143 unit diagram running as 2Z30 11.48 Taunton-Castle Cary (ECS to Westbury), 2Z33 12.52 Westbury-Castle Cary (ECS to Taunton), 2Z34 13.48 Taunton-Castle Cary (ECS to Westbury), 2Z37 15.10 Westbury-Castle Cary (ECS to Taunton), 2Z38 16.41 Taunton-Castle Cary (ECS to Westbury), 2Z41 17.48 Westbury - Castle Cary (ECS to Westbury). Today the unit covering these workings was 143 617. 

26/06 56072 was again back in action on the 4M03 08.00 Swindon-Longbridge 'cube' car parts train. 66705 was on a 6Z32 12.12 Temple Mills-Eastleigh working. 27/06 143621 + 143618 were on today's second pop festival shuttle diagram. 

28/06 Westbury at 09.30 held the following, 08510. 31468/601/602. 60024/049. 66021/023/061/143/170. The third Class 31, 31601 (in Railtrack lime green and blue colours) was acting as a standby loco). 

29/06 A 5Z22 Didcot-Waterloo HST test train was run using a full First/GW set with power cars 43040/041. The train returned as 5Z23 15.45 Waterloo-St.Phillips Marsh ECS. First/GW operated a 5Z31 Old Oak Common-Castle Cary ECS top n'tailed with 47813/811 which returned festival goers as an 'extra' 1Z35 16.48 Castle Cary-Paddington. 

30/06 The Class 31s were back in use during the day, working shuttles between Westbury-Castle Cary and Taunton (a change being recorded on the 2Z17 13.36 Castle Cary-Taunton, which was a Class 143 unit in place of the Class 31s) and Virgin XC ran an extra 17.00 Castle Cary-Manchester HST (with power cars 43067+43097) running via Taunton. 60097/093 were paired on the 7Y40 15.51 Eastleigh-Hoo junction departmental service.

West of England

01/06 47832 with coaching stock was used on the 1A88 16.44 Penzance-Paddington service in place of an HST set. As reported last month, Wessex trains have stored five coaches at Exeter for through-wire, Class 31 top n'tail operation. They had seen use on FA Cup specials during May and have been identified as 5789, 5824, 5827, 5897, 9496. It has been reported that some of Exeter's Wessex Train drivers are to be Class 31 trained, so trains to Cardiff for Millennium stadium events could start from Exeter. 

02/06 47784 dragged the 1V61 08.55 Aberdeen-Penzance (with power cars 43103+43121) between Exeter and Plymouth. Because of engineering works, the 6O92 Exeter-Dolland's Moor freight was cancelled. 

04/06 The Belfour Beatty filming-unit 960 011 (2Z02) worked between Westbury and Exeter, having earlier run 10.23 Westbury-Bath (or Bristol?), then returning to Bristol via Bridgwater (12.05). 

05/06 960011 ran as 09.28 Exeter-St.Blazey (via Plymouth Friary). The onward move from Plymouth-St.Blazey was, however cancelled. 

06/06 The filming unit was booked to run 2Z02 06.35 St.Blazey, Newquay, Fowey docks, St.Blazey, Parkindillack, St.Blazey 15.54. 67021 worked the regular Class 67 turn, the 6T11 22.15 Tavistock-St.Blazey fuel tanks. 

07/06 The filming unit ran 2Z02 10.50 St.Blazey-Penzance via the Falmouth and St.Ives branchlines en-route. 47784 was on duty at Newton Abbot as 'thunderbird' rescue loco (also present on 09/06, 10/06, 12/06 and 19/06) and 47813 was on the 1C33 12.35 Paddington-Penzance and return 1A88 16.44 Penzance-Paddington in place of an HST set. 

09/06 960011 was still active, running 2Z02 09.15 Exeter-Plymouth area, returning north. Mainline-blue 60044 worked the 6C11 08.09 (MO) St.Blazey-Ponsondane fuel tanks and return 6C21 empties. The 1V51 10.06 Newcastle-Plymouth service was seen held at Cogload junction near Taunton following a power failure just after 16.00. 

11/06 At Devonport, a repaired 43076 was moved away during the day. 

12/06 The Newton Abbot 'thunderbird', 47784 did an out and back run to Paignton during the day, believed to be a driver training trip. 

13/06 67010 handled the 6T11 22.11 Tavistock yard-St.Blazey fuel tankers. 14/06 159001 (two-car)+159004 were recorded on the 12.35 Waterloo-Exeter SWTs service. 15/06 A fire damaged seriously damaged the remaining wooden up-side platform buildings at Dawlish Warren. The building had been used as a holiday home in recent years. 

14/06 During the afternoon the following were visible in the St.Blazey area- 09001. 60018. 66004/065/241. 67006/010/014. Preserved loco- 47306. C/stock- 80343/351/457. 94338/524/548. EWS saloons;- DM45020. DB999509. Withdrawn IU- 061208. St.Blazey yard- 08 798/993. Note- Cut-down cab 08993 had been a recent arrival from South Wales for shunting duties. 

18/06 47758 had taken up Newton Abbot 'thunderbird' duties on this date (also being recorded on 23/06). 

19/06 09016 was used on the local 8C06 Plymouth Tavistock yard-Cattewater empty scrap SSA wagons. The working departed at 08.51, returning loaded at 17.00. A Falmouth local service (2F71) with 150240 suffered slight delay following a tree falling onto the track. At Devonport, 43189 was returned to Laira following repair and 43002 arrived at the dock for attention. 

20/06 60018 worked the 6H68 Tavistock yard-Cardiff scrap, the 60 having arrived in Plymouth with 66164. 66004 + 47784 were paired on a 6C99 St.Blazey freight. The yellow Serco HST set made its West Country debut as 1C00 Reading-Plymouth and 1A00 10.47 Plymouth-Paddington (additionally the return on arrival in London runs to Coventry, returning via Oxford as part of the day's booked diagram). 

23/06 66186 handled an extra 6C24 12.16 Exeter Riverside-Burngullow train of Polybulks with wagons off the 6V95 ex. Dollands Moor. 

24/06 47758 failed as the rescue loco being replaced by 47782 which had run light-engine from Barton Hill-Newton Abbot (47782 was also seen on 'thunderbird' duty on 27/06 and 30/06). 67011/007 + 47758 formed the 0C06 St.Blazey-Plymouth light-engines. On arrival at Plymouth, 47758 continued as 0F74 13.00 light-engine to Barton Hill for attention. 66152 powered an extra 6Z43 13.55 Burngullow-Exeter (Riverside) freight. 26/06 09016 again worked the scrap empties to Cattewater from Tavistock yard. 

27/06 153308 on the 2B54 10.28 Newquay-Par Wessex trains service was held at Newquay following a lorry bridge strike on Goss Moor, near St.Dennis. 

28/06 159020+159015 worked the 05.55 Southampton-Paignton SWTs service. The return Pathfinder Tours Peak trip on this date suffered some problems on the return in Cornwall, the inward trip having arrived late at 12.40. Departing with 47756 + 46035 at 16.41, the train was stopped at Long Rock with a speedo fault. At Milltown viaduct (near Lostwithiel) smoke was coming from the Class 46's bogies due to leaking oil, this being discovered by a trackside examination by the train crew. The journey continued, with no further incidents of note (also see Bristol Notes & News). The 'thunderbird' loco 47782 saw some action taking the 16.35 Paddington-Plymouth HST forward from Exeter (with failed 43026/140). 

30/06 60051 handled the 6C11 08.09 (MO) St.Blazey-Ponsondane fuel tanks and 6C21 14.14 return empties. 67022/010/019 ran 0C06 12.00 Par-Plymouth light-engines for mail train duties. There was some northbound late running recorded during the mid-afternoon as cement debris had to be removed from the mainline at Dawlish.

Postal sets noted

4s (PCV) 

94332 94214 94176 94331 

94320 94211 94216 94323 

94334 94146 94160 94309 

94311 94148 94177 94308 

94341 94199 94197 94305 

94302 94150 95734 94336 

94319 94172 94228 94310 

94325 94168 94119 94303 

94321 94106 94104 94335


94544 94121 94209 94103 94534 

94453 94110 94203 94226 94539


Cardiff Central

02/06 170399 in pink "Birmingham" livery operated 1V26 12:09 from Nottingham and 1M82 15:50 return. 09/06 56091 worked 6H66 14:24 scrap train from Swindon. 18/06 150236 worked the 09:30 to Portsmouth Harbour. 27/06 158870 worked the 12:00 to Brighton in place of the Class 31s. 30/06 56102 hauled 6H66 14:24 Swindon-Cardiff scrap train.

Cardiff Canton (viewed from the footbridge)

01/6 08493/576/756/819/955/957. 37412/413/415/422/509. 56087/107. 60055/087/096. 66029/187. 67004. 

15/06 08493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37408/412/413/415/419/509. 60037/054. 66025/032/143. 67008. 

22/06 08493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 09003/017. 37412/413/415/419, 37425/509. 47782. 56096. 60067/072/100. 66032. 

29/06 08493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37412/413/415/419/509. 47734. 60067/076/081. 66108. 67001. 220026.

Sims Metals

05/06 Cl308 cars: 61887/912 + 75xxx(134) Car 75918 M4 westbound 6/6) 13/06 Cl308 car: 75934.


05/06 56065/091, 60034/089, 66039 were noted at Godfrey Road. Also noted were 56065. 57001. 60020/036/054. 66078/193/231/247. 07/06 66158 worked Hertfordshire Railtours' "Thames Taff" from Finsbury Park to Machen Quarry and Cwmbargoed. At Newport, 66127 was attached to the rear to avoid run-rounds at Machen and Cwmbargoed. The stock was S5482, S5007, S5027, 1813, 4915, 3146, 1698, 3097, 3120/41/47, 1680, 2834. 60010/026, 66224 were at Godfrey Road at 16:10. 13/06 During the evening 31468/602. 56065. 57008. 60052/068/100. 66192. were noted. 20/06 37417, 60082/100, 66092 were at Godfrey Road. 25/06 56103/107 worked 6E45 21:28 Llanwern-Lackenby. 27/06 Noted during the day were 37706. 57012. 60059/077/089.



01/06 37674/503 were paired on a Pathfinder tours 1Z27 09.22 Bristol TM-Crewe Open Day special. However, there were problems at Rowley Regis and by Cradley Heath 37503 had failed, leaving 37674 to power the 13 coach train alone! The return 1Z57 18.06 Crewe-Bristol TM was worked by a different pairing 37695/517. 

02/06 37695/517 returned the previous days railtour ECS to Crewe during the early hours. 37689 was the hauling power for the 6O33 (MO)Cardiff-Margam-Eastleigh fuel tank empties. 37408 worked 2F03 06:59 from Rhymney and 2R46 17:47 return, 37417 did 2F05 07:19 from Rhymney, 37419 2F06 07:40 from Rhymney and 2R38 return, whilst 37422 did 2R42 17:11 to Rhymney. 

03/06 37521 hauled 5Y86 08.41 Alton-Victoria ECS for a steam railtour. 37422 hauled 2F03 and 2R42, 37408 2F05 and 2R38, 37419 2F06 and 2R46. 

04/06 37047 + 60081 were paired on the 7Y40 15.51 Eastleigh-Hoo junction departmental and 37402 was repainted by Margam depot staff into a non-standard two tone grey (with a dark roof and upper area, and a 'lightish' grey body). 37422 did 2F03 and 2R42, 37419 2F05 and 2R46, 37408 2F06 and 2R38. 37609+37611 were paired on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe single flask 

05/06 37886 was in charge of the 7V27 14.33 Eastleigh-Oxford Hinksey yard engineers and 37689 headed a 6Y21 12.40 Ludgershall-Eastleigh (Andover arrive 12.35 and still present at 13.50) MOD train. 37422 worked 2F03, 37419 2F05, 37408 2F06 and 37402 2R42. 

06/06 37521 worked the 6Y30 Eastleigh-Holybourne tanks. 

07/06 37402 headed the 1B96 09:11 Rhymney-Fishguard Harbour and 1R38 13:55 return. 37417/408 worked various Saturday services on the Rhymney line. 

09/06 37521 was reported to have worked the 6Y49 15.51 Eastleigh-Hoo junction engineers and 37425 the MO, 6O33 Cardiff-Margam-Eastleigh fuel tank empties. 37425 hauled 6O33 17:25 Canton-Eastleigh. 37408 did 2R38, 37417 2R42, 37402 2R46. 

10/06 37114/372 were paired on the 7Y39 09.46 Hoo junction-Eastleigh yard engineers. 37886 was recorded at Southampton dock, No.4 gate on an unidentified working. 37406 worked 6M75 ADJ-Warrington. 37417 covered 2F03 and 2R46, 37402 2F05 and 2R38, 37408 2F06 and 2R42. 

11/06 37694 was unconfirmed on the 6V30 22.37 Dagenham-Bridgend Ford car parts train, 37057 powered a 15.00 Hoo junction-Eastleigh empty salmon wagons train and 37114 was on the 7V27 Eastleigh-Oxford Hinksey yard departmental. 37406 hauled 6E35 11:42 Llanwern-Lackenby. 37408 hauled 2R38, 37402 2R42, 37417 2R46. 12/06 37402 operated 2R38, 37408 2R42, 37417 2R46. 

13/06 37425/372 were most unusual power for the 6V34 Fawley-Tavistock yard fuel tanks throughout. The return empties departed Plymouth as 6O34 at 21.01. Another 37 recorded at Westbury during the day was 37706 which ran 0G79 light-engine to Westbury and work back a 6G79 15.15 loaded CWR train from Westbury-Newport. 66064 + 37886 were paired on the 7V27 Eastleigh-Didcot departmental. Another pairing was the 6V30 22.37 Dagenham-Bridgend Ford car parts powered by 37216/248. The locos were needed for a ballast trip from Newport-Shrewsbury. 37422 did 2R38, 37402 2R42, 37417 2R46. 37216/248 hauled 6V30 22:37 Dagenham Dock-Bridgend. 

14/06 37248/216 worked 6W70 ADJ-Shrewsbury. 37422 worked 1B96 and 1R38. 37402 and 37417 did the Saturday Rhymneys. 

16/06 37042/114 powered the 7O27 Didcot-Eastleigh departmental and 7V27 return, and then the 7M28 18.36 Oxford-Bescot, 37425 was on the 6B45 07.32 Eastleigh-Didcot MoD returning to Didcot light and 37890 was on an Appleford-Hinksey yard-Didcot trip working and 37706 powered the overnight 6V30 Dagenham-Bridgend Ford parts train (but was removed at Newport in favour of 66147). 37408 did 2R38, 37402 2R42, 37422 2R46. 37706 hauled 6B20 18:00 ADJ-Swansea. 

17/06 37886 was on the 6A25 21.52 Wentloog-Didcot MOD stores, working the 4V03 09.46 Kineton-Dicot MoD trip the following day. 37408 hauled 2R38, 37422 2R42 and 37410 2R46. 

19/06 37890 was on the Didcot-Ashchurch MoD trip returning as 6A32 13.27 Aschurch-Didcot. 37886 was in charge of the 4B24 14.04 Didcot-Wentloog MoD stores. 

20/06 37425 was on the overnight 6V30 Ford car parts, 37712 worked the 7V27 14.50 Eastleigh-Oxford Hinksey yard and 37706 a 6G85 08.00 Newport ADJ-Westbury departmental. 37 308 ran light from Eastleigh-Didcot. 37422 covered 2R38, 37402 2R42, 37410 2R46. 

21/06 37422 did 1B96 and 1R38 whilst 37402 and 37410 worked Saturday diagrams on the Rhymney line. 

23/06 37425 operated 2R38, 37422 2R42, 37410 2R46. A survey of Class members in the South-West, South Wales, Wessex and Birmingham areas during the morning found;- 37712 allocated 7V27 (then return to Bescot on 6M28), 37308 7V25 Bescot-Hinksey yard, 37372 Eastleigh-exam, 37408 Cardiff-oos, 37410/422/425 Rhymney passenger locos, 37417 6B64 Cardiff docks trip, 37709 Bescot-exam, 37706 Newport ADJ, 37684 Bescot-exam.

24/06 37308 worked the Ashchurch MoD arriving light-engine and working a train back to Didcot, passing near Stroud at 12.27. 37684 was on the 7O26 Hinksey yard-Eastleigh and 37308 continued on MoD duties powering the 4B24 14.04 Didcot-Wentloog stores. The return 4A25 was later seen at Pilning at 20.28 formed with red coloured vans. The loco then ran 00.30 Didcot-Old Oak Common for an exam. 37695 was allocated the 6V30 overnight Fords car parts. 37410 was on 2R38, 37422 2R42, 37425 2R46. 

25/06 37422 hauled 2F03 and 2R38, 37425 2F05 and 2R42, 37410 2F06 and 2R46. The Ashchurch MoD ran again headed by 37174. 37684 was on the 6M82 Oxford Hinksey-Bescot and 37057 the 6Y40 Eastleigh-Hoo junction. 

26/06 37047 worked the 7O26 and 37174 was on the 4Z15 04.00 Ham Halls-Southampton docks (following the failure of 66004). The 37 was however replaced at Eastleigh by 66227 for the final part of the journey into the dock (running 250 minutes late!). The return 4Z38, with 66227 was recessed at Eastleigh due to the late arrival. 37706 was on the 6C91 09.14 Newport-Bridgwater trip. The return 6C92, with two cargowagons and two empty flats was seen in Yatton goods loop at 12.37. The 7Y40 15.51 Eastleigh-Hoo junction was treble headed with 66236 + 37174/372. 37417 operated 6Z42 10:05 ADJ-Basford Hall, worked light engine back to Newport, then to Avonmouth to haul 4Z33 20:05 Avonmouth-ADJ via Gloucester. 37695 hauled 6Z46 Cardiff-Lindsey oil tanks. 37410 did 2R38, 37425 2R42, 37422 2R46. 

27/06 37 065 worked the 6M28 Hinksey yard-Bescot departmental. 37417 did 2R38, 37422 2R42 and 37410 2R46.

28/06 37 694 and 37 674 top n'tailed a weedkilling train leaving Andover for Ludgershall at 07.45. 

28/06 37417 worked 1B96 and 1R38, whilst 37410 and 37422 covered Saturday diagrams on the Rhymney line. 

30/06 56102 hauled 6H66 14:24 Swindon-Cardiff scrap train. 37417 worked 2F05, 1B96 and 1R38. 37410 did 2F03 and 2R42 whilst 37422 covered 2F06 and 2R46. Some 'local' afternoon loco locations were;- 37402 Bescot-ok, 37408 Cardiff-ok, 37410 Cardiff-exam, 37417/422 Rhymney passenger locos, 37425 Cardiff-oos, 37706 Newport ok, 37886 en-route 7V27 Eastleigh-Didcot. 37042 4P11 Ham Halls-Bescot, 37051 7Y40 Eastleigh-Hoo, 37114 7G27 Washwooh Heath-Bescot. 37174/042 were at Didcot ready to work a South Ruislip-Aberystwyth excursion (1Z37 out and 1Z42 return).

Class 47/57

02/06 47746 was on the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails 05/06 Present at Kingsland Road circa 20.00 were 47279/805 and at Barton Hill was 47734. 47767 was on the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Parkway RMT (taking the 1M06 mails onwards to London) 47813 was on the 1A99 First/GW Penzance-Paddington sleeper service 06/06 First/GW sleeper locos were 47832 (1C99) and 57 601 (1A99). 47734 was on the 1M65 19.10 Plymouth-Willesden mails 

08/06 47798/799 top n'tailed Royal train ECS to Kemble, during the late evening, returning north the next day conveying Prince Charles on visit to Berwick. 

10/06 47782 on the 1V33 15.58 London-Plymouth mails. 

11/06 47782 returned north on the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Parkway RMT mails 

12/06 47734 was present on Barton Hill depot, apparently on decision following wheel-slip and traction motor problems. The loco was due to be moved to Canton depot for attention. 

13/06 47773 was on a ten van 5C43 09.20 Bristol-Plymouth (returning on the 1E43 14.55 Plymouth-Low Fell mails, 

23/06 47784 was on the 1M06 14.25 Swansea-Bristol RMT mails. 

25/06 47767 worked in on the 1V79 08.45 Victoria Bristol TM VSOE. 47811 ran from Landore-St.Phillips Marsh light and then took a barrier van + 43042 west to Laira. 

27/06 47767 was engaged on a 1Z83 18.26 Temple Meads-Temple Meads VSOE dinning special routed via Bath, Westbury, Castle Cary, Yeovil (Pen Mill-Junction), Honiton, Exeter, Taunton and Bridgwater. 

28/06 47767 hauling Orient Express vehicles worked 1Z85 11:14 to Haverfordwest & return dining train. 

30/06 The FIrst/GW loco fleet were located as follows- 47811 Old Oak Common-ok, 47813 Old Oak Common shunt loco, 47815 St.Phillips Marsh-ok, 47832 1C99 sleeper loco and 57601 1A99 sleeper loco. Some former Virgin frontline passenger locos were located as follows;- 47810 (with former First/GW 47816) Longsight-ok, 47 826/828 Oxley-ok, 47830/840 Crewe-exam, 47841 Motherwell-ok, 47851 Nuneaton-oos.


6M16 13.16 Southampton Western dock-Crewe automotive. 

03/06 47829. 05/06 47848. 06/06 47270. 12/06 66548+47224+66511!! 13/06 47270 18/06 47279. 23/06 47829. 24/06 47292.

4V08 Southampton-Wentloog & 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton 

04/06 57010. 09/06 57005. 13/06 66543. 20/06 66540. 24/06 57009.

6V14/6S41 Crewe Gresty Lane/Mossend-Portbury and return cars. 

02/06 66560. 04/06 66560. 11/06 66523. 16/06 66523. 18/06 66523 23/06 66546. 25/06 66553. 30/06 66545.

Avon - Calvert Binliner 

04/06 66525. 13/06 66525. 20/06 66528. 23/06 66528.

6V20/6M37 Hope sidings-Moorswater-Hope sidings cement. 

02/06 66548. 09/06 66558. 11/06 66553. 16/06 66561. 18/06 66563. 19/06 66563. 23/06 66522. 25/06 66525.

Other sightings

01/06 66511/525 were stabled at Kingsland Road. 02/06 47279 hauled 15 Blue Circle cement lorry -trailer wagons as 6Z24 Rosyth-Bristol East depot for the new Westbury-Millbrook cement-flow. The loco and wagons remained in Kingsland road sidings over the next two days. Seen at Kingsland Road at 19.05 were 66511/525/609. 

04/06 66511/560 were Kingsland Rd at 16.00, by 21:00 66560 had been replaced by 66525. 

05/06 During the afternoon, 47279 with 47805 (on loan, in Virgin colours) removed the wagons from Kingsland Road to Bristol East depot ready for a move to Wentloog the following day. Stabled at Kingsland road were 66511/625/611. 

06/06 47279 worked a 6Z24 11.00 Bristol East depot-Wentloog, the 6Z25 13.45 return to Westbury cement works, running 71 minutes late 47358 headed the 4V30 Ipswich-Wentloog containers. 

07/06 66511 powered the 6V36 Southampton-Westbury ballast, then 0V36 light-engine to Bristol (leaving Westbury at 15.00). 47279 and 47805 were both still present in Kingsland road sidings. 

09/06 47279/805, 66511 were at Kingsland Road with 66525 at Barton Hill. Passing at this time was a car train from Portbury headed by 66523. The trial cement run was to be- 6Z36 04.00 Westbury-Millbrook and 6Z77 return, 47279 was used on the train. A possible Westbury-Plymouth Tavistock yard has now been discussed as a future development following a successful trial run. 

10/06 47224 was finally removed from Salisbury station (following wheel-flats on a railtour during May) by 66548 to Southampton. 47279 and 47805 were still at Kingsland Road with three lorry trailers and two empties at 08.20. 

12/06 At Kingsland Road were 47279/805 and 66525 at Barton Hill. 

13/06 66564 was the 6V36 Southampton-Westbury ballast loco and ran light to Bristol for stabling (0V36). 47358 headed the 4S59 15.12 Southampton-Coatbridge liner. 

16/06 47279 worked the first cement run to Millbrook from Westbury. The train however did not return and remained there the next day. Present at 19.00 at Kingsland Road were 47805. 66525/610. 

18/06 47279 was on the 6O77 06.50 Bristol-Millbrook cement and 6V77 13.48 return. The return arrived at Westbury at 16.02 and the loco was away at 16.10 light to Bristol. 

20/06 47843 hauled the 6S51 Basford Hall-Mossend loaded car train and 47355 was on the 4E44 08.52 Millbrook-Leeds (and 4O07 20.27 return). 

23/06 47355 was on the 4M55 10.12 Southampton-Lawley street and 4O17 15.50 return). 47270 was reported as on St.Phillips Marsh-ok. 47805 ran 0O36 Kingsland road-Westbury light for cement (6O36) duty to Millbrook. At Kingsland Road were 47270/805 and 66609 circa 19.05 and noted recessed behind the Showcase cinema was 66528 with the Avon "Binliner". 

24/06 47355 was reported again on the 4M55 and 4O17. 

25/06 47270 headed the 6O77 09.35 Bristol-Westbury-Millbrook cement service, the return left Millbrook at 13.46 (47805 remained in Bristol). 47829 handled the 6M80 14.44 Dagenham-Crewe refuse containers (and again on 26/06 and 27/06). 

28/06 47843 ran 0Z77 Crewe-Bristol Kingsland road (via the Marches) for cement duty, the next day being present in the company of 66506 and 66528. 

30/06 47843 hauled the cement, returning empty FAA wagons leaving Westbury at 15.55 for Bristol. 47 292 worked the 4L25 Mossend-Dagenham container empties. Observation of Kingsland Road this evening saw 66506/522 present. Advised earlier in the day that 66545 was working a car train from Portbury




37410(CD)-CF, 43005/009(PM)-NL, 47854(WN)-CP, 56018(IM)-TE. 66716/717 - On Loan to Freightliner. 31107/233 - Pool QADD.


20903. 37419/426/667/682/689. 47725. 56051. BQ: 37423. BU: 31301/423/439. 47348. CB: 47771. CD: 37675/692. 47780. CF: 37419/667. DR: 56051. EH: 37689. KM: 20903. ML: 37426. MM: 47365. PB: 37682. SP: 47519/725.


20087 -HQ, 37402 -OC, 37406 -ML, 37510/515 -BH, 37706/710/890 -CD, 56102 -IM, 57309 -WN.


Thomson: 31187/219/569. 37278. Garrett: 47052 @CB. Raxstar: 47211 @EH. McIntyre: 47481 @Beeston. Caledonian Rly: 37097. Churnett Valley: 31442.

Renumbered 47806 - 57309.

Diesel Multiple Units


150233(CF)-NH. 158747/749/751(TS)-CF.


165001/004 @RG.


156409 (52409 + 57409) 158952 (52785 + 57785 + 52789) 158954 (52786 + 57786 + 52793) 158955 (52794 + 57794 + 57793) 158957 (52796 + 57796 + 57789) Disbanded: 158789/793.

New Stock 

168214 (58164 + 58464 + 58264).

Electric Multiple Units


Cars: 72616/639/708 @CA.


390004/006/007/010/011/012/013/014/015/016/017/018/019/020/021/022/023 -MA.


(S): 1607/14/16.


IMRFT: 1607/14/16. Sims CF: 61887/902/905/911/912/915. 75879/882/888/891/918/934/942/948/952. Sims Nottingham: 61891. 75889/909/911/913/919/939/951. N/K: 61897. 75901.

New Stock 

360117/118 -HQ. 377111/117/119/120/123 -HQ.

Coaching & NPCC Stock

Transfers 40411/412/415/418/420/422/427/429/432/435. 40747.41007/008/081/095, 41096. 41107/108/109/119/147/149/168. 42079/080/087 -NL, 42092/095 -LA, 42115/162/166/170/173/174/178/187/195. 42217/218/222/223/224 -NL, 42233/234 -LA, 42236/237/246/247/254/258/262/266/270/274/278/282 -NL, 42294 -LA, 42298. 42306/307/308/309/310/311/312/313/314/315/317/326/330, 42336/338 -NL, 42353 -LA, 44000/026/042/060/062/075/078/079 -NL, 44089 -LA, 44090/097. 44101 -NL. (The above list includes "stored" vehicles from various sites returned to traffic) 96100 - on loan to Tyseley Locomotive Works. 977870/939/940 -SE.


3261 @CP, 3520/22. 6206/07/19/26 @OO 80332/348/366/376/381/393 @WB. TO: 92234/238. 95230. WB: 80403/404/421.


80321/362. 80413/456.


Dept: 975592/593/596/597/599/604. (930.007/008/009)


IMRFT: 975592/593/596/597/599/604.


New Stock 9707 -CQ.

Preservation & Industrial Matters

Blaise Castle Miniature Railway , Bristol (R.W.Giles) 

As reported last month the locos and track have been sold to the Windmill miniature railway, near Martin Meare, Lancashire, following no use during the past three years due to vandalism and associated operating problems. The two locos (and the dismantled remains) with track were moved north on 23/06, leaving only the two tunnel type sheds and former Saltford station steel fencing in the station area. Permission to extend the line to the nearby Mansion house had infact been granted, but now the owner, Mr.G.Giles can concentrate solely on operating his other 'busy' line on the Salthouse fields in Clevedon, North Somerset.

West Somerset Railway 

Additional information;- For the Cross-Country event (10th & 11th May ) reported in the last Magazine, D1010 Western Campaigner also saw use over the weekend.

Road Movements

10/06 Steam 80136 was seen at the M5 Sedgemoor services at 08.35 heading for the West Somerset Railway. 13/06 A damaged (due to derailment) Class 09 (09017?) was reported at the M5 Gordano services heading north. A replacement loco was reported seen in Devon on a road low-loader (09 013). 20/06 47376 was moved from Southampton-Ashchurch, using the A34, M4 and M5 leaving at 09.25. The loco was recorded at 18.10 in the M4 Leigh Delamere services.

Departmental & Track Machines

28/05 Bristol TM;- DR73909. DR73923. Both were active late in the evening in the station area, where platforms 2-8 were all closed along with the up through line for repair work. 

12/06 Liskeard;- WK52 VWS r/r excavator (Max Rickarby). Penzance;- DR73805. 

01/07 Weston-s-Mare;- 77327. DR80203.

Freight-Flow news 

China Clay Traffic 

Waterfood Wedgewood is reported to be closing two of it's Stoke based factories, which could see further reductions in traffic on the 6V70 and 6M72 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey and return freight workings.

Cement Traffic 

The new 'local' flow is to continue as 6O36 07.37 Westbury BC-Millbrook (09.10) and 6V77 13.48 return (Westbury 15.05). Normally M-F (Via Redbridge).


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